Hey Cutie, Pass me your rubber!

Hey Cutie, Pass me your rubber!

(a true story)

By Daniel J Towsey


It was my first day of high school.

I had just arrived at this school from a very far away land.

I was experiencing extreme culture shock.

Everything was new and different to me.

I had never been in a small town before.

I had so far spent my whole life living in huge metropolis cities

with millions of other strangers.

Where life was at a very accelerated pace.

Where everyone is always a stranger.

I sit here some forty years later.

At my computer keyboard writing this story.

For I can never forget that first day at

Prince Andrew High School in Dartmouth Nova Scotia.

When I saw her sitting next to me.

The bright sun was shinning in through the huge windows to my left.

(the windows were long ago reduced in size)

I can still see those beautiful sleek crossed bare legs under that school desk to my right.

I can still remember as my eyes slowly followed up

those sexy smooth perfect legs.

I was in awe as my eyes kept moving up.

For everything I saw was such exquisite delicate beauty.

I was seventeen and she would of been sixteen.

My eyes slowly made it to her sweet beautiful face.

At this moment everything else in the world had disappeared from my minds thought.

Our eyes met.

She had also been looking at me since I first walked in the class.

She had watched my eyes as they slowly went up from her toes to her eyes.

We had a magic connection when our eyes met.

She knew my very thoughts as she had watched my eyes discovering her beauty.

She was one of those most precious beautiful delicate girls that no guy would ever think of talking to.

Our faces; our eyes, our minds were locked as one.

Young love had been discovered.

Until all of a sudden all I could hear was a most loud and offensive command come from the teacher.

My summer dream was shattered..

Everyone in the class was staring at the two of us..

For the whole class had realized the girl and I had completely zoned out from the world together.

For the two of us had not heard a word of instructions that came from the teacher.

So the teacher had to break our mind bond.

We both looked away at the teacher at the same time.

Her and I both at the same time turned back to look at each other.

We both had the same look of pure innocent pleasure.

The teacher hands us each a paper with instructions that we fill in the basic information

such as our names etcetera.

So the teacher would know who we are.

The whole class was very quiet as everyone was busy writing

the information on their papers.

I turned to face the cute girl on my right and I asked her if she could

“Pass me your rubber!”

At that moment, I can could not of imagined what this beautiful girl

was thinking as I asked her for her rubber.

But on reflection I can now imagine what she must of been thinking.

She just sat there looking at me with her sweet angel eyes.

So now I was beginging to draw the attention of everyone in the class including the teacher.

I had no idea what was going on.

So I thought maybe people had miss understood what I had asked the pretty girl.

So I said it a little louder as I again looked at miss sweet sixteen

And again I kindly asked her if she could pass me her rubber.?

Well now the whole class was staring at me.

Was I ever in for a culture shock.

The teacher was not sure if I was trying to cause trouble

by asking this most beautiful young girl for her rubber.

The teacher says.

I see you are a new student here.

The teacher asked me if “you come from a far away place?”

I said yes.

The teacher wondered what I was asking for.

So I turned and looked at the girl next to me and I pointed to the rubber in her hand.

What a shock when the teacher said to me in front of the whole class that

“Here we call what she is holding, an eraser”

It then began to dawn on me that this place is not only a small town

but it is also a place where they use a very simplistic and basic English.

I then realized that the worst thing imaginable just happened

to me on my first hour of the first day of high school in this new place.

I was completely humiliated in front of the whole class

and for that matter the whole school.

As I soon realized that this story spread like wild fire in this small town school.

My dreams of miss sweet sixteen were shattered for ever.

I can understand how humourous this story can sound.

For I was in reality asking this beautiful girl for a condom.

For here in this small town,

they still called them condoms and in the big cities they called them rubbers.

This may be confussing but in the big city an eraser was also called a rubber

So my asking this beautiful girl for a rubber was like my asking her for sex

while the whole class heard me ask her.

So here is the new guy from the big city asking the most beautiful girl in the school for a rubber.

I soon discovered that here in Dartmouth if you are different.

You will not be accepted by most of the people with their small closed minds

and their back stabbing cultural attitudes..

The pressure and attention was so intense.

My coming from a society of millions where one just blends in with all the strangers,

 to this small town where all of a sudden I was the center of everyones back stabbing attention.

I could of adjusted to the situation if Dartmouth did not have a severe back stabbing culture.

For those of you who do not understand what I mean about back stabbing.

It is a culture where the people deliberately speak about another person

and spread any kind of gossip and lies that they want.

They never give the victim a chance to defend themselves

as the victim is never told what is being said about them.

They will keep spreading the hatred and lies until it destroys the victim.

These small town minds do not care one little bit about destroying anyone that is different.

The people of small towns often have a small mind too.

Where they do not realize nor care to realize the harm their gossiping

and lies does to the victims life.

Until one day these back stabbers become adults

and their back stabbing becomes very covertly deadly indeed.

The social back stabbing attack I went through

at Prince Andrew was completely unbearable.

The social evil I saw was extraordinary.

The social pressures were to much and after six months

I had to leave the school, my family and the Province of Nova Scotia.

I went back to the big city with the millions of strangers thousands of miles away.

But years later I had to return as my mother , step father and brothers still lived here.

But they could not understand or know why I had left my new home

and returned to be alone in the big city.

Now some forty years later after having travelled more then two million miles by land in my vision quest.

It sit here in Dartmouth seriously disabled as a result of being the victim of a covert back stabbing.

Long ago this place was also the death of my mother.

This place was also the destruction of my families.

I have come to know this place as the back stabbing Capital of Canada.

I stayed here because this place also has the most beautiful places and people in the world.

Like that miss sweet sixteen.

So that may sound confusing to you.

Will it is very confusing to me too.

I am still in culture shock as to how such a beautiful place with such beautiful people

can have such an evil back stabbing under world culture.

Will I figured that out.

Just look at who claims to be the founders of this place.

It is the self serving secret society of Fremmasons.

So all the back stabbing here is at the hands of the Freemason culture and their offspring.

Nova Scotia has many other secret societies.

This whole place is nothing but a back stabbing secret society.

Another such secret society is the womens secret society of The Knights of Columbus.

I once had a dream of living in a free and open society that was based on the ideals of democracy.

I arrived here in Dartmouth as a very young man seeking those ideals.

Some forty years later I now write this to tell you that I have still not found

the three most important things that makes for a free and just society.

Those three things being;

Truth Justice and Liberty.

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Hey Cutie, Pass me your rubber!

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