The Green Switch

The Green Switch

by Daniel J Towsey

The full title of this article is ‘The Green Switch or The Vacation Switch’.

Please understand that these Green Switches are actually mechanical and not electronic switches.

Just like most of the wall mounted electrical switches in your house are.

This is a short and simple article about conserving electricity and reducing the damage to the natural
environment as a result of huge amounts of wasted electricity.

Do you have electronic devices in your home or business? Such as Televisions, Computer monitors,
Home sound systems with bass boxes,? The list is endless.

I am sure you do…We all do in this digital world.

Did you know that electronic devices continue to use allot of electricity even when you turn them off?

Yes they do….This usually is the case with devices that are operated with remote controls.

It is said that it is necessary for the devices to stay on standby so the remotes will work.

I can understand this. But why is is it not mandatory for all devices to have a Green Switch that
offers the option to completely turn off all electrical use.

Why can remotes not have a Green Switch too… So that you can completely turn off the devices with the remote…

All that would be required for this to be, is the small inconvenience of you having to activate a
Green Switch on the device to return the device back to standby mode..

Some engineers would say that this would not be possible as turning off all power to electronic devices would mean that you would have to reset all your clocks and custom settings every time you turn the devices back on.

Again this is not true…

All that would be needed is to install a small rechargeable CMOS (watch battery) in the device.
Just like they already do for all computers.

The CMOS batteries retain all custom settings..

I think this would be a very small inconvenience and a huge savings in electrical costs and a s
aving of our natural environment.

Just image all the billions of devices in this world that are on twenty four hour
standby and how much energy is wasted…

This article should be of great interest to those that are concerned about global warming…

Now I would like to mention other electronic devices that waste allot of electricity…

These are smaller devices like radios, printers and such.

How many devices do you have always plugged in in your home that have a square plastic box with two or three prongs sticking out of it and a long very thin wire running from it to your device?

These are called transformers. Transformer use allot of electricity. You’ll notice that the transformers are usual always warm to the touch.Even when the device is not in use.

At present the only way to save energy with these devices is to unplug the transformer.

But again this is not necessary. It is a very easy thing to do to run an extra
wire in with the thin wire that goes to the device.

This extra wire could make it possible to install a Green Switch on all small devices.

This Green Switch would be connected to the transformer and the transformer would have a mechanical switch installed in it that would be controlled by the Green Switch on the device.

This would turn the transformers off completely.

In the meantime, I hope that this information will motivate you to just unplug
the transformers when you are not using the devices…

I hope that my ‘Green Switch’ idea will one day become the standard in this world…

I think that for effect the Green Switch on the device should have a little green
light always on when the device is in the standby by mode…

This little green light will continuously remind you that you have an option to
save turn the little green light off…

The Green Switch.pdf right click to download

Theft of Nova Scotia Power Report

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