A Truth Soldier Copyright Notice

A Truth Soldier Copyright Notice

You are free to republish Truth Soldier and or Daniel J Towsey

articles in whole form only.

You may take quotes from it as long as you provide a link back

to the original article and you give attribution to the writer

being a Truth Soldier

You are also free to print or email it in whole

only acception being corporations not allowed

You are free to use and download any of my images

for personal non profit non corporate use

on condition they not be altered or cropped.

(resizing is accepted)

as I always retain the copyright to all my images.

Small businesses, charities, non profit businesses

may also use my image for free

any other permission are with my written permission only

on request..

Please enjoy and pass my images around..



If you do not use your freedoms
If you do not protect your freedoms
Then they will freely
take your freedoms from you
and will never freely give them back to you!

When the seeds of truth are sown
The grassroots truth revolution
blossom from the enlightenment

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