WakeUpProject Films.Phase 3.The Divine Book.The Arrivals

WakeUpProject Films,Phase 3,The Divine Book,The Arrivals

Another groundbreaking and riveting series from the creators of The Arrivals and The Divine Book. Phase 3 aims to set a new standard in online films. This production will (inshallah) wake up the world, and unite the people from every country, religion, culture or creed against injustice. A film by the people, for the people.

Phase 3 is a WakeUpProject Film made up of 5 chapters.

Directed by: Noreaga & Achernahr

Video editing by:
Bushwack ,

Animation & Graphics:

Stoyan Ganev

Narration: Schimitar

Available on WakeUpProject.com, and will be released on dvd soon inshallah.

Use FreeRapid Downloader

Install this great downloader and make sure you set the options to monitor your clipbook. Start the program and update it. Then just select all this page then copy, FreeRapid downloader will automatically download all the videos links below..

Find thousands of video links in the http://ca.groups.yahoo.com/group/TheTruthSoldiersClub/

Phase 3 (pt. 1) Intro Scene

Phase 3 (pt. 2) Religious Symbolism

Phase 3 pt. 3 (Age of Awesome Deception)

Phase 3 pt.4 (Globalization & Capitalism)

Phase 3 pt.5 (Appearence & Reality)

Phase 3 pt.6 (Modern Western Civilization)

Phase 3 pt.7 (Imperialism – By War or Consensus)

Phase 3 pt.8 (The Holy Land)

Phase 3 pt.9 (The Difference between Judaism & Zionism)


One God – One Message.
This series will present divine proof from our creator, it will uncover shocking truths, as well as attempt to provide light, wisdom, guidance, and unity for those who seek it. Hope you enjoy “The Divine Book”.

Register to wakeupproject.com
The Divine Book (pt.1/10)

The Divine Book 2/10 (Jesus pbuh in the Quran)

The Divine Book 3/10 (Mohammed pbuh in the Bible)

The Divine Book 4/10 (The Original Bible)

The Divine Book 5/10 (Islam, Christianity & the West)

The Divine Book 6/10 (Human Embryology)

The Divine Book 7/10 (How Come Nobody Told me this Man)

The Divine Book 8/10 (Standing the Test of Time)

The Divine Book 9/10 (Proof that all Prophets were Muslim)

The Divine Book 10/10 (The Absolute Creator)

Zionists Shut Down WakeUpproject

This Series Explores the Revelations in World Religions Regarding the Arrivals of the Antichrist Dajjal, Imam Al-Mahdi, and The Second Coming of The Christ.

A Work Inspired by Hashemsfilms and of Course the Words of the Noble Qoran, The Holy Bible, and The Torah, The Arrivals is a Joint Production by truthseekers Noreagaaa and Achernahr.

The Arrivals pt.1 (intro)

The Arrivals pt.1 (Proof from the Holy Quran)

The Arrivals pt 2 (mind control feat George Carlin)

The arrivals part 3 – noreagaaa / achernahr

The Arrivals part 4 – noreagaaa / achernahr

The Arrivals part 5 – noreagaaa / achernahr

The Arrivals pt. 6 (The Battle of Human Energy)

The Arrivals pt. 7 (Pharaohs of Today)

The Arrivals pt. 8 (Shocking Evidence of the Pharaohs)

The Arrivals pt. 9 (Hashemsfilms)

The Arrivals pt. 10 (The New Worldly Order)

The Arrivals pt. 11(Musical Sorcery)

The Arrivals pt.12 (“Light up the darkness”)

The Arrivals pt. 13 (Lady in Red)

The Arrivals pt.14 (Hollywood)

The Arrivals pt.15 (Hollywood & The Promised Land)

The Arrivals pt.16 (The Media & Islam)

The Arrivals pt.17 (War on Terror)

The Arrivals pt. 18 (The Hypocrisy of Democracy)

The Arrivals pt.19 (The UFO Phenomena)

The Arrivals pt.20 (The Ufo Phenomena)

The Arrivals pt.21 (What Is Yet To Come)

The Arrivals pt.22 (Our Satanic Pop Culture)

The Arrivals pt.23 (Materialism & The Battle Within)

The Arrivals pt.24 (Freedom Unplugged)

The Arrivals pt.25 (The Antichrist/Dajjal Is Here)

The Arrivals pt.26 (The Antichrist/ Dajjal is Here)

The Arrivals pt.27 (Why Satanism is Practiced by Our Leaders)

The Arrivals pt28 (Why Satanism is Practiced By Our Leaders)

The Arrivals pt.29 (The Truth About The Gods)

The Arrivals pt.30 (The Checkered Floor and The “Gods”)

The Arrivals pt.31 (The Great Deception)

The Arrivals pt.32 (The Most Valuable Truth)

The Arrivals pt.33 (The Choice is Yours)

The Arrivals pt.34 (The Infiltration of Religion)

The Arrivals pt.35 (The Temple of Solomon)

The Arrivals pt.36 (The Story of Jesus)

The Arrivals pt.37 (The Sun God)

The Arrivals pt.38 (The Story of Islam)

The Arrivals pt.39 (The Caliphs & The Imams)

The Arrivals pt 40 (The Common Ground)

The Arrivals pt.41 (The Bloodlines)

The Arrivals pt.42 (The Gatekeepers)

The Arrivals pt.43 (The Symbolism of 9-11)

The Arrivals pt.44 (The Significance of The Kaaba)

The Arrivals pt.45 (The Kaaba & the 9-11 Ritual)

The Arrivals pt.46 (The Complete Human)

The Arrivals pt.47 (The Free Human)

The Arrivals pt.48 (The Arrival of the Mahdi)

The Arrivals pt.49 (The Arrival of the Dajjal)

The Arrivals pt.50 (The Arrival of Jesus The Messiah)

The Arrivals pt.51 (Outro)

Youtube Reviews The Arrivals (pt.1)

“The Arrivals” discussed on the Alex Jones show

The Alex Jones Show 3-09-09: Review of The Watchmen Part 1


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