Its Time to Lock up The Financial Criminals in a Fema Camp

Its Time to Lock up The Financial Criminals in a Fema Camp

Written by A Truth Soldier

Okay I do not need to prove any of this. All the proof and evidence is absolutely obvious even to the intellectually blind sheeple.

This planet has been under the influence of the criminally insane for too long.

It is time to wake up and round up all the financial criminals and put them in the Fema camps that they covertly built.

Have you not had enough of the destruction of all that is beautiful and natural?

And while were at it lets lock up all the mad scientists that are tampering with and altering life its self with their cloning, DNA tampering and genetic insanity.

The Truth Revolution has started. I pray you will join it.

Iceland has taken the initiative by taking control of their money and banks. Iceland has said they have had enough and are seeking out and imprisoning all the financial criminals.

If you have not noticed.. The Zionist, Rothchild, Rockefeller, Freemasons, Secret Societies etc covert control of this planet is coming to an end.

The mechanisms of destroying their control of this planet are in place.

The first thing that needs to be done is to bring down the privately owned Federal Reserve System and the phony money they have created. When this happens they will lose their control. Their stolen wealth will be worthless.

Another thing that has to be deconstructed and put out of business is the illegal and unnecessary income tax and in the USA that would be the vultures of the IRS.

Then the final thing to do is to terminate the Corporations and their Corporate Crime Syndicates, then bring back our Companies.

You can read my articles “Income tax is a fraud” and “The Creation of the first Corporation” , but do not stop there and be sure to read my “Beware of the Corporate Mind” article.

But if you want a really enlightening glimpse of the true history of what evil demon seeds have been spawned from the creation of the first corporation then be sure to check out my article entitled “Are you ready for the truth?”

If these article of truth do not wake you and make you want to join the truth revolution then you are completely brain dead.

Because it is time for the seeds of truth to grow.

“When the seeds of truth are sown.
The grassroots truth revolution
Will blossom from the enlightenment.”

For the last ten years I have been writing and publishing online the causes, effects and answers to what
is ailing our planet.

But the sheeple when they are feed nourishment from the product of the planting the seeds of truth, just always say the same thing. The Sheeple just go BAHHHHHHHH.

I am now pleading to all you proud protectors of “Truth Justice and Liberty”.

That means you soldiers, doctors, police officers, and all members of the justice systems to stop attacking the people and start working for the people.

You need to understand that all peoples have been victims of the Corporate mind and that the people have been turned in sheeple through social engineering by the insane psychiatrists working for the Corporate crime syndicates.

When are you going to stop attacking the Truth Soldiers and start being a Truth Soldier?

I can answer that for you. It will happen when you start learning how to think for your-selves.

When you start to question everything and start seeking the truth.

First thing you have to do is shut off your programming. Turn off all your official sources of information such as the Corporate media. And also you have to realize that since the creation of the first corporation that all our so called free and democratic societies are now owned and controlled by Corporate fascist Governments.

You can read my “The Last Democracy” and “The Last democracy is DEAD” truth articles to really understand .

So are you going to start thinking for yourself and be A FREE THINKER?.

You are all about to witness the collapse of the American Phony Baloney currency.

It is going to be a very painful cleansing… But you really need to understand that the money has to be put back into the hands of the people as your ancestor intended. We then have to dismantle the Corporate NWO monster.

A one world government is not the answer.

A one world government also known as Globalization wants to destroy all cultures, intellectuals, all human diversity. But they wont stop there. They want to destroy everything. And they will if you do not seek the truth and speak the truth

The NWO creators are insane devil worshippers.

You need to fight for The American Constitution and The American Bill of Rights.

Only when the money and the power that the money wealds is returned to the control of the people will peace and sanity return to heaven.

And Heaven being what our wonderful God has given to us.

God is a loving spirit and God has already given us heaven and perfection. He gave us planet earth.

Please wake up and realize that Earth is Heaven.

God has never done evil and God did not create Hell or Lucifer.

Hell and Lucifer only exist in the minds of the insane. For Truth is Absolute and insanity is absolutely the opposite.

The Satanists have come to power for they have only one God. Their God is money and their ability to create money out of thin air has made them completely criminally insane.

You living for money are also corrupt for your soul has been bought by the phony money.

You seek only money and care not to seek any truth at all.

When you seek the truth you will find it.

But we are all doomed if society does not return truth to to its rightful place.

We have to go into the future by the light of truth or there will be no future.

When you seek the enlightening of truth. Then and only then well we be saved.

It is up to you to seek the truth.

Please read my “What do you seek?” article.

Then one day you will realize that truth is absolutely simple.

It is all the lies and deceptions that are complicated.

You have lived in a world of so much deception that you can not realize that truth is very simple.

When you are presented the simple truths, your programmed and conditioned mind does not know how to think. Your mind believes that truth can not be that simple and that in must have to be complicated.

Your Corporate conditioning has completely led you away from seeking or speaking truth.

Your selfish search for material gains has completely morally bankrupted you.

So as you are bankrupt so has the Corporate country of The United States become.

With bankruptcy comes collapse.

You are now about to realize the power of truth. For truth has to prevail for this heaven to survive.

If you seek the truth you well realize that all truth leads to the absolute truth and that is that God is real.

You will one day realize that we as humans need on thing to fulfill our journey of life. We all need love.

You will then realize that love can not exist without truth.

Please read my “I am in love and I am so happy” article.

I also wrote an article entitled “God is not religious”

The purpose of it, was to make you realize that you do not need to go to a religious institution to be in love with God.

Like I told a bible worshipping woman one day. She believed that the bible was the word of God. I told her that she was wrong. I said that the bible was written by humans and that no human is perfect and as such the bible can not be perfect.

I one day had a pleasant conversation with a gentleman while I was visiting The Victoria Public Gardens in Halifax.

I said to him that God is pure love and truth, that he could not have created Hell. I told him that hell was created in the minds of the insane. Those beings that seek no truth.

I told him that I had a real big problem with the idea in the bible that the Jews were the chosen ones. I said that, that would make God a racist and that I could never believe that God chooses anyone one or any living thing over an other.

I also told him that if you remove all hatred and evil from the bible that you would then find the true purity of Gods love and message.

God is a living spirit and if God does not live in you then when and if all humans cease to love God that God will then die and so will heaven.

The insane have already Killed Jesus. The Sun of God. Now the insane want to Kill God its self.

But the insane do not realize that if they achieve this they will only be killing themselves. The insane are almost completely brain dead. The insane only continue because they hide behind the illusion of truth that the Corporate image they created.

God is the creator of Heaven on Earth.

If you do not seek the truth then you will never find it.

They have repeated tried to kill me for I am God s Truth Soldier.

I am A Truth Soldier because God is the truth..

I love you God..


Its Time to Lock up The Financial Criminals in a Fema Camp.pdf

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