Welfare Bum

Welfare Bum

by Daniel J Towsey

Is there really such a thing?

What is a welfare bum?

Is it a worthless individual that has never worked?

Is it one that absolutely refuses to look for work?

Is it one that has never looked for work?

Is it a lazy good for nothing free loader that loves living the free life at your expense?

Will if you answered yes to any of the above, you have probably

always lived a fortunate and healthy life.

Maybe a welfare bum is one that truly enjoys struggling to pay for the rent,

likes to live without new clothes or anything else new.

Doesn’t need bus fare or a phone since they don’t want to work anyway.

Oh yah, all welfare bums are the hippy types,

that’s why they all have long hair, or is it that they can’t afford to get haircuts?

Welfare bums must also enjoy never having to diet because they could never

 buy enough food to gain weight anyway.

Would you like to learn the answer?

Will I can only think of one way for you to find out.

We’ll put you in their place just to see.

First you’ll have to loose weight,

then you’ll have to loose some teeth from malnutrition and no money to afford

dental care.

Then we’ll give you some cheap poor dirty ugly old clothes to wear,

since you don’t have the money to do laundry.

Sorry we could find you properly fitting clothes.

But that doesn’t matter.

You aren’t going anywhere anyway.

Are you ready yet?

Oh there’s no Wide Screen HD Television.

We might be able to get you an old Black and white…

not a color one since every-time we get on of those.

Someone always seems to walk off with it.

No cable tv either, ok we’ll find you a coat hanger.

Ok maybe your starting to want to back out of this idea,

then you better go out and get a job.

Hummm, how are we going to do that now.

You look and smell like shit, you can’t afford a newspaper every day to look

for work,

and you don’t have a phone to call any employer anyway.

Ah never mind. You can just go out and walk all day and look for a job.

But after a few hours of walking, you’ll be exhausted and will not have enough

strength to keep going due to the lack of good healthy food in you.

The pickings have been too scarce today in the dumpsters.

Dam that recession.

Ok just go back home. Don’t be depressed about your lot in life.

You’ll need that good happy positive disposition if your ever

going to make a good impression on any prospective employers.

Now remember you have to blame yourself because your nothing but a

 good for nothing bum. But keep your chin up now.

I know what to do.

I’ll sit around on my lazy ass and stare at the walls until that wonderful poggy

check comes in.

Then I’ll hold off on paying the rent. I’ll go out and buy some decent clothes.

I’ll buy some healthy food so I’ll have the strength to look for work.

And with my new happy face I’ll put on. I’ll surely land a job.

I am now looking for work. I have left a few applications.

But can’t find any good paying jobs.

I haven’t worked for a while so I can not leave references or a work history.

But that’s ok my happy smile will do the trick.

After all it’s all about appearances anyway.

The landlord is so pissed.

I don’t know how employers are going to call me.

I couldn’t get the phone company to hook me up because I didn’t pay the bill

I already owed them.

Dam, why did I listen to that guy that called me a welfare bum and told me to go

look for a job.

I wonder if I have enough cardboard to keep me warm tonight under that bridge.

I better not get any wrinkles in my clothes so I won’t look like a homeless guy.

After-all we live in an artificial world where appearances are everything

and reality doesn’t matter.

The stereotyping and attack on the poor that can never fight back against the

 injustices that life dishes out,

is wrong and unrealistic.

Do you think that if all welfare recipients were forced to work that the problem

would be solved?

So you truly believe that it is possible for a society to exist with no unfortunate

people in it!

Is that really possible?

I personally will never believe that.

I believe that is an impossibility.

Considering that there will always be selfish people that will always want

more than their fair share in life.

There will always been an imbalance in life’s privileges and benefits .

As a result there will always be those that have less than their fair share.

The real problem is that the people who have always had it all,

have no compassion for anyone else.

Compassion only come from those that have experienced hardships in life.

Signed: Welfare Bum


from Mike  Monday, February 14, 2011

I used to be judgemental of the poor and unemployed.

Everything in your post is correct. If we come into this world with people that

care about

us we already have a great advantage that will allow us to get on in life.

Other people are not so fortunate as we all know.

So I would just ask people to give what they can(money, time)

to help those who are poor or unemployed.

Many of these souls just go off into the park and suicide because they

see no hope.

You might be the reason they keep going because of the kindness you have

shown them,

letting them know that somebody really does care.

May the good lord continue to bless us all.

The poor and the lonely continue to shame us all.


Admittedly the original post has described a small percentage of those on welfare,

but unfortuneatly the reality of the number of people who are recipients of some

or all types

of government assistants that do not need it, but qualify for it and use it is far too great.

I don’t begrudge that some people need help,

but we have lost a vision of charity and family

closing the gap within hard times. It is far easier to perpetuate the leeching behavior from a

large faceless entity than it is from a small community or family.

Pride is not in question with the government.

I would not have replied to this except that for today….

yet another example of waste on the governments behalf glared at me from

in line at the local walmart.

As I stood behind a very nice looking young couple with 3 toddler aged children…

watching them argue over two packages of chocolate dipped strawberries slated for

Mother’s day gifts by Walmart. Cell phone rings a song I didn’t recognize in her purse

as she pulls out her smart phone and distracted by the ensuing phone call she gives up

her fight with the cashier over the strawberries. I didn’t realize what I was watching

until they left the cashier and I walked up and asked (as I often am blunt and nosey)

“what’s the deal with the strawberries?” To my surprise she says,

“they were not covered by food stamps because they are considered a prepared item”.

I thought to my self…. food stamps… really.

Maybe that $100 plus a month cell phone bill

could help pay for their groceries. This example is all too prevalent.

I am not privileged nor wealthy, but I do have priorities and pride.


Theres a million and 1 reasons why somebody is on welfare….

Once humanity realizes everything is connected we can truly solve our problems…

until then it will just be he said she said

Kathy Nelson Lyons welfare bum? This does not describe that person.

 they have access to free housing,

 food stamps, cheap phone service, free medical care, and other “help services.

What this describes to me is the poor soul that exists on either SSI or maybe retirement.

But it certainly describes the condition of the person that gets little if any help.

Usually a person with no children.

Daniel J Towsey Kathy do you realize you contradicted yourself?

At the start you say welfare bum does not describe such and then you end

your comment with”

a person with no children”

Do you see the welfare family bum in my title?

What I wrote is about one individual and that being a white male.

 White males are the one group in our society that has no support.

There are programs for women, women with children,

 and every other race but white males get no special consideration of any kind ever.

The white males are being attacked and victimized.

No wonder white males often lose their peace of mind and resort to crime to survive.

And when they do the system attacks and labels white males.

But no cares to notice that white males are under attack by the NWO agenda 21

Kathy Nelson Lyons At first I had written the “male” with no children.

I changed that to “person” with no children,

because I do realize that some women are also members of the homeless.

As you say, it is the male that is more often left out of all assistance programs,

 and I agree they do resort to crime to survive in some cases.

I do not know that there is any attack on the white male population,

but I do know there is no sympathy for any of them.

The males are expected to take care of themselves and their families…..

no excuses. And no crying, so he gets no help.

I really should of clarified myself a little better,

the person you are describing in your post sounds like a homeless person,

not a person that enjoys the benefits of welfare

Daniel J Towsey The person I described was on welfare and would go out to pan.

Would get told by passers by “get a job” or would be labelled as a “Welfare Bum”.

The rest is explained as an example of a person who tried to get out of the welfare trap.

But in the U.S.A it is even worse.

 There you are only permitted to get social assistance once for a period

of three months and then can

 never again apply for assistance for the rest of your life.

Which explains the huge homeless numbers in the U.S.A.


How to be Homeless

http://www.henrymakow.com/how_to_be_homeless.html     September 20, 2011
“With food stamps, in most states you can acquire a free cell phone.  I did this in Atlanta.  It’s 250 free minutes a month, for a year or longer.  As a homeless person, it’s likely you will not have many friends calling you on your free cell phone.  But such a phone is necessary often, for potential job interviews, and potential crisis situations.”

by Dan Abshear (henrymakow.com)

What would you do, if you had everything, and then suddenly lost all of that in a matter of seconds?

That is what happened to me two years ago.  My now ex-wife of two decades got a restraining order against me, and I was evicted from my $250,000 home.

Ten police officers arrived and I was given two minutes to leave my own home.  I grabbed some clothes, and got in my car.  I had no idea what to do next.  I had to somehow live out of my car.

Sleeping out of your own car is not easy.  You can’t exactly park  anywhere.  Initially, I parked in the parking lot of a library in a town in Missouri.  Eventually, a police officer woke me one night, and informed me this was illegal.  Fortunately, the police officer was gentle with me, and told me to go sleep at a truck stop.  This was an excellent idea- not many bother you at a truck stop.  I slept at truck stops for months.


You see, you can’t sleep anywhere you want, when you are homeless.  Even without a car, you can’t simply decide to sleep in a field.  Likely, that field belongs to someone else.  You can get arrested.  Those in the homeless world call this ‘urban camping’.  People go to jail for this.  Many decide to sleep in abandoned buildings, behind abandoned buildings, or on top of buildings.  All such acts are illegal.  It’s just a matter of time before you’re caught.

Then you have weather issues.  It gets rather cold in winter in most parts of the United States.  I know of people who have frozen to death sleeping under bridges.  It’s also dangerous.  In many cases, such people who die sleeping outside do so by choice.  Suicide rates are extremely high among the homeless for obvious reasons.

abshear.jpeg(Dan Abshear, left)

I’m active online. I have many friends on Facebook.  I also have girls who have unrealistic affinities for me on Facebook.  One girl was from Atlanta, Georgia.  She and I spoke online and on the phone for a couple of years, even before my ex wife decided to destroy me.  She was infatuated with me, quite clearly.  She was aware of my homeless situation, and invited me to  live with her in Atlanta.  Much to my opposition, she left her husband of 12 years, for me.  I made the trip down to Atlanta, and decided to live with this girl.

We lived together for about 6 months.  It’s never a good idea, I think, to move on relationships you may form online.  Quite understandably, I was not the man she perceived me to be.  Her emotions for me where quite stronger than any feelings I had for her.

She got pregnant with our child towards the end of our 6 months together, so I decided to check myself into drug rehabilitation with the veterans administration, since I’m a military veteran, and I had had a rather significant addiction to drugs and alcohol for many years.  While recovering in drug rehabilitation, this girl decided to abort our child without my consent.  This of course ended our relationship, and my place to stay.

The VA has a homeless program for veterans, and I entered this program.  It was a very good program.  They provided a roof over my head, an apartment, for several months.  But you must be recovering from substance use, in order to be in the program.  So, it’s always a good idea to at least say you have a problem with drugs and alcohol, even if you don’t, while homeless, and in need of a place to stay.  This not only involves the VA but other programs that often exist in large cities within the United States, for homeless people with substance issues.


Homeless shelters themselves in larges US cities often suck  They are unclean, and do not allow you to stay there for long periods of time.  They are also unsafe, since security is virtually non-existent.  Any possessions you may have are likely to be gone in a short period of time.  Always seek drug rehabilitation facilities.  They are much safer and you, as a homeless person, can stay at such facilities much longer.

At such locations, there is often a Christan element.  Learn to accept this religious dimension if you are not Christian.

Homeless people panhandle- ask strangers for money.  I’ve never done this, but it does happen- especially in large cities in the United States.  There are laws involving this activity.  If you are homeless, learn these laws.  Don’t go to jail trying to survive.

Also, when you become homeless, get food stamps.  They are easy to get. Most counties have locations to get food stamps.  It’s $200 dollars a month that enables you to eat.  The food you are allow to get has to be cold, and cannot include alcohol purchases.

Many homeless decide to sell their food stamps, in order to have money, unfortunately for drugs.  The going rate is 50 cents for every food stamp dollar you sell to another.  You can go several days, in fact weeks, without eating.  This is why you see homeless drug addicts very skinny and malnourished.

With food stamps, in most states, you can acquire a free cell phone.  I did this in Atlanta.  It’s 250 free minutes a month, for a year or longer.  As a homeless person, it’s likely you will not have many friends calling you on your free cell phone.  But such a phone is necessary often, for potential job interviews, and potential crisis situations.

Presently, I’m staying at the Salvation Army, through the VA homeless program, at a different location In St. Louis, Missouri.  I moved here because this is where I’m from, and all those I care about live.  I have no idea what tomorrow will bring me, but I’m glad I have a place to stay.  When you are homeless, it’s all about acquiring resources.  Even if you are not presently homeless, learn to do this.  Do not find yourself in a situation where you feel you have the inability to survive.  Learn to exist.

I would like to add that there are social stigmas associated with being homeless.  Most ignore us.

I helped homeless often with cash normally back when I was making money, but I never got involved in their situations.  And I did judge them, and I regret that now.

Because I used to make a lot of money, I have taste in quality clothes.  So I bought some 500 dollar sport coats at a goodwill store recently.  I now wear those at various places in the city, and people treat me as if I’m not homeless.  They have no idea.  I

I really wonder how many homeless people are out there have disguised themselves in such ways.

Also by Dan Abshear   (quiact@gmail.com)

Living in a Car After False DV Charges

MD$ On the Take: My Career-Ending Expose

Hitting Bottom: A Personal Story


How to be Homeless in Columbia SC


3 thoughts on “Welfare Bum”

  1. I used to be judgemental of the poor and unemployed. Everything in your post is correct. If we come into this world with people that care about us we already have a great advantage that will allow us to get on in life. Other people are not so fortunate as we all know. So I would just ask people to give what they can(money, time) to help those who are poor or unemployed. Many of these souls just go off into the park and suicide because they see no hope. You might be the reason they keep going because of the kindness you have shown them, letting them know that somebody really does care. May the good lord continue to bless us all. The poor and the lonely continue to shame us all.


  2. im sorry but what is in this is wrong .. one they have the best medical care there is two they would have food if they used there FS for food not junk.i know alot of people on welfare that just use the system so they dont have to work they eat better then i do and i work!!!!! i work in retail where fs is taken i see them charging slushies and candy bars and junk food on it all day . did you read the Federal report showing people who are getting cash asst. over 83% of them are using it in bingo halls casino and buying cig and beer with it.. now dont sit here nd say poor people.. get up get a job 2 if you need to i did and make it i have 2 kidsand single its hard but it and be done !!!! then when there told they have to be drug tested to get it they throw a fit why ?? casue there using ??? i work and i get drug tested why should they be any different they get money they should get tested……


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