Canadian Tire Store Sells Dangerously Defective Cordless Angle Grinders

Mastercraft Cordless Angle Grinder_4186

Here is my motive for doing this video report about this dangerously defective Mastercraft Angle grinder sold by Canadian Tire..

I bought this grinder and took to my work place. I properly assembled it. I turned it on to test it, and to my frightful horror.. the grinding disk flew off spinning at full speed and struck the ground as you see in my two videos..

Mastercraft Cordless Angle Grinder_4197

I am so fortunate that I was aiming this angle grinder up and away from me and that there were no people anywhere close to me…

I immediately did my first video report and repeated what I did to see if I could recreate this dangerous event..

When it happened again I was sure that this was a very dangerous defect that is sure to hurt people who unknowingly purchase this Mastercraft angle grinder.

Mastercraft Cordless Angle Grinder_4187

So I returned to the Canadian Tire store and asked to speak with the store manager.

A lady came up and she told me she was the acting store manager as the real store manager was not present.

I expressed my safety concerns about the dangerously defective angle grinder and that the disk came flying off spinning at full speed.

I said that this product should immediately be taken off store shelves and not sold to consumers.

She then made a very ignorant comment to me by trying to make my safety concerns meaningless.
She said that we have never received any bad reviews or comments on their online listing from any customers.

She upset me by showing me that she cared not about my concerns.

So I asked to speak with the salesman from the tools department…. I asked if they had another grinder available and then I got the defective part replaced…

Mastercraft Cordless Angle Grinder_4190Mastercraft Cordless Angle Grinder_4194

By Canadian Tire giving a second defective part and ignoring what I said proves their negligence..

They should of not given me another replacement and should of taken my safety concerns with with due attention..

So I went back to my workshop and tried the grinder again and again it did the same thing…

So I returned to the store and I did another product video in the Canadian Tire Parking lot and went into the store with my video camera set to record my audio conversation..

As you can hear in this video below…

Viewers Comments

 James Crouse · LINKED COMMENT
( and I do, I wouldn’t buy one!!) I however feel the need to comment and point out a few problems with your video. You do a fine job explaining the problem and demonstrating it for the camera. However. you close your lens and surreptitiously record your visit to the Canadian tire outlet. Unfortunately, everything that you record from this point is done so illegally. Yes, illegally. I use that word very carefully because since you have published the video to Youtube, you not only recorded it illegally, you have committed a crime. In the video, twice you comment on how good of a reporter you are. You should probably be aware of what you can and cannot do … I also appreciate how you have clearly identified yourself and also your business. I digress, back to my points … If you were truly seeking consumer justice and not trying to get some kind of recognition for your “reporting” you would have called Canadian Tire head office (which is in Barrie Ontario, not Toronto) instead of hassling some lady at a local store. The only regret I have as I write this is that you didn’t ask her name while you were recording her without her knowledge. Then you would be liable to Nova Scotia’s rather strict cyber-bullying laws which my friend, would deal with you quite harshly. I intend to report this video to youtube and have it removed on the clear legal principles involved. What you should do, if you truly believe in the principles of honest, objective reporting is remove or edit this clip to the demonstration only. If not, you admit to being a bush league bully who cares less about the consumer than his own personal advancement. Do the right thing.

+James Crouse The only crime would be if I make it possible to identify the individuals..and the crime is only if my actions can cause harm to an individual..concealed cameras are used and played on television all the time and the individuals are also identified and recorded without their knowledge..Covert reporting to prove that a crime or activity  of the actions of those recorded maybe causing harm to society is always permitted..this is called investigative reporting…

+James Crouse I only saw the short first part of your comment when I approved it as youtube had not shown to me the rest
of your comment..

… You are the bully and your comments do a discredit to the good of society…

You should listen closely and you will hear the lady say that Canadian Tire takes no responsibility because she said they do not make the product..

I also asked her if there was any kind of safety mechanism built into Canadian Tires operations so to be able to immediately report to Canadian Tire about  serious safety hazard as this..

She said there is not and she also told me she does not even have a phone number for head office..

My video report is for the good of society and is permitted for such reason..

That’s crazy.

thats what you get for buying cheap chinese imports.. dewalt, milwalkie, hilti, blue bosh, or makita pay a bit more and get one of these

+mynameis unfortunately they are not sold cheap…

Holy crap what a piece of crap, go ole crap tire lol that could hurt someone really bad.
On another note did you ever get the new wheelchair you needed?
Good video.



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