My First Impression of an American

My First Impression of an American

[True Story]

by Daniel J Towsey


At sixteen years old. I was free for the first time in my life. My first 16 years of life were an absolutely horrific experience in learning about the cruelties that humans are capable of inflicting on an unwanted child. Please read “How to seduce a child” if you want to have a better understanding.


The year was 1975. I decided to go on a summer long Hitch-Hiking adventure from Toronto to the Maritimes in Canada. I traveled over 10,000 miles total. This was my second adventure. Please read my first adventure “Portage into the wilderness”


I was now going into a very scary endeavor into the unknown. I bought an aluminum framed knapsack, like mountain climbers or hikers would have, a small tent, sleeping bag and what ever I thought I would need. I was curious and decided to weigh my knapsack. It weighed 125 pounds. I knew that if I walked slowly and paced myself that I would do fine.


 I decided that I would go to as many different towns as I could. I got off at every town and walked around. I wanted to meet the local people in their native settings. So that I could better understand the nature of my country and it’s peoples.


I got to meet and talk with many different drivers. I met so many really nice people. People were generally very nice in those days.


My funds were very limited so I would not spend more then a day in any place, as I needed to be out somewhere in the woods to set camp and warm up some canned food to eat.


I was young, strong and very naive. In the 70’s hitchhiking was socially very accepted. Many young people traveled the highways to explore.


I was in no hurry and had nothing but freedom and the open roads ahead of me.


I took a bus to the city limits and began walking. I found an on ramp and stuck my thumb out. There were many other young Hitch-Hikers on the on ramps in those days.


My first ride was an experience. Three young men stopped and picked me up. They were tired and were traveling across Canada. Some 7000 miles. I got a ride from Toronto to Montreal [600 miles]. I noticed that the driver was very tired. I had my brand new drivers license in my pocket. So I asked the driver if he minded if I drove. To my amazement, he said sure.


The other two passengers were asleep in the backseat. So the driver settled himself in the passengers seat and prepared to go to sleep. I asked him. Do you mind how fast I drive?


He said “no man, go for it” Wow I thought. Here I was driving a big new full sized Chevrolet Impala [4000lbs] vehicle with a very powerful engine.


So I drove at normal speed for a while to get used to the car. It drove perfectly. We were now at least 200 miles from any town on a new Hwy. The weather was perfect.


The speed limit was about 90 m.p.h. I took the car to 120 m.p.h. and kept it there for hours.


I flew passed an O.P.P. HWY patrol parked diagonally. At 120 miles per hour [aprox 180k.m.h]. I realized that if I stayed at that speed. The police car would have a hard time to catch me. I realized that I would be miles ahead of him before he would even match my speed. I also realized that he would have to go faster than 120 mph. To catch up. I eventually lost site of him. I continued to drive at 120 m.p.h.


I came to realize that I was approaching the border to the French province of Quebec, and that if I continued over that border, that the Quebec Hwy patrol would probably be waiting for me. And they would of probably thought that I was some criminal on the run.


So I pulled over and waited for the O.P.P. HWY patrol to catch me. It took him 20 minutes to get there. He looked around . Saw that all my passengers were asleep. They never woke up. The officer gave me a $180.00 ticket. Which was allot in 1975.


I kept the ticket and framed it.


I continued on into Montreal.


I was about to have another interesting experience. It was a very hot sunny summer day. I was walking around in downtown. There were lots of people everywhere and lots of city noises.


All of a sudden this absolutely gorgeous sexy young French girl pulls up in a convertible and asks me if I wanted a ride. She was like a dream. She was undescribably beautiful. Something that a young boys wet dreams are made of. Our hormones were very eager and willing.


She drove me to her small quaint apartment and started making me something to eat.. She spoke so sweetly . I was a virgin and had never been with a woman. So I was in unfamiliar territory and I was nervous.


I told her that I was very tired. I wanted to tell her that I wanted to take a nap. But I could not speak French will enough for her to understand me.


 I was sitting on the couch and I wanted to have a nap. I was exhausted from walking around Montreal with my heavy knapsack.


I repeated that I was “tired’ a few times. She kept having a really puzzled look on her face. Then she stopped cooking and she took me to her car and asked me where I would like to be dropped off. It was late in the evening, around 8 p.m. she took me to the city limits and dropped me off. She had a very puzzled and disappointed look on her face.


I was also very puzzled and disappointed.


Many years later I realized that the word I used to say “tired” sounded very much like the French word for “late” I used the wrong word and I kept saying “I was very late”


I was originally from Montreal. But I left Montreal when I was about 8 years old and I had not spoke a French word in seven years. I only had a vocabulary of a child.


My French is good now.



I walked for hours to get far from town and find a place to camp for the night.


The next morning I a got a ride to the outskirts of Quebec City. It’s a two hour walk from the Trans-Canada Hwy to the Ancient City of Quebec City. As I was walking down the long bridge, that spans over the St-Lawrence Seaway. I took a look back and saw a strange thing. Far in the distance a car that looked like the one I got my ride in , sudden pulled to the curb on the bridge. I ignored it and thought little of it. A half hour later as I entered the city, I took another look back and the same thing occurred. This time I believed I was being followed. I didn’t worry about it too much. As I felt I would loose it while I spent my time in the city.


I spent my whole day exploring the beautiful quaint narrow streets of old Quebec City. It was just like you would see in an old European Town. As I walked around with my knapsack. A very friendly and helpful stranger told me that most cities had Travelers Hostels for Hitch-Hikers, where I could sleep and eat for very cheap. So I stayed the night and got a list of all the hostels in the country.


One memorable thing I saw, was when this very long old ladder fire truck was coming down a steep narrow road with it’s sirens echoing off the narrow street’s buildings.


All of a sudden it made a very fast left turn as it was coming down the hill. It was going way too fast. Then, I was amazed to see that this truck was hinged and that there was a driver sitting up high on the back end. He controlled and steered the back end. The fire truck was going to fast and the back end went out of control and over the sidewalk. It would have killed anyone walking on the sidewalk. Fortunately the front driver stopped the truck just before the rear end would of slammed into the historic buildings.


I really enjoyed my trip into Historic Quebec City. But now it was time for me to go on with my adventure and make the long walk back to the Trans-Canada Hwy.


It was a bright beautiful sunny day. The air was so clear and fresh. I felt it was so good to be young and free.


So it was time for me to put my thumb up. As soon as I turned and stuck my thumb out, a car stopped. As usual, I had to run a ways to get to it. I said a few words and threw my knapsack in the back seat.


We drove on for about a half hour. The driver said nothing and I was busy enjoying the sights. All of a sudden the driver pulls out a hand gun and points it at me. He ordered me to do a sexual act on him while he drove. He said that he would kill me if I did not comply.


Just as I was about to start a station-wagon with kids in the back seat, slowly drove by the driver. The kids started screaming when they saw the gun to my head. The station-wagon quickly accelerated. At this point I told the driver that if he did not let me out. I would grab his steering wheel and cause us to crash.


He realized that he had been seen by that other car. So he took the next off ramp. He made a left turn. I was now getting really scared. I could not just jump out and leave my knapsack.


To my amazement. He dropped me off under the over-pass and continued on and took the on ramp back towards Quebec City. I noticed that he had an orange license plate from the State of New York.


He looked like a very cold vicious thug. Weighed at least 220lbs. Appeared to be at least six feet tall. This was the first time in my life that I had ever met An American. He was so unlike the simple friendly Canadians I met during my travels.


This was such an upsetting experience that I walked down the Hwy for hours while I pondered the whole experience. I later realized that this was the same guy that drove me to Quebec City the day before and was the same car I saw following me. He had stalked me.


I then realized that I was so naive and that from now on I had better keep my defenses up and be much more cautious.


I continued on my adventures and stopped at every town I came to. Drivers often wondered why I did not continue on. I told then that I wanted to experience things and meet different people from different places.


I absolutely enjoyed my life enriching experiences that I got from my Hitch-Hiking adventure.


But before I finish. I would like to tell you about a couple more enriching experiences I had, one was in Bathurst New Brunswick and later at Cavendish Beach in Prince Edward Island.


So if you are enjoying my adventure, then I hope you will read on and travel with me.


I don’t know how to explain how my frame of mind was. But here goes. This adventure I went on was the first time in my life that I was free and and left the big cold concrete cities I had lived in.


The country people of Canada were generally very simply and kind Christian peoples. Life was simple and good. No terrorism, no American Corporate Crimes were occurring in Canada. But that has all changed now. Those days of simple life are gone now. The NAFTA conspiracy has completely corrupted and robbed our country.


Life is no longer free and peaceful. So like the good peoples from Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, The Phillipines, Panama, Germany, and many other countries. I often reflect on my first encounter with an American and their culture of money,guns, bombs and crimes.


All my life, I have observed and studied the influence and crimes that the The Federal Reserve and Bankers have inflicted on the good simple peoples of this world.


It is for this reason that I am writing and reflecting on my youth and when life was so good and simple.


I am afraid that this North American Union and the Amero currency, which the conspirators are slowly and covertly bringing to my country. Is a gun to Canada’s head.


Will now, lets get back to my Hitch-Hiking adventures.


I arrived in the small town of Bathurst New Brunswick. [Located at the North West corner of the province]


I found a small baseball field. Where the local people were having a fun game. I sat there and watched these happy simple small town people. I was so amazed at how different they were from the peoples I had seen all my life so far in the big Stressed out polluted concrete cities that I came from.


I was like an alien compared to these simple happy people. Being from far away and an alien culture attracted the attention of many young people. Like I, they were curious. They sat around me and talked with me. They were amazed at the Hitch-Hiking adventure I was on and how I was traveling and exploring all these other towns that they had never seen or heard of.


They told me that there was this big old abandoned creepy mansion. That I could spend the night in and sleep.


So they took me to it and they all went in with me. It was so creepy, dark and dirty. But I had so much fun meeting these young people. We had many great conversations.


I had this big old heavy antique German Nordmandy Radio with me. It had great sound. So I started looking for channels to listen to. It was around midnight. I was so amazed that because of atmospheric Skip. I was able to get the CHUM-AM radio station from Toronto Ontario. Some 1000 miles away. The other kids were shocked and amazed. But when the radio said the time. The kids all realized that they were having so much fun. They lost track of time. It was now after midnight and all the kids rushed home. Leaving me there alone in this unfamiliar and spooky place.



I left Bathurst with a real appreciation for the life that comes with living in a small country town. Where the people were so kind and happy.


My memories show me how much the American Corporate Criminals have changed this once simple and happy country into such a terrible place. Where everyone has become selfish and self centered. Where truth no longer matters. Where people are amused by electronic gadgets. Where they no longer know the simple pleasures that come from caring for others.



So now my travels and memories takes me to Prince Edward Island where the asphalt and and soil were all red. I went to Cavendish Beach. Where once again I was to experience the kindness of Maritimers. Strangers invited me to a night beach party. where they had a huge bomb fire burning. I was offered free food and beer. This was the first time I had ever drank alcoholic beverages.


I had the most wonderful experience at Cavendish Beach… But again all this is only memories. Times have changes so much now, where no one trusts anyone. Laws now stop anyone from having liquor or fires on beaches…


I have often wondered why has society changed so much for the worst.. And I can only come to one conclusion. It all stems from the corrupt privately and secretly controlled financial system known as the Federal Reserve.


The Federal Reserve has used it’s ability to produce money out of nothing and has flooded the whole world with corruption.


I have learned that money and capitalism is the route to all evil. Which is why I wrote “The Last Democracy” and “Once upon a time there was a Canada”


This Hitch-Hiking adventure proves that there was once a time when one could experience life without much money. Now with all this easy money and credit. We have lost all that is dear to human enrichment. We have become Americanized into an artificial material world. Where the love of money is, and the love of everything else is not.


“My first impression of an American”





“Portage Into The Wilderness”

“How to seduce a child”

“The last democracy”

“Once upon a time there was a Canada”

Please check out this link to read many of my other personal and political writings.








 My First Impression of an American.pdf

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