The Village Idiot

The Village Idiot

by Daniel J Towsey

Ok now this is going to be an interesting one. We now have a modern version of the village idiot.

It is an individual that has always thought outside the box, a critical thinker.

They can be identified by many different labels.

Such as ‘activist, freedom fighter, decenter, visionaries, conspiracy nut, delusional, paranoid, a truth soldier, or just plain insane.

I am sure I could come up with many other definitions for an individual who likes to be a free thinking spirit.

An individual can never be free or achieve his or her full intellectual potential without one indispensable ingredient. This ingredient has now effectively been removed from our society.

In its place we have what is termed corporate image.]

Do you know what that key ingredient is? Should I tell you know?

No maybe I won’t tell you yet. Hummm, I think I will tease you a little more and present you with some more food for thought.

Ok where do I start..

Oh first I would like to say that if you are reading this, it means that you are most likely a free thinker, or at minimum, your an information bot from the NWO, a data miner, or even an intelligence agency droid.

So here goes…

I have experienced the feeling of being labelled as a village idiot for when i go out in the public and try to inform and wake up the common folks. Some see me as nothing but an idiot. But luckily some do not make a judgment until after they have gone online and read my “The last democracy” or many of my other articles.

After which, the next time they see me. They are in silent shock at the fact that I am not the village idiot. But rather that the village is full of idiots and that I am truly just “A Truth Soldier” who has always rejected and distrusted the corporate image.

If the individual takes the time to read and study all my articles. They would come to the horrible realisation that we have been completed deceived by the new world order bankers corporate image media, all our lives…about everything.

and that the world is truly run by the insane…for they never seek or speak the truth. for without truth all we have is insanity. Please read my “Recipe for insanity” article….

So think you now know what is missing from the village (society)…..

“Seeds of truth”

When the seeds of

truth are sown,

the grassroots

truth revolution

will blossom

from the enlightenment

The Closed minded know everything and see nothing with their heads buried in the dirt and their rear exposed and vulnerable to the NWO penetration.

I dedicate this article to my friend Paul Wedge


A Truth Soldier

Recipe for Insanity

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The Village Idiot.pdf

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