Remote Controlled Vehicular Assassination

In this other post link below you can also realize that if a vehicle is remotely controlled they can also lock you in the vehicle so you can not open the doors so you end up burning up trapped in car.

Also see.

written by A Truth Soldier

Yes there is such a thing and it most definitely is happening..

I am about to tell you about modern technology, satellites and the internet, and how these are used to remotely assassinate people while they drive down the road.

I was a master auto mechanic for a major part of my life. I long ago realized and watched the development of these remote features into modern vehicles (cars, trucks and most possibly, small private aircraft).

Please read my article on cell phones to learn more.

Okay first I will tell you about features that you know about. Such as electronic brake controls, ignition, Gps locating, microphones, web cams, gas pedals, cruise control, etc etc.

Todays vehicles devices are all controlled by computer controlled electronics.

Now here is the shocker for you… Someone sitting at a computer anywhere on earth can run simple software that can identify and locate any modern vehicle anywhere on earth.

This individual can listen to your conversations, can watch your on board camera (if vehicle is equipped with such) can monitor all your vehicle’s activities.

With modern technology, this individual can know exactly what weather you are driving in and exactly where you are to within a fraction of an inch..

If this individual has been assigned to monitor or assassinate you, this indivual has limitless way of bringing about your death and no one would ever know that you have been targeted and eliminated by remote assassination.

Another possible scenario is a rendition..(kidnapping). They can shut off your vehicle and cell phone at a predetermined location and have operatives set up to kidnap you. It can be as simple as someone stopping to offer you aid by offering you a drive and you will disappear and never be seen again. Then the remote agent just turns your vehicle back on and another operative will just drive your vehicle away and it will now become another car in a private junk yard being stripped for parts..

If you are on one of your routine drives such as coming from work or going to the gym ..the assassinator will easily get to know your driving habits by just looking into the digital recorded history of your vehicle.. All digital information is stored for ever.. There are unimaginably huge computers used on this planet that store all information worldwide in data banks that are never erased.. Yes these huge computers do exist.

So if you have been targeted then it is a very simple thing to study the digital data files of your vehicles history and the same goes for your digital wireless devices, such as cell phones and laptops..

Okay now I will give some examples of the kind of things that can be done remotely to cause your death.

You could be driving your expensive luxury Cadillac down the hwy on a clear and beautiful sunny day. There is no wind. All you have are gradual long curves and hills.

You relax and turn on your cruise control and turn up the dolby sound system..

All is well, then all of a sudden your cruise control goes to full speed as you are approaching a curve on the hwy. Then you apply your electronic brakes and one of your front brakes locks and causes your vehicle to violently turn your car off the hwy and down over a cliff..

The remote assassin just killed you and no one but the secret officials will know what actually happened to you.

Your car burned up and you are most definitly dead..

Yes the electronic brake control can be controlled to any individual wheel remotely.

The possibilities are endless..

You could be innocently driving down the hwy in heavy traffic during rush hour and your car all of a sudden veers off course and cuts off a huge rig which then wipes out and crushes the intended targets vehicle that was near the rig casusing a horric accident and the death of you and the intended target.

You see the indended target had an economical car that only came with a gps car theft prevention system and no sophisticated computer controlled brakes etc. or the intended target never drove in a location where an opportunity could be taken advantage of to drive the vehicle off a cliff.

You could be driving in an isolated desert road or in a isolated road in the death of winter and your car shuts down and your cell wont work and you are found days or weeks later dead of exposure…

These examples above are just a few examples of possibilities..

You see the remote assassination operators are only limited by their imaginations.

So think about this article I wrote the next time you watch a show on television that shows deadly accidents caught on video or the next time you listen to a 911 recording of someone speaking to a 911 operator while their car is accelerating at full speed to an on coming busy intersection and the driver just finished telling the 911 operator that his electronic brakes wont work and he can not turn off his electronic ignition..then the phone goes silent..

Please do not make the mistake of thinking that only governments can and do sanction your remote controlled elimination..

Any major corporation or any foreign espionage agency could target you..

Now hiring paid killers has become just a digital game on someone’s computer from anywhere in the world.

Digital computer games have definitely come to the real world…

Favorite targets are Truth Soldiers and Activists… or folk leaders such as inspirational rebel singers..

The possibilities are limitless..

Do you not think that it is time to put limits on these possibilities and think twice before you buy your next digital electronics controlled vehicle..

Do not believe for a second that someone somewhere is not using this technology….if it exist then yes someone is using it…

It definitely exists…

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remote_001_ A Truth Soldier


9/11 Truth: Expert Who Concluded WTC 7 Was Controlled Demolition Killed In Car

“Accident” (more like remote control vehicle steering-lock assassination a la

Dr. Kelly, Diana, etc?)


“Alex James”
Please remember, the difference between my posts and the ones posted by Zionists is that Zionists posts are staged fabrications and propaganda funded by Zionists using their infinite Satanic banking purses.

My posts are genuine, non-fabricated information, sometimes provided by ex-Zionists.

ARTICLE 1 – “Israel’s new ‘video game’ executions: soldiers kill by remote


SYNOPSIS – Jonathan Cook views Israel’s increasing use of video-game-like
remote killing machines, which have been deployed to murder Palestinians and
Afghans and are being aggressively marketed throughout the world.

ARTICLE 2 – “National interest has gone missing in USA and Israel.”


SYNOPSIS – Lawrence Davidson argues that the power of Zionist lobbies in the
United States and real-estate ideologues in Israel mean that war and
expansionism will always take precedence over the national interest in both


Jolene JoJo Seebacher This is very true Daniel J Towsey.
They use psychotronics weaponry to do this.
Bc of my experience as an MK Ultra victim now survivor, I have been continuously attacked for speaking out.
Glenn Canady
Great post there! I had no idea but it makes sense. The powers that be are always far ahead of where you think they are.
Pamela Suggs
Thanks Daniel!
You did a Great Job on this one! Thank yoou for all you do for us! XOXO!!!
Take the cell phones & put them in the fridge. & no one can hear them!

From: Alex James

This is absolutely true. One example is the murder of Princess Diana.

What these MI5/MI6/CIA/ Mossad assassins do is right a tiny remote controlled steering locking device in the victims vehicle. When the vehicle is on a curve, the locking device is activated via remote control, the car crashes into a wall or ravine or whatever……
James Horton I drive a 1993 restored Jeep Wrangler,, nothing on that thing is computerized,,
Chet Napier is this what happened to toyota
James Horton According to Toyota, and all records on every car that had that problem, it was driver error.
Daniel J Towsey Yes It appears that this is what might have happened to Princess Diana..
Daniel J Towsey I wonder if radio interference might be responsible for amny unexplained road accidents..
Fred Call
I passed along your info…and I’ll join your yahoogroup. Looks like some nifty stuff…
Hi Daniel, thanks for this information, I am sending it on to my brother, who loves old cars. Now another good reason to own one. I own a 1969 Chevy Nova and feel safe in that.

Blessings, Wendy

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Another “Conspiracy” Confirmed: Your car can be hacked

Published on Jul 26, 2015


In today’s Thought For The Day James discusses the confirmation of yet another “conspiracy theory,” namely that cars can be remotely hacked and controlled. Michael Hastings, anyone? And let’s not even mention airplanes. OK, let’s…

Remote_003_ A Truth SoldierRemote_004_ A Truth Soldier

Michael Hastings – Remote Control Death?

Published on Jun 26, 2013

This channel knows Cenk Uygur is a shill but sometimes he tells the truth, this is sorta one of those time. Anyway, to it’s been revealed By Top Counter Terrorism Officer. Enemy of the state…. enemy of the state… makes your car disintegrate… have you watched the movie Enemy of the State yet? It’s 1984 + Enemy of the State.. it’s

Much more here.

Was This Dead Oil Exec’s Car Hacked?

Published on Mar 16, 2016

You ever notice with stories like this, investigators never even consider the possibility of foul play? The media is already floating the possibility of suicide, yet murder… never once mentioned, as if it’s not even remotely feasible that someone might want to silence a billionaire oil exec who co-founded the largest independent gas producer in the country the morning after he’s federally indicted on bid rigging charges?

Meanwhile, with technology as hackable as it is these days, bicycles are starting to look better and better all the time…

Anton Yelchins Car Killed Him

SUV that rolled, killed Star Trek actor Anton Yelchin was under recall

Actor’s car was a recalled 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Car Hacking DARPA

Published on Jun 29, 2013

Mystery gizmo opens car doors.Wave of auto thefts ‘stumps’ cops.

Published on Jun 5, 2013

See how car thieves are getting in

Published on Jun 21, 2013

New technology has thieves gaining entry into cars nationwide in a mysterious way.

How cars are stolen through OBD port theft and key cloning


Published on Aug 10, 2014

How cars are stolen through OBD port theft and key cloning

For more info on this system visit our dedicated Ford page. Link below

How to Hack a Car: Phreaked Out (Episode 2)

Published on May 29, 2014

Click here to watch Episode 3 now!

In this episode of “Phreaked Out,” we met some of the top security researchers at the center of the car hacking world. The goal isn’t to make people crash: They highlight security holes in order to highlight flaws in car technology, intended to pressure auto manufacturers to be a few steps ahead of their friendly foes.

Information security researcher Mathew Solnik gave us a first-hand demonstration on how to wirelessly send commands to the car and remotely tell it what to do. With a little over a grand and about a month of work, Solnik found time outside of his full-time job to reverse-engineer a car’s computer system to make it ready for a takeover.

From his laptop, he was able to manipulate the car’s engine, brakes and security systems by wirelessly tapping into the Controller Area Network, or CAN bus, network. Without getting too deep into the details—both for legal reasons and due to my own training-wheel knowledge of such things—he was able to do so by implementing some off-the-shelf chips, a third party telematic control unit, a GSM-powered wireless transmitter/receiver setup, and a significant amount of know-how he’s accrued over the years.

The reason for such additional hardware was to make our older, mid-sized sedan function like a newer—and arguably more vulnerable—stock vehicle, which these days often come with data connections. (We would have loved to tinker with the latest, most connected car on the market, but since we were on a shoestring budget and it’s incredibly hard to find a friend who’s willing to lend their car for a hacking experiment, our pickings were slim.)

With that said, a car whose network system is connected to a cloud server and accessible by Bluetooth, cell networks, or wi-fi is potentially vulnerable to intrusion.

DARPA Manager Explains Multiple Ways Cars Can Be Hacked

Thursday, June 27, 2013


(Before It’s News)

Activist Post

With speculation increasing of foul play involving the tragic car explosion that killed investigative reporter Michael Hastings, several reports have emerged how it is indeed possible to hijack the controls of modern vehicles through hacking.

Dr. Kathleen Fisher speaks in 2012 on DARPA’s High-Assurance Cyber Military Systems (HACMS) program, particularly multiple ways all modern cars are vulnerable to hacking.

DARPA PM Kathleen Fisher, High Assurance Systems

Published on Mar 14, 2012

Dr. Kathleen Fisher speaks on DARPA’s High-Assurance Cyber Military Systems (HACMS) program. To learn more, please visit


Ronald Barbour

So now a journalist who was working on an article that concerns General Petraeus is suddenly killed in a dramatic crash and burn traffic accident, Hollywood action movie style in Los Angeles ❗

Has the United States of America become a Banana Republic where opponents to the Regime are murdered and/or disappeared into the fog of night?

Jim Marrs  June 27 2013

Now even government officials are speculating that someone with major national intelligence connections not only has the capability to assassinate a person by remotely controlling their vehicle but perhaps has already done so in the fiery death of journalist Michael Hastings.

Those in the know already knew that government agents can seize control of certain commercial aircraft through remote “Global Hawk” technology but now this capability has spread to any vehicle run by computer.

There have been reports that persons who fall behind on their car payments have suddenly found their vehicles shut down and unresponsive. So, apparently the gas feed and brakes also can be manipulated.

If Hastings was killed by cyber attack, it should highlight the danger of allowing the government to intrude its surveillance into our lives. Do you truly want to be content living in a country in which the government can murder with impunity anyone who questions the leadership or policies? Start acting now or be prepared for a dark Orwellian future.

Richard Clarke: Hastings Accident “Consistent with a Car Cyber Attack”
“Intelligence agencies… know how to remotely seize control of a car.”
By Kurt Nimmo
June 24, 2013

Richard Clarke. Photo: National Communications System U.S. National Coordinator for Security, Infrastructure Protection, and Counter-terrorism Richard Clarketold The Huffington Post on Monday that the fatal crash of journalist Michael Hastings’ Mercedes C250 coupe last week is “consistent with a car cyber attack.”
“There is reason to believe that intelligence agencies for major powers” — including the United States — know how to remotely seize control of a car,” Clarke said.
On Saturday, posted a video of a talk presented by Dr. Kathleen Fisher, a program manager for DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, an agency of the United States Department of Defense responsible for the development of new technologies.

Fisher admitted that the Pentagon has researched remotely controlling cars through hacking on board computers.
In 2011, Car and Driver magazine published an article substantiating the Pentagon research. “Currently, there’s nothing to stop anyone with malicious intent and some ¬computer-programming skills from taking command of your vehicle.

After gaining access, a hacker could control everything from which song plays on the radio to whether the brakes work,” writes Keith Barry, citing research conducted by the Center for Automotive Embedded Systems Security, a partnership between the University of California San Diego and the University of Washington.
“What has been revealed as a result of some research at universities is that it’s relatively easy to hack your way into the control system of a car, and to do such things as cause acceleration when the driver doesn’t want acceleration, to throw on the brakes when the driver doesn’t want the brakes on, to launch an air bag,” Clarke told The Huffington Post. “You can do some really highly destructive things now, through hacking a car, and it’s not that hard.”
Clarke was careful not to directly implicate the government in hacking Hastings’ car. “So if there were a cyber attack on the car — and I’m not saying there was,” he said, “I think whoever did it would probably get away with it.”
He also put credence in the FBI’s claim – despite claims to the contrary by associates of the writer – that the agency was not investigating him. “I believe the FBI when they say they weren’t investigating him,” said Clarke. “That was very unusual, and I’m sure they checked very carefully before they said that.”
“I’m not a conspiracy guy. In fact, I’ve spent most of my life knocking down conspiracy theories,” said Clarke. “But my rule has always been you don’t knock down a conspiracy theory until you can prove it

. And in the case of Michael Hastings, what evidence is available publicly is consistent with a car cyber attack. And the problem with that is you can’t prove it.”
Despite the overwhelming evidence that Michael Hastings was targeted and assassinated for his journalism – most notably his story resulting in the fall of Gen. Stanley McChrystal and remarks on NSA surveillance – the establishment media continues to portray the attack on Hastings as the delusional meanderings of conspiracy theorists. Clarke’s comments serve as the latest pièce de résistance in an unfolding drama revealing just how far the government will go to silence critics and truth tellers.
Prior to his murder, Hastings said the Obama administration had declared war on the press. His desire to go into hiding – expressed in an email mere hours before his assassination – demonstrates the ability of the government to monitor opponents by using a well-developed NSA surveillance grid and take executive action against investigative journalists and others who dare to stand up to the national security state.

See this article:

Paul Walker’s Fiery Remotely Controlled Killed in Car Accident

Published on Nov 30, 2013

Actor Paul Walker, best known for his role as Brian O’Connor in the popular “Fast & Furious” movies, died after a car accident in Southern California Saturday.
He was 40 years old.

A representative for the actor confirmed his death in an e-mail to Fox News Saturday evening.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said that two people were killed in the accident, which took place at approximately 3:30 p.m. local time in Santa Clarita, Calif. Both victims were pronounced dead at the scene. The second victim has not been identified.

A statement on the actor’s official Facebook page said that Walker was a passenger in the car, and had been at a charity event for his organization, Reach Out Worldwide earlier in the day.

Paul Walker Crash
Cause Of Death Revealed
Trauma and Burn Injuries

Michael Hastings related death remotely controlled Paul Walker Fiery Car Accident Illuminati conspiracy

(NEW) Tyrese – “My Best Friend” – (Paul Walker Tribute Song) Ft Ludacris & The Roots **2013** RIP

Sgt. Biggs On Military Life and Why Michael Hastings was Murdered

Published on Aug 13, 2013

Alex is joined live in studio by Sgt. Joe Biggs long time friend of Rolling Stone reporter Michael Hastings to discuss new revelations in the case of Michael’s mysterious death.
Alex continues with long time friend of Rolling stone journalist Michael Hastings, Sgt. Joe Biggs on his relationship with Michael.

Breaking: Michael Hastings Body Cremated, Now Missing!

Published on Jul 11, 2013

SSG Joe Biggs, close friend of Michael Hastings, delivers more bombshell revelations regarding the obvious assassination of the Rolling Stone journalist.

5 thoughts on “Remote Controlled Vehicular Assassination”

  1. This is wonderful truth! Keep up the good work. Now all the other soldiers can know why so many of us have been killed in freak auto accidents while serving our country. Let the kids know they use this to set traps to get more inmates. It isn’t smart to joyride in strange cars found in your hood or to try to run in a modern vehicle these days. Once they use their pulse bombs, none of these cars will operate anyway so buy older models while you still can. Avoid entering cars with cameras if you want to keep your business to yourself. Let them gather evidence on each other. Thanks for posting. Yah bless u with boldness!


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