Necessary Reading – The Worst Enviromental Catastrophe That Has Hit Planet Earth

Necessary Reading
The Worst Enviromental Catastrophe That Has Hit Planet Earth

If you glean nothing else from this excellent article, you should come
away with one conclusion – OUR  FEDERAL GOVERNMENT LIES.
(I read-between-the-lines that one way to bail-out Mexifornia is to
send a plethora of Gulf-Coast refugees to that state and then pour
federal relief money into it as in the Wall Street Banks.)
Bob, Pops, G’Pa


By Dr. James Howenstine, MD.
July 1, 2010

The conventional understanding of the source for oil has been attributed to decay of prehistoric foliage and fossil remains. This concept no longer appears to be a completely valid explanation
because there are some known oil fields that continue to supply massive
amounts of oil well beyond what should have produced exhaustion of
local fossil remains. This new source for oil production is termed
abiotic and it appears likely to apply to the BP gulf oil well rupture
field. The pressures revealed at discovery were ten times higher than
values that would have been regarded as a superb new oil well. The
amounts of oil released daily from this well and the pressure at the
time of discovery were so alarming they have been withheld from the
public. The underwater oil pressure is so enormous that 5 or 6 new
ruptured regions of oil leaks near the original well have been sighted.

These must have resulted from fracturing the floor of the Gulf of Mexico. Mankind has no capability of resolving this oil spill with the currently available technology. Russia has terminated 4
of 5 uncontrolled oil spills using nuclear explosions. The key
difference in the Gulf is that all the Russian bad spills appeared to
involve wells drilled in land not water. Imagine nuclear radiation
persisting for many years in the Gulf of Mexico.

Oil flowing under very high pressure contains sand which erodes the pipe. Steel pipes 2 inches thick on the BP gulf well have already been shaved down to one inch in diameter. It is only
perhaps a matter of a few weeks or perhaps a month before these pipes
rupture. It would be technically very challenging to place diverting
drill holes near the original BP well but this would fail to solve the
problem of the spontaneous “fractured” new spills near the original
site and would be on no value when the original pipe ruptures.

What About Peak Oil?

The oil companies have been very successful convincing the public that oil prices had to go to $150 a barrel because no new oil fields were being discovered and the existing wells were steadily
showing declining production. This appears to be a complete fabrication
because several enormous oil discoveries have been made that have never
been produced. Among these are the following which is a very incomplete

• Bakken Field – This huge oilfield covers North Dakota, parts of Alberta, Canada, South Dakota, Montana and Wyoming. The U.S. Geologic Survey states this is “the largest oil
field ever discovered in North America”. It contains enough oil to
supply all U.S. needs for 200 years without using a single barrel of
foreign crude oil.

• Florida Discovery – In U.S. coastal water off shore there is another very large oil field. In the interest of keeping our beaches clean it appears likely that China and Cuba will
develop this find instead of the USA.

• Near Prudhoe Bay in Alaska – BP and Atlantic Richfield made an enormous discovery when Lindsey Williams was pastor of the Alaskan Pipeline. He reported they capped the well and
walked away from this like it never happened.

• Modern lateral drilling technology has allowed development of natural gas from enormous shale reserves in Pennsylvania, Texas and other states. This is a cleaner fuel with
enormous reserves in the USA. Significant production from these shale
fields may be keeping the price of natural gas suppressed.

• An huge oil well discovery is now being developed off the coast of Brazil.

• Argentina and Great Britain fought a war over who would get to develop the large oil reserves located in the Falkland Islands. These remain undrilled to this date.

How Do Refineries Fit Into the U.S. Energy Picture?

The green politicians and powerful behind the scenes kingmakers were successful in preventing building of any refineries in the U.S. over about a 40 year period. During this time frame many older
less efficient refineries were phased out of production. One new
refinery is being built in the mid west. Lack of refining capability
makes it easier to keep the price of oil elevated as it encourages use
of foreign oil. Hurricane Ike(only a category 2) was able to shut down
a large part of gasoline production while repairs to damaged refineries
in Texas were repaired.

What is the Worst Case Scenario Possible from the Gulf of Mexico disaster?

Because it appears impossible by any known technology to gain control of the Gulf oil spill it appears likely that the following problems may occur:

• Hydrocarbons pouring out of the gulf spill will become vaporized by the hot climate and pass inland. These hydrocarbons would fall to the ground and become a significant inhalant
health risk in the presence of hurricanes and storms which are common
in this season.

• Petrochemicals will destroy vegetation and crops, producing food shortages and possible lack of food in many areas.

• Many important gulf businesses may be destroyed for years. It is difficult to believe that shrimp and gulf fish will reappear soon and be safe to eat for many years. Probably
many of these businesses will be permanently lost as well as tourism

• Hurricanes will damage or destroy many existing oil platforms thus increasing our dependency on foreign oil.

• FEMA knew the severity and the probable inability to control the oil spill from the beginning but accurate numbers about the pressures and volume of flow have been
understated from the beginning. It is probable that FEMA has formulated
plans to move massive numbers of persons out of the gulf
states(40,000,000). Hotel space has been booked for many persons at
future dates.

• It will be incredibly expensive to move, house and feed massive numbers of unemployed individuals.

• Prior hurricanes have shown that Florida is a uniquely difficult state to leave because there are only two main highways that can be used to leave the state. Leave early or
you may not get out. Another major issue in Florida is the fact
that the highest part of Florida is only 48 feet above sea level. This
means a tsunami would cause incredible loss of life in this state.

• The Gulf Stream will carry Gulf oil to Europe. From there it will spread steadily to contaminate all oceans. This will certainly decrease the amount of fish and safety of
eating those fish that stay alive.

Unleavened Bread Ministry UBM

Pastor David Eels, of Pensacola, Florida was told several years ago that his ministry would be moved to Tennessee at some point in the future. This congregation moved a few days ago. Many of
these persons drove away from homes they owned. Prior to leaving
Pensacola 5 or 6 members of his congregation had been given dreams or
visual images. These members saw two startling visions. One was of an
enormous hurricane. The second was a tsunami that seemed to be about
1000 feet high.

For about 6 weeks I have been monitoring via the internet communications between local police in Gulf States, concerned persons in the UBM ministry, FEMA and other important persons
monitoring developments in the Gulf states. Plans were developed for
rapid evacuation of citizens living in the Gulf states using
coordinated teams consisting of local police departments, military
units composed of U.S. troops and foreign troops who do not speak
English. Both Russian and German troops were mentioned. There are
believed to be more than a million foreign troops in the USA at this

FEMA is monitoring levels of volatile gases in the air. The critical value is 14. The is the number at which the volatile gases particularly methane studied would reach high probability of explosions
and there would simultaneously be such high levels of toxins in the air
that massive numbers of citizens would be developing pulmonary and
other health problems caused by benzene(causes leukemia, lymphoma, lung
cancer and bladder cancer), hydrogen sulfide(causes widespread
poisoning, prevents oxygen delivery, stops cellular respiration),
methylene chloride injures the central nervous system, damages liver,
heart, blood and irritates the eyes and lungs, and causes cancer. Rooms
in hotels and motels were being booked by FEMA officials for a portion
of the evacuees. The U.S. government has covered
up the severity of the problem by not disclosing the true numbers of
the flow rate and pressures being encountered at the wellhead.

There was believed to be a 200 mile dead zone around the BP oil rig caused by methane and the dispersant Corexit 9500. Corexit 9500 was used in the Gulf spill despite being banned in England
because of its toxicity. The probability exists that in the hot gulf
region hurricanes and a tsunami could bring Corexit inland with
devastating consequences for exposed humans.

The police and military personnel have been trained that any perceived resistance by citizens was to be countered by force including execution. Most of the Gulf evacuees will probably end up in
FEMA camps located north of the Gulf. However, even California has been
notified they will be receiving evacuees. How this multitude of Gulf
citizens will become employed in a dying economy appears hopeless.

Case Report From Florida

A 55 year old female from Jacksonville, Florida with a history of asthma became so short of breath she recently visited 5 emergency rooms in 10 days. She had noted the odor of burning tires in
her home. The emergency room physicians were puzzled by her symptoms
thinking they could relate to a viral infection. There was a long
history of reacting to inhaled toxins. It is impossible to prove but my
suspicion is that the air currently being breathed in Jacksonville is
polluted by hydrocarbons. Cities as far away as Atlanta, Georgia are
reporting increased visits to emergency rooms.

What Actions Should Be Taken By Gulf Citizens?

Persons who treasure their lives should leave at once. Those who do leave early may have some control over where they end up living. Living with relatives and close friends would appear more
desirable than a FEMA Camp. Take money, jewelry, coins and anything
that could help you survive financially. There is a rumor that problems
handling credit cards may develop that could make them temporarily

This is the worst environmental catastrophe that has hit planet earth. The Gulf will never be the same as it will probably be uninhabitable for a long period of time. [A wise man sees danger
coming and prepares, a foolish man doesn’t and then he suffers for it.
Be prepared for any emergency. Order seeds from Heirloom Organics and or ready to eat storable foods from E-Foods Direct while you still can.]

May God bless and guide you.

© 2010 Dr. James Howenstine – All Rights Reserved



Lindsey Williams Talks with Alex Jones About Deadly Gases Leaking from BP Spill 1/9

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