War Amps (True story)

War Amps


(True Story)

by Daniel J Towsey




I am writing this to do honor to the memory of the very kind disabled war vets I met some thirty five years ago.


When I was 15 and living in Toronto. I got a volunteer summer job working at the Wellesley St war amps gym and pool.


The experience was very enriching and helped me to develop my character. I got see naked war amps while I worked at the pool. I used to assist them withtheir difficulties.


Seeing them naked, I got see the real horror of war. For the first time in my life I got to understand the reality of severe disabilities. The one thingI truly valued about these people was their dignity and humanity.


I realized that these fine people were the fortunate ones that survived. I then pondered on all those that did not survive. I also realized all the horriblememories of death and war these people carried with them all their lives. Memories they really could never share with anyone. They could never unload the burden of their memories on anyone. Not even me. They realized thatthe memories are just to horrible for anyone to ever hear.


Many others with a conscience carried another horrible memory. Their memories of all the innocent civilians that they were ordered to kill. Like all thefirebombings that were inflicted on all the Christian towns and cities of Germany, every night for a whole year. Where millions of civilians died horrible fiery holocaust deaths.


They had a real difficulty with the war secrets that were forced on them. Where they were never allowed to tell anyone of all the war crimes against humanitythey witnessed. They were told by the military that they would go to jail if they ever told what they knew. Many soldiers really appreciated this, for it gave them a reason to live with the horrible guilt they felt.


The list of war atrocities committed against the innocent civilians by the supposed good guys is endless. But again many used the excuse that they werejust following orders to live with their guilt.


The truth is that most soldiers really are normal, ordinary, naive and kind people who really believed they were fighting evil in the name of democracy.


But the young soldiers that survived realized they had to caring an even bigger burden. The realization that the wars have never been about democracy andstopping evil . They have all been about money, power, greed and control. We now call it the Corporate Zionist Communist New World Order of insanity.


Lets never forget the firebombings that were also inflicted on all the cities and towns of Japan. And the horrible nuclear bombs that were insanely droppedon the only two Christian towns in Japan.


Most war vets never spoke much about their lot in life and their being excluded from most normal activities the rest of us take for granted.


I have always been one to ask questions, I found that by asking questions I was able to enrich my understanding of life.


So one day I started asking them questions about their disabilities and difficulties. I wasn’t sure if any of them would speak with me and answer my questions.But to my surprise, their faces beamed with pleasure when I asked questions.


So I asked lots of questions. Their answers taught me how to be strong and think positive. Much of what I learned I can not put into words. But I did learnthe drive it takes to over come overwhelming difficulties and adversities in life.


I will never forget what one old war vet said to me. He said “Dan, your compassion is truly amazing. Your the first person I have ever met in my lifethat has ever asked me, what is it like to be disabled.” He was so happy. It was like I lifted a huge burden off of him. After that he showed me a respect that I have never seen from anyone before that. He was like a fatherI never had. He treated me with a dignity I had never felt before.


So the rest of that summer I had many enlightening and enriching conversations with this kind old man from a generation of long ago where people knew thattruth and unselfishness were the only path to true happiness.


After my experiences at the war amps I had a new respect for our elderly. I realized that they possessed a wealth of intellectual knowledge that they werealways so welling to share it with any young listening minds.


So many times after that I would visit seniors homes and have such amazing conversations with wise old people. I got to take in years of wisdom from thesepeople.


But over time it has become impossible to do this anymore. Now all the seniors homes heavily medicate the elderly with all kinds of different unnecessarymind altering evil drugs.


This has been allowed to happen because the young no longer give the weak and vulnerable elderly the deserved respect, support and protection they need.


The corporate vultures are making huge profits from their sick drugs. These mind altering drugs are making it impossible for the elderly to maintain theirclear minds to carry on enlightening intelligent conversations.



The corporate psychological propaganda media of encouraging a materialistic selfish lifestyle has destroyed what it takes to be a healthy and unselfishcaring individual.


The world is so in need of truth..as a result truth has been replaced with insanity.


Insanity is now running this world…


Is that the END



Please read and download a free copy of David Irving’s “Apocalypse” The destruction of Dresden at this link.. http://www.fpp.co.uk/

You can download some of David Irvings books at






 War Amps.pdf

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