A Truth Soldier

A Truth Soldier

by Daniel J Towsey

A truth soldier takes on the most important and thankless mission that any human being will ever embark upon.

A truth soldier realizes that the mission must go on to guarantee our freedoms and the survival of our planet.

A truth soldiers opponent will appear as imaginary to most conditioned and unarmed peoples. they will think you a fool.

A truth soldier will face unimaginable dangers. you could be captured at anytime and put on rendition flights to any of many secret dungeon prisons where you are guaranteed to face the most excruciating tortures.  If and when death comes it will be a very merciful end.

A truth soldier may die a very lonely death. No one will be there to grieve your death. No one will put a flag on your casket. For a truth soldier wears no uniform and belongs to no nation. Few will ever notice that you have lost your earthly body.

A truth soldier operates a mission in a leaderless army. The mission of a truth soldier will make you a very strong human. Fortunately the honing of your weapon will continually recuperate your strength.

A truth soldier has to have a very strong and will toned moral fiber.

The training is the most difficult that any human will ever embark upon, for it requires one to shed all previous conditioning and look inwardly at all your delusions of reality that has been put there by the deceivers.

The truth soldier has to continually sharpen and hone its skills.

A truth soldier will be armed with the most powerful weapon ever known to man. That weapon is the knowledge of the hidden truths.

You are warned that this is a very serious responsibility. For when you drop your truth bombs, you will blow peoples minds.(some people maybe too weak to survive a full power truth bomb due to them having been repeatedly attacked by the deceivers lies. For these people, you will have to use a different weapon. You will have to use your tiny seeds of truth weapons.These weapons can lie dormant for a long time before they germinate).

the reaction will be very unpredictable. for when you blow their minds they will temporary be mindless and you can never predict what their newly liberated mind will do.they may ridicule you or they may violently attack you. but eventually as their minds fill with the hidden knowledge. they will feel the most overwhelming relief.you will then have made them perfect recruits for the revolutionary truth army. ask them if they will now go on their own mission and arm others with the hidden truths.

A truth soldier will face unimaginable dangers that can and will come from any direction.

A truth soldier will have to go deep into enemy territory.

A truth soldiers weapon at times will feel like a huge tiresome and unbearable burden, and the soldier will often be tempted to drop his weapon. But remember without it. civilization is doomed to go into a new dark ages.For many that will be six feet inder.

A truth soldier will have to face the most deceptive, and cunning enemy.

Your enemy has unlimited resources as they control the money.

The enemy could be in any disguise. The enemy could be anyone. The enemy forces could have recruited or deceived anyone. It could be your mother, It could be your father, brother. The neighborhood cop on the beat.  It could be your mailman.  It could be that friendly old lady on the park bench. It may even be the judge sitting on the seat of justice. Maybe your priest has also been deceived.  It may even be your lover.

Most good people are totally unaware that they have been deceived and this will make your mission much harder.

A truth soldier has to go out and recruit and arm others. So they too can go out on their own leaderless mission.

A truth soldier is part of THE TRUTH REVOLUTION. you become a revolutionary truth soldier.

A truth soldier can get more ammunition by taking advantage of modern technology.

There are generals in this truth revolution. Located all over the world. They can be reached at anytime from almost anywhere on earth. They operate from many locations, such as

http://www.rense.com                   www.wideeyecinema.com free movies
http://globalresearch.ca               http://informationclearinhouse.info
http://www.infowars.com                http://www.newswithviews.com
http://www.aljazeera.com               http://www.eruknet.com 

And thousands of other locations. These sites are available twenty four hours a day and are owned by truth generals and staffed by truth soldiers. They are there to help you on your mission. [warning, avoid all corporate medias. Be they print,television or even hollywood ones.]

Be sure to always download your amo and save copies of all hidden truths you discover online.

For one day the controllers will remove all these truth resources off the Internet.

There is a war on for your mind and freedom. We can not be free without truth.

Also remember truth is always very simple and deceptions are always very complicated.

A truth soldier in any revolutionary army usually never gets any compensation. The only compensation is overwhelming self-respect for a job will done.

Remember one does not have to be a member of any religion to believe in natural goodness.

Only the brave live by truth, all others are just cowards. It takes true bravery to speak the truth.

We have been told that the war on terror will last over a hundred years. Just remember who is being terrorized.

It is always the innocent people who only seek to be free and happy that are terrorized.

So may God or goodness be with you! (which ever you prefer) and soldier on.


Kidnap and Torture American Style
Video – Channel 4 – UK
Kidnap and Torture American Style follows the stories of terror suspects. Some of them are British residents, who have been snatched from streets and airports throughout the world before being flown to the Middle-East and Africa. In countries such as Syria and Egypt, they undergo agonising ordeals before being incarcerated, without ever facing an open trial.
Exclusive: I Was Kidnapped by the CIA
By Peter Bergen
Inside the CIA’s extraordinary rendition program ­and the bungled abduction of would-be terrorists . http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article19456.htm
Torture Shocks
A PIECE of legislation sits on the desk of President Bush today, awaiting his signature. Every expectation is that he will veto it. Another mistake.
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You are free to republish Truth Soldier and or Daniel J Towsey
articles in whole form only.
You may take quotes from it as long as you provide a link back
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Reply by Pamela Suggs
Daniel,This is so Great of you to write & share this information with us!~ I Love All Your Writtings!~ I wish I could post this to Facebook!~ Lots of Love XOXO!!!~~~Pam~
SoldiersForCanada A link to more of his work! http://ca.groups.yahoo.com/group/canadiantruthsoldier/

Bruce Winland    A dozen thumbs up!


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One thought on “A Truth Soldier”

  1. Manuela Arhire Thank you Daniel, for sharing such deep and thought provoking insights into your Truth Soldier essay!Each of us are, in our own unique way a truth soldier and it is because of personal and global trauma we’ve endured and still are, once we’ve started to wake up from a longest amnesic state, that I felt the urge to create a place where wounded healers and truth soldiers can gather and help one another HEAL while starting to also apply ACTION based methods about healing the world!As important as it is for us to continue remaining alert and aware of the world’s problems, so it is that we now seek self and global healing and freedom recovery by replacing the old with a new, healthy, prosperous, joyful life, on a mass scale!Thank you for being together with us, here and now!Love, Healing and Peace to ALL!


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