Soft Kill

Soft Kill

by A Truth Soldier

Okay I think it is now time that I introduce you to this most morbid and horrible truth and how it applies to the New World Order Masters idea for the future of man kind.

First please understand that I get no pleasure on writing about the evils of some humans and their activities. I write to inform you so that you can inform others, there by making it possible for mankind to wake up and put a stop to the insanity that is and has always been secretly undermining humanity and this planet and especially the future.

I am a kind and loving person and this is why I need to inform you of these events by what I call the Shadow government.

You will soon understand that everything I write is all horribly true.

Have you heard of CODEX Alimentarious from the United Nations World Health organization?

Check it out and you will soon discover that it is a eugenics program to depopulate the world. Once you realize that this is their intention you well understand what they secretly termed SOFT Kill and if you read my ‘Modern Food’ and “Tap Water Will Kill’ and my article about the patents for HIV AIDS, You’ll soon understand why they are genetically modifying food and why the new Obama health bill has death panels. These death panels are the same idea as Hitler had. Where they will determine that the elderly, handicapped and even the mentally challenged will be forcibly given injections to soft kill them.

If you read mt “Are you ready for the truth’ article you will soon understand that this has always been their plan and that Hitler was actually put into power by this NWO secret shadow government.

If you want more understanding on how all this is possible, lease read my “Creation of first corporation (Worst crime in human history)” article.

Then go read my recent article entitled “They want you dead written in stone”

Then you can read my article “Why get a flu shot?” article in where you should understand that vaccines are harmful and even deady and that they are not natural as immunizations are..The two are very different.

So I think that by the time you have read all my indicated articles you will realize that the insane truly are running this world and will understand why I say that “If our future is not guided by truth then we are a doomed to a New Dark Ages and that being eternal darkness six feet under.”

Please do not tink that I am evil for writing these things..Do not attack the messenger of truth for truth is always more bazzar then any fiction you will ever read. I am just writing what the insane are doing.

They are able to do this because good kind hearted people absolutely can not believe and refuse to believe that there really is such evil in this world and as long as you avoid this horrible truth they will continue to be able to do their evil..

So be A Truth Soldier and arm yourself with the truth and go out and arm others.

God is the truth and that is why I am one of his Truth Soldiers..

God help us all..

Soft Kill.pdf

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