By Daniel J Towsey


I think it is time I wrote on this topic. I have spent my lifetime afflicted by many disabilities, I have also observed many others with them andhow society perceives or especially how society does not perceive them.


People with disabilities only require one thing. That is always your understanding and never your pity, which is why I am slowly writing this withmy on screen keyboard.


I recommend that you slowly read this so as to enable you to fully understand in case you have so far had the disability of understanding those withdisabilities. Thank you for reading and wanting to understand about those with disabilities.


So here we go I will try to enable you to understand.


There are many different categories of disabilities.


There are those who have lost abilities and those with who have never lost disabilities.


This means that some have never lost the ability because they were never able and others have lost their abilities.


Those with never have lost disabilities spend there whole lives in acceptance, sometimes reluctantly in acceptance of their situation and as suchspend there whole lives in wonderment of others abilities.


The have never disabilities also usually fall into the physically painless category but may often fall into the psychologically disabled category.


This means that people born with their disabilities usually have little or no physical pain and those who have become disabled usually experienceallot of physical pain.


Those who have lost abilities spend the rest of their lives with the psychological pain of knowing what they have lost. They also usually spend therest of their lives trying to regain what they have lost. It is always worse for those who have felt the lost. That’s why it is said ‘you never value what you have until you lose it’.


I hope your understanding what I have explained so far.


Now I will write about the very important invisible disabilities category.


You would be very surprised to discover that many people fall into this category and that the invisible categories are usually very serious. Thiscategory could fill huge volumes. I will now attempt to give you an insightful beginners understanding.


Those suffering with invisible disables suffer the most for most times their suffering is also invisible to those around them who have never readan article like this one I am writing. and have never found the need to understand.


Unfortunately most people never develop the ability to have compassion, for most people have never experienced a disability. Compassion can only comefrom having experienced pain and suffering or possessing the rare unselfish ability of seeking understanding.


So here I go, I will give you some examples of invisible disabilities for your understanding.


I will write about some of my invisible disabilities.


I recently survived the horrible experience of having a motorist knocking me off my bicycle and then first crushing me with its tire and then drivingover my torso causing numerous very serious injuries and then the driver sped up and continued on and drove over my knees with the back tire.


Before I go on I thought I would speak a little bit about the worse aspect of being disabled. Never forget those very lonely individuals that sufferinvisibly do to the fact that their disabilities keeps them bedridden or imprisoned

because they can not participate in everyday social activities that most will always take for granted.


Unfortunately (maybe) I fall into the invisible category. If I stand up perfectly still you would never know that I have more then eight broken ribs,that I can not lift my arm at my right shoulder, that my elbow joints are always very painful to move, that I have a crushed disc in my spine, that I have pain in my moving my left shoulder or that my left hip pops when Iam in a bent position,or that my knees throb more with every step I take and that I have suffered serious internal injuries to vital organs.( this is a very simplistic explanation of some of my injuries)


It would take way to long at this time to explain all the difficulties my injuries cause me, such as that I can never get a painless sleep or thatevery step I take is full of pain because my insides bounce up and down with every step because all my broken ribs no longer properly support my insides when my knees cause me to limp.


I have explained just a little bit of some of my invisible disabilities so that I may make this important point.


All these injuries I have and others I have not mentioned require a huge amount of mental energy just to be able to cope.


It is even very difficult for me to verbalize it in written words. There is not a moment that passes that I do not get more understanding. For I haveso many injuries that constantly give me a different pain, I never know from moment to moment what will give me pain. I never know if the pain is going to last an excruciating moment or for agonizing hours. I never know ifI’ll sleep for a few minutes or a few hours. A full peaceful nights sleep is now but a dream.


A day without pain is now but a memory.


I am going to mention a few of my losses, I can no longer go hiking, whether walking or riding my bike on wilderness trails, or even just down thestreet or at the mall. I can usually walk about ten minutes before the pain is unbearable. Check out the photography I did at link below. It really saddens me that I can no longer lift a camera up to my eyes.


I am also a very experienced expert tradesman. It saddens me that I can no longer lift a hammer, or turn a wrench as I have over thirty years of experienceas mechanic and welder.


I also have expert skills at renovations, woodworking and more.


But worst of all is never again being able to give my daughters a big huge hug or giving someone a good handshake.


So far I have written about the invisible disabilities, please also understand that my invisible disabilities cause me numerous very real disabilities.Which makes my life very difficult.


The worse thing of all I fully understand that no one else will ever be able to fully comprehend my difficulties. I will have to suffer alone.


So please try to remember the words I have written the next time someone tells you they have disabilities.


Everyday I ask God if he can take away some of my invisible suffering and if he can give others understanding.


I thought I was going to end this article here but I think I need to speak a little on psychological disabilities, in particular pertaining to emotional injuries.


We all start off life as pure Godly innocents waiting to be filled with giving and nourishing love. Unfortunately that is too often not the case forto many do not know the pure love of all-mighty God.


For to many have never allowed Gods love into their hearts and therefore have little or no love to give to the infant. Causing the infant to travelthrough its existence psychologically disabled and injured.


The injuries come from the givers in the infants life. For if those givers do not give the love inspired by God then what do you think they give?

Godonly gives one thing and he wants you to share it with others, so that they may discover it to.


God is the only healer for those who are disabled.


There is one thing for sure, Everyone can love if they learn the truth of God.



Monday January 25 2010



















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