Last piece of the puzzle

Last piece of the puzzle

written by A Truth Soldier

People often do not see the whole picture

until the last piece of the puzzle is in place.

Unfortunately they do not understand that if they wait for the last piece of the puzzle to fall into place, itwill be to late.

All will be lost.

Unfortunately people are often so blind that they can not see or refuse to see the

picture that is developing in front of their eyes.

They refuse to acknowledge to themselves what they already see.

For what they see scares them so

that their mind goes into denial.

For what they see is so absolutely evil.

So absolutely ugly that the viewers

vision narrows into the black hole of hell itself.

The viewer is in denial that they themselves actually helped construct this image with

their very hands and thattheir lack of action in not putting that last piece of the

puzzle in place created the image they now have to acknowledge and can not deny.

Piece by piece by piece they have been

lured into completing the puzzle.

For they believed that there is now way that the image unfolding

in front of their eyes could ever hurt them.

But they did not realize that once they set their eyes onto this

most scary and ugly image

that it would be seared into their minds forever.

The sheer ugliness of it would narrow their minds vision

to the very black hole of insanity itself.

For they now are looking at the creation of the

Devil himself’s New World Order of darkness.

You are now looking at the new dark ages.

For if humanity lets the last piece of the

puzzle be put in place in 2012.

That being the construction of the Banksters

total financial control of humanity.

You will for ever be enslaved to the Devil himself for he will have bought your very soul with money he createdout of thin air.

Don’t be fooled into believing that different currencies from different countries

makes any difference forthe international Banksters also create and control that money.

The image you see in the puzzle is your very own death.

For your inaction will have created the New Dark ages.

That for most of us will be in the darkness six feet under.

For the power from the money has made the

international bankers completely and totally insane.

The world is doomed if people do not soon realize that if truth does not

guide humanity into the future thatwe will have led ourselves into the very dark pit of insanity itself.

For Truth is an absolute and Insanity is absolutely the opposite.

God is the truth and the devil is very real indeed.

For the puzzle you just put the last piece in is the proof.

The last piece of the puzzle is you giving

up on the God of Heaven.

If you let the creation of The New World Order be completed

you will now have let the Devil create his hell on earth.

Be afraid, be very afraid of the good people of this planet doing nothing

to stop the evil that is unfolding.

For I am truly afraid of the good people who do nothing

about exposing the evil in this world to the light of truth.

God of heaven is that light of truth.

I here is a picture of the puzzle..

The Holy

White Cross

In A Dark Sea of Blood

Evil can only be defeated by exposing the Devils dark deeds to the warm light of Truth.

Your tunnel vision is developing into a black hole.

The black hole is creating the portal by which the Devils agents of Satan are entering.

Are you going to let the light of truth go out?

Or are you going to become A Truth Soldier in the war

against the New World Order?

For God is the Truth..He is now calling on all Truth Soldiers.

Last piece of the puzzle.pdf


Laura Ludwig says, I feel like a soldier in the field waiting for the rules of engagement to begin, I don’t know what else to do till then. I know who the enemies but they are well guarded, I do not want to confront our own boys on American soil and I don’t want to run and hide. Big dilemma.

6 thoughts on “Last piece of the puzzle”

  1. You really are missing the last piece of the puzzle, which is who is behind the corporations, bankers, elite and royalty forming this New World Order. I will refer you to study the biblical prophecies of Daniel 8, in which 3 consecutive empires for a timeline of 2,300 years,(2 of those empires called by name in the prophecy itself, as MedoPersia.ram(~500BC), then Greece.hegoat and the next empire in the series “the little horn” which is identified historically as Rome(both Imperial and Papal). The timeline of 2,300 years, with the starting point being MedoPersia around 500BC and therefore its later part including the times of supremacy of Papal Rome of the Middle Ages..the dark ages…as such this timeline ending shortly after the end of supremacy of Papal Rome around 1800AD. Rome is the Little Horn, is aka the Beast, and Antichrist as identified by Daniel 8, in which 2,300 prophetic days(meaning years in order to include all those empires) localize the time of the Antichrist little horn(the Beast) exactly during the times of Papal Rome.

    Both Daniel and Revelation tells us that this same power previously seen in action during the middle ages as the later part of the 2,300 years prophecy of Daniel 8, is going to return during the time of the end(our modern times) as Babylon the Great, which is in fact the biblical name for the New World Order, the kingdoms of the world under the control of the Papal Rome…
    yes is Papal Rome the power behind the New World Order…so says the Bible.


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