Have you ever!

Have you ever!

by Daniel J Towsey


This is for your eyes only. No one knows you are reading this.

Have you ever smiled at an exhausted and very grumpy cashier, just for the sake of helping her to cope with here low paid miserable job?

Have you ever thanked your auto mechanic for trying to fix your extremely technological complicated car, even after he did not repair it properly?

Have you ever given a homeless person help without judging them, even when they did not ask for help?

Keep reading, there is a hidden purpose for all this..

Have you ever participated in a voluntary charitable activity to help those in need in your community, like working just one day at a soup kitchen?

Have you ever picked up a piece of litter to help improve the health of our environment?

Have you ever considered reducing or eliminating the chemicals, and poisons that you put down the drain and a way to eliminate damaging the environment?

Keep reading, this can be a very therapeutic mental exercise…

Have you ever considered leaving every person you meet in your daily activities a little happier than when you first saw them? Such as just giving a kind and friendly smile?

Have you ever participated in your community’s democratic political activities?

I could go on with other examples, but I think that your getting the point…

So have you been a totally selfish human being all your life?

So now think about this, has your only love in life been, the love of money and self gratification?

Be honest!

If the answer is yes. Do you realize that all your life, you have missed out on the most selfish thing of all.

That is the most happy feeling of all…the self satisfaction that comes from knowing that you are a good and giving person..and knowing that when you go to your grave. You have left this world a little better.

So here’s the amazing thing, you can actually be totally selfish by caring. For the feeling you will get back will be the best feeling of all.

So now can you imagine what a great world this could be if all of us did just a little bit of unselfish things everyday?

So selfishness can become a very positive thing, if you look at yourself. Don’t try to control others, instead control your inner self..

Get that hate out of your heart and replace it with love..

So the point is have you ever done a totally unselfish thing for anything on this planet?

This ME,ME,ME culture that has been created by the corporate psychologically conditioning media is responsible for this self gratifying condition we find most humans in today.

Corporations are responsible for all the evil in this world.

Please realize that all these mega-corporations are a new form of total world communism. All these huge controlling corporations have not been created by hard work. They have been created by the corrupt privately owned and controlled Federal Reserve that has never been publicly audited. By their out of control ability to produce money out of thin air.

If humanity and nature survives this, historians in the far future, will equate the world corporation with corruption, and the dictionary definition of corporations will be “totally evil”

Private secret banking and person-hood for corporations have to be abolished.

Have you ever done critical thinking and researched things you always believed as truth because the corporate media constantly repeats it?

Do you believe the conspiracy that the Internet is full of only conspiracy nuts and that of the billions of people online, not one person can possibly be right about the conspiracies?…

Have you ever read or watched anything not put out by a corporation?

Or democracy and freedom will die and total enslavement will be in it’s place.


Truth is always free,

It’s the deceptions you pay dearly for”

Let PEACE be

the END


Please watch these videos

Aron Russo’s “America from Freedom to Fascism”


“The money masters”





Alex Jones “Terror Storm”


You can find links to many other videos and articles at


From the Wilderness – Mike Rupert
The whole picture – 2 1/2 hours – the Rockefeller family – CFC – Bush – 9/11 – Bin Laden – Carlyle Group – the CIA – investment banks – patriot act – internment camps – financial fraud – Iran contra – cocaine – heroin – Wall Street – the drug trade – S & L crisis – the DEA – Iraq – Iran – Pakistan – nuclear weapons – looting social security – smallpox vaccine – Citibank and more It’s all connected and Ruppert shows how.After having his life threatened numerous time, Michael Ruppert has left the United States and says he will no longer engage in investigative reporting.

Kennedy’s Warning

US politics has crawled through the gutter for so long, it’s easy to forget that the country was founded on ideals of freedom and human dignity. Or that in the past it has been led by people of character and intelligence. Here’s an important message from the past that speaks directly to where the US is today and what it must do to regain what it has lost

The Corporation


The Secret government and the constitution in crisis



“A Truth Soldier”


“Are you ready for the truth”


“Recipe for Insanity”


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