Reasons Why All State Political Systems are Criminal Organizations – by Greg Flanagan

Reasons Why All State Political Systems are Criminal Organizations

– by Greg Flanagan

The Case Against the World System of Political States.

A partial listing of their abuses of human rights.

A government is only legitimate as long as it protects natural rights and upholds natural law. The State is a criminal organization

and illegitimate because all legitimate government is derived from natural law established by immutable human rights which are

completely rooted in individual sovereignty, the true definition of a crime is that which violates human rights or natural law, for

there to be a crime there must be a victim. The State by definition is thoroughly criminal in its operations, it is a conspiracy by a

gang of people to act in collusion to continually commit crimes against human rights, to operate their cartel and impose what is

merely political opinion, and manipulate behavior to serve the interests of unscrupulous racketeers (meaning special interest

groups, political activists and politicians). The crimes of The State are endless and includes; theft (taxation), mass murder and

terrorism (war), false imprisonment (arresting and convicting people for acts labeled as crimes in which there is no victim and

therefore there is no real crime), extortion (using the threat of violence to get people to comply with regulations, follow the

orders of their masters and hand over their money and property), censorship, slavery (conscription), persecution of social and

religious groups and many other violations. Such an organization from its basic assumptions to its inherently criminal activities

is absolutely immoral and is illegitimate as a justifiable system of government.

Herbert Spencer, in The Right to Ignore The State, wrote, “from another point of view, we again perceive that even in its most

equitable form it is impossible for government to dissociate itself from evil; and further, that unless the right to ignore The State

is recognized, its acts must be essentially criminal.”

Any “law” which is inconsistent with natural law, is not law, it is merely force, and is a crime against human rights and must be

dealt with in that way.

The State is an organization that controls territory through force of arms, it claims ownership of all property and even ownership

of the people’s lives who live on it. It claims the authority to regulate any activity that it thinks is in its interest. Worst of all,

ultimately it claims the power to do anything that is necessary to preserve the power of The State if there is a compelling reason to

do so. This compelling reason sometimes means violating every right that people have, enslaving, torturing, imprisoning or killing

people. The government that claims to be protecting people’s rights in actuality is only protecting the power of those who rule.

Many regimes even violate their own constitution and laws to keep themselves in power and sometimes their supreme courts,

say that basically, The State can do anything it wants if it can show a compelling interest to do so. This is a rubber stamp mandate

for absolute power, a total disregarding of constitutional government, a decision that places no restrictions on power and no

protection for the people’s rights; it is a declaration of war against the people and must be fought as such. The U.S. Supreme Court

has consistently ruled that all rights named in the Bill of Rights may be violated if there is a compelling State interest to do so,

which effectively voids the constitution. The Soviet Union also had a constitution that promised to uphold basic individual freedoms,

but gave the power to interpret those rights to the Communist Party — the inevitable result was totalitarianism.

The State is an illusion, its an institution that depends on fooling large numbers of people into supporting it and making them

dependent on it; it’s nothing more than a gang of individuals seeking to own and control other individuals and make them serve

their interests.

The world system of political-states is based on the old feudal system of power through war and conquest and being willing to

submit to the power of your conquers to survive.

In the past the concept of sovereignty was religious and was attributed to the god that a people worshipped. When some thug was

able to fight his way to power and beat other people into submission he, as the monarch, claimed to be the sovereign; he proclaimed

himself to be a god or that he was acting in the place of or by the authority of god. As the divine right of kings was refuted, those

who filled the power vacuum had to invent some supreme legitimacy for themselves, since people no longer accepted divine rule by

a person they had to invent a new entity with the same deified status. The invention of the modern nation-state was born, claiming

sovereignty over the lives of the people.

Thus the concept of the nation-state arose as an entity which is really no one and nothing, except a mob of people imposing its

illusionary idol on others.

Eventually in the United States arose the idea of popular sovereignty, which means mob rule, because throughout US history those in

power have oppressed different minority groups. Popular sovereignty does not exist, it’s an illusion. Tyranny is absolutely wrong and

a crime against humanity in whatever governmental structure it takes, it makes no difference whether the usurper is one dictator, an

oligarchy or a democratic mob, fundamentally they are all the same, they are an organization of individuals using evil tactics to

impose their will on others.

This artificial entity assumed the status of a person as though it has rights, and that ultimately all rights and the citizens of it are merely

its property. While The State destroys lives, property, the environment and wages wars against human rights, individual human beings

are counted as only pawns or resources to be used to serve the greater power and glory of The State; some serve The State as their

religion, the most important thing for them is to preserve The State at all cost to humanity; even at the cost of destroying all human life

through nuclear war. For these heathens the ultimate act of devotion is to die for The State and the ultimate honor is to have one’s final

resting place in one of its shrines. This system of beliefs is clearly one that is religious in nature, people who believe in the nation-state

hold certain religious concepts that give The State ultimate providence and power and they view The State as their only hope and

salvation and the greatest good is to preserve this institution at all cost for the purpose of achieving a religious-secular salvation which

gives meaning to these godless heathens’ lives.

Since The State is like a religion, and if you can’t impose your religion on others, then the religion of The State can’t be imposed.

Its a set of beliefs, a philosophy which presumes the only way to decide questions of right and wrong is by a mob of people voting to

impose its opinions on others. What an hypocrisy to presume that political maneuvering to get oneself into power by means of theft, lies,

coercion and the use of violent force against innocent people who have done no wrong to others is presumed to be a legitimate

government, what monumental ignorance these people live under.

When a group of people invent their own concept of nationality, which is an expression of their own cultural values, and they set their

nation up as a State against anyone else, they are imposing their own narrow culture and values on others. Nations are ethnic, religious,

cultural or social associations that can only exist through free association, because cultures and concepts of nations are constantly

changing. A nation has no rights, just as a club or a business has no rights, only the individuals who own and belong to them have rights

and the only way they do have a right to these things is by respecting everyone else’s equal right to make their own choices. When a

horde of barbarians or a democratic mob try to impose their concept of a nation on others they are criminals against human rights,

their nation-state has no sovereignty whatsoever, sovereignty is intrinsically a part of the human mind and cannot be separated from

an individual, individuals cannot transfer their rights, though they may surrender them, and no one may represent your rights for

you. Sovereignty cannot exist for an institution or for a group, except in the joint sovereignty of each individual within the group.

That means, of course, that each individual is consensually participating in the group and retains one’s full rights, including one’s

sovereignty and the right to leave that group and form or join another.

Sovereignty certainly cannot exist for just one political party or one dictator or the collective opinions of a portion of a population,

public opinion is not and cannot be sovereign, it is merely opinion and codifying those opinions by voting for legislation and hiring

thugs to impose their opinions on others is among the most odious of criminal acts. Because all legitimate law is defined by the

philosophy of natural law which is unchanging and exists apart from the constantly changing public opinions. Natural law is founded

on the sovereignty of the individual and all other laws precede from this to, in every way, protect individual freedom, anything that is

called a “law” that is in violation of this is not a true law but a crime against human rights, because all crimes are by definition violations

of people’s rights. No one may set up a State that makes up its own laws, most of which are illegitimate, and brands people as criminals

who just want to live their own lives, work for themselves, keep their own money, trade freely and put what they want into their own

bodies. All of those statutes that rob people of their liberty to do these things is the very definition of criminal actions and is why

The State is a criminal organization. Because The State does not invent laws, laws exist separate from The State, they are natural laws

which every one must respect.

Slavery and segregation of an entire race was an example of popular sovereignty in the United States. Unfortunately even a Constitution

that was supposed to guarantee everyone’s rights isn’t respected when those in power claim a mandate to do whatever they want because

democratic opinion has favored them. The only way that everyone’s rights will be protected is when everyone respects the equality of the

sovereignty of the individual person.

In a government of individual sovereigns where everyone is responsible for upholding each other’s rights, when the individual has full

control over one’s own life and the power to make free choices in all that one enters, then the government will become the servant and

not the master, because only a consensual government is truly government of, by and for the people; all of the people as individuals.

Either government belongs to the people under natural law and with it the right to make consensual laws to which they voluntarily

commit themselves or “law” ( i.e.; political violence) remains the property of the few who seize power to be used as a weapon against the

people in order for The State to protect itself and control peoples’ lives. Sovereign individuals must join together to lay down the law to

The State and other criminal organizations that seek to impose tyranny on sovereign humanity.

Rulers and the special interest groups are after power and wealth, they have their own agenda, not the fulfillment of universal human liberty.

Business people are essentially trapped in a system were they have to engage in political corruption to protect their business, this may

mean bribery or buying the kind of legislation they want. In a system like this if a special interest has

enough money and influence they can get just about anything they want; all they have to do is pay the money to the candidate who agrees

to support their position, the big money almost always wins the election. And after the legislator is in office the pressure is really turned up

on that person, with lobbying and the very heavy influence of contributions made to future campaigns, the legislator knows that if he is

going to get re-elected then he had better play the tune the customer has paid for or his political career will be a short one.

States presume to license out rights to individuals as a way to control their behavior in order to serve those in power. No one has the

right to tell others what kind of rights they can or can’t have. All human rights are based on the sovereignty of the individual and are

clearly understood through reason as natural rights that are inherently a part of being human. An individual must further define one’s

rights in relation to others in consensual contractual government and societies in accordance with the equal right of all people to the

same liberty. The State presumes to claim the ultimate right for themselves, to change the way individual rights are interpreted, to t

ake away the rights of some individuals who threaten to claim their full right to be free. This makes the concept of rights and human life

itself nothing more than the property of The State. If one allows others to define and set limits on the kind of rights that one has, they

will inevitably design a society that serves their own interests while denying those of others. The only equal and absolute right is

individual sovereignty, all other rights are defined by this and measured against it. The reasoning process of determining natural human

rights uses the law of individual sovereignty to test the soundness of all concepts of rights. Any right claimed by an individual that is

consistent with individual sovereignty is a right. Meaning that a person has the right to anything that doesn’t deny the equal right of

others to the same liberty.

Your rights do not come from any government, The State can’t give you your rights and they can’t take them away, they violate them,

but they can’t take something that is an intrinsic part of a human being.
The State’s system is based on deception; it only works as long as people remain ignorant about their rights, and because of that

deception people surrender their rights.

Supporting The State is absolutely morally wrong, paying taxes to it, or even making excuses for it or tolerating its existence is wrong.

People have a duty to live by sovereign self-government by respecting each other’s natural rights and interacting through consensual

contracts with only justifiable force used as a defense against those who would violate individual rights.

The State’s “law” is not about right or wrong, its about the application of political power to control their subjects and get them to

perform in ways which serve political interests. As all law begins with the sovereign rights of the individual where all interactions are

formed through consensual contracts, other laws proceed from this, there may be civil law– laws formed by consensual governments,

contract law or the laws or rules of a private club, all of them are legitimate laws because they are consistent with individual s

overeignty and no matter what arbitrary rules under which people may choose to live, as long as it is entered into voluntarily it is

legitimate law. Legitimate government is that which respects the natural laws, an individual lives in a state of natural freedom which

comes with it the responsibility to govern oneself and one’s interactions with others, as a person interacts with other sovereign

individuals in society, there is a need for them to govern their behaviors toward each other and in relation to other people.

This can only be justly accomplished through consensual governments which are formed by freely accepted contracts. Any type of

organization which would confiscate people’s property, rob them of their money, take over their business with invasive regulations,

claim human beings as citizen slaves to be used to commit the evils of murderous terrorist war is an enemy of humanity and by

clear and absolute definition the Political State is a criminal organization that violates the natural law of sovereign human rights.

In a free society of sovereign individuals, your word is your bond, your contract. It’s the only way that society can function freely.

A free society depends on persons being responsible for themselves, making their own choices, choosing their own

civilzenship, nationally and forming their own contracts. To be able to operate the government or to do business or have a peaceful

society where everyone’s rights are respected depends on others living up to their choices according to their consensual agreements.

In a free society, individuals are judged to be honest, innocent and capable of being responsible for themselves and to others.

The State tries to take away individual’s right to control their own lives, persons are judged to be incapable of being responsible

enough to control their own behavior, property or run their own business, so The State makes decisions for them. This kind of society

encourages lying, cheating, theft, fraud as well as other

immorality and crimes, because the political cartel undermines personal responsibility.

This system has a general effect of undermining other social institutions

such as marriage, family and the personal respect civilized people should pay to each other. In a free society other people count on

you to do as you promise, to live up to your marriage vows, to keep promises to your children, all business is conducted by contract,

upon which others depend on you to abide, social rules are by choice, the government you enter into that allows people to organize

all of these complex activities must be by choice.

The evils of The State are so extreme that they actually assume that people have no rights at all by their

licensing out what they call the “right” to do things, such as, to start a business, engage in a profession or get married.

Citizens are nothing but pieces of property to The State, which claims total ownership of all land and the people who belong to it,

citizens don’t really own their land, the proof in this is that they have to pay extortion in the form of property taxes and that The State

claims eminent domain, which means that it’s their property and they can take it at any time and for any reason they want, even if you

do pay the extortion they can still take it away. Even when you have possession of what is supposed to be your property the political mob

still claims the authority to regulate how you use your property and even what you do on it,  violating your privacy and your property

rights, so there is no real private property ownership within a State.

Being a citizen of the state is synonymous with being a slave, an entity that claims ownership of you at birth, they control you throughout

your life, they tell you what you may and may not put into your own body, censor your speech, they regulate private sexual activity as

though humans are barnyard animals, they decide what kind of education you will receive, how you run your business, they steal your

money and force you to support things that are against your most basic moral and religious beliefs. They keep people from founding

consensual governments and their own civil societies which must be freely chosen associations to be just and in living by their own chosen

nationality which is a private cultural matter just as is their religion; and by denying people the liberty to form and support their own police

and defense that actually defends their rights and not some cartel of gangsters.
The subject-slaves are forced to support the mercenary terrorists who are their jailers and most evil of all is the slavery of conscription.

Citizenship in The State is only a pseudonym for a slave, property owned by The State in order to serve it.

Most contemptible is declaring that the only crimes are an offense against The State, (the only real crimes are against persons, for there to be

a crime there must be victim). By assuming that all crimes are against The State it degrades human beings to the level of property, that a crime

against a human life isn’t a crime against a human being but it’s considered a crime against The State because someone dared to damage their

property. That’s why they don’t care about restitution to the victim, instead The State just uses the crime to further rob the victim of more tax

money to pay for the crimes of the guilty; in a just government the entitlement to restitution belongs to the victim. When a person is the victim

of a crime the criminal isn’t made to pay for the crime, the victim is. In fact, the victim pays over and over many times, first in being forced to

pay to support a government that is imposed on them and being forced to pay for the bill to the police for the actions of criminals and in having

to pay for the criminals court costs and incarceration and on top of all of that the victim is denied the ability to get restitution from the criminal.

This racket has the affect of denying people legitimate government and responsible police who protect peoples’ rights without stealing from

them and who collect their incomes from the criminals they catch and force to pay restitution as well as fines and from security insurance and

security investments.

It’s the conceit of The State claiming ownership of people’s lives that makes it evil, that claim extends to the ownership of the person, they

claim ownership of your body, you’re judged to be incapable of deciding what to put into your own body, they presume you’re not

responsible enough to run your own business yourself so they tell you how to do it. Your money is not really your own, as a subject

you are a serf who has to hand over whatever The State wants and are allowed to keep only whatever The State thinks you need to have

to be productive and contented enough not to revolt. Their proprietary claims extend to ownership of society; with whom you associate,

by what values you live; this can’t continue, either The State must be destroyed or it will destroy the ability of humans to function as

freely thinking personally responsible beings.

There is absolutely no justification for the existence of any State or for the imposition of any taxes or invasive regulations. All services

that are provided by a “government” can and must be provided voluntarily as a service to people who actually want them and are willing to

pay for it. The usual excuse statists give for taxes is that they are necessary to pay for the police and defense, which is just another name

for being forced to pay off a protection racket which denies a person legitimate government, security and self defense.

Invasive regulations are confiscation of personal property, any need for any conceivable type of regulation can be provided voluntarily

and internally by the business or industry which provides the product to the consumers as a service.

For people who are poor, unemployed, homeless or in ill health there are better, more effective and most importantly, more just ways of

helping them while respecting everyone’s rights, The State uses poor people to entrap them in the socialist welfare system to perpetuate

a dependency on The State while using them to steal from others. The way to help people, if you really want to help them, (the socialists

don’t want to really help them, they want to use them to increase the power of The State over people’s lives), is to develop systems of

opportunities that allow people to help themselves without putting a burden on others in a way that develops independence and puts

people on the road to pursuing their dreams on their own.

Just as The State regulates and controls property they also control social associations, this inevitably leads to discrimination and

social manipulation often in the form of policies that lead to greater social dissention. Equal opportunity is founded firmly on

individual sovereignty and is extended through voluntary contracts in which everyone who contributes their resources to the

larger economy agrees, as a condition of participation, to respect equal opportunity for all people without discrimination.

It’s only through these contracts that true equal opportunity can be assured, because the political policies are constantly

changing and they are sometimes used to increase problems within society in order to develop greater

dependencies on The State.

The State’s education system is obviously used as an indoctrination system to develop obedient citizen-slaves and it refuses to

even attempt to find solutions to the problems inherent in their system which would allow people to live freely in consensual

government, since this would destroy the very system they want to perpetuate; and in what they attempt to teach they often fail

and because much of the concentration of their system is in political indoctrination the students end up receiving a very poor

quality education.
In a good civil government there are guarantees that provide high quality education that allows parents and students to choose

exactly the kind of education that they want according to their own values.

Living under The State is intolerable and all-intrusive, the kind of society that they create is so immoral that you can’t turn on a

television or pick up a newspaper without hearing someone threaten your life, rights or property with the use of political violence

to get what they want. It seems that violence, theft, force and coercion is a way of life, it is an obsession, people constantly think on

how to use these tactics to gain more power over others to get what they want instead of thinking about how to do things honestly

to accomplish goals and serve others while respecting people’s rights. They don’t think about how to work consensually with people

to solve problems and provide what people want, they only seem to think of how they can use problems to gain more power. All of

this is a culture of criminality, crimes against human rights are committed at all levels and at all times by politicians, business people

or others who are involved in politics or those who simply look to and support The State to solve their problems and give them

what they want.

For The State to be able to effectively control its slaves it must be able to control its borders and the liberty of people to travel,

this is just like a giant plantation were the slaves are allowed by their benevolent masters some limited liberty as long as they do

their work, pay their taxes and do as they’re told. A person needs a license to drive on the public roads, one needs a

passport to leave the country; (a passport is permission from your owner to leave your own country) they use the passport to

keep track of their property, so if the slave gets a job in another country then their masters can claim a share of the earnings,

just like slaves who were hired out as sharecroppers. This restriction on travel has lead to many abuses against human rights,

refugees are kept in areas of war were many are persecuted for their politics, ethnicity or religion; some are imprisoned and

murdered. All Political-States who refuse to allow freedom of travel are accessories to these crimes against humanity.

Keeping slaves in and the aliens out is an orderly way for the world system of Feudal-States to assign property rights among

themselves with human beings as the property.

The political system turns people against each other.
The State steals from people and then uses the money and power to set different groups of people against each other by making

them fight it out over the money and power that has been taken from them, this creates resentment ,distrust, hatred, belligerency

and even violence amongst people, it makes people want to tax others because they think they can get advantages and power

from it. It develops a warlike mentality in these uncivilized societies; that rights and entitlements are something that you have t

o take from others, that opportunity is something you have to take from others, in these systems they have no real concept of

rights, instead rights belong to the mob and people are told that they are entitled to what others have. The decision on exactly what

one is entitled to or how popular opinion will limit rights is fought over by these savages using not only a war of words but in every

insidious manner including theft, mind control, confiscation of property and ultimately the use of violence where the mob of

savages imposes its ignorant opinion on others. In these democratic and republican systems, which can hardly be called a government,

at least not one that is legitimate, different groups of people are pitted against each other to fight over the spoils that the political

mobsters take from the people. The young battle against the elderly over social security, the young want to keep as much of their

money as they can right now so they can better prepare for their own futures, while the elderly need more money to live on now

because The State has confiscated their money when they were younger and denied them the ability to effectively plan for their

retirement, so they have to fight their grandchildren in order to take their money for survival.

Statists invent perverse ideas of men’s and women’s rights so as to encourage a battle of the sexes, the insane idea that for women

to have rights they must take them from men. The race war is an important tool for social control, the more dissention the

politicians can create between different races the greater power they will have over people through their social engineering.

Much of the affirmative action, welfare system, public housing and make-work jobs that were said to be for the betterment of

minority groups have served to keep many of the people in those groups trapped in a permanent cycle of poverty.

The ultimate evil of The State is summed up in the phrase that they use to justify the taking of power in their fraudulent justice

system, it is; the standard of determination, that The State can assume any right or power to do anything it wants, if it can show

a compelling State interest.
“A compelling governmental interest”, those are the magic words that allow legislators to violate any right, pass any legislation,

enact any policy, no matter how outrageous and get away with it, it’s like an incantation that works its spell on a judge who

automatically disregards the constitution and abandons all reason and human consideration to uphold the act.
The compelling interest of The State is unlimited, it is a mandate for the rulers to do anything they want without limitations if they

are interested in doing it for the greater benefit of The State. This phrase is a declaration of war against all of humanity, I don’t mean

figuratively, I mean that we are in a war against the world system of Political States to the bitter death. The State has declared that

it recognizes no sovereign right whatsoever that belongs to the individual, even the phony rights they put in their worthless

constitutions are made null and void by the compelling interest theory. This declaration is one of absolute arrogance, they say

that no matter what rights people have or what their constitution says, they will still do anything in which they have an interest for

the greater benefit of The State. The Political-State and human freedom cannot coexist, either we must destroy the world system

of Political States or it will destroy any hope for human beings ever living freely in consensual and just governments.

Maintaining the world political feudal system is necessary for the preservation of The State.
The business of warmongering is not only profitable to the military and its merchants of death but it also creates a world where rule

and presumed legitimacy comes from violent force. Much of the Warfare States power to regulate and tax comes from their extorting

money from people by using the fraud of national defense. These mercenary terrorists are not defending any individuals rights,

they are defending the criminal cartel of The State. They’re defending their power and their license to continue committing crimes

and waging war against freedom to gain more political and economic dominance over their subjects.

It’s necessary for The State to keep people down in order to justify its rule. As long as the political mobsters can keep people dependen

t on The State and deny the right of people to maintain legitimate self-governments and efficiently regulate their own businesses in the

right way, through consensual contracts; the longer they can fool people into thinking that all of the invasive political regulations,

programs, taxes and other usurpations are justified, there will persist the assumption that States are needed to govern human activity.

They presume that the only way to get anything done is through theft, threats, violence and slavery.
That when there is a need for some regulation or a community needs a park, a library, a bridge, a water treatment plant or some people

just want to promote the performing arts, the political swindlers automatically say that the “government” must do it. They say that if the

“government” doesn’t do it, it won’t get done. But, it is the fact that The State has set up a system which trains people to think in terms of

looking to them as the first and only solution to any problem. And, they have denied people the opportunity to set up prior alternative

forms of community organizations operated under a government which encourages and protects the right of people to operate publicly

provided programs privately or through consensual civic organizations. In a society that has already organized ways of funding and

developing programs or utilities that they need, there is no need for coercion or taxation to accomplish their goals, because such a society

has learned to respect individual rights and accept the fact that they have to work consensually and raise the money for public works in

the same way as any other business.

In modern times by allowing the people to choose the masters who are to rule over them, the overt reality of force has been disguised,

and the lie of ”

a free country” is sold in the package of “democracy”, which is considered to be the most highly advanced form of government. So deeply

ingrained is this superstition that the highest aspirations for human advancement are promised by the ideologues who rationalize or

sanctify their system of parasitism; institutionalized robbery, slavery and murder is masked in the shroud of “democracy”,

“national interests”, “public service”, “welfare” and other euphemisms. The subjects must be kept under control, “law and order”,

by internal police and spies. With the direct State control of the media, or in some countries with the support of the media which is

largely run by big corporations who are also military contractors and among the most powerful of special interest groups; they

control and shape public opinion so that most people begin to think in the herd mentality under the direction of the media. Serious

dissenters against The State are censored out of any public media or debate and ridiculed as extremists, a wacko fringe group and

are unjustly linked with terrorists or racists. With their heard of subjects able to exert peer pressure, both social and economic,

there are few individuals with the strength and courage to stand up against such widespread oppression as is found in the most

comprehensively tyrannical of societies, that of a democracy. For those individuals who would dare to live freely on one’s own

property and conduct true free enterprise business instead of submitting what they produce to overlords, the democratic society i

s just as evil as any dictatorship in imprisoning or murdering people who would dare to keep their own money and resist violent

extortion. When the politicians and their lackeys, democratic or otherwise, come to rob and kill people who are recalcitrant,

they are nothing but armed robbers and murderers, their office makes them no different than a street thief, except in the minds

of the slaves who have been hypnotized by the power of The State to submit unquestioningly; they accept the master-slave

relationship as the natural order of things. The State becomes dominated by subservient people who were attracted to the

service of power.

When The State speaks of freedom they mean the license for them to get away with anything they want, their idea of a free

country means the license for a tyrannical mob to get away with committing crimes against natural human rights law.

Anybody who thinks that their Nation State is a free country is a damn fool. Their country is an arbitrary and artificial identity,

no country as an artificial person can be free, only individuals who exercise their inherent freedom are free. It could be said

that a country of individuals are free where people live and respect individual sovereignty and self-government, but no such

places exists today. What is most infuriating is when the foolish supporters of The State brag that their criminal cartel is a free

country, damn them and their country to hell. That statement is most contemptuous of real human freedom and presumes

people to be as stupid as they are in believing that a cartel that seizes control of people’s lives, bodies, property and steals their

money and claims the right to force people to do anything that is in the compelling interest of The State, is a free country.

A statement as ignorant as that can only continue to be perpetuated in a society of people who have been so completely

brainwashed that they don’t understand any concept of freedom or individual rights and will accept whatever they are told

by those who control public opinion.

Their claiming that their artificial entity is a free country is a statement of their monumental arrogance, that you don’t even

believe in freedom or understand it; that they regard their freedom as a license to continue violating the natural rights of

humanity and continue getting away with it.

God save the people from the patriots and the statesman. Politicians who are merely after selfish interests only want to use

their power to benefit themselves and any interest they happen to represent, but the collective idealistic, the patriot and

the statesman, are the most dangerous, destructive and evil of all. It is these fools who insanely attributes virtue to serving

the artificially personified idol of The State or nation. They think that personal rights and identity are bound up in the collective

nation, (nations have no rights, they are merely an arbitrary cultural identification that some individuals choose to accept).

Maniacs who commit mass murder and call it patriotism to serve their nation are mentally deranged. They are the ones who are

more malleable and servile and have been molded through a lifetime of brainwashing to believe in the artificial deity of the

nation-state. To these wackos, there is no atrocity too extreme when it is to serve the “nation”, which is to serve a fantasy.

Cultural similarities between people living in a certain area may be called a nation, but it is not a human being and it does not

have rights. Their “nation’ as a State is a criminal gang and it allows people of the most pernicious turn of character to use its

power to wage wars against individual independence to feed their maniacal egos, because they get satisfaction from overcoming

their weakness and inadequacy by serving this great and powerful entity from whom they get their only identity and meaning.

So, to them the nation-state is a cult.
Statesmen are professional craftsmen of criminality. The Statists like to glorify the statesman above the mere politician who may

only be after personal gain or to use the most expedient means to solve problems, as the politician is mainly concerned with

popular opinion; but to them, the statesman deserves the greatest respect, because this person serves the greater glory of their

artificial idol. The Statist conceitedly sneers at people who talk of real freedom, like libertarians, and they cynically condemn

any idea that individuals have rights independent of The State or that the people are capable of being personally responsible and

accountable to govern themselves without being coerced and forced into submitting to a gang of professional criminals who

don’t even understand the principles of natural law or self-government.

People object to and resist thieves; but in the case of The State, they do not because the politicians have created a mystique of

legitimacy about it; such patriotic concepts as; “fatherland,” or the “American way of life”, “national sovereignty” or “a free nation”

create the illusion that cultural concepts have rights and this artificial entity, the “nation”, and its government has the supreme

jurisdiction over mere human beings. They tend to rouse feelings of reverence in the population. These reactions are ingeniously

channeled to support the political cartel, and in turn help create the mystique of legitimacy which States need to survive. Obviously,

only individuals have rights and any legitimate government must come from the inherent sovereignty of the freely thinking human

mind. These jingoistic concepts are just fantasies, cultural associations and politics is merely opinion; people who attribute personage

or rights to these concepts are either deceivers or crazy. Wake up and face reality, and the individual responsibility that goes with

one’s sovereignty.

Anyone who says that it is the mandatory obligation of all citizens to do their duty in service to the community or nation for the

collective good is declaring citizenship to be slavery; no community, nation or government can justify its own existence that uses

slavery and those who promote this intolerable evil are at war against sovereign humanity. We must organize a universal human

rights defense to fight and kill these enemies of humanity. We have a moral obligation to ourselves and humanity to go to war against

the enemies of freedom, the only thing the Statists understand is force. These vermin like to promote State conscription to make

other stupid automatons like themselves slaves to serve the hollow worthless idol of the cult of The State, which is their god, and force

them to commit atrocious crimes against humanity. These cowardly pieces of garbage that are a disgrace to the human species who

are supposed to be reasoning creatures are nothing but mindless pawns used by the evil mobsters who run the military-state and

wage cowardly wars against mostly defenseless civilians for political gain and egotistical nationalistic glorification.
It is wrong to contribute or leave your money to a system that claims the right to confiscate your property and conscript you, your

children or grandchildren. Such a monumentally evil institution must be destroyed no matter what the cost; the future of humanity

is at stake.

The State projects the image of a self-perpetuating institution of indivisible strength, upon whose benevolence the people depend.

In fact, the opposite is true; government rests upon the support of people. Without their support, it becomes fragile and will

eventually disintegrate. A government is no more powerful than the individuals whose skills, knowledge, and collective power are

exerted together either as a just consensual government or as a conspiratory mob who imposes its will on others and forces them

to obey their idiotic illusionary concept of the nation-state. The State has no resources of its own. Every law it maintains is enforced

by individuals. Every tax is a theft of an individual’s private property. Their concept of the nation-state is in truth the legitimizing

of the concept of might makes right. That the illusions of the nationality of the strongest group must be imposed on everyone for

them to continue to live within the illusion. People must wake up to the fact that the nation-state is nothing but a group of individuals

conspiring together to commit crimes against the basic human rights of other individuals who have not consented to accept what

other’s wish to impose on them. The tyrants who wear the uniforms and playact their rituals of nationalism are but individuals,

who must live in a world and interact with other individuals and depend on others to continue to respect their right to live and

function. Imposed government can only continue to work, not by brute force, but by fooling the people into accepting the illusionary

concepts of those in power, for those individuals who rule have no more advantage over their victims than the acceptance by the

victims of the rulers concepts, it is by this advantage that presumed legitimacy is given by the subjects to the rulers by which they have

maintained the power to dominate and destroy. The State’s only real resource is it’s subjects, they are its lifeblood and since

The State is only a parasite dependent on the productivity of others, all it takes to bring the system down is to educate people in

how to live free and govern society without The State.


Reasons Why All State Political Systems are Criminal Organizations – by Greg Flanagan.pdf

2 thoughts on “Reasons Why All State Political Systems are Criminal Organizations – by Greg Flanagan”

  1. Thanks for some very good wording, a serious correction is needed; sovereignty comes from upholding the natural and eternal Laws of Good = Justice = Rights, a traitor is not sovereign, they have destroyed their sovereignty. If humans uphold unjust Law, they have betrayed their own sovereignty and Rights. A Government state is Law, the law of good or the law of evil, salvation or self-destruction.


  2. Good government is not subject to the consent of the governed, good government upholds the Rights of the governed. Good natural law does not change, rules that uphold good law – can be changed by true representatives of Justice = good = Rights.


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