The Closed Minded Know Everything

The Closed Minded Know Everything

by Daniel J Towsey

The closed minded know everything but see nothing.

The closed minded are usually very self confident.

This self confidence usually comes from their indoctrination education.

Indoctrination education is also known as social engineering.

This school indoctrination education is achieved by what is called positive reinforcement.

Here is how this positive reinforcement works.

The first requirement is that people are always thought what to think and are never thought how to think.

Positive reinforce achieves this very easily.

Positive reinforcement teaching works on over ninety percent of people.

A student is told what to think and then is given a challenge (tests) to see if they are being effectively indoctrinated into the states psychological

conditioningor also known as social engineering. In other words, Brainwashing.

The challenge or tests are not to see if the student can do intellectual thinking, the tests are engineered so that when a student puts in the effort to answer

the questions to see if the student correctly remembers what they have been told to think.

The student is graded for effort and not for achievement.

A student is constantly praised and encouraged for their effort and for their fitting in with the rest of the students. They are rewarded for being

brainwashedand all intellectual students, those that want to think freely and always have an inquisitive mind are shunned and ridiculed.

They are made to feel inferior and are socially attacked by the teacher and others students.

So truly gifted students become easily bored. They quickly stop paying attention to

the repeated socially engineering style of teaching.

They become isolated and begin to feel very inferior. They fidget, are not easily controlled and and eventually become troubled kids and adults.

These students are then labeled by the the master social engineers known as psychologists, as having attention deficit disorder and are drugged and socially ruinedfor life.

while the rest of the students have their ego built up so high by the social engineering that they become completely self absorbed (selfish).

They then become great little corporate consumers. Always worried about their exterior appearance and never about their interior make up.

The socially engineered mind never seeks the truth by being inquisitive, they always accept what they are told to believe as truth.

So they develop a huge self confident ego that they think they know everything and never go outside the box to see if they might be wrong.

This social engineering is so effective that these students go home with a huge selfish bloated ego and never want to listen to their parents when their parentstry to correct their socially destructive selfishness.

As these children become adults and get in positions of authority, be it doctors, lawyers, politicians etc etc.

They only concern themselves about appearances and never absolute truth justice and liberty.

Which are the very foundations of a free and open democratic society.

And thus the New World Orders United Nations agenda of a one world government is easily achieved.

It is very easy to recognize a socially engineered mind.

They always get mad, they are ruthlessly evil and hide that behind their perfectly engineered pleasant exterior.

You see an individual that always seeks and speaks the truth never gets mad for they always understand the inferior mind and the truth seeker

realizes that youcan never reason with the insane.

For the opposite of truth is always a black hole of insanity.

Truth is the light of an open mind.

One can never be smart if they are not guided by truth.

So those who see nothing have a very narrow mind and suffer from tunnel vision.

Those that are going further from the light and the light at the end of the tunnel keeps getting smaller and smaller become increasing dangerous to a free andopen society.

For they will eventually destroy all that is true and beautiful so that they will never have to face what they have never done before and that is to go

out ofthat box and seek the truth for themselves by first taking a good look at themselves.

So they suffer from mental illness that is caused by that dark black hole of insanity known as social engineering.

Long ago in the old days students where given tests that actually tested their deductive reasoning, which means, their ability to think for themselves and correctlysolve the questions given.

The new world order’s united nations education system is destroying the very fibre of a free open and intelligent society.

This is the only way they can achieve their total control for a society of selfish people are easily concurred for that society has no strength of character.

United we stand divided we fall.

A truly selfish person does not care about anything but themselves..

So is this the END


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