Covert to Overt

Covert to Overt

A Truth Soldier Article


Okay do you know what the words covert and overt mean?

 It is very important that you understand what they mean.


So I will now give you the Reader’s Digest Complete Word Finder [1996]

combination of dictionary and thesaurus definitions of these words.



– adj. secret or disguised (a covert glance, covert operations)

adj. See SECRET


adj. unconcealed; done openly.

– apparent, evident, plain, clear, obvious, manifest, clear cut, unconcealed, patent, visible, observable, public.


(out) in the opening, for all to see, in plain view or full view, straight (out); see also OPENLY.


Okay maybe you understand that this article is about covert agencies be they government,

corporation or crime syndicates activities.


Those of you who have de-programed yourselves and as a result now realize that If you are a good caring human being, have no choice but to be

A Truth Soldier in the war against us by the New World Order Corporate Banksters.


But if you are not an advanced thinker, a critical thinker, or an intellectual,

you probably by now think that what I am choosing as my topic for this Truth Soldier article is a work of complete fiction.

Will read on and you will soon discover that Truth is always more bazaar than any fiction you’ll ever read.


Okay then, here is an honest question for you.

Do you really believe that there are no such things as covert agencies?

Is that really possible that there are well trained expert covert agents in our society?


Covert agencies are given government license to operate.

The most powerful being the government covert agencies.


In Canada that being CSIS. Canadian Secret Intelligence Service

.That is because they are given unimaginable powers to access and influence anything in society.


They can appear to be anyone such as a medical specialist surgeon, as they are given full authority to do anything they want as long as they do it all covertly.


They will be assisted and supported by any an all government agencies and will get assistance from any member of society under the pretense of national security.


They can and do alter any and all confidential records.

They can and do change any of these to create the desired covert results.


We the people do not understand that, the only nationals they keep secure are secret society members that

 control the governments.


But here is a huge surprise for those of you who still believe that we have A GOVERNMENT OF THE PEOPLE FOR THE PEOPLE AND BY THE PEOPLE.

Meaning that we have a democracy.


I hate to burst your bubble but because of complete public apathy to what used to be our governments, has given us what we have today.

We now have Corporations fully controlling our Governments. For all Governments in Canada are now registered as Corporations.


Who are owned by share holders who now collect profits from the peoples (workers) financial slave labour.

The more credit they give you, the more powerful and useful a slave you become, who will do what ever is asked by your slave master for money of course!


Then one day you will become completely banksrupt. You will have sold your soul to the banksters.


You will then be morally bankrupt.



Do you realize that the only purpose for a Corporate system of doing things is only for selfish financial gain and by any means, this especially means covertly.

Beware when you see through the Corporate Image.


All covert agencies have rules. They being admit nothing, reveal nothing to always maintain your covert existence.

If by chance you get discovered, do not worry we will deny everything and no one will ever be able to substantiate that you even exist.


So now I would like you to read my How to assassinate a cyclist”

article for a clear example of real covert activity is done overtly in plain sight




For those of you who have been following my truth soldier writings over the years, you by now fully understand that everything I write is absolutely undeniably the most horrible truth of the situation in our world that has developed as a result of the Creation of first Corporation (Worst crime in human history)” Read my article of the same name.


But I especially encourage you to read my most shocking Sheeple article called Are you ready for the truth?”


But if you read my very first article I ever published calledCorrupt Canadian Elections”. In which I describe to you what I learned in 1984 when I participated in running a Federal Election Campaign in which the opponent was the then Solicitor General of Canada by the name of Bob Caplan of the liberal party.

He was in charge of all police activities in the country. Making him a dangerously powerful man.


During the course of the campaign I was continuously being terrorized by police. It would take a book to write everything that went on during the campaign,

Suffice it to say that I soon found myself in a covert world that I did not believe existed.


I did not know that Bob Caplan created Canada’s secret covert police during the campaign, That being CSIS.


All during the campaign I observed and discovered illegal campaign activities by the solicitor general (who by the way was also responsible for running elections Canada.

I watched Caplan’s hired goons terrorize campaign workers etc etc.


I watched civic workers commit serious elections crimes at the direction of the goons.


I was followed, hounded day and night by Police.

They followed me everywhere while I worked on my responsibilities of driving all around our riding to erect and maintain our election signs.

The Police charged me so many times for violations and crimes I did not commit.

I spent years in and out of court winning all my cases except for one where they falsely charged me with Dangerous Driving,

where a drunk pulled out of a driveway and ran into the right side of my car as I drove by.

Then I stopped and the drunk passed by me and drove into my left side while I was stopped. I will one day write out the whole event..


But then one day Bob Caplan came running out of a youth rally where he was giving speeches on democracy.

I did not know he was there. I was asked to come to the neighborhood to fix all our vandalized elections signs.

There was international media all around me. I discovered that the liberal party campaigners had been the ones that obstructed our elections signs contrary to federal laws.


Caplan ran right up to me and again does what he has done many times before.

He verbally assaults me. At which time I thought , great he is going to reveal his true evil character in front of media, so I will now have real witnesses.

But this time he was actually threatening my life. He stood right up to my nose and screamed out these very haunting words.




Then he lifts both his arms up to motion to his undercover goons to search every media person and threaten them to keep silent about what they just witnessed.

And the goons then stripped searched everyone on the public street for cameras, notes and anything else that would be incriminating.


So late one night after this event while I was out fixing an election sign a police car pulled up and said he had a message for me.

That being that Bob Caplan had issued a contract on me.

He continued to explain what I wrote above. Except that I at that time had no knowledge of what CSIS was as I did not know that Caplan had created it.


But I soon became a victim of what they were up to. The first thing a covert agency has to do is destroy its victims credibility.

So that if the victim ever tried to speak up he would never be able to do anything.


First they canvass your neighborhood telling false stories about you.

Then they approach your friends, family and employers. In no time the unsuspecting victim’s life is usually destroyed.


As a police officer once told me. “We can do anything we want to you as no one will ever believe you and you will just sound delusional and you wont be able to call for the

police as we are the ones doing it to you. ahhaahahahah”


I would like to tell you now the worst crime against Canadian Democracy I discovered.


I sat there in the Progressive Conservative Party campaign office in York Center of the City of Toronto as the vote results came in from all the polling stations.

We added up all the votes and won by almost 3000 votes.

But two hours later they announced on the television screen that we had lost by the same reversed total.

I knew this was impossible.


Please read my “Corrupt Canadian Elections article to get the whole story.


So now many years later I sit here severely injured and crippled and a prisoner in my own home.


I spent many years trying to survive their covert activities to destroy my means to make a living.


Here are some of my efforts and achievements. All of which were destroyed by covert activities, I worked as Dan The Handyman, I owned a renovation business,

I owned ‘Cheap but Good Movers’,I owned two shops “Towsey’s Welding and Auto Repair”, I owned a used goods and appliance business “Silverspoon Trading”

Please read my related article“The Harm Storm”.


So now we arrive at my point about overt


The danger is when they go overt..where they strike controversial conversations with you and then the system will take your views and assassinate you for having them.

Yes this is for real. There are agents that seek out Political activist Truth Soldiers that are published writers.

Then they will silence your words of truth forever.


Anyone who seeks the truth and then speaks the truth is to be silenced for ever. That is their agenda.


Agents have now become overt in Canada..

They can and do professionally assassinate Canadians on public streets and in broad day light…


Read my ‘How to assassinate a cyclist”


Covert has been allowed to happen in a free and open society and now we have a closed and secret society controlling

everything because the good people have been bought off by the credit economic system.


But society is now doomed..for it is no longer guided by the light of is now being absorbed into the opposite of truth and that being the black hole of insanity.

Truth is an absolute and insanity is absolutely the opposite.


 I have always said that if mankind is not guided into the future by truth, then we are all doomed


Are you part of the solution or are you only part of the problem?


If you do not learn the truth soon and tell everyone then you will not survive. Please read my

“They want you dead written is Stone” article..and wake up before this becomes



Mossad Comes to America: Death Squads by Invitation

The big question is, how many prominent Americans have also either been assassinated by this squad or seriously wounded???

Its time to begin to ask the hard questions.

The CIA did not have domestic assassination squads until the Neocons came into power under Cheney and continued under Rahm,

and Lord knows who else now, and all that changed and we are beginning to look more and more like Israel and beginning to act more and more like Nazi’s.

Project Paperclip ring a bell??

Its time to start a brutally hard look with all these recent assassinations like Wheeler and attempted mind control assassination of Gibbons and the deaths of others in that parking lot. Its time someone said,



We need to demand some answers and to ask our reps and senators the hard question.


It shouldn’t even be functioning in any foreign country either. Lets get some information and lets shine the light of day on the dark evil pervading this nation….


readers COMMENTS


Reply by Linda Joslin on April 16, 2010

Thank you for this article, Im glad someone else is willing to speak up about harrassment that happens when you speak the truth.

I have some tales to tell myself going back many years, starting when I was a land activist and had the nightmare drive of my life when the driver of a car i was in suddenly went into some sort of trance, put their foot down and began to drive at top speed along a country road,

when we caught up with the next person on that road she rammed them and then overtook the line of three cars.

As a meditator I went into high alertness, steered the car across her and affirmed to myself and “upstairs” that | was not ready to die.

After four miles of horror I managed to apply handbrake slowly and steer off the road. From the ramming incident, front of car was completely smashed in and smoke pouring out of vehicle, when I said get of the the car its going to go up, she smiled and said Im tired now and laid down across the seats!

Sounds like a movie scene so you can imagine I didnt tell many people about it apart from other activists who knew that covert mind control methods were being used sometimes.

I had been the co-ordinator of our group and had walked the people onto this particular site we were squatting against a big corporation.

She was tested in many different ways at the hospital but they never found anything wrong –

the police and ambulances hit the scene as we were reported as hit and run merchants!

Needless to say it took me off the site for three months with post traumatic shock,

I dealt with at the time incredibly well but when you jump levels like that you get a throwback later.

When I was defending an eviction case that had been brought against my organic cafe and organic milling business I was litigating for myself,

which they hate, because no deals can be done and they see you as a complete loose cannon,

three days before the last time in court my house was broken into and a man came into my bedroom –

he supposedly walked 26 miles in the rain in his slippers and had escaped from a local mental hospital –

owned and run by the people I was in court against – the local council.

Again because I remained calm at the time he told me that he had a secret rendezvous with someone and when I said I think you ought to go now and let him out he hung around and didnt know what to do.

Recently I have had to learn about protection from elf waves and what ever else they are using,

also I have learnt to use my mind differently because they can pick up your unique energy signature and read your mind, sounds fantastical but its true.

I have learnt to talk back to them, and call them on their conscience.

I have had many experiences with black helicopters but also one strange event with an aircraft coming straight at me.

very strange aircraft, never seen anything like it, but the whole scene was distracted by an accident on the road.

The art of survival is to stay super conscious and aware, I always key in with upstairs ,

as I call the higher beings, before a journey out of my area.and get guidance on every possible hurdle on the journey and ask for protection.

That day I knew in advance that something was planned but when it actually happened I couldnt really believe it and was shouting out “Oh my god, they are really going to do it”.

I truly believe that what happened next, as I was trying to look for somewhere to pull off onto another road was “upstairs” diverting the problem, t

he plane veered off to the right and I just drove on around the accident and ignored the police car that was screaming up behind me.

I believe that because of my networking over the web and because of the importance of the information in my channelled books from the higher beings that I am seen as some sort of threat.

I have no fear of what is going on because they are operating on a much lower frequency and I am given direction from the higher beings.

Protection is in learning how to raise your vibration, they want you to be in fear it stops all of your higher knowledge, intuition, wisdom and protection.

The way to go is to learn mastery through meditation, awareness techniques and raising consciousness.

Remember in the now moment it is impossible to feel fear.

Covert Weapons Technology: Is this happening to YOU?

The Truth Denied Talk Radio Presents: Electonic Monitoring & Microwave weapons testing: just a symptom of the bigger problem!
International Center Against Abuse of Covert Technologies

Check out the symptoms, do you have any of them??

Are you being electronically monitored?
Guests are Jesse Beltran & Lars Drudgaard of ICAACT


Reply by George Schilling

Daniel, I read your blog and agree that the story needs to be told. It is incredible what you went through and probably still are.

I was going to try and post the blog on my blog page with your name on it but couldn’t copy it to paste.

You may want to try another format before you try and post it. If I can help in any way, let me know.
Keep up the good fight, you have friends with empathy for your situation. Good luck my friend.


Reply by djprophet

Never let those b…..rds silence you Danny.

Your story in undeniably incomprehensible.

I hope I can make it to Nova Scotia (New Scotland) someday and meet you.

Keep shining the light.

There are more and more each day that are beginning to comprehend.


Reply by Daniel J Towsey A TRUTH SOLDIER on May 10, 2010


Yes there are more everyday beginning to understand but unfortunately they resort to fear to guide their thoughts..

they do not realize that fear is exactly why the New World order mafia is succeeding..

the Sheeple do not understand that we all need to seek the truth and speak the truth of the evils in this world..

For our silence will guarantee our death..

It may not be a physical death for now..but it surely will be the death of our souls and freedoms..

Remember this ALL..

All good people are under attack..the insane with their power to create money out of thin air…

are going to destroy all that is beautiful..

There is only one solution and that is for the Sheeple to wake up..and stop using the credit system..

Become independent and self sufficient..

The credit system is enslaving humanity.. anyway ..

I am happy with this is full of great intelligent people..

And I always appreciate the comments..

Bye for now fellow Truth Soldiers…













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