H.R.M.Storm – The government destruction of my business

H.R.M.Storm – The government destruction of my business

written by Daniel j Towsey

Below you is a letter I wrote and distributed to people in the neighborhood where I had my business

destroyed by government to prevent me from making a living..

They actually warned me that they would remove the street

and parking lot in front of my business to put me out of business again..while laughing at me..

HRM means Halifax Regional Municipality


Silverspoon Trading
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
Wednesday, October 11, 2001 The HRM Storm
Public Document
Halifax Regional Municipality
Dear Citizens:
This is concerning the demise of a small business in your neighbourhood, named Silverspoon Trading,

Formerly located at the back of 336 Prince Albert Rd. On Braemar Drive.

In February of year 2000, in this former city of Dartmouth.

I found a beautiful spot to open a small legally registered personalized “Silverspoon Trading” store.

A buy, sell, and exporting business.
In this location I realized a beautiful feeling of being at home in a close-knit neighborhood full of friends and good people.

It had a street that was quiet, quaint, filled with history, and many beautiful trees.

I found the perfect place to invest my future in.
So my partner and I decided to commence the building of our small business.

And so I started on my dream to own a small business.

I hoped this would be a rags to riches story.

I paid the rent and commenced on the clean up, renovating, and stocking of my store.

I spent the next two months working in a frozen building with no heat, no electrical system, frozen pipes with no water, no insulation, no interior walls. Let me put it this way. The place was a dump.

As my landlord Mr.Nabil Toulany had just bought this only a few days before I occupied it, from an HRM tax sell.

He had had no time afforded to him to do any repairs.
Now two months later as I approached the completion of the interior of my store.

The weather began to warm up.

I thought I could start on the exterior of my building’s improvements with the warmth from the bright beautiful sun. BUT, then a big bad black storm cloud moved over my beautiful quaint little street.

Named HRM (Halifax regional municipality).

I was never warned or advised by anyone at HRM of this big black imposing storm cloud coming.

Which then blew down the beautiful KEDDY”S INN, with the swoop of a bureaucrats pen.

The clouds of demolition plaster dust came into my store and covered my clean freshly painted and stocked store with plaster dust.

This rendered my stock unsellable.

The storm continued to thunder as the huge destruction machines crashed and thundered for the next month and a half.

The noise was unbearable.

The dust was unbelievable.

It blanketed the whole neighbourhood in a white film.
As. I observed all of this, immediately in front of my business. (15 feet) It appeared there must have been a tornado in the storm.

With no rain in sight to wash everything clean.
I then asked everyone! What is happening? What is going to happen?

A good neighbor told me that a new neighbor is moving in on the street.

Well I always believed that in any neighborhood.

When a neighbor wants to do any renovations, construction, erect a fence, or anything else that well affect the neighbourhood, that it is city council’s JOB.

To advise, mediate, protect, inform, or even PERMIT anything.

Also to communicate with all the possibly affected parties, neighbours, property owners, and even SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS that will be affected. I WAS NEVER CONSULTED OR ADVISED of anything at any time from anyone from HRM.

Even after I repeated asked for information.

HRM choose to ignore the fact that my business was here.

That makes HRM liable for all damages to my business.
AH! BUT the storm created by HRM was not over. The storm continued to blow from the bureaucrats.

The wind was so strong that it was now turning my clean clothes to rags.

As the weather dried up the mud, the dust storms grew even bigger.

Everything was covered in a brown dust now. Ever imagined being in a desert sandstorm?

That is what it was like everyday.

The inside of my vehicles were no protection from the storm.

They were also (like my customers vehicles) filled with dust.

All my customers ran away for shelter from the storm. Never to return.
Will the HRM storm grew even stronger. The winds were so strong that, the road and my parking lot were completely blown away.

That had been there for over a hundred years for everyone to use.

I was now blown hard against the wall of my store.
Then all of a sudden, without any warning from HRM.

The neighbours were given permission to erect a fence right across the public street in front of my store.

I now realized that my, rags to riches story was now being reversed by the HRM storm.

But I did not give up hope of surviving this storm. I continued trying to succeed.

I was given no other choice. Again I was never informed of anything by HRM.

I was completely fenced in from the world.

The storm now grew much, much stronger.

As the huge thundering earth movers moved in for the next three months to remove and replace acres of contaminated soil.

From an old chemical dump site that had been buried under KEDDYS building site.

I was now very weakened by the HRM storm. So I tried to stand against the storm, and hoped that someone could come to my aid.

I covered the fence with rags, to symbolize the beginning of the end of my Rags to Riches dreams.

Now I was having nightmares of riches to rags .Oh!

The storm was so strong that it (You may of seen this on Global News or on the front pages of The Daily News) even blew all my rags away.

I was now physically, emotionally, and financial drained from my fight with the storm .

I did not have the strength to stay in the storm.

I tried very hard to keep my head up in the winds of the storm.

Everyday my eyes and ears were hurting, from being exposed to the never ending ravaging dust storms with the thundering noise.

I was the only one left in the dust, all my customers had long run away.

Even the neighbors ran for the hills.

Like in any horrible storm, The rebuilding had to start.

Again; by permit of the almighty above!!! HRM. They act like they are gods!

But the road or parking lot was not replaced.

Instead I found that HRM told the neighbors that if they wanted to build, that HRM required that they had to assume the roadway and my parking lot.

The Superstore’s Vice-President Jim Stevenson advised me that they did not at anytime have any plans of taking over the street, nor did they want it.

But that the HRM made it mandatory if the Superstore was to get the building permits from the HRM. HRM refused to upgrade the street to provide the services that the Superstore needed.

So because of this I had to pay a huge cost for the HRM storm.

As my financial losses were the HRM’s gain.
In any devastating storm that I have ever heard of .

The costs of reconstruction are always shared by all.

Not just one lonely little business.

This whole construction project was permitted by HRM.

I do not believe that there are any laws that have ever been written,

Which allows for any democratically elected parties to have the right to do harm to anyone.

It appears that there is a letter missing in the HRM (HaRM).

So I say that it is only fair that HRM refunds my losses.

You did not have the right to take my livelihood away.

On a personal note; I do not wish the destruction of any storm on anyone
And so; On October 2, in the year of 2000. The little business known as Silverspoon Trading store.

Like a young small child playing on that wind blown stormy street.

I did not have enough weight to stand against the strong winds of the HRM storm.

I was blown away and never had a chance to grow up, to learn from my mistakes, to mature.

Therefore could never realize my dreams of owning a small business.

In what I thought was a beautiful city.

It is ashamed that our citizens have to live with the threats of the ever-imposing HRM storm I pray that this storm does not come to your neighbourhood.

Since the construction of the Superstore lasted for a whole year.

There is much more that went on that I have not written here .

I have many witnesses ready to testify, it is not hard for me to get evidence of the destruction of my business. From the result of decisions made by HRM.

Mr.Daniel Towsey
Silverspoon Trading (store)

Revised by Mr.Daniel Towsey on July14, 2001

HRM Storm.pdf

One thought on “H.R.M.Storm – The government destruction of my business”

  1. And the rich banksters rob the poor and defenseless, ad nauseum. There will be no justice or liberty in this life, for we are slaves and we cannot own any property.


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