Alternative Cancer Treatments The Hidden Truth

  Alternative Cancer Treatments The hidden truth

By Daniel J Towsey

It is to be clearly understood that the information you are about to learn has been deliberately kept from the general public by the secret controllers for the sole purpose to profit from death and suffering. The cure for cancer has long been known. I know these sound like strong words, but after you read the information in this article . You will agree.

I highly recommend that you copy this information and spread it far and wide. Everyone needs to know.

This article should be required reading for everyone who has or wants to prevent cancer.

People have been attacked, discredited and even jailed for attempting to bring this information out. This is very real. This is not a conspiracy theory.

Please note that I am not trying to sell you anything. But I will provide you with information on how you can get more information for yourself.

Please note that many of the words are copied from my original sources. This is not an attempt by me to plagiarise. I have done this simply to maintain the accuracy of the Information I am providing for you.

This article is in three parts. The information was gathered from three different underground documentary videos.

The first part is from Dr. Loraine Days video. “Diseases don’t just happen” in which she states that cancer is a deficiency disease. She endorses a basic common sense approach with a strict natural vegetarian diet for therapy and prevention. The video is well worth watching. It is loaded with knowledgeable information about all common diseases not just cancer.

In the second part I will present to you information from Harry M Hoxsey’s video “Hoxsey; When healing becomes a crime” where he healed

cancer based on an ancient natural holistic herbal remedy. When you watch this very detailed video you’ll get the sensation that it’s a ten hour film.

The third section is based on the video “A world without cancer” about the extensive professional research done by Dr. Ernst T Crebs(1952). Which is a very detailed solid scientifically proven approach that revealed the cure for cancer. A drug he created called Laetrile based on vitamin B17.

After you read and learn of these therapies. You well come to understand that there really is a known cure for cancer. And that the cure is really quite simple.
The third part is by far the best. I included the other two to give you a clear picture of the situation and to show you that the secret controllers have always been behind the scenes hindering civilization for the sole purpose to profit from death and suffering. The business of cancer is a huge multi billion dollar business. There is only one small identifiable group responsible. I am choosing at this time to not tell you who they are. But I know that one day soon all of humanity will acknowledge who they are and what they truly are about. The truth of that is even more serious than this orthodox medical cancer treatment fraud. I will just say for now that they are the engineers of the New World Order Globalisation plan. They should be called “The Deceivers”

First Part
‘Diseases don’t just happen’

Based on film produced by Rockford Press Inc in 2000.

Dr. Loraine Day is an internationally acclaimed orthopaedic trauma surgeon, was on the faculty of the university of California San Francisco medical school for fifteen years, as an associate professor and vice chairman of the department of orthopaedic surgery. She was also chief of orthopaedic surgery at San Francisco general hospital where she trained hundreds of young doctors. Is also recognised world wide as an Aids expert. And bestselling author.

She states that doctors are taught that 80% of diseases do not have any known cause.   Which therefore explains why Doctors are never taught to try and address the underlying cause of the disease, they are only taught to treat the symptom with drugs.

Dr. Day believes that you can get healthy naturally without the use of drugs. She is a survivor of diagnosed (severe) terminal cancer. She was expected to die. She refused the traditional orthodox treatments recommended by doctors. She would not have any organs that are necessary for the immune system removed and would not do radiation or chemo therapy that destroy the immune system and actually spread and cause cancer. She recommends to stay away from coffee, salt, tobacco, sugar, animal products (meats, milk, eggs, fish, etc). For example hamburger is called a 3D meat, made from dead, dying or diseased animals. Meats actually create carcinogens when they are cooked. Mad cow disease is in the USA but the government will not allow ranchers to take the steps to detect it. She highly recommends that you drink lots of water (at least ten glasses a day), Water flushes impurities out of your body. So it actually cleans your body. Absolutely avoid Aspartame (NutraSweet)and MSG (monosodium glutamate).Be a vegetarian and eat fresh not cooked foods.

She further states that all medications have side effects and are harmful in some way. Drugs may relieve the symptoms but never cure the disease. Every drug has adverse effects on your immune system.

Chlorine that is added to our water is a highly poisonous gas, she states that water can and should be treated with harmless ozone. The chlorine goes directly into your brain and obviously that is harmful. Many books have been written on the Chlorine problem.

The fluoride added to our water is not the natural type. The fluoride in our water has never been proven to reduce tooth decay, it actually increases it. Fluoride is a toxic poison. It is the waste by product created in the process of manufacturing aluminium. (manufacturers have actually found a profitable way of disposing of their hazardous waste) If a child were to swallow some it can kill. That has happened and is why there is now
warnings put on tooth paste. The fluoride concept is a complete fraud. The powers that be are deliberately poisoning and medicating the public. The incident of acid problems has
gone through the roof since its introduction into the water.

Dr. Day also recommends that you get lots of sleep. That a human beings internal clock is designed for us to go to sleep after the sun goes down and get up when the sun comes up. The body can only heal while you are sleeping. And to eliminate stress out of your life. For stress suppresses the immune system and that laughter has been proven to be the best natural healer. And don’t forget to get some sun. The body needs some sun to create vitamin A.
She also states that the three main causes for disease are mal-nutrition, not enough water and lack of enough proper exercise. She clearly believes that cancer is a deficiency disease caused by having the wrong diet.

So Dr. Days approach proves that a good natural diet leads to good health.

Buy her books and videos
Watch Google video

Second Part

Hoxsey; How healing becomes a crime

Based on 1988 film by Kenny Ausubel and Catherine Salveson
This film is narrated by actor Max Gail
Choosing a therapy is confusing, paralyzing, anguishing, sometimes enraging. Doctors are resistant to the many alternative therapies. They seems to have a definite and sincere point of view and they know little or nothing about other therapies. If a cancer cure were discovered outside the formal medical institution. Would these doctors ever know about it? Would it ever reach the general public? There are scores of alternative cancer clinics around the world with proven very high success rates. Yet most of these treatments have been banned in the USA and Canada or driven out of the country without any scientific investigation. Why? The dissident practitioners say it has to do with medical politics. That their professional medical point of view is being deliberately suppressed. There is a disturbingly similar patern that actually does run through most of their stories. Doctors are not allowed to think for themselves. They will lose their medical licence if they do.

Medical authorities claim Hoxsey is a hoax and a quack and they outlawed his successful therapy in the USA without a scientific investigation. The Hoxsey treatment then moved from Texas to Tijuana Mexico in 1963. This was the first Bio-Medical clinic to arrive from the USA into Mexico. . Since moving to Tijuana, Mildred Nelson Director of the Bio-Medical (Hoxsey) clinic treated an estimated 30,000 cancer patients, mostly terminal cases already given up by conventional medicine. Like Hoxsey, she claimed an 80-percent cure rate for previously untreated cases.
Versus the conventional orthodox treatment afforded in the USA and Canada, were people have a one in three chance of living for five years after diagnosis using conventional therapies, such as surgery, radiation, chemo drugs. The fact is that today two out of three American cancer patients will be dead before five years.

The Hoxsey clinic uses an external and an internal treatment. The internal treatment is the Hoxsey tonic. It is a non toxic detoxification and helps build up the immune system. It consists of herbs and potassium iodine. It is only part of the treatment, the other part is a strict regulated diet.

This treatment started a cancer treatment war in the USA. The medical profession started by labelling Hoxsey a quack. And used the media(shows, films) to attack him. Doctors labelled him the worst cancer quack of the century, but Hoxsey supporters called him an effective healer persecuted by the medical trust.

Hoxsey says that his treatment has never been proven to not cure cancer. According to the Hoxsey legend the remedy was discovered by his Great Grand Father experimenting on a sick horse at his Illinois farm. Hoxsey say that his father was the first to administer the treatment to humans. He gave the formula to young Harry from his death bed. He made him promise to give it to people even if they could not pay and that it continue to carry the Hoxsey name. Prophetically he warned the boy against the priests of medicine who would fix him jealously.

Harry Hoxsey started his first clinic in Illinois in 1923. He immediately endured the wrath of organised medicine and was arrested more times then any other man in medical history. Yet by 1950 the Hoxsey clinic of Dallas was the largest cancer treatment clinic in the world. He opened Hoxsey clinics in seventeen states. Endorsing the treatment was Senators, Judges, and even some Doctors. As well as the general public. Two federal courts up held its therapies value.

If the treatment was worthless. How did it gain such over whelming support ? He was labelled as the quack who cured cancer. Hoxsey was arrested more than a hundred times in a two years by the Assistant District Attorney Al Templeton. Patients refused to testify against Hoxsey. So none of the Al Templeton’s charges succeeded. Templeton’s brother got sick with cancer and secretly went to Hoxsey for treatment. He ended up getting well. So Hoxsey’s most determined prosecutor became his most loyal Lawyer. He was later elected county judge. Suddenly Hoxsey had friends at the Dallas court house.

Hoxsey won many court battles where jurors ruled that indeed the Hoxsey treatment was curing cancer. The Hoxsey treatment received wide spread media support and its popularity continued to grow.

Hoxsey put out a public declaration to the authorities to do a thorough investigation of his treatment. To prove that his treatment is not superior to the radiation or surgery. If they could prove that he would immediately shut down all his operations. The authorities never took him up on his offer.

So later the Chicago national headquarters of the American Medical Association offered for Hoxsey to demonstrate his treatment. Dr Morris Fishbein. Editor of the influential AMA journal and others set up a test case with terminally ill patient Police Sergeant Thomas Manix. According to Hoxsey the day after his successful demonstration. High AMA officials asked to buy the rights to his formula. The alleged offer would have given all rights to a group of doctors including Dr. Fishbein. They were in the process of drawing up the agreement, and Hoxsey said “ You have to put in here that no one can be turned down because of a lack of funds” and they said “ Oh no” and Hoxsey said “ yes that’s a promise I made to my dad on his death bed, this must go in” They said “ You have nothing to do with this. We’ll charge what we want to” Then Hoxsey said “Well then, you wont get the formula” (Hoxsey later became very wealthy with a successful oil investment in Texas)
Did the AMA doctors try to suppress a successful cancer cure they could not control and profit from?

Hoxsey’s shocking charges became shrouded in unprovable mystery when the AMA denied the entire event ever took place. Evidence only confirms the medical case of the patient Thomas Manix.

One thing was certain. Hoxsey had made a very powerful enemy. Dr Fishbein used his very powerful position to relentlessly never ending attacks on Hoxsey for the next twenty five years. Instead of settle ling the dispute with a scientific investigation of Hoxsey’s cancer treatment. They played it out In the media. (public arena)

Until one day when Dr. Fishbein went to far when he published an article about Hoxsey, in the Hearst Sunday papers. The article was called “ Blood money” in it he said a line “ like a gruel feasting on the bodies of the dead and dying”

As a result Hoxsey sued the huge powerful Hearst corporation and Dr. Fishbein for libel and slander. The trial was a huge media event. The cards were seriously stacked against Hoxsey. Surprisingly Hoxsey became the first man to ever receive a judgement against the AMA and Dr. Fishbein. Hoxsey won his lawsuit by bringing in many patients who had doctors that said they only had only so long to live. Then they went to Hoxsey and were cured of cancer by the Hoxsey treatment. Many were long time survivors.

It was disclosed during the trial that Dr. Fishbein failed anatomy in medical school and that he never treated a patient or practiced a day of medicine in his entire career. The leader of medicines quack attack was continuously on the defence. Critics charged the AMA with being a doctors union setting medical policy in its own interest and not the patients interest.

Two federal courts agreed it was a monopoly. Dr. Fishbein had to resign from his post at the AMA. But the Hoxsey – Fishbein trials held an even more shocking revelation. Dr. Fishbein in court admitted that Hoxsey’s external pastes actually did cure external cancers.

Even though the AMA agreed that the paste cured external cancers. The war did not end.

Hoxsey soon faced another very powerful and determined opponent. The federal government. The food and drug administration said that his internal treatment was a fake. The FDA was famous for harassing the Hoxsey patients. They went to patients homes and tried to get information they could use against Hoxsey. They also confiscated the patients Hoxsey tonic medication. The FDA thoroughly investigated Hoxsey for criminal activity. When the FDA decided they could not defeat Hoxsey in federal court. They took an unprecedented action. It secured a ruling in a federal appeals court that the Hoxsey internal treatment was worthless and then posted this ruling in all public buildings including post offices all over the country. They did more than just warn the public. Although federal prosecutors could not prove the treatment was worthless. They did outlaw it on technicalities. They claimed that the Hoxsey tonic used false labelling in inter-state commerce. (shipping)Then all on the same day they padlocked all seventeen clinics, each in a different state. Hoxsey did not have the resources to fight the government in court for each and every state.

In 1963, Mildred Nelson on of Hoxsey’s very long time nurses at the Dallas clinic took the Hoxsey treatment to Tijuana, Mexico and Harry Hoxsey stayed in the oil business of Dallas.

Hoxsey requested that Mildred drop the Hoxsey name because he felt that she would have a much better chance of success without it. She agreed but the patients continue to call the clinic, “The Hoxsey clinic”.

Few doctors today know anything about the Hoxsey story. To most of them the Hoxsey clinic is just another quack therapy clinic in Mexico. Unworthy of serious investigation. The arguments against investigating Hoxsey are about the same as those against all alternative approaches. What are these arguments? Doctors say “ a formal investigation would falsely raise the patients hope of a real cure”. They say the quacks are in it just for the money. Worst of all they say that going to a quack prevents getting proper medical treatment.

But with traditional treatment’s cut, burn, and poison success rate of only fifteen percent. That fifteen percent mostly only applies to the removal surgery done to localised cancer in early intervention cases. I suspect that without the statistics of such included in the total. That the statistics of radiation and chemo would be close to zero success.

Harry Hoxsey generally opposed conventional treatment. But when he himself faced prostate cancer. He faced every patients dilemma. He took his own treatment without success. Finally he had the very surgery (but not radiation and chemo) that he criticised. He lived on for seven more years. Hoxsey died (1974) of heart failure and a weak liver according to his personal doctor. Who was out of town when Harry Hoxsey passed away. The doctor who signed Hoxsey death certificate, wrote that Hoxsey died of carcinoma cancer of the prostate. (it does not appear that an autopsy was performed to establish this). Even in death Harry Hoxsey was marked by a conflict of medical opinion.
The Sad End.

Although the treatment has yet to be tested in clinical trials, virtually all the Hoxsey herbs in the famous internal tonic have been documented for anticancer properties. Among the ingredients are red clover, burdock, poke root, stillingia, barberry, licorice, buckthorn bark, prickly ash bark, and cascara sagrada, in a base of potassium iodide. By the 1950s, organized medicine did admit that the Hoxsey escharotic [a corrosive or caustic substance] external remedies cure external cancers. One, the red paste, contains bloodroot, an old native American herb for external cancer. But the original formula is a closely kept secret.

Hoxsey Like Formula;
Glycyrrhiza glabra, 12 g. Trifolium pratense, 12 g. Arctium lappa, 6 g. Stillingia sylvatica (toxic), 6 g. Berberis aquifolium, 6 g. Phytolacca decandra (toxic), 6 g. Rhamnus purshiana, 3 g. Rhamnus frangula (toxic), 3 g. Xanthoxylum americanum, 3 g.
Combine the dry herbs, place in 3 cups of water and simmer for 10-15 minutes. Cool, strain and store in a dark glass jar. sig: use 2-4 tbsp. tea in a third cup water adding 1-2 drops of saturated potassium iodide and 5-11 drops strong iodine (Lugol’s) solution. Take q.i.d., p.c. and before bed. (NCNM Pharmacy)

Bio-Medical Center, P.O. Box 727, 615 General Ferreira, Colonia Juarez, Tijuana, Mexico 22000 – Phone: 011 52 66 84-9011, 011 52 66-84-9081, 011 52 66 84-9376. For further information on Hoxsey therapy and details on treatment.
Reading Material:
You Don’t Have to Die, by Harry Hoxsey, Milestone Books (New York), 1956. Out of print: check your local library.
The Cancer Survivors and How They Did It, by Judith Glassman.
“Does Mildred Nelson Have an Herbal Cure for Cancer?” by Peter Barry Chowka, Whole Life Times, January-February 1984.
“The Troubling Case of Harry Hoxsey,” by Ken Ausubel, New Age Journal, July-August 1988.
Other Material:
Video: Hoxsey: When Healing Becomes a Crime (originally entitled Hoxsey: Quacks Who Cure Cancer?), 1987. Ninety-six minutes. An excellent, very moving documentary on the Hoxsey therapy, covering its history, the Bio-Medical Center, and the politics and economics of cancer. Produced and directed by Ken Ausubel and co-produced by Catherine Salveson, R.N., it premiered at the Margaret Mead Film Festival in New York and was shown on cable television. Available from Realidad Productions (P.O. Box 1644, Santa Fe, NM 87504; 505-989-8575).

Buy the book
Watch the Google video
Buy the DVD
Personal note; I feel that if there had been an honest scientific investigation done of Hoxsey treatment. That science could of progressed much farther in the cure for all cancers. Just think how different the outcome for Harry Hoxsey and the world would of been. If his treatment had been treated respectably by proper scientific investigation. Lets never forget the thousands of patients he helped. And remember that Hoxsey was never in it for the money. He truly cared about helping people. Even the ones that could not pay. When’s the last time a professional doctor ever worked for free ?

Politics has no place in science. ……………..Daniel Towsey

Third Part
World without cancer
film by G. Edward Griffin

Related Information:
A wealth of information on alternative health research information is available at this link.
DISCLAIMER: The information in this article is provided for educational purposes only. If you are ill, see a health professional.

However it is your God-given right and your constitutional right to prescribe treatment for yourself, but this can involve risk. If you choose to use the information in this article without approval of a health professional, you must assume the risk. I do not assume any responsibility.

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Alternative Cancer Treatments.pdf

 After decades and many attempts to silence Dr. Burzynski and his cancer-curing techniques, the Texas Medical Board and the Western medical establishment are again forced to see their case thrown out.

Dead silence is all that remains, over a week since the Texas Medical Board was forced to drop their case against Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski. Other than a couple random small-town newspapers, a questionable blog and Saturday’s opinion piece in a tiny Canadian regular, no one in the media has been willing to touch the news that, yet again, all charges were dismissed against a certain doctor that has literally and successfully cured cancer on many occasions.

The Texas Medical Board and the Western medical establishment had been targeting Dr. Burzynski for years and the media was fully willing to document the case against him and chastise his work, prior to the case being dismissed and despite his incredible success record. Strangely, as if the event never occurred, there’s been nothing by the media since.

A multi-billion dollar a year gravy-train is on the line and the establishment’s puppet-media cannot allow everyone to catch on to the fact that many other forms of disease treatment exist and have typically proven to be far more effective than what is (allowed to be) prescribed by Western-trained medical practitioners.

Nonetheless, Dr. Burzynski is now free, again, to continue practicing the cancer-curing techniques that have been the reason for the target on his back since many in the public became aware of the alternative-minded doctor and his successful techniques. Adding to the staggering mountain of evidence in support of alternative and effective cancer treatments and, unfortunately, the medical establishment, their puppets and the ignorant and witting media that continue trying to silence them.

Sandi Kavanagh, for instance, a 48 year old woman from Crystal Lake, IL., was diagnosed in January with an aggressive form of brain cancer, known as Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM). As with the vast majority of cancer patients, Kavanagh’s cancer did not respond to the traditional radiation and chemotherapy that is largely recommended by almost all (Western) doctors as one of the few options they (are allowed to) give their patients, or risk losing their medical license.

Refusing to give up, Kavanagh and her family began to research for alternative ways to treat her condition, something people are doing more and more often these days. Realizing that “modern” science had nothing more to offer and unwilling to except that she only had “two to three months to live,” according to typical Western medicine, Kavanagh decided to undergo a treatment she found that treats cancer with Antineoplastons. Remarkably (if you are still new to the idea there are actually real “alternative” cancer cures), Kavanagh reports that an MRI scan revealed her tumor shrank by 33 percent after her first procedure, prompting her to continue with Dr. Burzynski’s miraculous treatments. Mrs. Kavanagh, ecstatic she’s finally found a doctor that is willing to kill cancer cells without killing the rest of her body at the same time, plans to do another scan on December 13, 2012 to continue monitoring her progress.

Perhaps not quite as pleasant to discuss, however, is the story of these miracle Antineoplastons and the very rocky road they’ve traveled in order to get where they are today. It begins with the man who first discovered their effectiveness in the treatment of cancer in 1967. Dr. Stanislaw R. Burzynski, M.D., Ph.D., was the physician and biochemist researcher responsible for identifying natural occurring peptides and amino acid derivatives, or “Antineoplastons,” as he later named them, in the human body.

He discovered they are the components of a biochemical defense system that controls cancer growth without destroying normal cells, largely deficient in cancer patients, in comparison to healthy individuals. In 1977, after authoring and co-authoring numerous publications, including five on the subject of his peptides research, Dr. Burzynski founded his clinic in Houston, TX where he began to treat patients using his remarkable discovery, with incredible success. Such success, in fact, that soon cancer patients from all over the United States began to travel to obtain this miracle treatment.

Surprisingly, neither the efficacy of Dr. Burzynski’s treatment, as evidenced by the rapid recovery of his patients, nor the safety of Antineoplaston as a cancer treatment…with virtually no dangerous side-effects, was enough for the medical establishment to support this medical pioneer, or at the very least, leave him alone to continue his success. Instead, in 1984 the Texas Board of Medical Examiners, under pressure by the (medical establishment-controlled) FDA, began what would end up being a decade long persecution of Dr. Burzynski. There was no way an individual holding a private patent for certain medical devices or treatments, independent of the established order, was going to encroach on many decades of corporate medical monopoly.

After wasting precious resources and taxpayer millions, trying to revoke Dr. Burzynski’s medical license, for well over a decade, the Board was completely unsuccessful at proving wrong-doing of any kind. Everything from launching extensive investigations to sending agents out-of-state to convince current and former patients to file unwarranted complaints was attempted. Amazingly, the powers that be, desperate and dedicated to maintaining control over how treatment is administered and keeping century-old chemical-based, assembly-line style medical practices in place, were unusually unable to find a way to silence the doctor.

Despite all this, after years of failure and even after admitting “the efficacy of Antineoplastons as the treatment of human cancers is not of issue in these proceedings”, proving that it really isn’t about curing people of cancer, the board launched another investigation in 2008, again attempting to revoke Dr. Burzynski’s medical license. This time, however, their attempt was to put Dr. Burzynski on trial for giving terminal cancer patients personalized gene-targeted cancer therapy, tailored to the individual patient’s genetic markers and also more effective than the deadly, toxic and carcinogenic radiation or chemotherapy treatments forced on people. Ironically, this type of personalized gene-targeted therapy is considered, by many experts, as the future of modern medicine in cancer treatment. Just not with the help of Dr. Burzynski, if the medical establishment and its puppet FDA have anything to do with it, that is.

Fortunately for the many patients who rely on this medical breakthrough for their very lives, including the general freedom that allows for the creative talents and individualism to flourish within the people, the Texas Medical Board’s most recent case against Dr. Burzynski was dismissed on November 19, 2012.

But don’t think the official shenanigans end there. Dr. Burzynski has also endured persecution by the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This, in and of itself, has been a $60 million witch hunt, tax-payer funded of course, beginning in 1983 when the FDA took action to close Dr. Burzynski’s clinic. That same year, like all other times, a judge ruled Dr. Burzynski could continue treating patients in the state of Texas. But no matter how many times the public said no, however, the powers that be (the medical establishment, the corporations and those that own them… With almost total puppet media complicity) continue to fight for the end of any successful treatment for diseases, like cancer, so they can continue to control the flow of medicine and the money that follows.

Relentlessly, the FDA, who had previously warned the judge that making such a ruling would push the government to pursue other remedies, such as seizure, condemnation of the drugs or criminal prosecution, convened grand juries to indict Burzynski in 1985, 1990, 1994, and yet again in 1995. Accepting the word “no” from the sovereign people is something they are simply untrained and unwilling to do. Staggeringly, even as all previous attempts at a grand jury investigation resulted in no indictments, the FDA still conducted another investigation between 1991 and 1993.

Sadly, Dr. Burzynski was eventually indicted in 1995 and charged with 75 counts of violating federal law and fraud – facing a maximum of 290 years in federal prison and $18.5 million in fines. But not unlike every other instance where those that control the government attempted to put a halt to anything resembling a change in direction from the billions of dollars raked in by the cancer industry every year, on March 4th, 1997 the judge declared a mistrial and ordered that Dr. Burzynski be acquitted of nearly half the charges. Once again, the government “had not presented sufficient evidence” against him. The FDA eventually dropped 40 of the remaining 41 charges and a second jury finally acquitted him of the final charge. Even the jurors from the first trial showed up to protest in support of Dr. Burzynski.

If history is to repeat itself, as it almost always does, chances are slim this actually represents the end of the US government’s attempt at controlling every aspect of the cancer industry. Especially the parts that actually would have a positive effect on skyrocketing cancer rates and would likely be saving the lives of hundreds of thousands per year, in the United States and many other parts of the world, if left to do their magic. But not only has Dr. Burzynski likely not seen the end of ruthless “government” medical oppression, he is nowhere near the first or only case where creative and caring humanitarian doctors, physicians and researchers have been silenced and their remedies memory-holed in support of a society where diseases are to be the reality and a select few making all the money off of their “treatments” are the cure.

Earlier in 2012, Dr. Antonella Carpenter, PhD, much like Dr. Burzynski, targeted for suppression for over a decade, was using a personally-patented, injectable, colored liquid technology to heat and destroy cancer cells, while leaving surrounding tissues almost entirely unharmed. The treatment, Light Induced Enhanced Selective Hyperthermia (LIESH), was using a laser-based technology Dr. Carpenter legally acquired while working for NASA during secret government projects. Almost identical to Dr. Burzynski’s story, however, very coordinated and sophisticated efforts were made by professional government trolls to seek out current and former patients that would be fooled into testifying against her after being talked into going back to deadly chemotherapy treatment with falsehoods and fear tactics.

Also like Dr. Burzynski, her reputation was attacked, but her privately owned and patented technologies were silenced in her case, despite no evidence she had ever illegally practiced medicine or that her patients had been victimized in any way. Despite many successfully cured patients, including many that were willing to testify but were ironically never allowed, crooked prosecutors, judges and media in both Arkansas and Oklahoma were eventually successful at fraudulently forcing Dr. Carpenter to pay millions in fines and eventually had all of her equipment seized over the summer by a federal government that answers to the profit and eugenics-driven cancer industry and not to the people who deserve real cures that exist, like Dr. Carpenter’s and many others. Her case is currently headed toward the District Court of Appeals.

Dr. Max Gerson, as one of many more examples, developed his world-famous dietary therapy, the “Gerson Diet,” which has proven to heal many illnesses, among them cancer on thousands of occasions. As a result of his proven success, a US Senate Committee moved to provide funding for research of nutritional cancer therapies. Once again, research was unable to go very far and Dr. Gerson struggled as a medical pioneer because he was persecuted by the medical establishment, due to the fact that his therapy went against conventional medicine and the wisdom passed down by those that wish to keep things going just the way they are. The American Medical Association even lobbied to defeat the passing of the funding measure that ended up being defeated by a mere four votes.

In another instance, Royal Ray Rife and Gaston Naessens both invented powerful microscopes that enabled researchers to observe live cancer microbes… A feature modern microscopes still cannot do to this day. This allowed them to develop effective treatments for destroying cancer cells, but both were persecuted for their discoveries and accused of healing the sick without a license.

It has also been known, since (at least) 1974, that around 60 of the 420 or more “cannabinoids” that exist in THC, attained by smoking and/or orally ingesting marijuana, have proven on many occasions, both privately and through professional research, to have numerous different health benefits. Including reducing the size of cancer tumors and killing most forms of cancer cells, almost every time it’s been tested. Yet, if you ask your local oncologist or look to your local or national news media, it’s as if no one in the government or the world of establishment-based medicine has ever heard of any of these treatments, situations or people, ironically and unfortunately enough.

The bottom line is this; if it’s owned or patented by a private individual, or can’t be patented at all, and can be used to cure cancer especially, you are not going to be allowed to practice your craft or use the technique or substance as a treatment and especially call it a “cure,” as long as the medical establishment and its puppet FDA can help it, thus far, at all costs and by any means necessary. The unfortunate truth for the establishment and, therefore, the people is and always will be, there’s no money in the cure.

More examples include, but nowhere near limited to:

Psychiatrist Wilhem Reich, once regarded as the heir to Sigmund Freud’s seat, perished in jail after working with orgone energy to kill cancer cells. The FDA made sure his equipment, books and writings were all destroyed.

Dr. Issels cured his patients of cancer using integrative immunotherapy and the same principals as the Gerson therapy. For it he received a suspended jail sentence and multiple attempts have been made to force the discontinuation of his work.

Biochemist Lawrence Burton was persecuted and defamed for his work to improve immune system function in cancer patients and his discovery of a serum to shrink tumors.

Dinshah Ghadiali was a pioneer in the field of color therapy and was sadly jailed and his equipment, books and writings were destroyed after he successfully treated cancer and other illnesses.

Harry Hoxsey was persecuted and arrested for practicing medicine without a license after curing thousands of patients of cancer by using herbal remedies.

Dr. Kristine Nolfi began helping her patients overcome cancer through nutrition, after curing her own cancer by consuming a vegetarian organic raw food diet. She was subsequently persecuted and stripped of her license.

William F. Koch immigrated to Brazil as a result of the severe persecution he endured for his success curing patients with the use of his homeopathic oxidation catalyst.

Researcher Dr. Johanna Budwig was prevented from publishing her discovery of fatty residues from margarine in soft tumors and also lost her job in the process.

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Contributing writer: Nohemi Lopez

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