I Am Gods Truth Soldier (A Call to Truth Soldiers)

I Am Gods Truth Soldier

(A Call to truth soldiers)


Are you? It is now time to act in Gods light.

All sheeple now need to wake up and become Truth Soldiers.

In all my previous Truth Soldiers articles and all over the (for now) semi free internet.

That there is an evil on the lose on this planet and is doing more harm then you with a good heart, could ever conceive.

I ask with the strength that Gods gives you to learn the horrible truth of the lies and harm the shadow corporate government is doing to all civil God loving people and to our future.

I am telling you now that yes there is a secret corporate shadow government controlling everything and their power to create money out of thin air has made them completely mad with insanity.Please Read my “ Just Imagine” article

Many of You by now know what The Corporate New World Order State means. Please read my “The creation of the first corporation” to understand what a corporation is.

Then there is the really evil thing created by The anti freedom Trilateral Commission, that being the United Nations of corporations.

Where they operate the pretend world health organization. Which has had the CODEX Alimentariuos world depopulation agenda underway since they put ex nazis in charge of it after the CIA’s paper clip program gave them new names. Please read my “They want you dead written in Stone” article.

War has be declared against humanity and for as long as you do not look beyond the corporate image, you will never see the evil that lerks in the darkness of the shadow government.

A Truth soldier is one that will fix the problem, Please read my ‘A truth Soldier” article. and then go with Gods love against the NWO

Please read my I am in love and I am so happy” Article.

I Am Gods Truth Soldier.pdf

4 thoughts on “I Am Gods Truth Soldier (A Call to Truth Soldiers)”

  1. Aye. The whole world lies in darkness. That is what Scripture says. You are fleshing out some of the details. Fix it? We aint gonna fix it; we allow the crosses the world serves up to us to perfect us in the righteousness of Christ our Lord, and, when He returns, we shall reign with Him in glory, in a new heavens and a new earth, wherein dwelleth Righteousness.
    Dear brother, yes, the depths of the mystery of iniquity- horrific, but ah, the mystery of righteusness, and the Kingdom present to our hearts by faith- ah what glory! The Cross- it is the portal into Eternal Life. Glory to our victorious Lord.


  2. God never said to sit idlely by and do nothing to expose the evil..He never said to not see the beauty and not protect it..

    It is clear that if one is not part of the solution by doing Gods work then one is part of the evil.

    And it is guaranteed that if one does not do good as God then one will note go to heaven and have their soul save..

    “When the seeds of truth are sown the grasrots truth revoltion will blossom fromm the enlightment”

    God is the truth which is why I am Gods Truth Soldier..


  3. Yes, Daniel, nor was I arguing for silence! But in the process of exposing evil we must not lose sight of the LIght- when Peter focused on the waves and not the Lord he began to sink. the enemy is subtle and can draw us off in a myriad of ways. Glorify Christ- keep our eyes on Him. If we focus on the waves we shall not stand. It is a matter of balance!!!!
    And Lord have mercy on us, for we shall all sink except that Thou establish ourselves firmly in Thy Sacred Wounds.


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