Written by A Truth Soldier

That is the sound that an intellectually limited, undereducated, indoctrinated,

junk food eating, brain that has been programmed

with the digital video entertainment mind food, says when fed some truth.

It is the sound that comes out of the simple mind that has no vocabulary

because the only thing they ever read are the

instructions on how to operate the little buttons for their artificial world of

digital entertainment systems.

Test my idea..go ahead. Try and interrupt them with some truth, like 911 was

an inside job, or fluoride is a cancer causing

acid, or that the sky is no longer blue.

You will immediately hear a most annoying sound fill the room with only a

few understandable words attached.

It will sound something like this.. baaahhhh go away, or ‘baaahhhh that is crap.

baaahhhh you are nuts, baahh get out of my

face, baaahhhh f_ck you..

Did you test my idea?

That is the sound sheeple make when you try to communicate some

truth with them.

Until one day when the sheeple are outside freezing in the cold and all naked.

You tried to tell them that if they did not get out and go see how the world

works that one day they would be with nothing

and may possibly die from exposure as they would not know how to live

naturally and free.

You told them that one day the NWO would take everything from them if

they did not learn the truth.

They just went baaahhh..

Until one day they found themselves corralled and jammed tight in a

fenced corral with many other naked sheeple.

The NWO did come and they took their shears out and cut off all your

warm comforts.

No more electricity to power your digital entertainment.

You tried the tell the sheeple that they were being farmed by the NWO farmers.

And of course the sheeple just went baaahhhh because the sheeple had

never taken any effort to ever think about

anything that really matters.

Now the NWO has even taken your coat of warm wool off your body

and you are awaiting an unknown future in that

FEMA processing camp.

To be taken away in one of those huge temporary plastic coffins that can

hold a family of four.

But again the sheeple would not listen when you told them that FEMA had

built over 800 camps and had prelocated

millions of mass produced plastic coffins all over the country.

Even a distance away from the FEMA camp all that can be heard is a haunting

chorus of baaahing…

The sheeple refused to leave their comfort zone even for a second to check

and see if there might actually be anything

to be concerned about.

But of course the sheeple have never shown any concern because they were farmed

{ socially engineered) to be that way.

About the only truth any sheeple might digest would be the paper this is printed on.

Baaahhh okay, everything I have just written is just the crap that the

sheeple leave behind after eating their junk food.

Okay where is my shears…
I guess that is about the only thing that I can put to use on sheeple..
I think that trying to feed them expensive truth is a big waste of time.
It has cost so many their very lives to pay for that truth.
Was it worth it?
I think the sheeple would just say baaahhhhhh to you.
Is that why the NWO order says that most sheeple are just useless eaters?
Soon there will be no need for even the wool as there will be no one needing a wool coat.
As the NWO is culling the herd.

But again the sheeple just went baaahhhh when you tried to tell them that

“They want you dead is written in stone”

Soon there will not be anyone left that will be even smart enough to grow food,

build houses to live in, build cars

or anything else.
The only remaining sheeple will be those in the service industry. To serve the NWO.
As we see now happening.
But again I can hear that familiar sound again as I am writing this truth.
Are you going baaahhhh again?


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