I have a dream

I have a dream

written by a Truth soldier

I have a dream that people put truth ahead of money.

I have a dream that people fall in love with truth and not money.

I have a dream that people see the light of truth. and not believe in the American Dream as George Carlin said.

.”You have to be asleep to believe in the American dream” and then you’ll realize that its all a horrible nightmare.

I have a dream that keeps turning into a nightmare that wakes me up.

Then I come to the horrific realization that the nightmare is real.

The nightmare is so absolutely horrific that people everywhere are absolutely refusing to have a look at it.

The truth of the situation is just to impossible for people to accept.

The nightmare is that the insane are ruining this planet..

An insane person is one that never seeks or speaks the truth, for the opposite of truth can only be insanity.

The insane hide behind a beautiful (what I call) corporate image.

Isn’t it amazing what money can buy? It seems to have bought peoples very souls.

“Truth is an absolute and insanity is the absolute opposite”


At this point in my writing this I realize that most of you might want to stop reading this

thinking that I am just rabbling on about nothing..

Martin Luther King Jr had a dream.

John F Kennedy had a dream.

Michael Jackson had a dream.

and so have many others..and all never died in their sleep…

they all lived their dreams and all died while awake at the hands of people they falsely trusted.

When are you going to wake up and see the light of truth?

Do you not realize that secret societies are destroying all that is beautiful.

Have you ever done some genuine thinking for yourself? Or has money totally enslaved your soul.

Have you ever gone online and did some research about anything you have accepted as truth

that has been taught to you by the corporation state.

Here give it a try..

Type in Who Killed JFK, or Martin Luther King, or who did the Oklahoma bombing, or who orchestrated 911,

or how about checking out who new about Pearl Harbour before it happened..

Hey don’t forget Waco,The destruction of Yugoslavia, The massacre in Rwanda,

The sixty million killed behind the Iron Curtain,Or the Holocaust of the firebombing of all the towns and cities of

Germany for every night while they slept for a whole year.

Killing most of the Germany population.Holocaust is a German word that means to burn up in an inferno…….

As you search for the truth you’ll soon discover that the corporate state has never ever told you the truth about anything your whole life…

Thats the reality that everyone is refusing to see and until you do you’ll never stop having nightmares.

It doesn’t matter what truth you search for,

You’ll always find it if you stay away from corporate sources or government sources and go to independent medias.

You’ll soon discover that the Internet is absolutely awake with millions of Truth Soldiers in the war against the

agents of secrecy and deception.

But be warned that the light of truth is about to go out forever if you do not get active now and start seeking

and speaking the truth you learn.

In my dream as I walk around I am surrounded with beautiful truth loving souls.

A smile is always readily waiting anytime I need to see one for the truth lovers smile is always so beautiful.

For I learned long ago that there can never be love without truth.

Have you ever noticed that the first letter in truth is a big ‘t

Have you not noticed that Jesus was killed on a big ‘t’ do you not understand that God is the truth

and love can only exist in the presence of truth.

Do you not realize that Jesus was a Truth Soldier?

Do you not realize that all that join the Army of truth are Gods Truth Soldiers?

Now you know what a Truth Soldier is…are you going to become one?

Please read my “ A Truth Soldier” article.

Because I have a dream..

“When the seeds of truth are sown,

the grassroots truth revolution will

blossom from the enlightenment”


and then we will live in Gods paradise of beauty on earth were God always intended his paradise to be..

This paradise can not be bought with money….

You can only get to this paradise by seeking and speaking the truth..


 I have a dream.pdf right click to download

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