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Facebook censorship again__A Truth Soldier

Written by A Truth Soldier


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Ban Facebook__A Truth Soldier

Facebook is an offensive dictatorship


The list of grievance are numerous. I will list some here and

I request that anyone who reads this please add a comment below as to your negative experiences with Facebook.

I will add all comments to my future posting of this article on other sites.

I request that you copy this article and repost it everywhere.

So here goes.

The more popular a Facebook member is in relationship to democratic values and activities,

the more Facebook will interfere with that and every other users rights and freedoms.

Facebook actively interferes with an individuals ability to grow their friends list as needed.

Facebook has put on an arbitrary cap or limit on users ability to have as many friends as they want.

I receive daily friend request that I always accept and as I receive these I am presented with an option to send a friend request to four other people who may be on the original friend requester

list of friends that may have like interests as I.

So I send them a friend request. Now facebook opens up a pop up window that basically says

“‘Do you know this person? If not your friend request will be viewed as spam” Facebook is truly NUTS.

Facebook also claims that it provides users the ability to only accept requests from friends.

How would that be possible? It is impossible and it is not true. There is no means to do that.

Then Facebook says that it provides existing members a means to notify Facebook that a member considers a friend request as spam. Again that is not true. There is no means to claim that a friend request is spam.

To prove this is very easy. Facebook provides no means for anyone from the public to send Facebook a message.

Go check it out. Go to Facebook and see if you can find anyway to communicate your grievances with those that control and administer Facebook.

You will discover that it is impossible to contact Facebook unless Facebook chooses to provide you a limited means to do so somewhere hidden in the functions of Facebook.

Spam can only be spam if a spammer repeatedly sends messages to the same person that does not want those messages. So on Facebook if I click to send a friend request. I can only do that once for an individual. Plus I have no means to send any message with that friend request.

How can one friend request be spam? Again it can not be spam.

But maybe Facebook is doing the spamming, since Facebook is the one that provides me with the option to send friend requests to individuals I have yet not met.

So lets say I have sent someone a friend request in the past and they refused it. How am I to know that Facebook is not continually providing the same friend request choices?

How would I know if I sent that individual a friend request before? I would not know as people often change their profile pictures.

Also Facebook provides me with no notifications of anyone refusing any of my friend requests.

At present no hone as ever told me that they do not want my friend requests.

If an individual receives more then one friend request from me then that would be deliberately done by Facebook. As Facebooks software would of automatically kept that info in its database and

therefore should of never again provided me with that suggestion of sending that person a friend request.

Oh and Facebook neglects to mention that I am continuously receiving message of thanks and gratitude from people who are so pleased that I have added them as a friend and that they are very pleased to have discovered me, A Truth Soldier.

Is Facebook completely nuts? How can a friend request be considered spam? Spam has to contain some kind of text and writing, does it not?

How could my using the very feature that Facebook itself provides and created as spam?

So then using Facebooks own reasoning, Facebook is the one that created the spamming means and Facebook is actually the one that is forwarding what they call spam.. So then according to Facebooks own thinking, Facebook is the one that is spamming?

Hey on the topic of spamming. Now Facebook lets anyone add me to their Facebook groups and I then get my email flooded with none stop unwanted messages. Until I have to go to the Facebook group that I did not join and edit the settings to stop all the unwanted emails. Then I have to waste more time cleaning up my email in box of all the spamming from Facebook.

If Facebook did not want people to send friend request then why are they operating their site?

So can anyone tell me how anyone can meet new friends in the virtual world of Facebook if not by sending out friend requests?

Am I to believe that Facebook can not understand this? Of course not.

So lets consider the fact that Facebook is a digital virtual community. How would anyone make new friends other then by sending them a friend request to introduce myself with.

How would anyone make new friends from all over the world without first sending them a friend request?

Facebook blocks anyone from asking popular members who are public figures, activists, news makers, bloggers and writers etc from asking them for a friend request.

Facebook has no legal right to interfere in anyone’s ability to meet and make new friends based on common interests.

After all is that not how someone makes new friends? Based on common interests.

I will now explain to you the important significance and need to add friends on Facebook.

Unlike all other community sites on the Internet, anyone who is a member of Facebook has their profile page and all of their other pages blocked from being viewed by anyone on the Internet

unless you are on that individuals friend list.

Even if, like I, one has set up their profile to be view-able to the public without having to be on my friends list.

Facebook blocks my profile page from being viewed by anyone.

Facebook is deliberately interfering in it users ability to freely communicate with anyone they choose to.

The problems with Facebook interfering with the democratic process does not end there.

Over time Facebook has made an individuals profile page completely blank of any of that individual members meaningful personal content.

A member can not post their own blog posts, pictures or anything else to their side bar.

And on the side bar there is links to photos, notes etc but now these links make it appear as though there is no content there to be viewed.

Lets say I write a note or blog message. I can not even post it on the front of my own profile page.

Unless I post it on some other site and then share it to my Facebook account.

Facebook even blocks me from posting any new personal messages directly to my own front page so I can communicate with all my friends at the same time.

And now there is a banner across the top of my profile page that shows other peoples photos and not mine.

Facebook is nothing more then a place where they spy on individuals very personal lives.

Take notice that Facebook sells all content on its site to information data mining companies.

Anything you have ever posted in Facebook is now in an information data bank for ever. And will be sold to anyone at anytime for a profit.

Once you expose your personal relations, thoughts and private pictures to Facebook, you are exposing yourself to unlimited possibilities of invasion and subversion of your rights and liberties for the rest of your life.

Even if you terminate your Facebook account..

I think all parents should truly keep their children off Facebook.

I think everyone should use Facebook for only general public relations and not private ones.

But Facebook does not want that and are doing everything they can to block that.

They only want your private information so they can profit from it.

Hey everyone please send me all your friend request as Facebook is now threatening to shut down my profile for sending out friend requests.

So I can no longer send out friend requests. At present that privilege has been blocked by Facebook. Just type Daniel J Towsey in Facebooks search to find my profile or click the link at the top of this page.


You Won’t believe What Facebook is Doing & You Could Be Their Next Target! Exclusive Victims Report

“Facebook is part of the CIA” “Amazing”

CIA owns Facebook

Uploaded on Mar 29, 2011

Facebook CIA

Do you have Facebook?

A very interesting clip on the popular website Facebook. Includes who has money in it,

its origins(including US government offices) and their privacy

policies and terms of agreement which state they can use and profit from any of the

information you post on the site. Check it out! Original source:


Facebook’s Letting You Harass People About Their Relationship Status

Posted: 22 May 2014 02:20 AM PDT

Facebook relationship statuses completely revolutionized the art of “figuring out whether that person you want to bang is single.” It made it as easy as a search. But some sneaky people leave that drop-down menu empty, or protect that info from non-friends. Fortunately, Facebook is testing a button that lets you harass them about it


Eric Limer

Facebook relationship statuses completely revolutionized the art of “figuring out whether that person you want to bang is single.” It made it as easy as a search. But some sneaky people leave that drop-down menu empty, or protect that info from non-friends. Fortunately, Facebook is testing a button that lets you harass them about it. http://www.businessinsider.com/facebook-relationship-button-2014-5

The button takes the form of a little box that says “Ask” right next to another user’s Relationship Status bar in the About box on their homepage, so long as their Relationship Status is unset, or has privacy settings that keep you from seeing it. It seems like it’s only in testing for now, but we’ve found that it’s pretty widely available.

Facebook's Letting You Harass People About Their Relationship Status

It’s worth noting you can also ask people about their hometown, but that’s not nearly as creepy or invasive as the Relationship Status option. Of course no one is forcing anyone to share secrets with any random yahoo who asks, but it was a little bit nicer when privacy settings felt like they meant a little more. But in the meantime, time to start pestering all your single friends. [Business Insider h/t Ben Dreyfuss]

Nowhere to hide: New Facebook app to track offline users – report


Published: 06 February, 2013

Reuters / Regis Duvignau

Those concerned about Facebook’s controversial privacy policies may have yet another reason to worry. The social network is reportedly developing a smartphone application which will track the location of its users – even when the app isn’t running.

The app is scheduled to be released in mid-March, two anonymous sources told Bloomberg.

It’s allegedly designed to help users find nearby friends by revealing those friends’ locations. But unlike Facebook’s current mobile app, which allows users to let others know where they are by “checking in” at a location, the new app would continuously follow the user once the program is activated.

The app would track user whereabouts in the “background” of Apple’s mobile operating system – even when the app isn’t open on the phone, one of the sources said. It remains unclear whether the app will run on other platforms.

It’s a technique that would likely require the social networking site to ask permission from users. But there’s a loophole – Facebook may have already gotten consent from its users to run the feature.

The app may fall under Facebook’s data policy – which tells users that a company may use location information “to tell you and your friends about people or events nearby, or to offer deals to you that you might be interested in.”

“When we get your GPS location, we put it together with other location information we have about you (like your current city)…but we only keep it until it is no longer useful to provide you services, like keeping your last GPS coordinates to send you relevant notifications,” the data use policy says.

The app isn’t drastically different from current applications, such as Apple’s “Find My Friends” and Math Camp Inc.’s “Highlight,” which constantly track user locations to help people find friends or places of interest.

When approached by Bloomberg to speak about the tracking application, Facebook Spokesman Derick Mains declined to comment.

Based on past precedents, the new app is bound to raise concern from users who value their privacy.

Facebook is no stranger to controversy surrounding its privacy settings. The site has already been under fire from US and European regulators, who claim it doesn’t do enough to keep user data private.

In early January, the EU pressured internet giants such as Facebook to boost personal security controls and limit the collection of data without users’ consent.

Last September, the site was forced to stop using its facial recognition software in Europe following an investigation by the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner in Ireland.

And now, the social network’s new “Graph Search” system – which is waiting to be tested – is raising red flags.

The system is designed to search Facebook for very specific information, such as ‘Friends who like Star Wars and Harry Potter’ and ‘Languages my friends speak.’

But after using the system, computer programmer and ‘Gadget Geek’ Tom Scott found the program can conduct much juicier searches.

For instance, it will easily find ‘Married people, who like prostitutes’ or ‘Current employers of people who like racism,’ Scott revealed in a blogpost.

News of the location tracking app comes less than one week after Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg emphasized the need for new mobile products during Facebook’s Fourth Quarter Earnings Conference Call, which was broadcast on the internet.

“A lot of what we had to do last year was simply to improve our mobile development process…the next thing we’re going to do is get really good at building new mobile-first experiences,” Zuckerberg said during the call.

And while this may, indeed, be a “mobile-first experience,” it remains unclear whether it’s an experience that Facebook users will actually want.

I sent a friend request in facebook and here is what happens.

Friend says, I accepted your friend request. Fb wanted to know if I know you outside of fb. I did not answer.

They have never asked me this about anyone else. What do you think?

Daniel J Towsey says,

They do that so that if you say no they will block me from sending out friend requests if you said no..Facebook is nasty

Friend says, I thought so, they must not like you so I’m sure I will.

Daniel J Towsey says, Facebook is big brother CIA NSA… They are very intrusive and dictatorial..

Friend says, Yes, they twice suspended my ability to request friends.

Daniel J Towsey says,

They have done al kinds of stuff to me..They really hate it when I do screen captures and then post the info on my blogs..because it comes up in all the search engines..When I do that they usually stop their harassment immediately

Friend says, LOL, Sounds like a plan.

Daniel J Towsey says,

That question about knowing people outside of FB..what a stupid question..that is like saying FB is reality on the whole world out side of FB is irrelevant..The reality is..we are all outside of fb..

So how does a person turn a stranger into a friend on facebook?

You have to send out a digital message..

After all fb is all over the planet..

FB just wants to pry into out private and personal lives. They do not want us to meet new friends on FB.

They want our very personal and intimate information so they can sell the date.

FB is a data mining site…

This is a comment tread I posted on facebook Oct 20th 2012

Daniel J Towsey

Facebook has become very useless.. Facebook blocks you from seeing my posts, blocks comments from being made by you and viewed by me. Is blocking me from viewing my news feed. Blocks my posts from search engines..and many more censoring and hidden control systems.. I am going to start really diminishing my use of facebook..time to move on to other venues.. That is why you are seeing making much less posts.. It is a big waste of my time.. I am receiving no input from anyone as if no one sees my page anymore..

readers comments

Facebook stinks..They say I can not send friend requests to people and other Facebook users that may be interested in wheelchair rights. Facebook demands that I only send friend requests to people I know well.. Is facebook completely insane?  Facebook is only interested in knowing everything about users personal life..they just want to spy on us and create a personal data bank on users.

Anna O’Leary I see this post. FB does not like what we post so – – –

Whyte Otf Sapphire 2bh this is the first status and post of urs i have seen in a while!!! i cant even see my posts anymore, and i get told i havent got permission to comment on some posts lol, fb is a joke these days

Kurt Rieper Agreed! fb is now blocking my mobile searches, too!!!

Whyte Otf Sapphire lol, also, the fb news feed doesnt move for hours, and theres usually a ton of photos to get through before u even see any links, and its always the same friends!!!

Nathalie Fanni Augustina True to what you state..I ahve noticed this as well. Facebook censors the users big time. verytime there is a topic of real truth about what the powers that be are really doing, or if there is truth exposed about certain things they dont want the massess to know, they block it from your eyes. The fun of being on facebook is fading away for real.

Ever since the Arab uprising starting for real in Egypt, the powers that be have been doing there best to censor social media..showing clearly that the powers that be STILL FEAR THE WAKING UP FROM THE MASSESS! Which in itself shows that the masses stil have the powers to turn things around, to stop that what the so called new world order really has in store for humanity.

Domenick Esgro They are effectively censoring the internet covertly. I suppose even virtual ground is prone to warfare. So many are still asleep, this isn’t going to help…

Stephen Gladstone Truth & Love Have Taken Over,
Now It’s Just A Matter of How Long Secret Society Folks Can Keep Lying.


Uploaded on May 21, 2011

Freemasonry is the “corner stone” of ALL secret societies, and is 119% responsible for ALL of the EVIL on Earth




Published on Mar 8, 2012

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“Can’t Win In Nashville”

ARTIST: Stephen Gladstone (G-Stone)
ALBUM: More Bang For Yur Buck
LABEL: Ton Of Bricks Music (BMI)
Copywrite 2012

Peace, Truth & Love. 11:11
God Bless

Stephen Gladstone People are not asleep, they are secret society liars.

Jane Maluka Feeling you, Daniel… Kindest regards and thoughts coming your ways, and kudos for great awareness works!! Peace &Love

Dan Williams I see your posts

Daniel J Towsey Facebook is a CIA operation anyway..

Sean Mcgeough This Site funded by Crooks In Action , ya dig homie?

Adriaan Reivers dont get disheartened man we need to act how to solve the probs we all no about….it is arresting the criminals who are responsible and taking back power that is ours demos =people cratica =power so in reality democracy does not exist as people do not have the power action plan to begin arresting government is where we have to tread but who has the guts for that …i do who else?

Michelle Robinson Just glad I’m not alone in knowing Facebook is blocking all of us spreading info that doesn’t relate to mainstream crap.

Please join these CAUSES

No to FB disabling the accounts!


We Don’t Want Your New Profile. Please Give Us A CHOICE


All comments about your grievances with Facebook are eagerly wanted..

So please write your comments below…

Dan Lion says,

And all along I thought that Facebook was a tool for connecting and networking with people.. I mean it is not like I am doing the CIA spytool Facebook a big favor by collecting all of us “nut jobs” through one account.

Susan Verdugo says, the new photo banner has intentionally replaced one’s option to have a

“standing” status… (i.e. *d e c l a r e* anything)

(s’why i uploaded photos that declare for me)

I have a grandson with serious Aspergers and when he achieved something without a tantrum I paid $5 by credit card for credits for a particular game. This was done 4 times until I saw on my bank statement that I had many entries for $20 Australian as well taken out of my bank account.

I was able to contact Facebook….after going through 100s of questions and within 2 months I had all my money returned to me by Facebook….not the bank.

The bank would not help me as I gave my credit card to my adult grandson to use for his young brother…no password was needed….just the card number. I would have to say that Facebook treated me much better than the bank which I have been with for 45 years. Personally, I don’t use Facebook as

I spend too much time on my computer as it is.

With regards….Maureen

Alan D. Kardoff Submitted on 2011/01/04 at 12:10 pm

I like Facebook but feel as frustrated as this writer. People I know including family are rejected.

The more popular one gets, the harder it seems to add members. There is no way to see which members who were invited have not accepted yet.

If there was, I’d pull their rugs. I fully agree with Daniel .

Clyde says,I rarely ever use FB, for the very reason’s you’ve stated. Tuesday at 9 AM

Matthew brussellsprout.blogspot.com

Submitted on 2011/01/05

I agree, it doesn’t make any sense to suggest adding friends and then send threatening messages accusing you of sending spam

when you try to add a friend. As far as I can tell, there’s no such requirement that you have to know someone personally in

order to add them as a friend, despite what they tell you in the message. Some people have 5,000 friends. Are we to believe

they know all of them personally? One correction, Daniel. When I send a friend request, Facebook asks me if I would like to

send a personal message with the request. It’s down in the left-hand corner at the bottom of the message that pops up.

And what’s with the Facebook logo? Is that supposed to be a bullet hole in a window?

Comment by Daniel J Towsey A Truth Soldier | January 5, 2011

Hi Mathew..

I do not remember a box to include a message..when I get a friend request and accept four small friend request suggestion

tabs open and all I do is click add friend and I get no message box..I only get a confirmation that my request was sent.

Your comment fails to mention another very important thing and that is that Facebook now blocks members from

personalizing their profile page and put up their own content on the page…Like I said..FACEBOOK STINKS

Jon Deniro says,

Hmmm…facebook provides us with their services for free but they should conform to your sensibilities.

Perhaps you should create a system of your own to compete with them. You could administer it as you choose,

and maybe become wealthy in …the process.See More


Daniel J Towsey says, Nothing is free about Facebook…many individuals pay huge cost to the invasion of their privacy

by facebook selling all their personal information…

I guess your not aware that Facebook is actually a CIA and TSA operation…

Anti new world order says, I agree with you. I have seen “add as friend” only to be told that my friend request is spam.
I have also had a moan about the new groups.

Here my notes.

I don’t know why facebook has decided to change the group profiles, but the old system was a lot better than

the new system.
The new profiles seem engineered to fail.
I was a lot better to invite people to join that force them to, like the new system make you.
Not only have they joined a group they might not want to join, but the default setting send them a email evey time

anything is posted on the wall. So the first thing people notice when they have been joined into a group is a full

email box. No wonder people are keen to leave any group they have been forced to join.
It’s not fair to expect people to know everyone interests, and I don’t like forcing anyone to join any group that I have created.

So if any big boss of facebook reads this. Can we please have the old groups back

PS if anyone wants to join my music group, please use this link.

Angelique Hope Burgess Fully agree’d Daniel .. i have been blocked from making friend request,

responding to friend requests aaand to answering friend suggestions 3 times now !! first i was blocked for 2 days, then 4, now 7 … sometimes my chat wont work and i cant open private messages..

and just then when was typing a reply to my status “ahhh wtf blocked for 7 days for adding friends !!

fuck you facebook” .. i tried to post a reply just to be told my reply was spam ! spam how ??

so changed a few words the website i recommended typed “dot” instead of “.” and then was allowed to post .. fuck facebook it’s just a huuge CIA database , fuck them , omg fuck them !! http://www.truebook.org

sounds a bit more promising than this website .. if it werent for the newsfeeds and my willingness to connect with like-minded people I wouldn’t be on here

Michael Junghans January 11Hi Daniel,I am Michael from Berlin, Germany,
read your block and feel equal with the action fb is doing.
As social worker, I am developing a support network via net.
Have a great week,Michael

Marcus Brown iv had my ability to add friends blocked 4 times in the past 4 months… if i try to add more than about 5 people in a day they block me… 

yet my sister who is not a truther can add as many friends a

day as she likes some days up to 15… i think they are getting scared that to many truthers are getting together on here and sharing info..

Daniel J Towsey absolutely..the NWO criminally insane are getting really scared..

the world wide truth revolution has begun..

Julia TenEyck says, For two days I Facebook told me I could not make any friend requests or send any messages!

During that time, I received three incoming friend requests. When I pressed “confirm” to accept,

Facebook popped up and said I couldn’t make that request!!!!

I never knew why.

Inda Marie Edwards   says, January 13, 2011

Subject: If you don’t like the new Fb profile, heres a way to get rid of it….possibly….quite possbily act

Sharing with you a post from my friends wall in regards to the new changes ,, and what’s in store for Zuckerberg!
Feel free to copy and share.

Thus begins the soon to be infamous launch of OPERATION BE OFFENDED as we, en masse, *click* each and every ad that appears, letting both Marky and all his

Advertiser minions know of our distaste of being treated like idiots,

having to suffer because they want more space for more ads.

We don’t need the “New Profile”. Didn’t want the “…New Profile”.

We even replied 99.98% AGAINST the”New Profile”… yet, Little  Marky decided filling his pockets

trumps treating us with any respect … for our building

ALL the content he sells to the highest sociopathic bidder.

So, OPERATION BE OFFENDED begins with a whimper, destined to continue roaring with every quiet *click* of

every [X] to the right of every ad we see on facebook.

Oh, and feel free to share this around should you feel as the rest of us do 😉


“WHAT’S IN IT POUR MOI?!!” … thought you’d never ask 😉

See, by clicking the little [X] at the corner of every facebook ad, then select “Offensive” as your reason for doing so, you will eventually

have fewer and fewer ads on your wall or elsewhere.

Why? Simple: Advertisers hate “Offensive” feedback reports.

Not only does Mr. Zuckerberg knows this, he’ll do anything possible to curb such negative blowback from reaching the eyes of his clients,

meaning he’ll have little choice but to reduce the frequency of ads hitting your wall 🙂

That’s it. That’s all you have to do to send a message back up the chain to the Zucky Frathouse

It’s done with your mouse, and what’s left of your free will 😉

Gisele DaCosta Lafrance says, HELP – trying to reach as many people as I can – FB disabled my ‘invite friends’…….


Gisele DaCosta Lafrance says, you a true beautiful person – thank you so so much however,

Facebook won’t let me accept their friendship –

CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT -??? you’ve reinstated my belief in human beings by doing what you did without even knowing me

personally – that is commendable and I lift my hat to you – anyhow,

I will not give up this fight with Facebook since I did NOTHING wrong for them to block me as they obviously did…. love Gisele

Tres Neves says, i have the same problem..it sucks because im tryin to reach people as well

Brad Howat says, EXACTLY!


Anti new world order says, When you add a friend, and you get “only add them if you known then,

otherwise it’s spam” or something similar. Is it the persons setting or just something that face book does in it infinite wisdom.
If anyone tries to add me and gets that shit, ignore it. i add you anyway

Margot K Juby says, “Then Facebook says that it provides existing members a means to notify Facebook that a member considers a friend request as spam.

Again that is not true.

There is no means to claim that a friend request is spam.”

True. But when you refuse a friend request, FB will ask you whether the person is unknown to you.

I think that’s how they decide whether you are (in their estimation) “spamming”.


Thanks for sending this. I”m going to pass it on to friends. I hate facebook and linkedin and all those apps.

I’d rather just send ordinary emails. I can insert pictures in them etc and send sound and video clips without Facebook rubbish.

Genny Hempstead says, In order to stop the “inappropriate or unacceptable conduct by a small number of people” you are going to punish every one of the 400-500 million users on facebook?

If I request too many friendships from people that facebook deems are people

I can not possibly know, I will get blocked from sending

friend requests & messages for 30 days (or more) because I am obviously a spammer?

This is what has been happening to countless people (me included) thanks to your ridiculous automated brainless system

to block spammers. Now everyone on facebook is being considered a potential spammer!


Thanks facebook! MAJOR FAIL!

You people at facebook really need to take a personal hand in this anti-spam issue & stop hurting regular

users who are doing no harm. I have just over 100 people I keep in touch with on here. I’m not here

playing apps & adding 1000s of strangers just to play games. I’m not here spamming people or stealing info.

I’m here to keep in touch with people I care about!

And because I requested too many people out of my “facebook circle” on facebook, I’ve been labelled a spammer & blocked for 30 days!

Thanks but no thanks facebook! You might loose 500 million users rather soon if you keep this up!

Fix your anti-spam program & let regular users have their friend requesting back!

Without warning or explanation, I was blocked from sending friend requests or private messages for 30 days

on facebook, because I am obviously a spammer whose requests go unanswered too long & who only adds people I do not know in person…

If you don’t know me personally, I guess we can not become friends on here because facebook says so!

“Facebook is a place for connecting with friends, family and other people you know personally.”

I do not agree with this idiotic policy & I plan to fight it! If you do not agree with this policy,

then tell all your friends to add me at facebook.com/astartiel & share this story!

No, I do not really know every person I request friendship with on here in real life. I would like to.

That is why I send a friend request. Why are we limited to only link up on here with people we already know?

Who says the person I request friendship from does not have the right to become friends with me or refuse me at his or her leisure? Those I request friendship with have the right to add me, deny me or block me outright, do they not?

Since when did facebook become “Big Brother” anyway? What gives facebook the right to make this decision for us? Who are the people at facebook to decide who I am friends with? That should be up to me and those people to decide!

I thought facebook was a means to communicate with all the other users of facebook, if they & we so choose,

not a way to communicate with only those we could pick up a phone & call or those facebook deems we are allowed to contact!

Was not the original purpose of facebook for college kids to link up with other college kids? How likely was it

that all of them had met in person? How much more likely was it that they all friended each other based on

mutual interest & friend of friend status? What has changed here but the playing field? Now facebook is on a

global scale rather than being “just for kids.”

What are LIKE pages for if not for making new contacts & FRIENDSHIPS? If not, then they had better do

away with all those LIKE pages & all game apps that require you to add more players to get anywhere

in the game.

1000s of comments from people posting how they have been victimized by this anti-spam crap.

I guess we need to wait till the comments measure in the millions before facebook will take this problem seriously.

Until then, regular users who DO NOT SPAM will continue to get hurt by this bs crap anti-spam measure.

Facebook needs to stop relying on buggy software to do the job real humans should be doing. facebook owners make hundreds of millions of dollars a year but can not hire a help center team of real people to deal with

these issues? Major Fail Facebook!

Facebook people need to know that I’m prepared to battle over this injustice. If we do not fight that which we find wrong with the world, then the world will continue to have that wrong thing in it.

It is only by getting up & saying, “No, I will NOT have this,” that change happens…

Complacency is not going to happen here…

Sad that I must become a spammer in order to fight this anti-spam bs & get my message across!

I agree, it doesn’t make any sense to suggest adding friends and then send threatening messages

accusing you of sending spam when you try to add a friend. As far as I can tell,

there’s no such requirement that you have to know someone personally in order to add them as a friend, despite what they tell you in the message. Some people have 5,000 friends.

Are we to believe they know all of them personally? One correction, Daniel. When I send a friend request,

Facebook asks me if I would like to send a personal message with

the request. It’s down in the left-hand corner at the bottom of the message that pops up.

And what’s with the Facebook logo? Is that supposed to be a bullet hole in a window?

Comment by Matthew | January 5, 2011  |

Hi Mathew..

I do not remember a box to include a message..when I get a friend request and accept four small friend request suggestion tabs open

and all I do is click add friend and I get no message box..I only get a confirmation that my request was sent.

Your comment fails to mention another very important thing and that is that Facebook now blocks members from personalizing their profile page and put up their own content on the page…


Comment by Daniel J Towsey A Truth Soldier | January 5, 2011

hahahahahha nice 1

Comment by free sex videos | February 12, 2011

Thanks for sending this. I”m going to pass it on to friends. I hate facebook and linkedin and all those apps.

I’d rather just send ordinary emails.

I can insert pictures in them etc and send sound and video clips without Facebook rubbish.


Facebook Stinks and Here is Why.pdf

Facebook threatens democracy


I Deleted another 400 Fake Facebook Friends


Facebook is an offensive dictatorship


Use this header on your profile as a protest..right click to download full sized image


Daniel J Towsey See how facebook re-sized this on my timeline so you can not see it..and they are blocking me from sharing it on my other pages..and they are not showing my comments below it.

This new facebook set up stinks..the left panel is much too wide and very useless. Plus the header reduced the area I can effectively use..now my text is blocked..

I really think I should give up on facebook…. I should spread out my work to many other websites..

Adriaan Reivers says, the swastika is an ancient sacred symbol abused by tyrants. It stands in fact for yang (fire anti clockwise) and Yin (water clockwise.) just saying.
Evil men have always abused and used sacred symbols for their own ends as they understand the power they project.

12 thoughts on “Facebook STINKS and Here is Why (Updated)”

  1. I agree, it doesn’t make any sense to suggest adding friends and then send threatening messages accusing you of sending spam when you try to add a friend. As far as I can tell, there’s no such requirement that you have to know someone personally in order to add them as a friend, despite what they tell you in the message. Some people have 5,000 friends. Are we to believe they know all of them personally? One correction, Daniel. When I send a friend request, Facebook asks me if I would like to send a personal message with the request. It’s down in the left-hand corner at the bottom of the message that pops up. And what’s with the Facebook logo? Is that supposed to be a bullet hole in a window?


    1. Hi Mathew..

      I do not remember a box to include a message..when I get a friend request and accept four small friend request suggestion tabs open and all I do is click add friend and I get no message box..I only get a confirmation that my request was sent.

      Your comment fails to mention another very important thing and that is that Facebook now blocks members from personalizing their profile page and put up their own content on the page…Like I said..FACEBOOK STINKS


  2. Thanks for sending this. I”m going to pass it on to friends. I hate facebook and linkedin and all those apps. I’d rather just send ordinary emails. I can insert pictures in them etc and send sound and video clips without Facebook rubbish.


  3. Face book is bloody awfull!……I keep getting a list of strangers in my inbox …wtf?
    but cant contact the people I know????


  4. After looking over a few of the blog articles on your blog, I honestly like your
    technique of blogging. I saved it to my bookmark site list and will be checking back soon.
    Please visit my web site as well and tell me how you feel.


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