How to be 100% Selfish

How to be 100% Selfish



Daniel J Towsey

Okay here we go.. As understand selfishness…

Selfishness is all about seeking what makes you totally happy.

So now you will have to be truthful to yourself to be able to
achieve your 100% total selfishness goal.

Now remember this is between you and your conscience and not me.

I will never meet or know you. No one knows you are reading this..

The words I am about to write are for your selfishness.

So it seems to be that every selfish person seeks unlimited pleasures. Will here is the formula.

This formula is extremely valuable…and I am going to give it to you for free..

After-all the best things in life are always free.

So you want to be free to be the most selfish you can be, do you not?
Actually It is very simple and easy to do.

Just spend the rest of your life giving of yourself.

Sharing your knowledge of all that is beautiful and good with others.

Giving a smile to a stranger and even a pleasant greeting too.

I mean spend your whole life giving and doing kindness to others.

especially if they do not now your selfish formula.

You will soon discover that, like the fact that a person can not tickle themselves.
You can not make yourself happy.

Others will make you happy if you adhere to the 100% selfishness formula.

You will soon discover that almost every time you give of yourself..
even if your giving to the most hardest and negative person you could ever meet,
That the formula works almost every time.

Over a lifetime of using this formula you will discover the most amazing thing.

You will discover the most beautiful thing ever.

You will see the most absolutely genuine and beautiful smiles coming back at you.

Smiling is so contagious.

Before you know it you will be smiling all the time.

Some people will give you bewildered stares. They will think you are high on something.

And the truth will be that you will be high on life itself.

And remember that all the best things in life will come to
those who know the 100% selfishness formula.

So do the selfishness thing and go out and give of yourself.

Be kind and loving, do not judge those who do not know the formula.
Instead just give them the formula.

This formula comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Now what a deal.. And it is completely free..

All you have to do is go out and do it…and over time you will be a master at it..

I look forward to seeing your smile someday.

How to be 100% Selfish.pdf

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