New World Order – Old World Lies [book]

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This is my book “Without Prejudice” . It explains the foreign criminal legal system franchise operating under colour and guise of law in our own courts to commit a myriad of crimes against humanity and our nations. When all final decisions devolve to the courts, all power devolves to the judiciary.
When your courts themselves fall victim to the ageless designs of world conquerors and justice no longer prevails, then nobody is secure and the very thing for which they have given up their freedom; enslaves them. Consider the legal definition of FREE. FREE – “not subject to the legal constraint of another”. We literally lose our freedom one piece of legislation at a time.
The true law is based upon what is morally and ethically correct.. the sense of right and wrong that stretches from the top of your head to your belly button. And that is why morals and ethics in our society are the first victims of the legal system franchise that has overthrown the law. It is a most lucrative racket… 75% of the world’s lawyers are in North America and we have 25% of the world’s incarcerated prisoners. Think about it; Police NEED Crime, Lawyers NEED Crime… JUDGES NEED CRIME! So do Security Companies, Penal Institutions… What is LAWFUL is unwritten… it is your sense of morals and ethics.. honour.. duty to your loved ones.. and respect for life itself. What is Legal, is by legal definition; the Written Form of the Law. Herein lies the deception. In the lawful sense; what is legal or ‘written’ must conform to what is lawful or it is simply UNLAWFUL, which renders it invalid and thus il-legal. The legal system has blindfolded Justice and left her sitting outside on the steps of our court houses.
People touch our lives in a myriad of ways. Sometimes for the good and sometimes in ways we would rather they didn’t. My dedication is to those who have opened my eyes to both incredible kindness and to speechless evil.

To Her lawfully naked and legally regally deceitfully cloaked British Emperor Majesty Queen Elizabeth 2, Defender of the Faith and Sworn to uphold the True Gospel, Head of the British Crown of Israel and Royal Queen of the Jews. Since you already have a rubber stamped court order to seize all my belongings for debts owed to you and have already stolen the food out of my children’s mouths and the roof from over their heads on numerous occasions, you might as well have as much as I can write as well. While you may just be some nice old Jewish granny in your own country on the other side of our Earth, let me ask; why and what in God’s Name are you doing in and to the rest of our world?

To Mr. Ed Wright; my British Banker buddy for explaining the global Banking System, the British Navy Gay Boy Club, the Canadian Crown Legal System, British banking scams, how the “real gentleman’s game” of bureaucratic black operations is played, screwing your friends, screwing your enemies, humping the nearest fire hydrant and always watching your front.

To Mr. Oscar Fech; my Jewish friend from Calgary who mercilessly teased me and insisted “my god is a dog” until I finally caught on that the fairy tale was all a lie and a fraud. Thanks for the eye opener. I have to agree I prefer Allegory to the Obtuse but isn’t the Truth simply more efficient? Somehow I don’t think dinner with Chretien would be all that appetizing. J

To Mr. David Bosomworth for the inspiration to finally put this book together. I keep trying to render distinct problems and solutions into one page three fold brochures so people have time to read. I hope it is all you were expecting.

To RCMP Constable Wendland, Acting Sargeant McRae, Constable Fenson, Constable MacKill, Constable Taylor and Constable Johnson for showing us the difference between the thin blue line of honourable patriots and the fat yellow stripe of the treasonous foreign owned private British “de facto police state” army of the Anglican Church Crown of Israel and their Jewish Queen.

To Vancouver PD officer Linda Malcom from Crime Stoppers, LAPD officer Mike Ruppert and Captain Jack McLamb from “Police and Military against the New World Order” for showing us the thin blue line is still there and that real heroes exist in more than just British Crown of Israel “Canadian His-story” and other Disney fairy tales. Thanks for everything Linda. We truly appreciated it.

To Mr. R. B. McMeekin, Ms. Thea Smith and Ms. Nancy Gagne who showed me in great detail how minor public servants in CCRA and the Crown Legal System are “above their illegitimate law” and can use the courts and their criminal ability to rubber stamp ???LEGAL??? documents in order to financially rape, rule and criminally terrorize private Canadian citizens. From outright Fraud to Child Stalking, can these public persons “do it all legally?” Is it murder for them to bureaucratically badger someone until they commit suicide and leave their children without a parent as happened to Mrs. Debra Stefan? Is it child stalking to call schools to find out where the children have moved after they have seized your damage deposit and paycheques and left your family homeless? Parents with children are easy targets for these criminals as their children are always the victims. Is this a Canada that you are proud of?

To foreign British Crown Prosecutor Mr. Vern Brewer who left me shocked with incredulity when he jerked his thumb over his shoulder with contempt and instructed his Crown Judge Crony in defamatory summation to “keep in mind we need to send a message to the herd back here when we sentence the Schuck’s for not cooperating with CCRA.” I have a message from the herd for our traitorous Mr. Brewer and his judicially fraudulent ilk; “watch out for the horn.”

To the Reverend David Romeril, Reverend Kevin Annett and Reverend Rock Smith; classic Chaucerian examples of the distinction between a British Pardoner and local North American Parsons. A special thanks to David for that pontificating defence of how the Queen and her Anglican Church Crown subjugate and judge Canadians with absolute malice of righteous forethought and expect not to be judged them selves because they control our legal system. The “free?” association between transgressions and debts in Matthew 6:12 was priceless, but “Nay, methinks not good Pardoner, my bacchanalian son of Eros; you cannot serve both God and Money. No Slave can have two Masters but thank you for Opening my Eyes and Ears.”

To Mr. Joe Clark for his kind reception, proudly showing me the gold fringed flag in his office and teaching me that there is “no light of Day” at the end of the long dark tunnel of Canadian political treason. To the fonetikaly flatulent and maudlin Mr. Kenney, with filing cabinets as rotund as himself of complaints from private citizens being criminally attacked by CCRA, howling incipiently between mouthfuls from the trough to hold the tax dogs back on their leashes. Looking on the bright side of hindsight it is perhaps some kindness that his own more liberal libertarian performance pales the embarrassment of his predecessor.

To Dave Lindsay and Dave Thompson. Canadian Heroes and Champions of Truth and Justice. A million thanks for all your efforts that no one ever sees. And finally, to my fellow directors and volunteers in the Reform and Alberta Parties who taught me that true friendship is both priceless and rare and Anarchy is the only political system that works. It has been an honour to stand with those of you who have given your genuine selfless true patriotic love to our country.

Freedom of Speech
Anarchy is simply an absence of government, an absence of that which does not and never will work. While the idea of having a government to govern the civil service seems legitimate enough, it is unfortunate that too few understand the difference between governing the civil service and subjecting the free citizens of the state to slavery. Lord Acton’s axiom is a universal constant.

We are told that we are free as long as we follow all the “laws”. This is a lie. If you have to follow all this legislation that pretends to be “laws” you are a slave. It is that simple. The legal definition of free is “not subject to the legal constraint of another”. A free man is self governing. A slave follows rules and regulations.

To those that constantly tell me we need to be subjected to all the rules and regulations of this foreign church I would ask, is the only thing that stops you from committing transgressions against your fellow man a written rule? The only thing that stops you killing everyone in sight: a written rule? The only thing that stops you from stealing everything you can at every opportunity a written rule? Is the only thing that compels action or in-action a written rule?

It quickly becomes obvious that you cannot replace moral and ethical behaviour with written rules. Then it becomes more obvious why the legal system of written rules and regulations needs to overthrow the morals and ethics of the people in order to take over the justice system and rule the state by absolute jeopardy. How do you bring about peaceful change in your own country when the only lawful venue to do so is controlled by the foreign power attacking you?

Only freedom of speech brings about peaceful change. When people are FORCED to silence or targeted because they have spoken or written the truth, they are provoked to reciprocate and react to the negative physical actions being taken against them in a like manner. You cannot purchase peace with the barrel of a gun, only slavery and political power. Only Freedom brings Peace.

While the foreign controlled Canadian government scrambles to erect as many legal barriers against the state they have been victimizing perhaps they should stop and ask themselves “can you righteously condemn those whom you give no choice but to respond to your depredations in desperation?” Is it not time you sided with the Canadian state that pays your way instead of against it?

“I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to speak the truth.”

-Paul McRae

The only defence against slander or libel is the TRUTH. If telling the truth about a situation paints someone in a bad light then it is incumbent upon them to change their actions, not to kill the messenger.

Is the truth really ever anything other than just the truth? Is the truth racist? Is it anti-White, anti-Black, anti-Semitic, anti-Gay or anti-Establishment? Are these attributes one can logically assign to TRUTH? Nonsense. The truth simply is.

The fact of the matter is that unless the New World Order crowd can suppress the truth, they just aren’t going to get what they want. They want power and power means CONTROL. They need to control every aspect of your life; family, work and media or they just aren’t going to get what they want.

They want authority over your life. They want you to believe they have the right to rule you. They want to leave you the responsibility to pay for it all. They want controlled profits, labour resources and progress. They want a much smaller global population and they want slaves. Who are THEY?

Global Slavery Scenario
At the top of the heap are Global Bankers. They stay hidden and their stock in trade is deceit. Their ill-gotten gains both afford and demand anonymity. Their financial tools are counterfeit, cheque kiting and stock manipulation.

For the mere expedience of putting ink to paper they buy up all valuable assets. When you can print your own money you can buy what you want. It is their intention to enslave the human race and reduce it to their chattel property. They plan to “smash the world and then mould it closer to their hearts desire”.

Bankers maintain a Punch and Judy puppet show called geo-politics and behind the scenes they launch their attack on a target nation using a three-part strategy; Force, Religion and Legislation. The entire global financial system is a quasi-military, quasi-religious, quasi-legal, quasi-feudal, quasi-political beast.

1) Force is used to attack a nation and smash its peoples. Soldiers.

2) Religion is imposed to induce insanity and herd people into a sheep like state. Priests.

3) The Legislation of the conqueror is brought in on the shirttails of God. Lawyers.

Poli-ticians are the actors that play the part of making the victims believe they represent them and that they actually have a choice (are free). Poli-ce are the coercive arm of the poli-tically appointed Ju-diciary. (These poli-tic-al actors are Poli-Tick(s). Poli meaning Many. Ticks meaning Blood Suckers.) Rule vacillates back and forth between the Kings and the Judges, but they both rule in the name of God. They are stepping-stones on the way to God-less Global Judicial Rule of the fascist states of a Super-national United Nations.

The easiest way to bring force against a nation is to play global politics, set one nation against another and then come in and pick up all the pieces. The global Bankers first divide the world into nations and then come in and piece it back together as they wish.

A) The short-term strategy of the game is to divide and enslave nations. In Canada this is the job of the Brit-ish Crown of Israel.

B) The long-term strategy of the game is to bring the enslaved nations into an enslaved United Nations under the legislative rule of a global court.

1) First you seize the land and then enslave the people. Do all you can to smash any cohesiveness in the society; families, neighbourhoods, villages, etc… must all be taken apart so that no group can stand together. Free people are subjected by force to the authority of their foreign masters.

2) Human minds literally grow as they learn. It induces insanity by teaching people that God made everything because it creates a mnemonic for a fictitious entity and maps everything to it. This cripples the ability to reason since one never makes the logical thought processes required to deal with reality. Not understanding the environment around them, people are easily herded using fear tactics. Fear cripples reason and leaves people easy to mind manipulate. The herd is taught that God gives their foreign masters (Kings) the right to rule them.

3) Legislation is Slavery. Freedom is the right to make your own choice. Every piece of legislation enacted against a free man is an attack on his freedom. God is no longer needed once the foreign private legal system franchise is in place. Control is then passed from a King to a Judge and God is lobbed out the door with the rest of the trash. The mindless enslaved herd creature is financially raped until he is beyond his productive use as a hu-man resource.

In the event of a revolution of the masses, you simply repeat the three steps ahead until no semblance of hu-man-ity exists within the herd and they are completely mind controlled. A quick reading of the Bible shows how despotic rule can be volleyed back and forth between Kings and Judges.

The unfortunate thing about herds is that eventually they need to be culled. Whenever the hu-man race becomes aware of what is going on it makes them difficult to control. People just don’t stand still very well when their families are being decimated.

One good way of culling a hu-man herd is by vaccine. You can inject slow working poisons directly into a hu-man body and then reap incredible profits as the panicked herd creatures throws all their hard earned assets at trying to prolong the inevitable. All that much more fun to look your victim in the eye and smile at them while you administer the poison that will give them the final push to their grave. Here, have some more drugs.

Pharmaceuticals kill four times as many people in North America as illicit narcotics do. SIDS, autism and a host of childhood diseases are all caused by vaccines produced by these same pharmaceutical manufacturers.

I have mentioned Bankers and Phoney Money scams.

I have also mentioned Pharmaceuticals, a huge Money Maker.

What connection do Phoney Money and Drugs have?

The world owes a combined debt of nearly fifty trillion dollars. (Of course no one had fifty trillion dollars to lend, it was all created out of thin air.) If one follows the gold (debt) to its final destination one finds the Bank that controls all the Central Banks of the Jewish Common Wealth Nations of Israel; The Bank of International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland. The Bank of International Settlements has an asset base of one hundred and seventy five trillion dollars.

Basel, Switzerland is also the home of the world’s largest pharmaceutical manufacturers. Switzerland is the world’s only “neutral nation”. Sincere as gold in their poppy neutrality; every home is required by law to be armed and all male citizens are compelled to serve in the army. Europe has erupted into violence with two world wars that have left Switzerland virtually untouched.

Switzerland is the ancestral home of the European Jewish Royal Families. The centre of the Habsburg dynasty is the Falcon’s Nest. All the Royal Families of Europe are Jewish (line of Judah) by ancestral descent. They claim to sit on Christ’s Throne.

The people Israel claim that their God gives them the divine right to rule the Earth. There are competitors for the Crown of course. The Catholic Pope wears the Triple Crown and claims to be the Vicar of Christ and the King of Heaven, Earth and the Underworld. In control of the fantastic assets that the Jewish God has amassed in the Swiss Vatican accounts, the Swiss Guard is assigned to guard the Pope. According to the ecumenical councils of Basel, the Catholic Church owns the earth and all the kings of the earth, including the British Crown are subject to it as well.

Interestingly, this agenda to rule the world is millennia old and it is laid out in an ancient document known as the Holy Bible. Within its pages lies an agenda for the people of Israel to subjugate and enslave the world. It is the most racist agenda ever penned by man in the name of God. Whether the people in control of this system are Jewish is debatable. However, those that rule us do claim that they are. Elizabeth claims to sit on Christ’s throne because she is related to him by blood. Christ was a descendant of Judah, which is why he was called a Jew. Though the Head of the British Crown of Israel Anglican Church may well be a Christian by religious faith, she is obviously of Jewish ancestral lineage.

The term Jew in the Bible refers to someone from the House of Judah, not to someone of the Jewish religion. The religious terms “Jewish” and “Christian” were not used at the time of Christ. The disciples called themselves the “naazrim ha-brit” (people of the covenant). Christians were a sect formed by Simon Pater who had political designs and wanted to finance them with proceeds from the lucrative God Indus-tree. The delectable board provided by the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil is a cornucopia of fruit pregnant with the seeds of pretensions to power.

In Canada there is no separation of “our” government and the foreign Anglican Church British Crown of Israel. In Canada we are ruled by the British Crown of Israel and their Jewish Queen. This is the reason why one must examine this religious aspect of this British criminal conspiracy when they try to understand the foreign corporately owned Canadian political slavery system.

Israel is a Hebrew term that means “ruler of God”. Brit-ish means “people of the covenant”. Jacob means “deceiver”. The Saxons are Saac’s Sons or Isaac’s Sons. The Engel-ish are the “people of the Engel”. The “Engel” or Unicorn is the symbol of the House of Ephraim who claim that Jacob passed the Crown of Israel to them.

The symbol of the Crown in one of their privately owned courts in Brit-ish Columbia shows that the Crown of Israel is subject to the Lion of Judah. The Lion of Judah is the wee little beastie with the Crown on his beanie that you see standing over the Crown.

Canada’s original flag was the “Union Jack” or “Union of Jac-ob” flag also known as Christ’s Flag. It is now a Maple Leaf. A sprig of leaves was the House Standard of the tribe of Asher and indicates which of the “lost tribes of Israel” probably rules our country behind the scenes.

The stars on the US and Australian flags indicate they are probably controlled by the House of Manasseh. Recall that Jac-ob, the old deceiver, blessed Ephraim and Manasseh and said that Manasseh would serve Ephraim. (The US and Australia are debtor slave colonies of the Engel-ish, as are all “common wealth” nations.)

The Brit-ish Crown of Israel owns a private legal system franchise known as the Bar Association. Bar Mitzvah is a Hebrew term meaning “son of the divine law”. All Bar Association lawyers have the Brit-ish title of “Esquire” or shield-bearer to the Crown. The Crown Temple Church has four Inns of Temple Court. They create legal rules and regulations for the “common wealth of Israel”. (The common wealth of Israel includes not only property they have stolen, but the hu-man beings on that property as well. Instructed by the Bible to create bondmen from the people they subjugate; your “legal berth certificate” does precisely that.) They call these legislative criminal atrocities “laws”.

The Commonwealth of Israel refers to all the collective wealth of the world that God gave to his chosen people. The divine leaders of this common wealth are Jewish Racial Supremacists that claim God gives them the right to plunder and enslave the rest of the “hu-man race.” God is a Jewish Racist?

The family crest of Elizabeth shows that the Crown is chained to the inscription “my right” which means that it can never be “rightfully” taken from the Engel-ish or House of Ephraim. It is interesting that the Lion of Judah stands over the Brit-ish Engel-ish Crown. The same leonine beast as on your berth certificate.

The Engel-ish coronation stone is the cornerstone or rock that Jac-ob, the deceiver, laid his head upon when he dreamt that God gave him the land he was lying on. Genesis 28:10-15. Jac-ob, the deceiver, was not a Jew, he was an Israelite. (Jews are Israelites, but all Israelites are not Jews if one is talking of the ancestral lineage of the House of Judah. However, after the people of the Kingdom of Judea, that included all the Houses of Israel, were re-united, they were all called Jews. Since people of Judaic religious faith are also called “Jews”, it makes it easy for the “Jews that claim the divine right to enslave the hu-man race” that commit crimes against humanity to hide behind other racial divisions of Jews. I call your attention to the dictionary definition of “race” to comprehend what I am saying.)

In fact, Jac-ob was the first “Israel-ite”. Jac-ob, the deceiver, becomes Israel (ruler of God) when he wrestles with God in the bushes all night, gives him a noogie and makes him say Uncle. He comes out walking funny after wrestling with his omnipotent God in the bushes because God could not get the best of him and tried to injure his hip to get the best of him. Recalling that Jac-ob, the deceiver, is a skinny little liar should give one a clue as to the validity of this fairy tale claim. You can read this bit of idiocy in Genesis 32:22-32.

It is interesting to hear the his-story of the coronation stone. Jac-ob, the deceiver, sets the stone he uses as a pillow up as a pillar and pours oil on it. Thus it is known as Jac-ob’s Pillow and Jac-ob’s Pillar, the Pillar of Israel, the Lia Fail, the Stone of Scone, the British Coronation Stone, etc…. This is where Jac-ob-Israel promises God he can have a tenth of all he makes. It is not clear how the correct stone came to be in anyone’s possession since Jac-ob, the deceiver, simply poured oil on it, called the place Bethel and left it after he slept on it.

The Kings of Ireland who were of the House of Dan (O’Dan-aan) were the first to be crowned on the Coronation Stone in Europe. It then passed to Scotland and then to England with James 1 of Scotland who was also James 6 of England. Many people contend that Elizabeth was crowned on a fake coronation stone. I don’t see what the big deal is since the whole thing about ruling by divine right is an obvious lie anyway. I doubt an omnipotent, omniscient Creator of the Universe would be a Jewish Racial Supremacist or like member of the J-A, DL or get his ass kicked wrestling in the bushes all night with a twit like Jacob.

In this book I will show you how we are being attacked, decimated and herded toward a UN global slavery system. I will also show that the British Crown that has been attacking and decimating us for centuries, has a written agenda to attack and enslave our nation and the foreign British Queen of the Jews swears an oath to uphold this agenda.

Britain arrived on our shores centuries ago and has been attacking and subjugating us ever since. We are ruled by lies, religion and legislation. To come to a meeting of the minds with you in an explanation of how the whole system works, let us examine who we hu-mans are and what we intend to do under the auspices of forming moral jural societies. So many of our countrymen lead hopeless lives in abject misery and then sacrifice even the life blood of their children on the altar of Brit-ish deceit. Is this what hu-man life on Earth was meant to be? Is this really what “God” intended?

How long has mankind been controlled by the food supply, plagues and counterfeit money? You can find that out from reading your Bible as well.

Genesis 47:11-23

11 And Joseph placed his father and his brethren, and gave them a possession in the land of Egypt, in the best of the land, in the land of Rameses, as Pharaoh had commanded.

12 And Joseph nourished his father, and his brethren, and all his father’s household, with bread, according to their families.

13 And there was no bread in all the land; for the famine was very sore, so that the land of Egypt and all the land of Canaan fainted by reason of the famine.

14 And Joseph gathered up all the money that was found in the land of Egypt, and in the land of Canaan, for the corn which they bought: and Joseph brought the money into Pharaoh’s house.

15 And when money failed in the land of Egypt, and in the land of Canaan, all the Egyptians came unto Joseph, and said, Give us bread: for why should we die in thy presence? for the money faileth. (Shades of modern? banking Batman!)

16 And Joseph said, Give your cattle; and I will give you for your cattle, if money fail.

17 And they brought their cattle unto Joseph: and Joseph gave them bread in exchange for horses, and for the flocks, and for the cattle of the herds, and for the asses: and he fed them with bread for all their cattle for that year.

18 When that year was ended, they came unto him the second year, and said unto him, We will not hide it from my lord, how that our money is spent; my lord also hath our herds of cattle; there is not ought left in the sight of my lord, but our bodies, and our lands:

19 Wherefore shall we die before thine eyes, both we and our land? buy us and our land for bread, and we and our land will be servants unto Pharaoh: and give us seed, that we may live, and not die, that the land be not desolate.

20 And Joseph bought all the land of Egypt for Pharaoh; for the Egyptians sold every man his field, because the famine prevailed over them: so the land became Pharaoh’s.

21 And as for the people, he removed them to cities from one end of the borders of Egypt even to the other end thereof.

22 Only the land of the priests bought he not; for the priests had a portion assigned them of Pharaoh, and did eat their portion which Pharaoh gave them: wherefore they sold not their lands.

23 Then Joseph said unto the people, Behold, I have bought you this day and your land for Pharaoh: lo, here is seed for you, and ye shall sow the land.

24 And it shall come to pass in the increase, that ye shall give the fifth part unto Pharaoh, and four parts shall be your own, for seed of the field, and for your food, and for them of your households, and for food for your little ones.

25 And they said, Thou hast saved our lives: let us find grace in the sight of my lord, and we will be Pharaoh’s servants.

26 And Joseph made it a law over the land of Egypt unto this day, that Pharaoh should have the fifth part, except the land of the priests only, which became not Pharaoh’s.

I wonder if five thousand years of this crap hasn’t become just a little bit too much to ask humanity to deal with? Is there a nice way to ask people not to murder you or starve your country to death? It does not surprise me that the written agenda of the Jews draws the wrath of the rest of humanity upon them. What surprises me is they have not been wiped from the face of the earth centuries ago. Mankind is certainly more tolerant of God’s chosen Racists than they are of the rest of mankind.

Is Jewish Supremacy really Racism?
White Supremacy is Racism. Black Supremacy is Racism. So why is Jewish Supremacy NOT Racism? Why would God have “chosen people”? Is God a racist? Isn’t it funny that the most racist people on the face of the earth are the first to cry “racist” whenever their own agenda brings the rest of the world to their doorstep seeking revenge for their criminal activity?

The Jewish Holy Bible is the most racist hate literature ever written. You can prove this for your self by reading it cover to cover. Not one verse here and one verse there, read the whole thing. It claims that “God” gave all the earth to the Jewish people and all other people to them as slaves. I don’t have to argue this point with you. You can read “God’s truth” and his agenda in it for yourself.

Does this scripture sound like UN Peacekeeping to you? Does this scripture sound like RACISM to you? Read carefully how the Holy Bible tells the Jewish people to treat the nations around them and how they are to treat the rest of the human race. I wonder if it has not dawned on them that the racist hatred shown to the Jews is the same racist hatred the Hebrew-Jew-Israelites have shown to the rest of the human race in their global agenda to enslave it and steal everything in sight?

Is this how the British Crown of Israel has attacked the original people of North America, Africa, Australia, etc….?

Deuteronomy 20:10-16

10 When you march up to attack a city, make its people an offer of peace.

11 If they accept and open their gates, all the people in it shall be subject to forced labor and shall work for you.

12 If they refuse to make peace and they engage you in battle, lay siege to that city.

13 When the Lord your God delivers it into your hand, put to the sword all the men in it.

14 As for the women, the children, the livestock and everything else in the city, you may take these as plunder for yourselves. And you may use the plunder the Lord God gives you from your enemies.

15 This is how you are to treat all the cities that are at a distance from you and do not belong to the nations nearby.

16 However, in the cities of the nations the Lord your God is giving you as an inheritance do not leave alive anything that breathes.

And now you know what is going on in Palestine. It is pretty clear that the Lord God is behind all the Jewish Racism against the rest of the human race. Does “God” tell the Jews to treat everyone as equals? Clearly not. Is “God” really responsible for the racist agenda of the Jews? No one but a less than admirable Hebrew has ever seen this fairy tale God. Is God culpable in these crimes against humanity or a victim of Jewish deceits like everyone else?

Interest in the Bible is called “usury”. While the Bible forbids usury, note that it only forbids Jews to charge interest to one another. Knowing the Jewish Queen prints our money supply explains the hyper-inflating debt we have in Canada.

Deuteronomy 20:17-20

17 No Israelite man or woman is to become a shrine prostitute.

18 You must not bring the earnings of a female prostitute or of a male prostitute into the house of the Lord your God to pay any vow, because the Lord your God detests them both.

19 Do not charge your brother interest, whether on money or food or anything else that may earn interest.

20 You may charge a foreigner interest, but not a brother Israelite, so that the Lord your God may bless you in everything you put your hand to in the land you are entering to possess.

Ever wonder what the Year of Jubilee means? The Jewish Queen of Canada has just celebrated her fiftieth Jubilee. Do the Jewish people have a prejudice against the people around them and a preference for their own kind? Debt peonage is a form of slavery. The first slaves in North America were “white” subjects (slaves) emptied out of the “debtors prisons” of Britain.

Have we not been told over and over again by the “Jewish Defence League” and the “Anti-Defamation League” that claims to racial supremacy are the most disgusting RACIST attributes? If you believe everyone is equal in the eyes of the Lord, you are sadly mistaken and have not read your Bible.

Leviticus 25:39-46

39 If one of your countrymen becomes poor among you and sells himself to you, do not make him work as a slave.

40 He is to be treated as a hired worker or a temporary resident among you; he is to work for you until the Year of Jubilee.

41 Then he and his children are to be released , and he will go back to his own clan and to the property of his forefathers.

42 Because the Israelites are my servants, whom I brought out of Egypt, they must not be sold as slaves.

43 Do not rule over them ruthlessly, but fear your God.

44 Your male and female slaves are to come from the nations around you; from them you may buy slaves.

45 You may also buy some of the temporary residents living among you and members of their clans born in your country, and they will become your property.

46 You can will them to your children as inherited property and can make them slaves for life, but you must not rule over your fellow Israelites ruthlessly.

If you get on the “Global Jewish Agenda” web site run by the State of Israel, you will find that when the money supply crashed in Argentina, Israel was offering $40,000. to each Jewish family that wanted to leave Argentina and go to Israel. Of course you cannot call it racism when Jewish people want to help other Jewish people as the offer is a kindness is it not? Regardless of who is controlling the world’s counterfeit monetary systems it is most admirable that those of the Jewish faith look out for each other as the Biblical agenda instructs.

One should keep in mind that Queen Elizabeth swore an oath to uphold the true gospel when the Archbishop of the Anglican Church British Crown appointed her the Jewish head of the British Common Wealth of Israel.

It seems obvious that the BAR Mitzvah “sons of the divine law” are doing exactly as their God is telling them to do in their racist Bible. Bar Association Lawyers all have the British title of Esquire; “shield bearer”, to the British Crown of Israel. This is how the British Crown of Israel controls us through our own court system. This Jewish BAR controls the courts of all Common Wealth Nations in the same manner. This is why you see the Lion of Judah on the top of the crest of authority in a court in British Columbia.

What does the God of the Jews have in store for you if you don’t believe this load of racist Jewish religious crap? Shades of UN Peacekeeping, look at this “scripture”! One has to wonder how the Somali youth felt when foreign-tongued Canadian “Peace Keepers” were torturing him “for fun”. I wonder if we will have foreign-tongued Somali “Peace Keepers” thirsty for revenge in Canada when it comes time to roll us into the United Nations Judicial Jurisdiction?

Deuteronomy 28:49-57

49 The Lord will bring a nation against you from far away, from the ends of the earth, like an eagle swooping down, a nation whose language you will not understand.

50 a fierce-looking nation without respect for the old or pity for the young.

51 They will devour the young of your livestock and the crops of your land until you are destroyed. They will leave you no grain, new wine or oil, nor any calves of your herds or lambs of your flocks until you are ruined.

52 They will lay siege to all the cities throughout your land until the high fortified walls you trust fall down. They will besiege all the cities throughout the land the Lord your God is giving you.

53 Because of the suffering that your enemy will inflict on you during the siege, you will eat the fruit of the womb, the flesh of the sons and daughters the Lord your God has given you.

54 Even the most gentle and sensitive man among you will have no compassion on his own brother or the wife he loves or his surviving children,

55 and he will not give to one of them any of the flesh of his children that he is eating. It will be all he has left because of the suffering your enemy will inflict on you during the siege of all your cities.

56 The most gentle and sensitive woman among you – so sensitive that she would not venture to touch the ground with the sole of her foot – will begrudge the husband she loves and her own son or daughter

57 the afterbirth from her womb and the children she bears. For she intends to eat them secretly during the siege and in the distress that your enemy will inflict on you in your cities.

Have you ever read anything more fucking disgusting in your entire life?

Now how are they going to send a foreign nation against you? Well, for starters you might want to know the motto of the Jewish Mossad is “by deception thou shalt wage war” and the motto of the Queen’s private intelligence agency that created the Mossad and all the other intelligence agencies is “always hidden”.

In case you don’t think it was the Queen behind the atrocities of “our peacekeepers” as well, you should read the “Canadian Criminal Code” and you will find out that Canada does NOT control its own Armed Forces. The Canadian Armed Forces are defined as “Her Majesties forces raised by Canada”.

Please do look this up in the interpretations section of the Canadian Criminal Code for your self. If you also understand that a Knight of the British Empire by the name of Sir Colin Powell is controlling the US Armed Forces it kind of paints global politics in a totally different light than what the media shows us. They are all “her Majesties forces” and you can read on her own web site that only her Majesty has the authority to commit the troops to war. Tony Blair is just her puppet mouth-piece, like George Bush and Paul Martin.

Let’s call a Spade a Spade
All the horse pucky aside, these people with their millennia old racist agenda to enslave the human race have brought nothing but misery and genocide into our world for centuries. Where is the tolerance for other people’s beliefs?

Racism is sick regardless of whether it is promoted by a Skin Head with a Swastika cut into his forehead, a Jewish Rabbi, a Catholic Nun, a Jesuit Zealot or an Anglican Priest. Is racism acceptable because Christians, Jews and Muslims believe God gave the Jews the entire world as his chosen people?

The truth is that the Jewish “God” is a genocidal maniac according to the Bible. Start adding up all the people that the Bible says God killed and it is in the millions! Is God some sort of oxymoronic omnipotent and omniscient schizophrenic that he would create untold millions of people that were not only unsatisfactory to him but then has to motivate a roving band of miscreants and malcontents to murder them for him? Keep in mind it is the Jews themselves who have drafted these Holy Bible documents detailing their Gods culpability in the agenda he has designed for them.

If their fake God really doesn’t exist, does that mean that it really is the Jewish people and not their fake God has been responsible for their own written agenda and the crimes they have committed against their fellow man for centuries? If God were not standing there to give all the credit to, would the only thing left be a pathetic little pack of racists who want to rule the world and will stoop to no scheme so low in order to achieve their idiotic ends?

Does calling a person a name make you a racist? I don’t think so. Open dialogue means you are going to say things that are not very flattering if people are doing unkind things. The cry of ‘racist’ from the enslavers of mankind is nothing more than a worn out ploy, that we are rapidly becoming desensitized to, that is purposely meant to silence dissenters to this global slavery.

What about genocide, theft, fraud, murder and slavery? Would you call such actions racist? How about thousands of years of it against everyone but their fellow Israelites? Ask my fellow Canadians that are of original native extraction how the British Crown of Israel and their Jewish Majesties have treated them. The same as any other British Subject Chattel or Target National?

The Claim to Jewish Supremacy
How did God choose the Israelites as his chosen people? Interesting story that. In fact it is so interesting that you should really read this. Did you know that the Israelites are God’s chosen people because a skinny little lying Hebrew kicked God’s omnipotent ass? This story is too stupid for words really and too pathetic to be believed by anyone but a mental midget. Check out this scriptural account where Jacob, the deceiver, becomes Israel…

Genesis 32:22-32

22 And he rose up that night, and took his two wives, and his two womenservants, and his eleven sons, and passed over the ford Jabbok.

23 And he took them, and sent them over the brook, and sent over that he had.

24 And Jacob was left alone; and there wrestled a man with him until the breaking of the day.

25 And when he saw that he prevailed not against him, he touched the hollow of his thigh; and the hollow of Jacob’s thigh was out of joint, as he wrestled with him.

26 And he said, Let me go, for the day breaketh. And he said, I will not let thee go, except thou bless me.

27 And he said unto him, What is thy name? And he said, Jacob.

28 And he said, Thy name shall be called no more Jacob, but Israel: for as a prince hast thou power with God and with men, and hast prevailed.

29 And Jacob asked him, and said, Tell me, I pray thee, thy name. And he said, Wherefore is it that thou dost ask after my name? And he blessed him there.

30 And Jacob called the name of the place Peniel: for I have seen God face to face, and my life is preserved.

31 And as he passed over Peniel the sun rose upon him, and he halted upon his thigh.

32 Therefore the children of Israel eat not of the sinew which shrank, which is upon the hollow of the thigh, unto this day: because he touched the hollow of Jacob’s thigh in the sinew that shrank.

Now I don’t doubt that Jacob wrestled in the bushes all night with a man and came out walking funny. (The Bible illustrates enough of the perversions of his chosen people for this to be readily acceptable, such as when the Israelites of Sodom wanted to screw the angels of God but Lot asks them if they can just rape his daughters instead.) But beats the ass off an omnipotent, omniscient God and makes him say uncle? Come on. At what point of abject stupidity do we start to realize this “gospel truth” is no more than a dangerously “pathetic lie?”

Enlightened Jewish Spirituality
It is our search for our “spirituality” and “enlightenment” that leaves us open to the insanity of religion and Jewish Fairy Tales. It is what makes the Bible of interest to us in the first place. Let us take a look at two pieces of scripture that I think more than illustrate any enlightenment or spiritual benevolence on the part of the Jews or their fairy tale god.

First, let us see if we can determine if God is “spiritually enlightened”…

Divine Enlightenment – no Gimps for God
Leviticus 21:16-23

16 The Lord said to Moses,

17 “Say to Aaron: “For the generations to come none of your descendants who has a defect may come near to offer the food of his God.

18 no man who has any defect may come near: no man who is blind or lame, disfigured or deformed;

19 no man with a crippled foot or hand,

20 or who is hunchbacked or dwarfed, or who has any eye defect, or who has festering or running sores or damaged testicles.

21 No descendant of Aaron the priest who has any defect is to come near to present the offerings made to the Lord by fire. He has a defect; he must not come near to offer the food of his God.

22 He may eat the most holy food of his God, as well as the holy food;

23 yet because of his defect, he must not go near the curtain or approach the altar, and so desecrate my sanctuary. I am the Lord, who makes them holy.’ “

It seems the God of the Jews could use a little course in Political Correctness. I take it there are no disabled ramps leading up to the pearly gates. The funny thing is we are told this omnipotent God controls everything. So why would he make some people gimps and then not have anything to do with them?

Nobody ever accuses the Bible of making common sense. You ever wonder why people who have never read the damn thing are willing to defend it to the death? I mean, have you ever wondered if there is something here beyond abject stupidity? Like mind control and manipulation?

Jewish Spiritual Enlightenment?
1 And the LORD spake unto Moses, saying,

2 This shall be the law of the leper in the day of his cleansing: He shall be brought unto the priest:

3 And the priest shall go forth out of the camp; and the priest shall look, and, behold, if the plague of leprosy be healed in the leper;

4 Then shall the priest command to take for him that is to be cleansed two birds alive and clean, and cedar wood, and scarlet, and hyssop:

5 And the priest shall command that one of the birds be killed in an earthen vessel over running water:

6 As for the living bird, he shall take it, and the cedar wood, and the scarlet, and the hyssop, and shall dip them and the living bird in the blood of the bird that was killed over the running water:

7 And he shall sprinkle upon him that is to be cleansed from the leprosy seven times, and shall pronounce him clean, and shall let the living bird loose into the open field.

8 And he that is to be cleansed shall wash his clothes, and shave off all his hair, and wash himself in water, that he may be clean: and after that he shall come into the camp, and shall tarry abroad out of his tent seven days.

9 But it shall be on the seventh day, that he shall shave all his hair off his head and his beard and his eyebrows, even all his hair he shall shave off: and he shall wash his clothes, also he shall wash his flesh in water, and he shall be clean.

10 And on the eighth day he shall take two he lambs without blemish, and one ewe lamb of the first year without blemish, and three tenth deals of fine flour for a meat offering, mingled with oil, and one log of oil.

11 And the priest that maketh him clean shall present the man that is to be made clean, and those things, before the LORD, at the door of the tabernacle of the congregation:

12 And the priest shall take one he lamb, and offer him for a trespass offering, and the log of oil, and wave them for a wave offering before the LORD:

13 And he shall slay the lamb in the place where he shall kill the sin offering and the burnt offering, in the holy place: for as the sin offering is the priest’s, so is the trespass offering: it is most holy:

14 And the priest shall take some of the blood of the trespass offering, and the priest shall put it upon the tip of the right ear of him that is to be cleansed, and upon the thumb of his right hand, and upon the great toe of his right foot:

15 And the priest shall take some of the log of oil, and pour it into the palm of his own left hand:

16 And the priest shall dip his right finger in the oil that is in his left hand, and shall sprinkle of the oil with his finger seven times before the LORD:

17 And of the rest of the oil that is in his hand shall the priest put upon the tip of the right ear of him that is to be cleansed, and upon the thumb of his right hand, and upon the great toe of his right foot, upon the blood of the trespass offering:

18 And the remnant of the oil that is in the priest’s hand he shall pour upon the head of him that is to be cleansed: and the priest shall make an atonement for him before the LORD.

You can read the rest of the nonsense for yourself in your own Bible. Ok, so it is pretty obvious from the aforementioned scripture that the Bible was written by a bunch of backwards, uneducated, superstitious twits. Put oil on the tip of the right ear, the thumb of his right hand, and upon the great toe of his right foot to cure Leprosy? God told them to do this? Bwaaaahahahaha. Too funny.

I highly recommend reading “Only Virgins Need Apply” by the brilliant Canadian author Chester Beavon if you really want to see how ignorant and inconsistent the Bible is. After reading this scripture I really couldn’t see what the difference is between a Jewish Rabbi, a Catholic Priest, or any other concrete jungle witch doctor.

The Racist Religion Angle
This book is about political controls. However, one cannot discuss politics in CORPORATE CANADA without discussing Religion. While there is a separation of Church and State in CANADA, there is no separation of foreign Church and “our” Government. A foreign church now controls our governments.

It is on a religious pretext and pretence the British Crown of Israel claims the right to enslave human lives. This claim is racist in the extreme. Racism is disgusting in any form, regardless if you claim that some God is behind it all. White Supremacy, Black Supremacy, Israeli Supremacy or Jewish Supremacy; what makes one any less disgusting than the other? Divine sanction?

The British are masters at the slight of hand. With a legislative slight of hand they exchange all of our silver coins for worthless loonies and toonies. With a legislative slight of hand they “legally” kite cheques to control the country. With a slight of hand they “legally” enslave human lives in the name of a non-existent God. The British never have anything of more substance to offer their fellow man than play-acting and worthless ink on worthless paper.

And how do they get their ecclesiastical lawyers in the door? God of course. J Check out the BNA Act, the standing orders for the British Dictator Governor General. “Recognizing the Supremacy of God and the Rule of Law”…

Surely the foundation of our country should be based on something of more substance than a fairy tale and the corporate rules and regulations of a private legal system franchise controlled by a foreign church. It should be noted that free men are NOT ruled by anything, much less foreign church laws.

Oddly enough, the cry of Racism is heard loudest and longest issue from the most racist people on the face of the earth. The god of the Holy Bible clearly gives the world and its people to Israel to subjugate. Is it for this reason that the people Israel or “Jews” have been a target for so many centuries? Would a written agenda to enslave your fellow man put you at odds with them?

Queen Elizabeth swears to uphold the agenda in the Bible and very clearly does. The British Crown is responsible for the deaths of countless millions around the world. Her private Anglican Church intelligence agency; MI6 has an interesting motto; “Semper Occultus” meaning “Always Hidden”.

The logo of MI6 is a hu-man brain with a “C” (control) wrapped around it and a Crown on the top of it. Crown mind control. It is all about control of your body mind and soul. The deal with getting you to believe in God is to convince you that someone other than yourself has authority over you. It is a deception.

Engel-land is a British Constitutional Monarchy because of a formal agreement between the established Anglican Church and the UK Parliament called the 1701 Act of Settlement. Virtually all members of the UK Parliament are Fabian Socialists, the people who Karl Marx wrote the Communist Manifesto for.

The Fabian Socialists have an interesting logo; a wolf in Sheep’s clothing. Such fascinating symbology these people have. One wonders at the basis of their hatred for us that it needs find expression in such obvious manner. Or is mere contempt the basis for their gleeful Satanic and racist chortling?

I found it interesting that 55 nations have just passed stricter legislation against what they called burgeoning anti-Semitism. Palestinians are Semites. Did Israel pass legislation making it unlawful to continue committing genocide against the Palestinians? No? Go figger. Be a semitically different world if the “sons of the divine law” BAR Associations were all made up of Palestinians wouldn’t it?

Man and Hu-Man Spirituality
You can never change what you do not understand. If I would change myself, I must understand myself. If I want to change a system, I have to understand it. I start with Me.

I am. I am I. What is I? I look at me. I touch my body. With my fingers I perceive me, with my body I perceive my fingers. I suck my fingers and feel it with my tongue. I have found my structural form and I now know who I physically am. The query is answered. There is no cognitive dissonance. No angst exists.

Eventually I ask; “who am I”? I perceive my intelligence. Is it part of my physical form? I cannot perceive this from within with my five senses, yet I perceive this as evidenced by the fact that I think about it. No immediate answer. Cognitive dissonance. Angst.

Unable to culminate the thought process in a logical conclusion I hold the thought in abeyance and ask another question to examine the problem from a different perspective.

What am I and where did I come from? I have learned I am a Man. I have learned that things relating to me are Hu-Man. I have a Hu-Man Body. I understand my Hu-Man capacity. I comprehend my Hu-Man-ity as it relates to my physical constituents.

I am a Man. Who am I? What am I? Man, the Ethereal Sentient Energy that vitalizes the Corporeal Hu-Man Form. Where did I come from? Many comprehend the answers to these from a physical point of view very early on, yet all of you know that what I am asking is not a query as to the nature of my physical form.

The Man is I, the Hu-Man is Me. My Hu-Man-ity I comprehend. I know Me. It is the Man I seek to know and under stand. I make me go. The Man drives the Hu-Man-ity. Do I have the right to control Me? Does the Man have the right to control his own Hu-Man-ity?

I am I. Therefore; I. What order? I reduce this to an equation. 1=1. Therefore; 1. The problem is logically solved. Paradoxically; the answer is the question and yet the question remains unanswered.

I compare me to this peculiar creation in which I exist and examine the other living creatures around me. I find many differences. I look closer. I see many similarities. I look closer. I see logical physical systems. I look closer. I see no difference. I look closer and the process repeats itself indefinitely.

I perceive the fractal nature of reality and the many probabilistic ways in which the future can unfold. I perceive the underlying structure of the universe and realize all things are not possible even if there is a calculable probability of it occurring in a model with no apparent boundary conditions.

I notice that I do not live in a natural symbiotic relationship with nature as some creatures do, but I also notice that other creatures also live within physical constraints imposed only by other Hu-Man creatures like me. I perceive that I live in a system that is the combined result of Hu-Man effort.

I perceive the other creatures also have knowledge, empathy and feelings. I examine these similarities. I perceive that I have knowledge that other living creatures do not possess.

I find a fundamental difference between Man and all other living creatures. I find the Man within my physical Hu-Man-ity and realize that the Man is beyond my physical perception. Am I a conceptual perception? An imagination? A dream?

I believe I find a unique ability to fantasize, to imagine, to conceptualize and to perceive something besides physical reality. Another way to perceive? A sixth sense that the Man possesses that the Hu-Man does not? It is Hu-Man to Question but only Man can answer.

Are We then We because We imagine what we can not perceive? What kind of imagination am I? Do I only “imagine” I? Am I a dream? Is all we are and all we seem but a dream within a dream? Am I dreaming I? Am I dreaming you? Are you dreaming you and I? Are We collectively dreaming We?

I revel in my discoveries and they plunge me to the depths of despair. I. I know my physical Me and I know what is mine. I know all of Man shares all of my similarities. I still cannot answer my question and I ask another. Circular arguments, boxes within boxes, clues within clues, I within We, I within Me, We within Us and all depending on each other.

Not only is the beginning the end, so is every point along the way, which is also the centre, mathematically impractical logic.

Realizing neither I nor any other Man can ever know what created our existence I examine the logically possibility of my non-existence. Are my physical and conceptual capacities inextricably linked by death as they appear to be by life?

If my physical Hu-Man body dies, does the Man still exist? If my Hu-Man-ity dies does the Man still exist? Am I truly a free, living creature; a Man / Hu-Man gestalt or an ethereal Man imprisoned within a corporeal Hu-Man form owned by another?

I find the only differences of perception among we are composed of beliefs for which no factual evidence exists. I know that no Man can answer my questions, even when he asks them of himself. I know that he can believe he does and as well that he is equally entitled to his own illusion, delusion, confusion and opinion.

I look further a field for the answer to the Nature of Man. The I of I and the I of We are two different concepts. To examine the nature of my own personal existence, the “I of I” asks me first to ask what is a singular individual Natural I Man? What is a Collective “We” Man? Where does my dream end and your dream begin? Is there an all seeing I? Am I an all seeing I?

What is reality? Reality is that which I can perceive by my five senses. A Natural Man is a Real Man, a physical child of the Earth, a fact that you can touch and a Collective Man is the child of a Concept, a fiction that does not really exist except on paper.

What is the nature of the ability of Man-ity to believe they perceive what Hu-Man-ity does not? To believe that we are more than the sum of our parts? It is obvious that belief can be created by more than just the physical facts that we call reality, so can we logically believe that Belief creates Reality? Do fictions create facts?

Do our Beliefs create the Reality of the World we live in? Is your reality consistent with your beliefs? To understand my world, I begin with an investigation of the society I live in and work outward. I find our society based upon beliefs. Whose beliefs?

I examine first the beliefs that impinge upon the physical reality within my experience of the individual I, and then the beliefs that impinge upon the experience of the collective We. I find the physical system that controls the I of We is based upon the religious beliefs of select groups of individual I’s.

Who are these people who believe their beliefs supercede my own beliefs when it comes to controlling my life experience? Since they claim the right to control and own me I believe it is incumbent upon them to prove this claim.

I hereby specifically negatively aver any and all assumptions, presumptions, legal fictions and other such “legal” frauds. Corpus Delecti. Show me the body. Let’s deal with reality. God exists? Show me the body or drop the legal fiction and all appurtenances.

It is certainly a valid exercise for me to question the nature of these ecumenical claims to my Hu-Man body and resources. The enslavement of one’s life is not exactly such a gift horse that one neglects looking up its fascist dictatorial Johnny cretin-ous ass to see who is controlling it, never mind checking its feudal royal fairy tale Charley buck-teeth; equal butt opposite ends of the same magpie-like leonine beast.

To begin the investigation into this world order that rules us all, I would like to offer forewords from two other books. The first is from a Jewish fairy tale book of beliefs, the Holy Bible. The second is from a book examining competing theories on this book of beliefs, entitled; “What’s Behind The New World Order?”

Holy Bible Foreword
Dear Sir or Madam,

The Holy Scriptures, both Old and New Testaments, were given to the world through the Jewish people.

The world therefore owes them a very great debt, for wherever these Scriptures have come they have brought the blessings of light, joy and peace.

Is it not sad to find in this twentieth century so few Jews are familiar with their own Book-the greatest contribution to the welfare of humanity?

Out of gratitude to the Jewish people for their gift of the Bible to us, and in partial repayment of our debt, we desire to present to every Jewish home a copy of the New Testament.

We therefore ask your acceptance of this special edition of the New Testament in Hebrew and English, parallel pages, and pray that God’s richest blessings may follow your careful reading of it. If this volume is acceptable to you, perhaps you will enable us to present it to others whom you may know would like to possess it, by kindly sending us their names and addresses, with their permission.

Yours faithfully,

The General Secretary

The Society for Distributing Hebrew Scriptures

Joseph House, 1 Rectory Lane

Edgware, Middx, HA8 7LF


Holy Bible Copyright

It is interesting that the Bible that says the British Crown of Israel has the right to rule the world is also written by the British Crown of Israel. Isn’t that just the most incredible coincidence?

Foreword: What’s Behind The New World Order?
More wars have been fought and more blood has been shed in the name of religion than any other cause, perhaps all other causes. Countless millions have been slaughtered in the name of God, Allah, Buddha, Mohammed, Christ – for thousands of years.

Is it possible for people of varied faiths and cultures to live at peace in this world? When one considers the fragmentation and division even among Christians for the never-ending conflict between Palestinian and Jew, prospects for peace seem dim indeed. Some, aware of the dark record of history, would abolish all religion – some would combine all religion!

Today something unmatched in history is taking place. Leading statesmen and religious leaders are proposing a New World Order, a plan that many sincerely believe can bring peace on earth. A unity is envisioned that will transcend instinctive barriers that have long separated cultures and religions.

Significant progress toward a New World Order is seen in the spirit of ecumenism or togetherness now being urged by prominent religious leaders. In the ecumenical plan, basic theological or ideological differences are set aside while emphasis is instead placed upon those elements common to most religions.

Could the long-desired universal peace be just around the corner? Is it actually possible for me to forge a lasting peace on the anvil of compromise? Or, could it be that we are naively forging, not a New World Order, but rather the One World Order of apocalyptic prophecy?

While controversial, it is not the purpose of this publication to disparage or attack the honest convictions of sincere persons whatever their politic or faith. Its purpose, rather, is to bring out facts and principles which have a bearing upon coming events. It reveals the hidden agenda behind the New World Order and the Ecumenical Movement that almost no one dares to discuss. But these issues must be freely discussed, for those who know history, know “history repeats.” As Winston Churchill once observed, “The farther backward you can look, the farther forward you can see.”

– The Publishers

New World Order
There is a lot being said about the New World Order. Some people see it as the Corporate takeover of the world; a global fascism of lawyers with society ruled by Judges. Some people see it as the common subjection of the nations of the world in a dominion of God’s chosen; global feudalism of priests with society ruled by Kings. In both orders the lot of Hu-Man-ity is as a ruled Slave.

In actual fact these are the only two sides regardless of how many players are on the board and they are both owned by the same people. Their banker owners play both ends of the field to keep the human resource chattel herds running down the middle. Slavery rule through God “Law” is the Old World Order. Slavery rule through Man “Law” is the New World Order. Regardless of name, it is always slavery controlled by legislative “Law”.

Canada and the other Commonwealth countries are ecclesiastical feudal slave states that are being herded into the UN global socio-legal slave system. The best method of stampeding a herd is by fear.

Fear is an illusion of the mind. Mind controlling a herd is much easier than physically restraining it. If you can control the herd and still maintain a high level of motivation by having them believe they are free at the same time as they are cowering, this is much more financially desirable.

Theories abound about this “New World Order”. In our world of controlled media, the most idiotic are promoted as the first facts, the slightly more credible next and the obviously impossible last.

However, if you do offer well-researched facts and someone gets wind of it, the lapdog media is sure to cry “conspiracy theorist” and do all they can to heap derision on it. Let us never the less endeavour to throw some light on the truth and apply some common sense.

When I talk about what is happening in the world today and what I think is behind it I am often asked, what sane person is going to do something like that? No one. There in lies the answer.

Megalomaniacal delusions of global domination are not sane and neither are they the work of one person. To be honest, the only megalomaniacal global ruler wannabe that has ever made any sense to me is the incredible genius Pinky and his insane mind manipulated master; Brain. Alas such genius exists only in American comics and not in Jewish fairy tales.

Back to reality; there are two major problems to maintaining a successful global slavery system; you cannot hold what you take by force and how do you logistically control what you do take?

These problems were stated in a solution by a Roman; Quintus Fabius Maximus. He used the three part “Fabian (r)evolutionary tactic” of Force, Religion and Legislation.

(Get them in court and then you just have to delay, delay, delay until the resources are all sucked up or the judicial contestants all die so that the case dies with them. In the case of the Canadian Original people, their original claims die with the original people and the trust devolves to the Crown.)

The entire raison d’etre behind the staged charade is TO INSTALL A PRIVATE LEGAL SYSTEM. Keep in mind always that free men are self-governing and when you apply it to them; LEGISLATION IS SLAVERY. The United Nations is all about establishing this private legal slavery system franchise globally.

Once the system has fully (d)evolved to global judicial rule, global slavery is complete. Force (Military), Religion (Bishop), Legislation (Legal); United Nations (Beast). End Game!

The decisions of the Courts belong to them that own them and the Banker Gnomes have it all while the three headed Mammon Beast guards Man’s Lawful exit from their Legal Hell on Earth.

All ecclesiastical feudal systems use this same tactic to acquire and control their nations. One must remember always that “government police” are no more than trained dogs and it is the judiciary that has them on the leash. Police states are run by lawyer-politicians; they are not run by the police. But behind it all are the Banker Gnomes.

The corporate banking interests that control it divide the world. Nations, races, colours, sexes, persuasions and ideology are just a few of the divisions we see. Divide and conquer is the strategy. This is what could be termed the Old World Order.

As the Fabian Socialists wrote, “Oh that I could smash the world and mould it closer to my hearts desire”. That is precisely what the Old World Order was about; smashing the world into divisions.

The New World Order is all about picking up the pieces and putting them together into a corporate hierarchy of globally United Nations that can be ruled from the top down.

The “Divided Nations” and the “United Nations” are all part of the same game plan and the same players are playing both sides. First you break the world and then you put it back together as you so desire. The end game in this global performance is to stampede the common herds from the British frying pan into the UN fire.

Free men are self-governing and live in self-governing countries. Slaves are subjects that live in dominions of commonly United Nations. Notice that all that has happened is an evolutionary exchange of one form of slavery for another, national slavery to multinational to global slavery.

The biggest problem in establishing a global slavery system is of course one of logistics. How do you govern six billion people? The first thing is to get rid of four fifths of the population. Getting rid of the eighty percent of the human race that are useless eaters solves eighty percent of the logistics problem. Attacking the food supply is the easiest way of achieving this.

Genetically altered seeds cross-pollinate with other seeds in your garden making all of them infertile. Unhealthy foods, fertilizers and weed killers bring a plethora of health problems.

Vaccinating animals with poisons that destroy their immune systems and then feeding them waste by-products from slaughter-houses in huge feed lots poison our food livestock and environment on a grand scale.

Attacking the population directly is more risky. The most effective way to do that is covertly with drugs and toxins. The CIA has a long history of human experimentation. They are a front organization of the British Crown of Israel, the world’s largest covert drug dealer for centuries.

Four times as many people die in North America every year from pharmaceutical drug use as from illicit narcotics. Not only is our food directly vaccinated with poisons that destroy their immune systems it is also “mandatory” to poison your children in the same way. SIDS, autism and a host of disorders are caused by vaccinations.

As if controlling the population is not enough, governments use chemical trails and HAARP systems to control the weather. All these toxins rain down on us and flow into the same water that all the industrial toxins and fertilizers do, adding to all of the pollution.

When you get sick from all of it you can run off to see a licensed Doctor; they are the number one cause of death in our society. One thing is certain about the New World Order; most of us are not welcome in it.

Our very survival dictates that we understand who is behind this world order, what they want and how they expect to achieve it.

The most effective way of controlling a population is to lie to it. When people never know the truth, they never understand the true nature of the problem and they are hopelessly entrapped by the ensuing inability to find a solution. You cannot provide solutions for what you do not understand. For this reason, 90% of intelligence black operations are exercises in disinformation.

One form of disinformation is History. Remember always that the victor in control writes officially sanctioned His-story. Another is to give 80% of the truth and 20% obvious nonsense. Hearing only the 80% truth later, many will automatically equate it with the 20% nonsense that first accompanied it and discredit all of it. Another is to simply lie outright and then challenge your opponent to prove you wrong rather than provide proof of what you contend.

You can never find proof that something DID NOT occur. You can only find proof when something DID occur and you have the results or clues of a positive action to examine. It is for this reason that the onus is on the accuser to prove the guilt of the accused. It is only logically possible to prove someone guilty. It is not logically possible to prove someone innocent.

Another way to deceive is to use words with multiple meanings in a manner in which they can be purposely misconstrued to mean quite something else.

This book is about how we have been attacked by Britain and are being herded into a United Nations Slave Colony. I believe Britain is, like many other G20 nations, a financial puppet state of the banking state of Switzerland that will control the UN through its purse strings or “International Monetary Fund”.

To understand where we are going, one must understand the systems that are in place and are involved. Armies, religions, legislated slavery, counterfeit money and food cartels are merely some of the tools used by the global financiers who wish to own the earth and believe that ALL is fair in love and war.

We can sit back and enjoy our quickening descent into hell and annihilation of our species or we can overcome this evil agenda and enjoy the freedom of paradise. Violence is at best only ever a short-term survival strategy and never a solution. Our only emancipation from this millennia old agenda is education and intellectual evolution.

To put it bluntly, if we don’t smarten up and quit acting like a bunch of brainless, childish idiots, we are heading straight for a Global Holycaust. The good news is that we can make it if we can find THE WAY TO LIVE THE TRUTH.

The truth is that Britain is a criminal confederacy, a conspiracy to overthrow our nation and subject it to the domination of global bankers. They use “our” own courts and money against us. Britain controls our courts with their private BAR Association and our finances with their stock market scams, counterfeit paper money and credit system debt note cheque kiting schemes.

The Holy Bible of the Hebrew people exhorts the Satanic God’s chosen people to conquer the nations and enslave the people of the Earth. The Queen swears an oath to uphold the true gospel.

We are under attack by those we have accorded the most respect in society. If you want to know who is attacking you that is easy. All you have to do is look to see who is trying to impose THEIR authority in YOUR life.

The authority to govern the civil service in Canada extends from the sovereignty of the free men of the state of Canada. It is clear that we have elections because of the fact that it is the free men of the state that possess the authority to make decisions.

Anyone that tries to tell you they are the authority in your life is telling you a lie. For instance, the head of the criminal conspiracy attacking us; the Jewish Queen of the British Commonwealth of Israel tells us she is our head of state. Who elected this foreigner to be “head of state” in our country?

Does it occur to you that the people we accord the highest respect to in society are the ones that are robbing us blind simply for a paycheque from this British criminal confederation? It is from the Priestly religious belief in a fairy tale god that Kings and Judges derive the authority for the despotic feudal rule of legal slavery.

Politicians, Judges, Lawyers, Police, Military and Preachers in Canada all swear allegiance to a foreign power and their private Satanic God instead of to their own country men. Does it make them less culpable for their crimes against their fellow countrymen just because they are “only doing their jobs” for a paycheque? What about the government employees working for them?

How can we fulfill the Law? Truth and Justice are indispensable qualities for lawful societies to exist. They exist only in Natural Law and Equity. They exist nowhere in any form of invalid legal system which is no more than slavery and judicial debt bondage.

It seems that a good place to start in an attempt to explain myself and come to a meeting of the minds is with a small lexicon to ensure we are using certain words with a common understanding of their meaning in the thoughts that I wish to convey to you.

Though we often believe we understand the statements some people make, a closer examination of what they meant by the individual words they used can show quite a different intent. Words also evolve over a period of time. Often one does not comprehend the intent of documents because they are unfamiliar with the local vernacular at the time it was written.

Terms often have different meanings. For instance, when we say Israel, are we referring to Jacob? To the House of Israel? To the Kingdom of Israel? Or to the Nation of Israel? When we say Jew, do we mean someone related to Judah? From the Tribe or House of Judah? From the Kingdom of Judah? Or someone that practises the Religion of Juda-ism?

What do we mean when we refer to the “Crown” in Canada? A metal hat with a few shiny rocks on it? The “people of Canada” as we are told? Or an ecclesiastical corporation of a foreign church?

This lexicon of common terms contains some legal terms taken from Black’s Law Dictionary 6Ed. Hebrew terms are primarily translations taken from the translations in my NIV Bible. Other terms of interest are from my Webster’s or online dictionaries.

Regardless of whether you agree or disagree with the definitions I have chosen is irrelevant. The point is that I am elucidating them so that we can come to a common understanding of the thoughts that I am trying to convey. I seek mutual comprehension of the subject at hand, not a mindless legal word scuffle.

Legal Terms
Lawful – the spirit of the Law, the substance of the Law. What is lawful is predicated on what is morally and ethically correct.

Legal – the valid written form of the Law. (ANY document issued from a court, however defective in LAW, is considered a legal document. The hidden ex parte federal court order upon which rests a CCRA RTP is a “legal” court document drafted by minor civil servants without a lawful trial for the legal victim.)

Free – not subject to the legal constraint of another.

Slavery – the condition of a slave; that civil relation in which one man has absolute power over the life, fortune and liberty of another.

State – a people in a given geographical area.

Civil Service
Civil Service – are the paid employees of the State. (Public Citizens known as the “Public” or Public Service.) One often wonders why the private citizens of the state are always asked to pay for “public services” when they aren’t even members of the public.

Government – elected by the state to govern the civil service.

Constitution – body of law, written by the state to control the government.

Sovereign People
The political body, consisting of the entire number of citizens and qualified electors, who, in their collective capacity, possess the powers of sovereignty and exercise through them their chosen representatives.

In general usage, a human being (i.e. natural person), though by statute term may include labor organizations, partnerships, associations, corporations, legal representatives, trustees, trustees in bankruptcy, or receivers.

An artificial person or legal entity created by or under authority of the laws of a state. An association of persons created by statute as a legal entity. The law treats the corporation itself as a person which can sue and be sued.

Straw Man
A “front”; a third party who is put up in name only to take part in a transaction. Nominal party to a transaction; one who acts as an agent for another for the purpose of taking title to real property and executing whatever documents and instruments the principal may direct respecting the property. Person who purchases property for another to conceal identity of real purchaser, or to accomplish some purpose not allowed.

A personal privilege to do some particular act or series of acts on land without possessing any estate or interest therein, and is normally revocable at the will of the licensor and is not assignable.

Based on fraud; proceeding from or characterized by fraud; tainted by fraud; done, made or effected with a purpose or design to carry out a fraud.

A statement, or claim, or document, is “fraudulent” if it was made, or caused to be made, with the intent to deceive.

To act with “intent to defraud” means to act wilfully, and with the specific intent to deceive or cheat; ordinarily for the purpose of either causing some financial loss to another, or bringing about some financial gain to oneself.

A breach of allegiance to one’s government, usually committed through levying war against such government or by giving aid or comfort to the enemy. The offense of attempting by overt acts to overthrow the government of the state to which the offender owes allegiance; or of betraying the state into the hands of a foreign power. Treason consists of two elements: adherence to the enemy, and rendering him aid and comfort.

Founded on a fiction; having the character of a fiction; pretended; counterfeit. Feigned, imaginary, not real, false, not genuine, nonexistent. Arbitrarily invented and set up, to accomplish an ulterior objective.

Legal Fiction
Assumption of fact made by court as basis for deciding a legal question. A situation contrived by the law to permit a court to dispose of a matter, though it need not be created improperly; e.g. fiction of lost grant as basis for title by adverse possession.

The act of conceding or taking for granted. Laying claim to or taking possession of.

An inference in favor of a particular fact. A presumption is a rule of law, statutory or judicial, by which finding a basic fact gives rise to existence of presumed fact, until presumption is rebutted.

A legal device which operates in the absence of other proof to require that certain inferences be drawn from the available evidence.

A falsehood uttered for the purpose of deception; an intentional statement of an untruth designed to mislead another; anything which misleads or deceives; it means an untruth deliberately told; the uttering or acting of that which is false for the purpose of deceiving; intentional misstatement.

The association or banding together of two or more persons for the purpose of committing an act or furthering an enterprise which is forbidden by law, or which, though lawful in itself, becomes unlawful when made to object of the confederacy. More commonly called a “conspiracy”.

Hebrew Terms
The Hebrew term Adam means Man. It may be related to the term adamah which means ground. The Hebrew word for woman also sounds like the Hebrew for man. Eve probably means living.

The Adamic Race contains the Shemite Race (Semites?), which contains the Hebrew Race, which contains the Israel Race (Israelites?), which contains the Judah Race (Jews?), which became the David Race (Davidians?), then the Solomon Race (Solomonites?), which contains the Christ Race (Christians?), which will become the Elizabeth Race (Elizers?) and eventually the King Chuckie Cheese Race with a side of fries and a plastic corporate crown.

Note that there is a descending order of sub-sets. The term “son” as it is used in the Bible refers to any male descendant of a certain line. According to the fairy tale; God apparently created the Adamic Race in his image. Since they resemble the rest of the hu-man race and Jacob wrestles God in the bushes to become Israel, the ruler of God, one can infer from this that God is a Man.

The term “Hebrew” is derived from “Eber”. Eber was the son of Shem. (Eber, son of Shelah, son of Arphaxad, son of Shem.) All Hebrews are Shemites but all Shemites are not Hebrews. (Arabs, or Phoenicians, like the Palestinians, are also Semitic.)

Like the term Israel, this word has multiple meanings. The primary or first meaning of the term “Jew” refers to the Genetic Line of Judah, the “sons of Judah”, son of Jacob (Israel), son of Isaac, son of Abraham, son of Eber (Hebrew), son of Shem (Shemite), son of Noah, son of Seth, the son of Adam, the creation of God. It is from Judah’s son Perez that David, Solomon, Christ (Shiloh?) and Elizabeth are descended.

(Elizabeth sits on Christ’s throne awaiting his return. This is odd since she appears to be in every way his anti-thesis. One wonders exactly which part of the ‘true gospel’ she swore to uphold in her coronation oath. [Swear to uphold a book that says to swear no oaths?] There seems to be a controversy over whether Elizabeth was crowned on the true coronation stone of the Israelites; Jacob’s Pillow / Pillar / Pillory. The Archbishop of her foreign church crowns her head of our state. Isn’t that convenient? We free men do not even need to go to the bother of electing her to be the head of state in our free self-governing society.)

It is this genetic link of Jews that claim the God given right to rule the rest of man-kind. This is why Elizabeth’s family crest says “Dieu et mon droit” or “God and my right”. Queen Elizabeth and her relations are the people I am talking about when I ask the question; “Canada a criminal confederacy ruled by Jews.” I am talking about these British Jewish Racists and “peers” who claim “God” gives them the right to enslave and rule the Hu-man Race.

The term Jew is first used in the Bible to describe the men of Judah, then the house, then the Kingdom. First the Kingdom of Judah contains only Judah, Benjamin and some Levites and the Kingdom of Israel the rest of the houses. After they are destroyed and the Kingdom of Judah re-established, all the houses lived in the new kingdom and the entire house of Israel were referred to as “Jews”.

When I refer to “Jews” in this document, I mean the people who claim the divine right to rule in the name of the God of the Jews. I am not referring to the religious people who actually believe the Jewish fairy tales and I am not referring to the Jewish slaves known as “British subjects”. I am referring to those like her naked Majesty who invaginate them selves in my life and try to rule me without my invitation or acquiescence. I am talking about the people who are responsible for the Lion of Judah appearing on the top of British Columbia’s provincial logo and their Jewish Heraldic Arm crest of authority garnishing our court-rooms in the name of a foreign power and a fairy tale god.

I mean the people who trace their lineage to Christ and claim to sit on his throne. These are the people who claim they have the right to rule my country and my self in the name of their Jewish God. When I ask the question; “Canada, a criminal confederacy ruled by Jews?” these are the people I am referring to; the foreigners from Britain who have overthrown the lawful right of Canadians to govern them selves.

Jacob literally means “he grasps the heel” (pulling his leg). Figuratively it means “deceiver”. Scripture shows Jacob to be very deceitful. This is the guy that wrestled God and thus won the divine right to rule the hu-man race. It is interesting that the motto of the Mossad, the Israeli intelligence agency that was set up by the Brit-ish is; “by deception thou shalt wage war”. Good thing the Crown MI6 is “always hidden” (Semper Occultus) whenever they deceive.

Jacob became Israel when he wrestled the omnipotent Jewish God in the bushes all night and won. Rather pathetic story if you actually read it. I suspect most people only believe the Bible because they never read it. Israel figuratively means “ruler of God and Man”.

Israel first referred to Jacob, then to his genetic race, then to all the people of his house, then to the houses of his sons, then to the Kingdom of Israel and finally to the State of Israel created by the British Crown of Israel on their last crusade to the Holy Land. Like the term “jew” the term “israel” has multiple meanings.

People of the Covenant. Christ’s disciples called themselves the naazrim ha-brit or “people of the covenant”.

People of the Engel (Unicorn or Unique Horn). The Engel is the tribal standard of Ephraim. Jacob vested Israel in the sons of Joseph and passed the “divine right to rule Israel” to Ephraim, the second son of Joseph. (Engel in German means Angel.)

(This is why the Unicorn on Elizabeth’s crest has the crown around its neck and is chained to the inscription “my right”.)

Is derived from the term; “Isaac’s Sons”. Isaac was the father of Jacob.

(The Royal Ensign of the Engel-ish is Christ’s Flag and is also known as the Union Jack or the Ensign of the “Common Wealth Union of Jac-ob”. It is actually a double cross; one upright, one diagonally across.)

BAR Mitzvah
Son of the Divine Law.

(These are the lawyers that force themselves into our lives with their foreign British North American Act that recognizes the Supremacy of their phoney god and of course the RULE of all their divine laws. These are the people that run the Star Chamber Courts that are designed to do nothing more than enrich the Treasury of the British Common Wealth of Israel. The BAR Association is designed to overthrow the judicial power vested in the states of the target nations of the British Crown of Israel.

Other Terms of Interest
Fee – Primarily, a loan of land, an estate in trust, granted by a prince or lord, to be held by the grantee on condition of personal service, or other condition; and if the grantee or tenant failed to perform the conditions, the land reverted to the lord or donor, called the landlord, or lend-lord, the lord of the loan. A fee then is any land or tenement held of a superior on certain conditions. It is synonymous with fief and feud.

FEALTY, n. [L. fidelis.] Fidelity to a lord; faithful adherence of a tenant or vassal to the superior of whom he holds his lands; loyalty. Under the feudal system of tenures, every vassal or tenant was bound to be true and faithful to his lord, and to defend him against all his enemies. This obligation was called his fidelity or fealty, and an oath of fealty was required to be taken by all tenants to their landlords. The tenant was called a liege man; the land, a liege fee; and the superior, liege lord. Semper Fidelis!

FEUD, n. [L. fides; Eng. loan.] A fief; a fee; a right to lands or hereditaments held in trust, or on the terms of performing certain conditions; the right which a vassal or tenant has to the lands or other immovable thing of his lord, to use the same and take the profits thereof hereditarily, rendering to his superior such duties and services as belong to military tenure, &c., the property of the soil always remaining in the lord or superior.

Man – male or female sovereign individual human being. (Note that the plural of Man is Man. The much used term Men was NOT the original plural of Man.)

Woman – is derived from an Old English word wif mon meaning “wife (of) Man” and referred to a married or “bonded” female. A lady’s maid or bonded female is also called a woman. (The companion and opposite of a wo-man is a hus-band.)

Husband – is derived from an Old English word hus bonda meaning “house bond”. (The companion and opposite of a hus-band is a wo-man.)

Bondsman – Villein, serf; slave.

(Your birth certificate creates a bondsman. On the back of it you will see the Treasury department bond number. On the front of it you will notice a name written in all capital letters that phonetically sounds like your name written according to proper grammatical rules for the English language. The ALL CAPITAL straw man is a corporation that is created at the time of your birth and is called a person.

You cannot bond a Man because that would be slavery and a major crime against humanity. It is the function of the British Crown Court to deceive YOU into admitting you are the Corporate Person so named and are not a Man. The crime of perfecting their claim in you as a hu-man being is in effect carried out by your own hand without your knowledge. This is FRAUD. All crimes committed by our foreign Crown controlled government are committed by deceiving you into thinking that you are a Corporate Person Chattel owned as “common wealth” instead of a Free Self-Governing Man. Caveat Emptor if you buy into their nonsensical jurisdiction.)

Slave – Person who is the legal property of another or others and is bound to absolute obedience, human chattel.

Latin sclavus meaning Slav (captive).

Slav – One of a people spread over most of Eastern Europe and including Russians, Bulgarians, Illyrians, Poles, Silesians, Pomeranians, Bohemians, etc…

The first slaves in North America were “white” bondsmen or debt peons emptied out of Brit-ish debtors prisons where they were held in financial slavery as the subjected bondsmen of the Peers of the British Realm of Israel and their Jewish King.

Jewish people in America subsequently started the NAACP and taught “black people” that “white people” were responsible for their slavery when in fact it was the Jewish people who claim God gives them the right to make bondsmen of the humans around them that enslaved both the “whites” and the “blacks”. It wasn’t until 75 years after it was founded that the NAACP finally had a “black leader”. (Strictly speaking; it should be noted that there is no such thing as a “black” or “white” Man. All Hu-Man bodies are “coloured” a tint or shade of a Red Hue.)

Human – of or belonging to man. Human race; race of Man.

(It is not proper to refer to a Man as a Hu-Man, nor his body as a Hu-Man. A Man has a Hu-Man Body. A fundamental tenet of Law is “Corpus Humanum non recipit aestimationem” or “the body of a human is beyond estimation” [infinitely valuable]. Does the Man have the right to his own Hu-Man Body?)

Person – living body of a human being or a mode of being such as the three persons (characters) of the Godhead; Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

In Natural Law a “person” is a human being with unlimited liability. In the legal systems of Equity, Common, Maritime, Admiralty and Ecclesiastical rules and regulations a “person” is a “hu-man body only” (mind not included), body corporate or artificial person with limited legal liability that is presumed guilty.

Latin; persona player’s mask or character in a play.

Persons composing community, race or nation. (Note that the plural of person applies to “natural persons” only. While a corporation is also a person you would not refer to three corporations as three people.)

Citizen – Burgess, freeman, of city; townsman, civilian; member, native or naturalized, of a State. (Note that there are Public Citizens and Private Citizens. Private Citizens are NOT members of the Public. The two are mutually exclusive subsets made up of all citizens of the state. Military are not citizens.)

Public – of, engaged in, the affairs of the people, as a ~ life, a ~ man, notary ~.

Of, concerning, the people as a whole, as ~ offense, holiday, (Parliament) ~ act, bill; ~ utility.

Done by or for, representing, the people, as ~ prosecution, prosecutor, assembly.

Publican – tax farmer, tax gatherer or keeper of public house.

Patriate – this word never existed in the English Language until the clown Crown minion Pierre Elliot Trudeau invented it in 1982. (Try and find it in an English language dictionary before this time.)

A corporate body created by the 1701 Act of Settlement between the UK parliament and the Anglican Church. The Head of the Anglican Church ascends Christ’s throne by virtue of their genetic link to him. The agreement makes the Head of the Church the Monarch of the United Kingdom of the British Common Wealth of Israel. (The wealth of the Earth that God gave to the sons of the House of Israel in common.) The Coronation Oath is part of the formal agreement in which the Monarch swears to uphold the agenda in the Bible. The Crown is governed primarily by the British Privy Council and the UK parliament, who are all Fabian Socialists. The BAR Association is a private association of the peers and minions of the British Crown of Israel and their privately owned corporate City of London is the headquarters of Hell on Earth.

BAR (Mitzvah) Association
A privately operated legal system franchise of the British Crown of Israel Son’s of the Divine Law. It’s centre is the Anglican Crown Temple Church and their four Inns of Temple Court. The commonwealth is divided into legislative pies that are subject to the individual rules and regulations of these UK lawyers.

When all decisions devolve to the judiciary, all power devolves to the judiciary. When all of the judiciary are required to belong to the BAR Mitzvah Association, all power devolves to the BAR Mitzvah Association. All BAR Association lawyers have the Brit-ish title of Esquire or; “shield bearers” to the British Crown of Israel. Are UN judges divine BAR members?

Nation – congeries (a mass) of people inhabiting a territory of defined limits.

Group of natural persons or animals or plants connected by common descent, posterity of (person); house, family, tribe or nation regarded as of common stock; distinct ethnical stock (the Caucasian, Mongolian, etc..,~); genus or species or breed or variety of animals or plants, any great division of living creatures.

A tribe is a race? Apparently so. Kind of brings racism into focus. Racism is an unreasonable prejudice against a race. But coins have two sides. Is Racism also an unreasonable prejudice for a race? One presupposes the other. Of course “White Supremacy” is racist. Of course “Black Supremacy” is racist. And of course God’s “Jewish Supremacy” of his chosen people is racist in the extreme.

Holocaust – whole burnt offering, wholesale sacrifice or destruction.

The bombing of Dresden was a Jewish Holocaust offering of hundreds of thousands of innocent German Nationals to the Satanic-God of the British Crown of Israel by the Royal House of Judah; a truly unholy Saint Valentine’s Day burnt offering to the leonine Beast.

An Akkadian, a Phoenician, a Hebrew or an Arab. (The divisions are not clearly racial, linguistic, indigenous or national, but rather a little of each. This is the Webster’s definition. A Shemite in the Bible are the Sons of Shem.)

This is a statistical term. In any given population, there will be a segment of it that will share certain attributes. Any segment of the population that falls within three standard deviations of the mean are considered “normal”. If most of the people in your country are insane, it is quite “normal” to be insane.

Ab-normal means NOT normal. This is the proportion of the population that falls outside of three standard deviations from the mean. Statistically they are “deviants”. In an insane society, sanity is considered “deviant behaviour”.

The reason I pointed out the difference between normal and ab-normal is to point out the difference between original and ab-original. Were the indigenous North American “Indians” the “Original” people in North America? If the North American Indians were the “original people”, who are the ab-original people?

Not original. Now why would the “Original” people of North America be clamouring for “Aboriginal” recognition? Recognition of something they never were? Are “aboriginal rights” really rights that the original people never had before? Of course they are. Until the British Crown of Israel landed in North America, the people that lived here were free and had absolute authority in their own lives.

The “Ab-original deception” is a legal ploy. Keep in mind that the Anglican Church British Crown of Israel ran residential schools in Canada for years that virtually terrorized and devastated the children of the original people while their land was held in “trust”. Is the fact that the “Trust” devolves to the trustee after the passing of the last original claimant to the trust sufficient motivation for racial genocide by this criminal conspiracy of the British Crown?

When the children of the original people, the now ab-original children with no original rights enjoyed by the original people turned to the “rule of law” after getting the shit kicked out of them by the “supremacy of god.” They found the same black cloaked criminals running the courts as were running the residential schools for the churches.

Small wonder all they get in compensation is counterfeit currency and cheque credits that lose value at an increasing rate. Money is easy to give away when all you have to do is print more. Not much good for buying your land back once the whole money system crashes.

Canadian Armed Forces
Canadian Armed Forces – Her Majesties forces raised by Canada.

This definition is from the Canadian Criminal Code. Canadians do NOT control their own armed forces. They are controlled by the Public Employer; the British Crown of Israel. The US Armed Forces are controlled by Sir Colin Powell, a Knight of the British Empire of Israel. You can read on the Queen’s own web site that Only the British Queen of the Jews can commit the forces of the United Kingdom British Empire Common Wealth of Israel to war.

When you go up against the British Empire of Israel you go up against the entire British Common Wealth of Israel which includes Canada, Australia, US, etc, all of its resources, hu-man resources included… kind of explains a few British world wars culminating with the British creation of the state of Israel doesn’t it?

WE Canadians have never put US anywhere. In ALL wars, Canada’s children have been sacrificed on the altar of British deceit by the British Crown of Israel. Armies are either on the defensive or on the offensive. If they are on the defence they are at home protecting our borders from invasions by a foreign power, like the predatory Crown of Israel. If they are on the offence they are on foreign soil.

In the case of the Canadian Raised Forces of the British Crown of Israel in Afghanistan, they were illegal combatants in an undeclared war and regardless of their perceptions of what they thought they were achieving, they were the same deceived globetrotting thugs generations of us have been. Absolutely everything about the entire action was OFFENSIVE and shameful.

The child-nation of Afghanistan never had a chance. The British Crown of Israel even dropped yellow packages containing both food and landmines. Alpha-Ghetti or tri-nitro-toluene kiddies? The explosive the kinder death, it is still playing Russian roulette with starving children. What kind of a Satanic-God awful sickness infects these people’s minds? The depth of moral bankruptcy and lack of ethical consideration to conceive of such a thing is unfathomable.

If this be the pinnacle of the species of Man then perhaps our own extinction is the kindest thing we can offer the universe. Hate so deep that it would blow children of our own species to parts is not survival of the fittest, it is the survival of hu-man maggots, the spiritually dead, mere shadows of hu-man carrion eaters. Small wonder they want to rid the world of 5.5 billion “useless eaters.” Creates a veritable racial smorgasbord for the black robed Vultures of Baal to feed upon.

The pitiful irony is that in the midst of the hue and cry that “we can not feed the starving masses of man-kind” is the sickening realization that not only have we not even tried, there has been a concerted agenda to control populations through food supplies for millennia.

Millions of children are starved to death yearly by the global machinations of the British Crown of Israel. On such lawfully naked glory rests the sinful pride of the British Queen of the Jews wrapped in animal skins, bedecked with metal hat of shiny rocks, choking the children of our dreams with a deathly starvation of food stolen from their mouths with a tangled web of Jewish deceit.

Think it not possible, then recall that the Queen swears to uphold the true gospel and read Deuteronomy 28:53-58. So you thought British Judaic Christianity was quaintly innocuous and quaintly traditional did you? Explain this true gospel within that context.

Christ is a term that means Saviour. I wonder if “Loving and Enlightened Christians” really think about the symbolism of eating the body and drinking the blood of their “crucified saviour”. If your brother were hanged would you wear a noose around your neck in memory of him? Seems a trifle mocking of his pain and death. But what about cannibalizing your Saviour? Eating his body and drinking his blood? Of what good a dead and eaten Saviour? In the end all that is left is crap on a stick.

Let’s try a dose of reality instead of a fairy tale. If we cannot even feed and offer kindness to our own children on this planet, we have nothing of any value for the rest of the universe. Will a barren radioactive tombstone stand the mute aeons of time a silent icon to hu-man greed and madness?

Now if one considers that the cold war is over and the US doesn’t need the nukes for Russia, but the nukes are really controlled by America’s oldest enemy the British, just like their government, economy and justice system is, it gives you a kind of eerie feeling. What a glorious bunch of holycausts we will have in North America once the people are stampeded into cities to be vaporized.

The largest concentration of nuclear warheads in the world sits in the geographical centre of North America. It appears the American taxpayer may have paid trillions for a defence system that is going to kill us all.

Will the Armed Forces raised by Canada in the service of the Majesty of the Jewish Queen of the British Crown of Israel be used to corral the chattel property hu-man slave resources into manageable hu-man herds?

Or if they nuke all the cities in North America will there be so much fall out that nothing survives? I think they tested that with Nagasaki, Hiroshima, Three Mile and Chernobyl.

Not to worry, the Star Wars Ark is already in place with enough genetic material to recreate the Earth. I wonder if it will only contain God’s chosen people? “Oh that we could smash the world and mould it closer to our hearts desire” chant the Fabian Socialist Wolves as they hammer stoutly and prey devoutly to achieve their global racist agenda.

Observations about the meaning of Words
Note that what is lawful is predicated on what is morally and ethically correct. Interestingly, undermining the morals and ethics of a society undermines their legitimate system of Natural Law.

The natural “Law” is of necessity unwritten. The only way you can lawfully be compelled to court is if you have done another hu-man an injury; physical, mental or financial.

To render unto every man his due, each case must be looked at and weighed upon all the circumstances of the event. Since each moment of time is unique and discrete, so are all claims.

A man, or natural person, is called to answer a claim in front of a jury of his peers. It is rationalized that a dozen people from his society will understand if he has comported himself in a moral and ethical manner. It is the jury that decides his guilt, not a judge.

An accused is presumed innocent. The reason for this is because in order for there to be evidence of an event, an event must have taken place. You cannot examine a non-event.

Now think about this. If I am out hunting and I come across a warm patch of hay that is laid down, I will know that deer have lain there recently. I have evidence of an event since an event has taken place; the deer have lain here.

It is not ever logical to ask someone to prove their innocence. Innocence cannot be proven. If you have done nothing there is no evidence. This is why it is incumbent upon the accuser to prove their case. It is typical of the Crown and their minions to make bizarre claims and then attempt to shift the onus of proof onto their hapless victims but they are clumsy and blatant in their attempts.

If one thinks about the bizarre claims that the British make about God, one finds them trying to defend their claim by a similar process of logical reversal. Asking them to prove the existence of their God they either point to the book they wrote or ask you to prove to them that their God does not exist. It is their claim that God exists and thus it is up to them to prove their claim. If they claim their God gave them the earth it is of course incumbent upon them to produce said God.

It is illogical to claim there is a God and then ask us to prove there isn’t when we say Bullshit. As noted above, you cannot prove the non-existence of something that does not exist. You can only prove the existence of something that does exist. The British God is as phoney as they are.

All other “systems of law” other than natural law are illegitimate. British Common Law is a coerced agreement between a despotic monarch and peers of the realm. It has nothing to do with the emancipation of subject slaves. It is nothing more than Imperial UK feudal rules and regulations.

Maritime Law and Admiralty Law are virtually synonymous. This is the law of the high seas, also known as Piracy. The law of the high seas is; there is no law. Canada’s ecclesiastical courts operate a kind of bastardized mixture of Common-Piracy-Equity police state law. The whole lot is illegitimate, but incredibly lucrative.

Crime pays big time for the Crown in Canada. Most of all there is no crime until the RCMP move in with their little ticket books and start ticketing everything in sight. They also get to auction off any “stolen property” they recover. (I thought selling stolen property was a crime? NOT when the RCMP do it?) All proceeds from crime also go to the Crown. Not only do they get everything from criminal cases, if they can legislate a crime they can seize your property as well. Call a plant that God gave to Man a drug and you can steal everything a pot smoking hippy owns as proceeds from “crime”. What a scam!

The most insidious component of these judicial atrocities is of course; mind control. Bust a young man for a joint of pot and he has a criminal record that negatively impacts everything he does. In how many ways are we “criminalized” by this system that makes us believe we are the criminals? The “lawyers of God” who tell you that everything you do is a crime for which you must pay them whatever amount they can suck out of you sound like the “priests of God” who tell you that you are born into sin and must give them everything you can in order to save your soul from their Satanic God.

All a lawyer has to do to steal everything you own is write a rule or regulation into a book. This is how the criminals make you look like you are a criminal while they rob you. (This is of course slavery.) It requires an inordinate amount of gullibility on our part, which of course is more than motive enough to ‘dumb down’ a population.

Natural Law is predicated upon a Golden Rule; “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. It is also based upon a few fundamental tenets; errare humanum est, corpus humanum non recipit aestimationem, mens rea, corpus delecti, ab abusu ad usum non valet consequential, caveat emptor, etc…

To sum up the law; Natural Law is the only legitimate and logical form of Law. It is logical to assume that if you comport yourself in a moral and ethical manner you will never break the law. Undermine morals and ethics and you undermine the Natural Laws of Man that are promulgated by reason and empathy.

Equity courts govern the independent arbitration of disputes arising out of valid written agreements. What is “legal” refers to agreements between competent parties that have been written down. To say something is “legal” in reference to another man means that there is a written agreement that he is signatory to.

Legal contracts have to follow a few guidelines in order to be lawful. You cannot contract to commit a crime. Such contracts are unlawful, void and unenforceable. To be lawful a legal contract must have full disclosure, mutual consideration and mutual agreement.

Strictly speaking, if it is not specifically enumerated in the agreement, it is not part of the agreement. If you are not mutually compensated it is not lawful. If you are forced to sign under any form of duress it is not lawful. There is no such thing as an assumpsit, assumption or presumption in a lawfully valid legal contract. It is easy to see that if we follow the few simple rules above and honour our contracts that disputes will rarely arise.

One must always remember that the Legal Industry requires victims, er customers, like any other industry. It is for this reason that they legislate people into a position of absolute jeopardy. It makes them easy targets.

The definition of FREE is an interesting one; not subject to the legal constraint of another. Can you see that the entire British legal system is quite simply nothing more than slavery when it is applied to free men?

Though you may have a million glib and benevolent reasons you can never legitimately make an argument for imposing legislation on a free man because it is a crime and nothing ever justifies crimes against humanity. Unless we have a specific agreement, nothing I do is of any business of yours unless I do you an injury.

It is for this reason that the valid law is unwritten. Free men are self governing and not subject to legislation. What is legislation? A legal constraint. What is a legal constraint? It is whatever you have agreed to in writing. Now look at the definition of a legal contract again.

Have you entered into a valid lawful contract with the government that would allow them to collect an income tax from you? It is only the public that have entered into a contract with the Crown and that is why the Crown only pays the Public. Let the public pay their own damn taxes, they get all the benefits.

It is odd that the Crown tells their victims that they can find the income tax act in the library when it is obvious that their victim should have a complete copy of the Act that CCRA should have provided them with when they supposedly entered into the agreement.

To say that we get nothing for our taxes is an understatement. We get far less than nothing for our taxes. This is evidenced by the very fact that our country is in debt. In fact, our children are born into debt. Who entered them into a legal agreement that would compel performance?

Debt peonage is slavery. Taxes are slavery. When you control all aspects of a man’s life, that is slavery and when you have an interest in him as a hu-man being, that is slavery.

Does having a SIN number make you legally liable for some sort of social contract? I don’t know. I was only 14 years old when they told me I had to have one. I got a SIN number in order to get into cadets. I don’t know why the government thought I was joining cadets, but I know that all I wanted was to learn how to fire a .22 rifle like my friends were. Did this make me liable for 2.5 trillion worth of federal, provincial and municipal debt incurred by the money scams run by a foreign criminal church?

Moving on to the definition of a state, we see that the state is comprised of a people in a given geographical area. People are made up entirely of natural persons or hu-man beings. You and I are the state. The government is NOT the state. The civil service is NOT the state. Free men do not elect “leaders to rule them”, they elect administrators to govern the civil service. Only in Canada do you take people with no experience and put them in charge of running your country into the ground. I spent a lot of years involved in the federal and provincial political processes and can tell you that Canada is controlled a lot differently than most Canadians realize.

The authority to govern the civil service issues from the free people of the state. It is from the sovereignty of the free people of our state that our government is supposed to derive its legitimate authority. This is why we have the charade of elections in Canada.

Who voted the head of the Anglican Church to be the “Head of State” in our free country? Worse, we believe we are electing someone to represent us, yet the first thing our “representatives” do is swear allegiance to a foreign power. For this reason I do not vote. These people do not represent me, not even by their deception. So why do they assume they have the authority to enter me into legally binding agreements that leave me responsible for the debts they have incurred in our names at the behest of their foreign master? All levels of government commit this treason against the state that elects them.

Note that the civil servants are the paid employees of the state. They are also known as the Public. In Canada the Crown is said to be vested in the Public. If that is so, why is the Crown trying to rule Private Citizens?

Note that the Constitution is the body of law written by the State to control the Government. What is glaringly obvious is that by definition Canada has no constitution. The BNA Act which the British try to pass off on us as our constitution is the standing orders of their British Dictator and has evolved as an employment agreement between the Public and their foreign employer; the Anglican Church British Crown of Israel.

CANADA, the British Corporation has a Constitution written by the British. But the country of Canada does not have a Constitution at all because we the people of the state have never written one. In fact, we Canadian citizens have never even agreed to form a government.

Canadians have complained many times in the past about not having a Constitution. The last time people tried to get a Constitution we were sold out by a British employee by the name of Pierre Elliot Trudeau. He pretended to “patriate” the constitution. There was no such thing as patriating a constitution before Trudeau came along and there still isn’t. It is a deception to lull the gullible back into complacency.

CORPORATE CANADA has the BNA Act for a corporate Constitution but this does not apply to the Private Citizens of Canada. You can confirm this for yourself by reading the Applications section of the Charter. As you see, it applies only to politicians and government employees.

The Charter outlines the conditions of their employment in the Public Service. While the public is quite right that the Charter does apply to them as part of their employment contract they do not seem to realize that the public does not include private citizens who have agreed to none of these things.

Nobody has the right to cast a vote to elect a representative to represent me when I never voted for anyone. Nobody has the right to “assume” or “presume” that I agree to contract with them. This includes the “government”.

The Crown laughs at our gullibility because they are well out of harms way when they teach this delusion to their public employees of their private corporation called CANADA. In essence, the private citizens of Canada are paying the wages of a foreign corporation that is robbing our country blind while it murders us. I am certainly not going to pay anyone taxes to do this.

Note the definition of a person includes a human being but also includes a number of corporate fictions. The difference between being a free man and being a slave is the difference between being a natural person and a corporate person. It is a crime against humanity to enslave a Man or a Natural Person. However, you can do whatever you want to a corporate person since it doesn’t really exist except on paper. Note the definition of a straw man. Interesting what you can do with a scare-crow is it not?

The definition of a license should give you some insight into how they are misapplied to the free man in the Canadian State. You have no interest in your vehicle? You do? Then why do you need a license for it? You have no interest in the highways that are paved with your tax dollars? You do? Then why do you need a license to drive on it?

A plethora of licenses, fees, taxes, duties and all manner of legislative claptrap are stuck on everything in sight. Once the British have you deceived into believing they have the authority in your life, they keep asking you to jump until you are dead of exhaustion. Perhaps Canadians might find life a little bit easier if they started using their brains instead of blindly following orders and never questioning even the most idiotic quandaries.

(Speaking of jumping Canadians, if you want a real laugh, pick up an old Black’s Law Dictionary 3rd. Edition and look up “Canadian Jumper”. You will get a good idea why J. Enoch Powell stood up in the UK House and asked “How comes it that Canadians are so easily lead by the nose…?” I wonder why they took that one out of the dictionary? Shouldn’t have taught us to read I guess.)

Think about the definitions of words such as treason. You and I are the state. We believe we elect people to government to represent us. Yet they have pledged allegiance to an un-elected head of a foreign church instead of to our state. Is this treason? Well, not according to the “Canadian Criminal Code” written by the British Crown of Israel.

According to the Canadian Criminal Code of the British Crown of Israel, the only way you can be charged with treason in Canada is by betraying the foreign Anglican Church British Crown to another foreign power. Kind of leaves Canadians holding bugger all doesn’t it? According to the Canadian Criminal Code of the British Crown of Israel it is NOT treason to overthrow the government of the state of Canada as the Queen of the Jews has done.

On December 10, 1990, in Leduc, Alberta, MP Wilton Littlechild’s constituents took him to court and charged him because he would not vote against GST as all of his constituency wanted him to. The judge ruled that the MP did NOT represent the constituents (the state) to the government, but represented the government to the state. The judge confirmed that the MP does represent the British Crown of Israel and NOT the people of Canada. Has there been an intention to deceive here? I call your attention to the definition of fraud as well.

The first thing any Canadian MP does is swear allegiance to this foreign power. Of course it would be an act of treason against the Canadian State to do so except for the fact that the people committing the treason write the Canadian Criminal Code. Fancy that, the same people that write the Bible write our criminal code as well. Not surprising I guess since they also wrote our Constitution that recognizes the Supremacy of the Jewish God of Israel and the rule of their private legal system franchise Sons of the Divine Law.

It seems the British Crown Jews have not only given us the Bible for which they believe we owe them a very great debt, but they have also given us a Constitution and a Criminal Code and oh my Good Lord! What debts we do have thanks to them!

Now that debt part is kind of funny since “her Majesty” swears to uphold the true gospel. The Lord’s Prayer at Matthew 6:12 says “forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtor’s”. Does she not uphold that part of the true gospel?

I have an ex parte federal court judgement against me to collect all my belongings for debts owed to Her Majesty. I never even got invited to court to answer the charges. I never even found out about it until I got my CCRA file under the FOI Act. Same British Crown Bible says “Judge not lest ye be judged.” Does she not uphold this part of the true gospel?

Check out the definitions of fictitious and legal fiction. What ulterior motive is the court system trying to accomplish with their assumptions and presumptions? What is the deference to precedence and the letter of the law when they do nothing more than create travesties of Justice?

The truth of the matter is that all these things are lies. Right after the definition of lie, I give another definition of a confederacy. It is obvious Canada is not a Confederation as in a federation of free states. However, Canada is a confederation of the criminal conspirators of the Jewish British Crown of Israel.

I mention the Hebrew terms so that you will have some insight into what is hidden in plain sight. Since these people that claim the right to rule our lives also claim the God in the Bible gives them the right to rule us, it makes the Bible a logical place to start in a critical examination of the men who would be Kings.

The “other terms of interest” I included to illustrate how we can use words without comprehending what they really mean. Note in particular the definitions of Man, Hu-Man, Slave, Person and Public. Not comprehending the true meaning of these terms leaves a private Canadian citizen a helpless victim to the criminal conspiracy running our government and our courts.

Note the definition of a RACE. A race is simply an arbitrarily created group. It is from the “Jewish Race” that wants to rule their fellow man that ALL modern “racism” extends. The idea behind racism is to keep as many arbitrarily created groups as possible fighting with each other while you rob all of them blind.

I noted that some dictionaries define Holocaust as an uncontrollable conflagration. However, the oldest definition of the term means a whole burnt offering. If I were to make a burnt offering to God, I would probably refer to it as Jim’s Holocaust. In light of this, I wonder what the term “Jewish Holocaust” refers to. Does it refer to a Holocaust OF Jews or a Holocaust BY Jews?

Does the term “Jewish Holocaust” refer to the one million German nationals that the Jewish King of the British Crown of Israel roasted on St. Valentines Day in the City of Dresden in 1945? Noting that the constant wars of the Jews always seem to be accompanied by a “holocaust” I believe the term “Jewish Holocaust” is more appropriately applied to the many millennia of wholesale human sacrifices made by Jews to the Jewish God of Israel.

Note the definition of a Semite. Isn’t it funny that the Jewish people are constantly accusing people of being anti-Semitic if they point out the shameful and disgraceful way Jews treat their fellow man? From the definition of a Semite, it appears the genocide of the Palestinian people by the Jewish State of Israel is the most racist act of anti-Semitism occurring in the world today.

What it basically boils down to is this; is the truth racist? Is the truth anti-Semitic? Is the truth every anti-anything or just simply the truth? If you cannot speak the truth, you cannot deal with reality. If you cannot deal with reality you cannot change the Jewish Agenda to enslave the world as outlined in the Holy Bible. It is a pathetically transparent strategy and a trifle too convenient to just be able to scream racist whenever you are accused of crimes against humanity.

Logic, Oxymorons & Mutual Exclusivity
I write artificially intelligent software. The biggest challenge is that computers are pathetically logical and possess the innate intelligence of a very stupid worm. In this binary world, one is forced to examine components of any system in the discrete states of their integral parts. Everything is painfully logical.

Man refers to the intuition provided by his logical thought processes as “common sense”. However, what man seems to arrive at as common sense is often not very logical. In fact, man possesses somewhat less of a faculty in the logic department than a computer, which rather calls into question the position of the worm on the bottom of the evolutionary ladder.

An oxymoron is the illogical pairing of logical opposites. He was a “short giant” or he was “tall for a dwarf”. The terms “short” and “giant” are mutually exclusive. What that means is if it is one, then it cannot be the other. Oxy-morons such as “government efficiency”, “military intelligence”, “political assistance”, “public health”, “judicial integrity”, “educational morality” and “divine justice” should more than amply illustrate the oxymoron concept.

We are trained from the cradle to the grave to accept oxy-morons without ever thinking about them. Such an assault on the mind actually creates insanity. As we learn, our brains actually grow the dendritic connections to accommodate the information. (Our children’s minds are mapped similarly to ours but they lack the knowledge within the structure. However, this structural similarity makes it easier for the offspring to learn the skills of their parents.)

Information is stored as discrete entities (nouns) or people, places and things that are logically connected together with relationships. All REAL things in our universe are nouns. Nouns in the English Language are spelled with an Uppercase letter and following lower case letters. I am a man and I am called Jim. The relationships are what connect all things together. When one can picture the entities and the relationships in their head in some coherent manner, they are said to make “common sense”.

There is a logical explanation for the grass being green; clorophyll. For the sky being blue; it is the colour of space when you shine light on it. However, if I tell you the grass is green because a god created it like that or the sky is blue because a god created it like that I can introduce insanity to your mind.

As we learn the names of the nouns around us, our parents, furnishings, plants and all that, we create a mnemonic of them in our minds. These things represent our internal REALITY. If someone now tells us that God did all these things, we create a mnemonic for God in our minds and start connecting everything to it. It maps something that does not exist into our internal REALITY and introduces insanity and an inability to think logically.

In Canada we are required to ingest an enormous amount of oxy-morons during the educational process. For instance, we are taught that generations of our fellow countrymen gave their lives to keep us free and in the same breath we are taught that we are subjects of the British Crown of Israel. You cannot be both “free” and “subject” any more than you can be dead AND alive.

We stand with our hands over our glowing hearts as we pledge our true patriot love to the true north strong and FREE and then REMAIN STANDING for God save the Jewish Queen that reigns over us. Our education system enhances this insanity with the multiple guess system of testing.

Does the Crown play around with our education system? Who taught Canadians that the Queen was head of state when no free Canadian has ever elected her to this position in our free country? Who taught us to say “forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those that trespass against us” during the Lord’s Prayer in school when the Bible actually says “forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors?” The same British Crown that has strapped our country with all this debt?

With a multiple choice system of testing, one need never think about whether what they are remembering is logical, they simply remember the entities and none of the relationships. We are taught to catalogue disparate bits of information without ever being taught how to logically connect the bits together.

In this manner we can become educated experts who offer up huge volumes of information to support the documented claim of expertise without understanding a damn thing about how anything really works.

Rather funny to contemplate that the Wizard of Oz (Ounces.. of gold..) gave the “Straw Man” a Certificate that attested to his intelligence when he was so demonstrably short of a REAL BRAIN.

We now live in a world run by “experts”. We have “expert educators” who seem to be able to teach our children homosexuality and how to line up to get poisoned with vaccine and other pharmaceuticals and yet can’t teach them to read, write or do arithmetic. Funny that they now call schoolwork they did not do in school “home work” and send it home with notes for the parents to help the kids. They can’t teach the kids to read, write or do arithmetic, yet the SCHOOL wants to give courses in “family values.” Ludicrous idiots.

We live in a world of legal experts and judicial atrocities. Seems somewhat oxy-moronic. You would think that with our much vaunted “rule of law” that there would be far less crime in North America. North America has 75% of the world’s lawyers and 25% of the world’s incarcerated prisoners yet less than 10% of the world’s population. Is this the best that “peace, order and good government” can offer in our British “de facto” pretence of a jural society?

Evil Incarnate has a Benevolent Face
Deceit is the tool of Evil. Deception. One must Trust in order to be Betrayed.

If you do not trust someone the first time you meet them, it is unlikely that they will ever do you any harm since you will not have anything to do with them in the first place.

The people that want to control our lives go to great lengths to get us to trust them. It is so much easier to get performance from a doting acolyte than it is from a resentful slave.

I think there is a somewhat perverse element at work as well as there seems to be a marked propensity to mock their victims. Such as telling us that Justice is Blind after they have blindfolded her and left her sitting outside on the steps of the court house. There is always the glib justification of the self styled benefactor to victimize the slave for its “own good”.

Isn’t it odd how the Crown benefactor always ends up to be the beneficiary? For instance look at the Original People in Canada. The land was once held in trust for the Original people after the British attacked them. They are now gone and only their ab-original children are left with no original rights. They do have ab-original rights but none of their original rights and the Anglican Church Crown owns most of their land. When the last original link is gone the trust will fully devolve to the Trustee, the British Crown of Israel.

The Catholic Church that the Anglican Church evolved from is the exact same kind of organization and operates in exactly the same way. In fact the Freemasonic Grand Master of the Anglican Crown Temple Church in the city of London is an Anglican Priest who worked with Sister Theresa in Calcutta.

Is the Catholic Pope a symbol of benevolence? What is the “triple crown” he wears? The “triple crown” refers to the fact that the Pope is the King of Heaven, Earth and the Underworld. Is the Pope, Christ’s Vicar, greater than God? Does the King of Heaven rule God as well? As the King of the Underworld does the Pope rule over Satan too? Funny how all we see these people ruling is the Earth.

There is no need to steal by force what you can simply take by your private courts in the Righteous name of Justice. How many boxes of pretty coloured inflatable paper monies or bank ledger credit entries would you like for your valuable property? The Crown buys up everything with their counterfeit paper money and when the money system crashes and everyone else is stuck holding worthless bits of paper, the Crown has all the valuable property.

Maybe you can get a nice Crown Lawyer to represent you against the nasty Crown in a court where the Judge is paid by the Crown and everyone but you owes their allegiance to the Crown that is disputing with you.

You will see them all bow to the Crown when they come into court. What do you think your chances are? Now you know why the “authorities” try so hard to cultivate “faces of benevolence”. Trust me; I’ll help you get Justice.

Now you know why Justice is blindfolded and sitting outside on the steps of the courthouse. Just think about the symbolism of that for a moment.

Any tarot readers in the audience? Look at your pack of tarot cards. What colour of eyes does Justice have? Bright Blue. Who wrapped the filthy rag around them? Does it make sense to arm Justice with a Sword and then blindfold her? Would you want to stand in a room with someone you blindfolded and armed with a sword? Isn’t that about as stupid as stupid comes?

Interestingly, the tarot was developed as a method of communication, not divination. Since people could not write and pictures are easy for hu-mans to relate to, I could tell you a story with certain cards of the tarot and you could deliver a message that would have meaning only to its recipient.

Authority and Responsibility
Authority and responsibility go hand in hand. It is untenable to give one man the authority to do something and another man the responsibility for the task. How can you hold someone responsible when they have no authority to do anything?

Why is it that “our” politicians have the authority to create debts, yet we have the responsibility to pay the debts? Should we not have the right to decide if we even want to go into debt since we are supposedly responsible for them?

Who are the people in Canada who keep telling us they are the authorities? Why do these people lie to us?

Canada is a free country. I know that because my fellow country man gave their lives to keep it free and I have been taught that since my first year in school. Free people have elections so they can elect who ever THEY WANT to govern the civil service, not to enslave and govern them.

It is obvious that the real “authorities” in Canada are the private citizens of Canada that are asked to vote for a government. What is the pretence of a vote for if we are not the real true authorities?

Now you know the reason why our foreign controlled government wants to enact all this legislation to curb your rights. Now you also know why your foreign controlled government wants to steal and register all of your firearms. Think clearly about giving up your arms to a government that does not trust you with them. Think about the fate of others who have done so.

Think also about the historical fact that the private army of the Anglican Church, the RCMP have fired on Canadians many times in the past. Incredibly they want to make it a mandatory life sentence to kill one of these traitors that swear allegiance to the foreign Jewish Queen, when one should be decorated for it.

In 1929 the Soviet Union established gun control. From 1929 to 1953, approximately 20 million dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

In 1911, Turkey established gun control. From 1915-1917, 1.5 million Armenians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

Germany established gun control in 1938 and from 1939 to 1945, Jews, gypsies, homosexuals, the mentally ill, and others, who were unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

China established gun control in 1935. From 1948 to 1952, 20 million political dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

Guatemala established gun control in 1964. From 1964 to 1981, 100,000 Mayan Indians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

Uganda established gun control in 1970. From 1971 to 1979, 300,000 Christians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

Cambodia established gun control in 1956. From 1975 to 1977, one million “educated” people, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

It has now been over 12 months since gun owners in Australia were forced to surrender 640,381 personal firearms to be destroyed, a program costing the government more than $500 million dollars. The results Australia-wide:

Homicides are up 3.2%

Assaults are up 8 %

Armed robberies are up 44%.

In that country’s state of Victoria, homicides with firearms are up 300%.

Over the 25 years prior to gun confiscation, figures show a steady decrease in armed robberies. Australian politicians are on the spot and at a loss to explain how no improvement in “safety” has been observed after such monumental effort and expense was successfully expended in “ridding society of guns.”

It’s time to state it plainly; Guns in the hands of honest citizens save lives and property and, yes, gun-control laws only affect the law-abiding citizens. Criminals do not obey laws and that is why they are called criminals. Common sense tells you then that no amount of laws are going to force criminals to give up their guns. It is obvious then that this is not the reason the private citizens of the state are asked to turn in their arms at the same time as the private yellow striped army of the foreign criminal power that is attacking us is decked out in flak jackets, belligerent attitudes and all the latest technological weaponry.

Old World Order
The Old World Order is part one of the agenda to establish global rule. It sought to establish a world of disparate States that could be set against each other to exhaust their people and steal their resources. The New World Order seeks to bring the disparate States together under a single umbrella of Global Judicial Rule.

British Feudalism
Feudalism is the system you have when you have a Monarch that rules and owns everything. While we are taught in school that feudalism is a piece of crap left over from the dark ages, we are not taught that Canada is a feudal nation that is owned lock stock and barrel by the Anglican Church British Crown of Israel.

If you think you are living in a free country and own your own property I invite you to go down to the local land titles office and find out who the registered owner is. You will find that you are registered as the “owner in fee simple”.

You will find that feudalism and fascism go hand in hand. Mussolini said; “Fascism should rightly be called Corporatism as it is the marriage of state and corporate affairs”. Corporations are the legal system atrocities of the British Crown of Israel and their private BAR Association.

Peers and Subjects
When we speak of peers, we believe the term means equal members of our society and we believe we are the peers of our fellow man. This is not true in the British Empire. The peers of the British Empire are God’s chosen people and the rest of the population are subjects; slaves.

The process of being tried by a jury of your peers under English Common Law did not refer to the process of being tried by those in abject misery around you, but by the slave masters running the British Empire.

In Canada when you are tried by a jury of your peers, you are sworn not to question the statutes of the British Crown of Israel when you are determining whether the victim is guilty of violating unlawful slavery rules. Thus, Justice is blindfolded by their filthy rag and remains outside the court house on the step.

Brit-ish Privy Council & Fabian Socialism
The Privy Council is the oldest form of legislative assembly still functioning; its origins date from the Norman Kings’ Court, which met in private. Until the 17th century, the king and his Council were the Government, with Parliament’s role limited to voting funds. Today, the Privy Council has limited, formal executive functions which retain some significance.

On the advice of the Privy Council, The Queen formally approves a large number of Orders in Council (which, by Acts of Parliament, enact subordinate legislation ranging from constitutions of dependent territories to international pollution). The Queen also approves Proclamations (formal notices which cover areas such as the dissolution of Parliament, coinage and dates of certain Bank Holidays). The Privy Council also has certain judicial functions.

There are 400 Privy Councillors, consisting of all members of the Cabinet, a number of middle-ranking government ministers, leaders of the opposition parties in both Houses of Parliament, senior judges and some appointments from the Commonwealth.

Virtually all members of the British Parliament are members of the Fabian Socialists. The crest of the Fabian Socialists is the “Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing”.

Switzerland is the only “neutral nation” on the face of the Earth. One wonders as to what the basis is of this neutrality. Every house in Switzerland is required to have a firearm and all citizens are compelled to service in the armed forces.

The elite Swiss Guard provide security for the Pope, who wears the Triple Crown of Heaven, Earth and the Underworld. In fact Switzerland was designated a neutral nation by the “Jewish Crowned Heads of Europe”. It is the Falcon’s Nest, the seat of the Habsburg dynasty.

If one follows the trail of a crime they need to follow it all the way. We understand how the British have set up our banking industry to fleece us, but we are also capable of following the absconded funds all the way back the Bank of International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland.

Basel, Switzerland is also the home of the world’s largest pharmaceutical manufacturers. Four times as many people die from pharmaceutical drug use in North America as from illicit narcotics. Is this the global centre of drugs and phoney money?

The collective debt of the common wealth nations is some Fifty Trillion Dollars. The asset base of the Bank of International Settlements is some One Hundred and Seventy Five Trillion Dollars. Not hard to see where all the money in the world is going is it?

The seat of Global Power?

If you want to understand the Swiss – Vatican – London power connection, Jewish freemasonry within the feudal system and how the legal system is used to enslave the masses, “Born in Blood” is an excellent book. Jewish freemasonry moved its power base from Paris and London to Switzerland at the time and has done its level best to cover its tracks ever since. Centuries before Columbus sailed to America, ships laden with Jewish Templar Gold purportedly sailed for La Merica, the land to the west. Others say they went directly to Switzerland.

Note that the “peasant’s rebellion” was an engineered event. Lawyers however, should note that the people rose up and slit the throats of all the lawyers and judges in the land and reinstated natural law. Some will be perceptive enough to realize that it was not the people that were motivated to target the legal system; they were merely the weapons. There was a larger power struggle being played in the background as was evidenced by the fact that much of the Templar enemies, the Knights Hospitaller, property was destroyed.

A couple of things happened at the time, but the bottom line rationale for the regime change is this; you cannot trust someone that betrays his own fellow country man. One should be wary of trusting merely to history to repeat itself because this time it is not going to. It is end game time. It is time to wrap the war wearied Old World Disparate Nations into the New World United Nation Slave States. George Orwell laid out the strategy in his book; “1984”.

The government and the RCMP will be sold out by the British Crown of Israel after being so loyally used by their foreign masters all these long years as an instrument to terrorize and decimate our population. The UN will decimate North America in a stated effort to free us from ourselves and British tyranny.

The nuclear warheads sitting in North Dakota will be launched against North America by the British Crown of Israel. How? Perhaps Sir Henry Kissinger, Sir Ronald Reagan, Sir George Bush, Sir Alan Greenspan, Sir Colin Powell, Sir Rudolph Giuliani and Sir Obvious Clue can help us out here.

Why was Giuliani Knighted by the British Crown of Israel after the WTC debacle? What was the notable service he rendered to the Queen of the Jews? What Jewish fellow picked up all the insurance money on the demolished towers that were rented from the New York Harbour Authority and vastly reinsured just months before?

As a distant cousin, Sir George Bush is related to Her Majesty. When I say that Sir George Bush is a Jew I mean that he is genetically Jewish not religiously Jewish. One generally finds the genetic Jewish interests in monopolistic corporate control in North America.

For instance; all the pipelines in North America are controlled by Koch Oil and Gas. It is all run from a single room in their corporate headquarters in Building C in the heart of Wichita, Kansas. Regardless of the label, they all get gas from the same source. Einstein’s grandmother was a Koch. The Koch’s are genetically Jewish regardless of being religiously Christian. Interestingly, Charles Koch and his daddy were members of the John Birch Society.

The end game has begun already in Australia. Gone are the people’s guns and the Thelemic Knights are manouevering their lawyers to challenge the British Crown of Israel in the United Nations. “Treason!”, cries Joe Bryant.

British Crimes Against Humanity
These crimes against humanity are carried out by systems and by our selves. If they can herd people into systems and force their compliance under mental duress it is much more effective than blatant overbearing force. It is more convenient if you actually believe someone else has the right to control you.

The systems the Crown sets up are legion and paid for at the expense of the private citizens the Crown attacks. Our population is controlled by a myriad of governmental “systems.” It is of course an illegitimate venue for governments in free countries to attempt to control the population that elected it as it is no longer free when they do so. Free man does not band together in states to elect a government to shit on their heads and sell them out, they elect governments to govern their employees. Government appointees should try to remember this.

People keep asking me if I think the Queen is really as evil as what I am saying seems to suggest. Most often I ask them if they have industriously tried to persevere in their lives and if they have actively pursued a dream of becoming rich. Pretty well everyone admits they have. I ask them if it took a concerted effort and if they were as successful as they had hoped. They admit it had often been rough going and the effort was not successful as they hoped. I ask them then if they believe that people must be extra-ordinarily astute to become rich and they answer that they do believe this. Then I ask them how they can imagine the Queen can be one of the richest people in the world and not even realize how she is maintaining power. Common sense turns the lights on.

Endogenous systems are designed to become legislatively overburdened nightmares that tear our society apart. A close examination of any Canadian bureaucracy is ample illustration. In the midst of legislative havoc a silent war of deception is waged against us. Here are a few of the primary exogenous British systems.

You cannot hold by force what you take by force so force is a short-term tactic. Force opens the door to the British criminal conspiracy and is used to smash any society that threatens to escape its control.

Armies are ecclesiastical organizations. We can tell this from the regalia of their uniforms. The Nazis had the Swastika, which was derived from an ancient symbol for Christianity. Many of them wore the Maltese Cross which identified them as Knights of Malta.

It is interesting that the armies of their supposed “enemy” wear the same regalia. Yes, many of the German Army officers and British Army officers belonged to the exact same religious orders and secret societies. Many were freemasons. These people swear blood oaths to protect each other that goes beyond every other allegiance they make.

It is interesting that armies no longer attack each other as much as they attack each other’s civilian populations.

Intelligence Agencies
Intelligence Agencies are international police forces. They engage in what they call “Behaviour Modification Operations”. (Do a search for this on the internet. Interestingly, the web site is created by an Israeli fellow. Read how you can influence local populations to accept your view.) Most of them are started by the private intelligence agency of the British Crown of Israel known as MI6.

An operative from MI6, one Lord Palmerston formed the OSS, which subsequently became the CIA or Central Intelligence Agency. The CIA formed the CSIS or Canadian Security Intelligence Service.

The logo of MI6 is a human brain with a big green “C” (for control) around it and a Crown on the top. The motto of MI6 is “Semper Occultus” or “always hidden”. A latin logo is generally a good indication that your organization is controlled by the British in some manner. One has to wonder to whom they should be “Always Faithful” when their Puppet Masters are “Always Hidden.”

The Brit-ish Crown of Israel created the British State of Israel. They also created the Mossad, the Israeli intelligence agency. It has been claimed that Interpol also paved the way for the Nazi “war criminals” to escape. One has to wonder how many of these were really British operatives?

Police Forces
Police come in two varieties. Police in free states are called “Peace Officers”. These police derive their authority from the sovereignty of the private citizenry. Police in feudal fascist states are called “Law Enforcement Officers”. These police derive their faux authority from the play-acting of their foreign masters.

Thus it is very easy to determine whether or not you live in a “Police State” or a “Free State”. Do the police simply try to keep the peace or do they enforce a plethora of legislation designed to enrich the foreign Treasury of the British Crown of Israel? Welcome to the British Police State.

Peace Officers try to ensure that everyone gets along and try to ensure that no one is victimized. Law Enforcement Officers legally victimize in the name of “the Supremacy of God and the Rule of Law”.

Reading the Canadian Code written by the Criminals running our country one can see that the proceeds of all crime devolve to the Crown. So do the proceeds of all the tickets that are written. This is why crime automatically goes up when the private army of the foreign Crown known as the RCMP in Canada move into an area. Crime pays big time for the British Crown of Israel.

Yellow Striped Law Enforcement Criminals in Canada work for the world’s largest drug dealer; the British Crown of Israel. I believe it is a blatant act of Treason for the organization that publicly styles itself as the coercive arm of the Canadian Judiciary to swear allegiance to a foreign power.

There is a big difference between a “thin blue line” and a “fat yellow stripe”. We all know what the thin blue line is and we are well aware of what a yellow stripe means as well.

Peace officers are respected, even cherished by the people they protect with the law. Legislation Enforcement officers are loathed by the people they rob with the legal system claptrap.

Peace officers can walk about confident in the protection of their fellow man if they really need help and enjoy the benevolent appreciation of the lawful society they have sworn to protect. Legislation Enforcement officers walk about scowling, eyes covered, armed to the teeth and hiding behind flak jackets. The reason for this is that they are respected by no one and admired only by retards like themselves.

Religion is the key to inducing critical mass insanity and mind control. So complete is the subjugation of a god oriented hu-man herd member will actually sit still while it is slaughtered by those that maniacally chortle while they sacrifice them on the altar of their deceit. Mindless obeisance allows the British Crown of Israel to offer such glorious holocausts to their Satanic God.

The primary instrument for the British Crown of Israel to control our country right now is Religion. An examination of the preamble of the British NA Act documents of the British Crown of Israel Swindlers begins; “Recognizing the Supremacy of God and the Rule of Law…”

And waltzing in the door with all pomp and pageantry come the pretenders to the throne with benevolence and honey dripping from their lips and murder and larceny dripping from their hearts; red eyed demons in disguise, teardrops in their eyes and they all crying life and thinking death!

Churches are a key link in teaching the young that they are not the sovereign authority in their own lives. Their livelihood depends on this deception, as indeed does their entire criminal conspiracy. Some of the most immoral and unethical attacks on target nations are directed by those that hide under the skirts of the church.

At the centre of the British Crown sits the Crown Templar Anglican Church and its four Inns of Temple Court with their private “divine law” legal system. The Jewish Queen belongs to the Inner Temple and the Middle Temple. This corporate “Church” is just off Fleet Street in Chancery Lane in the heart of the Corporate City of London.

Secret Societies
Innocuous funny little clowns that champion sick children and swear blood oaths to defend each other in all cases and at all costs? Odd contrast. Secret Societies are another method of maintaining internal control. There are many books written about this old boys club and its multitudinous offshoots. Their oaths hold them above all else. Power cliques in government and court.

The Biblical symbolism is easy to identify in Jewish freemasonry. Hiram Abif was the builder of Solomon’s Temple. Solomon was the son of David; a genocidal mass murderer at the behest of his God. Hidden handshakes, cryptic idiocies and skulduggery are to be found in the closets of carefully apparent gentlemen. On the level, on the square, or more than half a bubble off plumb?

One finds the religious link in most “benevolent” societies. Jewish Freemasonry requires only a belief in a higher being, call it the Great Architect Of The Universe if you will, no debts and no blemishes on your skin. With the exception of Jewish Freemasonry and their British Knights, all secret societies are banned in the British Empire common wealth of Israel.

Knights of the British Empire
Those infamous Knights of the British Empire of Israel, the Templar Knights from the Crown Temple in London. These are the people who founded the Crown Temple Church and marched off to regain their ancestral holy land that God had given to their ancestors. They are not the only Knights in the entourage however. Freemasonry within the church.

Knighthoods are awarded for services rendered to the British Empire. Sir John A. MacDonald was given a Knighthood for fraudulently imposing the BNA Act on the Canadian people. Knights swear their allegiance to the British Crown of Israel. It is laughable that Sir John A. MacDonald is known as the Canadian Father of Confederation when the Encyclopaedia Britannica quotes his declaration; “a British subject I was born and a British subject I will die.”

One might ask what service Sir Ronald Reagan rendered the British Empire when Sir George Herbert Walker Bush was Head of the CIA and bringing drugs into North America for the British Crown which has been the world’s largest covert drug dealer for centuries? Sir Henry Kissinger as US Secretary of State? Sir Alan Greenspan Head of the British owned US Federal Reserve? Sir Rudolph Giuliani for cleaning up the WTC atrocity and burying the evidence for British Israel? Sir Colin Powell, Head of the US Armed Forces?

Ecclesiastical Knighthoods are passed out for service to the British Empire by the Anglican Church Crown of Israel. Sir Henry Kissinger admitted to being a British agent when he gave a keynote address at London’s Chatham House, May 10, 1982 on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the founding of the British Foreign Service under its first chief Lord Palmerston’s sponsor, Jeremy Bentham in this rather stunning admission of espionage against America:

“… In my White House incarnation then, I kept the British Foreign Office better informed and more closely engaged than I did the State department.”

Americans appear not to mind that heads of their state department, presidency, central intelligence agency, armed forces and even the agency that prints their own money; the federal reserve have all sworn allegiance to the British Empire, their most ancient enemy. Shades of Benedict Arnold, Patrick Henry Bellringer screamed; the British Kings and Judges have enslaved us in a feudal debt system with phoney money and taxation again!!!

“The fact of the matter is, the British Commonwealth, and its monarchy, are presently guilty of organizing both aggressive warfare against the nations of Sudan and Zaire, and, simultaneously, the functionally greatest rate of genocide in modern history against sundry targeted African populations. In fact, there is no factual basis for doubting the monarchy of the United Kingdom launched and is coordinating aggressive warfare by Uganda, Ethiopia and Eritrea the invasion of Sudan and that Uganda’s president Yoweri Museveni is responsible for the invasion and genocide against, first, Rwanda, and now Zaire. A river of blood divides all moral persons in the world from those British and other racists who support or condone these Nuremburg crimes by the British Commonwealth and its United Kingdom based British Privy Council. Perfide Albion!” – Lyndon H. Larouche Jr., democratic presidential candidate.

Umm Mommy, now that the cold war is over and Russia no longer exists and all the nuclear arms of the United States are controlled by British Knights, America’s most ancient enemies, will Sir Colin Powell unleash them on the dissident American and Canadian population to strengthen the B-A-C Alliance and help the UN World Health Organization reduce the world’s population by four fifths? Why are they not called the UN World Death Organization?

Legislation IS Slavery when it is applied to a Free Man without his agreement. Justify your control however you wish and for whatever reason but the bottom line is that it is a crime against humanity.

Another term for legislation is “a legal constraint”. The only lawful way a free man can be legally constrained is by entering into a “legal contract”. Read the definitions of legal and lawful until you understand that in order to be legally valid and lawful a “legal” document must follow equitable guidelines.

Legal contracts consist of full disclosure, mutual consideration and mutual un-coerced agreement. You cannot contract to do something that is unlawful; such illegitimate “legal contracts” are automatically void. Reading the requirements one can see that if it is not in the contract it is not part of the contract.

BAR (Mitzvah) Association
This is the private association of lawyers that have been handpicked by the British Crown of Israel to rule our lives. “BAR Mitzvah” means Son of the Divine Law. The BAR MITZVAH Association is a private legal system franchise that “licenses” lawyers to “practise” law. A license from the BAR Association to practise law is functionally and quite literally a “license to steal.”

All lawyers in the Nations which are owned by the Common Wealth of Israel are subjects of the British Crown of Israel and have the title of “Esquire” which means “Shield Bearer” of the Crown. When a BAR Association lawyer goes into court, you will always see him bow to the crest of authority of his Master that is on the wall behind the judge. In one of the ecclesiastical courts in British Columbia you will see that this crest of authority belongs to the British Crown of Israel, with the Lion of Judah at the very top of it; Divine Jewish Authority.

Legally mandated counterfeit money, legally mandated unlawful debt peonage, legally mandated cheque kiting credit monetary system, legally mandated slavery, there is no end to the judicial atrocities you can legally mandate when you own the judiciary and their lawyer monkey minions.

Unlawful Legal Court System
It is important to understand that the legal quagmire of the British Crown of Israel is in no way lawful. These are not the “laws of our land.” It is time we take the law into our own hands of the Canadian state where it rightfully belongs and out of the despotic hands of foreign powers; both British and UN.

We will remain the legislated slaves and victims of judicial rule for as long as we remain uneducated. We simply cannot remain ignorant and free when even the most intelligent of our fellow countryman are deceived.

In this country we need to elect a judiciary and we need a process to remove them when they are no longer sensitive to the moral and ethical qualities of the society they serve. We need to disenfranchise the BAR Associations. We also need to freely elect our peace officers so that they remain above corruption and manipulation. We must insist they hold no other allegiances to any other power.

In no case should any government official elected by the Canadian state ever swear allegiance to a foreign power. “No man can serve two Masters, for he will love the one and hate the other.”

The contempt with which our foreign owned MP’s and MLA’s hold the Canadian state is embarrassing evidence of the ageless wisdom of the aforementioned statement. With malicious and reckless glee they have enslaved and burdened their fellow countryman and our future generations under both yokes of illegitimate legislation and debt peonage.

What are Lawful Courts?

Natural Law
is the unwritten moral code of ethics that compels man (M/F) to be in honour and grace with his fellows and penalizes only for immoral and unethical actions against another man. In natural law you can only be compelled to court for doing another human being an injury. The natural law is predicated upon what is morally and ethically correct and depends upon intent (mens). In a law court you are tried by a jury of your peers who will understand if you have comported yourself in a moral and ethical manner in your own society. In natural law, you are presumed innocent and “errare humanum est” also allowed to be human. In natural law, both actions and intent with malice of forethought, mens rea, must be conclusively proven. If you are found guilty, the jury makes a recommendation of sentence. The judge is merely the arbitrator of the process and by virtue of the elected authority of the state (the people in that geographical area) imposes the sentence. Undermining the morals and ethics of a society undermines the ability of a system of natural law to function.

courts govern the legitimate rules of lawful legal contracts. Remember the three elements of a lawful “legal” (valid written) contract; full disclosure, mutual consideration and mutual un-coerced agreement.

If all elements of the contract have not been disclosed to you it is unlawful and is not a legal contract. If you do not get something equal in value to you in exchange it is unlawful and not a legal contract. If you do not want to enter into a contract in the first place, it is unlawful and not a legal contract. You cannot lawfully contract to do something that is unlawful. If it is not specifically in the contract it is not part of the contract. This is equitable contract law.

Equity is defined as “Justice administered according to fairness as contrasted with the strictly formulated rules of common law. The term equity denotes the spirit and habit of fairness, justness, and right dealing which would regulate the intercourse of men with men. (See: Black’s 6th). Equity deals with fictions, like corporations. In a lawful equity court, the judge is agreed upon by both parties to be an independent arbitrator who is paid by the state to examine the terms of the contract that exists between both parties, determine performance if the contract is lawful and compensation to render an equitable remedy.

I love my family. I love my country. I love Life and I love Freedom. Pretty well everything most of us care about can be summed up in that order if we really think about it. I don’t see me as being much different than most others in my country. Perhaps I have different wants, but we all have the same needs.

I believe my country is controlled. I believe my country is under attack and I believe my country is being pillaged. I believe the power that controls us is absolutely illegitimate and have placed us in a position of absolute jeopardy.

You are by now familiar with the manner in which we are constantly tossed back and forth between force, religion and legislation until our society is smashed and remoulded according to mind controlled form. You are familiar with the manner in which the court systems have been used as a weapon to perfect an interest in Canadian citizens as slaves of the British Crown of Israel.

Controlling the courts you can “legally mandate” literally anything. Canada no longer possesses any “real money”, only “legal tender.” The British Queen has bought up all our valuable property for the mere expedience of putting ink to paper. This is why 92% of “British Columbia” is now owned outright by the British Crown of Israel.

The pretty printed paper money works well until it is no longer “legally mandated” and then the last person holding the notes has nothing but fancy fire starter for which he gave up all his property. It is a British legal bait and switch scheme using “legally sanctioned” counterfeit money. This is not the greatest British Banking Fraud against the Canadian State.

It is interesting that many Canadians talk about getting out of debt peonage by “paying down the debt” without understanding that our “currency” is created by cheque kiting debt instruments. The catch 22 of the situation being if we pay down all the debt instruments we extinguish our money supply and end up in the worse possible depression imaginable.

Speaking of the worse possible depression imaginable; it is coming. Things do not become more valuable. Ceteris paribus, a roof over your head and food in your belly has the same value as it did to your grandparents. So why does it cost so much more? Easy; the “Canadian currency” of the British Crown of Israel with the face of the Queen of the Jews is as worthless as their legal system.

In fact; fiat currency is never worth any more than “bugger all”. Not even the paper and ink it is printed with. It is a credit note, an IOU and it is of no more worth than the good faith and credit of the corporation that issued it. The bank puts up not one cent for the exorbitant rates of interest they charge you for the assets that YOU put up as collateral.

The deceptions one can play with a money supply are legion. Our entire money supply, credit money system, stock market, banking and legal industries are all foreign controlled corporate criminal operations. Thirty years ago the five major banks in Canada controlled 18% of all assets and now they control 80% so it is not hard to see where the money is going.

Is that the “Lion of Judah” that one sees on the “Royal Bank?” That Royal Heraldic Religious Symbolism of the Banking Jews just seems to pop up all over the place. Perhaps Christ should have driven the priests from the banks when he drove the bankers from the synagogues.

We in Canada own nothing of our own and that is why we are required to license it from the British Crown of Israel. That is why we are required to follow their legislative guidelines on what we are lead to believe is our “own” property.

With no control over and no allegiance from “our” politicians, armed forces, ‘police forces’, money supply, food supply or courts we Canadian are a sorely subjected race of slaves known as bondsmen of the British Empire of Israel.

The deception begins at the cradle and follows us to the grave.

At the time you are born, your parents give you a name. My parents called me Harry James Townsend. My father told me this name has been in our family for many generations and means “Warrior-Usurper-Keeper of the Gate.”

Note that as a man, I am referred to as a noun in the English language and my name is thus spelled in Title Case.

At the time you are born the foreign controlled “government” unlawfully legally requires that your parents register your live birth. What they don’t know is that they are registering you to be a bondsman of the Jewish province of “Her Majesty in Right of British Columbia”.

The birth certificate creates a legal corporate entity known as a “straw man.” Of course Strawminius Homo is no more “real” than a scarecrow, SIN MAN or cowardly lion. This corporate entity is known as a PERSON. Since this corporate persona is only a legal fiction and not a real person it’s name is spelled in all upper case; HARRY JAMES TOWNSEND.

You are the new created member of the species of man and it is your tiny hu-man body that your parents proudly bear home. Your legally enslaved twin shadow is registered as a bond with the Treasury department. You are the free man until you do not know any better. The corporate person on the birth certificate with the all capital letters name is the bondsman and slave.

If you mindlessly cooperate with the plethora of demands made upon you it is unlikely that you will ever discover how you are being robbed. However, if you balk in any manner you are going to start understanding that you are not exactly free as you have been told and the “voluntary” taxes, licenses and fees are going to be torn from your bloodied hide.

If you the living man happen to come into disagreement with CCRA, first an ex parte federal court order is rubber stamped by a minor court official to “seize all your belongings for debts owed to Her Majesty.” An RTP or requirement to pay BASED UPON THIS UNILATERAL LEGAL JUDGEMENT is then sent out to any and all persons that the Crown believes hold any of your assets.

I never knew what an RTP was until I got my CCRA file under the Freedom of Information Act. (I recommend anyone fighting with CCRA do this. I now have proof in CCRA’s own documentation concerning their criminal activity against us and the fact that they routinely lie and abuse their own rules and regulations in their misbegotten attempts to collect their own pay cheques.) I tried for years to get my day in court with CCRA. When I finally got my documents under the FOIA process, imagine my surprise to find it documented in their diary that I had explained to the fellow that all I wanted was my day in court. He wrote in his diary that he thought he was being recorded so he was careful not to divulge any information or policies. He goes on to explain that I told him I was not giving them any money without a court order (obviously wanting my day in court) and he never said anything but wrote in brackets; “it’s a good thing that is exactly what RTP’s are”.

That part left me shocked with incredulity. It is obvious these people are criminals because they act like criminals. What is this shit that they are careful not to divulge information or policies? What does the idiot think he is on the phone to do? Why secretive about the fact that an RTP is a court order? I will tell you why. Because you have a minor CCRA employee like Calgary Tax Nazi Thea Smith who rubber stamps a claim against you. She trots it over to the court house, where another minor bureaucrat like Nancy Gagne, rubber stamps a federal court order to seize all your belongings for debts owed to her majesty and that is it. Two minor bureaucrats have rubber stamped a federal court order to seize all your belongings for debts owed to her majesty, you never get your day in court, your case never gets presented to a judge and now based upon this fraudulent document they bring the full machinery of the government to bear in collecting their phoney claims. Do not think it really matters if it ever does make it to a judge. The BAR Mitzvah Association Sons of the Divine Law presiding under “Her Majesties Right” from GOD are all part of the scam and they will happily beat you up formally in court if you do not comply with the theft of your hard earned assets by your own neighbours working for these foreign criminals.

If the criminal debts are not satisfied by the RTP, the court system is then used to brow beat you into compliancy. This is the arena of last resort though as it requires a number of crimes against humanity be committed in order to perfect the financial interest in the man as a slave.

You will be delivered “legal documents” from the British Crown Conspiracy running “our” Just Us System that will be addressed to a legal fiction known as a PERSON. For instance, legal papers are delivered to me addressed to “HARRY JAMES TOWNSEND”.

If you point out to the illegitimate conspiracy pretending to be an authority in your life that you are a free man and not the corporate person they are pretending that you are, armed yellow striped British Crown of Israel army officers will haul you in to court meeting any protest on your part with the mindless instruction to “tell it to the Judge.”

The private Canadian citizen and free man named Harry James Townsend goes to court when he is handed “legal documents” bearing the name HARRY JAMES TOWNSEND and compelling him to answer a legislative violation in the name of her Jewish Majesty. Living an honest, moral and ethical life he believes that all he needs to do is tell the Truth and Justice will champion his cause.

The Crown Court Clerk calls out HARRY JAMES TOWNSEND which phonetically sounds like Harry James Townsend and I answer “I am here.” The clerk asks; “are you this person” and I tell him that I am. I am no longer a free man and a private citizen of the Canadian state. I am now by my own admission a corporate person and bondsman wholly owned by the British Crown of Israel.

It is of course a fraud. What has happened is perhaps best illustrated by an analogous depredation known as the first-degree initiation into Jewish Freemasonry. The initiate is hoodwinked, a noose, or cable tow, placed around his neck and asked to swear a blood oath with a blade pressed to his naked breast. He is told afterward that had he balked and run the noose would have strangled him and he would therefore have been the architect of his own demise. Yes, it is easy to see how the culprit that placed the noose there or held it was not in the least bit culpable, if you are a complete dunce.

We are told that the Social Insurance Number we have is part of a “social contract” and as a consequence we are legally liable for the person named on the card that we attached our signature to. Hmm. I got my SIN card so that I could join cadets and shoot a rifle. I don’t think I was yet even fourteen. Is a one-sided open “social contract” with a fourteen year old child legal or lawful?

When I give presentations to people on how we are controlled, some will point to the things that man does and ask is it perhaps not for the best that we are so constrained if for nothing else but our own good. To these I can only answer that you cannot stand on a man’s neck and condemn his acts of desperation.

I have faith in my fellow countryman, far more faith than I do in my foreign controlled government. When CCRA left us homeless it was our fellow countryman that helped us up. I have far more faith in my countryman owning firearms than I do of people who swear allegiance to a foreign power and are daily packing ever more fire power while they disarm everyone else in a legal suckers game. Only the state should be armed, never the government.

In our society, we pay more taxes now than we ever have and yet we get progressively less for them. As a consequence, a family on welfare gets somewhat less than they need for rent, never mind necessities and are docked dollar for dollar if they earn anything. It is a system designed to criminalize the desperate in order to compel them into a position of jeopardy and servitude.

To meet the problem, Canadians started food banks. Privately collected gifts from the compassionate to the needy, an expression of love and hope to those financially disenfranchised hu-man resources on the bottom. In 1980 there was one food bank in Canada, now there are over two thousand. (Source, “The Evil Empire” by MP Paul Hellyer.)

If you go to the Crown Social Services to get some of the money back that the Crown have stolen from you while you work they will send you to the food bank first. In fact, in order to go to many food banks now, you need to go to “Social Services.” If one considers how many children have been abused and died in the hands of the SS, the abbreviation seems most appropriate to their organization.

In order to slow the natural inflation caused by our counterfeit money supply you can balance it against national employment. An unemployment rate of 7% translates into an inflation rate of approximately 3%. Of course there are myriad ways of calculating these meaningless blithering terms.

The un-employment rate does not consider those that have simply dropped out of society, which is growing daily. And even in a period of low inflation we notice that prices continue to rise rapidly yet our wages have not increased in twenty years.

Statistics can show a lot of things, most of them of no relation to the charts you are looking at. But if you think about the relationship between inflation and unemployment you will see that a certain portion of the aggregate hu-man resources must remain un-employed so that the employed hu-man resources can maintain a manageable standard of living. Keep in mind that I am not talking about those that have fallen out of the system into the black market, but those actually registered as un-employed.

We condemn the unemployed as lazy without realizing they are an integral part of our controlled hu-man resources. They curb the natural inflation of our phoney money system and also provide a downward pressure on wages that translates into higher corporate fascist profits. Un-employment also creates lots of bankruptcies with the Crown as the greatest beneficiary.

WELFARE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH LAZINESS, IT IS A NECESSITY TO MAINTAINING OUR SLAVERY AND COUNTERFEIT MONEY SYSTEMS. All welfare does in our society is curb violence and suicide. Unfortunately 70% of the money spent on social programs go to support the bureaucracy that administers them.

Full employment creates rampant inflation. This is because we have no real money left and all of our currency is created as debt instruments. When they have jobs, people will borrow in order to have now and pay later. When you borrow credits from a bank they become “newly created money”. Because there is now more money to buy the same amount of goods, the price of the good goes up. This is because the “value” of the money has gone down in comparison.

Bankruptcy wipes the debt instruments off the books. You might want to think about that. The foreign controlled government maintains web sites with information on all business and personal bankruptcies in any corporate district in CANADA. In actual fact, the system is designed to drive everybody into bankruptcy so that the Crown can foreclose on everything.

If the natural inflation of fiat money does not kill you then the arbitrarily determined taxes of bureaucratic self-servants will. It is not hard to see that it is our foreign controlled governments that kill all of our business ventures and livelihoods. It is easy to see that when you use fiat money it has a cost. The same dollar repeatedly collects interest EVERY TIME IT IS USED IN A “LEGAL” TRANSACTION. Every cent of this interest that is collected is stolen purchasing power from everyone that uses the counterfeit currency.

The private legal system franchise of the British Crown is responsible for seeing the counterfeit “legal tender” is used as “money” in the victim country. The Crown can then buy real property for useless bits of coloured paper. Of course the last one holding the money gets burned the worse, but in actual fact everyone loses but the British Crown of Israel in this confidence scam.

Worse is the cheque writing scheme that passes for currency. Currency is created by debt. All bank loans are debts created out of thin air. The bank puts up not a penny, merely making a ledger entry. You put up your own property for the mortgage (death wager) and then the Crown manipulates the “business cycles” and cashes in on your failure to repay something you never even borrowed.

Lending legitimacy and absolute confusion to the whole thing is the Stock Market Scam. If you know that Winston Churchill was on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange with Bernard Baruch the day the stock market crashed in November of 1929 then you know that it is an insider corporate manipulated scam. It is impossible for the stock exchange to work without insider knowledge. Most stock market offerings are just another form of cheque kiting and confidence scams with other people’s money.

It is ridiculous to think the only thing that stops any of us from committing trespasses against our fellow man is some claptrap rule that none of us have ever read. The legal system is un-needed in a lawful moral and ethical society. Before the religious legal system arrived there were no legislative violations, judicial atrocities, lawyers or penal institutions. It is the legal system that undermines the morals and ethics of a lawful society in order to sustain itself.

The rule of law vacillates back and forth on a pendulum spectrum of extreme slavery from feudalism to fascism. From Kings to Judges it is volleyed back and forth by the same people; Lawyers in the employ of Bankers. All the World is a Stage; a British Punch and Judy show put up by Swiss pickpockets.

To show you how the judicial minions of the privately owned legal system franchise of British Bankers exercise our own courts against us, one need only look to the definition of treason in Black’s Law Dictionary; “betraying the government of the state into the hands of a foreign power”. Contrast this with the definition of treason in the Canadian Criminal Code.

Incredibly the only way a Canadian can be charged with treason is not for actions against the Canadian state but for actions against the foreign power that controls “our government” and “our army”.

Speaking of treason, does it not strike anyone that it is just as treasonous to betray the Canadian state into the hands of the foreign UN as it is into the hands of the foreign British Common Wealth of Israel?

English MP J. Enoch Powell said it all during the “Patriate the Constitution Deception” of 1982; “How comes it that Canadians are so easily lead by the nose….. not only have they been deceived, but their forefathers were deceived before them….”

It is time to rid our selves of the racist and ridiculous recognition of the Supremacy of the Jewish God and the despotic rule of their BAR Association. It is time to throw out both the baby and the bathwater. In fact, kick the satanic little beast back through the goal posts of Hell to the Sea from whence it crept.

As Canadians we face many problems associated with the manner in which we are “ruled.” That we are ruled at all is the biggest and most offensive of these moral and ethical dilemmas. These problems must be dealt with or we might as well forget about everything we believe in as a people. We are living in a house of cards that is about to fall once again. Our survival demands thoughtful consideration.

1) Canada is ruled by a criminal conspiracy known as the “British Crown of Israel.” It is an act of treason for governments we elect to swear an oath of allegiance to this foreign power. Voting for them knowing they are going to commit treason makes you party to an assault on the Canadian state. Note that this government claims to be the “de facto” government of Canada, not the “de jure” government of Canada. “De facto” means in fact where as “de jure” means in law. Where is our lawful government? The present government of Canada “assumed” power. An assumption is a legal fiction of the legal system that operates under colour and guise of law. How do you challenge the assumption on court when the foreign power that is running your government is also running and appointing your courts? We are easily lead by the nose.

2) The court systems of Canada are usurped by privately owned BAR (Sons of the Divine Law Esquires) Association. These are criminals operating in our courts under colour and guise of law. These BAR Associations are the private legal system franchises of the British Crown of Israel. We the people of the Canadian state need to take the law into our own hands WHERE IT RIGHTLY BELONGS. Only when we have judges sitting on the bench that have been elected by the Canadian state will Canadians start receiving justice. It is time to remove the filthy BAR Mitzvah Association divine rag of deception from her eyes and clean the rust from her righteous sword.

3) There is a long term plan to subject Canada to the United Nations. Knowing free countries are not subject exposes this plan for what it is; judicial slavery and treason like we now have, only on a global scale. Our country must never be subject to any authority other than our own.

4) Free people are not subjects and they are not subject to legislation. Free people are not governed, they are self-governing. Free people elect governments to govern the civil service. ANYTHING else is TREASON to the Canadian state. Our governments must swear allegiance to the Canadian state, not to any foreign power. The Canadian Criminal Code shows that the proceeds from all crime devolve to the British Crown. Crime in Canada pays big for these judicial criminals. Incredibly, the Canadian Criminal Code shows how these criminals use what they write and call “our laws” in order to protect themselves. Look up the definition of treason in a law dictionary and then look up the definition of treason in the Canadian criminal code. See the difference? Treason is the act of betraying the government of the state into the hands of a foreign power. In Canada, the only way you can commit treason is by “betraying” this so called foreign queen that lives on the other side of the planet! What kind of shit is that? Well, for one, it is evidence of who is screwing around with our judicial system and how they are doing it. It is unfortunate that cops and lawyers are always cops and lawyers first and Canadians second.

5) Canada does NOT have a Constitution. A Constitution is a body of law, written by the state (we the people) to control the government. The BNA Act was not written by Canadians and it is not our constitution. It is a British document that recognizes their fake god and rule by BAR Association Lawyers. The preamble reads; “recognizing the supremacy of god and the rule of law”. Sounds innocent enough, but can we build a free country on a Jewish fairy tale and a slavery system? A member of the BAR in Canada quite literally has a license to steal. WE MUST KICK BOTH THE BRITISH GOD AND THE LAWYERS OUT OF OUR GOVERNMENT. Any powers not specifically allocated to the government remain with the state. (The criminals running our country into the ground claim that if it doesn’t say they can’t do it they can do what they like. A ludicrous proposal.)

6) Legally mandated Banking System crimes. Canada has a paper currency that is counterfeit. The perpetrators of this crime must be brought to justice. Canada has a credit currency system run by the banks that is nothing more than a cheque kiting scheme offset by bankruptcies. The debts on both of these “legal system” currencies are also unlawful, being incurred without lawful authority to do so. The catch 22 quandary of this system that is designed to fail so that everyone with a debt needs to declare bankruptcy and then the Crown seizes everything from everyone they have at jeopardy. Everyone seems to have a plan to pay down the debt without realizing that doing so would extinguish our money supply and plunge us into a horrific depression. The stock market is used as a confidence cash cow by inside legal swindlers. Elect Canadians judges to lawful courts and we can straighten out these crimes that have been committed against us. There is a fast, easy and effective way out of this legally created quandary; jail the criminals and seize their assets globally.

7) The Canadian Armed Forces must be run by Canadians. It is entirely untenable that such a decrepit power as the British Crown of Israel and their Jewish Queen should be sacrificing the lives of our children on the altar of their deceits. Canadians often ask what is going on in “our” Armed Forces without realizing that our children are being asked to serve in such deplorable conditions on ill conceived schemes because they are the target. Our soldiers are purposely poisoned with a myriad of vaccinations. (Been there, done that.) Humiliated and abused in a constant mental assault that includes being underpaid, underfunded, underhoused, underfed and underarmed. Just call us the Armpit Forces of the British Crown of Israel. And we want to raise our glasses to the “Queen of Canada?” What free man in our free country elected the head of this foreign church as our “head of state” and gave her control over our Armed Forces? Only if we own our own Armed Forces can we show pride of ownership.

8) Ownership of land and property. If you go to the land titles office and look up who owns your property, you will see you are the owner in “fee simple.” Look up this definition and you will find this makes you a feudal tenant subject to a feudal lord. The Crown has fraudulently lead you to believe you “own” the property when in fact you own nothing but the piece of paper. Most of Canada is owned by the Crown who stole it from the original people that lived here when they first attacked our country under the auspices of protecting a “trust”. Now what you believe is yours is stolen from you right under your nose by the same criminals using the same courts. Canadians need allodium title to their own land in order to have true ownership.

9) The British Crown of Israel, and the Jewish Queen who was supposed to be their trustee, needs to settle their account with the Canadian Original People. It was fraud for the Crown to hold anything in trust for the original people and it continues to be fraud. All assets mined from their lands must be returned and they must be compensated for the losses. We all know that the TRUE LAW morally and ethically requires the return of stolen property to their rightful owners. Though many Canadians believe they have legitimate land claims, in essence they have purchased stolen property. (Well, actually not if you consider you are really a feudal serf. Canadians need to call this foreign church to account for their crimes in OUR courts.) Canadians need to support the original people of Canada against the Crown and then press for compensation for the fraud perpetrated against them also. The crimes against humanity such as the attempted genocide of the original people by the British Crown of Israel need to be adjudicated by the free people of the Canadian state, not by the foreign criminals that committed the crimes in the first place.

10) Stop the judicial assault on the private citizens of the state by the foreign Crown employed “public”. We are told that the “Crown is the Public”. Well, that is fine, but I AM NOT. So why is this public accounting facility; the CCRA, sending me bills for the public? And what right did the “public” have to claim the birthright that belongs to ALL THE PRIVATE CITIZENS OF THE CANADIAN STATE? Why am I forced to pay for public benefits when none of them apply to me? Public servants told me I am liable for the debts of the public but I should not worry about it because the public owns all the crown land. (Idiots.) If I am the public where is my dividend cheque? There seem to be so many claims to the land, but I truly feel that if this land belongs to anyone it belongs rightfully to all of us who were born here, not to some foreign power and their employees. Why are minor public servants allowed to rubber stamp federal court documents to seize the property of the private citizens of the Canadian state? When you disagree with CCRA, they rubber stamp a federal court order to seize your belongings without you even getting to present yourself to the court or a judge. Disagree with one of these minor little un-elected pissants and they will ruin your life. I could attest to that with their own documentation; if I could ever get the little legal bastards into a legitimate lawful court. The plethora of “legal rules and regulations” and myriad licenses, fees, permits, etc, are all highly unlawful. Using the RCMP to enforce these ridiculous “legal atrocities” is an abuse of judicial machinery and the most disgusting travesty of justice imaginable. Our peace officers are used as armed legal thugs against us. I certainly never gave these people authority in my life and to my certain knowledge nobody else has the right to give them authority in my life. I have harmed no one. I have borrowed nothing from my government, yet I have a federal court order rubber stamped by a minor civil servant to seize all of my belongings for debts owed to her majesty, even when said minor civil servant knows full well they have nothing for us to seize, which also violate the “legal rules and regulations” of not only the fraudulent “Canadian Income Tax Act” written by the Belgium company CCH, but also violate the “legal rules and regulations” for collecting debts owed to her majesty. Now how is that for “Royally Fucked?” If I do work, I get counterfeit coloured paper or “debt credits” from a bank that steals my purchasing power by debt interest and inflation. This is only if the Crown does not take my pay cheque and seize my damage deposit to leave my family homeless first. On the off chance that I do manage to buy a property and the Crown does not seize it for debts owed to her majesty, her majesty owns it anyway even though I am fraudulently lead to believe that I am the owner. Well, like they say; ignorance of the law is no excuse. Does that mean we deserve to be victims or that legal minions should hang for their crimes against humanity regardless of whether they understand what they are doing? The legitimate lawful test is of course; mens rea. Do they have knowledge and forethought? Do they deserve to be treated in the thoughtless and capricious manner with which they have treated the rest of us? Did Vern Brewer know what he was doing?

11) We really need to consider some of the ridiculous things the “law” demands and the insidious manner it controls us. We also need to consider what this thing actually is that masquerades, as the “law” in what we believe is our free country. In the pretend courts of British Columbia, we can see the pretended source of authority in the crest above the judge’s head. There sits the personal family crest of the Jewish Queen of the British Crown of Israel. The inscription reads; “Dieu et mon droit” or “God and my right”. You see, the Queen says God gives her the divine right to rule us. The RCMP swear allegiance to the Queen, so they have the motto “maintien le droit” or “maintain the right” of the foreign Jewish Queen to rule our free country. But look at the ridiculous laws they enforce in the name of God. They say marijuana is illegal, so they have in some manner determined that it is immoral or unethical. It is a deception. If they can tell you a simple little plant is “illegal” then they can use their courts to ruin your life and steal everything you own. It is odd that this court system claims authority from God to rule, yet the very first page of the Bible says that God made all the plants and gave them to man and saw it was very good. Has the judge usurped God’s authority from whom he supposedly derives his authority? Does that not invalidate the judge’s authority? The very first page of the Bible clearly spells out that the Jewish God of the British Crown of Israel gave all of mankind all the plants that HE created. Is God culpable in this crime that you have been charged with? Why is God not on the stand with you? Did God make a mistake when he created marijuana and gave it to all man and animals? Why should this fallible fake God be a source of authority in our free country? It is just the British Crown of Israel using the colour and guise of law to shake you down for anything they can. Farmers suffer the worse judicial abuses being regulated in nearly all aspects of what they are doing. They are in no manner free. The reason they are always assaulted first? Easy to answer; they feed us. The Jewish Queen’s family have for centuries controlled the world’s largest food cartels. They use our courts to control their only competition; private farmers and thus control our food supply. How convenient it is to arbitrarily declare whatever you want to be illegal so you can use the court to steal what everyone else around you owns.

12) It must never be forgotten that free men are self-governing. Free men are born with the right to self-determination. Imposed taxes are slavery. While it is tenable for a government to make a request to the private citizens for funds, it is never tenable that they demand them. I also believe Canadians are far more responsible than any “government” they have ever had from the Crown criminals. Free men must always control their own purse strings. If they have no choice in what they will or will not pay then they are not self-governing. I own my own labour and am entitled to spend it as I wish. The consequence of not spending it to improve the lives of all around me is that I must live in a world of my own making. I believe in Canadians and I believe we are a kinder, gentler people than this Satanic foreign system forces us to be. It is ridiculous to be forced to give people carte blanche on your bank account and no say on how they spend your money. Send me a properly enumerated request for funds and I will consider those I am willing to support. Of course “the government” would rail against such a proposal. Who wants to pay for their own $100. meal with a $200. bottle of wine and a $500. hooker while you cruise down the Rideau Canal? Come on. If the government is making a claim in you as a hu-man being, they are claiming you as property; a slave. Governments do not rule the free men of the state. Free men rule governments. Governments govern the civil service. Lies, fraud, frauds on court, slavery and worse. NOTHING justifies these crimes against Canadians. For that matter, nothing justifies such abject stupidity.

I do not vote in Canada. My non-vote is a conscious act. It is my desire to be represented by no one but myself. Since I believe government representatives are retards and commit acts of treason by swearing allegiance to a foreign power, I believe I would be party to a crime to lend legitimacy to the process with my vote. I do not believe anyone else or any group of anyone else’s possess the lawful authority to subjugate me to their rule. The first part of my solution is to act like a free man under my own authority and thoughtful responsibility.

It would be unfair to stand up to bitch and gripe without offering general solutions and a possible way out of these dilemmas as well. It goes without saying that specific solutions must be found to the problems I have just mentioned. I believe the following policies and planks I offer are also a start in the right direction.

I stand by the five planks and two policies I introduced as the platform while President of the Alberta Party. I elucidated these in a book that I wrote at the time called “Freedom! Canada.”

1) A vote for the Party is a vote for the Sovereignty of the Canadian state.

2) All candidates complete an Employment and Recall Contract with signed resignation exercisable at the unilateral will of the constituents.

1) Legal Taxes Only.

2) Enforced Property Rights.

3) Elected Judiciary.

4) Family Focus.

5) Direct Democracy.

It should be the free choice of Canadians to rid our selves of this foreign imposed un-elected and self-imposed titular Head of the British Anglican Church of Israel.

Candidates should run on a platform of not swearing allegiance to the British Crown of Israel or any other foreign power and swear their allegiance to the people of Canada instead. In this manner we can democratically elect peaceful change. We could also have ballots with the entry; “none of the above”.

It would be interesting to elect even a single independent to government that swore allegiance to the Canadian people instead of the foreign Crown. Since that independent would then be the only legitimate representative OF the state, who is the legitimate government of Canada? Having an easily rescindable employment contract for the elected politicians that govern the civil service gives control back to the state where it rightly belongs.

What I mean by “legal taxes only” is a lawfully valid taxation scheme. No revenues collected for “general revenue” but a system of full accounting. It is up to the taxpayer to decide if they want to pay any or all taxes levied against them. While it is tenable that “public services” are withheld for non-payment of taxes it is never tenable that valuable property be surrendered without the agreement of the man being asked to pay the tax.

Enforced property rights means the protection of private property that is owned by Canadians. This means you should never be forced to register your property or give it up for taxes. You should never be forced to give up your private property for other than lawful debts owed to private citizens that you have not made good on.

The reason for an elected judiciary is pretty obvious. Members of the judiciary should not be allowed to belong to the criminal BAR Association legal system franchise. Electing a judiciary is taking the law into our own hands where it rightfully belongs. All police chiefs and judges should be elected and all judicial employees subject to the scrutiny of the private citizens of the state. In this manner which we can “fulfill the law”.

The family focus plank is an obvious one. We bond together into moral juristic societies in order to protect our families. No other reason compels us to do so. The family is the only collective that cherishes the individual. Government should be used to enrich our family experience.

Direct Democracy should be easy to implement since we live in an electronic age. The government knows exactly where you are every time you make an electronic purchase. With most new cars they know exactly what your location is at all times. Don’t you think we could have a voting system to voluntarily participate and vote for anything we would like at any time we wish?

It is not much, but it seems a sensible place to start if we feel the only way we can trust each other is through a formal government agency.

However, while it is theoretically possible to achieve more together than individually, one has to wonder whether the more that we have achieved has been worth the endeavour. If banding together into moral juristic societies means nothing more than enslaving segments of our society to the self-serving interests of an elite at the expense of our families then government is an abject failure and Anarchy is infinitely superior.

I wasted a lot of hours of my life volunteering for different causes and political organizations in order to better the society that I lived in. I eventually learned that it is impossible to affect change politically because we are deceived as to how our country is run in the first place. Collectively we understand not a whit what it means to live in a lawful or free society. Collectively, we are hopelessly duped mind controlled slaves. Perhaps it is best that we do not do anything collectively since all that means is that we lose control of our own free lives.

Three Fold Brochures
I write a number of one page, three fold brochures. I keep thinking if I can take difficult topics and render them down to one page, people will have the time to read and think about them, easily replicate them and pass them out.

Since I did not want to rewrite much of what I have written and thought others might be compelled to produce three fold brochures from the contents, I included them with their original contents. Following are the contents of some of the brochures I write rendered into this book format.

Tax Payers and Tax Receivers
There are two types of people in our Canadian society; Tax Payers and Tax Receivers.

Tax Payers are the people that work for themselves and independent entrepreneurs to produce valuable products and services that are taxed in order to fill the coffers of government. The money to fill the public purse comes from these private purses.

Tax Receivers are the people that work for the government or in government-assisted projects that are funded from the coffers of government; the public purse. Often tax receivers believe they are tax payers because some of the money they are paid as wages from the public purse are returned as taxes to the same purse from whence they came.

Taxes from the tax payers actually increase the net bottom line of the coffers of the public purse. This allows the government to aggregate public profits into a single consolidated fund making it an easier target for fascist corporate gluttony. Taxpayers make a positive net contribution to the public purse.

Taxes from the tax receivers merely return some of that which has been paid out of the public purse. As a consequence they make a negative net contribution to the public purse. The “Public” is a liability, not an asset.

Believing they are also tax payers, government employed tax receivers also believe they have the right to spend everybody else’s money. They believe they have the right to demand this money from the free men in their society and believe it is a legitimate practise of a free society to seize the belongings of the free people of the state to pay for arbitrarily determined taxes in which the tax payer has no choice but to pay. What is so free about that?

There is only one thing that “creates” profit and that is labour. This is why free men become the target of corporate fascists looking to use the public forum to “realize” profits. There is only one way to create profits and that is through labour.

Payment for labour is not profit to the labourer. It is merely an exchange of barter resources. Profit is the selling price of a product minus the cost of producing it.

The member of the Canadian state vulgarly known as a “human resource” is unique among all the other chattel owned resources of the foreign Anglican Church British Crown in Canada in that all the natural resources are dependent on the “human resources” of Canada for the ecclesiastical Crown corporations of Britain to financially rape them.

Canada has three things of value to fascist corporate financial interests; natural resources and the fixed assets and labour resources of the free people who live here. The head of the Anglican Church British Crown owns the natural resources, the “free” people and their fixed assets in British Columbia as the Crown or; “her Majesty in right of British Columbia”. I think the “free” in “Free Canadian” refers to the fact that it does not cost our masters anything other than lies to own us or control us.

Her Majesty sells us licenses for the privilege of travelling on her highways that our tax dollars have paid for. Her Majesty sells us licenses for the privilege of driving vehicles that we have paid for with our hard earned cash and are owned by the British Crown. Thus we are financially constrained from travelling freely on national highways that our tax dollars have paid for in our papal police state.

Her Majesty demands taxes for the feudal properties of the church of which you are only registered as the “owner in fee simple”. Try looking “fee simple” and “fee” up in your dictionary and you will see why you must keep paying for property you believed you owned. These taxes are collected in arbitrarily higher amounts until the population is exhausted and collapses in financial ruin and then the Crown really cleans up on seizing our valuable property.

Her Majesty demands you get permission before making any changes to any of the buildings on her properties. You are required to get permits for everything that you do to property that you are lead to believe is yours in order to meet with bureaucratic guidelines set by the Crown. You are required to pay for anything this licensing might involve. If you make changes to her Majesties property that you think you own and a bureaucrat gets wind of it or your neighbour informs on you, her Majesty will force you to comply with her rules and regulations even if it requires sending one of her yellow striped armed army officers down to her property to make sure her foreign orders are complied with promptly by her local loyal cowering dominated sub-objects.

It is of course embarrassingly obvious that we are too stupid to be free men. Such being the case that we do not understand that lawfully being free means lawfully not being subject to the legal constraint of another. We pay a high price for our ignorance.

We are left free to starve if we do not want to work in the system or cannot find work outside of it. We are free from making any decisions in our lives, including how we raise our own children. We are free from actually ever owning any property that is really our own. Free from having real money with any lasting value that can be preserved to be passed on to our children so we may enrich their lives. Free from growing spiritually in our own way.

Our children are freely born into the debts that were incurred years before they were ever born. They are free to say what they want as ever more of their future disappears with the burgeoning interest payments they need to make, on this debt they never incurred, as long as they keep voluntarily paying.

Since we pay more for a year of education for our children than our parents did for their first house we are not to be convinced that the debts the government accumulates in our name in any way represents something that has been of a benefit to our society. Our “money” daily becomes less valuable.

Can we ask our children to be both patriotic and compassionate citizens AND at the same time to look the other way as their birth right is stolen when it is all too obvious their society is not run for the benefit of all as they have been taught to believe?

“Sit down before a fact as a little child, be prepared to give up every preconceived notion, follow humbly wherever and to whatever abysses nature leads or you shall learn nothing.”

– Thomas Huxley

“He that hath the truth and keeps it, Keeps what not to him belongs. But performs a selfish action, and a fellow mortal wrongs.”

– Andrew Jackson Davis

“If any man can convince me and bring home to me that I do not think or act aright, gladly will I change; for I search after the truth, by which man never yet was harmed. But he is harmed who abideth on still in his deception and ignorance.”

– Marcus Aurelius Antoninus

“Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is still the truth.”

– Mahatma Ghandi

Free – not subject to the legal constraints (legislation) of another. (Free men are self – governing.)

(I am told that generations of my fellow countrymen gave their lives to keep us free.)

(I am not a “human resource”. I am a free man; a free human being living in a free country.)

It should be noted that there is no such thing as varying degrees of freedom. Freedom is like being a Virgin or being Dead. Either you are or you aren’t.

State – a people within a given geographical area. (The people of Canada are the state.)

Civil Service – employees of the state.

Government – elected by the state to govern the Civil Service. (NOT to govern the state.)

Constitution – body of law, written by the state, to control the government. (When did Canadians write a constitution? Ever signed one? No? Then the contract cannot be legally applied to you. As you can see below, it doesn’t.)

Do you know the difference between the “Public” and a Canadian “Citizen?” “Public” is short for “Public Service.” If you look at the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, in section (32) you see who the Charter applies to:

Sec 32 (1) This Charter applies

(a) to the Parliament of Canada in respect of all matters within the authority of Parliament including all matters relating to the Yukon Territory and Northwest Territories; and

(b) to the legislature and government of each province within the authority of the legislature of each province.

Show me where the Charter says that it applies to the free people of the Canadian state. The reason it only protects government employees and politicians is because the Charter is part of the employment agreement the Canadian Public has with their foreign master; the British Anglican Church of Israel. Not being signatory to this “legal agreement”, it does not apply to Canadian citizens, only to Tax Receivers.

Lawful – the spirit of the law, the essence of the law and is based upon what is morally and ethically correct.

Legal – the valid written form of the law.

When the written form of the law does not conform to the intent of the law, then it is invalid and unlawful. The illegitimate “legal” claptrap written by government, BAR Associations and civil servants in Canada is unlawful. It is the manipulative word garbage of the aforementioned British Crown BAR Association legal system franchise criminal conspiracy that has overthrown the lawful right of free Canadians to govern themselves.

Treason – to betray the government of the state into the hands of a foreign power.

In Canada; the lawful authority to govern the civil service evolves from the sovereignty of the free people comprising the Canadian state. On December 10, 1990, MP Wilton Littlechild’s constituents took him to court and charged him because he would not vote according to their dictates in the house. (They did not want GST.) The judge ruled that the MP did not represent the constituents to the parliament, but represented parliament to the constituents.

The MP’s and MLA’s commit treason by swearing allegiance to the Anglican Church British Crown; a foreign power. They represent this foreign religious power known as the British Crown to the Canadian people. (The term “British” is a Hebrew term meaning “people of the covenant”.)

When you have a financial interest in another human being, that is the very definition of slavery. When we have no choice in whether or not we will pay taxes, permits or licenses to the government, we have no control over our lives and no way to constrain government to its lawful venue. When we have no choice as to whether we pay taxes, permits or licenses, the government has a financial interest in us as human beings. Taxation claims and other “debts” owed to “Her Majesty”; the Head of the Anglican Church British Crown, is debt peonage slavery.

This fairy tale system with a Monarch at its head; that claims God gives them the right to rule Canada, is a feudal slave system left over from the dark ages. Debt Peonage Slavery is a crime against humanity and no matter how glib the argument or wonderful its benevolent intent; nothing justifies crimes against humanity.

Freedom !Canada

Natural Law and Equity

Down with the Crown

Admiralty Laws that suck

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Real Money
Dollar: 371.25 grains of 99.9% fine silver.

Money: “moneta” meaning “to mint”. Money is by definition: “minted coins of precious metal”.

The word Money comes from the Latin term moneta. Specifically; it meant minted barter coins of certain weights of silver and gold. A Dollar of Silver is an example of real money. An Eagle of Gold is also real money. Each has an intrinsic value as a precious metal. What that means is that regardless of whether it is minted into a coin, it has a value on the market so that it can be readily bartered for goods and services.

A dollar in Canada was originally designated as equal to the US Dollar in weight of silver. If one goes to the US Weights and Measures Act, they find the definition of a dollar. A “dollar” is defined as 371.25 grains of 99.9% pure silver. A “cent” was defined as 1/100th of a dollar. A US or Canadian dollar of silver before 1965 weighed 420 grains, containing 371.25 grains of 99.9% fine silver. Using the original definition of a dollar, we can see that one Troy ounce of 99.9% silver weighing 480 grains is equal to one dollar and thirty cents.

1 Troy Oz. Silver: weighs 1 dollar, 30 cents.

1 Avoirdupois Oz. weighs 1 dollar, 18 cents.

1 Shekel of Silver weighs 46 cents.

1 Beka of Silver weighs 23 cents.

1 Oz. of Gold equals 16 Oz. or 20 dollars of Silver.

Eagle: is a weight of gold equal in value to ten dollars of silver. Gold is not weighed in dollars.

In early coins, it was difficult to guarantee a certain weight. Coins were first cut from rough smelted cobs and were often clipped (trimmed) and would lose their value. This particular debauching of the money supply was known as inflation. Inflation originally referred to the process of inflating the volume of your money supply by trimming the coins and pressing out more from the clippings. This resulted in higher prices since it took more of the increasingly debauched coins to purchase the same product. It should be understood that there are many ways of clipping or inflating a money supply, particularly a fake money supply such as our own fiat money system.

Spanish Milled Dollars became popular since they had a very specific weight and purity and a milled edge so they could not be clipped. To allow for smaller exchanges, these coins were often split into eighths and were popularly known as “pieces of eight”. Each of the eight bits of the coin were worth 12.5 cents and as a consequence, twenty five cents was commonly known as two bits or a quarter of a dollar.

The word dollar is derived from the Germanic term thaler. The first thalers were stamped silver coins of a certain weight. These gave rise to the Maria Theresa dollars. The US Dollar was defined in value as being equal to one Spanish Milled Pillar Dollar. Many countries, European and Asian, countermarked Spanish Milled Dollars for use within their own countries. In the United States these coins were legal tender up until the Civil War period. Milled Dollars had a powerful effect on the U.S. coinage system.

This is the reason that the original dollar logo sign for real US money was an “S” with two vertical lines through it. The Pillar Dollar has a motif with a world in the middle and the Freemasonic pillars: Joachim and Boaz on either side. Thus the “S” meant silver and the two lines represented the two pillars. When North America went off the real money standard, the real money logo was no longer used and an “s” with a single line was adopted.

Even though we were on the ‘gold standard’, we find that gold coins were valued in terms of their relationship to ‘dollars of silver’ that were the standard. We can see this in the U.S. Coinage Act of 1792 where ‘real money’ gold coins are defined as “Eagles – each to be of the value of ten dollars or units, and to contain two hundred and forty-seven grains and four eights of a grain of pure gold.” Note that the ‘eagle’ is defined in terms of ‘dollars’.

For many years a dollar was a dollar was a dollar and our original “dollar of silver” was defined to be the same in weight and value as the U.S. “dollar of silver”. In other words, the Canadian dollar was the exact same as the American dollar and was the exact same weight of silver. The Shekels and Bekas mentioned in the Bible were weights of silver. Referring to the silver coin as a dollar, people came to believe that a dollar was a coin instead of a weight of silver. It is how we became the victims of a sleight of hand, bait and switch con game. What has happened to all of our real money silver dollars?

It should be noted that “real money” has an intrinsic value. Silver, gold, etc, have many valuable uses. Real money possesses an intrinsic value and is a barter good. Since it has an intrinsic value, it does not need to be “legally mandated” in order to be used as a medium of exchange.

Value: is simply a function of what the buyer is willing to sell for and the purchaser is willing to buy for. It is different for everyone and changes with circumstance.

If I trade 1 lb. of carrots for 1 oz. of herbs, I have exchanged two goods possessing an intrinsic value. Similarly; if I exchange 1 oz. of silver for 100 lbs. of potatoes, I have made a barter exchange. The added utility of money is in its ability to affect an easy barter exchange.

Real money is of useful utility because it makes it easy to carry on transactions without significant encumbrance and you do not need to do things like feed it to keep it alive. Those that claim that “there is not enough of it” or “you won’t be able to carry all you will need” have perhaps forgotten the first law in Economics; that of “Supply and Demand”. Less silver in supply, it just buys more.

A dollar of silver weighs the same regardless of what country it is minted in. Only phoney money changes relative values between countries so the further value in using real money is that it is naturally inflation proof.

All inflation results in less purchasing power. Not that the value of the silver is any less, but the value of the paper that represents the silver is because it is based upon an inflated statement of the total supply of silver.

Eventually the certificates that were printed had to be dropped because they no longer had any relationship to the silver and gold in reserves. These were taken out of circulation and replaced with totally worthless scraps of paper called ‘Fiat Money’. These also were called ‘dollars’ since they simply replaced the old paper ‘dollars’.

The “Silver Dollar” coins were still kept in circulation and were for a while exchanged at par with the fiat money to give the impression that the worthless bits of paper held the same value as the silver. Although a dollar is a weight of silver, the Canadian British Crown Looney has “dollar” written on it and yet contains no silver at all.

Fiat Money

Something created by fiat is created out of nothing. Fiat money is money that is created by fiat of monarch or government and has to be legally mandated in order to be of any value. It possesses no intrinsic value of its own. Strictly speaking, fiat money is legally mandated unlawful “counterfeit money”. It is money that is created out of nothing and worth just as much.

Fiat money is backed by the “good faith and credit” of the people who issue it. But hang on, CANADA is $670 Billion in debt, so what is our money worth? That is only the debt of the illegitimate government of Canada, with which the Canadian people have been unlawfully strapped. Canadians own nothing and privately still owe another $4 trillion in debt to European bankster money scammers.

“When force is the standard, the murderer wins over the pickpocket, and then that society vanishes, in a spread of ruins and slaughter. Do you wish to know whether that day is coming? Watch Money. Money is a barometer of a society’s virtue. When you see that trading is done, not by consent, but by compulsion – when you see that in order to produce, you need permission from men who produce nothing – when you see that money is flowing to those who deal, not in goods, but in favors – when you see men get richer by graft and pull than by work, and your laws don’t protect you against them, but protect them against you – when you see corruption being rewarded and honesty becoming a self-sacrifice – you may know that our society is doomed. Money is so noble a medium that it does not compete with guns and it does not make terms with brutality. It will not permit a country to survive as half-property, half-loot. Whenever destroyers appear among men, they start by destroying money, for money is men’s protection, and the base of a moral existence.” – Ayn Rand

Banking was conceived in iniquity and born in sin. If you want to continue to be slaves of the bankers and pay the cost of your slavery, then let the bankers continue to create money and control credit. – Sir Josiah Stamp, President of the Bank of England

“I care not what puppet is placed upon the throne of England to rule the Empire on which the sun never sets. The man that controls Britain’s money supply controls the British Empire, and I control the British money supply.” – Baron Nathan Mayer Rothschild

Debt Instruments

The British debt-money supply created by the Bank of Canada and legally mandated to pass as “money” is of no more value than that of the paper and ink to make it. There is no difference in value of paper and ink between a one hundred dollar bill and a five dollar bill. They are in fact both nearly worthless and right now are hyper-inflating.

More people are about to lose more valuable property than ever before in history. But wealth is not destroyed, it is merely transferred and it will be transferred to a very few.

Credit Money

Credit money is a banking scam. All banking activity of this type is outright fraud. When you go into the bank and get a loan, the bank does not lend you money that they own. They simply make a book keeping entry and issue you a certain amount of credits. These “credits” are created out of thin air and secured with your valuable property. The bank does not possess the assets you believe you are renting from them and put up nothing in return for the exorbitant amounts of interest they collect. The term mortgage actually means “death wager”. You put up your valuable assets to guarantee “loans” of worthless fiat debt instruments. Legislation has passed guaranteeing bank loans from public funds so when someone loses the wager we all pay down the phoney debt with our collective taxes and they lose their property. The Anglican Church Crown prints our money, runs a private legal system franchise in our courts and owns 92% of BC land. Coincidence?

Gold and Silver

Consider that there is sixteen times as much silver as there is gold in the world. That means that gold should always be worth sixteen times as much as silver. Regardless of the inventive games banks play with the definition of a dollar, remember an ounce of silver will always weigh one dollar and thirty cents in the real sense of what the terms mean.

People say that when the stock market crashes, the prices of precious metals will go through the roof. Not true. During the last depression, people used the worthless fiat paper money for fire starter, but a single dollar of silver could buy your family groceries for a week. People quickly realized that the dollar contained a definable weight of silver. It should be noted that most of the precious metal coins are now gone from our money supply and we won’t have them to fall back on in the next depression as they have been traded away for a bunch of useless Crown tiddly winks called Toonies and Loonies.

When determining when to buy gold or silver, one must always remember when the stock market crashes; a dollar goes back once again to being worth “one dollar” and gold has a relative value. When you buy, get the actual metal, not a piece of paper representing it. Paper is worthless.

The “counterfeit money price” between precious metals can be manipulated by the stock market con games controlled by the banksters in order to glean profits from the resulting inequities in artificial price. Business cycles are created and the stock market is a controlled con game.

A U.S. “one dollar in value” gold coin contained 23.21 grains of 99.9% fine gold. Since silver was pegged at 16 to 1, multiply 23.21 times 16 to get approximately 371.25 grains; the weight of a “dollar of silver”. If Gold is artificially pegged at more than 16 to 1 on the stock market, it is for the purpose of capturing the purchasing power of value certificates. It is a rigged con game.

At this moment a Troy ounce of silver sells for five US dollars in the stock market confidence game. An ounce of gold should rightly be about 80 US dollars given its relationship to silver. However, gold currently sells for around 380 US dollars an ounce and indicates a scam is in progress. Inflation like this is the largest hidden tax.

Consider what happens if I buy $380. “worth” of silver. At the stated rate this would give me 76 ounces of silver that weighs ninety eight dollars and twenty six cents. When the stock market crashes, the silver you paid $380. for in phoney money is now worth $98.26 in real money. If I buy $380. worth of gold, this means that I will be able to buy one Troy ounce of gold. The same investment of $380. in phoney money translates into only $20. in real money once the stock market crashes.

This is a stock market scam run by the banks. Knowing their phoney money supply is going to crash they want you to buy their gold at a premium. As in the last depression, the gold will then be collected and bought back at a “fair rate” which will be $20. a Troy ounce. All the gold in America was collected after the last depression and then stolen from Fort Knox by the Bank of England owned Federal Reserve Board playing the bimetal / stock scam.

Capital must protect itself in every way, through combination and through legislation. Debts must be collected and loans and mortgages foreclosed as soon as possible. When through a process of law the common people lose their homes, they will be more tractable and more easily governed by the strong arm of the law, applied by the central power of wealth, under control of leading financiers. People without homes will not quarrel with their leaders. This is well known among our principal men now engaged in forming an imperialism of capital to govern the world. By dividing the people we can get them to expend their energies in fighting over questions of no importance to us except as teachers of the common herd. Thus, by discreet action we can secure for ourselves what has been generally planned and successfully accomplished.

– Bankers Manifest (1934)

God busted by RCMP for growing Pot
The Bible is very explicit about marijuana plants. In fact, you need look no further than the first page to see what God says about them. I will use quotations from the NIV since the vocabulary is modern.

Genesis 1: 11 “Then God said, “Let the land produce vegetation: seed-bearing plants and trees on the land that bear fruit with seeds in it, according to the various kinds.” And it was so.”

Genesis 1:12 “The land produced vegetation: plants bearing seed according to their kinds and trees bearing fruit with seed in it according to their kinds. And God saw it was good.”

Genesis 1:29 “Then God said, “I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food.”

“And to all the beasts of the earth and all the birds of the air and all the creatures that move on the ground – everything that has the breath of life in it – I give every green plant for food.” And it was so.”

Genesis 1:31 “God saw all that he had made, and it was very good…”

Okay, so we know how God feels about the little pot plants he made. (He was as proud as Christ turning water into wine.) They are just as pretty as all his other creations. Notice that God gave all the plants to LIVING man and creatures. He did not give them to a bunch of foreign corporations. Corporations are fictional creations of the churches and their foreign maritime laws in our corporate ecclesiastical courts.

The British God of Israel is also very explicit about which plants you cannot use.

Genesis 2:16 “And the Lord commanded the man, “You are free to eat from any tree in the garden; but you must not eat from the tree of the knowledge ofgood and evil, for when you eat of it you will surely die.”

Now what does that mean? To eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil? Whence comes the manna of which thou partakest oh son of man? What bread fills thy board? Do you dispense the knowledge of good and evil and eat therefore from that very tree? It seems pretty obvious he is telling man not to get into the God Indus-tree. There isn’t any need for a church other than for collecting money. Matt 6:24.

Matthew 9:6 “But so that you may know that the Son of Man has authority on earth to forgive sins…”

“Laws”, or more properly; corporate rules and regulations known as legislation for their chattel property human resources or “corporate persons” in corporate Canada are devised by the British Crown of Israel that owns the private ecclesiastical legal franchise BAR Associations practising maritime law in our court systems. They are unlawfully, criminally out of their jurisdiction. This is the same Anglican Church British Crown that owns you. Their private army of RCMP swear allegiance to this foreign power and enforce their foreign rules and regulations.

Their authority to govern in Canada is supposedly derived from their God. This would be the same God as above that gave us these little marijuana plants. I know this because my Bible with the aforementioned text says the copyrights to the Bible are owned by the British Crown of Israel. This is the Crown that says the aforementioned God gives them the right to rule us as “her Majesty in right of CANADA” and “her Majesty in right of ”.

As Head of the Anglican Church and British Crown of Israel, Queen Elizabeth has the God given right to rule over the “dominion of CANADA”. I can’t quite reconcile this with the fact that I was taught that two generations of my countrymen laid down their lives to keep my countryfree. I quit pointing this out to my fellow “free Canadians” because every time I did I was told if I didn’t like following all the rules and regulations in this “free country” here I could leave. I probably would have except for the fact that all my life I have risen with my hand over my glowing heart and pledged my true patriot love to the “true north strong and free”. One should not fall down on their oath to their country. Who voted this foreign Queen head of state? How can our country be free AND a dominion of a foreign church? How can Canadians be free AND be ruled by the head of a foreign church? These are mutually exclusive states.

Searching for divine inspiration and knowing the corporate CANADA that “rules” me is founded upon principles recognizing the Supremacy of God and the rule of law I open Black’s Law Dictionary and search for the meaning of free. There it lies before me.

Free – notsubjectto the legal constraint of another. (Black’s 6Ed.)

??? Jam on the brakes! You mean legislation is slavery? As in “crimes against humanity” slavery? Bound in chains or the debt peonage slavery outlawed by all nations and frowned upon by Jesus when he taught the Lord’s Prayer? Matthew 6:12 “Forgive us our debts as we also have forgiven our debtors.” But, I live in the most highly legislated society on the face of the earth. How can I be free AND subject to so much legislation? How can I be free AND ruled over by the head of a foreign church? Why am I compelled to stop for the army officers of a foreign church who want to see if I have marijuana in my car? And why is this foreign controlled army on our free highways in our free country in the first place? How can my country be free AND a dominion? What does the Bible say about freedom?

Galatians 5:1 “It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.”

Christ sets us free and the foreign Anglican Church wants to own us and want us to bow down to the yoke of their slavery? I just don’t get it. If God gave us all the pot plants in the first place, why are the faux authorities in this country that supposedly lord it over the rest of us by the divine right of God coming after us for the vagaries of their divine deity? In order to judge a man for some malfeasance for using the marijuana God gave us; you have obviously judged that God has in some manner made a mistake in giving us the pot plants in the first place. Do “omnipotent” Gods oxymoronically make mistakes? Or have the courts usurped and judged the authority from whence they claim the right to empty our wallets for any “rule” they see fit to put to paper?

In the courtroom you will see their crest of authority. It says “Dieu et mon droit” or “God and my right”. On their private ecclesiastical legal system army vehicles you will see written “maintiens le droit” or “maintain the right” (of God’s chosen to rule us). British is a Hebrew word meaning “people of the covenant” and Israel means “ruler of God and man”.

On the top of the crest of authority on the birth certificate of an enslaved human resource in the province of British Columbia sits a wee little beastie with a crown on his beanie known as the Lion of Judah. This is the trademark of the British Crown Corporation that owns the productive labour of the human resource and the treasury number of the resource is on the back of the document. Here you can see the all capital letters corporate name of the straw man entity or non-living corporation known as a “person” with the corporate name that phonetically sounds like yours and was created at the time of your birth. This berth certificate is an unlawful maritime commercial “legal” document for piracy on land. It is unlawfully bound to you by a “legal” fraud on court.

In her coronation oath Queen Elizabeth swears to uphold God’s law and the true gospel. If the Queen does not follow the rules and regulations God gave her Hebrew ancestors, does she still have the God-given right to rule? Isaiah 36:12. God’s law? Well, the ten commandments of course. The true gospel?

Deuteronomy 4:1 “Hear now, O Israel, the decrees and laws I am about to teach you. Follow them so that you may live and may go in and take possession of the land, that the Lord, the God of your fathers, is giving you.”

Deuteronomy 4:2 “Do not add to what I command you and do not subtract from it, but keep the commands of the Lord your God that I give you.”

Well, that is all pretty clear in the Bible anyway. God gave us the pot plants. God said the only tree we couldn’t eat from was the religious indus-tree. God made ten immutable rules that were not to be added to. Christ makes it clear what he thinks is God’s Law.

Matthew 22:37-40 “Jesus replied: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbour as yourself.’ All the Law and the Prophets hang on these twocommandments.”

OK. So now WHY do we have these divine foreign rulers from England; the British Crown of Israel, enforcing 4 million codified rules and regulations in the name of God in our country? Queen Elizabeth is obviously in gross violation of the oath she swore to the Archbishop of the Anglican Church when he declared her to be Queen and to have dominion over ourfreecountry. Does this mean that the people that derive their source of authority from her no longer possess that same authority? What authority one might ask in the first place since the Secretariat of the Commonwealth of Nations has made it clear that the designation of “Queen of Canada” is titular only and she possesses no executive authority in Canada.

Hang on! Now that is a real quandary. From the Governor General on down, these people are ruling our lives with a “de facto” government whose authority is titular only and possesses no executive authority? Where is the de jure government of the state? It certainly seems this British Crown of Israel is a foreign criminal conspiracy ruling our country.

Looking at the aforementioned I think the marijuana issue is pretty easily settled. When the yellow striped Anglican Church RCMP army officer commits the offence of champerty and marches you into the Crown’s ecclesiastical court which is committing the offence of barratry to answer for what they have deemed to be immoral or unethical behaviour and a violation of one of their maritime codes and ask you to swear an oath on that Bible that tells you to “swear no oaths” (Matthew 5:33-37); point to the source of authority on the wall above him and ask the judge to call forth God to testify in his defence. If he can’t command forth God, after judging that God has made an error in judgement in the first place, it is going to place him in an interesting position isn’t it? He claims his authority from God, “Dieu et mon droit”, yet has obviously judged the infallible God to be immoral in his act of planting marijuana on Earth.

Since the judge sits confidently in judgement of you, though the Bible that the Queen has sworn to uphold and that he says he derives his authority from says “judge not lest ye be judged” (Matthew 7:1), he should have no problem talking directly to God on this one and summoning him. It is obvious where the pot plants come from. The Crown Bible lays out quite clearly; the Crown God planted ALL the plants.

To get some insight into the illegitimacy of this God inspired Anglican Church owned BAR Association “law industry” which rules our “free” lives in micro-detail under the pretence of divine right and the fear of being shot to death by a coffee hyped Queen’s donut dunker, we should see if the Bible and the true scriptures have anything to say about Crown lawyers.

Matthew 5: 20 “For I tell you that unless your righteousness surpasses that of the teachers of the law, you will certainly not enter into the kingdom of heaven.”

Matthew 23:1-4 “Then Jesus said to the crowds and to his disciples; “The teachers of the Law and the Pharisees sit in Moses’ seat. So you must obey them and do everything they tell you. But do not do what they do, for they do not practise what they preach. They tie up heavy loads and put them on men’s shoulders, but they themselves are not willing to lift a finger to move them.”

Is it too obvious the unlawful marijuana legislation is no more than a Crown police state papal control bull?

British Crown Courts of Israel Crimes
www . our courts suck . com

For the last three millennia, the agenda of British Israel has brought the world carnage, grief and suffering. For the last few centuries, Canada has been under attack by this foreign power known as the British Crown of Israel. We Canadians, indeed the entire human race, are victims of our stupidity.

British is a Hebrew word meaning “people of the covenant”. Israel means “ruler of god”. Jacob means “deceiver”. Jacob was the inbred son of an inbred son. According to scripture, he was a skinny little lying thief who apparently wrestled god all night and won so he became Israel. Yeah right. Pathetic.

This fairy tale of a bunch of ragged ass genocidal miscreants and malcontents with a written agenda of enslaving the world threatens to annihilate our species. A close reading of their “Holey Bible” reveals it to be the most racist, sexist piece of hate literature ever penned by the hand of man, yet typical of the deception is presented as a message of peace from a god of love. I can prove otherwise. So can you if you actually read it.

Many times in the past this British Crown went on crusades to the “Holy Land” to reclaim what they believe is rightfully theirs. In the third and last crusade of 1948, after subjecting nearly the whole world to war, the British Crown of Israel was finally able to create the state of Israel once again and misery ever since.

Absolutely everything we think we own as Canadians has been stolen from us by this British Crown of Israel. They have stolen our property, our birthrights, our right to govern ourselves and have enslaved us in a legislative nightmare.

We are a mind-controlled herd. We live in a fairy tale world of carefully crafted lies. So good is the deception of these criminals that many of my fellow countrymen reading this will not easily catch on to what I am saying. Remember these criminals are professionals and for centuries the British Crown has been the largest drug dealer on the planet.

Do the British ‘people of the covenant’ believe they are God’s chosen people and as Israel ‘rulers of god’ believe they have the right to enslave the entire human race? According to their scripture they do.

Shades of UN Peacekeeping! Read Deuteronomy 20:10-14 if you want to know why they offer peace at the barrel of a gun. Does the God of Israel exhort his British “people of the covenant” to enslave the rest of the human race and steal everything they own? Read Leviticus 25:44-46. Where in the scriptures does it say that God is a god of love that cares for all? Read Leviticus 21:16-23 if you think God has compassion of the handicapped. Is this “god of love” capable of great hatred? Deuteronomy 28:63. Is he petulant and capable of victimizing the innocent? Exodus 20:3,5. Is God’s hatred so deep for his own “creations” that he would turn them into cannibals to destroy them? Read Deuteronomy 28:53,58 and Leviticus 26:22,29 to find what the scriptures say about this. Does God murder the innocent? 2 Samuel 12:18. Is God one of those mass murderers we call a “genocidal maniac”? Judges 20:35. Is King David, the “man after God’s own heart” any different than God? 1 Samuel 29:5. According to the scriptural “truths”, this is a cult of lying, thieving murderers.

So what is this? Do the British people actually believe and follow the agenda they promote around the world? Queen Elizabeth sits on “Christ’s Throne” also known as the Lia Fail, Jacob’s Pillow, Israel’s Pillar and the Coronation Stone and swears to uphold it. She traces her lineage back to King David. As such, she has the God given divine right to rule mankind… or so the story goes.

It is well known that you cannot hold what you take by force. So how do you hold what you take by force, as the British Empire does? You employ a Fabian three-part tactic of Force, Religion and Legislation. Here is how the scam works…

When Britain attacks a nation, they decimate their populations with war all the while proclaiming peace. Then they send in their preachers to destroy all written works and spread the Bible and the “word of God” to the ignorant masses. The lawyers ride in on the tailcoat of God and impose legislative slavery and the conquest is complete. Hanging onto the ill-gotten gains is then simply a matter of deceiving the victims and setting them against each other in as many ways as you can. That is what the private legal system franchise is for. Keep them divided and conquered.

The first thing the legal system does is set up a puppet government and counterfeit money system. Once these are in place, the victim nation is hopelessly entangled. The credit / debt money system is a cheque kiting scheme. The Crown steals our valuable property with worthless bits of paper. Counterfeiting. Where is a real cop when you need one? Sorry, all we have is legal highwaymen robbing their fellow man for their pay.

To understand why I would say such things demands a meeting of the minds. I ask you to consider what a free jural society really is. Following are some definitions from Black’s Law Dictionary.

Free – not subject to the legal constraint of another. (A legal constraint is called Legislation. We lose our state of being free one piece of legislation at a time.) Free men are self-governing.

Slavery – the condition of a slave; that civil relation in which one man has absolute power over the life, fortune and liberty of another. (Sounds like a ‘Crown’ Judge doesn’t it?)

State – a People in a given geographical area. (You and I are the State. The Government is NOT the State.)

Civil Service – employees of the State paid by the State.

Government – elected by the State to govern the Civil Service. (elected to represent, not to govern, the State.)

Constitution – body of Law, written by the State to control the government. (It is by convention that any liberties not specifically allocated to the Government by the State, remain with the State. When did the People of Canada write our own Constitution?)

Patriate – there is no such thing. BAR man Trudeau made this word up in 1982. You will not find it in Black’s Law Dictionary, nor in any other English Language Dictionary before this time.

Hansard is the official transcript of the house of Parliament. In the UK Hansard of 1 March 1982 – 15 March 1982, we read of one J. Enoch Powell standing up in the house and asking “How comes it that Canadians can be so easily lead by the nose as to believe by this process that this document can be justiciable as a Constitution? The reason is that Canadians have been deceived, just as their forefathers were deceived before them. For my own part, I wash my hands of this entire affair.” The BNA Act is a fraud. Now what is this deception of which Powell speaks? Our country is founded upon a fairy tale; a myth and a dangerous lie.

Crown – the ‘Crown’ Templar Church owns the corporate crown. It is off Fleet Street and Chancery Lane in London and controls the Inns of Temple Court. The British Crown of Israel is worn by the crowned Tit-ular Head of the Anglican Church; Elizabeth II.

Lawful – the spirit of the Law, the substance of the Law. What is lawful is predicated on what is morally and ethically correct.

Legal – the written form of the Law. (When what is written down does not match the intent, it is invalid; another term for “illegal”. )

Lawyers would have you believe all the legislation they draft is the ‘Law’. This is an outright lie upheld by our Star Chamber Courts, which exist for no other reason than to enrich the Crown Treasury. Given the definition of lawful, we can see assaulting the morals and ethics of a society undermines the Laws of the Land. Knowing this rather explains the purposeful miscarriages of Justice suffered at the hands of BAR members. All politicians, judges and peace officers need to be elected by the state and hold no other allegiances to foreign powers such as the Church Crown.

We are taught in school that Confederation was when Canada became a sovereign nation; The True North Strong and FREE. We have been taught that generations of Canadians gave their lives to keep our country FREE. (Not subject to the legal constraint of another? Then why do we live in the most highly legislated society on the face of the earth? Payment for friendship with Britain or the cost of maintaining peace and not being murdered?)

If you go into our provincial courts you will see a crest of authority on the wall above the judge. (This is Queen Elizabeth’s own crest.) On the left hand side of the crest you will see a lion upright with a crown on its head. This symbol is the symbol of the two houses of Judah. On the right hand side of the crest you see a unicorn standing. This is the symbol of the ten tribes of Israel. The lion standing on the top of the crest with the crown on its head is known as the “Lion of Judah” and is the symbol of the collective nation of Israel. Across the middle is the motto; “Dieu et mon droit”. This means ”God and my Right”. Being the coercive arm of the phony judiciary, the RCMP have written across their crest; “Maintiens le Droit”. This means they “Maintain the Right” of the foreign controlled British Crown to rule us. The federal government of Canada operates as “her majesty in right of Canada” and the provincial governments operate as “her majesty in right of British Columbia”, etc.. All taxes in Canada are unlawfully collected as debts to “her majesty”.

It is not generally well understood how we are victimized in our own courts by the BAR Association criminal conspiracy of the British Crown. There are four types of courts in Canada; law, equity, admiralty and maritime. There are two different types of law courts; “Natural Law” and “Common Law”.

Natural Law is the unwritten moral code of ethics that compels man (M/F) to be in honour and grace with his fellows and penalizes only for immoral and unethical actions against another man. In natural law you can only be compelled to court for doing another human being an injury. The natural law is predicated upon what is morally and ethically correct and depends upon intent (mens). In a law court you are tried by a jury of your peers who will understand if you have comported yourself in a moral and ethical manner in your own society. In natural law, you are presumed innocent and “errare humanum est” also allowed to be human. In natural law, both actions and intent with malice of forethought, mens rea, must be conclusively proven. If you are found guilty, the jury makes a recommendation of sentence. The judge is merely the arbitrator of the process and by virtue of the elected authority of the state (the people in that geographical area) imposes the sentence.

Common law courts are the ecclesiastical feudal courts of the British Crown. They are quasi-legal courts that operate under the guise and colour of law. Issuing from coerced “social contracts” between the church and rich landowners, they pretend to embody freedom and liberty for the masses they prey upon whom are not informed or even signatory to their assumpsits. Everybody working for the court is a subject of and paid by the foreign Crown. This is a Star Chamber court system that exists only to enrich the Crown Treasury. Since they are paid from that Treasury all parties to these courts have a financial interest in their victims.

All proceeds from the “criminal code” that governs this British system of common law devolve to the foreign owned Crown legal system franchise. Owning the judicial system of foreign powers is very lucrative indeed for the Anglican Church BAR Associations. In Canada, their private army officers, the RCMP even get to auction off the stolen property they “recover”. This is why when the Crown moves into the neighbourhood; crime automatically starts to escalate as do the number of “legislative” infractions of the police state where no real man has been injured.

Equity courts govern the legitimate rules of lawful legal contracts. Remember the three elements of a lawful “legal” (valid written) contract; full disclosure, mutual consideration and mutual un-coerced agreement. If all elements of the contract have not been disclosed to you it is unlawful and is not a legal contract. If you do not get something equal in value to you in exchange it is unlawful and not a legal contract. If you do not want to enter into a contract in the first place, it is unlawful and not a legal contract. You cannot lawfully contract to do something that is unlawful. If it is not specifically in the contract it is not part of the contract. This is equitable contract law. Equity is defined as “Justice administered according to fairness as contrasted with the strictly formulated rules of common law. The term equity denotes the spirit and habit of fairness, justness, and right dealing which would regulate the intercourse of men with men. (See: Black’s 6th). Equity deals with fictions, like corporations. In a lawful equity court, the judge is agreed upon by both parties to be an independent arbitrator who is paid by the state to examine the terms of the contract that exists between both parties, determine performance if the contract is lawful and compensation to render an equitable remedy.

Since it is common knowledge that law and equity have been combined and are virtually indistinguishable from each other, and that anyone who has witnessed “criminal” proceedings in the courts easily recognizes that these “criminal” or “quasi-criminal” accusations are most usually contrary to the spirit and habit of fairness and justness and right dealing of men with men. Therefore, the cause of action cannot be in equity when you are compelled to court to answer for these legislative violations.

It is good to remember the legal definition of free; “not subject to the legal constraint (legislation) of another.” The opposite of free is enslaved. Legislation governing free men who are not signatory to a formal contract existing of their own free will is slavery. No other free man can “sign” for you. No other free man can be held liable for your actions. Applying government legislation to the free men of the state is slavery and that is a crime against humanity. No argument, no matter how glib, justifies these British legislative crimes against humanity.

The final two courts; Admiralty and Maritime are synonymous. Admiralty is defined in Bouviers 1856 edition as”: the name of a jurisdiction which takes cognizance of suits or actions which arise in consequence of acts done upon or relating to the sea; or, in other words, of all transactions and proceedings relative to commerce and navigation, and to damages or injuries upon the sea. 2 Gall. R. 468. Black’s 6th edition observes that: “the terms “admiralty and “maritime” are virtually synonymous.” Extending the jurisdictions of admiralty and maritime causes to the land under the commerce clause deprives the men of the right to a trial by jury. They are lawfully lacking subject matter jurisdiction on land. The presiding judge has an interest in you as a human being and this pecuniary interest lawfully disqualifies him from hearing a suit against you. To avoid this, a fraud on court must be committed which converts you from a man with natural human rights in a lawful natural law court to a legal fiction called a “corporate person” under maritime jurisdiction so that your rights as a free human being are not technically violated in the legal fiction world on paper while you are financially raped in the real world. The Crown gets your property and you get to starve.

The manner in which you are compelled into this ecclesiastical maritime jurisdiction court is highly unlawful as well. The crimes involved in perpetrating these frauds on court include both barratry and champerty. Crown lawyers stirring up charges based upon “legislative violations” against free men are guilty of barratry. The “police officer” that pulls you over and under threat of incarceration or any other duress compels you to enter into an assumpsit with the Crown is guilty of champerty.

When you are a “person” in a maritime court instead of a real life man in a natural law court, you are at your absolute jeopardy. Legislation is made up for enriching the Crown Treasury. As a free man, you are not required to be licensed, registered or anything else that you don’t want to be. As a “corporate person” with “state membership” you are presumed guilty and are the chattel property or “enslaved human resource” of a foreign church. In the Canadian feudal system, none of the Crown chattel property human resources own any property. They are registered as “owner in fee simple” on “their” land. Look up “fee” and “fee simple” in the dictionary. All Canadians own as property is the piece of paper that the certificate of title is written on. That is why the Crown makes up all the rules to govern what you believe to be your property. They are in fact the actual feudal owners and when you bought the piece of paper that said you could use their property you agreed to pay taxes on it and maintain it as they see fit. Of course, none of this has been disclosed to you and is highly unlawful, but if you fight it, you will be turned into a non-entity in their criminal court system and abused to the full extent of their legal claptrap. Ecclesiastical feudal systems have a monarch that represents god and rules by divine right of said god. Corporate CANADA is ruled by “her majesty in right of Canada” and your corporate PROVINCE is defined as “her majesty in right of . Municipal governments are corporations as well and display a picture of the tit head of the Anglican Church whom they have sworn allegiance to in their oath of office.

A natural law court and a lawful equity court are the only types of court needed in a lawful jural society. Natural law does not need to be written as it is predicated upon actions that have occurred. In natural law, every man is rendered his due consideration. He is allowed to face the accuser and provide any information he needs to for his defence. If he is guilty, then the punishment should match the crime so that it acts as a deterrent to others who are contemplating a like course of action. Natural law punishes the guilty and compensates the innocent in society and compel free men to be naturally honourable and graceful in dealing with each other. Lawful equity courts allow men freedom of honourable and graceful action in commerce.

When ecclesiastical admiralty courts usurp the lawful authority of the state a lawful venue no longer exists for independent arbitration of grievances between the state and the Crown corporations the British have created. How can you plead your case and expect justice when you have to do so to the criminals who enslave you with their courts? When all decisions devolve to the Crown courts, this foreign power controls us absolutely. The history of the Crown in Canada and the rest of the world proves old English Lord Acton’s axiom; “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

Ordo Ab Chao
Without Prejudice J

Ordo Ab Chao

(Order out of Chaos)

Novus Ordo Seclorum
(New World Order)

So what is this New World Order we hear of all the time? Is there such a thing as a Global Conspiracy?

The fact of the matter is that there is no such thing as a New World Order. This dream of global domination is as old as civilizations themselves. This agenda reaches back in the tomes of time to the Babylonians and Phoenicians.

Of course, speaking out against this system has always been dangerous, which is why the Bible was written as an allegory. It is quite literally; “The greatest story ever told”, if you understand it.

This Phoenician / Babylonian Banking and Legal system that has enslaved the world for millennia creates only deceit as its stock in trade. It has destroyed every civilization it has ever touched.

Ever wonder why Christ drove the money lenders from the temple? One should remember that usury originally meant charging any interest on lending money. The meaning has changed slightly to mean charging a gross rate of interest. Canada has a National Debt of $670 Billion, which is 97% interest. Could this be classified as usury? In the world today, only the Moslem nations still forbid usury. Is it for this reason the New World Order must overthrow their culture if their dreams of domination are ever to come true? You can not financially enslave someone if they will not allow you to print their money for them and to charge interest (usury) on loans.

Is money the root of all evil? So let’s talk about the Global Monetary Order / IMF that owns our money.

I have heard little banking gnomes live in Zurich, but in actual fact they live in Basel. Basel Switzerland is the home of the Bank of International Settlements, the United Nations and the worlds leading pharmaceutical manufacturers. How are banking, the legal system and drug running all related?

Of course, if your stock in trade is deception, the first thing you need to do is stay well hidden. Only the Truth can survive in the open facing into the bright white light of day. Evil must stay in shadows. Would Evil hide behind a Red Cross of Benevolence?

How can one stay hidden? Would a wolf wear sheeps clothing? What do you make of a ‘neutral nation’ that is armed to the teeth? Ever wonder why Hitler bombed everyone within reach but respected Swiss neutrality? Of course, you don’t bite the hand that feeds you and you don’t bomb your banker.

Is the United Nations really a front for a New World Order? Does the Bank of International Settlements control all the central banks of the G7 nations? Who owns the IMF? Are pharmaceutical manufacturers really international drug dealers?

The “banking industry” is fronted out of Belgium, but the Bank of International Settlements control the monetary policies and central banks of every G7 nation. Read “The Evil Empire” by Paul Hellyer to find out more about BIS. For many years he was an MP and was Trudeau’s Deputy Prime Minister.

The “legal industry” is fronted out of Britain, but the United Nations World Court is the Supreme Arbiter. Lawful and Legal are really two different things.

Lawful contemplates the Spirit of the Law and is embodied in Moral and Ethical values of the Land. Legal simply means it is written down some place. Any smarmy little petty bureaucrat can write down legal rules and regulations, but that does not mean they are lawful. In fact, police forces are given these legal atrocities to enforce and are told these are the ‘laws of the land’. They are the biggest dupes.

Police are told to advise their victims; “tell it to the judge” and simply to arrest them. Like good little acolytes they rush about their despicable tasks, caring only that they have a job, convinced of their superiority and too thick headed to read their own constitution which is the “Supreme Law of the Land”. These are our champions of Justice?

There are four “Inns of Court” which are private country clubs in the City of London on Fleet Street. These Inns of Court sell legal franchises. The Bar Associations of many nations are simply members of these legal franchises. They exist for and by deceit. The legal memberships they sell to lawyers are quite literally ‘legal licenses to steal’.

If these people sound like pirates to you, you will be interested to know that is precisely what they are. If you look at pictures of Justice from the ancient past you behold a buxom blonde with the most beautiful blue eyes and a blazing sword. Behold her now sitting on the steps of the Court, blindfolded and dejected. Who wrapped the rag around her head?

Since this legal system is used to overthrow the law courts of our country, it is of infinite use to get a Black’s Law Dictionary and use it as a reference for a few terms. Try looking up Free, Freedom, Dominion, Assumption, Assumpsit, Contract, Confederation, State, Legal Fiction, Moral, Ethical, etc.. I have put a few of these terms in my book “Freedom! Canada”.

It is interesting to note that power mongers have big egos. They love their symbology and chortle at our stupidity and their superior intelligence as they flaunt the obvious right before our hoodwinked eyes. Would these pirates belong to Skull and Bones Societies and maybe even be Honourable Knights?

The “arms industry” is fronted out of the United States, but the UN directs all the ‘police actions’ in the world. Who runs the police state in your country? Does the police state control all the drugs? Vietnam was a CIA covert police action to control drugs. But long before there was a drug war in North America, there were Opium wars in China.

Is the CIA controlled by Britain? How are the RIIA, Interpol, CIIA and CSIS related to the CIA? Did the CIA use the US Armed Forces and Air America to bring drugs into the US? Is Air America now Wackenhut and into “legal incarceration”? Did the CIA train Hussein, bin Laden, et al, ad infinitum? The Taliban destroyed all the opium in Afghanistan. I wonder if this is enough reason to go after them?

There is only one thing that creates profit and that is labour. Have you ever wondered how it is that you work your butt off and do nothing more than get yourself deeper and deeper into debt? Have you ever wondered how so many farmers and small business men work from morning to night and then go bankrupt while every year the banks in our country post record profits?

Of course, a little common sense tells you the bankers are ending up with your money. So how exactly do they do this? Two simple expedients; usury and fiat (debt) money.

A Constitution is a body of law that is written by the people to control the government. A government is elected by us to run the civil service. So why is our government rewriting the body of laws that they are supposed to follow? Why are they allowing private banks to print debt money to enslave us when they are lawfully required to print the money for our nation? Is our government controlled by the banks?

If you read the BNA Act, which is not really a Constitution, but is pushed upon us as such, it states in Schedule B, Section 52 that the Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land and any laws that are made that violate it are unenforceable. According to our Constitution; Federal Income Tax is Unlawful. The federal government was only ever given the right to collect customs and excise taxes and only ever given the power to create laws extraterritorially. So why are they ruling our country? One should remember from the MP Littlechild case that MP’s do not represent Canadians. Of a certainty they are chosen in a democratic election, but a ‘democratically elected’ tyrant is still a tyrant. The judge in the MP Littlechild case told the MPs constituents that the MP represented parliament, not them. Who are these pretenders for the Crown? The ‘Crown’ is the Crown in Chancery, a body of bankers and lawyers from Fleet Street. Why do our federal government agencies swear allegiance to this foreign power?

If the Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land, and they are hired to enforce it, why are police officers not required to read it? How can you uphold something you have never even read?

“I don’t make the regulations, I just enforce them”. This is the same defense that was used at Nuremburg. It is the same thing you hear over and over from government employees. Are they really saying they don’t care how deceitful, despicable and heinous their orders, they will do anything for money and only disagree with it in principle? Is thirty pieces of silver enough to do dirty work for a foreign power?

In Canada the Revenue Canada Mounted Police are the coercive arm of the judiciary. Of course, they are for the most part sympathetic people dedicated to the betterment of our society. They would never take part in such a scheme did they know it existed. They are shipped to different parts of the country on purpose. It is easier to be imperious with strangers.

Now you know why your own police forces are armed to the teeth and you are disarmed. Now you know why you can no longer tell a cop from a crook with the Balaclava over their heads and a machine gun in their hands. And now they want the ‘legal right’ to break the law. So how are they in any way differentiable from common criminals? Has it occurred to anyone that the fastest way to take a bite out of crime is to fire the entire federal police force? Why does the IMF hide behind the police to hold their meetings if they have the best intentions?

Let’s look again at this allegory in the greatest story ever told. Turn to Revelation 17. Who is the great prostitute that sits on many waters? “With her the Kings of the Earth committed adultery and the inhabitants of the earth were intoxicated with the wine of her adulteries.”

My fellow country men, allow me to introduce you to “MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF PROSTITUTES AND OF THE ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH”; I give you the great Global Banking System of the IMF.

Is there anything we can do about it? Of a certainty. There are a few things. Revelation 19:15… “Out of his mouth comes a sharp sword with which to strike down the Nations.”…

Out of his mouth? You mean opening my mouth and saying something about it may be the first step to helping myself out? Is the pen indeed mightier than the sword? Well, we are enslaved with legal ink. It has certainly left the sword of Justice herself rusting while she sits blindfolded with gold scales in her hand. Instead of ‘Moral and Ethical Judgments’ you now get ‘Precedence and the Letter of the Law’.

If you find the Bible to be heavy slogging, perhaps a child’s story would be of more interest. What about reading the “Wizard of Oz”? Oz = Ounces. And Gold is weighed in what? And what did the characters need in this story? Brains? A heart? Guts? When they went in search of the wizard, did they run into the trained monkey legal minions and their master? Were they lulled to sleep in a field of opium poppies? Of course, the little people and their bureaucrats did nothing, as they were under the sway of the Great Oz. Watch the movie again and look closely at the symbolism. What was L. Frank Baum trying to tell us in his allegory?

This is Canada’s darkest hour. Our only salvation from a police state are people with Pride, Integrity and the Guts to champion our cause. Who would do more than pay lip service to Justice? When you are judged, will you be found “Faithful and True”?

You cannot serve both God and Money.

Matthew 6:24

I wanted to include an article I wrote a while ago and a couple of other articles of interest that I came across as well. They do not necessarily reflect my views, however I think they are well written and of good merit. The articles written by Americans are interesting in that although the gentlemen are certainly abreast of current affairs, with the exception of Fagan, they appear not to understand the full measure of British control of their own government and courts. You will note from the articles that Canada is attacked in much the same way other nations are by this Criminal God Conspiracy and their “rule of law” judicial slavery system.

Is God a Judicial Racist?

I believe all of humanity on the earth is one race; the human race.

I believe all humans are born free, equal and entitled to share the bounty of the earth as much as any other human.

I believe no one, no matter who they are or who they think they are has the legitimate authority to govern or rule another human being or their life.

I believe no argument, no matter how compelling it may be; justifies crimes against humanity.

Because I believe every human is a member of my race, “every mans death diminishes me for I am involved in mankind. Ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee.” Thus, it can be argued that every act of slavery and murder are crimes against all humanity.

All human skin colours are variations of the tints and shades of a red hue. All humans are endowed with relatively the same attributes. Common sense should logically dictate that an attempt to arbitrarily differentiate humans along these lines in an effort to determine their “race” is not only non-sensible, but debilitating to society in general and of no useful utility.

I believe that no group of human beings are in any way superior to any other “race”, group or “distinction” of human beings because there is no such thing as different “races” and “distinctions” of human beings.

Genocide is said to be a “racial crime”. It is not. Perhaps it is the aggregate elimination of an extended human family or neighbourhood, but it is made up of individual acts of murder.

There is no need for such arbitrary distinctions as colour, ethnic origin, race, sex or sexual persuasion unless the intention is to divide. The only need to divide human beings is to conquer them.

Slavery is a theft of the productive capacity of human beings and is a crime against humanity.

Slavery can be manifested in many barbaric forms from detainment and forced labour in physical chains or cells to treasonous ecclesiastical systems practising government legislated control of the state, state slavery by taxation and state containment by deception.

Truth, Honour and Justice, are the cornerstones of human idealism that guard against these crimes. They depend upon the patriotic spirit of everyone to be involved in protecting them in order to survive in a free and lawful society.

When these ideals become obscured behind ecclesiastical corporate veils of legislative deceit, it behoves one to recall that no argument, no matter how glib; justifies crimes against humanity.

When it becomes impossible to tell the truth without being labelled as an Anti-Semite or a Terrorist or even an Enemy of the very Human State of which you are a member by the criminal members of a foreign state that are against it, it behoves one to recall that no argument, no matter how glib; justifies crimes against humanity.

When immoral and unethical judicial decisions are made with a deference to “precedence and the letter of the law”, it behoves one to recall that no argument, no matter how glib; justifies crimes against humanity.

When police states and their armies commit atrocities in the name of global brotherhood and peace, it behoves one to recall that no argument, no matter how glib; justifies crimes against humanity.

When you no longer have any say in how you live your own life on your own property and what you teach your children, it behoves one to recall that no argument, no matter how glib; justifies crimes against humanity.

When you no longer have any say in whether you contribute to taxation schemes of government that is supposed to “represent you” and does not, it behoves one to recall that no argument, no matter how glib; justifies crimes against humanity.

No one is ever going to try and deceive you for no reason. When they do try to deceive you, intuition should tell you that the only need for deception is evil intent. That is why evil intending to deceive always wears a mask of benevolence.

You should also realize that any argument someone gives you while trying to deceive you is going to be rationalized to you in favourable terms to yourself or its stated beneficiaries. No matter how your heartstrings are tugged and empathy elicited in an effort to rationalize them, it behoves one to recall that no argument, no matter how glib; justifies crimes against humanity.

No matter how you try to rationalize them in whatever circumstance, it behoves one to recall that no argument, no matter how glib; justifies crimes against humanity.

I believe crimes against humanity are committed every day in every country in the world. I believe many of these crimes are unconsciously committed by the ignorant masses, held in sway by the evil few that consciously commit them.

I believe those in our society we trust the most are actively involved, consciously or not, in subjugating the Canadian state to a super-national power intent on global governance. I believe that as a nation, Canadians are ignorant as to how they have been deceived and it is my intent to expose this deception.

I believe the reason that so many of my fellow countrymen contend they never talk about “religion or politics” is because we are under attack and legislatively ruled by a global monetary system of foreign puppet masters controlling quasi-military, quasi-religious, quasi-legal human puppets in our societies and this is a conditioned response that has been taught to us by them to avoid detection.

One of the most effective tools for mass mind control is religion and one cannot examine how we are mind controlled in Canada without a close scrutiny of the British Anglican Church Crown and its record of global genocide.

The title of my paper arises from the examination of the “Scriptural Truths” of this quasi-religious foreign power that has assumed rule in Canada for the last few centuries claiming God gives them the right to financially rape us while simultaneously committing their crimes against humanity in our country in the name of their Jewish God.

I believe the Anglican Church British Crown is part of a criminal conspiracy to subjugate the world to elite financial control. Ab abusu ad usum non valet consequential. It began as a criminal conspiracy and can never rise above its criminal beginnings regardless of the numerous awards and honorariums it bestows upon itself. Take a sow and let it fart through silk and its still a sow. Same thing holds for criminals regardless of how many of their ill-gotten gains bedeck their besotted despotic little bodies.

Let us think closely about what is going on here. What is the intent of communication? On a personal level it is the attempt by the intelligence embodied in the vital electrons within my physical brain to pass a thought to the intelligent being within your own physical body. But what happens when we are passed thoughts with a hidden intent to deceive?

Often the words we use to convey messages are misconstrued. An ancient Sufi saying cautions; “if one would know the meaning of the true, look past the words, the thought, the thought pursue.”

If one wishes to deceive another being, there is no easier way of doing so than playing on words. It is no coincidence that the foreign controlled priests and lawyers operating in our country are wordsmiths. Their deceptions in Canada are hiding in plain sight and totally depend on us having no clue as to what they are saying and not having the intelligence to discover their fraud. We have been purposely educated to not realize the obvious and to believe the deceptions of the British Crown as part of their strategy in attacking our country.

Never forget that the Jewish Satan-Gods number one boyo, the inbred son “Israel” [ruler of God] of an inbred son, Isaac; was a skinny little wimp of a lying thief that smelled like a goat [so scripture tells us] who was called Jacob [deceiver] before he claimed to overcome God in a wrestling match and become the head hooby dooby of the human race. Kind of pathetic.

One should note that Jacob’s own wife didn’t even believe him. After he informed her of his little fireside chat with “God”, they took off at a run in the middle of the night with half her father’s wealth and his own personal gods. She doesn’t appear to have trusted much in Jacob’s god and lied to her father while she was sitting on his gods and he was running around looking for them. Yes, one needs a lot of faith indeed to believe these people were spiritually connected to anything other than Mammon.

Mammon is a global Puppet Master with their puppet British Crown, its Ecclesiastical Military Legal System and the manner which it rules us as “subjects of a divinely ordained dominion” with its archaic Biblical nonsense. You cannot be both “free” and “subject”. That is like “a sober drunk”, “military intelligence” or “government efficiency”… purely oxymoronic.

We know that on a global scale 40,000 human children die every day due to malnutrition. We know this is a natural consequence of fascist commercial feudal systems that destroy all of their environments, yet we “look the other way” for convenience sake and it behoves one to recall that no argument, no matter how glib; justifies crimes against humanity.

This is more than ample proof that we are not only the least successful species on the face of the earth, perhaps in the entire universe, but we are collectively quite insane. There are those that collect money under the auspices of helping the needy, but the needy never see the money. The money is collected by the conquerors and they laugh at the generosity of those that donate as stupidity deserving only of fraud and contempt.

All of the myriad individual invasions of privacy and property function together in order to either enslave us in hopeless existences in order to ensure maximum profits or victimize us in mass atrocities to eliminate the accumulating cost of maintaining the totally disenfranchised “useless eaters” to again maximize profits.

We are told this is the survival of the fittest. It is not and it once again behoves one to recall that no argument, no matter how glib; justifies crimes against humanity. It is the pathetic survival at all cost of the least fit, justified within fevered brains in their death throes.

Look at the decimated environments and humans left behind. The human “races” have a cancer of the mind and its symptoms are greed, jealousy, callousness, boundless hatred and a predilection to steal everything but the filth they leave behind. With malice of forethought and conscious intent those bitten by the gold bug and inflicted with its self perpetuating brain cancer virus wage war by deception on their fellow man.

I wish to impress upon your psyche once again that when someone starts to tell you it is for the good of a nation that they need to start eliminating members of its state or any other human, it behoves one to recall that no argument, no matter how glib; justifies crimes against humanity.

Some say that we need to build a better world, an enlightened global community where no borders and no barriers of any kind exist and the end we will achieve justifies the means. Is this just another glib argument to justify crimes against humanity by the people who arrived on our shores with larceny in their hearts and blood on their hands?

Isn’t it funny when the British Crown of Israel loses a battle it is because god is punishing them and when they win one it is because god has defeated their enemies? Kind of a convenient way of taking responsibility for acts of global genocide out of the hands of the perpetrators and assigning it to a fairy tale that cannot be held legally responsible.

Now that sounds much like the ecclesiastical legal system corporations that create fictional entities that can sue real flesh and blood men who have the unlimited liability of a free man. Corporations have limited legal liability and the Crown, which is an ecclesiastical corporation that runs the ecclesiastical corporation called CANADA even makes up their own rules that you cannot sue their head criminal because her ecclesiastical titles are titular only and she possesses no executive authority.

Try suing a corporation like a bank or crown corporation whose major shareholders are hidden by the legal system criminal racket operating under colour and guise of law in the courts. Regardless of what this Crown pretends to be, it can never rise above its criminal beginnings and a close scrutiny shows that it has no intention of doing so.

Think about the entire premise upon which Canadian society is based. Our “constitution”, which is in itself a farce because it was not written by Canadians and is therefore no such thing, entrenches this fairy tale god and fraudulent legal system franchise as the centre piece upon which our society is built. “Recognizing the supremacy of God and the rule of law”..

Our entire society is based upon fantasy and deceit. Not a wonder we are so phoney. We cannot rise above these criminal beginnings because our entire belief and judicial systems by which we govern ourselves as “free men” is a fraud. We can fool ourselves for as long as we want but we are only fooling ourselves while our persecutors laugh at us.

Our entire system divides us into tax payers and tax receivers. Tax receivers work for the foreign owned government in Canada. If one examines their net contribution to the public purse, one sees tax receivers do not pay taxes. Since 1992, over half our population is directly or indirectly employed by the Crown at one of three levels of government and is a tax receiver. Tax payers are those that own private enterprises and earn their living under their own steam. Their net contribution to the public purse is positive.

Unfortunately, when a play acting farce called an “election” is held, tax receivers who have a vested interest in their government employer go out and vote for the person they want to work for. Most tax payers do not vote since they don’t want anything to do with any of it. Most tax receivers only go along with it because they don’t want to get a real job and support themselves.

Small wonder when we consider what a plum it is to land a cushy government job and start soaking up the “real bucks and bennies”. Benefits that the tax payers who have to pay for them can only dream about. And that is the reason for the betrayal. Massage the pocket book and then massage the ego. Tax receivers do not live in the real world. Since they contribute no profits to the public purse they are never the target. You do not have a problem collecting taxes when you are writing the pay cheque and automatically make the deduction.

Tax receivers see the world through their own carefully crafted rose coloured glasses. Tax payers see the dull bleak grey of reality, hear the cries of their hungry children and experience the hard cold edge of reality magnified a thousand times by the capricious whims of a despotic self serving bureaucracy. Who gave these people the right to create “laws”?

Think about the manner in which these tax receivers are taught to treat the tax payers. Here are the tax payers who pay for all the services up front. Presumably a contract exists at this point in time that is fixed and certain in order to be lawful. Yet to collect what they have already pay for, the tax payer is then required to sign a plethora of further agreements. This is financial coercion to say nothing of the fact that all of it is highly inequitable and unlawful in the first place.

The Crown tells our fellow countrymen who are their employees that they are “the authorities”. Odd we have a vote isn’t it? I mean if they are “the authorities” why is our vote needed? Rather embarrassingly obvious that the vote is merely to perpetuate the myth of freedom isn’t it? The “true north strong and free”? More like “lyin’ sumbitch North wimps and church slaves”.

It is the apparent hallmark of democracy that once these government employees vote, they go back to the task of enforcing their contract with their foreign church employer onto the free men of their country who have never agreed to any of it. I don’t vote on purpose because I don’t want to be represented by any of these people. So why am I enslaved by their legislation? Tax receivers are compensated for their contracts with the government, I am not.

It is a legislative system to divide and conquer, and conquered we are. What else can we be when our own countrymen flock to serve a foreign power for a paycheque? The funny thing is that they are paid by a phoney fiat money cheque kiting scam that eventually steals everything they think they own right back out of their pockets. In that we are equals.

The worthless money is exchanged for our valuable property and labour. For now the worthless bits of paper purchase goods, but it is a cheque kiting scheme and the debt instrument steals from everyone who it gets passed to, but the last guy holding the note is going to get burned when the system crashes. Pretty old scam that has been going on for centuries.

The guy that passed the debt note as equitable barter ends up with all the valuable property. And who owns the note? Whose face is upon it? And is it any surprise the Crown owns 92% of British Columbia? The power of fraud and fiat currency! Big crime pays big time!

Until we free Canadian men that pay for services in this country elect our judiciary that swears allegiance to us, elect our police officials who swear allegiance to us, elect government representatives who swear allegiance to us and have the ability to fire any of the above on a moment’s notice, no form of government will ever be of any use to the Canadian state.

There is no such legitimate thing as a non-contractual “written form of the law”. That is all bullshit. If so-called legislation is written to “govern the free men of the state” it is a deceit that amounts to nothing more than slavery; a crime against humanity. The true law is based upon actions and intent. You can never be lawfully compelled to court unless a living breathing human being has a claim against you for injuring them physically or financially.

“Legal rules and regulations” are nothing more than written or “legal” contracts. It must be remembered that Legal is not only what is written but the contract must be valid, or lawful, as well. You cannot contract to do something that is unlawful. If you are not a signing party to a contract, it does not pertain to you and you can neither be enriched or diseased by it.

A lawfully valid legal contract possesses three absolutely necessary elements; full disclosure, mutual consideration and mutual un-coerced agreement.

The constitution of Canada is not a constitution because it was not written by Canadians. It is the legal agreement between the foreign Anglican Church ecclesiastical corporation known as the “British Crown” and its employees. Federal and Provincial politicians do not represent Canadians, they represent this foreign corporation and swear allegiance to the head of the Anglican Church. As Crown employees, the “constitution” does apply to them.

By lawful definition, a constitution is the body of law written by the state (a people in a given geographical area) to control the government and civil service (employees of the state elected to govern the civil service). The people of Canada have written no such contract. The BNA Act is a formal contract between the Anglican Church British Crown and their Canadian politicians and employees.

Look closely at the “application” section in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and it tells you outright that the Constitution only applies to politicians and government employees. Free Canadians are not subject to the rules and regulations of this private foreign corporation.

The federal police forces of this foreign power who spy against Canadians and enforce the unlawful rules and regulations of this criminal conspiracy actually swear allegiance to this foreign power for a pay cheque and then tell their victims that they are just doing their job. You get the same story from the judges and lawyers that are running the legal scams.

What they do not understand is that they are subject to the laws of the Crown because they work for the Crown. The rest of us are not subjects and do not work for them. Our slavery is enforced at the hands of our own countrymen who are employees of the foreign crown and “just doing as they are told.” Cute.

There are four types of courts in Canada; law, equity, admiralty and maritime.

There are two different types of law courts; “Natural Law” and “Common Law”.

Natural Law is the unwritten moral code of ethics that compels man (M/F) to be in honour and grace with his fellow man and penalizes only for immoral and unethical actions against another man. Equity Law governs the written agreements with our fellow man or group of fellow men that compels the human or group of humans to deal in honour and grace according to what has been mutually agreed upon. Equity recognizes the standing of legal fictions such as “persons” or other corporate entities that are not real men.

Though I agree with the creation of “corporate groups” which can be held equally or proportionally liable, I disagree with the concept of “limited legal liability” for corporations because this automatically destroys equity. Certainly I disagree with the private legal franchise creations such as a “person” or a “straw man”, since all activities related to these legal fictions are unlawful. They inequitably hold selectmen irresponsible for their own actions.

In natural law you can only be compelled to court for doing another human being an injury. The natural law is predicated upon what is morally and ethically correct and depends upon intent (mens). In a law court you are tried by a jury of your peers who will understand if you have comported yourself in a moral and ethical manner in your own society. In natural law, you are presumed innocent and “errare humanum est” also allowed to be human.

In natural law, both actions and intent with malice of forethought, mens rea, must be conclusively proven. If you are found guilty, the jury makes a recommendation of sentence. The judge is merely the arbitrator of the process and by virtue of the elected authority of the state (the people in that geographical area) imposes the sentence. The victim is compensated and all costs recovered from the perpetrator.

Common law courts are the ecclesiastical feudal courts of the British Crown. They are quasi-legal courts that operate under the guise and colour of law. Issuing from coerced “social contracts” between the church and rich landowners, they pretend to embody freedom and liberty for the masses they prey upon whom are not informed or even signatory to their assumpsits. Everybody working for the court is a subject of and paid by the foreign Crown. This is a Star Chamber court system that exists only to enrich the Crown Treasury. Since they are paid from that Treasury all parties to these courts have a financial interest in their victims.

All proceeds from the “criminal code” that governs this British system of common law devolve to the foreign owned Crown legal system franchise. Owning the judicial system of foreign powers is very lucrative indeed for the Anglican Church BAR Associations. In Canada, their private army officers, the RCMP even get to auction off the stolen property they “recover”. This is why when the Crown moves into the neighbourhood; crime automatically starts to escalate as do the number of “legislative” infractions of the police state where no real man has been injured.

Equity courts govern the legitimate laws of lawful legal contracts. Remember the three elements of a lawful “legal” (valid written) contract; full disclosure, mutual consideration and mutual un-coerced agreement. If all elements of the contract have not been disclosed to you it is unlawful and is not a legal contract. If you do not get something equal in value to you in exchange it is unlawful and not a legal contract. If you do not want to enter into a contract in the first place, it is unlawful and not a legal contract. You cannot lawfully contract to do something that is unlawful. If it is not specifically in the contract it is not part of the contract. This is equitable contract law.

Equity is defined as “Justice administered according to fairness as contrasted with the strictly formulated rules of common law. The term equity denotes the spirit and habit of fairness, justness, and right dealing which would regulate the intercourse of men with men. (See: Black’s 6th). Equity deals with fictions, like corporations. In a lawful equity court, the judge is agreed upon by both parties to be an independent arbitrator who is paid by the state to examine the terms of the contract that exists between both parties, determine performance if the contract is lawful and compensation to render an equitable remedy. Court costs are recovered accordingly.

Since it is common knowledge that law and equity have been combined and are virtually indistinguishable from each other, and that anyone who has witnessed “criminal” proceedings in the courts easily recognizes that these “criminal” or “quasi-criminal” accusations are most usually contrary to the spirit and habit of fairness and justness and right dealing of men with men. Therefore, the cause of action cannot be in equity when you are compelled to court to answer for these legislative violations.

It is good to remember the legal definition of free; “not subject to the legal constraint (legislation) of another.” The opposite of free is enslaved. Legislation governing free men who are not signatory to a formal contract existing of their own free will is slavery. No other free man can “sign” for you. No other free man can be held liable for your actions. Applying government legislation to the free men of the state is slavery and that is a crime against humanity. No argument, no matter how glib, justifies these British legislative crimes against humanity.

The final two courts; Admiralty and Maritime are synonymous. Admiralty is defined in Bouviers 1856 edition as”: the name of a jurisdiction which takes cognizance of suits or actions which arise in consequence of acts done upon or relating to the sea; or, in other words, of all transactions and proceedings relative to commerce and navigation, and to damages or injuries upon the sea. 2 Gall. R. 468. Black’s 6th edition observes that: “the terms “admiralty and “maritime” are virtually synonymous.” Extending the jurisdictions of admiralty and maritime causes to the land under the commerce clause deprives the men of the right to a trial by jury.

This royal admiralty court is the ecclesiastical beast of Revelation that crawls out of the sea. They are lawfully lacking subject matter jurisdiction on land. The ecclesiastical maritime courts presume you guilty because you are only a “member” of a ship (membership) and have no standing of your own. The members of a ship are not free to do as they choose. The Captain is god.

The presiding judge has an interest in you as a human being and this pecuniary interest lawfully disqualifies him from hearing a suit against you. To avoid this, a fraud on court must be committed which converts you from a man with natural human rights in a lawful natural law court to a legal fiction called a “corporate person” under maritime jurisdiction so that your rights as a free human being are not technically violated in the legal fiction world on paper while you are financially raped in the real world.

When you are born (upon the waters of life into the maritime law jurisdiction) you are given a “birth certificate”. This creates a “person” or “one man corporation” called a “straw man” that phonetically sounds exactly like your real name. Since you are not aware that you are entering into a legal contract and even your parents cannot enter you into a contract, though they may be responsible for you, it is obvious that this membership is not a contract. It is an assumpsit just like your social insurance card. Everything is assumed unless you specifically negatively aver it. As a free man you can do this, as a person; your membership lacks standing and you have to “understand” those giving you the orders to comply.

For instance, if your name is Harry James Townsend, the corporation created by your birth certificate will be called HARRY JAMES TOWNSEND and the “corporate person” will be assigned a Treasury department number so the government can borrow money against the productive capacity of the chattel human resource.

We are told that rules and regulations exist for a reason. The court system is the most scrupulous in adhering to their rules that enumerate the colour of paper, layout design, vocabulary to use, etc… One could infer from this they understand the value of following spelling and grammatical rules; like the fact that actual human beings, which are nouns, are spelled with the first letter capitalized and the rest in lower case. If there is no difference in meaning inferred by the way the name is spelled on court documents, then why are the names not spelled correctly on these documents according to accepted spelling and grammar rules for the English language?

Why do virtually all the Acts of the British Colonial government fail in my grammar checker if these people drafting these documents are “legal experts”? The term legal expert implies a proficiency in the written aspects of legal agreements. So why are these legal experts so woefully unaware that the legislation they enforce isn’t even valid? Shouldn’t the documents they draft be more succinct? If “ignorance of the law is no excuse”, why are these legislative slavery system courts so ignorant? Of what value their services if they lead only to incessant arguing and excessive contests that enrich only the Crown? Now I have answered my own query.

But here is how the scam works; you are compelled to court with documents that appear to have your name. When your name is called in court, what you hear is phonetically the same as what your mother calls you just before she grabs your ear. You are asked if you are this “person” that is a legal corporation. You answer that you are indeed this person and the fraud is complete. By your own uninformed confession, you have no human rights, are presumed guilty by maritime law and are no more than the chattel property or “human resource” of the criminals that have you in their clutches.

The manner in which you are compelled into this ecclesiastical maritime jurisdiction court is highly unlawful as well. The crimes involved in perpetrating these frauds on court include both barratry and champerty. Crown lawyers stirring up charges based upon “legislative violations” against free men are guilty of barratry. The “police officer” that pulls you over and under threat of incarceration or any other duress compels you to enter into an assumpsit with the Crown is guilty of champerty.

In both cases these government employed corporate individuals are financially compensated from the public purse for their crimes and cannot be held legally responsible. Keep in mind that all these legislative rules and regulations that exist for no other reason than to enrich the crown are crimes against humanity. No argument, no matter how glib, justifies crimes against humanity.

When you are a “person” in a maritime court instead of a real life man in a natural law court, you are at your absolute jeopardy. Legislation is made up for enriching the Crown Treasury. As a free man, you are not required to be licensed, registered or anything else that you don’t want to be. As a “corporate person” with “state membership” you are presumed guilty and are the chattel property or “enslaved human resource” of a foreign church.

You can have as much of their legal system claptrap as you would like so that you can argue with them until you run out of money, but the result is that they have your money and your property either way. Canadian courts, as are other Crown courts, offer nothing more than a no-win situation in which you are at absolute jeopardy. How badly you are going to lose is entirely commensurate with how much you balk. If you are willing to give everything to the cause of liberty and justice that is precisely what it will cost you not to get it.

In the Canadian feudal system, none of the Crown chattel property human resources own any property either. They are registered as “owner in fee simple” on “their” land. Look up “fee” and “fee simple” in the dictionary. All Canadians own as property is the piece of paper that the certificate of title is written on. That is why the Crown makes up all the rules to govern what you believe to be your property. They are in fact the actual feudal owners and when you bought the piece of paper that said you could use their property you agreed to pay taxes on it and maintain it as they see fit. Of course, none of this has been disclosed to you and is highly unlawful, but if you fight it, you will be turned into a non-entity in their criminal court system and abused to the full extent of their legal claptrap.

Ecclesiastical feudal systems have a monarch that represents god and rules by divine right of said god. Corporate CANADA is ruled by “her majesty in right of Canada” and your corporate PROVINCE is defined as “her majesty in right of . Note that municipal governments are corporations as well and display a picture of the tit head of the Anglican Church whom they have sworn allegiance to in their oath of office.

A natural law court and a lawful equity court are the only types of court needed in a lawful jural society. Natural law does not need to be written as it is predicated upon actions that have occurred. In natural law, every man is rendered his due consideration. He is allowed to face the accuser and provide any information he needs to for his defence. If he is guilty, then the punishment should match the crime so that it acts as a deterrent to others who are contemplating a like course of action. Natural law punishes the guilty and compensates the innocent in society and compel free men to be naturally honourable and graceful in dealing with each other. Lawful equity courts allow men freedom of honourable and graceful action in commerce.

When ecclesiastical admiralty courts usurp the lawful authority of the state a lawful venue no longer exists for independent arbitration of grievances between the state and the Crown corporations the British have created. How can you plead your case and expect justice when you have to do so to the criminals who enslave you with their courts? When all decisions devolve to the Crown courts, this foreign power controls us absolutely. The history of the Crown in Canada and the rest of the world proves old English Lord Acton’s axiom; “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

In these insane asylums that pass for courts in Canada, the criminally insane cannot be held liable but the innocent can. You can tell the court that you talked to God and the Devil and then one of them told you to commit a crime against another person and you just did what the voices in your head told you to and the court will hold that you are insane and not responsible for your actions.

This is the same court whose judge sits in judgement of you under the pretence of the exact same authority for which the aforementioned criminal has been presumed mentally incompetent. Look at the crest of authority above the judge; “Dieu et mon droit”. “God and My Right.” That would be the God given divine right of the Head of the Anglican Church to rule us all as free men????????? The crest is “Queen” Elizabeth’s.

Has this judge, like the criminally insane man that uses god as a defence, actually talked to god and verified he exists so that he can with confidence exercise this authority he believes he possesses against his fellow man? Should one not ask the judge to prove this god from whom he presumes to derive his authority exists before releasing control over their destiny into his hands?

How can a judge who professes to follow the doctrine from which he derives his authority sit in judgement when the “divine scripture” itself cautions to “judge not lest ye be judged”. When she was crowned Head of the British Anglican Church of Israel Elizabeth swore to uphold god’s law (the ten commandments) and the true gospel. Does breaching her oath mean that she no longer possesses the executive authority that she never had in the first place? The same Bible these ecclesiastical courts want you to swear an oath to tell the truth on says to swear no oaths. Doesn’t that invalidate the oath? Is maritime law even in accordance with this British system of ecclesiastical common laws?

The scriptures say add nothing to God’s laws and take nothing away from them. Where in the “ten commandments” do we find the income tax act? The three million codified rules and regulations that dictate our daily lives and that we are financially penalized for “violating”. This is nothing more than the Crown judicial buggery of their victims.

We Canadians are sitting ducks in our own country. We pay through the nose to maintain a system of inequities that compensates our fellow man for betraying us into the hands of a foreign power. Small wonder we want so badly to look the other way and are content to allow the system of inequity to continue. One can affect no marked change without realizing full well that to do so is to place oneself in absolute jeopardy. Burying truth and justice in “legal fictions” wrapped in the “precedence of travesties” and the strict “letters of foreign privately owned divinely inspired laws” kills all hope and courage and the will of a society to survive dies.

As the largest drug dealer on the planet, the British Crown will even make sure you receive enough narcotics to blind yourself to the facts of your miserable existence. Of course, for possessing same drugs they brought into the country, they will also incarcerate you and take everything you own. Your fellow countrymen get to pay for the attack against you as you in turn will pay when it is their turn to be the victim.

One cannot begin an examination of the British (people of the covenant) without beginning with their literature. Since it is liberally distributed in all directions while they burn and censor everything else, this is generally easy to accomplish. These idiots have literally destroyed the wisdom of the ages in their mindless bent to victimize the human race by turning them into frightened brainless dolts. Anyway, actually reading the Bible thoroughly is rather shocking, though most of it is dry and idiotic enough to hypnotize anyone to sleep. I rather think this is by purposeful design to keep people from actually reading it.

But is the Bible the most racist piece of hate literature ever written by the hand of Man? I believe a close examination of the “Holy Bible” shows that it is indeed one of the most racist, sexist, evil, pornographic and discriminatory pieces of hate literature ever produced by a pen.

Masked as a book of love and peddled as the salvation of the human race, it is promoted as bringing peace, love and enlightenment wherever it goes. As a consequence, says the front cover of my Bible, “the world therefore owes the Jews a very great debt”. Interesting says I to myself. If this is their stated attitude in their very own words, are they actively trying to collect it?

Reading the Holy Bible, one has to ask themself if anything justifies crimes against humanity? Certainly nothing does if you are the victim of the crime. Though we may unthinkingly advocate the annihilation of another, we have the ability to quickly adopt an opposing philosophical position when we are the suggested target. (As bad luck would have it, we actually are.)

Most of us can empathize with that position. Empathy is the key to unlock the chains that are forged in our minds to purposely enslave us with illogical thought processes. Empathy is the key to a secret compartment, therein a record of the Golden Rule that depends on it. The ability to empathize is what differentiates a free human being from an enslaved human resource.

It is obvious that the things the Bible exhorts “God’s” Jewish minions to do would make “Satan” dance with glee. What is this favourable prejudice towards Jews in God’s eyes and the exclusion of all others? Why do all of our countries celebrate the birth of the “King of the Jews” or the “King of Israel”? Noel, noel?

Three major religions all stem from the Jewish fairy tales in the “Holy Bible”. Though Jewish in antiquity, I wonder if the system is really run globally by Jewish financiers as many contend. Are the bankers that control us really Jewish or “those that pretend to be Jews but are not”? Is there any difference between the global churches and the global banks?

I do not literally believe the religious fairy tales of “Jews” or “Israelites” or “Sodomites” or any other “whatever-ites” or tribes of the human race. I think the human race needs to grow up when we take these childish stories literally and they threaten our lawful right to protection under the natural law of our land and more so when they threaten our very survival as a species.

Fairy tales are fine for children, but when we allow them to rule our lives and societies like these ones have for the last few millennia, we can expect nothing more than the constant stream of human suffering they produce. Since these fairy tales do make up a large part of the system of slavery that pervades human society, they are worthy of examination.

From the most humble of beginnings mighty empires grow. Such was the birth of the nation of Israel and their British Empire. British is a Hebrew term meaning “people of the covenant”, Jacob means “to deceive” and Israel means “ruler of God”.

You have no doubt heard of the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob or Israel. But what do you really know about Abraham, the father of Isaac, the father of Jacob (Israel)? These are God’s chosen British people with their “King of the Jews” or “King of Israel” to whom we sing glad tidings; noel, noel. Jacob becomes Israel when he overcomes God in a wrestling match; Gen.32:22-32.

The foreign British Queen Elizabeth was crowned on the Pillar of Israel and sits on Christ’s throne wearing his British Crown. This genetic information is part of their family lineage taken from the Book of Genesis in the Bible.

Terah was descended from Shem (Shemites), who was the son of Noah. You can see from the Bible that Terah had four children; Abram (Abraham), Sarai (Sarah), Nahor and Haran. Terah’s first son marries his daughter and they have a son. Terah’s second son marries his third son’s daughter and they have a daughter. Terah’s grandchildren marry each other and have Israel. Terah’s grandson Lot fathers his own grandchildren, etc…

1) Abraham marries his sister Sarah and they have a son named Isaac. Gen.20:12

2) Nahor marries his niece Milcah and they have a daughter named Rebekah. Gen.24:24

3) Milcah’s brother Lot impregnates his two daughters and has two sons. Gen.19:30-38

4) Isaac marries his cousin Rebekah and they have a son named Jacob (Israel).

5) Jacob marries his mother Rebekah’s two nieces, his cousins, Leah and Rachel. Gen.29:14-30

6) Israel’s son Judah impregnates his son’s wife Tamar and has two sons with her. Gen.38

From the hillbilly sexual gymnastics in the gypsy tents of this warrior tribe issued the sons of God. All the inbred Royal families of Europe claim this lineage as divine rulers in right of the Jewish God of ancient Britain-Israel.

The Israeli “sons of God” went on from pimping off their inbred sister/cousin/wives to extortion, mass murder, genocide, banking, fraud and a host of other “legal” crimes against humanity that have been ripping human societies apart on our globe for nearly three millennia. A close scrutiny of their Biblical Fairy Tales quickly shows these inbred sons of Noah have been feuding like the Hatfields and McCoys with each other and robbing anyone they get near as far back as they have been recording their own history.

Some things just never change; like their religious wars, but do you notice how the crimes against humanity become greater in magnitude and progressively more atrocious? Can we survive the whims of despotic ecclesiastical legal financial subjugation?

Abraham became very rich by pimping off his sister / wife Sarah to both a Pharoah and a King. (Genesis 12, 13, 20.) Since it works so well for daddy, Isaac tells Rebekah to pull the sister act and enriches him self quite nicely out of a similar deal. (Genesis 26.) Israel is not quite so inventive and just rips off his uncle Laban after marrying his daughters. (Genesis 31.) Should one be taking the dreams and visions of such characters as the “gospel truth” on mere faith alone?

The inbred BAR Mitzvah sons of the divine law associations spreading their dubious ecclesiastical peace and legal slavery system are the twelve wandering tribes of Israel who’s Monarch wears the jaded Crown of their British God and stands with her feet in many nations. The British “Crown” rewrote and owns the rights to the Bible. Convenient.

For an in depth examination of how ludicrous and inconsistent the Bible is I highly recommend the scholarly work; “Only virgins need apply” by Chester Beavon.

Why is Canada supporting the Crown at all? The Crown is the Anglican Church. Read Queen Elizabeth’s Coronation, when she was “crowned” by the Archbishop of the Anglican Church and ask yourself; “What right does this foreign church have to appoint Elizabeth as Monarch of the people of Canada? For free Canadians to be governed by the Anglican Church is despicable. For that matter, the genocide this church has been committing in Canada both through its own agency and that of the Crown operated Canadian Federal government is an atrocity. Whoever gave the Anglican Church authority over our lives?

The Crown in no way supports Canadians and it is certainly untenable for Canadians at large to be forced to support the Anglican Church. The Anglican Crown has usurped the rights of Canadians, indeed, all Commonwealth peoples, to govern themselves, imposed huge unlawful taxes on our people and diseased us of our property in countless ways. For instance, the Crown in British Columbia, known as “Her Majesty in Right of British Columbia” used BC Tax payers money to buy up privately owned properties and these properties are now the property of the Crown; the Anglican Church.

There are myriad ways this Crown avails itself of the collective funds of the Canadian state to purchase property that it then holds for itself. These are only physical assets this church has stolen. Because of this Crown, Canadians do not have a Constitution or legitimate government; these rights stolen. The BAR Associations are the privately held legal system franchise of the Anglican Church and all lawyers belonging to this BAR have the Anglican British Crown Title of “Esquire”.

On the municipal level, our communities are now “corporations” or “legal system atrocities that allow groups to operate with limited morals and ethics”. These same “legal” corporations unlawfully exist in our country as Crown controlled entities. The private adjudication system for these Crown corporate entities has now overthrown our own court system and regularly uses it as a vehicle to commit frauds on court and perfect their slavish interest in the individual people of the Canadian state.

The same entity plays the same game in all Commonwealth countries. Remember, these are the Crown’s Laws and the Crown rules by Divine Right. That is why you see “Dieu et Mon Droit” or “God and My Right” over the judges head in a Crown Court. That is also why the RCMP, which is a Crown Army has the motto “Maintiens le Droit” or; “Maintain the Right”. They are talking about God’s Feudal Divine Right of Kings to rule the common herd as promulgated through the Anglican Church Crown Legal System.

The Queen has no executive authority in Canada and the RCMP that act in her name do not have either. The RCMP are no different than the Salvation Army, the private army of a church paid for with Canadian Tax Payers money, but one and all swearing allegiance to the head of the Anglican Church. They have no lawful authority to enforce the legislative claptrap of the de facto foreign controlled government and certainly have no lawful authority over our lives. Convention aside, ab abusu ab usum non valet consequential.

Do Canadian native people really believe they can petition the Crown for redress against the Anglican Church when it is the Anglican Church itself that is the Crown? Everybody in the court room, with the exception of the native people, ALL work for the Anglican Church Crown. The Anglican Crown runs the US and other Commonwealth countries in the same manner; through religion, lies and deceit.

How do you seek redress against this Crown when they have overthrown the lawful authority of the courts and if you do manage to get a trial by jury, the jury is sworn to uphold the statutes of the Crown? Is it any wonder that the Crown now owns 95% of the Province of British Columbia that used to belong to the original native people? It seems the native fellow from Saskatchewan that said this is a Jewish conspiracy was quite correct.

The British Coat-of-Arms is the Coat-of-Arms of the 12 tribed Kingdom of Israel and Christ their Rightful King. The true Israel People have, on their “Coat-of-Arms”, a Lion and a Unicorn which is shown as a white horse “rampant” with one horn. The amber Lion “rampant” on the left-side is the emblem of the two-tribed “House of Judah” and the Unicorn or white Wild-Ox “rampant” on the right-side is the emblem of the ten-tribed “House of Israel”, collectively making the 12-tribed “Kingdom of Israel”. . . “Woe unto them that join house to house, that lay field to field, that they may be placed alone in the midst of the earth!” Isaiah (5:8)

During the 1970’s the Province of B.C. also known as “Her Majesty in Right of British Columbia” actually used BC taxpayers money to buy up huge tracts of land in BC that are now the property of the Crown. Kind of explains British Columbia’s track record in dealing with the Japanese and the Dhoukobours as well doesn’t it. When they took the land from the Japanese, they interred them in camps in the Rockies. When the Crown used the Crown controlled government of BC to seize the Dhoukobour lands, they threw them in Okalla and re-educated their children in places like New Denver.

The BAR uses this same scam in the World Court System. They simply usurp the powers of the lawful authorities with their private legal system franchise rules and regulations. The Anglican Church megalomaniacal Crown agenda has stolen everything in every country they have ever set foot. The church’s princes who control the world through the church monarchial feudal system do not wish to lose the debauched powers they wield so carelessly. As the old world religious feudal system is ushered out the door, they wish to repackage the whole lot as a new world legislative fascist system. The world’s sheep must now be herded from the Crown frying pan into the UN fire. Same Fabian wolf, different sheep’s clothing.

Can we find the British Crown’s agenda in their own written works? I have a book in my possession called the Holy Bible, whose copyright is owned by the British Crown; “Extracts from the authorized version of the Bible (King James Bible), the rights of which are vested in the Crown, are reproduced by permission of the Crown’s patentee, Cambridge University Press.” It is their gospel truth and it quite succinctly lays out both its “gospel truth” and agenda. It is written in both Hebrew and English. It is distributed by the society for distributing Hebrew scriptures and you can get it here in Canada through the Christian friends of Israel. The foreword reads; “Dear Sir or Madam; The Holy Scriptures, both Old and New Testaments, were given to the world through the Jewish people. The world therefore owes them a very great debt, for wherever these Scriptures have come they have brought the blessings of light, joy and peace…”

Ok, so we know where this book comes from. The British Jews distributing it even claim the world owes the Jews a very great debt on account of it. So what do we owe them? A careful reading of these Jewish Scriptures reveal this book to be the most vile and filthy racist piece of hate literature ever written. Do they accept responsibility for the agenda it proposes against their fellow man as well? Do the Jewish people accept responsibility for millennia of human suffering and religious warfare and wish to collect on a debt they believe they are owed for it?

In actual fact it is a rather funny foreword if one considers the Lord’s Prayer and reads in Matthew 6:12 “and forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors.” If the British Bible councils to forgive all debts, why does the Head of the British Anglican Church have an unlawful ex parte court judgement against me to collect all of my belongings for debts owed to her? Besides the fact that she has never given me a damn thing and has been defrauding me nearly all my life, she swore an oath to uphold the true gospel when the Archbishop of the foreign British Anglican Church made her “Queen of Canada.” Doesn’t breaking her oath mean she no longer holds the office?

What is this true gospel she seeks to uphold with armed forces cannon fodder gleaned from among our own children? Would the claimed representative of the “God of Love” ever wish such evil upon innocent children? Would God murder an innocent child or merely incite his divinely inspired people of the covenant to do so? “And the Lord struck the child that Uriah’s wife bare unto David, and it was very sick. David therefore besought God for the child; and David fasted and went in, and lay all night upon the earth. And the elder’s of his house arose, and went to him, to raise him up from the earth: but he would not, neither did he eat bread with them. And it came to pass on the seventh day, that the child died.” 2 Samuel 12:18

One of the first rulers of the British Empire, King David, who was a man after God’s own heart, so the scripture tells us said; “And I will yet be more vile than thus, and will be base in my own sight: and of the maidservants which thou hast spoken of, of them shall I be had in honour.” 2 Samuel 6:22. As for loving and forgiving your enemies, the man after God’s heart; David, offered these thoughts on the subject; “Let his children be fatherless, and his wife a widow. Let his children be continually vagabonds, and beg: let them seek their bread also out of their desolate places.. Let there be none to extend mercy unto him: neither let there be any to favor his fatherless children.” Psalms 109:9-12 “Saul slew his thousands, but David his ten thousands.” 1 Samuel 29:5 King David was a mass murderer after God’s own heart… “And the Lord smote Benjamin before Israel: and the children of Israel destroyed of the Benjamites that day twenty and five thousand and an hundred men: all these drew the sword.” Judges 20:35

Of course it is a little hard to get the facts straight in the Bible such as these two contradictory scriptures illustrate; “And the Syrians fled before Israel: and David slew the men of seven hundred chariots of the Syrians, and forty thousand horsemen, and smote Shobach the captain of their host who died there.” 2 Samuel 10:18. “But the Syrians fled before Israel; and David slew of the Syrians seven thousand men which fought in chariots, and forty thousand horsemen, and killed Shophach the captain of the host.” 1 Chronicles 19:18. Apparently divine inspiration does not require you to get your facts straight when you are preaching to the gullible.

This God of the Jews does not sound much different from Satan and as a matter of fact, his own people can’t even tell one from the other. Ever wonder why the British Crown Anglican Church always wants to take a census? Take a look at their handbook; the Holy Bible if you want to see the reason. “And again the anger of the Lord was kindled against Israel and he moved David against them to say, Go, number Israel and Judah.” 2 Samuel 24:1 “And Satan stood up against Israel, and provoked David to number Israel.” 1 Chronicles 21:1 It does not appear the Jews are able to distinguish their God from their Devil and reading the subsequent text, one can see how the signals this God of Love sends out might get a little mixed…. “And God was displeased with this thing; therefore he smote Israel.” 1 Chronicles 21:7 “So the Lord sent a pestilence upon Israel from the morning even to the time appointed: and there died of the people… seventy thousand men.” 2 Samuel 24:15 And was the Jewish Satan-God of Love remorseful about these acts? “The strength of Israel will not lie nor repent: for he is not a man that he should repent.” 1 Samuel 15:29 Is the Son of God any different than the father? Matthew 10:34-38. By his own words; cut from the same cloth.

Regardless of whether or not you find him commendable, the petulant Satan-God doesn’t give you any other choices. “For thou shalt worship no other god: for the Lord whose name is Jealous, is a Jealous God.” Exodus 34:14 “Thou shalt have no other Gods before me- for I the Lord thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me.” Exodus 20:3,5.

Something is wrong here. God excelled in the murderous antics of King David’s roving band of thugs and miscreants and offered only fear and reprisals to those who did not wish to be enslaved by his chosen people. “And it shall come to pass, that as the Lord rejoiced over you to do you good, and to multiply you; so the Lord will rejoice to destroy you, and to bring you to nought.” Deuteronomy 28:63. “And thou shalt eat the fruit of thine own body, the flesh of thy sons and thy daughters, which the Lord thy God hath given thee – If thou wilt not observe to do all the words of this law that are written in this book, that thou mayest fear this glorious and fearful name, THE LORD THY GOD.” Deuteronomy 28:53,58. “I will also send wild beasts among you, which shall rob you of your children- and ye shall eat the flesh of your sons, and the flesh of your daughters shall ye eat.” Leviticus 26:22,29. The motivation to follow this God of Love is the fear he will make you chew on your children’s guts if you don’t?

We are told the meek will inherit the earth, yet it is strange that the Jealous Jewish God of Love seems to care not for wimps nor gimps. “And the LORD spake unto Moses, saying, Speak unto Aaron, saying, Whosoever he be of thy seed in their generations that hath any blemish, let him not approach to offer the bread of his God. For whatsoever man he be that hath a blemish, he shall not approach: a blind man, or a lame, or he that hath a flat nose, or any thing superfluous, Or a man that is brokenfooted, or brokenhanded, Or crookbackt, or a dwarf, or that hath a blemish in his eye, or be scurvy, or scabbed, or hath his stones broken; No man that hath a blemish of the seed of Aaron the priest shall come nigh to offer the offerings of the LORD made by fire: he hath a blemish; he shall not come nigh to offer the bread of his God. He shall eat the bread of his God, both of the most holy, and of the holy. Only he shall not go in unto the vail, nor come nigh unto the altar, because he hath a blemish; that he profane not my sanctuaries: for I the LORD do sanctify them.” Leviticus 21:16-23 So God hates handicaps? Is that so bad?

Do the Israel rulers of God’s chosen British children of the covenant get specific instructions from their God in the Bible to wage an agenda of global slavery? “Both thy bondmen, and thy bondmaids, which thou shalt have, shall be of the heathen that are round about you; of them you shall buy bondmen and bondmaids. Moreover of the children of the strangers that do sojourn among you, of them shall ye buy, and of their families that are with you, which they begat in your land: and they shall be your possession. And ye shall take them as an inheritance for your children after you, to inherit them for a possession; they shall be your bondmen forever: but over your brethren the children of Israel, ye shall not rule one over another with rigour.” Leviticus 25:44-46 God advocates slavery. Is that so bad?

Do the Israel rulers of God’s chosen British children of the covenant get specific instructions from their God in the Bible to wage an agenda of global slavery? “When thou comest nigh unto a city to fight against it, then proclaim peace onto it. And it shall be, if it make thee answer of peace, and open unto thee, then it shall be, that all the people that is found therein shall be tributaries unto thee, and they shall serve thee. And if it will make no peace with thee, but will make war against thee, then thou shalt besiege it: And when the Lord thy God hath delivered it into thine hands, thou shalt smite every male thereof with the edge of the sword: but the women and the little ones, and the cattle, and all that is in the city, even all the spoil thereof, shalt thou take unto thyself; and thou shalt eat the spoil of thine enemies, which the Lord thy God hath given thee.” Deuteronomy 20:10-14. God advocates extortion, mass murder AND slavery in the name of Peace. Is that so bad?

Is this the “Peace” with which the British Empire has attempted to conquer all the nations of the world as they push their misbegotten agenda? Given the following questions, which appear to be unanswerable, it is easy to see how our country has arrived at such a sorry state of affairs. It is time Canadians woke up and started reading, understanding and asking questions. The fact that we don’t do any of these things is easily evidenced by the sorry state of affairs of our country.

The end times are ALWAYS here for every generation and always will be for as long as this ridiculous British fairy tale of Israel enslaves the human race. Pointing this out will instil a general feeling of futility in the hearts of the victim “race”; “you have no control over your life, only god does, bow to god.. repeat after me… you have no control over your life, only god does, bow to god… ommm” so that they become so pathetically passive they can not free themselves. The obtuse blitherings in the Bible can then be interpreted in a plethora of self-serving ways.

I wonder if the private intelligence agency of the British Crown knows this? Let’s take a look at their logo… a human brain wrapped in a big “C” with a Crown on top of that. Now what does that tell you? Their motto? “Semper Occultus” or “always hidden”. Yeah; mind control. People with the non-malicious good intent of their god of compassion always have a real crying need to stay hidden. Hmm. Methinks maybe this British (people of the covenant) Israel’s (ruler of god) private spy agency stays hidden for good reason. Keep in mind this foreign power started the CIA and CSIS and a plethora of other “military intelligence” agencies and terrorist organizations.

Human societies have been attacked and preyed upon by quasi-religious, quasi-military, quasi-legal organizations using the same repetitive modus operandi for millennia. Since you cannot simply hold by force what you take by force, the end game strategy is a three-part whammy of Force, Religion and Legislation.

Societies are attacked first by force. Their numbers are decimated by purposely directed and human induced war, famine, disease and genocide. The survivors are compelled to pray to God for salvation and lo and behold the problems abate and peace returns once again to their victimized land. But it is a dubious “peace” imposed by global conquerors.

Now Satan is in the saddle and the people are slaves. A mass psychosis is induced by a process of “educating” people with so much incoherent nonsensical scriptures that they are no longer sane or capable of logical thought processes. In this schizophrenic state, humans acquire herd instincts and can be stampeded in like manner. Incapable of making common sense of their surroundings, they are exhorted to have faith in order to keep them from serious consideration.

As an examination of the Catholic Inquisition quickly shows; lacking faith in the legal fictions of those that subjugate you could then, as now, lead to dire consequences. A refusal to accept the obvious bullshit peddled by the priests of this Jewish God induced them to the most heinous crimes against humanity ever recorded in human history.

The re-educated victims are provided with a phoney money system allowing them to purchase needed items, that they once produced for themselves for free, from their conquerors who now have established commerce and possess the means of tapping the labour resources of their victims through taxation slavery.

From this temporary nirvana springs a privately owned and directed legal system designed to make legislation to govern the newly acquired slaves under the aegis of God’s right. Then the God that gave the legal system the authority to rule is slowly removed since it eventually becomes painfully obvious that another term for the Jewish God fairy tale is “bald faced lie masquerading under the guise of a legal fiction and designed to steal everything you own”.

The Gods and other fairy tale items like Kings and Queens are removed and the people are left to be ruled by the Churches privately owned legal system courts now masquerading as Law Courts. They are all related, but there is a difference in laws depending on which particular church or bank owns you. This accounts for the difference between Quebec’s Napoleonic Civil Code and the British Common Law Civil Code in corporate CANADA.

The final play in the end game strategy is bringing the individual legal slavery systems of the now decimated target nations together into a hierarchically coherent whole “united nations” capable of being singularly managed from the top down on a global scale.

By the time the fairy tale items are eventually dispensed with we will be living in an Orwellian Gehenna ruled by the bureaucratic legal minions of and owned as chattel property by global bankers who could be Jewish, Christian, Moor, Hindu, Bulgarian, Turkish, British, Swiss, White, Black, Brown, Red, Green, Purple, Aliens, Lizard People or tribes of monkeys on infinite banks of discarded computers randomly producing classical poetry of unfathomable beauty. It won’t make a difference. We will still be slaves, even in name; Human Resources.

Since the system has worked wonderfully well for so long, it is always the same. Who controls this system? One would think we could determine this by following the buck… all the way. The Bank of International Settlements has an asset base nearly four times as large as the entire world debt. The BIS controls the central banks of all the financially enslaved nations, England, United States, Canada, etc… This is where the buck stops and the puppet masters sit.

The Falcon’s Nest in Switzerland is the ancestral home of the European royal families. Switzerland itself is the only “neutral” nation on the face of the earth, yet oddly enough is armed to the teeth requiring all males to serve in the army and every household to have a firearm. The Swiss Guard look after the Pope, no less than the Grand-daddy Head Poombah of all the Christian religions. This is God’s Vicar, no less.

Of course Switzerland is also the home of the United Nations. The United Nations is a global system of slavery that is being gradually introduced by a serious of treasonous actions against our respective states through crimes against humanity.

The United Nations seeks to control armies so they can use the armed force of the nations they attack against their victim nations. Why is it that no one can see that attempting to vest state power into a foreign ruled global government is a blatant act of treason against the “member” states of the United Nations?

Is it the Jewish God and the teachings attributed to him that motivate the British Crown to try to subjugate or enslave the nations of the Commonwealth or are they simply a smaller part of a larger organization planning to dominate the entire human race?

If the system of global subjugation that is being foisted upon the human race is not run by Jewish financiers using the antiquated monetary and legal systems outlined in their ancient texts, then who does run it? Since the religious system behind British imperialist machinations and the British “people of the covenant” are of Jewish origin, the Jewish people become the natural focus to begin an investigation into allegations and theories of “ global conspiracies”.

I fully realize that the Jewish Defense League and the Anti-Defamation League of the B’Nai B’rith are purposely set up to trash the reputations as anti-Semitic of those who oppose the atrocities committed by those of Jewish, British or Israeli persuasion or point out those who are responsible for them.

My dictionaries all say that a Semite is “an Akkadian, a Phoenician, a Hebrew or an Arab”. You will not find the term “Jew”, “British” or “Israeli” mentioned in any of the definitions of Semite, which is a language distinction. Judaism is a religion and those that practise it are Jews. What binds them is a belief; they are not defined along any particular ethnic or national lines.

What is my point in the aforementioned observation? Telling the truth about the atrocious crimes against humanity that the Israelis commit against the Palestinian Arabs, or any other truth is not anti-Semitic.

The atrocious crimes against humanity that the Israelis commit against the Palestinian Arabs on a daily basis are the most blatant acts of anti-Semitism in the world today. If it is painful for them to face the world’s derision because of their own actions, regardless of whether they sue the entire world to hide their misdemeanours, it is not going to stop the revulsion others feel towards them. The same thing applies to the British Israeli persecution of Ernst Zundel by corporate CANADA. I wonder who they think they are fooling besides themselves?

I have never been to Britain or the state the British created on their latest and last crusade to conquer the Holy Land in 1948; the British State of Israel. I have no interest in going to the state of Britain or Israel, doing business with them or belonging to them.

While I have no use for religions, I bear no innate hostility toward humans with Jewish, Christian or Islamic beliefs. But to be honest; I am as upset with the anti-semitic genocide of the Palestinian Arabs by the British Israelis as I am with all the other global crimes of slavery and genocide promulgated by “people of the covenant” and “rulers of God” minions.

Israel is a Hebrew term meaning “rulers of God”. If one examines these “rulers of God” in antiquity, we find King David was about as despicable an example of human despotism as one can describe, yet for some strange and incomprehensible reason is a “man after God’s own heart”. Israel’s attitude to their neighbours has not changed in a few thousand years and it begs an independent observer to seriously consider the contention of many that the Jews want to rule the world. Certainly the British Empire of Jewish origin illustrated their intent to do so.

The term British is a Hebrew term meaning “People of the Covenant”. They believe they have a covenant with their Jewish God. Elizabeth; Jewish in ancestry, is the head of the Anglican Church and purportedly sits on Christ’s throne awaiting his return.

Elizabeth’s claim to Christ’s throne depends on her ability to trace her Jewish ancestral lineage to King David. Liz was crowned on their Coronation Stone. Some say the Stone of Scone she was crowned on is a fake coronation stone. The true Lia Fail, or Jacob’s Pillow or Jacob’s Pillar or Pillar of Israel (lots of names for this rock) is believed to be in a tomb in Ireland. Regardless, the whole mess is nothing more than a fairy tale so both the arguments and points are moot.

Many people say that those who have the gold make the rules. Since we are looking for those interested in subjugating the world, we look for those who are interested in making the rules for the world. Are the global bankers that control us really Jewish or “those that pretend to be Jews but are not”? And is the Crown the power it appears to be in our country or are they merely puppets of a greater puppet master?

Certainly the British Crown owns what is called “Canadian Money” and we know by simply looking at “whose face is upon it” to identify Canada’s foreign Caesar. But can we follow the money trail of global slavers past the British banks and churches still further on down the line to Basel, Switzerland and the Bank of International Settlements?

The Bank of International Settlements has an asset base valued at 175 trillion dollars; nearly four times as large as the entire world debt. Basel is also home to the world’s largest pharmaceutical manufacturers. Not only are all our debts owed to these people but four times as many people in North America die from pharmaceutical drug use as from illicit narcotics. It seems Switzerland has more to offer the world than the United Nations, goat cheese and Ricola.

Here we have a banking nation guarding an ecclesiastical pontiff who has his own private bank. Interesting, a bank and church all rolled into one. Maybe Christ should have driven the priests from the bank at the same time that he chased the bankers from the church. Is there any difference between the two? They both run confidence scams to collect money for nothing.

Switzerland and the Vatican bank were subsequently accused of looting the Jews that supposedly only Hitler was brutalizing. Are the bankers that control the purse strings of the world really Jews who are willing to brutalize their own to attain some nefarious goal, or are the Jewish fairy tales merely convenient mind manipulation tools of the utterly unscrupulous?

As a free Canadian living in a free country, why should I be compelled to serve the British God and the Head of the Anglican Church who is their God’s supposed representative on earth? How can the Canadian Constitution be written by the foreign Anglican Church and British Government instead of myself and my fellow Canadians and still be a Canadian Constitution? The fact is that these are lies. Canadians are not free, neither is their country and the BNA Act isn’t a Canadian Constitution. It is the standing orders of a British Dictator.

There is no proof that God even exists and the contention he does is an unproven legal fiction that is the supposed basis for the Anglican Church British Crown’s legal claim to our country. The foreign drafted British North America Act, that purports to be the Constitution of Canada, possesses a pre-amble recognizing the Supremacy of their fairy tale God and the Rule of their fairy tale Laws in our society.

As a free Canadian, I specifically negatively aver that the Jewish God of the British exists and contend that the onus is on them to lawfully prove their financial claim in me as a human being.

Since the British claim that God gives Elizabeth the right to be head of state and to rule Canada, it is incumbent upon them to produce their fairy tale God and let us hear this most important pontification from his own lips. Otherwise I think we can safely assume the source of the British authority in Canada is a lie and totally fraudulent.

What is this evidence the Bible offers to support the British Jewish Israelite claim that the Israeli “rulers of God” have the divine right to lord it over us all and this right has been imparted to the British “people of the covenant” by the Jewish God?

Well let me see; the Crown both wrote and owns the copyrights to the KJV Holy Bible. To say that the Bible is a book of Jewish writing that says God gave them the right to rule is a convenient, but mindless circular argument. I could as easily write a book, with far more logical consistency than the Bible possesses; that says I had a dream that God made me the ruler of mankind and it would be no more compelling.

The Bible contains the fairy tale of Jacob who dreamed God made him Israel; the ruler of mankind. Slightly megalomaniacal illusion worthy of perhaps a little further Freudian investigation before subjecting the human race to the vagaries of his divinely appointed imperialistic offspring wouldn’t you say? Then there is Moses who went hiking in the mountains and talked to a burning bush that produced for him some ecclesiastical legislation. A dream and a hallucination are “evidence” of the existence of this Jewish God?

If any of the aforementioned things happened nowadays the first thing you would ask Moses would be “you didn’t happen to eat any tiny little mushrooms or anything while you were out walking did you”? In all likelihood you’d be asking Jacob how much he smoked and drank before he passed out using a rock for a pillow and if he puked on himself during the night.

All that this ecclesiastical nonsense and its long sad history provides evidence of is that the human race is gullible indeed and gullible people have gullible offspring. So how is the human race so easily lead about by this stupidity? The answer to that is easy; Fear. It’s not that anyone really believes it; it is just that everyone fears the consequences of disagreeing with the slave traders who are globally ruling the earth as their ecclesiastical dominion.

We need to examine what the Crown is and how it relates to us as Canadians. The Crown is the Anglican Church and the head of the Anglican Church is always the British Monarch. Somehow this foreigner who is the head of a foreign church is supposed to be our head of state. I didn’t even elect her supposed representatives to me in what is called the “Canadian Government”, never mind her. Free people are self-governing, not controlled by a foreign church.

My non-vote in Canadian elections is a conscious decision as a free man in a free country to not be represented by any of them, subject to them, or any part of their misadventures. The largest block of people in the last vote were the ones that did not vote for any government representatives. If democracy defers to the majority in our country, why do we still have these “governments” that the MAJORITY of us don’t want?

Armies adopt two postures; offensive and defensive. If they are at home they are on the defensive. If they are away from home, they are on the offensive. While many Canadians believe that Canadians control their Armed Forces this is not the truth. If you look in the Canadian Criminal code under Interpretations, you will find the following definition for the Canadian Armed Forces; “her majesties forces raised by Canada”.

Her Majesty is sending Canadians out on offensive actions in other countries to kill people defending their own countries. But consider this foreign ownership of “our Armed Forces” a little further. Does this mean “Canada’s Army” is actually a foreign force standing on our own soil that is made up of our own sons? They do swear allegiance to the Head of the Anglican Church and her family. I don’t think I want my son or daughter in the army or police pointing a firearm in my direction in defence of a foreign powers divine right to steal everything he is supposed to inherit.

Since I live in Canada, my examination always focuses back to the British Crown. In Canada we are told we are a free nation of free people. Yet for some strange reason, a person living in a foreign country is our “head of state”. Apparently this Jewish God and the Archbishop of the Anglican Church gave Elizabeth the right to rule over we free people of Canada.

If I look in Black’s Law Dictionary, I can see the definition of Free; “not subject to the legal constraint of another.” Another word for “legal constraint” is legislation and look at that word “subject”.

It is easy to see from the definition of free that LEGISLATION IS SLAVERY. Slaves are subject to dominion by others, are they not? How can we believe we are FREE and SUBJECTS? Gee Golly, we’re virgin sluts! Obviously mutually exclusive states exist in both of these samples. This is NOT logical.

Why does it make a difference to me? Well you see, all my life I have been compelled to stand and pledge my true patriot love to the true north strong and FREE. All of my life I have been told I am a FREE man and that generations of my fellow countrymen spilled their blood, lost their lives on cold foreign shores, their dreams in a nightmare of hellish proportion for the sole reason of ensuring their fellow countrymen and their children would be FREE.

In silent contemplation all of us have stood in honour of their sacrifice and thought, if only for a moment; “what a folly is this”. We have fed the lifeblood of our children to the very beast that enslaves us for no other reason than to secure for them a life of fear and misery and their certain fate as slaves.

Free people in free societies do not live in constant fear of breaking the legislation imposed by foreign powers and being compelled to ecclesiastical inquisition Star Chamber courts in the name of a phony and un-elected “head of state”. Free men and free nations are self-governing. Canada cannot be both FREE and a DOMINION. It is either self-governing or the dominion of this Anglican Church, but IT IS NOT BOTH.

All properties in commonwealth countries are held in “fee simple”. The church actually owns all the land as the Crown and the feudal serfs are given ownership of the “fee simple” which allows them to sell the rights to use the surface of the property and pay taxes to the church for it. Whenever you have a Monarch as the head of state having dominion over all the lands, you have feudalism; a misbegotten piece of flotsam left over from the dark ages.

Feudalism exists in all of the commonwealth countries and all lands are held in a similar manner. Go down to your local land titles office and see if you are merely the “owner in fee simple”. This includes the United States.

It strikes me as funny that Americans believe their ancient enemy that slaughtered the original Americans simply decided to go home. The intended name for America was the Commonwealth of New Israel, but things never quite worked out as the British planned. They still managed to conquer the fledgling nation by subjecting Americans to their banking and legal systems. You will find evidence of this all over America.

The American money supply is controlled by the Federal Reserve central bank that was created by the Bank of England. A Knight of the British Empire by the name of Sir Alan Greenspan sits as its Chairman.

The (all capitals) UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is a British Corporation. Americans vote for the president of a British Corporation during the voting process that they believe is designed to elect a leader for their country. The president of this corporation during the Iran/Contra scandal when it was proven the president of the UNITED STATES knew of and sanctioned this activity was none other than another Knight of the British Empire named Sir Ronald Reagan.

At the same time as the British knight mentioned above was ruling the land of the “free” and the home of the brave, another knight of the British Empire was running the Central Intelligence Agency which had been charged with protecting America’s security and was found to be poisoning America’s children with deadly drugs in order to finance the misery of foreign nations.

The Anglican Church has two formal offensive intelligence agencies. MI5 is the military intelligence agency the church operates within England. MI6 is the military intelligence agency the church operates in the rest of the world. As a consequence, the center of this activity in the City of London; headquarters more terrorist organization than any other place on the face of the earth.

Prior to the second World War, one British Lord Palmerston, an operative of MI6, started an agency known as the Office of Strategic Services. This subsequently became known as the CIA. During the Iran Contra scandal, the Head of the CIA was a Knight of the British Empire by the name of Sir George Herbert Walker Bush. This was the guy bringing in the drugs to poison America’s youth.

Sir George Bush is purportedly a sixth cousin or some such to the Head of the British Empire; the Queen. He became and his son is now president of the British corporate “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA”. His father, Prescott Bush worked for Brown Brothers Harriman, the same British American bankers that financially backed Adolph Hitler.

The British Crown is the world’s largest drug dealer. It is well known that Vietnam was a struggle to maintain control of the world’s most lucrative drug routes. The head of State in America at this time when America was attacking Vietnam was none other than another British Knight by the name of Sir Henry Kissinger.

And who is the head of America’s Armed Forces? Another Knight of the British Empire by the name of Sir Colin Powell. And what was with Rudolph Giuliani suddenly being knighted in the wake of the British fomented and directed World Trade Center atrocities? It wasn’t hard to see who was behind it. All you had to do is look at what happened immediately thereafter.

Immediately the British corporate US started to run damage control. The British controlled CIA attempted to obscure as many things as they could. The corporate owned media was put on continuous replay to focus on another British operative normally making his home in London; the CIA trained Osama bin Laden whose older brother was a business partner with Sir George Bush who was the head of the CIA.

The British Crown is much more blatant in Canada. The RCMP are their private army. Amazingly these people are presented to us as our police force and we pay their wages yet they swear allegiance to the foreign Anglican Church British Crown. The Canadian Security Intelligence Agency was created by the CIA and many of its operatives are former RCMP Anglican Church military officers.

On the heels of the WTC debacle, the British moved in CANADA, instructing their corporate government to increase terrorism fear-mongering by increasing the coffers of the RCMP and CSIS for more misinformation black operations. The British Crown in its guise as the RCMP is one of the few terrorist threats we face in CANADA.

To my certain knowledge the last act of terrorism in CANADA was perpetuated by the RCMP when they blew up that gas compressor station in northern Alberta and tried to frame Wiebo Ludwig for it. There wasn’t much left of Wiebo Ludwig once the Crown’s bureaucrats, corporations, media, coercive forces and legal minions had done with him.

If you believe the “honour” imparted by these ecclesiastical knighthoods is of no consequence and are merely party favours, consider the words of Sir John A. MacDonald, the first formal British ruler of the British Anglican Church Crown Corporation known as CANADA.

When asked if he had a list of people on whom honours should be conferred on Her Majesty’s birthday, he wrote; “Honours should be granted only for a service performed for the Imperial Government….” So much for the separation of United Kingdom church and state. Sir John was NOT a Canadian by the way. One of his more famous quotes, recorded in the Encyclopedia Britannica is “a British subject I was born, a British subject I will die.”

You could point to the latest party favour that was passed out and say what about “Sir Micky Lips?” What possible service could he have rendered the Anglican Church British Crown? Well now let me see, apart from being one of the guiding lights of the drug culture amusement arcade that feeds the Crown opium coffers… a very big one it turns out. He lent them legitimacy in the minds of millions of adoring fans by accepting it. Well now we know he’s been to church at least once in his life, I wonder if he got any more than just one of those shiny bits of Magpie bait?

We do not need to live as we do and we do not need to carry on millennia old madness for the sheer sake of tradition. In fact, that is antithesis of evolution. If the human race fails to evolve we face extinction at our own hands. As Pogo proposed; “we have met the enemy and he is US.”

The challenge to survive in our modern world is an intellectual problem. We have everything we need on this planet for the human race to survive quite well if we can only find it in our minds to look out for one another. We can live in nirvana if we choose and are willing to act accordingly.

I say unto you; not one child’s life is worth nirvana for all of humanity and nor can it be achieved at such expense. Think not? Let’s apply some simple logic to the human ability to empathize.

What if it were your child? Easy to see that there goes nirvana for at least one human. Can we achieve nirvana without empathy? There goes nirvana for everyone else. Everyone is someone’s child. Does an ability to empathize make everyone’s children our own? If this is true, does that mean from our perspective everyone else is our respective child? Am I my own child? Now there is a question for the Confused Philosopher.

Even if I do not feel it in my heart at all times, intellectually I choose Love and Freedom. To do so means being willing to follow the golden rule of my own volition. I will not make rules for others to follow and I will not accept rules from anyone else. In so much as I can enrich others I will voluntarily do so with the sentient realization that to do so is to enrich myself.

Thus I believe the true “success” of the human race is represented in the victims of the lowest condition and the true “failure” of the human race is represented by those that achieve the highest condition on a pillar built upon their victim’s birthrights.

Life may not teach our human race what paths to follow, but it should have taught us by now which ones we should not. Non est ad Astra mollis e Terris uia. Fiat Lux!

There are times that we are gifted with true visionaries when we need them. In a time of desperate patriotic need, one of them wrote; “ask not what you can do for your country, ask what your country can do for you.” I am speaking of course about Kahlil Gibran. He penned those words in an article called “The New Deal” two years before JFK was born. I offer his insightful perspective on the churches of Satan and the corporate slavery of mankind.

Why the British Churches believe Humanity Needs Satan

The people looked upon Father Samaan as their guide in the field of spiritual and theological matters, for he was an authority and a source of deep information on venial and mortal sins, well versed in the secrets of Paradise, Hell and Purgatory.

Father Samaan’s mission was to travel from one village to another, preaching and curing the people from the spiritual disease of sin, and saving them from the horrible trap of Satan. The Reverend Father waged constant war with Satan. The fellahin honoured and respected this clergyman, and were always anxious to buy his advice or prayers with pieces of gold and silver; and at every harvest they would present him with the finest fruits of their fields.

One evening in Autumn, as Father Samaan walked his way toward a solitary village, crossing those valleys and hills, he heard a painful cry emerging from a ditch at the side of the road. He stopped and looked in the direction of the voice, and saw an unclothed man lying on the ground. Streams of blood oozed from deep wounds in his head and chest. He was moaning pitifully for aid, saying, “Save me, help me. Have mercy on me, I am dying.” Father Samaan looked with perplexity at the sufferer, and said to himself, “This man must be a thief… He probably tried to rob the wayfarers and failed. Some one has wounded him, and I fear that should he die I may be accused of taking his life.”

Having thus pondered the situation, he resumed his journey, whereupon the dying man stopped him, calling out, “Do not leave me! I am dying!” Then the father meditated again, and his face became pale as he realized he was refusing to help. His lips quivered, but he spoke to himself, saying, “He must be one of the madmen wandering in the wilderness. The sight of his wounds brings fear into my heart; what shall I do? Surely a spiritual doctor is not capable of treating flesh-wounded bodies.” Father Samaan walked ahead a few paces when the near-corpse uttered a painful plaint that melted the heart of the rock and he gasped, “Come close to me! Come, for we have been friends a long time… You are Father Samaan, the Good Shepherd, and I am not a thief or a madman… Come close, and do not let me die in this deserted place. Come and I will tell you who I am.”

Father Samaan came close to the man, knelt, and stared at him; but he saw a strange face with contrasting features; he saw intelligence with slyness, ugliness with beauty, and wickedness with softness. He withdrew to his feet sharply, and exclaimed, “Who are you?”

With a fainting voice, the dying man said, “Fear me not, Father, for we have been strong friends for long. Help me to stand, and take me to the nearby streamlet and cleanse my wounds with your linens.” And the Father inquired, “Tell me who you are, for I do not know you, nor even remember having seen you.”

And the man replied with an agonizing voice, “You know my identity! You have seen me one thousand times and you speak of me each day. …I am dearer to you than your own life.” And the Father reprimanded, “You are a lying impostor! A dying man should tell the truth… I have never seen your evil face in my entire life. Tell me who you are, or I will suffer you to die, soaked in your own escaping life.” And the wounded man moved slowly and looked into the clergyman’s eyes, and upon his lips appeared a mystic smile; and in a quiet, deep and smooth voice he said, “I am Satan.”

Upon hearing the fearful word, Father Samaan uttered a terrible cry that shook the far corners of the valley; then he stared, and realized that the dying man’s body, with its grotesque distortions, coincided with the likeness of Satan in a religious picture hanging on the wall of the village church. He trembled and cried out, saying, “God has shown me your hellish image and justly caused me to hate you; cursed be you forevermore! The mangled lamb must be destroyed by the shepherd lest he will infect the other lambs!”

Satan answered, “Be not in haste, Father, and lose not this fleeting time in empty talk.. Come and close my wounds quickly, before Life departs from my body.” And the clergyman retorted, “The hands which offer a daily sacrifice to God shall not touch a body made of the secretion of Hell.. You must die accursed by the tongues of the Ages, and the lips of Humanity, for you are the enemy of humanity, and it is your avowed purpose to destroy all virtue.”

Satan moved in anguish, raising himself upon one elbow, and responded, “You know not what you are saying, nor understand the crime you are committing upon yourself. Give heed, for I will relate my story. Today I walked alone in this solitary valley. When I reached this place, a group of angels descended to attack, and struck me severely; had it not been for one of them, who carried a blazing sword with two sharp edges, I would have driven them off, but I had no power against the brilliant sword.” And Satan ceased talking for a moment, as he pressed a shaking hand upon a deep wound in his side. Then he continued, “The armed angel – I believe he was Michael – was an expert gladiator. Had I not thrown myself to the friendly ground and feigned to have been slain, he would have torn me into brutal death.”

With voice of triumph, and casting his eyes heavenward, the Father offered, “Blessed be Michael’s name who has saved humanity from this vicious enemy.”

And Satan protested, “My disdain for Humanity is not greater than your hatred for yourself. …You are blessing Michael who has never come to your rescue… You are cursing me in the hour of my defeat, even though I was, and still am, the source of your tranquility and happiness… You deny me your blessing, and extend not your kindness, but you live and prosper in the shadow of my being…. You have adopted for my existence an excuse and weapon for your career, and you employ my name in justification for your deeds. Has not my past caused you to be in need of my present and future? Have you reached your goal in amassing the required wealth? Have you found it impossible to extract more gold and silver from your followers, using my kingdom as a threat?”

“Do you not realize that you will starve to death if I were to die? What would you do tomorrow if you allow me to die today? What vocation would you pursue if my name disappeared? For decades you have been roaming these villages and warning people against falling into my hands. They have bought your advice with their poor denars and with the products of their land. What would they buy from you tomorrow, if they discovered that their wicked enemy no longer existed? Your occupation would die with me, for the people would be safe from sin. As a clergyman, do you not realize that Satan’s existence alone has created his enemy; the church? That ancient conflict is the secret hand which removes the gold and silver from the faithful’s pocket and deposits it forever into the pouch of the preacher and missionary. How can you permit me to die here, when you know it will surely cause you to lose your prestige, your church, your home, and your livelihood?”

Satan became silent for an moment and his humility was now converted into a confident independence, and he continued, “Father, you are proud, but ignorant. I will disclose to you the history of belief, and in it you will find the truth which binds both of our beings, and ties my existence with your very conscience.”

“In the first hour of the beginning of time, man stood before the face of the sun and stretched forth his arms and cried for the first time, saying, ‘Behind the sky there is a great and loving and benevolent God.’ Then man turned his back to the great circle of light and saw his shadow upon the earth, and he hailed, ‘In the depths of the earth is a dark devil who loves wickedness.’”

“And the man walked toward his cave, whispering to himself, ‘I am between two compelling forces, one in whom I must take refuge, and the other against whom I must struggle.’ And the ages marched in procession while man existed between two powers, one that he blessed because it exalted him, and one that he cursed because it frightened him. But he never perceived the meaning of a blessing or of a curse; he was between the two, like a tree between Summer, when it blooms, and winter, when it shivers.”

“When man saw the dawn of civilization, which is human understanding, the family as a unit came into being. Then came the tribes, whereupon labour was divided according to ability and inclination; one clan cultivated the land, another built shelters, others wove raiment or hunted food. Subsequently divination made its appearance upon the earth, and this was the first career adopted by man which possessed no essential urge or necessity.”

Satan ceased talking for a moment. Then he laughed and his mirth shook the empty valley, but his laughter reminded him of his wounds, and he placed his hand on his side, suffering with pain. He steadied himself and continued, “Divination appeared and grew on earth in strange fashion.”

“There was a man in the first tribe called La Wiss. I know not the origin of his name. He was an intelligent creature, but extremely indolent and he detested work in the cultivation of land, construction of shelters, grazing of cattle or any pursuit requiring body movement or exertion. And since food, during that era, could not be obtained except by arduous toil, La Wiss slept many nights with an empty stomach.”

“One summer night, as the members of that clan were gathered around the hut of the Chief, talking of the outcome of their day and waiting for their slumber time, a man suddenly leaped to his feet, pointed toward the moon, and cried out, saying, ‘Look at the Night God! His face is dark, and his beauty vanished, and he has turned into a black stone hanging in the dome of the sky!’ The multitude gazed at the moon, shouted in awe, and shook with fear, as if the hands of darkness had clutched their hearts, for they saw the Night God slowly turning into a dark ball which changed the bright countenance of the earth and caused the hills and valleys before their eyes to disappear behind a black veil.”

“At that moment, La Wiss, who had seen an eclipse before, and understood its simple cause, stepped forward to make much of this opportunity. He stood in the midst of the throng, lifted his hands to the sky, and in a strong voice he addressed them, saying; ‘Kneel and pray, for the Evil God of Obscurity is locked in a struggle with the Illuminating Night God; if the Evil God conquers him, we will all perish, but if the Night God triumphs over him, we will remain alive. ..Pray now and worship… Cover your faces with earth… Close your eyes, and lift not your heads to the sky, for he who witnesses the two Gods wrestling will lose his sight and mind, and will remain blind and insane all his life! Bend your heads low, and with all your hearts urge the Night God against his enemy, who is our mortal enemy!.’”

“Thus did La Wiss continue talking, using many cryptic words of his own fabrication which they had never heard. After this crafty deception, as the moon returned to its previous glory, La Wiss raised his voice louder than before and said impressively, ‘Rise now, and look at the Night God who has triumphed over his evil enemy. He is resuming his journey among the stars. Let it be known that through your prayers you have helped him overcome the Devil of Darkness. He is well pleased now, and brighter than ever.’”

“The multitude rose and gazed at the moon that was shining in full beam. Their fear became tranquillity, and their confusion was now joy. They commenced dancing and singing and striking with their thick sticks upon sheets of iron, filling the valleys with their clamour and shouting.”

“That night, the Chief of the tribe called La Wiss and spoke to him, saying, ‘You have done something no man has ever done… You have demonstrated knowledge of a hidden secret that no other among us understands. Reflecting the will of my people, you are to be the highest ranking member, after me, in the tribe. I am the strongest man, and you are the wisest and most learned person… You are the medium between our people and the gods, whose desires and deeds you are to interpret, and you will teach us those things necessary to gain their blessings and love.’”

“And La Wiss slyly assured, ‘Everything the Human God reveals to me in my divine dreams will be conveyed to you in awakeness, and you may be confident that I will act directly between you and him.’ The chief was assured, and gave La Wiss two horses, seven calves, seventy sheep and seventy lambs; and he spoke to him, saying, ‘The men of the tribe shall build for you a strong house, and will give you a part of the crop of the land so you may live as honourable and respected Master.’”

“La Wiss rose and started to leave, but the Chief stopped him saying, ‘Who and what is the one whom you call the Human God? Who is this daring God who wrestles with the glorious Night God? We have never pondered him before.’ La Wiss rubbed his forehead and answered him, saying, ‘My Honourable Master, in the olden time, before the creation of man, all the Gods were living peacefully together in an upper world behind the vastness of the stars. The God of Gods was their father, and knew what they did not know, and did what they were unable to do. He kept for himself the divine secrets that existed beyond the eternal laws. During the seventh epoch of the twelfth age, the spirit of Bahtaar, who hated the great God, revolted and stood before his father, and said, ‘Why do you keep for yourself the power of great authority upon all creatures, hiding away from us the secrets and laws of the Universe? Are we not your children who believe in you and share with you the great understanding and the perpetual being?’”

“The God of Gods became enraged and said, ‘I shall preserve for myself the primary power and the great authority and the essential secrets, for I am the beginning and the end.’”

“And Bahtaar answered him saying, ‘Unless you share with me your might and power, I and my children and my children’s children will revolt against you!’ At that moment the God of Gods stood upon his throne in the deep heavens, and drew forth a sword, and grasped the Sun as a shield; and with a voice that shook all corners of eternity he shouted out saying, ‘Descend, you evil rebel, to the dismal lower world where darkness and misery exist! There you shall remain in exile, wandering until the Sun turns into ashes and the stars into dispersed particles!’ In that hour, Bahtaar descended from the upper world into the lower world, where all the evil spirits dwelt. Thereupon, he swore by the secret of Life that he would fight his father and his brothers by trapping every soul who loved them.’”

“As the Chief listened, his forehead wrinkled and his face turned pale. He ventured, ‘Then the name of the Evil God is Bahtaar?’ And La Wiss responded, ‘His name was Bahtaar when he was in the upper world, but when he entered into the lower world, he adopted successively the names Baalzaboul, Satanail, Balial, Zamiel, Ahriman, Mara, Abdon, Devil, and finally Satan, which is the most famous.’”

“The Chief repeated the word ‘Satan’ many times with a quivering voice that sounded like the rustling of dry branches at the passing of the wind; then he said, ‘Why does Satan hate man as much as he hates the gods?’”

“And La Wiss responded quickly, ‘He hates man because man is a descendant of Satan’s brothers and sisters.’ The Chief exclaimed, ‘Then Satan is a cousin of Man!’ In a voice mingled with confusion and annoyance, he retorted, ‘Yes, Master, but he is their great enemy who fills their days with misery and their nights with horrible dreams. He is the power who directs the tempest toward their hovels, and brings famine upon their plantation, and disease upon them and their animals. He is an evil and powerful god; he is wicked, and he rejoices when we are in sorrow, and he mourns when we are joyous. We must, through my knowledge, examine him thoroughly, in order to avoid his evil; we must study his character, so we will not step upon his trap-laden path.’”

“The Chief leaned his head upon his thick stick and whispered, saying, ‘I have learned now the inner secret of that strange power who directs the tempest toward our homes and brings the pestilence upon us and our cattle. The people shall learn all that I have comprehended now, and La Wiss will be blessed, honoured and glorified for revealing to them the mystery of their powerful enemy, and directing them away from the road of evil.’”

“And La Wiss left the Chief of the tribe and went to his retiring place, happy over his ingenuity, and intoxicated with the wine of his pleasure and fancy. For the first time, the Chief and all of the tribe, except La Wiss, spent the night slumbering in beds surrounded by horrible ghosts, fearful spectres, and disturbing dreams.”

Satan ceased talking for a moment, while Father Samaan stared at him as one bewildered, and upon the Father’s lips appeared the sickly laughter of Death. Then Satan continued, “Thus divination came to this earth, and thus was my existence the cause for its appearance. La Wiss was the first who adopted my cruelty as a vocation. After the death of La Wiss, this occupation circulated through his children and prospered until it became a perfect and divine profession, pursued by those whose minds are ripe with knowledge, and whose souls are noble, and whose hearts are pure, and whose fancy is vast.”

”In Babylon, the people bowed seven times in worshipping before a priest who fought me with his chantings… In Nineveh, they looked upon a man, who claimed to have known my inner secrets, as a golden link between God and man…. In Tibet, they called the person who wrestled with me The Son of the Sun and Moon…. In Byblus, Ephesus and Antioch, they offered their children’s lives in sacrifice to my opponents… In Jerusalem and Rome, they placed their lives in the hands of those who claimed they hated me and fought me with all their might.”

“In every city under the sun my name was the axis of the educational circle of religion, arts, and philosophy. Had it not been for me, no temples would have been built, no towers or palaces would have been erected. I am the courage that creates resolution in man…. I am the source that provokes originality of thought… I am the hand that moves man’s hands… I am Satan everlasting. I am Satan whom the people fight in order to keep themselves alive. If they cease struggling against me, slothfulness will deaden their hearts and souls, in accordance with the weird penalties of their tremendous myth.”

“I am the enraged and mute tempest who agitates the minds of man and the hearts of women. And in fear of me, they will travel to places of worship to condemn me, or to places of vice to make me happy by surrendering to my will. The monk who prays in the silence of the night to keep me from his bed is like the prostitute who invites me to her chamber. I am Satan everlasting and eternal.”

“I am the builder of convents and monasteries upon the foundation of fear. I build wine shops and wicked houses upon the foundations of lust and self-gratification. If I cease to exist, fear and enjoyment will be abolished from the world, and through their disappearance, desires and hopes will cease to exist in the human heart. Life will become empty and cold, like a harp with broken strings. I am Satan everlasting.”

“I am the inspiration for Falsehood, Slander, Treachery, Deceit and Mockery, and if these elements were to be removed from this world, human society would become like a deserted field in which naught would thrive but thorns of virtue. I am Satan everlasting.”

“I am the father and mother of sin, and if sin were to vanish, the fighters of sin would vanish with it, along with their families and structures.”

“I am the heart of all evil. Would you wish for human motion to stop through cessation of my heartbeats? Would you accept the result after destroying the cause? I am the cause! Would you allow me to die in this deserted wilderness? Do you desire to sever the bond that exists between you and me? Answer me, clergyman!”

“And Satan stretched his arms and bent his head forward and gasped deeply; his face turned to gray and he resembled one of those Egyptian statues laid waste by the Ages at the side of the Nile. Then he fixed his glittering eyes upon Father Samaan’s face, and said, in a faltering voice, ‘I am tired and weak. I did wrong by using my waning strength to speak on things you already knew. Now you may do as you please. …You may carry me to your home and treat my wounds, or leave me in this place to die.’”

Father Samaan quivered and rubbed his hands nervously, and with apology in his voice he said, “I know now what I had not known an hour ago. Forgive my ignorance. I know that your existence in this world creates temptation, and temptation is a measurement by which God adjudges the value of human souls. This is the scale that Almighty God uses to weigh the spirits. I am certain that if you die, temptation will die, and with it’s passing, death will destroy the ideal power which elevates and alerts man.”

“You must live, for if you die and the people know it, their fear of hell will vanish and they will cease worshipping, for naught would be sin. You must live, for in your life is the salvation of humanity from vice and sin.”

“As to myself, I shall sacrifice my hatred for you on the altar of my love for man.”

Satan uttered a laugh that rocked the ground, and he said, “What an intelligent person you are, Father! And what wonderful knowledge you possess in theological facts! You have found, through the power of your knowledge, a purpose for my existence which I had never understood, and now we realize the need for each other.”

“Come close to me, my brother; darkness is submerging the plains, and half of my blood has escaped upon the sand of this valley, and naught remains of me but the remnants of a broken body which Death shall soon buy unless you render aid.” Father Samaan rolled the sleeves of his robe and approached, and lifted Satan to his back and walked toward his home.

In the midst of those valleys, engulfed with silence and embellished with the veil of darkness, Father Samaan walked toward the village with his back bent under his heavy burden. His black raiment and long beard were spattered with blood streaming from above him, but he struggled forward, his lips moving in fervent prayer for the life of the dying Satan.


The people are the slaves of Life, and it is slavery which fills their days with misery and distress, and floods their nights with tears and anguish.

Seven thousand years have passed since the day of my first birth, and since that day I have been witnessing the slaves of Life, dragging their heavy shackles.

I have roamed the East and West of the earth and wandered in the Light and in the Shadow of Life. I have seen the processions of civilization moving from light into darkness, and each was dragged down to hell by humiliated souls bent under the yoke of slavery. The strong is fettered and subdued, and the faithful is on his knees worshipping before the idols. I have followed man from Babylon to Cairo, and from Ain Dour to Baghdad, and observed the marks of his chains upon the sand. I heard the sad echoes of the fickle ages repeated by the eternal prairies and valleys.

I visited the temples and altars and entered the palaces, and sat before the thrones. And I saw the apprentice slaving for the artisan, and the artisan slaving for the employer, and the employer slaving for the soldier, and the soldier slaving for the governor, and the governor slaving for the king, and the king slaving for the priest, and the priest slaving for the idol… And the idol is naught but earth fashioned by Satan and erected upon a knoll of skulls.

I entered the mansions of the rich and visited the huts of the poor. I found the infant nursing the milk of slavery from his mother’s bosom, and the children learning submission with the alphabet.

The maidens wear garments of restriction and passivity, and the wives retire with tears upon beds of obedience and legal compliance.

I accompanied the ages from the banks of the Kange to the shores of Euphrates; from the mouth of the Nile to the plains of Assyria; from the arenas of Athens to the churches of Rome; from the slums of Constantinople to the palaces of Alexandria…. Yet I saw slavery moving over all, in a glorious and majestic procession of ignorance. I saw the people sacrificing the youths and maidens at the feet of the idol, calling her their God; pouring wine and perfume upon her feet, and calling her the Queen; burning incense before her image, and calling her the Prophet; kneeling and worshipping before her, and calling her the Law; fighting and dying for her, and calling her Patriotism; submitting to her will, and calling her the Shadow of God on earth; destroying and demolishing homes and institutions for her sake, and calling her Fraternity; struggling and stealing and working for her, and calling her Fortune and Happiness; killing for her, and calling her Equality.

She possesses various names, but one reality. She has many appearances, but is made of one element. In truth, she is an everlasting ailment bequeathed by each generation unto it successor.

I found the blind slavery, which ties the people’s present with their parents’ past, and urges them to yield to their traditions and customs, placing ancient spirits in the new bodies.

I found the mute slavery, which binds the life of a man to a wife he abhors, and places the woman’s body in the bed of a hated husband, deadening both lives spiritually.

I found the deaf slavery, which stifles the soul and the heart, rendering man but an empty echo of a voice, and a pitiful shadow of a body.

I found the lame slavery, which places man’s neck under the domination of the tyrant and submits strong bodies and weak minds to the sons of Greed for use as instruments to their power.

I found the ugly slavery, which descends with the infants’ spirits from the spacious firmament into the home of Misery, where Need lives by Ignorance, and Humiliation resides beside Despair. And the children grow as miserables, and live as criminals, and die as despised and rejected non-existents.

I found the subtle slavery, which entitles things with other than their names – calling slyness an intelligence, and emptiness a knowledge, and weakness a tenderness, and cowardice a strong refusal.

I found the twisted slavery, which causes the tongues of the weak to move with fear, and speak outside of their feelings, and they feign to be meditating their plight, but they become as empty sacks, which even a child can fold or hang.

I found the bent slavery, which prevails upon one nation to comply with the laws of another nation, and the bending is greater with each day.

I found the perpetual slavery, which crowns the sons of monarchs as kings, and offers no regard to merit.

I found the black slavery, which brands with shame and disgrace forever the innocent sons of the criminals.

Contemplating slavery, it is found to possess the vicious powers of continuation and contagion.

When I grew tired of following the dissolute ages, and wearied of beholding the processions of stoned people, I walked lonely in the Valley of the Shadow of Life, where the past attempts to conceal itself in guilt, and the soul of the future folds and rests itself too long. There, at the edge of Blood and Tears River, which crawled like a poisonous viper and twisted like a criminal’s dreams, I listened to the frightened whimper of the ghosts of slaves, and gazed at nothingness.

When midnight came and the spirits emerged from their hidden places, I saw a cadaverous, dying spectre fall to her knees, gazing at the moon. I approached her, asking, “What is your name?”

“My name is Liberty,” replied this ghastly shadow of a corpse.

And I inquired, “Where are your children?”

And Liberty tearful and weak, gasped, “One died crucified, another died mad, and the third is not yet born.”

She limped away and spoke further, but the mist in my eyes and cries of my heart prevented sight or hearing.

-Kahlil Gibran – serving the British 501(c) Legal Satan God and Mammon of Israel!

HOUSE DEBATES VACCINE SAFETY Salon Health and Body, 5th August, 1999 “We can no longer keep our heads buried in the sand pretending there is no problem,” said Rep. Dan Burton, as he waved a sheath of documents he said showed thousands of vaccine casualties over the last year. “There is no evidence that any influenza vaccine thus far developed is effective in preventing or mitigating any attack of influenza. The producers of these vaccines know that they are worthless, but they go on selling them, anyway.” Dr. J. A. Morris, former Chief Vaccine Control Officer at the US Food and Drug Administration

MEDICAL EXPERTS LINKED TO DRUG COMPANIES PRODUCING MENINGITIS VACCINE UK Sunday Observer, Sept 3rd, 2000 “Four of the medical experts advising the UK Government on whether the new meningitis C vaccine is safe have links to one or more of the drug companies producing it. The revelations, following last week’s report of a cover-up of suspected adverse reactions to the drug, have prompted concerns among parents and members of parliament about conflicts of interest within the medical profession.”

“There are significant risks associated with every immunisation and numerous contra-indications that may make it dangerous for the shots to be given to your child. There is growing suspicion that immunisation against relatively harmless childhood diseases may be responsible for the dramatic increase in auto-immune diseases since mass inoculations were introduced.” R Mendelsohn, M.D. former National Director of Project Head Starts Medical Consultation Service, and Chairman of the Medical Licensing Committee of the State of Illinois

“Public policy regarding vaccines is fundamentally flawed. It is permeated by conflicts of interest. It is based on poor scientific methodology (including studies that are too small, too short, and too limited in populations represented), which is, moreover, insulated from independent criticism.” Jane Orient MD, Executive Director Association of American Physicians and Surgeons

“There is a great deal of evidence to prove that immunisation of children does more harm than good.” Dr Anthony Morris. “If you want the truth on vaccination you must go to those who are not making anything out of it. If doctors shot at the moon every time it was full as a preventive of measles and got a shilling for it, they would bring statistics to prove that moon-shooting was a most efficient practice, and that the population would be decimated if it were stopped.” Dr Allinson, speaking on the subject ‘Medical Men and Vaccination.’ January 10th, 1883

“I am the father of a 9 year-old son whose descent into the world of autism began at the age of 7 months old after receiving numerous vaccinations in a single day; the same story that is told by thousands of other parents of children throughout the country whose healthy, normally developing children have become autistic after vaccinations.” Rick Rollins, founding member of FEAT (Families for Early Autism Treatment) FEAT DAILY NEWSLETTER Sacramento,California

“I am just one parent among many who has a vaccine-damaged child. It was only when my son lost his ability to speak and communicate after his final vaccination at 24 months and autistic behaviours began to emerge, that I started to do my own research. I discovered that what we have been led to believe is a myth – namely, that vaccines are safe and effective.” Alex Snelgrove, informed parent.

“This time, I saw it: Connor at 11 months, smiling for the camera, looking into his daddy’s eyes, touching his mommy’s hair. Connor on his first birthday, after his morning visit to the doctor’s office and MMR vaccination, no longer looking at anyone, no longer smiling. And perhaps the most revealing picture: Connor walking on his toes, one of the most common behaviours in autism. Within a day he had changed. …(to the question–how many of you here believe your children have been damaged by vaccines?) seventy-five percent of the attendees stood up and raised their hands. One woman a few rows behind me was crying, and I knew intuitively that her faith in the medical establishment had finally crumbled.” ‘Secrets and lies. Is the astonishing rise in autism a medical mystery or a pharmaceutical shame?’

Today’s mass vaccination programmes constitute probably the biggest threat to the general health and well-being of our children. Vaccination is unnecessary.

Subterfuges And Syringes

By Thomas Smith February 1, 2003

Vaccination programs in the late 19th and early 20th century decimated the populations of many countries where government sponsored vaccination programs were introduced. Japan suffered 48,000 deaths from smallpox vaccination; England and Wales experienced 45,800 smallpox deaths in a population that was 97% vaccinated against smallpox. Australia and Germany combined with a total of 120,000 deaths from the very smallpox for which they had been vaccinated. European deaths amongst the vaccinated portion of the population totaled 3,000,000. Deaths from smallpox vaccination programs began to decline when a revolt against mandatory vaccination programs emerged from the chaos.

The revolt started in England. In the late 19th century, England was jailing an average of 2000 parents a year for refusal to vaccinate themselves and their children. Property seizure and prosecution were commonplace for refusal to participate in vaccination programs. The battle was a political one. The people started to win when a number of leading scientists went public with the truth about these vaccination programs.

Doctor Edgar Crookshank Professor of Biology at Kings College led the charge against mandatory vaccination programs with his book “The history and Pathology of Vaccination.” Other leading scientists of his generation
soon jumped on the bandwagon.

They demonstrated the scientific poverty of the entire vaccination concept. The revolt was successful. Within twenty years mandatory smallpox vaccination laws in England were repealed. In 1919 the death rate from smallpox promptly plummeted to a total of 28 deaths in a population of almost 40,000,000 people. Previously, with mandatory vaccinations they had averaged over 44,000 deaths from smallpox.

Meanwhile at the same time in the Philippine Islands, with a population of 10,000,000, a compulsory smallpox vaccination program administered by the US government produced over 47,000 deaths from smallpox. Over the entire ten year span of the vaccination program mandated by the US government in the Philippines 25,000,000 vaccinations were forced on a population of 10,000,000 people in a series of three per person. This produced 170,000 cases of smallpox of which 75,000 were fatal.

In the USA, an article in the July 1969 issue of Prevention Magazine described how 300 children had died from smallpox vaccination in the period from 1948 to 1969. In that very same reporting period there were no incidences of smallpox in the country.

In the USA in 1937, Dr. William Hay in his address to the Medical Freedom Society on the Lemke bill to abolish compulsory vaccination said: “I have thought many times of all of the insane things we have advocated
in medicine, that is one of the most insane – to insist on the vaccination of children, or anybody else, for the prevention of smallpox when, as a matter of fact, we are never able to prove that vaccination saved one
man from smallpox.”

We are indebted to the work of Ian Sinclair for the excellent investigative work involved with the discovery of many of the relatively suppressed facts in the archives of history. He has published this information in his book “Vaccination: The Hidden Facts” [1] The true story of the horror produced by compulsory vaccination somehow seems to be totally lacking in today’s media reporting.

The theory of vaccinations.

In theory, vaccinations are designed to provoke a healthy immune system to manufacture antibodies to defend itself against some future exposure to disease. Vaccinations are specific. Each vaccination is purported to
offer protection against a single specific disease or combination of diseases. There is no evidence whatsoever, that vaccination provides immunity beyond what the immune system without vaccination would normally provide.

There is much evidence that the “one size fits all” philosophy of the vaccines overwhelms the childhood immune system, those with weakened immune systems, those already coping with some other disease and those with allergies and sensitivities. Our immune systems are more unique than our fingerprints. To presume that all will have the desired response to vaccination is not just bad science, it borders on lunacy. Albeit, it is a very profitable lunacy for the drug companies.

In an article that appeared in the New York Journal of Medicine in July 1899 Charles Rauta, Professor of Hygiene and Material Medical in the University of Perguia says: “Vaccination is a monstrosity, a misbegotten
offspring of error and ignorance; it should have no place in either hygiene or medicine…. Believe not in vaccination, it is a world wide delusion, an unscientific practice, a fatal superstition with consequences measured today by tears and sorrow without end.”

Professor Rauta was involved with the horrible smallpox epidemics in Italy at a time when Italy had achieved 98.5% compliance with the compulsory vaccination laws of the country. Professor Ari Zuckerman, a
member of the World Health Organization advisory panel on virus’ said: “Immunization against smallpox is more hazardous than the disease itself.” The British medical Journal in January 1976 stated: “It is now accepted that the risks of routine smallpox vaccination outweigh those of natural infection in Britain.” Doctor Robert Gallo a well known AIDS researcher said: “I have been saying for some years that the use of live vaccines such as that used from smallpox can activate a dormant infection such as that from AIDS (HIV).”

The active ingredient in each vaccine usually consists of an attenuated form of the infectious agent. When the infectious agent is simply weakened it will multiply in the host body and theoretically stimulate the production of antibodies by forming a pocket of rapidly growing infection without producing the disease. Historic practice was to grow the active agent in animal tissue and then use it in human tissue. This greatly reduced its virulence in human tissue.

For example when smallpox is grown in cow tissue it acclimates to the cow tissue. When the vaccine thus made is then transferred to human tissue it is found to be much less virulent to humans. When its virulence is thought to be sufficiently attenuated by successive cow hosts, it can be harvested and used for humans. The term “vaccine” actually comes from the root word “vaca” meaning cow. However, it is now applied to any vaccine used in any vaccination program and now often has little or no association with a cow.

However, this process is slow, marginally profitable and subject to whatever contamination exists in the animal tissue. So a variety of chemical ways to attenuate or kill these agents have been developed amongst which are: the use of carbolic acid, formaldehyde and heat treatment. Modern practice is to attenuate the active agent with chemistry and to grow it in a more controlled environment such as human fetal tissue. This speeds up the process and unfortunately places late term abortion on the firm commercial base needed to insure profitability
for the industry. It also often leaves traces of carbolic acid, formaldehyde and fetal serum in the retail version of the vaccine.

The vaccination itself, in addition to the presumably attenuated infectious agent, contains adjuvenants, preservatives and a remnant of the media in which the vaccine was grown. In theory these contaminants are of little or no consequence. In practice they are of immense importance. For example one theory of the origin of the AIDS virus is that it was caused by contamination of the Hepatitis and Smallpox vaccines by growing the virus’ in monkey serum media.

When the active agent is killed however, it does not rapidly reproduce or spread in our bodies. Our immune system then has a tendency to dispose of it quickly before a satisfactory development of antibodies throughout the body can occur. To prevent this, adjuvenants are added to the vaccine. These adjuvenants prevent the rapid assimilation of the active agent throughout the body. They cause the active agent to be localized in a small pocket of foreign protein thus providing a longer stimulus to the immune system. In theory this will result in the increased production of host antibodies. Thus the adjuvenant actually inhibits the natural tendency of our immune response to remove the foreign proteins from our system.

Since the active agents consist of proteins that have been killed or attenuated, it is necessary to include preservatives in the vaccine in order to provide a profitable shelf life for the product. Thimerosol is the preservative of choice in our vaccines. Thimerosol is an extraordinarily toxic Mercury compound. The amounts contained in a single vaccination contain up to 125 times the EPA permissible amount of toxic mercury. This mercury comes in a particularly toxic form that has been known since 1929 to severely damage the nervous system and to overwhelm the kidneys, liver and immune systems of children.

Thimerosol has now been determined to be a causal agent in the exploding epidemic of autism, ADD, ADHD devastating our children. Instead of simply removing the cause of these disorders, the State, in many cases, has
mandated the use of Ritalin to counteract their symptoms.

Vaccinations are routinely given in childhood on the theory that they will confer immunity upon the child in the event of future exposure to infectious disease. Before the age of five many children are required to have over 30 vaccinations, many of them are multiple vaccinations. Some of these vaccination requirements are simply idiotic, for example a Hepatitis vaccine for an infant. Drug users and the promiscuous are at risk for Hepatitis, certainly not the large majority of infants.

Congressman Burton, in a recent congressional hearing on the use of Thimerosol in vaccines, has threatened criminal charges against the government agencies that are responsible for this horrific example of negligence. In the hearings it was revealed that the dangers of Thimerosol had been well understood since 1929. The only test ever conducted on the safety of this preservative was conducted in 1929. All patient participants in the test died and all investigations as to the safety of Thimerosol were abruptly discontinued.

This poison was finally removed from veterinary vaccines in the early 1990’s. However, it was retained in human childhood vaccines until just recently when the huge numbers of vaccine damaged children could no longer be ignored.

Dr. Rimland MD when discussing this said: “When the link between unsafe mercury laden vaccine and autism, ADHA, asthma, allergies and diabetes becomes undeniable, mainstream medicine will be sporting a huge, self
inflicted and well deserved black eye. Then will come the billion dollar awards, by enraged juries, to the children and their families. I can’t wait”.

It was the explosive growth of diabetes in America that directly caused this investigative reporter to become interested in the medical community. He contracted a serious case of Diabetes and quickly discovered that the medical community no longer cures it. This, despite the fact that a cure has been well understood since the late 1950’s. After having to cure his own diabetes because his doctor would not cure it, he began to take a good hard look at some other widespread medical practices, particularly the highly profitable ones.

Deceptive medicine.

Note that the vaccination itself does not confer immunity. The immunity, in theory, results from the body successfully developing sufficient antibodies quickly enough to avoid acquiring the disease conferred by
the vaccination.

The childhood immune system is heavily dependent upon the antibodies it receives from its mother’s milk. To stimulate the immature immune system in an effort to produce antibodies that it cannot yet produce is at best insanity; at worst it is a most culpable criminal activity. Neither the kidneys nor the liver of an immature child can clear the relatively huge amounts of mercury poison given along with the active agent in these vaccines.

Perhaps the most pernicious of the incredible deceptions foisted upon a trusting public is the idea that vaccination programs ended the smallpox epidemics of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The only thing about these vaccination programs that ended the epidemics was the discontinuance of the programs. Sometimes many people were jailed and disenfranchised by an arrogant and unresponsive government before they changed the law.

What then did finally eradicate smallpox, which at one time really was a serious matter irrespective of vaccines? The great improvements in the health of people came through the eradication of diseases of filth and of filthy water. These advances consisted of major improvements in diet, hygiene, sanitary and health measures, underground sewage disposal, availability of uncontaminated water, as well as refrigeration and better preservation and distribution of food.

The Center for Disease control in their Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, July 20, 1999, 48:621-628 stated that improvements in water quality, sanitation and hygiene were the most important factors in the improvement of health and the control of infectious disease. Vaccines were not even considered to be among the factors.

Scientist’s John and Sonia McKinlay show the same thing in their research. In fact they were able to quantize these findings. They stated that 97% of the increase in life span since the beginning of the twentieth century is due to the enormous improvements in sanitation of food, water and environment.

World Health statistics Annual 1973-1976 Volume II also attributes the vanishing of infectious disease to improved standards of cleanliness in our food, water and environment.

Do vaccinations really reduce either the incidence of or the severity of smallpox? From the many, many quotations from responsible knowledgeable, and honest, medical professionals that could be used to answer this
question perhaps this one will give the most focused response. This quotation is by J.W. Hodge MD. In his book “The vaccinationsuperstition” he states: “After a careful consideration of the history of vaccination gleaned from an impartial and comprehensive study of vital statistics, and pertinent data from every reliable source, and after an experience derived from having vaccinated 31,000 subjects, I am firmly convinced that vaccination cannot be shown to have any logical relation to the diminution of cases of smallpox. Vaccination does not protect, it actually renders its subjects more susceptible by depressing the vital
power and diminishing the natural resistance, and millions of people have died of smallpox which they contracted after being vaccinated.”

Perhaps the second most damaging deception provided by the modern medical propaganda ministry is that medical intervention, particularly vaccinations, played a decisive role in the reduction of infectious disease. The real truth is just exactly the opposite. Coincident with the rise in improved sanitation, massive compulsory vaccinations were discontinued and the disease epidemics disappeared very shortly thereafter.

We often hear the statement “there is no doubt that vaccines save lives”. Actually there is a very great deal of doubt that vaccines are helpful at all and a great deal of evidence that they are quite harmful. That information just doesn’t make it into the popular consciousness. It often doesn’t even make it to the retail medical practitioner. The American propaganda ministry makes sure that popular belief is well controlled.

By taking credit for something that they did not do and by suppressing the history of what really happened, our medical elite set the stage for the calamities that now face us as a nation.

Criminal government legislation.

The Model States Health Powers Act contained provisions to mandate compulsory vaccination. Property confiscation, incarceration in “quarantine” centers and the use of law enforcement to ensure compliance was all carefully detailed. This is reminiscent of the “concentration” camps employed by another twentieth century despot when he was redesigning the government of his country. This was to be essentially a state activity. However, many States failed to adopt this totalitarian monstrosity as being alien to our American sense of fitness. Many States tabled it, one State, Alabama, rejected it outright.

To many, it appeared to provide too much power to a government that is showing disturbing signs of being willing to kill large numbers of people any way that they can just so long as they can accomplish their hidden

When it became clear that mandatory vaccination was dead at the State level, it was included in the most totalitarian piece of legislation ever attempted here in America. It was included in The Homeland Security Bill which recently passed and will soon be signed into law by the president. Even many that voted on this bill do not realize what it contains.

Many congressmen did not even read the final draft upon which they voted. This bill provides for “mandatory vaccination of the entire population at the discretion of the director of Homeland Security.” All options for refusal of the vaccine have been deleted. Personal, religious and medical exemptions have been deleted; informed consent is no longer required. Refusal will lead to arrest, property confiscation and imprisonment. Tommy Thompson, Secretary of Health and Human Services is already on record as saying “I have a vaccination with the name of every American on it.”

This bill also authorizes “other medical interventions” as specified by the director of Homeland Security.

One of the most outrageous clauses in this bill is known as the “vaccine injury indemnity clause.” This clause holds the makers and distributors of vaccines harmless for any injury that they cause. The theory is that vaccination is a necessary response to terrorism and that any injury caused by the vaccine is an unavoidable collateral casualty. This clause removes any redress at law. If, as will happen to many, you are injured by the vaccine you or your survivors cannot even sue for damages.

Prior to the passage of the Homeland Security bill, federal law required all suits against vaccine makers to go before a special court before any civil action could be brought in the State civil court system. This court is known as the “vaccine court.” It was set up to help protect vaccine makers against large punitive awards provided by outraged jurors in the State courts. This court is presently facing over 1000 suits brought by parents of autistic children whose autism was caused by MMR vaccines.

On November 25, 2002 the Bush administration asked this court to order the evidence from hundreds of cases of autism by vaccine be kept from the public. The “special master”, George Hastings, of this court has promised a “speedy” ruling on this request. If this request by the Bush administration is approved it will make it very difficult for the parents of these damaged children to obtain redress in the State civil courts. It is to be noted that the State civil courts were set up to handle precisely this sort of action.

Michael Hugo, a Boston lawyer, in commenting on this situation said: “We dealing with real injury to real children in a program that is funded by taxpayer dollars. It is unbelievable to me that the president of the United States, in the name of trying to help the drug industry, would put the interests of the drug industry over the interests of neurologically impaired sick children and their parents.”

In another current vaccine issue, Boyd E. Graves J.D. has been given the right to file a lawsuit in a federal court of his choice. Mr. Graves is charging the federal government with “the creation, production and proliferation of HIV (AIDS) through the secret federal virus development program.” Mr. Graves is a civil rights lawyer and decorated naval veteran.

He charges in his lawsuit that “The United States purposefully and intentionally, complemented the “smallpox” vaccine that went to Africa and the “Hepatitis B” vaccine with the HIV virus and that this latter was then given to homosexuals in the United States recruited for that purpose.”

Graves and his supporters say that they are confident that the evidence of the laboratory birth of the AIDS virus as a biowarfare agent is irrefutable.

Making sense out of nonsense.

When we observe highly educated and intelligent men and women in government doing heinous criminal things with our health and life expectancy, our tendency is to think that they really do not understand. We think that it is all a horrible mistake and that it will soon be corrected. It is only when we observe carefully that we see a frightening pattern emerge in the posture of modern governments toward their people.

Modern medical practice is deadly to those that must depend upon it. Disease is no longer cured; it is treated. The defenseless unborn are now fetus’ to be murdered at will. In our schools great pressures exist to turn our young people into ignorant promiscuous homosexuals. All of these practices as well as many other similar politically correct cultural norms are being forced upon a people that really do not want them.

Promiscuous homosexuals have no issue; an ignorant citizenry need never realize the motivations of government; aborted children never burden our commercial system; vaccination no matter how criminal and deadly, is to be presumed an Orwellian public good regardless of the facts of the matter.

It all makes sense when we realize the underlying motives of our governing elite. These problems of our people can be summed up in the words of Robert McNamara, when he was president of the World Bank. During an address to a group of international bankers that he gave on October 2, 1979 he remarked: “We can begin with the most critical problem of all, population growth…short of a nuclear war itself, it is the greatest issue the world faces over the decades ahead…Either the current birth rates must come down more quickly, or the current death rates must go up. There is no other way.”

This same Robert McNamara was later quoted by the French j”ai tout compris” as saying “One must take draconian measures of demographic reduction against the will of the populations. Reducing the birth rate
has proved to be impossible or insufficient. One must therefore increase the mortality rate. How? By natural means; Famine and sickness”

A major, politically contrived, famine is going on in Africa at this time. An unprecedented program to innoculate the masses is being forced upon America.

Henry Kissinger, speaking before a Bilderburg conference in Evian France May 21, 1992 made quite clear the management policies of the US government when he stated: “Today Americans would be outraged if UN
troops entered Los Angeles to restore order; tomorrow they will be grateful. This is especially true if they were told there was an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will plead with world leaders to deliver them from this evil. The one thing that every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well being granted to them by their world government.”

Many in our trusted leadership very much subscribe to these expressed beliefs of Robert McNamara and Henry Kissinger. These beliefs are widely taught in our Universities. Many in high government office in the US are
now known to have been involved with the murder of Africa by the use of smallpox vaccines contaminated with the biowarfare virus (AIDS). This agent is known to have been developed here in the US. These same people, obsessed with the population problem of the world, also administered a contaminated Hepatitis B vaccine to the gay population of both New York and San Francisco.

Now we are asked to trust this same group of government administrators, as they ready a sneaky and unconstitutional program for the compulsory vaccination of America. The underlying cover story offered to justify this act is that some terrorist might attack us with the very same agents that America developed in its laboratories. The underlying assumption is that the vaccines work as advertised.

At this point, it would be smart for Americans to do their homework. We must make sure that any decision we make about the vaccination issue is a voluntary one that doesn’t outrage our trust in government and grossly
violate our common sense.

Food Control
This article appeared as part of a feature in the December 8, 1995 issue of Executive Intelligence Review. My apologies that I did not include the graphics. The article gets the point across however. It should give farmers some insight into why they are always targeted by our foreign controlled government. It should also explain why our animal stock are poisoned with vaccines and fed bi-products of their own kind, seed stock destroyed with genetically modified sterilizers, water systems polluted and diverted to control them, land destroyed with pesticides and fertilizers, air laced with chemical-trails and people are being packed tighter and tighter into cities. It is much easier to have a holocaust if your victims can be herded into one big sacrificial pyre.

The Windsors’ Global Food Cartel:Instrument for Starvation
by Richard Freeman

Ten to twelve pivotal companies, assisted by another three dozen, run the world’s food supply. They are the key components of the Anglo-Dutch-Swiss food cartel, which is grouped around Britain’s House of Windsor. Led by the six leading grain companies—Cargill, Continental, Louis Dreyfus, Bunge and Born, André, and Archer Daniels Midland/Töpfer—the Windsor-led food and raw materials cartel has complete domination over world cereals and grains supplies, from wheat to corn and oats, from barley to sorghum and rye. But it also controls meat, dairy, edible oils and fats, fruits and vegetables, sugar, and all forms of spices.

Each year tens of millions die from the most elementary lack of their daily bread. This is the result of the work of the Windsor-led cartel. And, as the ongoing financial collapse wipes out bloated speculative financial paper, the oligarchy has moved into hoarding, increasing its food and raw materials holdings. It is prepared to apply a tourniquet to food production and export supplies, not only to poor nations, but to advanced sector nations as well.

The use of food as a weapon can be found at least four millennia ago in Babylon. Imperial Rome took this tack, as did Venice and various Venetian offshoots, including the Antwerp-centered, powerful Burgundian duchy, and the Dutch and British Levant companies, East India companies, and West India companies. Today, food warfare is firmly under the control of London, with the help of subordinate partners in especially Switzerland and Amsterdam. Today’s food companies were created by having had a section of this ancient set of Mesopotamian-Roman-Venetian-British food networks and infrastructure carved out for them.

The Windsor-led oligarchy has built up a single, integrated raw materials cartel, with three divisions—energy, raw materials and minerals, and increasingly scarce food supplies. At the top is the House of Windsor and Club of the Isles. Right below are two of the principal appurtenances of the House of Windsor: the World Wide Fund for Nature, headed by the Doge of London, Prince Philip, which leads the world in orchestration of ethnic conflict and terrorism, such as the British-created afghansi movement; and British intelligence’s Hollinger Corp. of Conrad Black.

The firms within each cartel group are listed. While they maintain the legal fiction of being different corporate organizations, in reality this is one interlocking syndicate, with a common purpose and multiple overlapping boards of directors. The Windsor-centered oligarchy owns these cartels, and they are the instruments of power of the oligarchy, accumulated over centuries, for breaking nations’ sovereignty.

The control works as follows: The oligarchy has developed four regions to be the principal exporters of almost every type of food; the oligarchy has historically acquired top-down control over the food chain in these regions. These four regions are: the United States; the European Union, particularly France and Germany; the British Commonwealth nations of Australia, Canada, the Republic of South Africa, and New Zealand; and Argentina and Brazil in Ibero-America. Through the centuries, the oligarchy has taken control of these regions’ markets, and thus over the world food supply. These four regions have a population of, at most, 900 million people, or 15% of the world’s population. The rest of the world, with 85% of the population—4.7 billion people—is dependent on the food exports from those regions.

British food cartel control intensified after World War II. Regions such as America had long been seen as important areas in which to increase control, in order to maintain the cartel’s global domination, especially around the turn of the twentieth century when Minneapolis, under the control of the Pillsbury and Peavey families, replaced Hungary as the world’s major miller of grain. But before World War II, the amount of grain that crossed borders, or oceans, seldom exceeded 30 million tons a year. America’s share of that was usually 10 million tons or less. This was a substantial amount, but small compared to the levels of trade that would follow. World War II ravaged the globe, creating mass hunger, especially in Europe and what is today the Third World. Under the impetus of American programs such as “Food for Peace,” PL 480, the worldwide trade in grain shot up to 160 million tons by 1979. Today it is 215 million tons per year. In addition, tens of millions of tons of other foodstuffs, from meat to dairy, are traded each year.

It is proper for countries with grain, meat, dairy, and other surpluses to export them. But the cartel’s four exporting regions were given preeminence in a brutal manner, while much of the rest of the world was thrust into enforced backwardness. The oligarchy denied these nations seed, fertilizer, water management, electricity, rail transportation, that is, all the infrastructural and capital goods inputs needed to turn them into self-sufficient food producers. These nations were reduced to the status of vassals: Either import from the cartel’s export regions, or starve.

Meanwhile, the Anglo-Dutch-Swiss food cartel reduced the export regions, which supposedly enjoy favored status, to a state of servitude as well. During the last two decades, millions of farmers in the United States, Europe, Canada, Australia, and Argentina have been wiped out. For example, in 1982, the United States still had 600,000 independent hog farmers. Today, that number is less than 225,000. The food cartel companies have concentrated hog production into their own hands. Farmers were paid far below a parity price, i.e., a price that covers costs of agricultural production plus a fair profit for investment in future production.

In 1983, Robert Bergland, President Jimmy Carter’s agriculture secretary in 1976-80, told an interviewer concerning Cargill, the world’s largest grain company: “Cargill’s view is … [that] they generally regard the United States as a grain colony.” Bergland continued, “When [in 1979] the Russians invaded Afghanistan and Jimmy Carter asked how much grain the Russians had bought [from the United States] … we couldn’t tell him because we didn’t know.” But Cargill and the other grain cartel companies knew. In 1976, when Cargill, Continental, and other grain cartel companies sold the Russians a record 12.4 million tons of American and Canadian grain (creating a grain shortage in the United States), the administration of President Gerald Ford learned of the sales only after the fact. The grain may have been American grown, but the Anglo-Dutch-Swiss cartel disposes of it as it pleases.

This article will document, for the first time, the extent of concentration and control that the British-centered raw materials cartel exercises over both the international and domestic trade in food. It will look at the food cartel’s international and domestic control of grains, milk, edible oils and fats, and meat. The article which follows provides a more detailed profile, with names and addresses, of the key forces in the cartel’s control of the world’s food supply.

Concentration in four food groups

Grains and grain products, milk and dairy products, edible oils and fats, and meat provide the majority of the intake of calories, as well as proteins and vitamins, which keeps the human species alive. Grain and grain products can be consumed as animal feed (especially corn and oats), and directly for human consumption, sometimes in grain form (the case of rice or barley), but often in a milled form, such as in bread and tortillas.

The “Big Six” leading grain cartel companies are: Minneapolis- and Geneva-based Cargill; New York-based Continental; Paris-based Louis Dreyfus; São Paulo, Brazil- and Netherlands, Antilles-based Bunge and Born; Lausanne, Switzerland-based André; and Illinois- and Hamburg, Germany-based Archer Daniels Midland/Töpfer. The first five of the companies are privately owned and run by billionaire families. They issue no public stock, nor annual report. They are more secretive than any oil company, bank, or government intelligence service. Just two of these companies, Cargill and Continental, control 45-50% of the world’s grain trade.

We look at the food cartel’s control over each of the four dominant food groups.

Grains: Grains, or cereals as they are often called, consist of wheat; the coarse grains, including corn, barley, oats, sorghum, and rye; and rice.

The Anglo-Dutch-Swiss cartel’s control over wheat exports for the crop year 1994-95, the cartel’s four food export regions produced and traded 88% of the world’s wheat exports of 97.2 million metric tons.

But, the four cartel food export regions, while accounting for 88% of worldwide wheat exports, accounted for only 39% of all the world’s wheat production of 522.4 million metric tons in the 1994-95 crop year. That is, their share of world wheat exports was more than double their share of world wheat output. This underscores the point that the cartel built up four regions as the choke points over the world’s food supply, even though these regions, collectively, are not often the largest producers.

For the 1994-95 crop year, the percentages that the cartel’s four food export regions control of the exports of the leading coarse grains. They control 95% of world annual corn exports, of 69.9 million metric tons; 76% of world barley exports, of 14.8 million metric tons; and 97% of world sorghum (milo) exports, of 6 million metric tons.

Within these export regions, the cartel’s six leading grain companies have, historically, built up total domination of the external grain markets. While the cartel’s export regions dominate 76-97% of the world’s grain trade, depending on the grain, the cartel’s six grain companies also control the exports of the four regions.

For example, in the 1994-95 crop year, the United States exported 102 of the world’s 215 million metric tons in grain exports, nearly half the total. It accounted for 33% of world wheat exports, 83% of world corn exports, and 89% of world sorghum exports, making it the leading exporter in each of these three markets.

Now, let us turn to the leading grain companies’ command of America’s grain export market, with America itself controlling nearly one-half of all world grain exports. The cartel’s Big Six grain trading companies own and control 95% of America’s wheat exports, 95% of its corn exports, 90% of its oats exports, and 80% of its sorghum exports. A few smaller companies, almost all in the grain cartel’s orbit, control the remaining market share. The grain companies’ control over the American grain market is absolute.

The Big Six grain companies also control 60-70% of France’s grain exports. France is the biggest grain exporter in Europe (the world’s second largest grain exporting region), exporting more grain than the next three largest European grain exporting nations combined.

The Big Six, along with some affiliated Argentine companies such as Nidera and ACA, control 67.8%, or two-thirds, of Argentina’s grain exports. Argentina is the fourth largest grain exporter in the world.

Canada and Australia combined are the world’s third largest grain exporting region, after America and Europe. Although they have their own unique internal picture, with a modicum of political influence from farmers, both are British Commonwealth nations, under the thumb of Queen Elizabeth II.

In sum, the Anglo-Dutch-Swiss food cartel dominates 80-90% of the world grain trade. In fact, however, the control is far greater than the sum of its parts: The Big Six grain companies are organized as a cartel; they move grain back and forth from any one of the major, or minor, exporting nations. Cargill, Continental, Louis Dreyfus et al. own world shipping fleets, and have long-established sales relationships, financial markets, and commodity trading exchanges (such as the London-based Baltic Mercantile and Shipping Exchange) on which grain is traded, which completes their domination. No other forces in the world, including governments, are as well organized as the cartel, and therefore, London’s power in this area remains unchallenged.

Milk and Milk Products: The big exporters of milk and milk products are three out of the cartel’s four basic export regions: the United States; the European Union plus Switzerland (which is not an EU member); and the British Commonwealth countries of New Zealand, in particular, and Australia.

In 1994, the cartel’s domination of dairy and dairy products was astonishing. Figure 6 shows that the cartel’s food export regions controlled 89% of the world’s export of whole milk powder, of 1.08 billion metric tons; 94% of the world’s export trade of 653 million metric tons of butter; and 86% of the world’s export trade of 1.11 billion metric tons of cheese. It also controlled a huge portion of the export of condensed milk.

The case of whole milk powder exemplifies the process of the cartel’s control. Milk is not usually exported in liquid form, except for short distances over nearby borders; it is usually exported either as whole milk or skim milk powder, or as condensed milk. When it is exported as whole milk powder, it is reconstituted upon delivery, usually at the ratio of 10 parts water to 1 part whole milk powder. Of the world’s export of 1.08 billion metric tons of whole milk powder in 1994, the developing world imported 885 million metric tons, or 82% of the total.

Nestlé Corp., S.A., based in Vevey and Cham (near Geneva), Switzerland, and Borden, Inc., based in Columbus, Ohio, are the two largest exporters of whole milk powder in the world. Founded in 1867, Nestlé grew significantly in 1905, when it merged with the Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Company, also of Switzerland. Nestlé S.A. illustrates the food cartel’s global reach: It is the number-one world trader in whole milk powder and condensed milk; the number-one seller of chocolate, confectionery products, and mineral water (it owns Perrier); and the number-three U.S.-based coffee firm. Its products include Nestlé chocolate and candy; Libby fruit juice; Carnation Condensed Milk; Buitoni spaghetti; Contadina tomato paste; Hills Brothers and Nescafé coffees; and Stouffers’ restaurants and frozen foods. (It also owns 26% of the world’s biggest cosmetic company, L’Oreal.) All told, it is the biggest food company in the world. In 1994, there were 13 countries in which Nestlé had sales of 1 billion Swiss francs or more, including all advanced sector nations. Its total 1994 sales were SF 56.9 billion, or $45.5 billion. Its 1994 profits were $4.8 billion, bigger than all but a half-dozen companies.

Nestlé chairman Helmut Maucher is on the board of J.P. Morgan, British intelligence’s leading bank in the United States. Its board of directors serves as a retirement home for the world’s central bankers: Fritz Leutwiller, former chairman of the Basel, Switzerland Bank for International Settlements, the central bank of central banks, is on Nestlé’s board, as is Paul Volcker, who, as chairman of the U.S. Federal Reserve Board in 1979 and the early 1980s, put the world economy through what was referred to as “controlled disintegration.”

Borden is the second biggest milk powder producer, through its KLIM milk powder division. It is also one of the world’s biggest condensed milk producers, through its Eagle Brand sweetened condensed milk. In 1995, Borden was bought by the leveraged buy-out firm of Kohlberg Kravis Roberts, which is headed by Henry Kravis, who was finance committee co-chairman of George Bush’s 1992 Presidential campaign. As a result of the 1988 merger of R.JU. Reynolds and Nabsico, KKR now owns 33% of, and effectively controls, RJR Nabisco, which produces nine of the top ten cookies and crackers brands sold in America. KKR also owns a portion of Beatrice Foods, a conglomerate, which makes KKR one of the top five food companies in the world.

Completing the picture of world control of whole milk powder is Unilever, a large player in this area as well as the number-one world producer of ice cream and margarine. Typifying the Anglo-Dutch oligarchy’s joint control over raw materials, Unilever, which is the result of a 1930 merger of a British and a Dutch firm, has headquarters in London and Amsterdam. On the Unilever board is Lord Wright of Richmond, GCMG. From 1986 through 1991, he was head of Britain’s Diplomatic Service and also permanent undersecretary of state at the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Lord Wright is also a director of Barclay’s Bank, which is a major funder of Prince Philip’s World Wide Fund for Nature.

Unilever is an example of how the different corporate entities operate as part of one interlocked syndicate. The former chairman of Unilever, M.F. Van den Moven, now sits on the board of the other Anglo-Dutch giant, Royal Dutch Shell Petroleum, the world’s largest marketer of oil and a controlling force in the energy cartel.

Meat: The cartel’s four major export source regions (the United States; the European Union; the British Commonwealth countries of New Zealand, Australia, and Canada; and the Ibero-American nations Argentina and Brazil) exert enormous dominance over meat exports. As well, a Chinese bloc of China, Taiwan, and Hongkong (the last nation a re-exporter) is important in pork and poultry exports.

For 1994, the cartel’s basic food export regions commanded 85% of the world’s export of beef and veal of 4.95 million metric tons; when the Chinese market is added in, these regions commanded 92% of the world’s export trade of 2.1 million tons of pork, and 93% of the world’s export trade of 5.84 million metric tons of poultry. The export of pork and poultry in China and Taiwan is increasingly run by the food cartel.

Four of the cartel’s biggest companies in beef export are Cargill, Archer Daniels Midland/Töpfer, ConAgra/Peavey, and Iowa Beef Processors, now called IBP. The Dakota City, Nebraska-based IBP exemplifies how the oligarchy employs its corporate offshoots. Once owned by Armand Hammer’s Occidental Petroleum Co., today 13% of the stock of IBP is owned by FMR Corp., the holding company for Fidelity Investments, the largest family of mutual funds in the United States, which is run by the Boston Brahmin oligarchical families. FMR is interlocked with other parts of the Windsor cartel—it is a large owner of raw material cartel companies, including shares of 5% or more of Homestake Mining, Coeur D’Alene Mines, and Santa Fe Pacific Gold Corp., three of the world’s largest gold mining companies.

Through IBP, the food cartel is intervening in the U.S. Presidential elections, giving heavy backing to the “free enterprise” Presidential campaign of Sen. Phil Gramm (R-Tex.). On IBP’s board of directors is Alec Courtalis, a Florida real estate magnate who was national finance co-chairman of the 1992 Bush-Quayle campaign, and is currently chairman of the futuristic Armand Hammer United World College and finance committee chairman of the Gramm for President campaign. In addition, Gramm’s wife, Wendy Gramm, is an IBP board member. From 1988 to 1993, Wendy Gramm chaired the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, during which time the CFTC rigged the explosive growth in speculative derivatives instruments.

Edible oils and fats: The United States, the European Union, and Argentina and Brazil thoroughly dominate the export market in the soybean and its by-products, the most basic source of edible oils and fats. Figure 8 documents that the food cartel export source sectors are the masters of 90% of the international trade in soybeans, of 32.1 million metric tons per year; 90% of the international trade in soybean meal, of 31.1 million metric tons; and, along with British Commonwealth member India, 92% of the 31.1 million metric tons of soybean meal exports.

According to spokesmen for the U.S. Department of Agriculture, as well as private industry, the same six companies that dominate the international grain trade also dominate the international trade in soybeans and by-products. The one additional cartel member company which is influential in the soybean trade, and which is smaller than the leading six companies, is S.I. Joseph Co. of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Burton Joseph, chairman of this company, is a former national chairman and a leading member of the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith. He is a longtime enemy of Lyndon LaRouche.

Feed and seed: The cartel also controls feed for animals and seed for planting. British Petroleum, through its Nutrition division, is the largest feed producer in Europe. Having bought Purina Mills from Ralston Purina Company, British Petroleum, one of the House of Windsor’s key energy companies, is now the second largest feed producer in America. Cargill, the world’s largest grain exporter, through its Nutrena Feed division, is also the biggest producer of animal feed and hybrid seed in the world, while Continental Grain, through its Wayne Feed division, is one of the biggest producers of feed and a major force in hybrid seed production.

Domestic markets

The cartel exercises an iron hand over the domestic agricultural economies of nations, especially those that comprise the four export source regions of the food cartel. This is exercised through the processing industries: If one controls the processing industries, one controls domestic trade. Except for use as animal feed, corn, wheat, and soybean cannot be eaten in their unrefined form (excluding sweet corn, which is eaten by humans, but which is a minuscule percentage of the annual corn harvest). The grain, or soybean (which is a legume), must be processed. The same is true of meat, which must be slaughtered and cut, before it is fit for human consumption.

This is where the processing-milling industries, in the case of grains and soybean, and the packing/slaughtering industries, in the case of meat, come in.

Taking America as the test case, in order to make the case generally, one can see the cartel’s domination.

The main grain companies of the oligarchy’s food cartel control 71% of the milling of America’s flour; 57% of the dry milling of America’s corn; 74% of the wet milling of America’s corn; and 76% of the crushing of America’s soybeans.

(In the dry milling of corn, the corn is turned into corn meal, muffins, corn flakes, etc. In the wet milling of corn, the corn is turned into sweetener, starch, alcohol, ethanol, etc. Of America’s corn crop of 7.4 million bushels, 5.6 million bushels will be consumed as animal feed; 1.5 million bushels will be wet milled; and 0.3 million bushels will be dry milled.)

The largest meat companies in the food cartel (IBP, ConAgra, Cargill, and two smaller companies) control 72% of America’s beef slaughtering/packing; 45% of its pork slaughtering/packing; and 70% of its sheep slaughtering/packing. The meatpacking industry demonstrates the accelerated rate at which the cartel is building its concentration in these industries. In 1979, the top four packers controlled 41% of the industry. Today, they control 72%.

Finally, four of the six leading grain cartel companies own 24% of America’s grain elevator storage capacity. However, this figure is deceptive. Many of the grain elevators in America are in local areas, where there is a substantial degree of individual or cooperative ownership. When one gets to regional grain elevators, the grain cartel’s ownership percentage is higher. And at ports, where grain is transshipped, the same four grain cartel companies own 59% of all American grain elevator facilities.

A farmer must sell his grain either to a grain elevator, or, in the rarer case where he can afford transport, to a grain miller. In either case, it is a grain cartel company to which he must sell. By this process, the grain cartel sets the price to the farmer—at the lowest level possible.

The control apparatus

The control of food for use as a weapon is an ancient practice. The House of Windsor inherited certain routes and infrastructure. One finds the practice in ancient Babylon/Mesopotamia 4,000 years ago. In Greece, the cults of Apollo, Demeter, and Rhea-Cybele often controlled the shipment of grain and other food stuffs, through the temples. In Imperial Rome, the control of grain became the basis of the empire. Rome was the center. Conquered outlying colonies in Gaul, Brittany, Spain, Sicily, Egypt, North Africa, and the Mediterranean littoral had to ship grain to the noble Roman families, as taxes and tribute. Often the grain tax was greater than the land could bear, and areas of North Africa, for instance, were turned into dust bowls.

The evil city-state of Venice took over grain routes, particularly after the Fourth Crusade (1202-04). The main Venetian thirteenth century trading routes had their eastern termini in Constantinople, the ports of the Oltremare (which were the lands of the crusading States), and Alexandria, Egypt. Goods from these ports were shipped to Venice, and from there made their way up the Po Valley to markets in Lombardy, or over the Alpine passes to the Rhône and into France. Eventually, Venetian trade extended to the Mongol empire in the East.

By the fifteenth century, although Venice was still very much a merchant empire, it had franchised some of its grain and other trade to the powerful Burgundian duchy, whose effective headquarters was Antwerp. This empire, encompassing parts of France, extended from Amsterdam and Belgium to much of present-day Switzerland. From this Venetian-Lombard-Burgundian nexus, each of the food cartel’s six leading grain companies was either founded, or inherited a substantial part of its operations today.

By the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, the British Levant and East India companies had absorbed many of these Venetian operations. In the nineteenth century, the London-based Baltic Mercantile and Shipping Exchange became the world’s leading instrument for contracting for and shipping grain.

The five privately held grain companies were carved out from the centuries-old Mesopotamian-Venetian-Burgundian-Swiss-Amsterdam grain route, which today extends around the world. The Big Five are Cargill, Continental, Louis Dreyfus, Bunge and Born, and André. The Continental Grain Company is run by billionaire Michel Fribourg and his son Paul. Simon Fribourg started the company in 1813 in Arlon, Belgium. He moved the company to Antwerp, and then, in the 1920s, to Paris and London. Today, it has a New York office, along with a strong Swiss-French base.

In 1852, Léopold Louis Dreyfus, who was born in Sierentz, France, established wheat-trading operations in Basel, Switzerland. In this century, except during World War II, Louis Dreyfus has been headquartered in Paris (part of the old Lombard-Burgundian route).

Bunge and Born was founded by the Bunge family from Amsterdam in 1752. The company was eventually moved to Antwerp (today it is technically headquartered in São Paulo, Brazil and the Netherlands Antilles). The André Company was founded by Georges André in Nyon, Switzerland, and today is headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Cargill Company, the world’s largest grain company, is based in the Minneapolis, Minnesota suburb of Minnetonka. It was founded by Scotsman William Cargill, in Conover, Iowa in 1865, and has been run, since the 1920s, by the billionaire MacMillan family. But the true nexus of Cargill is in Geneva, Switzerland, where Cargill’s international trading arm, Tradax, Inc., is headquartered, having been established there in 1956 (technically, Tradax is a Panamanian-registered company). Tradax has divisions all around the world, including in Argentina, Germany, and Japan. It is the major source for Cargill’s international trading; Cargill has a lot of money invested in it, and Cargill reaps a large return from Tradax’s operations. Tradax also has partial Swiss ownership. The Lombard, Odier Bank, as well as the Pictet Bank, both old, private and very dirty Swiss banks, own a chunk of Tradax. The principal financier for Tradax is the Geneva-based Crédit Suisse, which is one of the world’s largest money-launderers.

Archer Daniels Midland’s purchase of Töpfer, a Hamburg, Germany-based grain company, vastly increased ADM’s presence in the world grain trade. Töpfer’s trade is situated within the old Venice-Swiss-Amsterdam-Paris routes, and it has extensive business partnerships with the British Crown jewel, the Rothschild Bank.

Secret intelligence

The manner in which the grain cartel companies operate is highly secretive. All but ADM-Töpfer are private companies, and Bush ally and former Cargill employee Dwayne Andreas runs ADM as his personal fiefdom.

A strategic profile of each of the leading food cartel companies is contained in the following article, but it is worth noting here a few critical points about how they work. Much of their workings is shrouded in mystery, because they release little information to the public. People who have attempted to write books about the grain companies have spent years without getting a single interview from any of the reigning grain company families. Unlike many American companies, where the founding family has long since departed the scene, such as in the case of Morgan bank or Chrysler Corp., the grain cartel companies are run by the same families that have run them for centuries. The inter-married MacMillan and Cargill families run Cargill; the Fribourg family runs Continental; the Louis Dreyfus family runs Louis Dreyfus; the André family runs André; and the Hirsch and Born families run Bunge and Born.

However, the little that has been gleaned is very revealing. In 1979, Dan Morgan wrote The Merchants of Grain, about the world grain trade. He disclosed that Cargill’s Geneva-based trading arm, Tradax, operates not only such as to park sales of grain in order to escape taxes in the United States and most countries, but it confounds anyone trying to follow Cargill’s grain movements. In his book, Morgan reported:

“When Cargill sells a cargo of corn to a Dutch animal-feed manufacturer, the grain is shipped down the Mississippi River, put aboard a vessel at Baton Rouge and sent to Rotterdam. On paper, however … its route is more elaborate. Cargill first sells the corn to Tradax International in Panama, which will ‘hire’ Tradax/Geneva as its agent; Tradax/Geneva then might arrange the sale to a Dutch miller through its subsidiary, Tradax/Holland; any profits would be booked to Tradax/Panama, a tax-haven company, and Tradax/Geneva would earn only a ‘management fee’ for brokering the deal between Tradax/Panama and Tradax/Holland.”

While evading taxes and inspection, Cargill also uses its network to move large shipments of goods anywhere on the globe, on split-second notice. It has an in-house intelligence service that matches the CIA’s: It uses global communication satellites, weather-sensing satellites, a database that utilizes 7,000 primary sources of intelligence, several hundred field offices, etc.

Cargill is representative of all of the grain companies, and a brief examination of it gives insight into all the others. Cargill, which had $51 billion in annual sales in 1994, has a dominant position in many aspects of the world food trade. It is the world’s and the United States’ number-one grain exporter, and has a market share of 25-30% in each of several commodities. It is the world’s number-one cotton trader; the number-one U.S. owner of grain elevators (340); the number-one U.S. manufacturer of corn-based, high-protein animal feeds (through subsidiary Nutrena Mills); the number-two U.S. wet corn miller and U.S. soybean crusher; the number-two Argentine grain exporter (10% of market); the number-three U.S. flour miller (18% of market), U.S. meatpacker (18% of market), U.S. pork packer/slaughterer, and U.S. commercial animal feeder; the number-three French grain exporter (15-18% of the market); and the number-six U.S. turkey producer. It also has a fleet of 420 barges, 11 towboats, 2 huge vessels that sail the Great Lakes, 12 ocean-going ships, 2,000 railroad hopper cars, and 2,000 tank cars.

Cargill has been able to place its people in top posts around the world. Daniel Amstutz, a 25-year Cargill man, was U.S. Undersecretary of Agriculture for International Affairs and Commodity Programs in 1983-87, from which post he decided on the export policy of U.S. grains. He later became a leader of the U.S. trade commission in the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) negotiations on agricultural trade. Meanwhile, the head of Bunge and Born, Nestor Rapanelli, became Argentina’s economics minister within weeks of Carlos Menem coming in as Argentine President in 1989. Rapanelli began shifting Argentina from “State intervention to a ‘market driven’ economy.”

Today, Cargill Company is privately owned and run by the MacMillan family. The MacMillan family’s collective wealth, at $5.1 billion, according to the July 17, 1994 Forbes magazine, is larger than that of the better-known Mellon family. The MacMillans have always been of service to the British. John Hugh MacMillan, president of Cargill from 1936 to 1957, and then chairman from 1957 through 1960, held the title of “hereditary Knight Commander of Justice in the Sovereign Order of St. John (Knights of Malta),” one of the British Crown’s most important orders.

The drive to the East

The food cartel continues to consolidate its worldwide control in the face of the oncoming financial disintegration. In the past four years, the food cartel has bought up many milling-processing plants and bakeries throughout the former Soviet Union and East bloc, bringing these nations under tight food control. Recently, IBP moved to dump cheap Mexican meat there, in order to bankrupt beef producers. The Clinton Agriculture Department has brought them up for investigation.

The food cartel has also built up its control, in the food distribution industries, through such combines as Philip Morris, Grand Metropolitan-Pillsbury, and KKR-RJR-Nabisco-Borden. In the case of Philip Morris, which owns Kraft Foods, General Foods (Post cereals), the Miller Brewing Company, and a host of other brand names, 10¢ of every $1 that an American spends on brand-name food items is for a Philip Morris product.

The food cartel’s power must be broken. This year, the U.S. Justice Department’s Anti-Trust division launched an investigation into price-fixing in the case of corn-based fructose and lysine, by Archer Daniels Midland and some of the other food cartel companies. The case, if brought to trial, could provide valuable information and help to expose and possibly halt, in a limited way, a few of ADM’s practices. But the Anglo-Dutch-Swiss cartel is playing for high stakes—the ability to constrain the supply of raw materials, and above all, food, to turn back the clock of history, and reduce mankind from the 5.6 billion population it currently enjoys to the state of a few hundred million semi-literate souls scratching out a bare existence.

Get Us Out of the IMF
by Congressman Ron Paul, MD

Recently I introduced legislation to withdraw the United States from the Bretton Woods Agreement and thus end taxpayer support for the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Rooted in a discredited economic philosophy and a complete disregard for fundamental constitutional principles, the IMF forces American taxpayers to subsidize large, multinational corporations and underwrite economic destruction around the globe. This is because the IMF often uses the $37 billion line of credit provided to it by the American taxpayers to bribe countries to follow destructive, statist policies.

For example, the IMF played a major role in creating the Argentine economic crisis. Despite clear signs over the past several years that the Argentine economy was in serious trouble, the IMF continued pouring taxpayer-subsidized loans with an incredibly low interest rate of 2.6% into the country. In 2001, as Argentina’s fiscal position steadily deteriorated, the IMF funneled over 8 billion dollars to the Argentine government!

According to Congressman Jim Saxton, Chairman of the Joint Economic Committee, this “Continued lending over many years sustained and subsidized a bankrupt Argentine economic policy, whose collapse is now all the more serious. The IMF’s generous subsidized bailouts lead to moral hazard problems, and enable shaky governments to pressure the IMF for even more funding or risk disaster.”

Argentina is just the latest example of the folly of IMF policies. Only four years ago the world economy was rocked by an IMF-created disaster in Asia. The IMF regularly puts the taxpayer on the hook for the mistakes of the big banks. Oftentimes, IMF funds end up in the hands of corrupt dictators who use our taxpayer-provided largesse to prop up their regimes by rewarding their supporters and depriving their opponents of access to capital.

If not corrupt, most IMF borrowers are governments of countries with little economic productivity. Either way, most recipient nations end up with huge debts that they cannot service, which only adds to their poverty and instability. IMF money ultimately corrupts those countries it purports to help, by keeping afloat reckless political institutions that destroy their own economies.

IMF policies ultimately are based on a flawed philosophy that says the best means of creating economic prosperity is through government-to-government transfers. Such programs cannot produce growth, because they take capital out of private hands, where it can be allocated to its most productive use as determined by the choices of consumers in the market, and place it in the hands of politicians. Placing economic resources in the hands of politicians and bureaucrats inevitably results in inefficiencies, shortages, and economic crises, as even the best intentioned politicians cannot know the most efficient use of resources.

In addition, the IMF violates basic constitutional and moral principles. The federal government has no constitutional authority to fund international institutions such as the IMF. Furthermore, it is simply immoral to take money from hard-working Americans to support the economic schemes of politically-powerful special interests and third-world dictators.

In all my years in Congress, I have never been approached by a taxpayer asking that he or she be forced to provide more subsidies to Wall Street executives and foreign dictators. The only constituency for the IMF is the huge multinational banks and corporations. Big banks used IMF funds- taxpayer funds- to bail themselves out from billions in losses after the Asian financial crisis. Big corporations obtain lucrative contracts for a wide variety of construction projects funded with IMF loans. It’s a familiar game in Washington, with corporate welfare disguised as compassion for the poor.

The Argentine debacle is yet further proof that the IMF was a bad idea from the very beginning- economically, constitutionally, and morally. The IMF is a relic of an era when power-hungry bureaucrats and deluded economists believed they could micromanage the world’s economy. Withdrawal from the IMF would benefit American taxpayers, as well as workers and consumers around the globe. I hope my colleagues will join me in working to protect the American taxpayer from underwriting the destruction of countries like Argentina, by cosponsoring my legislation to end America’s support for the IMF.

March 2, 2002

Dr. Ron Paul is a Republican member of Congress from Texas.

Bomb Buckingham Palace?
by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. April 13, 1999

Curiously, if, but only if the British monarchy’s government were to be taken to mean literally what Prime Minister Blair says should be done as a matter of principle, we would assume that Blair is demanding that NATO promptly bomb Buckingham Palace. A literal reading of the April 12 edition of the London Times cites Blair’s op-ed in the April 19 edition of Newsweek magazine to precisely such an effect. Not so curiously, we must doubt the sincerity of both Blair and the London Times.

The Times, which traditionally reports current changes in British foreign policy, sometimes before the Foreign Office itself is informed, endorses and emphasizes the indicated following portion from that op-ed.

The Times paraphrase “suggests that NATO’s action in Kosovo could be a model for future international relations.” We should not doubt that that much of the statement states precisely the Times’ and the British monarchy’s intention. That fact we shall come to here, in due course.

In support of its paraphrase, the Times quotes Blair from that Newsweek article: “This is a conflict we are fighting not for territory, but for values, for a new internationalism where the brutal repression of whole ethnic groups will no longer be tolerated, for a world where those responsible for such crimes have nowhere to hide. . . We are fighting for a world where dictators are no longer able to visit horrific punishments on their own peoples in order to stay in power.”

The Times supplies its own interpretation of the British policy to be adduced from Blair’s quoted remarks: “Establishing the principle that outside countries can intervene in a sovereign state to halt `ethnic cleansing’ would mark a radical shift in the basic norms of international relations, and Mr. Blair’s remarks will provoke unease among many countries. . . .” Perhaps in Buckingham Palace itself? Perhaps not.

Case proven: If we read the Times’ report literally, Blair is arguing for a NATO bombing of Buckingham Palace, or, in the alternative, perhaps the House of Lords. In the whole wide world today, especially in respect to the British monarchy’s currently ongoing Africa policy, these British institutions are, one as much as the other, the most monstrous example of precisely the sort of bad conduct which Blair says should be punished as Yugoslavia is being punished. Therefore, considering the vigor of Blair’s formulation, if we did not know in advance what a pervert Blair is, we might presume that NATO’s implied bombing action should occur more or less immediately.

The most extensive and horrid violations of human rights of the present decade, have been the intentionally racialist British monarchy’s willful, continuing genocide against the Hutu and other relevant ethnic groups of Central Africa. The British use of its Museveni puppet-dictator for orchestrating currently the long-standing Rhodes Plan, a Holocaust now reaching beyond six millions African victims, is certainly the leading case, from any part of the world, demanding most urgently the kind of prompt remedial action which Blair proposes–action against the British monarchy and its most shameless accomplices, such as Lady Caroline Cox–the “Museveni of London,” perhaps–in the House of Lords, for example, or Cox’s flunkey, U.S. Representative Frank Wolf, in the U.S.A.

This Africa case is directly applicable for judging the British monarchy’s current Balkan policy. Blair’s most conspicuous accomplice, in using Rambouillet to set up the present situation in Kosovo–including the trapping of innocent Kosovars, was U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright. She, a former sorcerer’s apprentice to a homicidally mad Zbigniew Brzezinski, has a record of several uninterrupted years as an accomplice of the British monarchy in covering for the massive, British-directed genocide against Hutus and others now still ongoing in central Africa.

It should be emphasized that Ms. Albright’s accomplices in Africa genocide, include not only Israelis operating in that region of Africa, but also some relevant elements of the U.S. military establishment. When a Ms. Albright, or Tony Blair moans like a stage-actor in extremis, about “ethnic cleansing” in Kosovo, British genocide in Africa enables us to estimate fairly the absolute sincerity of very-late-comers Blair and Albright to the cause of suffering humanity.

Alas, lest we might cherish the irony of NATO’s prospective bombing of Buckingham Palace, we must fear that Mr. Blair is once again up to his customary sort of swinish insincerity. If the world is to be rid of that British royal house, the remedy must be supplied by more suitable means than the wretched Mr. Blair’s Thatcher-like propensity for monstrous acts of violence. The nasty little twerp’s consummate insincerities aside, his blurt to Newsweek has a certain clinical value which should be noted by all relevant strategic planners.

We acknowledge that, even though Blair’s statement must be read by honest, but naive grammarians as proposing, literally, an implicit commitment to a NATO bombing of Buckingham Palace, Blair’s customary utterances are never truthful, but of the Alice-in-Wonderland variety, delivered in the style of either a music-hall version of the “Mad Hatter,” or, perhaps, you might prefer to suggest, a mad queen.

The prudent mind will read Blair’s utterances as an intelligent farmer reads the sounds and gestures of barnyard animals. Blair’s rhetoric is about as rational as that of a gander in sexual hot pursuit of a stuffed owl; his intent, at least, is not in doubt. To be specific, Blair’s behavior, like those who share his views on the present Balkans war, expresses a deeply embedded, Hobbesian sort of swinishness. More important than Blair’s swinishness, is that shown by the poor dupes now rallying to the British monarchy’s Balkan efforts to spark a global, possibly nuclear war.

All said, a real, diabolical meaning lurks behind that wretch’s utterances. We shall turn your attention to that, his actual policy, after we have shown you the way in which many political figures and ordinary citizens of various nations have been corrupted by Blair’s and Madeleine Albright’s current torrent of lies.

1. `Letting the sow loose’

The character of Blair’s cabinet might point one’s thoughts to the New Testament’s account of the celebrated Gadarene swine. So, devout members of the Protestant sect of British Israelites might speculate: “Perhaps this is where those swine wandered, to London, after being driven from Palestine.” Epithets against such degenerates as Blair and Cook come easily, sometimes too easily, to the lips of honest people. Unfortunately, there is something of the same swinishness now reverberating in significant portions of the general population, in Europe, and not only among the cronies of Vice-President Al Gore inside the U.S.A.

In Germany, one speaks of the inner Schweinhund, or of a person who “lets his inner sow loose.” This is not only a German type; the same qualities are often to be recognized among high officials and others in the U.S.A., and elsewhere.

For ordinary citizens, and others, whom we must describe in such terms, the daily din of reports of genocide against the Kosovars, supplies a sly pretext for giving lip-service or other support to the presently spreading Balkan war. The real motives of these erring war-lovers, is not a passion for justice. Their most tolerant reaction to the British monarchy’s years-long genocide in Central Africa, is a true measure of their present sincerity of feeling for the Kosovars. In truth, they are more like the actors whom Hamlet employed to stage a play, performing with as much show of sincerity as might be expected of them. For the veterinarian who knows his barnyard animals, these creatures are exhibiting the unleashing of the sow within themselves.

Let me hold up the mirror to such folk. I show those who support the launching of this foolish war, proof of the disgusting nature of their own actual motives.

Return to study a warning I wrote this past October 12, 1998, in which I warned of an ongoing psychological phase-change in the populations and government circles of the U.S.A. and western Europe, predicting the eruption of that kind of mass hysteria which underlies and controls the pro-war moods in the U.S.A. and western Europe today: “The Roots of Today’s Mass Hysteria.” See the present strategic situation against the background of my October 1998 warning.

Focus upon a recent pattern of shifts in behavior among members of Congress and others in the U.S.A. Compare typical patterns of behavior from mid-May 1998 into October, with a marked shift which came fully to the surface during the mid-November to January interval.

Mass insanity–however temporary–had erupted within much of the Congress and other strata of the population, following certain developments within the August 17-October 15, 1998 interval. A similar pattern erupted within much of the institutions and population of western Europe, including newly inducted NATO member Poland, for one notable example. Here, in the mass-insanity which erupted in the course of these August-October developments, lies the source of that kind of swinishness commonly motivating present currents of political sympathy for NATO’s present Balkan war.

The root of the widespread, post-October outbreak of that lunatic, “Gadarene” quality of swinishness to which I have referred, can be summed up simply, in two words: “my money.” Focus upon the series of August-September financial and monetary crises, which threatened the largely illusory financial security of the many U.S. households which have come to rely upon spill-overs, directly or indirectly, into their personal accounts from short-term, soon to vanish, speculative gains in the mutual-funds bubble.

As the post-August 1971 self-destruction of the world economy has destroyed, step by step, the former, rational kinds of relations between the population and the physical economy, there has been a desperation-, fear-driven flight of more and more layers of the population into wishful fantasies. These fantasies represent, in effect, irrational hope in miracles to rescue them from an increasingly hopeless plight. This pattern is typified by the increase of belief in strange religious sects, or in outrightly paganist forms of magic, such as reliance upon horoscopes and plunges into gambling psychosis. Lunatic faith in the magic of the “marketplace,” such as the mutual funds market, is among the most popular expressions of such a drift into mass psychosis. Thus, the individuals have been increasingly de-socialized, driven more and more into a Hobbesian, “little me”-centered fantasy-life. The principal expression of this flight into lunatic forms of mass hysteria, is the popular obsession with “my money,” a state in which parents will use economic measures for accelerating the deaths of their own aging parents, ostensibly for “our children’s benefit,” but, more frankly, simply for the sake of the cult of “my money.”

It was this concern for “my money,” which lured much of the U.S. population, into the waves of insanity which overtook many citizens, as well as formerly sane members of the U.S. Congress, during the November 1998-January 1999 interval.

The essence of the current, post-October 1998 phase of the mass-insanity in today’s U.S.A., is the virtually psychotic delusion, that the financial crisis has been magically solved by the empyreal genius Alan Greenspan. The post-October 1998 delusion was, that an agreement between Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin and Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan (“The Three Marketeers”) had miraculously rescued the world from the brink of what would otherwise have become a widespread financial collapse. This form of mass-hysteria, is the root of the rather widespread, hysterical insistence, contrary to all fact and reason, that the currently collapsing U.S. economy is actually growing!

It is the desire of many, a deluded wish to believe that “my money is now safe,” which is the most important factor in fostering support for the launching of a Balkan war which could readily spread rapidly to becoming World War III. Especially in Europe, and somewhat less so in the U.S.A., there is a great and growing unease about the Balkan war being directed by the British monarchy’s Blair government. Nonetheless, there is also reluctance to oppose those official governmental and party institutions which are supporting Blair’s Balkan war. The reluctance is rooted largely in the form the “my money” hysteria has assumed, increasingly, since mid-October 1998. The connection, in the scrambled mental processes of those supporting that strategic folly, is that “we must stick with the system,” the system which they associate with the protection of “my money.”

If this Balkan war becomes World War III, as it probably could, it would not be the first time a world war was made possible by financial considerations, which had much more to do with British manipulation of simultaneous mass hysteria in the U.S.A. and continental European populations, than with any rational notion of putative military issues of that war as such.

2. A delusory recovery

Look more carefully at the measures taken by the G-7 nations, during early through middle October. The fact is, that no rational adult person, in western Europe or the Americas, could believe that these measures actually solved the problem. Rather, the apparent crisis was postponed, in order to make it quickly much worse than had Greenspan et al. done nothing at all.

Greenspan made no miracle. He made everything worse. What Greenspan et al. actually did, was a carbon copy, but on a much grander, global scale, of the same idiocy practiced by the 1923 government of Weimar Germany. Greenspan has been playing the same hyperinflationary tricks with “printing press” money which turned the German Reichsmark into toilet-paper that Autumn. What he did, was also an echo of some famous earlier follies of the same type: Seventeenth-Century Netherlands’ Turkish tulip-bulb hysteria, or those ill-fated John Law-style bubbles of early Eighteenth-Century England and France, upon which Greenspan has modelled his present “miracle.”

That is precisely what these central bankers and G-7 governments are doing to all of the currencies of the Americas, western Europe, and other places at the moment we now speak. If you believe this is a financial miracle, think of yourself as the man falling past the thirtieth story of a sixty-story skyscraper, gloating defiantly as he says to his grinning fellow-traveller, “Who are those bums who warned us a new crash was coming!”

So, in Autumn 1923, the Weimar Reichsmark crashed.

Think back. Remember how it happened. Go back to mid-August 1998. On August 17, 1998, the Prime Minister of Russia announced that Russia had run out of money to pay its foreign debts. As the world discovered, a few weeks later, this announcement threatened to bankrupt many of the leading banks of the G-7 and other nations.

The problem was not what Russia owed; the problem was that these banks, such as those operating through an entity called Long-Term Capital Management (LTCM), had risked what was in net effect, trillions of U.S. dollars’ worth of gambling side-bets on highly exotic forms of financial paper, such as those called GKOs.

Vice-President Al Gore, whose cronies were deeply (and corruptly) involved in this wild gamble, tried to put his Russian crony Viktor Chernomyrdin into the position of Russia’s Prime Minister, as a way of assuring the bailing out of LTCM at Russia’s expense. Gore’s effort failed, and in September, when the failure of Gore-asset Chernomyrdin’s candidacy became obvious, Federal Reserve Chairman Greenspan announced he had been engaged in a rescue mission to save the banks tied up in the LTCM portion of the derivatives gamble.

After the announcement of the LTCM bailout, the Clinton Administration, like other non-British G-7 governments, utterly lost its nerve. Between early and middle October, the G-7 nations and their central banks cut a deal to unleash the greatest hyperinflationary money-printing orgy in history. The orgy is still ongoing, and accelerating. Greenspan and his cronies have slashed borrowing costs, repeatedly. It has come near to the point that if the central banks cut borrowing costs much more, they would be paying the speculators to borrow. By papering the financial markets with what was doomed to become about as negotiable as play-money, the looming collapse of financial markets was, admittedly postponed for a few months; but, behind the financial press headlines which only poor fools believe, the world’s economy is collapsing at an accelerating rate, every week.

However, as long as the nominal financial assets associated with mutual-funds accounts continue to increase in index-rigged values, a flow of fictitious wealth, monetized as cash, flows into the pores of the economy’s weekly payments accounts, as it pours more massively into the accounts of the (actually superbankrupt) super-rich. The desperate, frightened citizen (and others) react with a lustful, greedy obsession with “my money.”

Our population, generally speaking, has become a terribly immoral one. The young join with the super-rich Wall Street speculators in looting pensions, health funds, and even Social Security, so that the young might profit at the expense of even accelerated death-rates among their parents, grandparents, and uncles. “After all, it is my money!” they excuse their swinish behavior. We see this in the Congress; we see it everywhere: the man-eat-man, dog-eat-dog swinishness of Thomas Hobbes, John Locke, Friedrich von Hayek’s Bernard Mandeville, and Adam Smith, spreads its noxious stink everywhere the cry of “my money” is to be heard. Such is the moral depravity of a nation which supports a magazine named Money.

Look at the immorality of the society which elevated a Newt Gingrich to the rank of Speaker of the House. Do not look at Newt; look at the depravity of the people who supported his candidacy for that position. Look at the depravity of those who supported his policies. Look at the poor, desperate retirees, throwing the money they can not afford to lose at gambling tables. Look at the numbers of the ghetto poor, gambling what pitiful little they have on the same kind of swinish folly. Younger workers: if you bargain away the health benefits and retirement funds of older workers, the employers might reward you with a bit more in your pay-check. Eat your cousin, bury your aged dependents as quickly as possible, sell your kid sister into prostitution. It is all for the sake of “my money!” Such is the character of a people which has, at least for the moment, lost the moral fitness to survive. A Balkan war was waiting, to usher such a depraved people into the war which could soon lead the entire planet into a prolonged, global, new dark age. The moving finger writes the ominous four words on the wall where the swinish money-changers are celebrating their latest depredations against their fellow-man.

3. A worldwide British Empire?

The present NATO military policy is not a creation of the U.S.A., nor of NATO’s continental-European member-nations. It was entirely a concoction of the British monarchy’s Blair government, and is being directed solely by that British government, albeit with complicity of British stooges in the U.S. Principals’ Committee and kindred locations within continental Europe. This British policy has four primary objectives:

Isolate and destroy Russia, once and for all. Destroy China later, down the line.

Reduce continental western Europe to economically looted and ruined, virtual puppets, mere vassal-states of a new form of global British world empire.

Destroy the last vestiges of sovereignty of the United States, using the Wall Street-centered B-A-C (British-American-Canadian) faction within U.S. institutions to reduce the U.S.A., “under a world of law” so-called, to the status of merely another member of the British Commonwealth.

Thus, establish the foundations of a new world-wide empire of the British monarchy, to rule the world as the Babylonian, Persian, and Roman empires sought to do in ancient times.

Review the highlights of the way in which this British strategy evolved into its present form.

This strategic policy of the present (“Hanoverian” or so-called “Liberal”) British monarchy is based on an ancient model. The idea of developing the British Empire as a new Roman-style world empire “on which the Sun never sets,” was institutionalized by Lord Shelburne and his circles, during the late Eighteenth Century. Shelburne’s assignment to Gibbon, was part of this legacy.

This policy was continued by the political heirs of Shelburne, notably the so-called British “free trade” economists, such as Adam Smith, Thomas Malthus, et al. of the British East India Company’s Haileybury School, and the legacy of the British Foreign Office whose development, from 1782 on, was shaped by the long succession of Shelburne’s Jeremy Bentham and Bentham’s protégé Lord Palmerston.

The present form of the British monarchy’s long-term strategy, began, after the 1863 Battle of Gettysburg, most emphatically as a reaction to the 1865-1866 defeat, by President Abraham Lincoln’s U.S.A., of two British puppet-regimes, the Confederate States of America, and the Nazi-like Maximilian occupation of Mexico.

The fear which struck the British monarchy with Lincoln’s victory, became white-hot desperation and fury, when Germany, Russia, Japan, and post-Napoleon III France, among other nations, adopted the 1861-1876 model of rise of the U.S.A. to become the world’s leader in productivity and technology.

Worse still, when France, Germany, Russia, and other nations, not only imitated the U.S. industrial model, but also took steps to collaborate with one another in a revival of Friedrich List’s proposal for trans-Eurasian railway development, the Prince of Wales’ (Edward VII’s) monarchy developed and unleashed its efforts to bring the nations of continental Europe to common ruin, through what became known in Britain as “The Great War,” or otherwise named “The War to End War,” and “World War I.”

The turning-point in Britain’s favor came with a British terrorist agent’s deployment into the U.S.A., where, under the sponsorship of terrorist Emma Goldman, he successfully assassinated U.S. President William McKinley, bringing a British asset, Vice-President and raving pro-Confederacy fanatic Theodore Roosevelt, into the Presidency. Theodore Roosevelt’s and Woodrow Wilson’s combined, treasonous grip on the U.S. Executive branch, enabled the British to consolidate the supremacy of their Wall Street faction in the U.S. economy, through Edward VII’s success in launching the U.S. Federal Reserve System through his agents Cassel and Schiff, through such key departments of the Executive branch as the Department of Justice, and through large sections of the U.S. military and present-day intelligence community. It was this change, effected by means of the McKinley assassination, which made the British launching of World War I possible.

The untimely death of a President Franklin Roosevelt, who intended to end “free trade” and break up all colonial empires, at the end of the 1939-1945 war, allowed the British monarchy to re-establish much of its former grip over the leading U.S. government and economic institutions. President Kennedy threatened to revive Franklin Roosevelt’s policy, and was removed as “a security risk” to combined British-American-Canadian (B-A-C) interests. Since the failed George Bush election-campaign of 1992, the B-A-C crowd has targetted President Bill Clinton pretty much as they targetted Jack Kennedy and Charles de Gaulle back during the early 1960s. It is that same B-A-C, merely typified by the legacy of John J. McCloy, which has been mustered to launch the British monarchy’s present drive in the direction of securing the worldwide British Empire at last, even at the risk of a nuclear-enriched form of World War III.

It was this B-A-C, and its history, which made possible the influence of those British agents inside the Washington Principals’ Committee, and elsewhere, through which the British monarchy’s Blair government proceeded, from mid-October 1998, to launch a quick-step march toward World War III against such presently intended targets as Russia.

Therein lies the presently looming danger of a rapid slide into what could become a nuclear World War III.

Under such conditions, one must speak plainly about plain, important matters.

Granted, Prime Minister Blair’s government is a pack of silly, but dangerous fools. The U.S. Defense Secretary William Cohen, whom I observed as a Senator from the 1980s, was, and remains a shallow mind, a moral and intellectual light-weight, with no business in the domain of serious military affairs. JCS Chairman Henry Shelton is a bad joke. The U.S. does have some military professionals of flag-rank quality, but they are not running the planning or execution of this lunatic strategic adventure. Secretary Madeleine Albright is a very sick puppy.

You ask why I should regard these as a pack of silly fools? Why should it not be so? As some prominent Britons are saying of the Blair government’s failing Balkans bluff now: If you wish to deploy a policy fit only for idiots, hire idiots to do it.

Don’t assume that any of these characters, including Vice-President Gore, has the slightest comprehension of the nature of the game they are playing. When one sends a missile to destroy itself on target, don’t make the missile smart enough to understand too clearly the ultimate outcome of its mission; it might change its mind in mid-flight.

At the same time that the October 1988 hyper-inflationary bailout was being set into motion, London and Wall Street acted, under the direction of the British monarchy’s Blair government, to move the world into a new global warfare scenario. The unleashing of what could grow rapidly into World War III, began with the October-November 1988 drive to launch a new war against Iraq. The war against Iraq was then escalated into the present Balkan war.

Do not tolerate for an instant, the lie–i.e., the war-propaganda line–that this Balkan war was launched over Kosovo. It was launched to break the ties of collaboration between Russia and China, on the one side, and the U.S.A. and continental western Europe on the other. The actual strategic target is the target which lies beyond a spreading Balkan war. The goal, is the crushing of Russia and its people, and a thermonuclear-armed Russia knows this very clearly. The forces behind Blair will not stop until either the Russians, or the forces behind Blair, or both, are destroyed. Like Adolf Hitler before him, Blair’s military objectives have no bounds within the planet as a whole.

The one speech of Adolf Hitler’s which I remember from a radio broadcast I heard then, was Hitler’s declaration, that his quarrel was not with Czechoslovakia, but its then President Benes. If you believed Hitler then, you will probably believe Tony Blair and Madeleine Albright today, when they say they are fighting only for justice for the victims of ethnic cleansing. Hitler’s targets then included Russia; so do the targets of Blair’s and Albright’s “new NATO” policy in the present Balkan war. As Hitler said then, the only issue is “Benes,” so today’s Hitler-followers say, the issue is only “Saddam Hussein,” or “Slobodan Milosevic.” Are you old enough to have been fooled by Hitler back then? Are you fool enough to believe them now?

I say “fool” advisedly. It is sufficient to point out three crucial pieces of evidence.

The most essential implications of the British monarchy’s present Balkan war are sufficiently demonstrated by focussing upon three tell-tale facts of the matter.

When Blair and his Principals’ Committee cronies pushed President Clinton into allowing the renewed bombing of Iraq, Russia and China objected, stating that this matter must be resolved within the UNO Security Council. The U.S. and British governments declared that they had taken the authority out of the hands of the UNO Security Council.

That stated decision of the British and U.S. governments was the first step in the direction of World War III.

Since the death of Soviet General Secretary Josef Stalin, every major diplomatic agreement of war-avoidance has been institutionalized through the UNO, and the UNO Security Council most emphatically. The abrogation of those agreements, bilaterally, by the British and U.S. governments, in the case of the use of the fraudulent Butler report, implicitly nullified every actual and implicit treaty agreement on matters of détente outstanding at that time.

The same assertion of veto-free authority of the British and U.S.A. to make war as they choose, even using NATO forces for actions in any part of the world they might choose to act, however capriciously, was introduced as a stipulated feature of Anglo-American policy for use of NATO forces for the present Balkan war.

The drive toward this succession of actions against Iraq and deployment of NATO into the present Balkan war, was launched during the same period that forces inside the U.S.A. launched their efforts to create a “Cold War” type of cordon sanitaire against newly defined adversaries Russia and China.

One could say, fairly, that World War III was put on greased launching-ways, on the day that a lunatic (and also personally corrupt) Vice-President Al Gore, flanked by silly Secretary Madeleine Albright, launched an obscene and fraudulent personal attack publicly, at a Kuala Lumpur APEC meeting, upon Malaysia’s Prime Minister Mahathir bin Mohamad, a Gore rant designed to be heard in Beijing as a warning of a coming attack on China. Although Gore did not start the launching of what could become World War III all by himself–after all he is really only a stalking-horse for the George W. Bush, Jr. Republican Presidential candidacy, he reflects and typifies the same policy as Gore’s Republican as well as Democratic Wall Street cronies, the pack of rabid Anglophiles arrayed in support of the British monarchy’s obscene strategic lurch toward worldwide empire.

A brief postlude

Why does an astonishing ratio of credulous people, in the U.S. Congress and elsewhere, line up in support of such a lunatic strategic adventure as this one? Patriotism? Benjamin Franklin ridicules you: “Don’t be ridiculous!” As I have emphasized, the issue which musters most of the U.S. citizen’s support for Blair’s Balkan war is “my money;” it is the fantasy-ridden state of mind, which believes that the invincible NATO war-machine will force the world to pay up enough to guarantee the safety of “my money.” Just like the younger Americans who propose to cut the health-insurance protection of their own parents, for the sake of their own greed, the typical mutual-fund investor would support almost any measure by his government, if he believed that would be good–not for his nation–but for his or her personal “my money.”

Since the world-economy began to be ruined, by the 1971 conversion to a “floating-exchange-rate monetary system,” public morality in the U.S.A. and elsewhere has been rotted out by a growing disdain for that principle of law and morality, the principle of the general welfare, upon which the U.S. republic was founded in several successive wars against the British monarchy. A truly Hobbesian, every-man-for-himself, beggar-my-neighbor attitude, has replaced those notions of public and personal morality formerly associated with the notion of general welfare.

This war, which could become World War III, could destroy our nation, among many others. How could such a thing happen? How could God let it happen? Perhaps, it happened because the U.S.A., among other peoples, like Biblical Sodom and Gomorrah, willfully abandoned the moral fitness to survive. All for the sake of “my money!”

In the case of World War I, the only nation which conducted justified war in its own defense, was Germany. All contrary versions of World War I, such as U.S. Secretary Lansing’s, are simply a lie. It was the combined threat, chiefly from the British monarchy, but also from a France and Russia duped into allying in support of Britain’s totally unjustified war, which unleashed that hell. It was the folly of Russia’s Czarist state, in allowing itself to be duped into joining Britain and France for aggression against Germany, which enabled Britain to lure Russia into starting Edward VII’s intended World War I. A British-French orchestration of a Balkan war, abetted by the stubborn follies of an Austro-Hungary Emperor, heated up the Russian Pan-Slavists to the point the Czar felt helpless (as President Clinton must feel pressured by Blair et al. today) to resist issuing the order for the attack against Germany which automatically caused World War I–and the subsequent destruction of the Czar and his regime. In fact, the motives of the British monarchy’s Blair government, in launching today’s Balkan war, are virtually as much a carbon copy as the unfolding of history allows, of the Edwardian policy by means of which the British monarchy, alone, caused World War I.

Intellectual Prostitutes
John Swinton, the former Chief of Staff of the New York Times, called by his peers, “The Dean of his profession,” was asked in 1953 to give a toast before the NY Press Club:

There is no such thing at this date of the world’s history, in America, as an independent press. You know it and I know it. There is not one of you who dares to write your honest opinions and if you did, you know beforehand that it would never appear in print. I am paid weekly for keeping my honest opinions out of the paper I am connected with. Others of you are paid similar salaries for similar things and any of you who would be so foolish as to write honest opinions would be out on the streets looking for another job. If I allowed my honest opinions to appear in one issue of my paper, before twenty-four hours my occupation would be gone. The business of a journalist is to destroy truth; to lie outright; to pervert; to vilify; to fawn at the feet of mammon and to sell his country and his race for his daily bread. You know it and I know it and what folly is this toasting an independent press? We are the tools and vassals for rich men behind the scenes. We are the jumping jacks, they pull the strings and we dance. Our talents, our possibilities and our lives are all the property of other men.

We are intellectual prostitutes.

British Knight Sir Conrad Black expressed different (or not so different) views. In “The Establishment Man” (Peter C. Newman, 1982, MacLelland & Stewart Limited, ISBN 0-7710-6785-2) his views are described as follows:

While Black does admire a few individual journalists, he despises their profession. “My experience of the working press,” he says, “is that they are a very degenerate group. There is a terrible incidence of alcoholism and drug abuse. The mental stability of large elements of the press is more open to question than that of many other comparable groups in society. A number of them are ignorant, lazy, opiniated, intellectually dishonest, and inadequately supervised.”

“The individual journalist, if he has any panache or talent, becomes something of a celebrity. Much of his social life is built up on the press-circuit: bars, hangers-on, media groupies, the stifling and depraved gossip of the degenerate little media community, and the fawning of unfulfilled women, boys, and hucksters…. Journalism tends to attract the sort of person who settles whimsically on it as a calling or comes to it after disappointments elsewhere, because of the relative ease of entry into the field. These people, discouraged and purposeless are easily influenced by their angrier colleagues. It is by inadvertence, inexperience, the investigative nature of the press, the antithetical role of the employee, and the negligence of the employer, and not by any organized subversion, that the press veered away from being a mirror to society, and became a perverse sort of irregular and often disloyal opposition.”

Black blames this sad state of the journalist’s craft on the decline of resident media proprietors, who might have been excentric and curmudgeonly in character but at least ran their own shops. “With the rise of the chains,” he says, “the publisher has become a local coordinator and functionary, answerable to his absentee employer on economic matters, with a mandate to ensure that the content is sufficiently anodyne to avoid disputes with advertisers, sufficiently formless to avoid strikes in the newsrooms. The proprietors take relatively little interest in the journalistic aspects of the business. ………”[page 196]

British Knight Sir Conrad Black is a formerly Canadian entrepreneur who managed to acquire a controlling interest in the Southam newspaper chain. His intention [was] to establish a conservative Canadian national daily paper. [He did, the National Post, which he subsequetly sold to the far-left-of-centre Asper family.] At the present there is none, other than perhaps the Sun newspaper chain, covering just some of the major cities.

Tavistock – The Best Kept Secret in America
By Dr. Byron T. Weeks, MD

July 31, 2001

[Editor’s Note: This penetrating article by was sent to John Quinn by the author, Dr. Byron Weeks. The insidious propaganda and public opinion manipulations (including mind control agendas) orchestrated by London’s Tavistock Institute is covered at length in the books of David Icke and Dr John Coleman, but this recent article adds fresh insights and historical perspective. Our thanks to Brice Taylor for forwarding…Ken Adachi]

Preface from John Quinn (NewsHawk)

This forwarded article was received from Byron Weeks; who in our opinion really has a good firm handle on exactly WHAT is up on many levels with the extraordinarily extensive “control trips” currently being directed against the peoples of the world by elements of the global shadow government.

Weeks, whom I quoted at length in the book PHOENIX UNDEAD, has sent us this compelling look at a globally-active British institute which has had it’s hands in just about every social and political/governmental movement of note throughout much of the world for the past 50 years.

For example, ever wonder who and what is “behind”, let’s say, the CIA? Well, they don’t swear allegiance to America, that’s for certain. Try the British royal family.

This report is the real stuff–solidly researched and meticulously documented; so for lots more truly concept-bending data, read on.

NewsHawk Inc.

– – – – – – – – – – – –

To John Quinn

I believe Tavistock has always had secret ties to British Freemasonry.

Byron T. Weeks, MD

Col. AFUS, MC, Ret.




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Formed in 1947, the Tavistock Institute is an independent not-for-profit organization which seeks to combine research in the social sciences with professional practice. Problems of institution-building and organizational design and change are being tackled in all sectors – government, industry and commerce, health and welfare, education, etc. – nationally and internationally, and clients range from multinationals to small community groups. A growth area has been the use of a developmental approach to evaluation of new and experimental programs, particularly in health, education and community development. This has also produced new training events alongside the regular program of group relations conferences. The Institute owns and edits the monthly journal Human Relations (published by Plenum Press) which is now in its 48th year, and has recently launched (in conjunction with Sage Publications) a new journal Evaluation.

Three elements combine to make the Institute unusual, if not unique: it has the independence of being entirely self-financing, with no subsidies from the government or other sources; the action research orientation places it between, but not in, the worlds of academia and consultancy; and its range of disciplines include anthropology, economics, organizational behavior, political science, psychoanalysis, psychology and sociology.

The ideology of American foundations was created by the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations in London. In 1921, the Duke of Bedford, Marquess of Tavistock, the 11th Duke, gave a building to the Institute to study the effect of shellshock on British soldiers who survived World War I. Its purpose was to establish the “breaking point” of men under stress, under the direction of the British Army Bureau of Psychological Warfare, commanded by Sir John Rawlings-Reese.

Tavistock Institute is headquartered in London. Its prophet, Sigmond Freud, settled in Maresfield Gardens when he moved to England. He was given a mansion by Princess Bonaparte. Tavistock’s pioneer work in behavioral science along Freudian lines of “controlling” humans established it as the world center of foundation ideology. Its network now extends from the University of Sussex to the U.S. through the Stanford Research Institute, Esalen, MIT, Hudson Institute,

Heritage Foundation, Center of Strategic and International Studies at Georgetown, where State Dept. personal are trained, US Air Force Intelligence, and the Rand and Mitre corporations. The personnel of the corporations are required to undergo indoctrination at one or more of these Tavistock controlled institutions. A network of secret groups, the Mont Pelerin Society, Trilateral Commission, Ditchley Foundation, and the Club of Rome is conduit for instructions to the Tavistock network.

[Editor, Tim Aho’s note: See Watch Unto Prayer report on The Heritage Foundation founded by Paul Weyrich with funding from Joseph Coors, who also founded and financed respectively the Moral Majority and Council for National Policy.]

Tavistock Institute developed the mass brain-washing techniques which were first used experimentally on American prisoners of war in Korea. Its experiments in crowd control methods have been widely used on the American public, a surreptitious but nevertheless outrageous assault on human freedom by modifying individual behavior through topical psychology. A German refugee, Kurt Lewin, became director of Tavistock in 1932. He came to the U.S. in 1933 as a “refugee”, the first of many infiltrators, and set up the Harvard Psychology Clinic, which originated the propaganda campaign to turn the American public against Germany and involve us in World War II.

In 1938, Roosevelt executed a secret agreement with Churchill which in effect ceded U.S. sovereignty to England, because it agreed to let Special Operations Executive control U.S. policies. To implement this agreement, Roosevelt sent General Donovan to London for indoctrination before setting up OSS (now the CIA) under the aegis of SOE-SIS. The entire OSS program, as well as the CIA has always worked on guidelines set up by the Tavistock Institute.

[Editor, Tim Aho: See Watch Unto Prayer report on The John Birch Society & Council for National Policy for information regarding CIA operations on the Christian Right.]

Tavistock Institute originated the mass civilian bombing raids carried out by Roosevelt and Churchill purely as a clinical experiment in mass terror, keeping records of the results as they watched the “guinea pigs” reacting under “controlled laboratory conditions”. All Tavistock and American foundation techniques have a single goal—to break down the psychological strength of the individual and render him helpless to oppose the dictators of the World Order. Any technique which helps to break down the family unit, and family inculcated principles of religion, honor, patriotism and sexual behavior, is used by the Tavistock scientists as weapons of crowd control.

The methods of Freudian psychotherapy induce permanent mental illness in those who undergo this treatment by destabilizing their character. The victim is then advised to “establish new rituals of personal interaction”, that is, to indulge in brief sexual encounters which actually set the participants adrift with no stable personal relationships in their lives, destroying their ability to establish or maintain a family. Tavistock Institute has developed such power in the U.S. that no one achieves prominence in any field unless he has been trained in behavioral science at Tavistock or one of its subsidiaries.

Henry Kissinger, whose meteoric rise to power is otherwise inexplicable, was a German refugee and student of Sir John Rawlings-Reese at SHAEF. Dr. Peter Bourne, a Tavistock Institute psychologist, picked Jimmy Carter for President of the U.S. solely because Carter had undergone an intensive brainwashing program administered by Admiral Hyman Rickover at Annapolis. The “experiment” in compulsory racial integration in the U.S. was organized by Ronald Lippert, of the OSS and the American Jewish Congress, and director of child training at the Commission on Community Relations. The program was designed to break down the individual’s sense of personal knowledge in his identity, his racial heritage. Through the Stanford Research Institute, Tavistock controls the National Education Association. The Institute of Social Research at the National Training Lab brain washes the leading executives of business and government.

Such is the power of Tavistock that our entire space program was scrapped for nine years so that the Soviets could catch up. The hiatus was demanded in an article written by Dr. Anatol Rapport, and was promptly granted by the government, to the complete mystification of everyone connected with NASA. Another prominent Tavistock operation is the Wharton School of Finance, at the University of Pennsylvania. A single common denominator identifies the common Tavistock strategy—the use of drugs. The infamous MK Ultra program of the CIA, in which unsuspecting CIA officials were given LSD, and their reaction studied like “guinea pigs”, resulted in several deaths.

The U.S. Government had to pay millions in damages to the families of the victims, but the culprits were never indicted. The program originated when Sandoz AG, a Swiss drug firm, owned by S.G. Warburg Co. of London, developed Lysergic Acid [LSD]. Roosevelt’s advisor, James Paul Warburg, son of Paul Warburg who wrote the Federal Reserve Act, and nephew of Max Warburg who had financed Hitler, set up the Institute for Policy Studies to promote the drug. The result was the LSD “counter-culture” of the 1960s, the “student revolution”, which was financed by $25 million from the CIA.

One part of MK Ultra was the Human Ecology Fund; the CIA also paid Dr. Herbert Kelman of Harvard to carry out further experiments on mind control. In the 1950s, the CIA financed extensive LSD experiments in Canada. Dr. D. Ewen Cameron, president of the Canadian Psychological Association, and director of Royal Victorian Hospital, Montreal, received large payments from the CIA to give 53 patients large doses of LSD and record their reactions; the patients were drugged into weeks of sleep and then given electric shock treatments.

One victim, the wife of a member of the Canadian Parliament, is now suing the U.S. companies who provided the drug for the CIA. All the records of the CIA’s drug testing program were ordered destroyed by the head of MK Ultra. Because all efforts of the Tavistock Institute are directed toward producing cyclical collapse, the effect of the CIA programs are tragically apparent. R. Emmett Tyrell Jr., writing in the Washington Post August 20, 1984, cites the “squalid consequences of the 60s radicals in SDS” as resulting in “the growing rate of illegitimacy, petty lawlessness, drug addiction, welfare, VD, and mental illness”.

This is the legacy of the Warburgs and the CIA. Their principal agency, the Institute for Policy Studies, was funded by James Paul Warburg; its co-founder was Marcus Raskin, protege of McGeorge Bundy, president of the Ford Foundation. Bundy had Raskin appointed to the post of President Kennedy’s personal representative on the National Security Council, and in 1963 funded Students for Democratic Society, through which the CIA operated the drug culture.

Today the Tavistock Institute operates a $6 Billion a year network of Foundations in the U.S., all of it funded by U.S. taxpayers’ money. Ten major institutions are under its direct control, with 400 subsidiaries, and 3000 other study groups and think tanks which originate many types of programs to increase the control of the World Order over the American people. The Stanford Research Institute, adjoining the Hoover Institution, is a $150 million a year operation with 3300 employees. It carries on program surveillance for Bechtel, Kaiser, and 400 other companies, and extensive intelligence operations for the CIA. It is the largest institution on the West Coast promoting mind control and the behavioral sciences.

One of the key agencies as a conduit for secret instructions from Tavistock is the Ditchley Foundation, founded in 1957. The American branch of the Ditchley Foundation is run by Cyrus Vance, former Secretary of State, and director of the Rockefeller Foundation, and Winston Lord, president of the Council on Foreign Relations.

[Editor, Tim Aho’s note: The wife of Winston Lord (CFR, Bilderberg, Skull & Bones), Bette Bao Lord (CFR, Bilderberg), is Chairman of the Board of Freedom House whose manipulation of the Christian Right via the Religious Persecution issue is documented in our report Freedom House: A CFR Front.]

One of the principal but little known operations of the Rockefeller Foundation has been its techniques for controlling world agriculture. Its director, Kenneth Wernimont, set up Rockefeller controlled agricultural programs throughout Mexico and Latin America. The independent farmer is a great threat to the World Order, because he produces for himself, and because his produce can be converted into capital, which gives him independence. In Soviet Russia, the Bolsheviks believed they had attained total control over the people; they were dismayed to find their plans threatened by the stubborn independence of the small farmers, the Kulaks.

Stalin ordered the OGPU to seize all food and animals of the Kulaks, and to starve them out. The Chicago American, February 25, 1935 carried a front page headline, SIX MILLION PERISH IN SOVIET FAMINE; Peasants’ Crops Seized, They and their Animals Starve. To draw attention from this atrocity, it was later alleged that the Germans, not the Soviets, had killed six million people, the number taken from the Chicago American headline by a Chicago publicist.

The Communist Party, the Party of the Peasants and Workers, exterminated the peasants and enslaved the workers. Many totalitarian regimes have found the small farmer to be their biggest stumbling block. The French Reign of Terror was directed, not against the aristocrats, many of whom were sympathetic to it, but against the small farmers who refused to turn over their grain to the revolutionary tribunals in exchange for the worthless assignats. In the United States, the foundations are presently engaged in the same type of war of extermination against the American farmer.

The traditional formula of land plus labor for the farmer has been altered due to the farmer’s need for purchasing power, to buy industrial goods needed in his farming operations. Because of this need for capital, the farmer is especially vulnerable to the World Order’s manipulation of interest rates, which is bankrupting him. Just as in the Soviet Union, in the early 1930s, when Stalin ordered the Kulaks to give up their small plots of land to live and work on the collective farms, the American small farmer faces the same type of extermination, being forced to give up his small plot of land to become a hired hand for the big agricultural trusts. The Brookings Institution and other foundations originated the monetary programs implemented by the Federal Reserve System to destroy the American farmer, a replay of the Soviet tragedy in Russia, with one proviso that the farmer will be allowed to survive if he becomes a slave worker of the giant trusts.

Once the citizen becomes aware of the true role of the foundations, he can understand the high interest rates, high taxes, the destruction of the family, the degradation of the churches into forums for revolution, the subversion of the universities into CIA cesspools of drug addiction, and the halls of government into sewers of international espionage and intrigue. The American citizen can now understand why every agent of the federal government is against him; the alphabet agencies, the FBI, IRS, CIA and BATF must make war on the citizen in order to carry out the programs of the foundations.

The foundations are in direct violation of their charters, which commit them to do “charitable” work, because they make no grants which are not part of a political goal. The charge has been made, and never denied, that the Heritage-AEI network has at least two KGB moles on its staff. The employment of professional intelligence operatives as “charitable” workers, as was done in the Red Cross Mission to Russia in 1917, exposes the sinister political economic and social goals which the World Order requires the foundations to achieve through their ” bequests “.

Not only is this tax fraud, because the foundations are granted tax exemption solely to do charitable work, but it is criminal syndicalism, conspiracy to commit offenses against the United States of America, Constitutional Law 213, Corpus Juris Secundum 16. For the first time, the close interlocking of the foundation “syndicate” has been revealed by the names of its principle incorporators—Daniel Coit Gilman, who incorporated the Peabody Fund and the John Slater Fund, and became an incorporator of the General Education Board (now the Rockefeller Foundation); Gilman, who also incorporated the Russell Trust in 1856, later became an incorporator of the Carnegie Institution with Andrew Dickson White (Russell Trust) and Frederic A. Delano. Delano also was an original incorporator of the Brookings Institution and the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

Daniel Coit Gilman incorporated the Russell Sage Foundation with Cleveland H. Dodge of the National City Bank. These foundations incorporators have been closely linked with the Federal Reserve System, the War Industries Board of World War I, the OSS of World War II and the CIA. They have also been closely linked with the American International Corporation, which was formed to instigate the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia. Delano, an uncle of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, was on the original Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System in 1914. His brother-in-law founded the influential Washington law firm of Covington and Burling. The Delanos and other ruling families of the World Order trace their lineage directly back to William of Orange and the regime which granted the charter of the Bank of England.

Tavistock Institutions In The United States

Flow Laboratories Gets contracts from the National Institutes of Health.

Merle Thomas Corporation Gets contracts from the U.S. Navy, analyzes data from satellites.

Walden Research Does work in the field of pollution control.

Planning Research Corporation, Arthur D. Little, G.E. “TEMPO”, Operations Research Inc. Part of approximately 350 firms who conduct research and conduct surveys, make recommendations to government. They are part of what President Eisenhower called “a possible danger to public policy that could itself become captive of a scientific-technological elite.”

Brookings Institution Dedicates its work to what it calls a “national agenda.” Wrote President Hoover’s program, President Roosevelt’s “New Deal”, the Kennedy Administration’s “New Frontiers” program (deviation from it may have cost John F. Kennedy his life), and President Johnson’s “Great Society.” Brookings has been telling the United States Government how to conduct its affairs for the past 70 years and is still doing so.

Hudson Institute This institution has done more to shape the way Americans react to political and social events, think, vote and generally conduct themselves than perhaps any except the BIG FIVE. Hudson specializes in defense policy research and relations with the USSR. Most of its military work is classified as SECRET. (One idea during the Vietnam War was to build a moat around Saigon.) Hudson may be properly classified as one of the Committee of 300’s BRAINWASHING establishments. One of its largest clients is the U.S. Department of Defense which includes matters of civil defense, national security, military policy and arms control.

[Editor, Tim Aho: This is the same Hudson Institute which gave us GOALS 2000 and authored the Freedom From Religious Persecution Act, which became the International Religious Freedom Act of 1998. This law required the creation of a federal commission to monitor religion chaired by a presidentially-appointed Ambassador-at-Large on International Religious Freedom under the mandates of the United Nations’ covenants and authority of the International Criminal Court.]

National Training Laboratories One of the key institutions established for this purpose in the United States was the National Training Laboratories (NTL). Founded in 1947 by members of the Tavistock network in the United States and located originally on an estate in Bethel, Maine, NTL had as its explicit purpose the brainwashing of leaders of the government, educational institutions, and corporate bureaucracies in the Tavistock method, and then using these “leaders” to either themselves run Tavistock group sessions in their organizations or to hire other similarly trained group leaders to do the job. The “nuts and bolts” of the NTL operation revolves around the particular form of Tavistock degenerate psychology known as “group dynamics,” developed by German Tavistock operative Kurt Lewin, who emigrated to the United States in the 1930s and whose students founded NTL.

In a Lewinite brainwashing group, a number of individuals from varying backgrounds and personalities, are manipulated by a “group leader” to form a “consensus” of opinion, achieving a new “group identity.” The key to the process is the creation of a controlled environment, in which stress is introduced (sometimes called dissonance) to crack an individual’s belief structure. Using the peer pressure of other group members, the individual is “cracked,” and a new personality emerges with new values. The degrading experience causes the person to deny that any change has taken place. In that way, an individual is brainwashed without the victim knowing what has taken place. This method is the same, with some minor modification, used in all so-called “sensitivity groups” or “T-groups,” or in the more extreme rock-drug-sex counterculture form, “touchy-feely groups,” such as the kind popularized from the 1960s onward by the Esalen Institute, which was set up with the help of NTL.

From the mid-1950s onward, NTL put the majority of the nation’s corporate leaderships through such brainwashing programs, while running similar programs for the State Department, the Navy, the Department of Education, and other sections of the federal bureaucracy. There is no firm estimate of the number of Americans who have been put through this process in last 40 years at either NTL, or as it is now known the NTL Institute for Applied Behavioral Sciences, which is based in Rosslyn, Virginia, or its West Coast base of operations, the Western Training Laboratories in Group Development, or in various satellite institutions. The most reliable estimate is in the several millions.

One of the groups that went through the NTL mill in the 1950s was the leadership of the National Education Association, the largest organization of teachers in the United States. Thus, the NEA’s outlook has been “shaped” by Tavistock, through the NTL. In 1964, the NTL Institute became a direct part of the NEA, with the NTL setting up “group sessions” for all its affiliates. With funding from the Department of Education, the NTL Institute drafted the programs for the training of the nation’s primary and secondary school teachers, and has a hand as well in developing the content of educational “reforms,” including OBE.

Also known as the International Institute for Applied Behavioral Sciences. This institute is a brainwashing center in artificial stress training whereby participants suddenly find themselves immersed in defending themselves against vicious accusations. NTL takes in the National Education Association, the largest teacher group in the United States. While officially decrying “racism”, it is interesting to note that NTL, working with NEA, produced a paper proposing education vouchers which would separate the hard-to-teach children from the brighter ones, and funding would be allocated according to the number of difficult children who would be separated from those who progressed at a normal rate. The proposal was not taken up.

University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School of Finance & Commerce Founded by Eric Trist One of the “brain trusts” of Tavistock, Wharton has become one of the more important Tavistock in so far as “Behavioral Research” is concerned. Wharton attracts clients such as the U.S. Department of Labor—which teaches how to produce “cooked” statistics at the Wharton Econometric Forecasting Associates Incorporated. This method was very much in demand as we came to the close of 1991 with millions more out of work than was reflected in USDL statistics. Wharton’s ECONOMETRIC MODELING is used by every major Committee of 300 company in the United States, Western Europe, the International Monetary Fund, the United Nations, and the World Bank. Institute for Social Research Among its clients are The Ford Foundation, U.S.Department of Defense, U.S.Postal Service and the U.S. Department of Justice. Among its studies are “The Human Meaning Of Social Change”, “Youth in Transition” and “How Americans View Their Mental Health”.

Institute For The Future This is not a typical Tavistock institution in that it is funded by the Ford Foundation, yet it draws its long-range forecasting from the mother of all think tanks. Institute for the Future projects what it believes to be changes that will be taking place in time frames of fifty years. So called “DELPHI PANELS” decide what is normal and what is not, and prepare position papers to “steer” government in the right direction to head off such groups as “people creating civil disorder.” (This could be patriotic groups demanding abolition of graduated taxes, or demanding that their right to bear arms is not infringed.) This institute recommends action such as liberalizing abortion laws, drug usage and that cars entering an urban area pay tolls, teaching birth control in public schools, requiring registration of firearms, making use of drugs a non-criminal offense, legalizing homosexuality, paying students for scholastic achievements, making zoning controls a preserve of the state, offering bonuses for family planning and last, but most frightening, a Pol Pot Cambodia-style proposal that new communities be established in rural areas, (concentration camp compounds). As can be observed, many of their goals have already been more than fully realized.


One of the “Big Three”, IPS has shaped and reshaped United States policies, foreign and domestic, since it was founded by James P. Warburg and the Rothschild entities in the United States. Its networks in America include the League for Industrial Democracy. Lead players in the League for Industrial Democracy have included Jeane Kirkpatrick, former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Irwin Suall of the ADL, Eugene Rostow, Arms control negotiator, Lane Kirkland, Labor Leader, and Albert Shanker. IPS was incorporated in 1963 by Marcus Raskin and Richard Barnett, both highly trained Tavistock Institute graduates. The objectives of IPS came from an agenda laid down for it by the Tavistock Institute, one of the most notable being to create the “New Left” as a grass roots movement in the U.S. Its been said that Barnett and Raskin controlled such diverse elements as the Black Panthers, Daniel Ellsberg, National Security Council staff member Halprin, The Weathermen Underground, the Venceramos and the campaign staff of candidate George McGovern. No scheme was too big for IFS and its controllers to take on and manage.

Through its many powerful lobbing groups on Capitol Hill, IPS relentlessly used its “Big Stick” to beat Congress. IPS has a network of lobbyists, all supposedly operating independently but in actual fact acting cohesively, so that Congressmen are pummeled from all sides by seemingly different and varied lobbyists, In this way, IPS was, and is still, able to successfully sway individual Representatives and Senators to vote for “the trend, the way things are going.” By using key pointmen on Capitol Hill, IPS was able to break into the very infrastructure of our legislative system and the way it works.

IPS became, and remains to this day, one of the most prestigious “think tanks” controlling foreign policy decisions, which we, the people, foolishly believe are those of our law makers. By sponsoring militant activism at home and with links to revolutionaries abroad, by engineering such victories as “The Pentagon Papers,” besieging the corporate structure, bridging the credibility gap between underground movements and acceptable political activism, by penetrating religious organizations and using them to sow discord in America, such as radical racial policies under the guise of religion, using establishment media to spread IPS ideas, and then supporting them, IPS has lived up to the role which it was founded to play.

[Editor, Tim Aho: See Watch Unto Prayer report on Freedom House: “Grants (for the IPS) came from the Samuel Rubin Foundation and the Stern Family Fund. Samuel Rubin was himself a member of the elite Comintern of the Communist Party, founded by none other than Lenin himself. Billionaire Armand Hammer assisted Rubin in making the fortunes which helped launch IPS. Philip Stern, an IPS trustee, was the president of Stern Fund. The executive director of the Stern Fund, David R. Hunter, was previously an official of The National Council and the World Council Of Churches. (Dr. James W. Wardner, Unholy Alliances, p.125)]


Jesse Hobson, the first president of Stanford Research Institute, in a 1952 speech made it clear what lines the institute was to follow. Stanford can be described as one of the “jewels” in Tavistock’s Crown in its rule over the United States. Founded in 1946 immediately after the close of WWII, it was presided over by Charles A. Anderson, with emphasis on mind control research and “future sciences.” Included under the Stanford umbrella was Charles F. Kettering Foundation which developed the “Changing Images of Man” upon which the Aquarian Conspiracy rests.

Some of Stanford’s major clients and contracts were at first centered around the defense establishment but, as Stanford grew, so, did the diversity of its services:

Applications of Behavioral Sciences to Research Management Office of Science and Technology

SRI Business Intelligence Program

U.S. Department of Defense Directorate of Defense Research and Engineering

U.S. Department of Defense Office of Aerospace Research

Among corporations seeking Stanford’s services were Wells Fargo Bank, Bechtel Corporation, Hewlett Packard, Bank of America, McDonnell Douglas Corporation, Blyth, Eastman Dillon and TRW Company. One of Stanford’s more secret projects was extensive work on chemical and bacteriological warfare (CAB) weapons.

Stanford Research is plugged into at least 200 smaller “think tanks” doing research into every facet of life in America. This is ARPA networking and represents the emergence of probably the most far reaching effort to control the environment of every individual in the country. At present Stanford’s computers are linked with 2500 “sister” research consoles which include the CIA, Bell Telephone Laboratories, U.S. Army Intelligence, The Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI), Rand, MIT, Harvard and UCLA. Stanford plays a key role in that it is the “library”, cataloging all ARPA documentation.

“Other agencies”… can use one’s imagination here, are allowed to search through SRI’s “library” for key words, phrases, look through sources and update their own master files with those of Stanford Research Center. The Pentagon uses SRI’s master files extensively, and there is little doubt that other U.S. Government agencies do the same. Pentagon “command and control” problems are worked out by Stanford.

While ostensibly these apply only to weapons and soldiers, there is absolutely no guarantee that the same research could not , and will not be turned to civilian applications. Stanford is known to be willing to do anything for anyone.

[Editor, Tim Aho: See Watch Unto Prayer report Lambert Dolphin & the Great Sphinx, which documents the connections of SRI’s Lambert Dolphin with the Edgar Cayce Foundation and The Discernment Ministries.]



This major institute is not generally recognized as being a part of Tavistock U.S.A. Most people look upon it as being a purely American institution, but that is far from the truth. MIT- Alfred Sloan can be roughly divided into the following groups:

Contemporary Technology Industrial Relations

NASA-ERC Computer Research Laboratories

Office of Naval Research Group

Psychology Systems Dynamics

Some of MIT’s clients are:

American Management Association

Committee for Economic Development

Institute for Defense Analysis (IDA)

National Academy of Sciences

National Council of Churches

U.S. Army

U.S. Department of State

U.S. Navy

U.S. Treasury

Volkswagen Company


Without a doubt, RAND is THE think tank most beholden to Tavistock Institute and certainly the RIIA’s most prestigious vehicle for control of United States policies at every level. Specific RAND policies that became operative include our ICBM program, prime analyses for U.S. foreign policy making, instigator of space programs, U.S. nuclear policies, corporate analyses, hundreds of projects for the military, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in relation to the use of mind altering drugs like peyote, LSD (the covert MK-ULTRA operation which lasted for 20 years).

[Editor, Tim Aho’s note: The founder of the Rand Corporation, Herman Kahn, also founded the Hudson Institute in 1961. In Educating for the New World Order, B.K. Eakman tells of a training manual for “change agents” developed for the U.S. government by Rand Corporation: “. . . a how-to manual with a 1971 U.S. Office of Education contract number on it entitled ‘Training for Change Agents’; seven volumes of ‘change agent studies’ commissioned by the U.S. Office of Education to the Rand Corporation in 1973-74; scores of other papers submitted by behaviorist researchers who had obtained grants from the U.S. Office of Education for the purpose of exploring ways to ‘freeze’ and ‘unfreeze’ values, ‘to implement change,’ and to turn potentially hostile groups and committees into acquiescent, rubber-stamp bodies by means of such strategies as the ‘Delphi Technique.'” (p. 118)]

Some of RAND’s clients include:

American Telephone and Telegraph Company (AT&T)

Chase Manhattan Bank

International Business Machines (IBM)

National Science Foundation

Republican Party

U.S. Air Force

U.S. Department of Health

U.S. Department of Energy

There are literally THOUSANDS of highly important companies, government institutions and organizations that make use of RANDS’s services. To list them all would be impossible. Among RAND’s specialities is a study group that predicts the timing and the direction of a thermonuclear war, plus working out the many scenarios based upon its findings. RAND was once accused of being commissioned by the USSR to work out terms of surrender of the United States Government, an accusation that went all the way to the United States Senate, where it was taken up by Senator Symington and subsequently fell victim to scorn poured out by the establishment press. BRAINWASHING remains the primary function of RAND.

These institutions are among those that fund The UNIFORM LAW FOUNDATION, whose function is to ensure that the Uniform Commercial Code remains the instrument for conducting business in the United States.

Following is a dissertation sent to me by someone who read a paper I wrote on the British Crown of Israel. It pertains to how the Crown operates in the US, but they do very close to the same thing in Canada.

The Crown Temple

The governmental and judicial systems within the United States of America, at both federal and local state levels, is owned by the “Crown,” which is a private foreign power. We are specifically referencing the established Templar Church, known for centuries by the world as the “Crown.” From this point on, we will also refer to the Crown as the Crown Temple or Crown Templar, all three being synonymous.

First, a little historical background. The Temple Church was built by the Knights Templar in two parts: the Round and the Chancel. The Round Church was consecrated in 1185 and modeled after the circular Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. The Chancel was built in 1240. The Temple Church serves both the Inner and Middle Temples (see below) and is located between Fleet Street and Victoria Embankment at the Thames River. Its grounds also house the Crown Offices at Crown Office Row. This Temple “Church” is outside any Canonical jurisdiction. The Master of the Temple is appointed and takes his place by sealed (non-public) patent, without induction or institution.

All licensed Bar Attorneys – Attorners owe their allegiance and give their solemn oath in pledge to the Crown Temple, realizing this or not. This is simply due to the fact that all Bar Associations throughout the world are signatories and franchises to the international Bar Association located at the Inns of Court at Crown Temple, which are physically located at Chancery Lane behind Fleet Street in London. Although they vehemently deny it, all Bar Associations in the U.S., such as the American Bar Association, the Florida Bar, or California Bar Association, are franchises to the Crown.

The Inns of Court(see below, The Four Inns of Court)to the CrownTemple use the Banking and Judicial system of the City of London – a sovereign and independent territory which is not a part of Great Britain (just as Washington City, as DC was called in the 1800’s, is not a part of the north American states, nor is it a state) to defraud, coerce, and manipulate the American people. These Fleet Street bankers and lawyers are committing crimes in America under the guise and color of law (see definitions for legal and lawful below). They are known collectively as the “Crown.” Their lawyers are actually Templar Bar Attornies, not lawyers.

The present Queen of England is not the “Crown,” as we have all been led to believe, though she is a member of the Middle and Inner Temples and crowned Head of the Anglican Church. Rather, it is the Bankers and Attornies (Attorneys) who are the actual Crown or Crown Temple. The Monarch aristocrats of England have not been ruling sovereigns since the reign of King John, circa 1215. All royal sovereignty of the old British Crown since that time has passed to the Crown Temple in Chancery.

The U.S.A. is not the free and sovereign nation that our federal government tells us it is. If this were true, we would not be dictated to by the Crown Temple through its bankers and attornies. The U.S.A. is controlled and manipulated by this private foreign power and our unlawful Federal U.S. Government is their pawn broker. The bankers and Bar Attorneys in the U.S.A. are a franchise in oath and allegiance to the Crown at Chancery – the Crown Temple Church and its Chancel located at Chancery Lane – a manipulative body of elite bankers and attorners from the independent City of London who violate the law in America by imposing fraudulent “legal” – but totally unlawful – contracts on the American people. The banks Rule the Temple Church and the Attorners carry out their Orders by controlling their victim’s judiciary.

Since the first Chancel of the Temple Church was built by the Knights Templar, this is not a new ruling system by any means. The Chancel, or Chancery, of the Crown Inner Temple Court was where King John was, in January 1215, when the English barons demanded that he confirm the rights enshrined in the Magna Carta. This City of London Temple was the headquarters of the Templar Knights in Great Britain where Order and Rule were first made, which became known as Code.

By what authority has the “Crown” usurped the natural sovereignty of the American people? Is it acceptable that the U.S. Supreme Court decides constitutional issues in the U.S.A? How can it be considered in any manner as being “constitutional” when this same Supreme Court is appointed by (not elected) and paid by the Federal U.S. Government? Is it any wonder the states and her people have no justice as they dwell upon the land? As you will soon see, the land called North America belongs to the Crown Temple.

The legal system (judiciary) of the U.S.A. is controlled by the Crown Temple from the independent and sovereign City of London. The private Federal Reserve System, which issues fiat U.S. Federal Reserve Notes, is financially owned and controlled by the Crown from Switzerland, the home and legal origin for the charters of the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund, the World Trade Organization, and most importantly, the Bank of International Settlements. Even Hitler respected his Crown bankers by not bombing Switzerland. The Bank of International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland controls all the central banks of the G7 nations. He who controls the gold rules the world.

Definitions you never knew:

ATTORN [e-‘tern] Anglo-French aturnerto transfer (allegiance of a tenant to another lord), from Old French atorner to turn (to), arrange, from a- to + torner to turn:to agree to be the tenant of a new landlord or owner of the same property. Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary of Law ©1996.

ATTORN, v.i. [L. ad and torno.] In the feudal law, to turn, or transfer homage and service from one lord to another. This is the act of feudatories, vassels or tenants, upon the alienation of the estate. -Webster’s 1828 Dictionary.

ESQUIRE, n. [L. scutum, a shield; Gr. a hide, of which shields were anciently made.], a shield-bearer or armor-bearer, scutifer; an attendant on a knight. Hence in modern times, a title of dignity next in degree below a knight. In England, this title is given to the younger sons of noblemen, to officers of the king’s courts and of the household, to counselors at law, justices of the peace, while in commission, sheriffs, and other gentlemen. In the United States, the title is given to public officers of all degrees, from governors down to justices and attorneys. -Webster’s 1828 Dictionary.

RULE, n. [L. regula, from rego, to govern, that is, to stretch, strain or make straight.] 1. Government; sway; empire; control; supreme command or authority. 6. In monasteries, corporations or societies, a law or regulation to be observed by the society and its particular members. -Webster’s 1828 Dictionary

RULE n.1 [C] a statement about what must or should be done, (syn.) a regulation.

REGULATION n.1 [C] a rule, statement about what can be done and what cannot. 2 [U] the general condition of controlling any part of human life. -Newbury House Dictionary ©1999.

CODE n.1 [C;U] a way of hiding the true meaning of communications from all except those people who have the keys to understand it. 2 [C] a written set of rules of behavior. 3 [C] a formal group of principles or laws. -v.coded, coding, codes to put into code, (syn.) to encode. ENCODEv.1to change written material into secret symbols. -Newbury House Dictionary ©1999.

CURTAINn. [OE. cortin, curtin, fr. OF. cortine, curtine, F. courtine, LL. cortina, also, small court, small inclosure surrounded by walls, from cortiscourt. See Court.] 4. A flag; an ensign; — in contempt. [Obs.] Shak. Behind the curtain, in concealment; in secret. -1913 Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary.

COURT, n. 3. A palace; the place of residence of a king or sovereign prince. 5. Persons who compose the retinue or council of a king or emperor. 9. The tabernacle had one court; the temple, three. -Webster’s 1828 Dictionary.

COURT n.2 the place where a king or queen lives or meets others. -The Newbury House Dictionary ©1999.

TEMPLAR, n. [from the Temple, a house near the Thames, which originally belonged to the knights Templars. The latter took their denomination from an apartment of the palace of Baldwin II in Jerusalem, near the temple.] 1. A student of the law. -Webster’s 1828 Dictionary.

TEMPLE, n. [L. templum.] 1. A public edifice erected in honor of some deity. Among pagans, a building erected to some pretended deity, and in which the people assembled to worship. Originally, temples were open places, as the Stonehenge in England. 4. In England, the Temples are two inns of court, thus calledbecause anciently the dwellings of the knights Templars. They are called the Inner and the Middle Temple. -Webster’s 1828 Dictionary.

CAPITOL, n. 1. The temple of Jupiter in Rome, and a fort or castle, on the Mons Capitolinus. In this, the Senate of Rome anciently assembled; and on the same place, is still the city hall or town-house, where the conservators of the Romans hold their meetings. The same name was given to the principal temples of the Romans in their colonies.

INN, n. [Hebrew, To dwell or to pitch a tent.] 2. In England, a college of municipal or common law professors and students; formerly, the town-house of a nobleman, bishop or other distinguished personage, in which he resided when he attended the court. Inns of court, colleges in which students of law reside and are instructed. The principal are the Inner Temple, the Middle Temple, Lincoln’s Inn, and Gray’s Inn.Inns of chancery,colleges in which young students formerly began their law studies. These are now occupied chiefly by attorneys, solicitors, etc.

INNER, a. [from in.] Interior; farther inward than something else, as an inner chamber; the inner court of a temple or palace. -Webster’s 1828 Dictionary.

CROWN, n. 4. Imperial or regal power or dominion; sovereignty. There is a power behind the crown greater than the crown itself. Junius. 19. A coin stamped with the image of a crown; hence, a denomination of money; as, the English crown. — Crown land, land belonging to the crown, that is, to the sovereign. — Crown law, the law which governs criminal prosecutions. — Crown lawyer, one employed by the crown, as in criminal cases. v.t. 1. To cover, decorate, or invest with a crown; hence, to invest with royal dignity and power. -1913 Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary.

COLONY, n. 1. A company [i.e. legal corporation] or body of people transplanted from their mother country to a remote province or country to cultivate and inhabit it, and remaining subject to the jurisdiction of the parent state; as the British colonies in America or the Indies; the Spanish colonies in South America. -Webster’s 1828 Dictionary.

STATE, n. [L., to stand, to be fixed.] 1. Condition; the circumstances of a being or thing at any given time. These circumstances may be internal, constitutional or peculiar to the being, or they may have relation to other beings. 4. Estate; possession. [See Estate.] -Webster’s 1828 Dictionary.

ESTATE, n. [L. status, from sto, to stand. The roots stb, std and stg, have nearly the same signification, to set, to fix. It is probable that the L. sto is contracted from stad, as it forms steti.] 1. In a general sense, fixedness; a fixed condition; 5. Fortune; possessions; property in general. 6. The general business or interest of government; hence, a political body; a commonwealth; a republic. But in this sense, we now use State. ESTATE, v.t. To settle as a fortune. 1. To establish. -Webster’s 1828 Dictionary.

PATENT, a. [L. patens, from pateo, to open.] 3. Appropriated by letters patent. 4. Apparent; conspicuous. PATENT, n. A writing given by the proper authority and duly authenticated, granting a privilege to some person or persons. By patent, or letters patent, that is, open letters, the king of Great Britain grants lands, honors and franchises.

PATENT, v.t. To grant by patent. 1. To secure the exclusive right of a thing to a person

LAWFUL. In accordance with the law of the land; according to the law; permitted, sanctioned, or justified by law. “Lawful” properly implies a thing conformable to or enjoined by law; “Legal”, a thing in the form or after the manner of law or binding by law. A writ or warrant issuing from any court, under color of law, is a “legal” process however defective. – A Dictionary of Law 1893.

LEGAL. Latin legalis. Pertaining to the understanding, the exposition, the administration, the science and the practice of law: as, the legal profession, legal advice; legal blanks, newspaper. Implied or imputed in law. Opposed to actual. “Legal” looks more to the letter, and “Lawful” to the spirit, of the law. “Legal” is more appropriate for conformity to positive rules of law; “Lawful” for accord with ethical principle. “Legal” imports rather that the forms of law are observed, that the proceeding is correct in method, that rulesprescribed have been obeyed; “Lawful” that the right is actful in substance, that moral quality is secured. “Legal” is the antithesis of “equitable”, and the equivalent of “constructive”. – 2 Abbott’s Law Dict. 24; A Dictionary of Law (1893).

STATUS IN QUO, STATUS QUO. [L., state in which.] The state in which anything is already. The phrase is also used retrospectively, as when, on a treaty of place, matters return to the status quo ante bellum, or are left in statu quo ante bellum, i.e., the state (or, in the state) before the war. -1913 Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary

The Four Inns of Court to the unholy Temple

Globally, all the legalistic scams promoted by the exclusive monopoly of the Temple Bar and their Bar Mitzvah Association franchises come from four Inns or Temples of Court: the Inner Temple, theMiddle Temple, Lincoln’s Inn, and Gray’s Inn. These Inns/Temples are exclusive and private country clubs; secret societies of world power in commerce. They are well established, some having been founded in the early 1200’s. The Queen and Queen Mother of England are current members of both the Inner Temple and Middle Temple. Gray’s Inn specializes in Taxation legalities by Rule and Code for the Crown. Lincoln’s Inn received its name from the Third Earl of Lincoln (circa 1300).

Just like all U.S. based franchise Bar Associations, none of the Four Inns of the Temple are incorporated – for a definite and purposeful reason: You can’t make claim against a non-entity and a non-being. They are private societies without charters or statutes, and their so-called constitutions are based solely on custom and self-regulation. In other words, they exist as secret societies without a public “front door” unless you’re a private member called to their Bar.

While the Inner Temple holds the legal system franchise by license to steal from Canada and Great Britain, it is the Middle Temple that has legal license to steal from America. This comes about directly via their Bar Association franchises to the Honourable Society of the Middle Temple through the Crown Temple.

From THE HISTORY OF THE INN, Later Centuries, [p.6], written by the Honourable Society of the Middle Temple, we can see a direct tie to the Bar Association franchises and its Crown signatories in America:

“Call to the Bar or keeping terms in one of the four Inns a pre-requisite to Call at King’s Inns until late in the 19th century. In the 17th and 18th centuries, students came from the American colonies and from many of the West Indian islands. The Inn’s records would lead one to suppose that for a timethere was hardly a young gentleman in Charlestonwho had not studied here. Five of the signatories to the Declaration of Independence were Middle Templars, and notwithstanding it and its consequences, Americans continued to come here until the War of 1812”.

All Bar Association licensed Attorneys must keep the terms of their oath to the Crown Temple in order to be accepted or “called to Bar” at any of the King’s Inns. Their oath, pledge, and terms of allegiance are made to the Crown Temple.

It’s a real eye opener to know that the Middle Inn of the Crown Temple has publicly acknowledged there were at least five Templar Bar Attornies, under solemn oath only to the Crown, who signed what was alleged to be an American Declaration of Independence. This simply means that both parties to the Declaration agreement were of the same origin, the Crown Temple. In case you don’t understand the importance of this, there is no international agreement or treaty that will ever be honored, or will ever have lawful effect, when the same party signs as both the first and second parties. It’s merely a worthless piece of paper with no lawful authority when both sides to any agreement are actually the same. In reality, the American Declaration of Independence was nothing more than an internal memo of the Crown Temple made among its private members.

By example, Alexander Hamilton was one of those numerous Crown Templars who was called to their Bar. In 1774, he entered King’s College in New York City, which was funded by members of the London King’s Inns, now named Columbia University. In 1777, he became a personal aide and private secretary to George Washington during the American Revolution.

In May of 1782, Hamilton began studying law in Albany, New York, and within six months had completed a three year course of studies, passed his examinations, and was admitted to the New York Bar. Of course, the New York Bar Association was/is a franchise of the Crown Temple through the Middle Inn. After a year’s service in Congress during the 1782-1783 session, he settled down to legal practice in New York City as Alexander Hamilton, Esqr. In February of 1784, he wrote the charter for, and became a founding member of, the Bank of New York, the State’s first bank.

He secured a place on the New York delegation to the Federal Convention of 1787 at Philadelphia. In a five hour speech on June 18th, he stated “an Executive for life will be an elective Monarch”. When all his anti-Federalist New York colleagues withdrew from the Convention in protest, he alone signed the Constitution for the United States of America representing New York State, one of the legal Crown States (Colonies).

One should particularly notice that a lawful state is made up of the people, but a State is a legal entity of the Crown – a Crown Colony. This is an example of the deceptive ways the Crown Temple – Middle Templars – have taken control of America since the beginning of our settlements. This is explained in further detail below.

Later, as President Washington’s U.S. Treasury Secretary, Hamilton alone laid the foundation of the first Federal U.S. Central Bank, secured credit loans through Crown banks in France and the Netherlands, and increased the power of the Federal Government over the hoodwinked nation-states of the Union. Hamilton had never made a secret of the fact that he admired the government and fiscal policies of Great Britain.

Americans were fooled into believing that the legal Crown Colonies comprising New England were independent nation states, but they never were nor are today. They were and still are Colonies of the Crown Temple, through letters patent and charters, who have no legal authority to be independent from the Rule and Order of the Crown Temple. A legal State is a Crown Temple Colony.

Neither the American people nor the Queen of Britain own America. The Crown Temple owns America through the deception of those who have sworn their allegiance by oath to the Middle Templar Bar. The Crown Bankers and their Middle Templar Attornies Rule America through unlawful contracts, unlawful taxes, and contract documents of false equity through debt deceit, all strictly enforced by their completely unlawful, but “legal”, Orders, Rules and Codes of the Crown Temple Courts, our so-called “judiciary” in America. This is because the Crown Temple holds the land titles and estate deeds to all of North America.

The biggest lie is what the Crown and its agents refer to as “the rule of law”. In reality, it is not about law at all, but solely about the Crown Rule of all nations. For example, just read what President Bush stated on November 13, 2001, regarding the “rule of law:”

“Our countries are embarked on a new relationship for the 21st century, founded on a commitment to the values of democracy, the free market, and the rule of law.” – Joint Statement by President George W. Bush and President Vladimir V. Putin on 11/13/01, spoken from the White House, Washington D.C.

What happened in 1776?

“Whoever owns the soil, owns all the way to the heavens and to the depths of the earth.” – Old Latin maxim and Roman expression.

1776 is the year that will truly live in infamy for all Americans. It is the year that the Crown Colonies became legal Crown States. The Declaration of Independence was a legal, not lawful, document. It was signed on both sides by representatives of the Crown Temple. Legally, it announced the status quo of the Crown Colonies to that of the new legal name called “States” as direct possessive estates of the Crown (see the definitions above to understand the legal trickery that was done).

The American people were hoodwinked into thinking they were declaring lawful independence from the Crown. Proof that the Colonies are still in Crown possession is the use of the word “State” to signify a “legal estate of possession.” Had this been a document of and by the people, both the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution would have been written using the word “states”. By the use of “State,” the significance of a government of estate possession was legally established. All of the North American States are Crown Templar possessions through their legal document, signed by their representation of both parties to the contract, known as the Constitution of the United States of America.

All “Constitutional Rights” in America are simply those dictated by the Crown Temple and enforced by the Middle Inn Templars (Bar Attorners) through their franchise and corporate government entity, the federal United States Government. When a “State Citizen” attempts to invoke his “constitutional”, natural, or common law “rights” in Chancery (equity courts), he is told they don’t apply. Why? Simply because a State citizen has no rights outside of the Rule and Codes of Crown “law”. Only a state citizen has natural and common law rights by the paramount authority of God’s Law.

The people who comprise the citizenry of a state are recognized only within natural and common law as is already established by God’s Law. Only a State Citizen can be a party to an action within a State Court. A common state citizen cannot be recognized in that court because he doesn’t legally exist in Crown Chancery Courts. In order to be recognized in their State Courts, the common man must be converted to that of a corporate or legal entity (a legal fiction).

Now you know why they create such an entity using all capital letters within Birth Certificates issued by the State. They convert the common lawful man of God into a fictional legal entity subject to Administration by StateRules, Orders and Codes (there is no “law” within any Rule or Code). Of course, Rules, Codes, etc. do not apply to the lawful common man of the Lord of lords, so the man with inherent Godly law and rights must be converted into a legal “Person” of fictional “status” (another legal term) in order for their legal – but completely unlawful – State Judiciary (Chancery Courts) to have authority over him. Chancery Courts are tribunal courts where the decisions of “justice” are decided by 3 “judges”. This is a direct result of the Crown Temple having invoked their Rule and Code over all judicial courts.

“It is held to be a settled Rule, that our courts can not take notice of any title to land not derived from the State or Colonial government, and duly verified by patent.” -4 Johns. Rep. 163. Jackson v. Waters, 12 Johns. Rep. 365. S.P.

The Crown Temple was granted Letters Patent (see definition above) and Charters (definition below) for all the land (Colonies) of New England by the King of England, a sworn member of the Middle Temple (as the Queen is now). Since the people were giving the patent/charter corporations and Colonial Governours such a hard time, especially concerning Crown taxation, a scheme was devised to allow the Americans to believe they were being granted “independence.” Remember, the Crown Templars represented both parties to the 1776 Declaration of Independence; and, as we are about to see, the latter 1787 U.S. Constitution.

To have this “Declaration” recognized by international treaty law, and in order to establish the new legal Crown entity of the incorporated United States, Middle Templar King George III agreed to the Treaty of Paris on September 3, 1783, “between the Crown of Great Britain and the said United States”. The Crown of Great Britain legally was, then and now, the Crown Temple. This formally gave international recognition to the corporate “United States”, the new Crown Temple States (Colonies). Most important is to know who the actual signatories to the Treaty of Paris were. Take particular note to the abbreviation “Esqr.” following their names (see above definition for ESQUIRE) as this legally signifies “Officers of the King’s Courts”, which we now know were Templar Courts or Crown Courts. This is the same Crown Templar Title given to Alexander Hamilton (see above).

The Crown was represented in signature by “David Hartley, Esqr.”, a Middle Templar of the King’s Court. Representing the United States (a Crown franchise) by signature was “John Adams, Esqr”, “Benjamin Franklin, Esqr.” and “John Jay, Esqr.” The signatories for the “United States” were also Middle Templars of the King’s Court through Bar Association membership. What is plainly written in history proves, once again, that the Crown Temple was representing both parties to the agreement. What a perfect and elaborate scam the people of North America had pulled on them!

It becomes even more obvious when you read Article 5, which states in part,

“to provide for the Restitution of all Estates, Rights, and Properties which have been confiscated, belonging to real British Subjects.”

The Crown Colonies were granted to “persons” and corporations of the Crown Temple through Letters Patent and Charters, and the North American Colonial land was owned by the Crown. Since 1883, the Crown has been receiving “restitution” from the United States, their incorporated Crown franchisee, because the Crown owns the land through paramount and allodial title as a possessory estate.

Now, here’s a real catch-all in Article 4:

“It is agreed that creditors on either side shall meet with no lawful impediment to the recovery of the full value in sterling money of all bona fide debts heretofore contracted.”

Since the Crown and its Templars represented both the United States, as the debtors, and the Crown, as the creditors, then they became the creditor of the American people by owning all debts of the former Colonies, now called the legal Crown States. This sounds too good to be true, but these are the facts. The words SCAM and HOODWINKED can’t begin to describe what had taken place.

So then, what debts were owed to the Crown Temple and their banks as of 1883? In the Contract Between the King and the Thirteen United States of North America, signed at Versailles July 16, 1782, Article I states,

“It is agreed and certified that the sums advanced by His Majesty to the Congress of the United States under the title of a loan, in the years 1778, 1779, 1780, 1781, and the present 1782, amount to the sum of eighteen million of livres, money of France, according to the following twenty-one receipts of the above-mentioned underwritten Minister of Congress, given in virtue of his full powers, to wit…”

That amount equals about $18 million dollars, plus interest, that Hamilton’s U.S. Central Bank owed the Crown through Crown Bank loans in France. This was signed, on behalf of the United States, by an already familiar Middle Templar, Benjamin Franklin, Esquire.

An additional $6 million dollars (six million livres) was loaned to the United States at 5% interest by the same parties in a similar Contract signed on February 25, 1783. The Crown Bankers in the Netherlands and France were calling in their debts for payment by future generations of Americans.

The Fiscal Agents of Mystery Babylon

Since its beginnings, the Temple Church at the City of London has been a Knight Templar secret society. It was built and established by the same Temple Knights who were given their Rule and Order by the Roman Pope. It’s very important to know how the British Royal Crown was placed into the hands of the Knights Templars, and how the Crown Templars became the fiscal and military agents for the Pope of the Roman Church.

This all becomes very clear through the Concession Of England To The Pope on May 15, 1213. This charter was sworn in fealty by England’s King John to Pope Innocent and the Roman Church. It was witnessed before the Crown Templars, as King John stated upon sealing the same,

“I myself bearing witness in the house of the Knights Templars.”

Pay particular attention to the words being used that we have defined below, especially charter, fealty, demur, and concession:

We wish it to be known to all of you, through this our charter, furnished with our seal… not induced by force or compelled by fear, but of our own good and spontaneous will and by the common counsel of our barons, do offer and freely concede to God and His holy apostles Peter and Paul and to our mother the holy Roman church, and to our lord pope Innocent and to his Catholic successors, the whole kingdom of England and the whole kingdom Ireland, with all their rights and appurtenances… we perform and swear fealty for them to him our aforesaid lord pope Innocent, and his catholic successors and the Roman church… binding our successors and our heirsby our wifeforever, in similar manner to perform fealty and show homage to him who shall be chief pontiff at that time, and to the Roman church without demur. As a sign… we will and establish perpetual obligation and concession… from the proper and especial revenues of our aforesaid kingdoms… the Roman church shall receive yearly a thousand marks sterling… saving to us andto our heirs our rights, liberties and regalia; all of which things, as they have been described above, we wishto have perpetually valid and firm; andwe bind ourselves and our successors not to act counter to them. And if we or any one of our successors shall presume to attempt this, whoever he be, unless being duly warned he come to his kingdom, and this senses, be shall lose his right to the kingdom, and this charter of our obligation and concession shall always remain firm.

Most who have commented on this charter only emphasize the payments due the Pope and the Roman Church. What should be emphasized is the fact thatKing John broke the terms of this charter by signing the Magna Carta on June 15, 1215. Remember; the penalty for breaking the 1213 agreement was the loss of the Crown (right to the kingdom) to the Pope and his Roman Church. It says so quite plainly. To formally and lawfully take the Crown from the royal monarchs of England by an act of declaration, on August 24, 1215, Pope Innocent III annulled the Magna Carta; later in the year, he placed an Interdict (prohibition) on the entire British empire. From that time until today, the English monarchy and the entire British Crown belonged to the Pope.

The following definitions are all taken from Webster’s 1828 Dictionary since the meanings have not been perverted for nearly 200 years:

FEALTY, n. [L. fidelis.] Fidelity to a lord; faithful adherence of a tenant or vassal to the superior of whom he holds his lands; loyalty. Under the feudal system of tenures, every vassal or tenant was bound to be true and faithful to his lord, and to defend him against all his enemies. This obligation was called his fidelity or fealty, and an oath of fealty was required to be taken by all tenants to their landlords. The tenant was called a liege man; the land, a liege fee; and the superior, liege lord.

FEE, n. [In English, is loan. This word, fee, inland, or an estate in trust, originated among the descendants of the northern conquerors of Italy, but it originated in the south of Europe. See Feud.] Primarily, a loan of land, an estate in trust, granted by a prince or lord, to be held by the grantee on condition of personal service, or other condition; and if the grantee or tenant failed to perform the conditions, the land reverted to the lord or donor, called the landlord, or lend-lord, the lord of the loan. A fee then is any land or tenement held of a superior on certain conditions. It is synonymous with fief and feud.

FEUD, n. [L. fides; Eng. loan.] A fief; a fee; a right to lands or hereditaments held in trust, or on the terms of performing certain conditions; the right which a vassal or tenant has to the lands or other immovable thing of his lord, to use the same and take the profits thereof hereditarily, rendering to his superior such duties and services as belong to military tenure, &c., the property of the soil always remaining in the lord or superior.

By swearing to the 1213 Charter in fealty, King John declared that the British-English Crown and its possessions at that time, including all future possessions, estates, trusts, charters, letters patent, and land, were forever bound to the Pope and the Roman Church, the landlord. Some five hundred years later, the New England Colonies in America became a part of the Crown as a possession and trust named the “United States.”

ATTORNING, ppr. Acknowledging a new lord, or transferring homage and fealty to the purchaser of an estate.

Bar Attorneys have been attorning ever since they were founded at the Temple Church, by acknowledging that the Crown and he who holds the Crown is the new lord of the land. Because King John defaulted on the 1213 contract, the new Crown (the Crown Temple) had a new lord: The Pope and his Roman Church.

CHARTER, n. 1. A written instrument, executed with usual forms, given as evidence of a grant, contract, or whatever is done between man and man. In its more usual sense, it is the instrument of a grant conferring powers, rights and privileges, either from a king or other sovereign power, or from a private person, as a charter of exemption, that no person shall be empanelled on a jury, a charter of pardon, &c. The charters under which most of the colonies in America were settled, were given by the king of England, and incorporated certain persons, withpowers to hold the lands granted, to establish a government, and make laws for their own regulation. These were called charter-governments.

By agreeing to the Magna Carta, King John had broken the agreement terms of his fealty with Rome and the Pope. What that means is that he lost all rights to the kingdom, and the royal English Crown was turned over by default to the Pope and the Roman Church.

The Pope and his Roman Church control the Crown Temple because his Knights established it under his Orders. So also the Temple Banks, the Templar Attorneys, the corporate United States, the corporate British Common wealth pf Israel, the chartered Federal Reserve Bank and Bank of England; the list is nearly endless. He who controls the gold controls the world.

The Crown Temple Today

The workings of the Crown Temple in this day and age is more obvious, yet somewhat hidden. The Crown Templars have many names and many symbols to signify their private and unholy Temple. Take a close look at the (alleged) one dollar $1 private Federal Reserve System (a Crown banking franchise) Debt Note.

Notice in the base of the pyramid the Roman date MDCCLXXVI which is written in Roman numerals for the year 1776. The words ANNUIT COEPTIS NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM are Roman Latin for ANNOUNCING THE BIRTH OF THE NEW ORDER OF THE WORLD. Go back to the definitions above and pay particular attention to the words CAPITOL, CROWN and TEMPLE. 1776 signifies the birth of the New World Order under the Crown Temple. That’s when their American Crown Colonies became the chartered government called the United States, thanks to the Declaration of Independence. Since that date, the United Nations (another legal Crown Temple by charter) rose up and refers to every nation as a State member. Note also that there are 13 layers for the pyramid denoting the 13 chartered Colony-States and that the eye of Osirus, one of many Templar signs used the Temple Illuminati or their Order of the Rose and Order of the Cross.

The Wizard of Oz = the Crown Temple

This is not a mere child’s story written by L. Frank Baum. What symbol does “Oz” stand for? Ounces. What is measured in ounces? Gold. What is the yellow brick road? Bricks or ingot bars of gold.

The character known as the Straw Man represents that fictitious ALL CAPS legal fiction – a PERSON – the Federal U.S. Government created with the same spelling as your Christian birth name. Remember what the Straw Man wanted from the Wizard of Oz? A brain! No legal fiction has a brain because they have no breath of life! What did he get in place of a brain? A Certificate. A Birth Certificate for a new legal creation. He was proud of his new legal status, plus all the other legalisms he was granted. Now he becomes the true epitome of the brainless sack of straw who was given a Certificate in place of a brain of common sense.

What about the Tin Man? Does Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) mean anything to you? The poor TIN Man just stood there mindlessly doing his work until his body literally froze up and stopped functioning. He worked himself to death because he had no heart nor soul. He’s the heartless and emotionless creature robotically carrying out his daily task as if he was already dead. He’s the ox pulling the plow and the mule toiling under the yoke. These days, his task masters just oil him nightly with beer and place him in front of a hypnotic television until his very existence no longer has any meaning or value. His masters keep him cold on the outside and heartless on the inside in order to control any emotions or heart he may get a hold of.

The pitiful Cowardly Lion was always too frightened to stand up for himself. Of course, he was a bully and a big mouth when it came to picking on those smaller than he was. Did you ever notice how bullies are really the biggest cowards? They act as if they have great courage, but they really have none at all. All roar with no teeth of authority to back them up. When push came to shove, the Cowardly Lion always buckled under and whimpered when anyone of any size or stature challenged him. He wanted courage from the Grand Wizard, so he was awarded a medal of “official” recognition. Now, regardless of how much of a coward he still was, his official status made him a bully with officially recognized authority. He’s just like the Attorneys who hide behind the Middle Courts of the Temple Bar.

What about the trip through the field of poppies? Notice how it never affected the Straw Man (no brain) or the TIN Man (no heart or soul)? They weren’t real people, so drugs had no effect on them. The Wizard of Oz was written at the turn of the century, so how could the author have known America was going to be drugged? The Crown has been playing the drug cartel game for centuries. Just look up the history of Hong Kong and the Opium Wars. The Crown already had valuable experience conquering all of China with drugs, so why not the rest of the world?

Who finally exposed the Wizard for what he really was? Toto, the ugly (or cute, depending on your perspective) and somewhat annoying little dog. Toto means “in total, all together; Latinin toto.” Notice how Toto was not scared of the Great Wizard’s theatrics, yet he was so small in size compared to the Wizard, no-one seemed to notice him. The smoke, flames and hologram images were designed to frighten people into doing as the Great Wizard of Oz commanded. Toto simply went over, looked behind the curtain – the court – (see the definition for curtain above), saw it was a scam, and started barking until others paid attention to him and came to see what all the barking was about. Who was behind the curtain? Just an ordinary person controlling the levers that created the illusions of the Great Wizard’s power and authority. When Toto pulled back the curtain to completely expose him, the charade was over. The veil hiding the corporate legal fiction and its false courts was removed. The Wizard’s game was up. It’s too bad that people don’t realize how loud a bark from a little dog is. How about your bark? Do you just remain silent and wait to be given whatever food and recognition, if any, your legal master gives you?

Let’s not forget those pesky flying monkeys. What a perfect mythical creature to symbolize the Bar Association Attorners who attack and control all the little people for the Great Crown Wizard, the powerful and grand Bankers of Oz – Gold.

What is it going to take to expose the Wizard and tear down the corporate court veil for what they really are? Each of us needs only a brain, a heart and soul, and courage. Then, and most importantly, we all need to learn how to work together. Only “in toto,” working together can we ever be free or have the freedom given under God’s Law.

Mystery Babylon Revealed

There is no mystery behind the current abomination of Babylon for those who discern His Truth:

And upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH. -Revelation 17:5

God has reserved His judgment for the great idolatress, Rome, the chief seat of all idolatry, that rules over many nations with whom the kings have committed to the worship of her idols (see Revelation 17:1-4). The Pope and His purported Church; sitting on the Temple throne at the Vatican; ruling the nations of the earth through the Crown Temple of ungodly deities are the Rule and Order of Babylon; the Crown of godlessness and the Code of commerce.

One may call the Rule of the world today by many names: The New World Order (a Bush family favourite), the Third Way (spoken by Tony Blair and Bill Clinton), the Illuminati, Triad, Triangle, Trinity, Masonry, the United Nations, the EU, the US, or many dozens of other names. However, they all point to one origin and one beginning. We have traced this in history to theCrown Temple, the Temple Church circa 1200. All world banking, judiciary, and rule of “law” has been under the Rule and Order of the Crown Temple since that time. Because the Pope created the Order of the Temple Knights (the Grand Wizards of deception) and established their mighty Temple Church in the sovereign City of London, it is the Pope and his Roman Capitols who control the world.

“And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication”-Revelation 17:4

This verse appears to be an accurate description of the Pope and His Bishops for the past 1,700 years. The idolatries of commerce in the world: all the gold and silver; the iron and soft metals; the money and coins and riches of the world: All of these are under the control of the Crown Temple; the Roman King and his false Church; the throne of Babylon; attended to by his Templar Knights, the Wizards of abomination and idolatry.

“The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman [mother of harlots] sitteth”- Revelation 17:9

The only mention of “seven mountains” within our present-day Bible is at Revelation 17:9, so it’s no wonder this has been a mystery to the current Body of Christ. The 1611 King James (who was a Crown Templar) Bible is not the entire canon of the early church (“church” in Latin ecclesia; in Greek ekklesia). There were other gospels and books that have been forbidden by the Papal Throne at Rome since the third century. Greek and Aramaic copies of the “unapproved writings” were sought after and destroyed by Rome. This in itself is no mystery as history records the existence and destruction of these early church writings; just as history has now proven their genuine authenticity with the appearance of the Dead Sea Scrolls and the coptic library at Nag Hagmadi in Egypt, among many other recent Greek language discoveries within the past 100 years.

The current Holy Bible quotes the Book of Enoch numerous times:

By faith Enoch was taken away so that he did not see death, “and was not found, because God had taken him”; for before he was taken he had this testimony, that he pleased God. – Hebrews 11:5

Now Enoch, the seventh from Adam, prophesied about these men also, saying, “Behold, the Lord comes with ten thousands of His saints, to execute judgment on all, to convict all who are ungodly among them of all their ungodly deeds which they have committed in an ungodly way, and of all the harsh things which ungodly sinners have spoken against Him.”- Jude 1:14-15

The Book of Enoch was considered scripture by most early Christians. The earliest literature of the so-called “Church Fathers” is filled with references to this mysterious book. The second century Epistle of Barnabus makes much use of the Book of Enoch. Second and Third Century “Church Fathers,” such as Justin Martyr, Irenaeus, Origin and Clement of Alexandria, all make use of the Book of Enoch. Tertullian (160-230 C.E) even called the Book of Enoch “Holy Scripture”. The Ethiopic Church included the Book of Enoch to its official canon. It was widely known and read the first three centuries after Christ. However, this and many other books became discredited after the Roman Council of Laodicea. Being under ban of the Roman Papal authorities, afterwards they gradually passed out of circulation.

At about the time of the Protestant Reformation, there was a renewed interest in the Book of Enoch, which had long since been lost to the modern world. By the late 1400’s, rumors began to spread that a copy of the long lost Book of Enoch might still exist. During this time, many books arose claiming to be the lost book but were later found to be forgeries.

The return of the Book of Enoch to the modern western world is credited to the famous explorer James Bruce, who in 1773 returned from six years in Abyssinia with three Ethiopic copies of the lost book. In 1821, Richard Laurence published the first English translation. The now famous R.H. Charles edition was first published by Oxford Press in 1912. In the following years, several portions of the Greek text also surfaced. Then, with the discovery of cave number four of the Dead Sea Scrolls, seven fragmentary copies of the Aramaic text were discovered.

Within the Book of Enoch is revealed one of the mysteries of Babylon concerning the seven mountains she sits upon (underlining has been added):

[CHAPTER 52] 2 There mine eyes saw all the secret things of heaven that shall be; a mountain of iron, a mountain of copper, a mountain of silver, a mountain of gold, a mountain of soft metal, and a mountain of lead.

6 These [6] mountains which thine eyes have seen: The mountain of iron, the mountain of copper, the mountain of silver, the mountain of gold, the mountain of soft metal, and the mountain of lead. All these shall be in the presence of the Elect One as wax: Before the fire, like the water which streams down from above upon those mountains, and they shall become powerless before his feet. 7 It shall come to pass in those days that none shall be saved, either by gold or by silver, and none be able to escape. 8 There shall be no iron for war, nor shall one clothe oneself with a breastplate. Bronze shall be of no service, tin shall be of no service and shall not be esteemed, and lead shall not be desired. 9 All these things shall be denied and destroyed from the surface of the earth when the Elect One shall appear before the face of the Lord of Spirits.’

[CHAPTER 24] 3 The seventh mountain was in the midst of these, and it excelled them in height, resembling the seat of a throne; and fragrant trees encircled the throne.

[CHAPTER 25] 3 And he answered saying: ‘This high mountain which thou hast seen, whose summit is like the throne of God, is His throne, where the Holy Great One, the Lord of Glory, the Eternal King, will sit, when He shall come down to visit the earth with goodness. 4 As for this fragrant tree, no mortal is permitted to touch it until the great judgement when He shall take vengeance on all and bring (everything) to its consummation for ever. 5 It shall then be given to the righteous and Holy. Its fruit shall be for food to the elect: It shall be transplanted to the Holy place, to the temple of the Lord, the Eternal King. 6 Then shall they rejoice with joy and be glad, and into the Holy place shall they enter; its fragrance shall be in their bones and they shall live a long lifeon earth, such as thy fathers lived: In their days shall no sorrow, or plague, or torment, or calamity touch them.’

The present wealth and power of all the world’s gold, silver, tin, bronze, pearls, diamonds, gemstones, iron, and copper belonging the Babylon whore, and held in the treasuries of her Crown Templar banks and deep stony vaults, will not be able to save them at the time of the Lord’s judgment.

But woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye shut up the kingdom of heaven against men: for ye neither go in [yourselves], neither suffer ye them that are entering to go in. – Matthew 23:13

Australian Sovereignty
I love this press release. I think they are running interference for the Crown. I wrote these people about the situation outlined in this letter and made inquiries as to how things were going. Needless to say; nothing could be discussed, however they recommended that I did not “take up the cudgel for the Canadian case” just yet. Interesting choice of words I got in response.

As I watch what is going on in Australia right now I keep thinking of Frederick Forsyth’s book; “On the Beach”. Secure safe haven and then let slip the dogs of War and cavort in Satanic glee at the ensuing Holocaust.

For a really interesting insight into global politics, try checking out which of these players are Knights of Thelema, Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica Hermetica, etc… Speaking of the Knights of Thelema, did you know that Dr. Martin Luther King was one? Do a search for Thelema on the internet and then read the introduction… Sociopaths have social clubs? The Thelemic Knights of Anathema? J

I think this is part of a movement to bring the UN into Australia to take them from the British frying pan into the UN fire. Joe Bryant has accused Wayne Levick of treason in this attempt.

Swinton House

324 Gray’s Inn Road

London WC1X 8DH

Tel 020 7837 2808

Fax 020 7837 2941

DX 202 Lon/Ch’ry Ln



Russell Jones & Walker solicitors have been instructed by a leading group of Australian historical researchers to mount a challenge in the High Court seeking a declaration that Australia is truly an independent nation. The UK court will be asked to consider whether or not that present law and executive function in Australia is flawed and invalid. This challenge may well have a significant impact upon Canada and New Zealand. Australian legal Counsel has already stated that such a challenge should take place. UK Counsel’s opinion is being sought.

Notes to Editors – By declaration at the Imperial Conferences of 1917,1921 and 1923 the United Kingdom government commenced the process of independence for the five named dominions, Australia, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand and Newfoundland. After the inter-imperial Relations Conference of 1926 the Balfour Declaration reiterated the policy decisions. By legislation commencing in 1931 the United Kingdom Parliament gave its imprimatur to the process and formally recognised de jure the separation of sovereignty that had already taken place de facto. However, within the executive branch of the United Kingdom Government it appears that elements exist which do not agree with the actions of the Parliament and who seek to negate the legislation by means of proclamations and appointments under other United Kingdom legislation, including powers authorising the use of the Royal Sign Manual for the creation of Orders, Warrants and Commissions. By applying that legislative power to lands no longer under sovereign authority in places and jurisdictions that are no longer dependencies of the United Kingdom as required by law, these persons have misled Her Majesty with the deliberate intent of subverting the laws of the United Kingdom Parliament.

In short it appears that certain individuals decided to defy the Parliament to maintain as long as possible the trappings of Empire and have proceeded to continue making appointments as if the Commonwealth of Nations is simply the British Empire under another name. The view of the Secretariat of the Commonwealth of Nations is that Her Majesty’s position in each of the member realms of the Commonwealth of Nations is titular only with no continuing executive authority.

On balance there is a strong presumption that the later legislation of the United Kingdom Parliament prevails giving independence to the Dominions including Australia and that the Commissions of Appointment insofar as they confer executive office and authority are a nullity. It also appears clear that the current sovereign has never possessed the power of executive appointment in the Dominions having ascended to the throne after the demise of the appointment and executive powers as the result of independence legislation.


ALAN CARE 0207 837 2808

FAX 0207 837 2941 or email

No executive authority? No powers of executive appointment? Does that mean the machinations of the British Crown of Israel in Canada are fraudulent? A royal bald faced FRAUD? Does that mean everyone claiming authority in Her Majesties name, from the Governor General on down; are frauds and treasonous criminals to our state? Appears to be so doesn’t it?

Do other members of our society have the legal right to vote for a leader for you when you do not want to vote for anyone? Do members of our society have the lawful right to enter the private citizens of the Canadian state into debts that we do not even agree with? How do you effect lawful change in your country when the criminals run the courts and all final decisions devolve to the judiciary? How do you prosecute acts of treason against the Canadian State when the people charged with protecting us against the attack of foreign powers actually swear allegiance to the foreign power that attacks us?

What strikes me is that these are questions that we must find intellectual answers to, but the most obvious answer is “together”. United we stand, divided we fall. If we stand for nothing we fall for everything. As frustrating as it is to tolerate the “legal criminals” in our society as they commit their atrociously bald faced crimes under colour and guise of law in plain view, we must never allow ourselves to stoop to the primary tactic of the British Crown of Israel to use mindless violent force. If our fellow country man in yellow stripes and flak jackets don’t murder us at their behest then our foreign owned army will do it at the behest of their Jewish Majesty they swear their allegiance to.

While it may well come to the point that the only way we can free ourselves of a police state is to kill all the police and judiciary, this is surely not the point that even they want to force us to. I cannot believe all these people can be so lacking in foresight as to not be able to see beyond their own paycheques. That would not explain organizations such as the “Police and Military against the New World Order”. Neither would it explain why the RCMP are now wearing flak jackets and trying to confiscate all our firearms. These people KNOW what they are doing and are committing these crimes against humanity and fellow citizens of their state with malice of forethought. There are many among them that do not like the crimes they are forced to commit under colour and guise of law.

Though one may well be moved to rid themselves of the bureaucratic Crown parasites by crushing its head perhaps we serve ourselves better by setting it to feeding upon itself. The best way of doing that is shining the light on them. The only defense against mind manipulation is an education; a good reason to never let government in our private schools. It is our patriotic duty to educate ourselves as to what it means to be FREE and then educate our children to understand this knowledge is a sacred trust to be passed on to our families.

They have exiled me now from their society and I am pleased, because humanity does not exile except the one whose noble spirit rebels against despotism and oppression. He who does not prefer exile to slavery is not free by any measure of freedom, truth and duty.


Before the throne of Freedom, the trees rejoice with the frolicsome breeze and enjoy the rays of the sun and the beams of the moon. Through the ears of Freedom these birds whisper and around Freedom they flutter to the music of the brooks. Throughout the sky of Freedom these flowers breathe their fragrance and before Freedom’s eyes they smile when dawn comes.

Everything on earth lives according to the law of nature, and from that law emerges the glory and joy of liberty; but man is denied this fortune, because he set for the God-given soul a limited and earthly law of his own. He made for himself strict rules. Man built a narrow and painful prison in which he secluded his affections and desires. He dug out a deep grave in which he buried his heart and its purpose. If an individual, through the dictates of his soul, declares his withdrawal from society and violates the law, his fellowmen will say he is a rebel worthy of exile, or an infamous creature worthy only of execution. Will man remain a slave of self-confinement until the end of the world? Or will he be freed by the passing of time and live in the Spirit for the Spirit? Will man insist upon staring downward and backward at the earth? Or will he turn his eyes toward the sun so he will not see the shadow of his body amongst the skulls and thorns?

– Kahlil Gibran

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  1. This is a call for re-affirmation oath of your office.
    Security agreement notice of felonies, malpractice insurance and rights.

    You solemnly swear (affirm) that I will support the constitution of the United States, and the Bill of Rights, of the USA. I will faithfully discharge the Duties of My public service office according to country and god so help me god (under pains and penalties of perjury, forgery & theft by deception) Challenging your jurisdiction, rule of law family law is for the victim not a self serving political laws state pay attorneys for victim not for political special interest that take from our kids.

    We should support peace officer not political law officer not political attorneys that do not support the united states constitution, an victimless law is unconstitutional that is a forgery on the USA people is an theft by deception, on the tax payer and the victim, jails and prisons cost $100 to $1,100 a day and all the health care, and education when the victim gets no help but to state gets taxes aid why would you pay for the Political, Roman, Jewish, Christian belief of the old world that killed the son of God for their gold and deception of the past our founder father knew of this I reserve all family, friends and My Constitutional Rights that you have wrongfully stopped us doing Our life and Duties…

    I Bill at $250.00 per hour plus all cost and expense with an daily fine of $10,000 for violating our rights until proven, compliant or an victim it is an act of treason to proceed fine don’t attorneys law officer, taxerpayer the poor or help the Vitim at all just political roman special tax dealing deceiving counterfeiter writing that schemes to defraud harms another person of money or property for there old world ways that is a violation of God and this county and has proven to bankrupt this country and deceives gods, country and my family can you help me now


    Danial Ray Curtis 9/11 when all the world markets fell but one still stand tall Judas Iscariot forsake us all, the judiciary is for the people and supports the Vitim to keep family pride and country under rules of God to do No Harm to help them Grow, now is the time to grow up and stand up and repent to God & Country taxpayer & educator that want help not to be a slave to an idea or an old world way of deception of an bifeves in one self not a ruler or an judge but of this country and GOD to have paradise on earth and heaven. Danial not denial nor Daniel of the the wicked of the past shall open the book life, and give new knowledge and pride of the new world order of self worth and victims rights and put an end unholy polices of the political roman that deceives the hardworking god fearing, human people of the country and of the world to help each other too grow to pay the victim first not auditory of the fine the fee self-serving of Judas Iscariot betrayal of Gods peoples, and oath of this country, and family laws and victims right, pubic service oath and god’s trust and Danial’s contract for peaces and civil rights for self worth and family trust in the father so help me god let me stand up an win for all are good but we are dumb and not see (Nazis) Judas Iscariot truly has forsake all of us, it a terrible to live in terror and fear when we try to be good!


    The expansive prophecy recorded in Daniel 11 shows the political maneuverings of the powers which fought over and ruled Judea and the Jews throughout the period of the 70 weeks prophecy earlier given to Daniel (Dan. 9:24-27). These powers included the northern Seleucid kingdom of Syria, the southern Ptolemaic kingdom of Egypt, the Jewish Hasmonean dynasty, the Roman Empire, and Rome’s vassal in Judea, Herod the Great. Like many prophecies, this one is likely dual in some ways; events that have occurred in ancient times could be replicated at the time of the end. Obviously, Antiochus IV and Herod the Great are antetypes of the coming Antichrist. But to assign much of this prophecy to a yet future time is to miss the fact that this prophecy conclusively shows God is in control and world events happen according to His plan and purpose.
    Bryan T. Huie
    December 30, 2005
    Revised: May 12, 2009

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    1. This is a call for re-affirmation oath of your office.
      Security agreement notice of felonies, malpractice insurance and rights.
      A victimless crime and a fine is Unconstitutional.
      You solemnly swear (affirm) that I will support the constitution of the United States, and the Bill of Rights, of the USA. I will faithfully discharge the Duties of My public service office according to country and god so help me god (under pains and penalties of perjury, forgery & theft by deception) Challenging your jurisdiction, rule of law family law is for the victim not a self serving political laws state pay attorneys for victim not for political special interest that take from our kids.
      We should support peace officer not political law officer not political attorneys that do not support the united states constitution, an victimless law is unconstitutional that is a forgery on the USA people is an theft by deception, on the tax payer and the victim, jails and prisons cost $100 to $1,100 a day and all the health care, and education when the victim gets no help but to state gets taxes aid why would you pay for the Political, Roman, Jewish, Christian belief of the old world that killed the son of God for their gold and deception of the past our founder father knew of this I reserve all family, friends and My Constitutional Rights that you have wrongfully stopped us doing Our life and Duties…
      I Bill at $250.00 per hour plus all cost and expense with an daily fine of $10,000 for violating our rights until proven, compliant or an victim it is an act of treason to proceed fine don’t attorneys law officer, taxerpayer the poor or help the Vitim at all just political roman special tax dealing deceiving counterfeiter writing that schemes to defraud harms another person of money or property for there old world ways that is a violation of God and this county and has proven to bankrupt this country and deceives gods, country and my family can you help me now
      Danial Ray Curtis 9/11 when all the world markets fell but one still stand tall Judas Iscariot forsake us all, the judiciary is for the people and supports the Vitim to keep family pride and country under rules of God to do No Harm to help them Grow, now is the time to grow up and stand up and repent to God & Country taxpayer & educator that want help not to be a slave to an idea or an old world way of deception of a belief in one self not a ruler or an judge but of this country and GOD to have paradise on earth and heaven. Danial not denial nor Daniel of the the wicked of the past shall open the book life, and give new knowledge and pride of the new world order of self worth and victims rights and put an end unholy polices of the political roman that deceives the hardworking god fearing, human people of the country and of the world to help each other too grow to pay the victim first not auditory of the fine the fee self-serving of Judas Iscariot betrayal of Gods peoples, and oath of this country, and family laws and victims right, pubic service oath and god’s trust and Danial’s contract for peaces and civil rights for self worth and family trust in the father so help me god let me stand up an win for all are good but we are dumb and not see (Nazis) Judas Iscariot truly has forsake all of us, it a terrible to live in terror and fear when we try to be good!
      The expansive prophecy recorded in Daniel 11 shows the political maneuverings of the powers which fought over and ruled Judea and the Jews throughout the period of the 70 weeks prophecy earlier given to Daniel (Dan. 9:24-27). These powers included the northern Seleucid kingdom of Syria, the southern Ptolemaic kingdom of Egypt, the Jewish Hasmonean dynasty, the Roman Empire, and Rome’s vassal in Judea, Herod the Great. Like many prophecies, this one is likely dual in some ways; events that have occurred in ancient times could be replicated at the time of the end. Obviously, Antiochus IV and Herod the Great are antetypes of the coming Antichrist. But to assign much of this prophecy to a yet future time is to miss the fact that this prophecy conclusively shows God is in control and world events happen according to His plan and purpose.

      Current Antichrists

      Sayyid Muqtada al-Sadr is a possible candidate for the Antichrist. Sayyid is a title used among the Shia to denote direct descendants from Mohammad. Al-Sadr is a Shia cleric currently studying to be an ayatollah in Iran, but he was born in Baghdad, Iraq in 1973 of Lebanese (Dan’s territory) ancestry. In Iraq he established the 60,000 man Mahdi Army whose uniform and flags are black. There is also a Black Banner Sunni army in Iraq. If he is able to combine and attack Jerusalem, it would fulfill several Muslim prophecies regarding their Mahdi (end-time savior). Though Sadr stood down his army in August 2008, in April 2009 he was holding talks with officials in Turkey who then changed the make-up of their cabinet to be pro-Islam.

      Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. has genealogical roots to the tribe of Dan on his mother’s side, and has possible roots to the tribe of Judah on his father’s side. [See He has consistently voted for late term abortions, partial birth abortions, and infanticide. If he nationalizes health care, as he is already nationalizing banks and auto makers, we will likely see more state sponsored/assisted euthanasia. By “peace” he is setting up America and Israel for more deadly attacks by Muslims. He attended a Muslim school for two years as a child, and during an interview made a verbal slip and referred to “my Muslim faith”.

      Genesis 49:16-18 “Dan shall judge his people as one of the tribes of Israel. Dan shall be a serpent by the way, an adder in the path, that bites the horse heels, so that his rider shall fall backward. I have waited for your salvation, O LORD.”
      The first sentence could be translated, “Dan shall rule and overshadow his people, united tribes; he will rule as God.” ‘Serpent’ is nachash, a hissing snake, from the verb meaning hiss, or whisper a (magic) spell generally used of enchanters. ‘Bites’ is nashak, meaning “to strike with a sting (as a serpent); figuratively, to oppress with interest on a loan: – bite, lend upon usury.” The word ‘adder’ is shephiphon, which is nowhere else in the Bible. It was translated in the Vulgate as ‘cerastes’. According to Clarke’s Bible Commentary, the “cerastes has its name from two little horns upon its head, and is remarkable for the property here ascribed to the shephiphon.” The root of the last word is shuph which means to bruise, and the word ‘heels’, are also used in Gen. 3:15 referring to satan, the serpent. ‘Backward’ can also mean behind or the West. The last sentence has three Hebrew words: qavah yeshua yehovah, which can be translated binding or twisting Jesus, God.
      This prophecy indicates we may be looking for two leaders to arise from the tribe of Dan which are deceptive talkers who seek to destroy the West. Interestingly, the “son of perdition (apoleia)” means the waste or destruction of vessels or money, according to Thayer. President Obama has certainly been wasting billions of dollars in his first hundred days in office, as well as destroying the value of the dollar. Many people already call Obama a messiah (which he has never denied), and the world seems to adore him. ‘Little horn’ is the name Daniel used for a future Antichrist.

      Daniel 8:23-25 “And in the latter time of their kingdom, when the transgressors are come to the full, a king of fierce countenance, and understanding dark sentences, shall stand up. And his power shall be mighty, but not by his own power: and he shall destroy wonderfully, and shall prosper, and practice, and shall destroy the mighty and the holy people. And through his policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand; and he shall magnify himself in his heart, and by peace shall destroy many: he shall also stand up against the Prince of princes; but he shall be broken without hand.” America’s Road Map and two-state “peace” plan for Israel have already caused the death and destruction of many Jews in Israel. We have forced them to give land to their enemies who then launch rockets at their civilians.

      Deuteronomy 28:49-51a “The LORD shall bring a nation against you from far, from the end of the earth, as swift as the eagle flies; a nation whose tongue you shall not understand; A nation of fierce countenance, which shall not regard the person of the old, nor show favor to the young: And he shall eat the fruit of your cattle, and the fruit of your land, until you be destroyed:” Though this was true of the Roman legions who had eagles on their standards as they attacked Israel and destroyed Jerusalem, it is also true of America which has legalized euthanasia in several states, and has legalized abortion nationally, and is again promoting it internationally as well.

      Who will declare himself to be god on the Temple Mount (2 Thess. 2:1-12)? Jesus commanded His disciples to pray that the “abomination of desolation” (Matthew 24:15-22) wouldn’t take place on the sabbath or during winter. That means the date of declaration of deity is not set. Personally, I think it will occur next year after the withdrawal of troops from Iraq in August, 2010.


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