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The biggest bank robbery in history

Gold Fort Knox

The biggest bank robbery in history

(This is a non fiction creative interpretation of true history)

The biggest bank robbery in history took multiple conspirators years of deceptive deadly planning to achieve.

This was it, the big one.

So now this Mafia mob gang had to go out and grease some palms to get some fellow low lives involved.

Those that were approached would be let in to inner circles of this empire of insanity.

But upon being told the evil insane plans , if the individual started squirming with a bit of conscience.

The evil masterminds of death who were staging this huge bank robbery would have to kill this squirming individual.

No chances were being taken for any lose lips in this evil caper.

This bank robbery is going to be so big that it will take many conspirator thieves to carry and then run off with all the loot.

In the days when this was being planned, there was no Internet,

telephones were on party lines and not secure with the operators always listening in so they could

know when the conversations ended so to disconnect the call from the network.

The only way to communicate was to meet in dark skull and bones windowless secret tombs of death and deception.

This bank robbery was planned by the most insanely evil pieces of filth this planet ever produced.

Nothing was going to stop them.

Not a cop that is for sure.

This bank heist plan was very well funded and took many years to work out.

Now all these greasy palmed conspirators had to be put in the right positions, be they the beat cop,

the teller, or who ever had to be greased to make sure this heist was never going to be

stopped by anyone with a moral conscience.

This bank robbery is so huge that it eventually led to Fort Knox being emptied.

But this bank robbery was much bigger then robbing Fort Knox.

These robbers were so evil.

They did not steal the banks money.

Oh no.

They stole the whole bank, printing presses and all.

So that they could for ever keep producing as much fake money as they wanted.

Now they would have all the money they would ever need to keep greasing anyone they wanted.

Or wanted wacked, waxed, fried, cooked, or just buried.

This bank robbery was to lead all of humanity on this planet down a very slippery slope of human waste.

To the eventual decay of the very soul and morality of most earthlings.

They would now have the money buy the very souls of humanity whether humanity realized it or not..

So now they got the stooges they put in high places at the top of this slimy slope (high places) to write up

some fake acts some believe are laws to make this bank heist appear legal and to pretend that it was all legitimate.

So these low lives had to take some long train rides to their secret place on this Jekyll Island.

There they sat and wrote up this conspiracy.

They had to give their new bank a legitimate sounding name.

The name created was from the combining of the two ingredients that went into the making

of this most sinister destructively insane plan.

They combined these two words “cooperation and corruption”

For they knew exactly that this was what they were doing.

So the word CORPORATION was born and they added to this,

the name of the other place that was in cooperation with this corruption.

They added the word Federal.

So now the new name for this bank was to be ‘The Federal Reserve”

So now in 1913 they created the first CORPORATION to take over the planet.

This earth destroying disease was now created and unleashed on this planet.

Planet earth was now infected with a deadly fast spreading destructive disease known as CORPORATISM.

From the Fed was spawned more and more bigger and bigger absolutely deadly

and destructive diseased CORPORATIONS.

More and more mega corporations spread to every part of this planet.

The CORPORATE disease is now destroying this planet.

The only thing that can stop this disease now is for humanity to start spreading the cure.

‘When humanity spreads the seeds of truth.
A healthy tree of life will grow from those seeds.

A new forest will grow.
This forest will provide healthy food for thought.”

It will not be enough that you have nourished your self from that healthy food for thought.

If you want to save this planet, you will have to start doing some natural farming.

On all natural farms the farmer will save some seeds to plant the new crop for the following generations.

But the problem today is that the healthy tree of life is almost dead.

The forests are dying. The selfish are consuming it all and not saving anything for future generations.

The very very few individuals that remain with a healthy moral conscience believe they

are powerless to this absolutely huge and seemingly over whelming world wide corporatism disease.

Not true.

“When the seeds of truth are sown.
The grassroots world wide truth revolution
will blossom from the enlightenment.”

There is now a world wide awakening happening that no fake money can stop.

The generation of today were given a gift from long ago previous young generation.

The last generation that ever had a world wide revolution of thought.

They were known as the Hippy generation.

There message was to warn the future generations of the disease on this planet known as “CORPORATISM”

So now when your minds consumes some healthy food food for thought that came from a healthy tree of life.

You can not selfishly consume it all without sharing some of it with humanity.

You need to go out and plant those healthy seeds of truth into the minds of anyone you meet.

If all of humanity began spreading the healthy seeds of moral thought.

The old boys club of evil dark corruption will be blinded by the light from the enlightened humanity.

Go out and be the solution to stop the disease that is killing the tree of life.

Plant some healthy food for thought in others.

Share truth for truth is love.

One does not exist without the other.

Love and truth are one and the same.

The time is now or never.

You need to start loving mother earth.

Love be with you all.

Jesus message is exactly what I just told you.

Written by Daniel Jude Joseph otf Towsey. Just a common man with old common sense.

A little more food for thought.

If you develop your common sense then we will have something in common.
Only common people will bring back common law peoples governments.

All so called govs of today are not we the peoples governments.

Producing ‘ACTS’ against we the people.


Here is a previous article that explains about the FED.


pile of gold

Sally Ann Shafe shared EVOLVEFEST’s photo.

“Before you were born, the bankers operated a scam intended to rob all members of the ‘general public’. They removed all forms of money and replaced it with worthless notes which read “I promise to pay the bearer…” with another worthless bank note (FIAT Currency).

They then managed to do away with the Government and replace is with groups of commercial companies which they own. They cunningly named these companies so that they ‘look’ like Government. They took over the printing of the worthless bank notes with their private company called “The Bank of England” which is meant to sound like a Government Organisation, although it MOST DEFINITELY is NOT.

The next step, in their ‘lets be honest here’ quite clever plan, was to get their company which sounds like the Government, to ask their other company “The Bank of England” to print them lots of (worthless) money and to charge interest on that money, over and above the face ‘value’ of the Currency. This excess interest amount is called “The National Debt” in order to fool ordinary people into believing that their Country some how owes somebody large amounts of money.

So FIRSTLY, there is really NOTHING owed at all. SECONDLY, there IS no money. THIRDLY, the Country does not owe anything, and in the unlikely event that there were a genuine debt, then it has nothing to do with ordinary people any way as it is just a notional debt incurred by one commercial company to another commercial company! (ALL owned by the same people)

This supposed debt has been boosted over the years to a ridiculous level which could NEVER, EVER be paid off, and you will no doubt be glad to learn that all income tax is now paid to the owners of these commercial companies. Isn’t it great to be paying vast sums of money to a commercial company which has never done ANYTHING for you and which holds you in utter contempt because you havent discovered their SCAM and continue to pay lots of ridiculous taxes, fee’s and charges! None of which, by the way, you have to pay at all! All combined, these charges amount to nearly 80% of a persons earned income!

Do you enjoy living on one fifth of what you COULD have HAD!?

Anyway, to strengthen their SCAM, they have invented a Language of Lies called ‘Legalese’ or ‘Legal Terminology’ where they have ‘GET THIS!’…changed the meanings of ordinary English words in order to Abuse & Rob ordinary members of the public!

They have set up yet another company called “The Law Society” to train up unscrupulous people in their methods of madness, lies and deception. Their commercial company which pretends to be the Government, keeps inventing new ‘Statutes’ which they ‘pretend’ are Laws (and are MOST DEFINITELY NOT) and they keep this game up by telling everybody that ” THEY MUST OBEY THESE LAWS” and they have even subverted Police Men & Police Women into ‘Police Officers’ and convinced them that they have to enforce these Statutes.

The primary aim of these Statutes is to take banknotes, goods and property from members of the public who have not yet discovered that it is a scam being run ‘secretly’ against them. Many Police Officers are probably themselves ignorent of the fact that Statutes are purely optional and NO ‘Human’ is actually bound by them.

SO what you decide to do is entirely up to yourself. You can continue to give away most of your income to fund people who want to take, harm & steal from you OR you can decide to step ‘outside’ this corrupt system we are almost forced to be living in, and stop paying these people.
ALL humans are born equal, so there is nobody who has the RIGHT to order you around, unless you agree to give them that right (By Consent) Acts & Statutes can be given the ‘FORCE’ of Law, only with Consent. SO DO NOT CONSENT.
The choice is yours to make BUT Knowledge is Power – UK has already made that choice, and that choice is FREEDOM from a Government that cant GOVERN.

SO THERE YOU HAVE IT! – Knowledge is Power – UK.”

Info from: http://knowledgeispower-uk.weebly.com/quick-summary.html


A history of the Zionist/Communist wars & takeover of nations from 1878 & including WW1 & 2 & who were and are behind these wars & takeovers.

Exposes the Zionist/Communist ideals, parts of Agenda 21, gun control, censorship, world economic subjugation, world domination & much much more.

The information provided here should be taught in every school, every university & be presented on television over & over again in the whole world, until people fully understand it all. Of course it doesn’t cover every little detail of everything that has gone on in the world, but it covers enough to expose what has gone on & is going on today to a great degree.

My hope is that everyone should watch & share this documentary as far & wide as humanly possible.
SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN Full documentary 1878-2006 by A.C.Hitchcock

Benjamin Freedman’s 1961 Speech at the Willard Hotel (Complete)

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Home Safe Living Shop Sabotages MY Wheelchair To Harm Me

If you see all the videos and read this post you will know for sure that t

‘Home Safe Living” has been deliberately trying to harm me by doing improper things to my power wheelchair. The extreme worse was when they gave me the new chair and installed the seat so far back that the chair would flip over backwards on acceleration by doing a wheelie and Home Safe Living refused to fix the really dangerous life threatening problem.. So I had to do it myself…

They sabotaged the setting in my chairs controller and many other problems. Listen to listen telephone recording and see how he just doesn’t care. This conversation proves that he is deliberately doing these things and that is criminal.

Wheelchair rights youtube

Below is a mirrored copy of my post from this link.


Scroll down below and have a look at all the previous videos I did about this cahir and tell me I am wrong when I say this is deliberate willful actions by Home Safe Living Shop to do me harm.

Very serious conversation about endangering wheelchair user in Halifax Nova Scotia
Telephone conversation between wheelchair user me Daniel Towsey on Feb 28 2013 with the manager of Home Safe Living (902) 404-7233 in Dartmouth Nova Scotia.

Here is the phone number to the Nova Scotia Provincial Minister of health (902) 424-3377 where you can request that laws need to be introduced to protect wheelchair users.
Laws requiring that wheelchair mechanics be properly trained, licensed and certified. and laws same as all other motorized vehicles laws have to protect the drivers of power wheelchairs… PLEASE help..make a call..

Driving an improperly manufactured or maintained power wheelchair on a busy sidewalk is just as dangerous to everyone as someone driving and improperly manufactured and maintained car on the street.

Getting hit by a power wheelchair that weighs up 800 pounds is just as dangerous as being hit with a slow moving car…

This conversation is being published for legal evidence that is now witnessed by the public making this recording then admissible in any court of law as a public document.

If you go to this link you can view the previous videos describing all the difficulties I have had with the Alex wheelchair and Home Safe Living  and below the videos about the Handicare Alex wheelchair are Wheelchair Rights related videos from around town.

Here is some more background information.

The very first day I tested the Alex wheelchair Hank from Home Safe Living brought it over. I did not drive it for more then a minute before there was a serious problem with the right rear drive wheel making a lot of noise.

The chair can have the seat over the drive wheels or over the casters. It had to be reconfigured to have the seat over the drive wheels.

So the first day I received the chair Hank brought it over to my place. I could not drive it. The chair drove backwards. Hank did not know he was supposed to adjust the joy stick programing to a rear wheel drive chair.

He had to take the chair back to the shop. He did not know how to program the chair.

A week later I got the chair back and I have continuously had  problems controlling the chair because Hank does not know how to properly adjust the computer inside the joy stick.

On top of that the right rear drive wheel has had continuous mechanical problems.

If you watch the following videos in the series it wont be long before you understand how bad the situation is and how they never assembled or maintained my chair.

Hank and Home Safe Living claim they know how to fix and maintain my chair. Then if that is true then all that I have gone through with my chair and it seriously endangering my life has been done deliberately.

After all Hank states they are qualified, experienced and know how to do the work on my chair.

So what is going on here? Is it criminal and willful?

One thing that was really serious and scary was that my chair was off balance and my seat was way to far back causing the chair to do a wheelie and ride on the safety little wheels on the back.

This chair almost killed me many times. It would pop wheelies where the from caster wheels would come right of the ground and the chair going flipping over backwards when ever I went up onto sidewalk curb cut outs.

I told Hank about this and he would not fix it by moving my seat forward. I had to move the seat my self. Hank claimed it could not be moved forward. I moved ot forward and I had to drill two holes in the seat frame so I could position the seat properly.

When the seat  was originally moved over the drive wheels the manufacturer did not put in the necessary holes for positioning the seat on my optional extended frame that I need due to my height.

There were many other serious problems as you will see in the videos.

Please learn more at http://WheelchairRights.wordpress.com

Alex wheelchair (01) has very dangerous design flaws

Alex wheelchair (02) Defective tie downs and controller

Alex wheelchair (03) Can not steer chair when going fast and on slopes

Alex wheelchair (04) Flipped backwards on acceleration and almost killed me twice.

Alex wheelchair (05) Backrest Issues and Poor Quality Tires

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Why is my Folk Photographer WordPress site being flagged as dangerous?


Below you can see my post on wordpress that owns this domian.


Invalid cetificate warning on my blog..

You are subscribed to this topic

  1. invalid certificate warning and states that the site is showing wrong ownership, warning people not to proceed….This started when I paid for my url without the wordpress in it..

    The blog I need help with is thevisionaryfolkphotographer.com.

  2. Can wordpress please fix their certificates to show proper information to browser security programs?

  3. Hi Daniel,

    This is a browser warning shown when you go to a URL proceeded by https:// rather than http:// on a WordPress.com blog. It is nothing to worry about. You can read more about it here: HTTPS

  4. Yes it is something to worry about… I deters people from going to my site when they get warnings like “Dangerous site” Proceed at own risk” and many more bad warnings.. and if you choose to go to my site.

    They make it very difficult and give you a bunch of different pop up windows to go through to be permitted to get to my site.

    That is if the block will even give you the options to proceed..

    Many blockers wont let you go ahead at all..

    THAT IS something to be concerned about.. All because wordpress certificates are not correct… Why did I pay for my own url when no one can get to it?

  5. Hi Daniel,

    To explain this better, only you will see this warning when logged in.

    When you connect to your Dashboard over an HTTPS connection, we use an SSL certificate to encrypt your connection. SSL certificates need to be signed to a specific domain, and we can’t provide certificates for every mapped domain, so our certificate is signed for WordPress.com.

    When you connect to your Dashboard via your own domain but your security software sees a certificate signed to http://wordpress.com/ it’s altering you that WordPress.com may be intercepting your connection, which of course is perfectly fine.

    Most security systems like this should have a way to add a permanent exception so you will never see the warning again in this instance.

    To prevent your readers running into this in their browsers, just make sure that whenever you provide a link to your blog or post it anywhere, that you post it as http://thevisionaryfolkphotographer.com/ and not https://thevisionaryfolkphotographer.com/

  6. No that is not what is happening..
    This warning shows up when I am not logged in.
    It shows up for anyone whose has a security system like used on Firefox.
    Their security plugins will show this to everyone trying that tries visit my site.
    It is deterring anyone from going ahead to my site…

    Please see this post..

    1. Hi Daniel – That’s the warning that shows up for exactly the reason I mentioned. If I go to your site in Firefox while logged out, I get no such warning. I am going to this URL:


      However, if I go to this URL, I do get the warning:


    2. Yes but you did not understand that Firefox and Chrome browsers have many different add ons for secure browsing. Many people have them, and they all get this warning.

      That is not good.

      The warning is wrong and very misleading.

      It is deterring people from going to my site.

      This needs to be corrected…

      If people are browsing in https then they should be getting no warning.

      After all isn’t my site https worthy?

      WordPress needs to resolve this problem.

      Time to update the system and how it is working…

      At minimum people should be getting a pop up asking them if they want to continue to see secure and unsecured content on my site.

      Telling people it is untrustworthy is very shocking and that has to stop..

      Why am my paying for this url and then I loose many viewers because of this stupid ‘Untrustworthy’ warning to many people with secure browsers.
      Please fix this.

      1. When visitors go to your blog address: thevisionaryfolkphotographer.com they will be redirected to http://thevisionaryfolkphotographer.com – which should not give any errors.

        It’s possible that you are still being redirected to https:// if you’ve visited that link before and is cached in your browser. You might want to clear our your cache and cookies using the guide below: http://en.support.wordpress.com/browser-issues/#clear-your-cache-and-cookies

        Otherwise please follow the steps at http://en.support.wordpress.com/https/#frequently-asked-questions

      2. Sorry to say..

        You are so difficult to communicate with.

        You can not understand anything I say.

        The warning that pops up is frightful and very misleading.

        Most people will not proceed.

        Since they are new to my site and know almost nothing about how this security stuff works.

        Either the warning message is changed or i will have to stop paying for my own url and go back to using it with the wordpress in the url.

        I would rather not do that.

        But you are leaving me no choice but to do that to avoid this terrible security warning.

        Thank you.

        1. Please notice I have changed the title and url to this post so that it will show up on search engines warning people about this issue.

          Should they consider buy the url for their wordpress blogs.


          I will also mirror this post on my Facebook pages..

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Beware Of This Canadian Facebook Group It Is A Covert Trolls Phishing Site

This thread below I had on this group page Canadians Rallying to Unseat Stephen Harper at https://www.facebook.com/groups/UnseatHarper/
Facebook troll site..

Here is a post I did long ago that explains a bit about Fake Truther Sites.


Learn much more about Facebook here.


Covert agencies will lure the unsuspecting truthers by using an appearance that their site is really a truther site for people who care about learning and being part of a group or site that cares about discovering the truth of the events happening in our world.. Fascistbook..is not the place to be for newby truthers……

It is a very interesting tread. If you read this thread you will see how Facistbook, which is CIA, NSA and now confirmed, also CSIS. censors and even tried to install a virus on my computer. See this comment and my response, Jacques Belley I’M part of CSIS..

Jacques felt comfortable in saying that as he thought he would be able to crash my computer with his virus.and that I would not have a copy of his comment. He was not aware that I was copy this tread and he really thought he could screw up my computer. Will I am a computer geek and i know how to secure my computer. It was interesting when all my


 crashed and I got pop up notices on my screen.

But hey..nah I can’t say any more..I can not tell my secrets about my computer’s security…. read the tread to see how this happened

For those of you who are serious researchers. You will enjoy reading this and discovering about covert trolls….

This is a professional covert site to entrap real activists… I knew something was wrong when my post “Harpers Report” disappeared off the the groups page. So below you will see how these professional (call center like) trolls work as a team using non existent facebook profiles…..

DISCLAIMER: I have to mention that is is also possible that some of the administrators of this site my not be aware of what is actually going on in this group with the covert activities.

My first note below is the one I posted after they deleted the tread below it…..

By the way..I copied the whole thread and I will repost it on my blog with a warning about this covert troll phishing site.. This site is use by covert agencies to monitor response from real interested activists.. Jacque does not have a real facebook profile. Yah he’s the one that said he is CSIS.. I know you will be deleting this comment after I post it.. But to late..I copied everything.. This will be the title to warn other facebook users about your group.. Beware of this Facebook Group It Is A Covert Trolls Phishing Site.. go here to read it..it will soon be posted…


I was right..They deletted me from the group.

Start of tread …
Daniel J Towsey
So did you delete my post about “Harpers Report?”
  • Daniel J Towsey So where is it?
  • Daniel J Towsey it does not show up on my screen.
  • Benjamin Kendrick well its on the wall
  • Daniel J Towsey I scrolled down for several days..it does not show up..The admins might see it..but facistbook can hide it from everyone else.
  • Benjamin Kendrick I don’t know what to tell you, try refreshing your browser
  • Robin Chat It’s at the top of the wall now. Just refresh your browser.
  • Daniel J Towsey weird..I refreshed several times..and it was not there..now that i am writing about it..it reappears..
  • Robin Chat PEBCAK
  • Daniel J Towsey what does that mean
  • Robin Chat  Problem Exists Between Chair and Keyboard. Old, old, old joke.
  • Daniel J Towsey NAh..the NSA and CIA run this site..
  • Robin Chat Actually they just collect data. A corporation runs it.
  • Mary Ellen Davis Now we have found the missing link, we should remove this thread? It served it’s purpose. Glad we found it.
  • Daniel J Towsey I am not a troll.. go read this.http://danieltowsey.wordpress.com/…/facebook-stinks…/


    Posts about Facebook Stinks (Multiple Posts) written by Daniel J Towsey A Truth Soldier
  • Daniel J Towsey Do any of you who are attacking me report, write, research and post anything like on your own blogs anywhere? I am a journalist and more..what do you do?
  • Mary Ellen Davis OK…this isn’t a place to have a fight amongst oursleves. We need to get back to Harper and our work. I’ll delete this thread now. We succeeded in finding your link.
  • Mary Ellen Davis I’m a nurse.
  • Robin Chat Who is attacking you? You couldn’t find your post. We found it for you. What is the problem?
  • Mary Ellen Davis I am also Queen of Fucking Everything but I don’t like to brag.
  • Benjamin Kendrick [smashes head on keyboard]
  • Daniel J Towsey When I said facebook is operated by the CIA and NASa..I was right..That is a proven fact..and thye always censor and harass real activists reporter like me..I have had many problems with facebook..and I am not the only one..
  • Robin Chat Perhaps you need a conspiracy site and not a political site.
  • Mary Ellen Davis Distracting now. Time to move on IMHO
  • Benjamin Kendrick dspoerjnsdnf 3045rk23tegsd
  • Daniel J Towsey Just type either ‘A Truth Soldier” or my name in any search engine..I have been at this on the net for 15 years..I am will known..That is why I asked what happened to my post..and it was not on the screen..
  • Jacques Belley I’M part of CSIS..
  • Mary Ellen Davis Daniel…let’s go have a convo about the post you thought was missing. I’m deleting this thread now.
  • Daniel J Towsey hey pretty neat..when the sis post popped up all my browers crashed..and they tried to insert a virus through my page file.. CSIS is just as bad as CIA..they are covert agencies that only serve the elite criminals.
  • Daniel J Towsey why don’t you leave this active tread alone and stop censoring free speech?
    • Skeena Sage Williamson I’m amazed at how much pure entertainment I can miss in the time it takes me to step away and wash the dishes…. lol
    • Daniel J Towsey Hey Jaques you must be..You are a covert agent facebook troll..that is easy to prove.. When I mouse over you name..nothing but send you a message appears.. No friends or anything else..do you have one of those shadow profiles? That are fake?
      Unable to post comment. facebook blocked it..
      Welcome to Canadians Rallying to Unseat Stephen Harper (CRUSH)!We believe that the Harper Government has lost its moral authority to govern and that, as a result, Canadians should come together and use the democratic levers available to them to unseat the Harper Government.
      We are a multipartisan group of individuals who agree on one thing only: the need to unseat the Harper Government. 
      Many CRUSH members support one of the opposition parties, and many support no particular party at all.
      Because we come from so many different perspectives, we have declared a truce here in this group:
      No bashing of any parties that are in opposition to the Harper Government.
      In other words, at CRUSH we put aside our partisan differences to focus on our one common goal. 
      For more information on CRUSH — our history, what we do now, and where we’re headed in the future –
      IMPORTANT INFORMATION:*** CRUSH is a monitored Facebook group. ***
      Inappropriate posts and open fighting are not acceptable and will be removed by administrators at their discretion.
      ** It is entirely up to the administrators to decide what is not acceptable.**
      Disparaging remarks regarding opposition parties, opposition party members, or fellow CRUSH members are not appropriate.
      Arguing with group administrators over admin decisions is also not appropriate.
      Please contact one of the admins if you have a concern regarding how the group is being moderated.
      Warnings should be observed not as censorship, but as reminders to maintain focus on the aims of the group as a whole.
      Failure to comply with administrators’ requests may result in temporary removal from the group or in permanent banning.
      It is strictly against the rules of the group for any member to block any of the admins.


      The statements, views, and opinions expressed in the CRUSH Facebook group are solely those of the author and do not represent those of CRUSH.

      Individuals posting to online sites (including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, and online comment boards) and mentioning or including graphical representations referring to UnseatHarper.ca, Canadians Defending Democracy (CDD), or Canadians Rallying to Unseat Stephen Harper (CRUSH) do not represent the views of UnseatHarper.ca, CDD, or CRUSH. We do not endorse the statements of those individuals. 


      Please don’t add friends to this group…. Instead, ask them to request to join on their own. In the past we’ve had complaints from people who were unaware they had been added and who came online to find that their mailboxes had been flooded with notifications.

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Two-Faced Facebook Threatens to DELETE Pages



Published on Nov 23, 2013

LIKE, SUBSCRIBE and SHARE this video!

Recently Facebook threatened to delete pages for posting memes that did not violate Facebook’s Community Standards. You could be next.

See many more post here. scroll down.


Also See. http://danieltowsey.wordpress.com/category/facebook-stinks-multiple-posts/

Click on any image in gallery (below) for more options..

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History Lesson by A Truth Soldier

History Lesson by A Truth Soldier

“First they ridicule you.

Then they violently oppose you.

Then they accept the truth”

This Truth Soldier Lesson is an occult knowledge of forbidden truths..

Viewers comments.

Keep Em Straight Good One. everything you said in the first part of this clip about the Tryudeau boys is backed up in this great book,

and they thought he was just joking, Wish they would put it back in print. I lent my copy to a so called friend and he never gave it back.


The Golden Age (book cover)



Once Upon A Time There Was A Canada

Creation of first corporation

“Truthers always sound insane.

When telling you what the insane are doing”

The girl who silenced the world for 5 minutes

Charlie Chaplin final speech in The Great Dictator

President John F. Kennedy’s “Peace Speech”

John F. Kennedy Last Speech – He Exposed the FREEMASONS – Now you know why he was shot!



Published on Aug 28, 2013

President John F. Kennedy, less than four hours before he was killed by an assassin’s bullets, gave this brief speech in a rain-soaked parking lot outside the Hotel Texas in downtown Fort Worth, Texas, at 8:45 AM (Central Standard Time) on the morning of Friday, November 22, 1963.

This rare audio footage comes from the archives of Fort Worth radio station WBAP.


a peasant has the nerve to speak his mind and the truth to one of our former emperors. he was not pleased with this blatant show of free speech.


Published on Sep 1, 2013

This is a segment from Geraldo Rivera’s late-night ABC-TV talk show “Good Night America”, where Abraham Zapruder’s famous home movie depicting President John F. Kennedy’s assassination in graphic detail is shown to an American audience for the very first time. Robert Groden is one of Rivera’s guests.

The date of the program: March 6, 1975.

“Image Of An Assassination: A New Look At The Zapruder Film” (copyright 1998 MPI Media Group)


The Killing of President Kennedy (very rare 1978 BBC documentary)

Published on Mar 28, 2013

Anthony Summers 1978 documentary on the Assassination of President Kennedy is one of the best films on the subject,

even if you may not agree with the direction it takes towards the end.

Contains many rare interviews with direct participants,

including the first interview with Silvia Odio and interviews with Dallas police chief Jesse Curry, Carlos Bringuier,

William Gaudet, Richard Schweiker, Richard Sprague, DA William Alexander,

Warren Commission member John Cooper and Antonio Veciana.

MUST SEE – Jesse Ventura Reveals Shocking New JFK Info

Published on Sep 28, 2013

Jesse Ventura brings you the ultimate compendium that covers every angle—from the plot to the murder of JFK. 

JFK’s Secret Service Agents Break Their Silence: Interview – John F. Kennedy Assassination (2010)

Published on Oct 19, 2013

Sgt. Davis, of the Dallas Police Department, believed he had prepared stringent security precautions, in an attempt to prevent demonstrations like those marking the Adlai Stevenson visit from happening again. The previous month, Stevenson, the United States Ambassador to the United Nations, was assaulted by an anti-UN demonstrator. But Winston Lawson of the Secret Service, who was in charge of the planning, told the Dallas Police not to assign its usual squad of experienced homicide detectives to follow immediately behind the President’s car. This police protection was routine for both visiting presidents and for motorcades of other visiting dignitaries. Police Chief Jesse Curry later testified that had his men been in place, they might have been able to stop the assassin before he fired a second shot, because they carried submachine guns and rifles.[104]

An investigation by the House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) in 1979 concluded that “the Secret Service was deficient in the performance of its duties.”[105] The HSCA stated: That President Kennedy had not received adequate protection in Dallas. That the Secret Service possessed information that was not properly analyzed, investigated, or used by the Secret Service in connection with the President’s trip to Dallas. That the Secret Service agents in the motorcade were inadequately prepared to protect the President from a sniper.[106]

The HSCA specifically noted: No actions were taken by the agent in the right front seat of the Presidential limousine [ Roy Kellerman ] to cover the President with his body, although it would have been consistent with Secret Service procedure for him to have done so. The primary function of the agent was to remain at all times in close proximity to the President in the event of such emergencies.


Clinton J. Hill (born 1932) is a former United States Secret Service agent who was in the presidential motorcade during the assassination of John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963, in Dallas, Texas. After Kennedy was fatally shot, Hill ran from the car immediately behind the presidential limousine and leapt onto the back of it, holding on while the car raced to Parkland Memorial Hospital. This action was documented in the famous Zapruder film. Hill is the last surviving passenger of the presidential limousine which arrived at Parkland Hospital.

Hill was born and raised in North Dakota.[1] His birth parents homesteaded near Roseglen and he was born in Larimore, North Dakota, then placed in an orphanage in Fargo where he was adopted by Chris and Jennie Hill at three months of age.[1] Hill’s new family took him to Washburn where he eventually graduated from Washburn High School.

[1] He also attended Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota,[1] where he played football, studied history, and was a 1954 graduate. After college, Hill was assigned to the Denver office of Secret Service in 1958 and served on the detail for President Dwight D. Eisenhower.

[2] After John F. Kennedy was elected President of the United States, Hill was assigned to protect the First Lady, Jacqueline Kennedy.

President Kennedy was assassinated on November 22, 1963, in Dallas, Texas, during a motorcade through the city, en route to a luncheon at the Dallas Trade Mart. The President and Mrs. Kennedy were riding in an open limousine containing three rows of seats. The Kennedys were in the rear seat of the car, and the Governor of Texas, John Connally, and his wife, Nellie Connally, were in the middle row. Secret Service agent William Greer was driving and the president’s bodyguard. Roy Kellerman, was also in the front seat.

Hill was riding in the car immediately behind the presidential limousine. As soon as the shooting began, Hill jumped out and began running to overtake the moving car in front of him. He climbed from the rear bumper, crawling over the trunk to the back seat where the President and First Lady were located.

Hill grabbed a small handrail on the left rear of the trunk, normally used by bodyguards to stabilize themselves while standing on small platforms on the rear bumper. According to the Warren Commission’s findings, there were no bodyguards stationed on the bumper that day because …the President had frequently stated that he did not want agents to ride on these steps during a motorcade except when necessary. He had repeated this wish only a few days before, during his visit to Tampa, Florida. .[3]

The notion that the President’s instructions in Tampa jeopardized his security in Dallas has since been denied by Hill and other agents. Regardless of Kennedy’s statement, photos taken of the motorcade along earlier segments of the route show Hill riding on the step at the back of the car.


JFK Conspiracy And Cover Up: The Magic Bullet Theory Proven False

Published on Apr 2, 2013

A leading authority on the death of JFK explains why the “magic bullet” theory, which is the foundation for THE WARREN REPORT (1964), THE HSCA FINAL REPORT (1979), and Gerald Posner’s CASE CLOSED (1993), has to be rejected. Using documents that have been recently declassified by the Assassination Records Review Board as well as more familiar evidence, Fetzer demonstrates that the “magic bullet” theory is not only false but provably false and, in fact, not even anatomically possible. As a consequence, it is necessary to account for the wound to JFK’s throat and one or more wounds of Texas Governor John Connally on the basis of other shots and other shooters. Once the authentic evidence has been separated from the inauthentic, the outline of an elaborate conspiracy and cover-up becomes clear.

Please give us you thought on this and subscribe to our channel where you can see more videos on JFK such as his last speech in Dallas:

Other JFK related videos

JFK NEW EVIDENCE John Connally’s gun flash in high quality HD Zapruder film

Published on Jul 21, 2013


JFK Assassination strange photo I cant explain it?

Published on Apr 21, 2013

Jfk Assassination photo, strange as it doesnt seem to tie in with the zapruder film at all, can anyone explain?

Hit List : Who Killed Witnesses to The JFK Assassination

Published on Apr 17, 2013

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Autistic Girl Expresses Unimaginable Intelligence

Ancient Pyramid Discovered 14,000 Feet underwater

Don’t believe in Ancient Aliens? Watch this I Dare You. Six parts

Uploaded on Jan 16, 2012

Klaus Donna shows some of the absolutely amazing artifacts that he has found across the world
I do not own this information but am distributing it for education purposes.

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Insane People of This Planet Are Bringing About The Destruction Of Earth By Aliens


Insane People of This Planet Are Bringing About The Destruction Of Earth By Aliens

 Written by Daniel J Towsey.

This is your second warning.

So you really think that humans are intelligent?

How intelligent is it to destroy the perfection of the natural world?

The insane corporate banksters are destroying our once naturally healthy planet.

Insane (Original song written by Greg Spencer)

You think their are no other conscious beings of energy in the universe?

Here on my Chemtrails site you can see the evidence of more then twenty years of Chemtrailing and the two mile thick wrapping of that material around our planet.


We now have an artificial atmosphere.

If you go to my other site http://TheNibiruSunset.wordpress.com

You will see photographic evidence of activities happening to our planet now..

You will also see that were are not alone in this universe.

Things are no longer natural on planet Earth. Nothing is natural as it once was.

The criminally insane corporate minds are out of control and the community of the universe has made a decision.

The mental illness of corporatism can no longer be permitted to continue to spread its insanity illness.

Aliens have made the decision that unless humans show a positive attitude NOW, and change its negative destructive ways.

Aliens will completely end planet earth.

Some humans are Alien to the meaning of God.

Some humans think that their is only one God.

But many do not know the spirit of the universe.

The infinite universe is of conscious positive energy spirits of light, truth and love.



God is the term that describes the whole of those spirits.

Only pure healthy spirits are permitted to ascend to the infinite.

Those who do not know or respect the only law of nature will not ascend.

Only perfection continues in nature.

If you have not perfected your spirit to reach for the positive light of truth, then your spirit will just end and cease to exist.

I sent a previous message and you did not listen or chose to not want to know truth.

The spirit of the universe is Alien to most diseased humans.

If you do not have a healthy beautiful natural spirit then you have failed.

You are all conscience beings named humans.

You have a conscience mind.

You are conscious of reality.

So are you conscious of what humans have done to destroy planet Earth?

Are you one of the humans that has contributed to the destruction of planet Earth?

Those who seek and speak no truth have only achieved the illness of insanity.

TOP SECRET Extra Terrestrial Message


The horrors of what the insane are doing is limitless. For the insane have no self control.

They are completely out of control and are unleashing their corporate mental disease all over this planet.

The Aliens (Gods, Spirits) can not permit this diseased planet to continue..

The Aliens see the chemtrails poison..

Yes our planet is now completely sealed in.

The likes of Monsanto are the reason why the end is near.


Here are just a few of the things humans are doing to planet earth.

Read how Fukushima and the insanity of nuclear waste and energy are now going to kill this planet.











Sharing truth is the what has a chance to save planet Earth.

Truth is Love. Love is Truth. One can not exist without the other.

It is time for humanity to love truth.

It is time for humanity to show love for our home planet, Earth.

The Gods have not yet ended planet earth.

The Gods will only help those who help themselves.

If humanity does not now try to help planet Earth, then you are all doomed.

If humanity is not guided into the future by truth, then humanity is doomed.

That means that all humans have to help to do the right thing and seek the power of truth.

When the seeds of truth are sown.

The grass roots truth revolution will blossom from the enlightenment.

It is time for humanity to sow the healthy seeds of truth.

So a healthy tree of life can grow.

Those healthy trees will provide healthy food for thought.

Without healthy trees all of this planet dies.

The Chemtrails material being sprayed by the insane are killing all the trees.

Soon all that will remain is a hot surface with no shade from the trees.

Only carbon in the air for the trees that consumed the carbon and released oxygen are dying from the chemtrailing.

So are you thinking that what I have written sounds insane.

Will it is.

Remember truthers always sound insane when they are telling you what the insane are doing.

This is your second warning.

There may not be a third extraterrestrial message.

If their were. Would Earthlings still be alive to hear it?

It is now up to humanity to decide if they are going to start doing what is right!

Alien Warning Message Live on TV in UK-”We Come to Warn you About your Race and your Planet”

Published on Jun 12, 2013

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Southern… - Col. Donald Ware, U.S. Air Force (ret.) passes on this reminder of the time 37 years ago when the Star Visitors took over a British television program and broadcasted instead an important message for the people of Earth. 
[The transmission] occurred on 26 Nov 77 at 5:12 p.m. when a strange unknown voice overrode, took over, or super-modulated the TV signals from five transmitters that were monitored by the Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) in England. IBA did not detect the intrusion. The 5+1/2-minute message overrode a scheduled newscast read by Ivor Mills on Southern ITV, England, and was heard by listeners as far away as Andover, London, Newbury, Oxford, Reading, Southhampton, and Winchester.
IBA engineers at Croydon, Surry did not hear the override, and at the main transmitter at Southhampton, Hants monitoring system, there was also no evidence of the takeover. A police spokesman told AP and UPI that the message was taken seriously:
“They were frightened and generally scared.”
The voice spoke slowly and deliberately, with a strange inward authority, calm, serene, never scolding. It said:
This is the voice of Gramaha, the Representative of the Asta (Ashtar in some texts) Galactic Command speaking to you.

For many years now you have seen us as lights in the skies. We speak to you now in peace and wisdom as we have done to your brothers and sisters all over this, your planet earth. We come to warn you of the destiny of your race and your worlds so that you may communicate to your fellow beings the course you must take to avoid the disasters which threaten your worlds and the beings on our worlds around you.

This is in order that you may share in the great awakening, as the planet passes into the New Age of Aquarius. The new age can be a time of great peace and evolution for your race, but only if your rulers are made aware of the evil forces that can overshadow their judgments.

Be still now and listen, for your chance may not come again. For many years your scientists, governments and generals have not heeded our warnings; they have continued to experiment with the evil forces of what you call nuclear energy. Atomic bombs can destroy the earth and the beings of your sister worlds, in a moment.

The wastes from atomic power systems will poison your planet for many thousands of your years to come. We, who have followed the path of evolution for far longer than you, have long since realized this — that atomic energy is always directed against life. It has no peaceful application. Its use, and research into its use, must be ceased at once, or you all risk destruction. All weapons of evil must be removed.

The time of conflict is now past and the race of which you are a part may proceed to the highest planes of evolution if you show yourselves worthy to do this.

You have but a short time to learn to live together in peace and goodwill. Small groups all over the planet are learning this, and exist to pass on the light of the dawning new age to you all. You are free to accept or reject their teachings, but only those who learn to live in peace will pass to the higher realms of spiritual evolution.

Hear now the voice of Gramaha, the representative of the Asta (Ashtar in some texts) Galactic Command speaking to you. Be aware also that there are many false prophets and guides operating on your world. They will suck your energy from you — the energy you call money and will put it to evil ends giving you worthless dross in return.

Your inner divine self will protect you from this. You must learn to be sensitive to the voice within, that can tell you what is truth, and what is confusion, chaos and untruth. Learn to listen to the voice of truth which is within you, and you will lead yourselves on to the path of evolution.
This is our message to you our dear friends. We have watched you growing for many years as you too have watched our lights in your skies. You know that we are here, and that there are more beings on and around your earth than your scientists admit. We are deeply concerned about you and your path towards the light, and will do all we can to help you.
Have no fears, seek only to know yourselves and live in harmony with the ways of your planet earth. We of the Asta Galactic Command thank you for your attention. We are now leaving the planes of your existence.
May you be blessed by the supreme love and truth of the Cosmos.

Southern Television broadcast interruption – Wikipedia
Read more: 


WATCH NOW “IN A NUTSHELL” if this doesn’t scare you into reality, I don’t know what will !!!

Published on Jan 1, 2013

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THESE two Channels will NEVER be Politically Correct. I will tell the REAL TRUTH Regardless if you like it or not..
Daretoshare channel will remain open for those of you who want to continue to share these messages with their loved ones. 
God Bless you all and thanks for watching & subscribing too DTS TRTS

Jesus Christ is getting ready to return, the rapture is at the door, revelation is happening, the book is open, prophecy is being fullfilled in front of our very eyes. Extreme weather changes, including earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes. New diseases and viruses, wars around the world, demonstrations, nation against nation, famines, mass animal death, murders, seas turning blood red, as well as the goverments getting ready to chip it’s citizens just as the Bible describes, are we truly living in the last days? 
you decide!

These are some of my most recent video uploads to the Therealtruthseeker channel

This is “APOCAlYPSE SUMMER 2013″ Is it the end or just the begining? YOU DECIDE

“TRUE LOVE” A must, One of the most powerful insperational video’s you will ever see! 

“So you don’t believe in God” WARNING ” CAN YOU HANDLE THE TRUTH”

FAIR USE NOTICE: This video contains copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. I am making such material available in my efforts to advance understanding of issues of Salvation, and Spiritual significance. I believe this constitutes a ‘fair use’ of any such copyrighted material, the material in this video is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and education purpose. lf you wish to use copyrighted material from this site for purposes of your own that go beyond ‘fair use’, you must obtain permission from the copyright owner.

secret nasa foto stolen by hacker

Published on May 18, 2012

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Halifax Public Transit bus tries to run me over

Halifax Public Transit bus tries to run me over. Bus Route 7 bus number 1069 on Robie St This late afternoon November 19, 2013. 

The bus drivers saw me coming.

I have flashing lights on my wheelchair.

It was day light outside.

The bus drivers slows down to stop.

Then when he was close and just as I was about to get in front of him he deliberately accelerated to run me. I am always careful.

I was able to spin my chair around and the bus drove by me just inches away.

Drove through crosswalk aiming at me and tried to run me over while I was in the crosswalk.

After this I went down the sidewalk towards the bus.

I caught up to a female police car driver and asked her to pull that bus over.

I told her what the driver did.

I said I need you to stop the bus so you can get the video from the bus. She said she would pull the bus over..

Then the Police car just leaves and dissapears.. Testimonial.. by Daniel J Towsey.


Betty Jo That is just apauling just scum
  • Allyson Vincent just curious Dan why are people always trying to run you over?
    Daniel J Towsey Alyson please go the full artilcle above with the same title..and see the bottom post on that article for starters..then if you read on my wordpress sites like http://911 Justice.wordpress.com you will get the idea..anyone that is an effective activist is always targeted..but my serious problems started when I ran a federal election in 1984 and discovered a lot of corruption including vote fixing..you can read that herehttp://CanadianSituations.wordpress.com
  • Keep Em Straight Send them a link to this page.
  • Daniel J Towsey Everything is corrupt here.
    Keep Em Straight Same here, it is not just your area. It is happening everywhere arming up for the big event.. That is if people are awake enough to see it & not just say, oh well lets go get loaded and forget about it.
    Donald Smith good job theses thug bus drivers need to be charged


The other day this happned.

The Halifax Parade Of Lights (01of12) Police Set Me Up Again

Published on Nov 17, 2013 This first video below was after I got singled out and set up by Zionist operatives. I was sitting in front of and near the crowd control railing behind me and I had a friend sitting on my left and a wheelchair to my right. Then the black husky Police officer comes overs and tells me that I have to move and told me to go over and park my chair in front of a bunch of children sitting on the ground. So then a drunk heckler starts harassing me and screaming rudely at me because he claimed I was blocking people from viewing. I knew this was a deliberate targeting of me and a set up when I said it was the Police officer that told me to park there in my wheelchair. The officer backed away while the Zionist covert operative when on to cause me difficulties. The Police officer should of resolved the problem he deliberately caused. But when I started to speak up for my rights. The Police officer came back to harass me. And moved in threateningly aggressive and close to me. So I quickly pulled away and kept speaking loud so all the people there could hear and see what was being done to me. Then the Police officer told me I would have to leave. I then asked him to call his supervisor. So this video starts as the police supervisor showed up on the motorcycle. See the full post with all the videos and photos here. http://thevisionaryfolkphotographer.com/2013/11/18/the-halif­ax-parade-of-lights/

PROMO Wheelchair

  • Daniel Rene Williams Daniel, maybe you are making up these stories.http://www.bing.com/search…


    Explore drug dealing corrupt gangstalking on Bing
  • Daniel Rene Williams I have witnessed the coldness of the doctors when a child is laying in a bed dying, I pray that they choke on their Porsches.
  • Daniel J Towsey Daniel Rene I am will aware of covert gang stalking.. but it is much more serious when the police are the ones doing it to me..
  • Nadia Stepanek You are good person..
  • Keep Em Straight Well it is all documented now, they would be real stupid to continue. But that they are.
  • Christian Sanschaines Towsey those fucking assholes will never quit and leave you alone…..
  • Daniel J Towsey Everytime I go out now they are agressively coming after me..
  • Keep Em Straight keep the camera running, also a good Idea to have a hidden audio recording device for when they think they are off camera…. Catch them with their own tricks. You have the legal right to record any conversation which you are part of and you do not have to tell the other people they are being recorded.. I checked up on that some time ago, count on it. At least in BC.
  • Keep Em Straight Sorry to hear that troubles follow you everywhere, stay cool you did a good job on handling the situation. One of the officers sounded like a right on dude with understanding.
  • Laura Ludwig its is shameful that people do not have concern or respect for people in wheel chairs. I could not live with myself if I behaved that badly,
  • Daniel J Towsey Recent this guy walked up to me when I was at the Halifax waterfront..he shows me his star of David tattoo and basic threaten me by saying that the Zionists do not like what I am saying and he says I will pray for you insinuating that I was going to die…
  • Laura Ludwig wow, unbelievable how horrible people can be. I honestly think you are not only a truth soldier but also a light warrior, you have to have a protective light surrounding you from all that you have been through,.
  • Daniel J Towsey Yes I do..that is for sure..My spirit is not alone..The universe is full of spirits..That is what to ascend to…the spirit world..but only purity in truth gets you there…
  • Daniel J Towsey I think they do not like my anonymous face and my signs on my chair.

And before that..

Halifax Metro Transit Does a Sting Operation on Me

Published on Oct 14,

Published on Oct 14, 2013

You can go to http://WheelchairRights.wordpress.com to see more videos and articles about the the history of organized criminals in the government here in Halifax Nova Scotia and how they have been terrorizing me for being A Truth Soldier Activist..


Halifax Police Repeatedly Violating My Human Rights

Published on Sep 14, 2012

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WordPress shut down my A Truth Soldier blog

ATruth Soldier Blog (Last look)

Click on image above for full size..

I am able to access my FolkPhotographer Youtube channel with some difficulties and complications..

update I can now access my youtube.

Yeah!..Wordpress reinstated my A Truth Soldier Blog..


WordPress Just deleted my A Truth Soldier wordpress blog when I posted a page about fema extermination camps
http://atruthsoldier.wordpress.com/ the silencing has begun..
See they blocked my Youtube a few minutes ago and now my wordpress blog and you people think this is not real…

I warned you long ago to copy information and share it to wake everyone up..but you all did nothing..
I did my best to inform and warn. I reached 781,103 views on this blog. Was it worth my years of work?

Full list of FEMA camps


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Oat Hill Lake (fall 1999)

Oat Hill Lake (fall 1999).


This photo series is very important for historic and research that pertains to the present condition of all our forests, trees, plants and foliage sick and dying due to the effects of world wide stratospheric geo-engineering that is commonly known as Chemtrails.

Here you will see what true fall colors look like and see absolutely healthy trees and with no chemtrail clouds in the sky.

You will also notice how bright and vibrant the sun is. I did this photo series in 1999 in Dartmouth Nova Scotia Canada.

This series is very beneficial for young people who have never seen healthy trees and natural autumn fall colors. Sadly I know this photo series is never to be reproduced in future generations. As what I see now of the dying trees and that light green material covering the bark of all trees today. That film is killing the trees.

Please go to http://ChemtrailsInOurSkies.wordpress.com to see my photos and videos of documentation as to the sick and dying plants, trees and foliage. After I started posting my videos on youtube I began to get testimonials comments from viewers indicating that this situation is a world wide event that is threatening the future life of our planet.

Please do enjoy this photo series and remember you are always free to download for personal use and research purposes.

November 8, 2013 Posted by | OAT HILL LAKE (FALL 1999) | | 1 Comment

The Fukushima Radiation Tree Reports

On Going Nuclear Apocalypse Threatens The Planet


Exposing USA Perpetrators of COINTELPRO & DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPONRY on Citizens from the Ground & Skies

Lissa's Humane Life



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The Nibiru Sunset

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