by Daniel J Towsey

Infinity goes on for-ever in every direction be it our exploration into the miniature

with a super powerful microscope or into space with a super powerful telescope,

or exploration of travel in time, and always has.

Our perceptions of it will always be limited by our abilities.

We need to always impose limits on ourselves if we do not want to

travel to the infinity of insanity.

Without self-imposed limits, we will destroy ourselves and eventually

disappear into the infinity.

Human kind is exploring everything in the universe except one thing.

We are not exploring for truth in each other. Can anyone explain that one to me?

Life, Matter and Time has existed for infinity but will we without truth?

We are creating bigger and bigger more powerful telescopes and are then faced with

the reality that space and matter continues into infinity.

then we are making more and more powerful microscopes and are realizing that life

and matter continues infinitely into the miniature.

Then we have to realize that time is infinite. Existence has existed for infinity.

We then have to realize that infinty goes on infinitely in all directions.

So not to get lost into infinity we have to look into our hearts.

For if we do not do that we will have existed for nothing.

Matter has always existed.

Time has always existed.

And that is why all that does not matter.

We then need to find and understand our very existence.

But we as species are running out of time and we may soon cease to exist.

And that does matter.

We need to control our thinking with logical reasoning and the limits of sanity.

But now our society is now going infinitely insane.

In realizing this we may begin to understand our place in infinity.

People are constantly looking away or outwards for answers.

So why is it we do not do the simplest and most obvious thing of all?

And that is look inwards for the answers.

Love is the only thing that keeps us all from going completely insane.

One can observe that this world is really lacking in love of ourselves,

others, the natural world, wild life, etc etc.

We can not keep exploring infinity and not look inward.

For if we do not look inward we will loose all perceptions of reality.

for If we do that. we will travel into the infinity of insanity. where one can not return from.

If we looked inwards this would become a much better and loving world.

For by looking inwards we can see our faults and weaknesses.

By doing this we will develop our conscience.

Once we realize our place in infinity we then realize that we need to share our love.

One does not need a brand new luxurious shinny car,

or jewelry or any other extravagant items for happiness.

We need to love.

If one explores the infinity of love in each other we will never get lost in

the empty expanse of infinity.

Material things are only needed for health, comfort, and dignity.

Do we not each deserve that? Be we Black, White, Red or Yellow?

Do not judge ones ability to love by their material standing.

Share your love and Have a Merry Christmas

Insane People of This Planet Are Bringing About The Destruction Of Earth By Aliens

Breaking the Illusion of Limitation

Perception is Everything – – Free yourself, let go of fear. – Know your rights

First song – Joga by Bjork
Second song – Goodbye Forever by Arovane

If anyone wants to write a transcript for a particular language to go with the video just let me know.

Readers Comments

Comment by turtle

I agree love is the key..and self introspection is the path to “Self” enlightenment.

But I think it is fair to say also that in order to come to this point we as humans without any concrete information in which we can base our beliefs will continually seek to understand the world and universe around us….

we are in essence ignorant of who and what we really are, and so we question …..everything….

and in the quest for understanding of our place in space and time…

we will eventually find the truths that define our self beliefs…

it is after all our personal responsibility to seek our own answers from the known universe.

In this way we will find that which speaks to each of us individually…

personal truths of spiritual nature can not be proven, and do not have discernible, concrete facts or well documented sources, because there are no definitive truths in the esoteric field of study….

therefore seek from the four corners…

take what you learn and see if it speaks truth to your spirit….

and until the truth of our existence is proven ….Love, Laugh, and Learn.

Berry Chastain says, Daniel, I didn’t know that you had this wisdom within you. I thought you were all “Soldier” and not spiritual truth seeker.

Namaste my friend. I see the truth surely is with in you.


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