from Daniel J Towsey

I am not a nut. I am telling you the truth.

Please sign up at my “TheTruthSoldiersClubHealth”

so that you can learn IMMEDIATELY about the codex alimentarius program

from the UN to depopulate the world..this is supposed to start at end of this year..

Learn about fluoride in water. Fluoride is a poison. It is the most toxic element on earth.

They are using every means possible to lower the worlds population.

PLEASE WATCH ‘ZEITGEIST” Only the informed will have a chance to survive…tell everyone.

Arm yourself with the truth and then go out and arm others. Truth is your only solution.

Unfortunately I am quiet aware that very few will heed this warning.

People have intentionally been dumbed down so that they have no idea how much danger they are in.

The insane have caused all the problems, deaths and suffering and now they are going to give us their solution.

Did you know that the cure for cancer has been known for a long time.

A drug by the name of LAETRILE was created that has a 100% cure within 30 days.

and the FDA deliberately blocked it from being used?

The USA created and distributed the HIV AIDS Virus..to kill off the black people of

Africa and they also targeted the gay men of New York City and Los Angeles.

Just google US HIV AIDS Patent and US HIV AIDS Cure.
They estimate that at the rate that people are dieing from HIV AIDS in Africa that

there will be no one left in Africa by the year 2066.

The “ZEITGEIST” movie does a good job of summing the situation up…

few will watch this movie and few will know what is coming…

Learn about what monsanto is doing to seeds and learn what the the biologists

have been doing with their Frankenstein genetically modified foods, animals

and plants..

They are altering life on earth forever. They are insane and are destroying this planet.

Want more proof? Learn about depleted uranium the USA And Israel have used in

Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq and Lebanon.

Please read my “Recipe for insanity” article if you want to better understand.

People call us nuts or conspiracy theorists because we know the truth and are trying

to inform and warn the deliberately dumbed down people.

The truth is the world is being run by truly criminally insane people.

They think we are nuts… the opposite it the truth..we are just describing what the

insane power masters are doing and are going to do..this is no theory.

The world is run by the insane.

See Zeitgeist at this link.

Also watch “In Lies We Trust”

In Lies We Trust..part 1


In Lies We Trust part 2


Illuminati 2012 End of the World Conspiracy Predictions

Uploaded by TheProphecyChannel on Jun 4, 2011



Real End of the World 2012 Illuminati Conspiracy Predictions


Recipe for insanity


They Want You Dead is Written In Stone” (SEE PICTURES)


The Truth Soldiers Club


readers COMMENTS

Reply by Teresa C

Yes, I have seen Zeitgeist.

A lot of people here are aware of these things.

I’m glad you a spreading the message.

Most people will not wake-up until it’s to late.
I posted a few things too to bring awareness.
I would like to start a discussion on Chemtrails

and Morgellons.

A hedious disease that they manufactured with

nanno technology.
I think people do not realize who the enemy is.

“They have done a very good job through TV,

Movies and radio conditioning the people psychologically

to except everything they dish out.
This is a grand plan they have and it’s very nature is “Evil”.

Reply by Kim B

And add Lyme disease to the list of created sicknesses.

Steve Archambault says The Zeitgeist movies are amazing….

there are 3 the origonal Zeitgeist,

Zeitgeist Addendum and Zeitgeist Moving Forward.

Just go to the Zeitgeist website and steam them for free.

Plus there is a 4th coming out in the fall i believe.

All great movies and life changers too….a must watch for all so

pleas take Daniels advice and watch them….Peace!


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