The Hedron Collider is Insanity

The Hedron Collider is Insanity

by Daniel J Towsey

People are wandering into the expanse of infinity where insanity lurks.

I can not imagine the logic of spending ten billion dollars to explore the infinity of insanity.

They say that they want to collide matter to discover the beginning of what they assume is the beginning of time.

What a completely insane idea to think that there ever was a beginning of time.

If that were true then it would mean that there was a time when there was nothing. That is complete insanity.

There are psychiatric institutes full of like minded insane.

People who had no sense of moderation and limit.

People who never realized that we always have to impose moderation of reason to our explorations.

For if one goes out to far out of their minds they end up lost into the black hole of insanity, where one can never return from.

Psychiatrists long ago learned that they, you, or i can never help those that are lost into insanity.

It is completely impossble for one that is insane to go into the mind of one that is lost into a black hole of insanity and to bring the insane back to sanity.

Are you familiar with the expression Don*t Go There.

There has always been only one reason for anyone to keep wandering into that abyss of insanity.

The reason is simple.

They can not and have never loved.

We are all simple human organic creatures.

Amongst living forms.

We have one thing that makes us unique.

We have conscience.

We are aware that we are here, alive and that we exist.

We then realize that our existence is very short and insignificant in relationship to matter.

There are so many empty souls walking this planet.

These empty souls are lost and are looking for something to grasp onto to keep themselves from wandering freely in the expanse of the black hole of total insanity.

They have never understood that life with love is not an unlimited expanse of never ending insanity.

They have lost sight of the simplicity of life itself.

They are not exploring the single most important simple fact of life itself.

And that is the simple fact of LOVE.

Without love our life is completely meaningless.

There is a real mental illness that has taken over our planet.

That is the limitless power of money.

People who control the money (International Banksters also known as The Money Masters) are completely insane as a result.

They explore no mortal limits of logic and reason.

They never ever ponder on the simplicities of life.

They can not see the beauty in simplicity.

They have the corrupt and insane reasoning of corporations.

Corporations that have been created by the creation of money out of thin air.

Are now controlling everything on our planet.

They have completely altered all that is natural in evolution or life itself.

The sick mindset of the corporate mind is always afflicted by the mental illness trait of total insanity.

That is that they only consider *how can we do it and never whether we should do it*.

They have no conscience of reason.

They are, as I said. Completely Insane.

Now they are willing to risk opening a black hole of matter.

And if they do, and if there really is a black hole of matter.

Then we will never matter again and all will not matter as all matter will get sucked into their black hole of insanity where nothing matters any longer.

So have you already been sucked into the insane corporate black hole of insanity where reality and truth do not matter.

If you have then you do not matter.

So now you might understand why there are so many involved in this Head-on Collision, oh I mean sounds like, Hedron Collider.

The simplicity of Love for all living things is what matters.

Are you seeing the picture, that the insane corporate mind is on a course of destroying all that matters.

All insane share one trait.

They are all completely and totally selfish and self absorbed and eventually become lost in their empty black hole of insanity.

For no one loves them, they love not themselves and can never love another. They only love money.

They can not see the light of truth for there is no light in that black hole of insanity.

They will not matter in THE END
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5 thoughts on “The Hedron Collider is Insanity”

  1. Time was created by God. So time had a beginning, just as did matter. Time was made out of nothing. Before Time: God is that He is. The mystery is the Being of God, who is unfathomable. God exists as three Persons, who are One.


  2. Creation, was ex nihilo, and had a beginning. Time is a part of creation, so it had a beginning. It is the universal confession of Christians. God has no beginning because He does not exist in time. It is impossible for us to conceive of Him because the distance between the Creator and the Creature is infinite. However, in His great love and condescension, the Infinite became a man without ceasing to be God in the womb of the Virgin, and revealed Himself to us.


    1. So how do you know when God created everything? What makes you think he has not always been just like the universes…its impossible that nothing existed at one time, if that were so then why would have God existed when nothing else did. That’s impossible logic. Existence has always existed…


  3. You are asking about epistemology- how do I know…
    Well, to me has been revealed with millions of other folk that Jesus Christ, did, in fact, raise from the dead. An immediate and deliberate sequellae to this was the incorporation of His Church which is His Body, and within that Body, is the Truth. The Church has always believed that space/time/matter had a beginning for there was a time when the created order was not.
    There has always been the Trinity- a statement which must immediately be conditioned by saying that the ‘existence’ of the Trinity was not within time, for time is a part of the created order- so the ‘always beenness’ of the Trinity is in a manner beyond our comprehension.
    So, in the first year philosophy classes they talk about the eternal pre-existence of ‘whatever’. The truth is that the created order does not have an eternal pre-existence, but that God the Trinity, always has been; that is why He identified Himself to Moses as the “I AM, that I AM.”

    If the question is left to mere reason, it will be like the tigers that chased themselves round and round the tree till they all turned to butter.

    There is a better way to get at Foundational questions and the teleological as well, now that I think about it. And, as well, everything in between.

    grace and peace.


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