How to rip off your lease and make billions!

How to rip off your lease and make billions!

by A Truth Soldier

UPDATE Dec 8 2012..recently the insurer went to court and the Judge reduced the pay out so that he did not get the billions he wanted. This occured some time after I wrote this article.

UPDATE Petition just submitted to Canadian Parliament for investigation Feb 2012 into 911

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Okay this is going to be one of my shorter articles.

So here is what you do..You go out and lease a couple of huge skyscrapers that they have been

applying numerous times over the years to have demolished.

The people of the city actually paid for the construction of these towers.

They belong to the city of New York.

Many years ago they discovered that the asbestos in the buildings were making people very sick.

They soon realized that it was going to be impossible to remove this hazard.

So they preformed a terrorist act and gave everyone reason to break their leases for their floors without penalty.

So now ten years later most of the tenants have moved out, minimizing lawsuits due to environmental illness.

So what to do now.

Will you lease them out to a guy.

He goes out and buys terrorism insurance.

You fly nearby in a white jet and remotely control a couple of dark gray windowless aircraft to fly into the buildings.

Please read my article.

But first you make sure your demolition company was hired even if you could not get your permit to demolish,

and have them wire up your buildings with thermate..

oh and make sure you blow out the eight sub floors first so the building will fall into the huge hole created.

(to make it easier and cheaper to clean up of course)

Now the shock and awe will have everybody thinking about the planes and then you light up some home heating oil to make lots of smoke…

Then you just set off the demolition charges and Voila..

You go out and sue your insurance company for double the trouble and collect billions.

Ah so then does that mean that if you go out a lease a car then insure it and then destroy it.

That you can just keep the money and not pay your cars lease company back when the insurance pays you?

I do not think so. You would go straight to jail.

So why has not the World Trade Center Complex been rebuilt?

Since it is and was owned by the people..
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911 WTC Planes Videos Proven To Be Fake

More proof of faked wtc 911 plane videos (Censored by Youtube)

I reuploaded of this video that can be viewed here

Proof That WTC 911 Plane Videos Were Faked By Media

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