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Go to this link to see the videos from last year showing, dying trees, foliage bees and chemtrails..

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I am now homeless in Chilliwack British Columbia UPDATES

Two attempts to kill me by sawing my wheelchair trailer axle

At link below,I will be posting more information including high resolutions photos and a separate post for the first incident of my wheel coming off on the trans Canada hwy in Manitoba before they repaired and installed the new axle at Chevrolet dealership in Portage La Prairie. Ma.
Please note that I had to leave Montreal after receiving $850 in parking tickets and was threatened they would put the boot on my car and then tow and steal it.. There was no place for me to park with my wheelchair trailer.. So I am now back in Chilliwack British Columbia.

I arrived in Chilliwack on June 5th 2017. So I will be posting my UPDATES here. Please see my earlier updates here.


I was Assaulted and Staff threatened to kill me at Ruth and Naomi Mission in Chilliwack BC

This is my first post about serious issues of death threats, assaults and also being denied food at the Ruth and Naomi soup kitchen mens shelter in Chilliwack BC. All the events against me started way back in May of 2016.

So please stay tuned to this post as I will be uploading witness testimonies and much more informational video reports.

UPDATE; The RCMP has not followed up with me about having meeting with Ruth and Naomi management.

One more thing you need to know.  Two months ago, 30 minutes after I ate the meatloaf meal and the mission. I was rushed to the Chilliwack hospital and I spent a total of six week in Hospital. I had to be rushed back to the hospital in an ambulance five times during that two months.

One time I was put on the street at 1 am while I was a patient.

I was told by a doctor that I had life threatening internal digestion problems.

Please note; I do not have the time at this time to write up a complete report about my not getting good medical care and my life struggle in the Chilliwack hospital.

This is the third time I have been threatened by staff and covert spooks. It happened it also happened in Montreal and Sault Saint Marie in Ontario.

There is a covert agenda to deny me food and shelter.

RCMP conversation about assault on me at Ruth & Naomi Mission in Chilliwack

Please note that I forgot to mention to the RCMP officer the fact that Tim assaulted me by pushing off of my walker while I was sitting on it.

Also see

Uploaded on Dec 9, 2017


A Truth Soldier

Shaun Gordon Cullen testifies to being targeted and this is a very important video.

This report proves i am falsely accused, was high jacked, taken, tortured, targeted to be murdered and that thousands of my records were illegally manipulated 2018-2019


1. THE CULLEN REPORT© SGC 2. The Cullen Report 2017-2018-2019 This report answers to why dominating Jews, mapled Muslims, thousands of Pentagon officials,…

  • 2. The Cullen Report 2017-2018-2019
  • This report answers to why dominating Jews, mapled Muslims, thousands of Pentagon officials, companies, nations which received from the IMAX Corp. and the nations and states thirteen decades ago when parliament was first in session and generations of people and their rulers & educators & authorities madly or evilly suppress & repress an interest in youth
  • I must first ask ; Are citizens reporting system persons elder-napping, labeling, neglecting, assaulting, deadly drugging &…

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Daniel J Towsey’s personal message to President Donald Trump at The White House

I need your urgent help and protection. I am known on the internet as A Truth Soldier.
I am a very well know activist, journalist and more.

Canada is in serious jeopardy and so am my for report so.

Canada is being quickly converted into an Islamic State.

Our governments have been stolen through vote fraud, bank fraud and more.

Mr President with your aid we the Canadian people have a small window of opportunity to restore our governments to Common law and direct democracy.
learn much more here.

I have repeatedly been attacked by the shadow government. I have survived very serious injuries such as having been deliberately run over by a car three times.

Presently I am barely surviving and the corporate governments have denied me my basic human rights and I have been living in my car for almost two years. Please note that I am physically disabled now.

Here are two of my many websites

Mr.President Donald Trump I have prayed to God that you will help me and Canada… I love the Constitutional USA and I believe that you would not and do not want Canada to become a violent human rights denying Islamic State as is happening now across Canada and in Halifax Nova Scotia where I am from.

Thank you for you time and I love all that you are doing to destroy Radical Islam, The globalist NWO and your great battle-ling with the shadow governments.
We need to bring back our Godly countries to function with the guidance and Love from God of heaven..

I also pray that the shadow government agents do not keep this, my message to you from getting to you personally…

Thank you for contacting the White House.

If you have questions on Federal Government services, please visit, or continue exploring

Thank you again for your message,

The Office of Presidential Correspondence

Trump’s Legendary Inauguration

Letter to Trump – Facts that impact everyone

Turn Car Into Rolling Social Media Billboard

Yes you can turn your vehicle into a social  media message board and you do not have to make it permanent.

Use dry erasable markers. Write your daily social media message on your drivers door then drive up to your favorite hang out, coffee shop or parking lot.

If you do it right you could become a very popular person and you will make many new  conscientious friends.

And so that you may also even wake up more people to the very real important issues of this world.

For those of you who  want to make a hippy mobile with permanent graphics, you can use anything from paints to nail polish and then spray some clear coat over it.


Defeat The Trans Pacific Partnership that is now censoring all truther sites on the internet. If the  rolling social media idea goes viral it will defeat the insane NWO control over information.

Urgent Canadian  Worldwide Coup d’Etat through the Public Private Partnershps

Click on images below to open full sized in new tab.

Donald Trump Calls Justin Trudeau “Canada’s Worst President Yet”

Canadian Situations

Trump Calls Justin Trudeau
Trump Calls Justin Trudeau “Canada’s Worst President Yet” | Trudeau Trump

THE President of the United States, has openly questioned the credentials of Justin Trudeau, labeling the Canadian head of state “an embarrassment” and a “terrible president”.

In a no-holds barred interview with a Canadian magazine to be published next month, Donald Trump claims that despite being only in the job for less than 2 years, Trudeau is “easily Canada’s worst president yet.”

Related: Trump Expresses Willingness To ‘Sacrifice Canada’ In Potential War With North Korea

“Honestly I think he’s done a terrible job so far,” President Trump observed when questioned about Trudeau, and later tweeted: “He should be ashamed to call himself the President of Canada.”

Trump even warned Canadians that the Liberal leader’s continued “regressive” leadership could result in a change in job title…

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Marcus interviews Daniel J Towsey at Gill Camp in British Columbia

Marcus interviews Daniel J Towsey at Gill Camp

recorded Sept 5th 2017

video coming soon



Attention Canadians and First Nations: “Financial Silent War for Control” Coup d’Etat of Canada

Canadian Situations

It is being implemented by Canadian politicians and heads of private corporations under the Public-Private Partnerships.

To regain control and to stop these things from happening in Canada, 51 percent of the people have to sign an agreement saying yes or no to do anything about it. For this to be effective, we must also need to stop voting our rights away to politicians.

You can listen to our interview about the P3’s here:


The Canadian Peoples Union, Freedom 2017 – Press Release PDF download – Canadian Coup d’Etat

September 13th, 2017

Greetings to all that this concerns;

  • Canadian Citizens and First Nations
  • Small Businesses and Service Industries
  • Coalition of Small Business Tax Fairness


RE: The World Bank  Group and United Nations Corporate “Financial Silent War for Control” coup d’état against Countries and Citizens under the guise of the Public-Private Partnerships.

Those at the lead include John…

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STOP The Banksters New World Order

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