So whos delusional now?

So who’s delusional now?

By A Truth Soldier


okay here we go.

Its time to deal with the definition of delusional and have a really good look at what we are led to believe

this word means as it is told to us by the non scientific field of quackery

oh I mean psychiatry.


First to be objective I will provide you with the definitions listed in four different dictionaries.

Just to be sure that there is no misunderstanding as to what I am going to reveal to you.

From the

Websters New World (American) Dictionary 1984

1.a deluding or being deluded

2. a false belief or opinion

3. psychiatry a false persistent belief not substantiated by sensory or objective evidence.

SYN.- delusion implies belief in something that is contrary to fact or reality, resulting from deception, a misconception,

or a mental disorder[to have delusions of grandeur]:

From the

Collins English Dictionary 1986

1. a mistaken or misleading opinion, idea, belief, etc: he has delusions of grandeur.

2. psychiatry. a belief held in the face of evidence to the contrary, that is resistant to all reason.

From the

Random House Webster’s College Dictionary 1990

1. an act or instance of deluding.

2. the state of being deluded.

3. a false belief or opinion: delusions of grandeur.

4. a false belief belief that is resistant to reason, or confrontation, with actual fact: a paranoid delusion.

From the

Reader’s Digest Oxford Complete Word Finder 1996

1. a false belief or impression.

2. psychol. this as a symptom or form of mental disorder. delusions of grandeur a false idea of oneself as being important, noble, famous, etc.

So okay now we are sure of what the dictionaries tell use delusional means.

The first thing to notice that all the dictionaries say much the same.

Its very easy to understand that this word was created by psychiatrists.

Like I said earlier psychiatry is quackery and I am now about to prove to you that the very people who created this

words are themselves very delusional and that anyone who believes that psychiatry is actually

belong in the medical field is also delusional.

Here goes.

Did you know that psychiatrists unlike real medical doctors do not and have never ever cured anyone of anything?

Want proof? Go to any of these quakes and ask them what they have cured.

psychiatry is absolutely evil and is conducted by the insane.

Do you know what insanity is? Its an absolute void of any truth such as what these quacks tell us delusional is.

These quakes are nothing but the worst of all bullies…

They pray on the weak and the vulnerable.

They pray on the lonely and confused.

They pray of the victims of abuse.

They conduct their business under the worst delusion of all.

And that is that psychiatry is a legitimate medical field.

What do bullies do?

They attack you with words.

They like to call you names to make you feel inferior and poorly about yourself.

When the bully has you convinced he now has superiority of you and now can easily control you.

A bully always relies on intimidation.

It is well know that bullies always pick on the weak.

In quackery this means picking on the intellectually weak.

The quack will use his mastery of words, and has an unlimited vocabulary of words to pick

from the the quacks themselves have created.

The poor weak and often under educated victim also known as the patient is completely

at the the mercy of these quacks of words.

The quacks are very dangerous for they are armed with an unimaginable arsenal of of psychiatric

concoctions of poisons they call psychiatric drugs.

Once the victim oh I mean patient has been targeted and captured, the quack is now free

to conduct his or her quack magic.

As the only thing these quacks ever do is drug people.

These drugs always destroy the victims mind and body.

I myself can not understand just how these quacks have ever

gained accepted respectability in our society.

I spent many years observing the mechanics of psychiatry and its victims.

I discovered that the victims accept all medications from these quacks.

I observed that the victims quickly begin to have any variety of difficulties

either being physical or psychological.

These so called psychiatric drugs always destroys the victims intelligence

and usually slowly destroys their motor functions.

Anytime it becomes obvious to anyone concerned that something is very wrong with the victim.

The victim will just be returned to the quake to administer more magic potions.

The quake will always just keep changing the medications given

or sometimes will just change the dose.

Unfortunately most victims of abuse at the hands of the quacks get put into institutions.

As usually the victims friends and family gradually stop communicating with these victims

as the drugs continue to change who they are.

Eventually the victims have changed so much that they are now completely isolated from reality

and live in completely lonely torment.

And if the victims ever get upset or try to get themselves out of this situation.

They will just be labeled with yet another quack definition and will be further drugged.

psychiatric victims are usually treated with little intellectual respect.

The staff of psychiatric hospitals have no real personal emotional contact with these victims of these

very dangerous and powerful psychiatric drugs.

These quacks can play around with any combination of drugs with their victims

and often cause the very deaths of these victims.

Society places very little if not any value on these victims lives.

You’ll notice that an autopsy is never conducted of anyone

that ever dies while in the care of a quake.

While on my explorations for photographic beauty in wilderness around my town. I have found many

mass graves white un-marked graves containing white crosses with no names on them.

The victims of quackery don’t even get a grave marker. They just disappear from society and no one

in the public even knows understands or cares to know what has happened to so many of us.

I think that it should be law that anyone in custody

or under the care or control of these quakes should always get an autopsy when they die.

So I say that psychiatrists and anyone who believes in psychiatry is truly delusional.

So the very quakes who created the very word delusional are actually very delusional.

Quakes also suffer from the other definition they created.

They truly believe themselves grand and important.

So I say

Psychiatrist are delusional.

I believe that psychiatry gained respect through a clever deception.

That deception being that psychiatry is related to the true science of psychology.

I respect psychologists who do not associate themselves with psychiatry.

But unfortunately I fear that many psychologists will be deluded

into believing that psychiatry has true merit and worth.

I learned long ago in my studies of human nature that people only see in others what is in actuality

in their own minds and that life is very much a mirror image.

Please listen to Michael Jackson’s song

‘Man in the Mirror’

Michael Jackson has also been a victim of quakery’s magic potions.

One more note.

Psychiatry is note based on any scientific research of any kind.

There are no standards by which any psychiatric definitions can be verified by or checked against..

Psychiatry is only based on drugs. It is nothing but the biggest drug pushing business in the world.

Watch the video below to learn how much pain and suffering the victims

of the drug testing have gone through.

So who’s delusional now?

So who is delussional now

Please read my related article called

Psychiatry Industry of Death.

 The Most SHOCKING Psychiatry Documentary EVER

Please go to this link and watch this movie.

“Psychiatry: An Industry of death”

See movie here.

You may freely read and or download any and all of my previous articles at

Be sure to forward this to anyone you care about

and especially to ones you may no longer care about.

God be with you.

For God is the truth.

I am A Truth Soldier


Anthony Pena shared a link.
There’s no such thing as depression.
There’s no such thing as a chemical imbalance.
There’s nothing scientific about the field of psychiatry.
It’s all just made up & people beLIEve it.
Then they are stigmatized & drugged with poisons for life.
The field of psychiatry & psychology are tools used to control all of humanity, not just the ones that are diagnosed.
We’ve been brainwashed to believe that if people see ghosts, spaceships, aliens, elves, gnomes, dragons, fairies, unicorns, visions, or any kind of so called “Mythical creature, or beings”, that those people are somehow crazy. You can’t even be too happy & be sad sometimes within a two week period, in this society without being labeled, “Bipolar”.
What a joke.
I’m shocked people have so much faith & trust in the field of psychology & psychiatry. Wake Up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: [Reality_101] So whos delusional now?
awesome post. I’ve been saying this stuff all over the internet. The problem is, when you get into the activist mode against this evil delusional money making scam, people right away say… “oh, you must be a scientoligist’… I’M NOT. and I’m sick of people saying that because I’m pointing this ridiculous field out as nothing but a mere scam for profits. lynnzy

Re:Re: So whos delusional now?
Hey I suggest you go get them quackes to give you some drugs that will
permanently destroy your mind and then no one will ever listen to you..oh and
they have something for you if you go into a ta

Re: [Truthfarm] Re:Re: So whos delusional now?

Your post was a rude, insensetive attack on anyone who used or needs to use the field of psychiatry.

Re: [Truthfarm] Re:Re: So whos delusional now?

He’s entitled to his thoughts, whether right r wrong-1st Amend STANDS Here.<period
Psychiatrist have the highest suicide rate, next to cops eating their gun

Or look at Fla doping kids into zombies, You even think these “Drs” would give these pyschotropic drugs to their kids-F’no

I learned a lot a little too late,Donut learn as I did.  Take care & beware,FTG  The sun shineth upon the dunghill & isnt corrupted. We fear things in proportion to our ignorance of them. Confutatis maledictis, flammis acribus addictis

Re: [Truthfarm] Re:Re: So whos delusional now? Tue Mar 16, 2

Hey Pete, did I say differently? No I did not. I ALSO gave my opinion.


Come one come all

I’ve got the magic elixir in a bottle

It will fix all that ails you

It’ll fix your delusions

We psychiatrists have the all improved version.

It comes in any pretty color you’d like

and just for you we even offer any shape bottle you’d like.

Come One Come All

Come and get em while they last

Buy the small bottle

or get the large bottle at a discount.

Our potions will fix anything

we guarantee it.

trust us.

All our elixirs have been tested on human victims

before we sell them to you.

Trust us.


Re: [Truthfarm] Re:Re: So whos delusional now?

So what went wrong between you and your psychiatrist?


RE: [Truthfarm] Re:Re: So whos delusional now?

Yo dude get off it!!!! I was a patient for many yrs. taking there poison. If you’ll research u’ll find many horrors of the psychiatric communities!

Way to numerous to list! I’ve been put in jail 3 times do to their meds and the system disallows any pretense that u don”t know what u’re doing.

Same as in DUI Bs they screw u in giving u this crap telling u ur going to be better and u come down with a host of other problems!!! EX: I quit taking LEXAPRO after 5 yrs.,6 mos. later started doing a D3 supplement and guess what happened…

I got better and now 2 yrs later I’ve got no symtoms of deppression,Imagine that. While taking the meds I was loosing my memory, no sex, due to no drive,and a host of other side effects!

Most of those people(Shrink wrappers) are there looking for a way to cure themselves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ps I’m sure there are a couple out there who whole heartedly trying to do the right thing…though in my opion they need more education on how the mind body relationship really works!

Then they need to figure that Pharmicia isn’t the answer. Blessings Alex


RE: [Truthfarm] Re:Re: So whos delusional now?

Psychiatry is the 20th and 21st Century’s version of Alchemy, anyone care to define “normal”? Now excuse me while I chase Bigfoot out of my yard.


Re: [Truthfarm] Re:Re: So whos delusional now?



When th eman who has been kicking the shit out of his wife and kids stops doign that with the help of psychiatry, I way more power to it.

Re: [Truthfarm] Re:Re: So whos delusional now?





I don’t ever talk about this..But here goes..

I was sent to a child psychiatrist when I was 11 years old.

He hypnotized me when I would always return to where he booked me to visit him, there was never anyone else there.

I knew nothing about hypnosis.

I could not figure it out till I was 18.

So for 8 years plus he molested me..

These quacks are quacks and as soon as society realizes this the sooner their evil doing will be seen for what they are…

This quake could do what ever he wanted to me as who would listen to a child when these quacks were put on such a high undeserved pedestal..

Like always, the victims are always further victimized when they try to speak up about the horrors of quackery..


Brilliant. You are so right.

I love this so much, that I will publish it next time in my 34th edition.
I corrected the spelling errors as you did have quakes a few times
instead of quacks, and you had its instead of it is, so I changed that.

I was the victim of psychiatrists. That’s why I know you are so right.


Arlene Johnson
To access my work, click on the icon that says Magazine.


Hi Arlene

Thanks..I always make typos and such..I do my best..I am French and English is self taught..

Also you may not know that I was recently severely injured when I past by on my mountain bike and a person pulled out from a stopped position on a side street and drove over me.

I am now very messed up. I have seventeen major injuries..I am lucky to be alive..but my life is now very difficult and painful..

I will have serious struggles from now on.

Every move I make comes with great pain.. I have allot of skeletal injuries and internal injuries.. most will never heal.

But God sent an angel to save my life.. He said it is not your time and I began to breath again..I died several times that day..

The trauma team worked very hard to save my life..they were God sent…

Bye for now..Have a god day too..

Sincerely Daniel J Towsey


from “Arlene Johnson” <>

Dear Daniel,

Praise God! Again, you’re correct; it was not your time to go.
I’ll pray for your full recovery. I avoid motorcycles like the plague
because they are at the mercy of another vehicle.

I remember when I lived in NY, I was driving down a two lane street when a woman in another car, who had been at a complete stop pulled out.
I swerved into the opposite lane in order to try to avoid her, but
she hit me in the side of my Cadillac anyway. No one was injured
however, because we were in cars.



I logged onto your photo galery. Only part of the photos is able
to be seen. Hopefully, you can do something to correct that.


Hi Arlene

I was on a bicycle..

Which website did you go to and had problems?

Check this one out

The comment below was posted on a different post but I felt it needed to be put here..Dan

A Truth Soldiers response to Tony Schwartz on being delussional

Sept 2010

(Tonys original comment is at bottom of this article)

So then Tony, we should be locking up and medicating all the members and attendees of Bohemian Grove.

So we should lock up a medicate everyone that watches television and hollywood movies for they definately hear voices and believe ervything coming for an imaginary eletronic device.

Should we then also lock up and medicate all those that belive that political democracy is real and exists?

Should we also lock up medicate everyone that believes things based on no proof, such as that secret societies, shadows governments, and conspiracies do not exist?

Should we lock up George Bush senior after he told the whole world at at UN speech in 97 that the NWo order exists, is here and will succeed? For everyone says the NWO is not real.

So we should lock up and medicate all those that believe that love and truth are what God is and wants us to believe in? Afterall believing in being a good caring and loving christian that spreads love and compassion based on the belief in God is delussional.

Oh I get it we should lock up and medicate everyone that has dreams of a world based on truth and love..for they are having very vidiv dreams and are living in a dream world.

Am I understanding you right?

Lets just lock up every body that thinks for all of us hear our thoughts when we think…

Ok lets be really delussional and lock up everyone we do not understand or agree with.

So after everyone is lcoked up and medicated, who will be left on the outside?

And why will they be on the outside?

So what exactly is your determination as to who stays on the outside?

What are the requirements? Please tell me what your thoughts are.

But be careful because they will be your own thoughts and no one else will hear them.

So you could be labelled as delussional as you possess ideas and thoughts of your own that no one else has.

Be very careful..

They will call you delussional because you have thoughts and ideas that you can not possibly prove to be absolutely 100% pure and true.

Then of course if if your thoughts are really are 100% pure and true, then you will be called nuts for even bothering to speak for nothing as the truth is already known by everyone and they will call you nuts for speaking to yourself as, everyone else won’t be listening to you because everyone else truely believes they already know the truth.

Delussional.. is a phychiatric definition and physchiatry is nothing but a ver fancy bully system of calling people names..

I recommend you read my articles entitled “So whos delussional now” and “Physchiatry the industry of death”

You can find them here..

It is a good thing “I am in love and I am so happy” read that too..

Original Comment that the above is a responce to

Tony Schwartz

Religion is unique in this fashion. Which fashion? Well, let me tell ya…

In this country for our own protection and the protection of the individual we lockdown, medicate, give therapy to/try to rehabilitate or sometimes execute delusion…al people.

We have a whole book on how to recognize such people called Diagnostic Statistics Manual. People who hear voices, talk to invisible entities, think they have magical abilities, take orders or direction from invisible entities or who try to make invisible entities happy in this or that way – our mental institutions are overflowing with people of this nature.

Yet, if they do this under the umbrella or protection of religion not only is it acceptable but it becomes taboo to question their delusions.

The Truth about Mental Health Disorders – Psychology

Be My Friend –

The Truth about Mental Disorders.

Dr. John Breeding, Ph.D. psychologist discusses how mental disorders are created by the American Psychiatric Association and listed in the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical manual of Mental Disorders.

Disorders such as bipolar, ADHD, OCD, Anxiety Disorders, etc. are voted into existence by APA committees.

The underlying assumption of biological psychiatry is that mental illness is biologically based despite the fact that no solid science has been able to identify biological markers for mental illnesses.

Visit Dr. Breedings Website at

This video was produced by Psychetruth

Copyright © CAEST 2007. All Rights Reserved.

This video maybe displayed in public, copied and redistributed for any strictly non-commercial use in its entire unedited form. Alteration or commercial use is strictly prohibited.

So who’s delusional now.pdf

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