Democracy vs. Republic

Democracy vs. Republic

By Daniel J Towsey

This is going to be a very short article to make a simple point. People who live in a functioning republic absolutely believe that their system is the best for the simply reason that in a republic.

The individuals’ rights are inalienable human rights of individuality that are guaranteed to all human beings and can not be taken away by the fifty-one percent of the majority as in a democracy.

Well in a democracy the fifty-one percent can vote to stop tyranny and fascism.

In a republic no percentage of the peoples vote means or has any effect on government or despotism.

In a democracy when the people take to the streets in protest. The government listens, as it realizes that if enough people are upset.

It can change the government.

In a republic it does not matter how many people get upset as everything functions on an individual basis.

That therefore provides the perfect means for a dictator to control the government.

Why would anyone in a republic ever believe that individuals’ rights in a democracy are not protected?

That’s what the bill of human rights is for. One important point I need to make that affects either form of government.

If in either government the people do not control the money than you do not have any freedom or liberty.

As is the case with all so called democracies of the world.

As they are all controlled by the Federal Reserve systems.

Except in Canada. Canadians still control their money.

Canada has its own bank known as the Bank of Canada.

But that is about to end. Under the North American Union.

The three leaders of Mexico, USA and Canada have already signed the agreement to replace their currencies with the ‘Amero’ currency.

When this goes into effect these three countries well cease to have any form of Democracy or Constitutional Republic.

For if the people do not control the money, than they do not control anything.

As the money truly does control everything.

Once you loose the control of the money you loose your sovereignty, you become a slave of the credit system that is then controlled by a secret group that does not respond to any individuals rights and liberties.

The Federal Reserve system is just another device of communism…

You have now been informed.


by spreading the truth.. For without truth you well never be free.

Democracy vs Republic.pdf

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