(What is truth?)

Answered by A Truth Soldier

So many times over the years while I have been having discussions in forums and on-line radio talk shows
on topics pertaining to my many on-line published articles of truth.

I have heard some people attempting to answer that question.

What is truth?

I have heard only one comment and that being that truth is subjective.

I wondered what that really meant.

I believe that, that can only mean that truth only pertains
to a subject, conversation or belief.

Will I am about to explain to you just how wrong that really is.

The first thing one needs to understand is that truth is an action.

For if you do not always seek and speak truth then truth will not exist.

So an activist is one that seeks and speaks truth.

Here is another thought for you.

Truth is absolute and the absolute opposite of truth
is the other absolute being insanity.

So please think on this.

Every time a person utters a little white lie, they are exhibiting a sign of insanity for the further
you go from truth the closer you get to total and absolute insanity.

To me truth can only exist in the light of truth.
For only then can you see.

Whereas insanity can only exist in darkness for the insane see nothing.

Because they seek no truth.

So the insane dwell in a darkness and madness.

I have asked many people this question.

What is the absolute opposite of truth?

I asked them if they believe that truth is an absolute?

They always answered yes.

So I indicated that truth is one word and I asked them to tell me what is the single word that
is the absolute opposite of truth?

Almost everyone answers with “lies”

I then indicated to them that lies are singular and not an absolute.

I then tell them that insanity is the absolute opposite of truth.

I then got a myriad of bewildered looks, but everyone then
becomes silent and in complete surprised agreement.

I have heard people say to me that everyone lies.

That no one can live by always saying the truth.

I argued with them that that is not true.

I tell them that I always seek and speak the truth and that I never deceive myself
or others with lies or deceptions.

Then they do not believe me because they themselves do not know
how it could be possible to do that.

They just can not believe that anyone can have
self control as to how they act.

If that were true then everyone would be completely mad and insane.

Which explains why so many people have gotten mad at me for always speaking the absolute truth.

I long ago realized that the only people that ever get mad are those that do not know how to think.

Long ago while I was having an enlightening intellectual conversation with
a group of adults outside in a public place.

There was this ten year old boy who was so absolutely
amazed with my conversation.

He listened intently and waited for his
opportunity to ask me a question.

He asked me the most amazing question I have ever been asked in my life.

He very proudly asked me,

How can I be smart like you when I grow up?”

Everyone in the group was surprised at his question.

I as I have always done will always treat any human be they a child or an adult
with equal respect and dignity.

The boy had such a look of admiration for me and then was so happy that I showed
him complete respect by
giving him a dignified answer.

I said to him that, That is a very easy thing to do.

All you have to do is always seek the truth and always
speak the truth you discover.

I told him that only an idiot or fool would do anything else.

And that no one can grow up to be very intelligent if they do not live their whole life seeking,
speaking and learning truth.

I then warned him that if he chooses the path of truth for his life, he will soon discover
that the his difficulty will be in living in a world of people who do not live by absolute truth.

I warned him that those who do not have the high standard of living by absolute truth
will always attack you for being a truthful and intelligent person.

So that the hardest thing to do in life is not seeking and speaking truth but having to tolerate all
those people who will always try to destroy you because you are much smarter then them.

They will want to destroy you because they do not want to have
to face their own poor attitude and stupidity.

I noticed a look on some of the adults faces as they looked at me and thought that there is no way
that this ten year old boy could understand or appreciate what I was saying.

Then this lady looks down at the boy and he had the most
happy and pleased looked on his face.

He was looking right at the woman with the look
that he had now realized respect.

It was very clear to me that he better understood my answer then
the adults that were looking down at him.

He was now able to walk with pride and his head held high.

I saw that my words had changed his life forever.

I now hope that my words will help to change your life too.

You may like to read some of my other articles of truth. 



Are You Getting All This?

by Zen Gardner

It’s nuts out here, any way you look at it. The shutdown of planet earth is under way. Deliberate and deviously calculated, someone’s closing shop on us while we watch them do it.

Drones…passport confiscations…ubiquitous surveillance…illicit raids and incarceration of private citizens…adulterated food, air and water and outlawing of health products…re-education camps…economic slavery…a micro-managed manipulative media.  You telling me it’s not shutting down like a huge gulag?

Sound fatalistic?  Were the prognosticators fatalists when they forecast the fall of empires, one after another? Let’s get real. Shit happens, empires fall. Period. And we’re in the end of one of them.

A whopper.

The Surreal Factor

That things are so fricking weird is not something the mainstream media keeps track of. Nor does history…unless it’s to their advantage to twist or instigate fear or minimize something for the next generation. They keep mindlessly on with the drumbeat mantra of “normal is now, now is normal

It’s hard to hear anything contrary.

When someone starts to wake up it’s all too often thrown into the ready and waiting context of either conspiracy thinking or a sci-fi movie, and they quickly compartmentalize it as such in the ever ready “unreal” category. Instead of “Where the hell am I?” and asking around saying “Are you seeing what I’m seeing?”…it’s “What’s wrong with me for not feeling like everyone else?”

Serious deep programming for generations. It seems to be a lot to overcome.

But it’s not.

Just takes a little guts and common sense.

The En”trance” Fee

Everyone gets in here somewhere and we all have a free shot to see the Truth. It may appear more challenging for some than others, when the very basics of life are denied so many human beings around the globe and they appear to not have time to ponder such things.

Guess what. You live in the moment, Truth is staring you straight in the face. No matter who you are or your circumstances. The so called “advanced nations” are more backwards than they would ever begin to realize.

I spoke to a WW2 enemy camp survivor in Holland many years ago and he said they were the best years of his life. He found out what life really was, what was important, and how to live and love and what to live for when he got out. That was a seriously profound conversation for me.

Who’s to judge what an awakening or awareness is?

Today, however, is a different ballgame in many ways. Where people were self sufficient they’re almost all completely dependent now. To an amazing degree. From cell block like living quarters to supermarket or fast wickedly processed foods to mind numbing drugs and hypnotic television, even Orwell would be shocked at the world we live in.

The Global Cage

Admittedly societal engineers have a huge leg up with today’s technologies available to them. But they’re available to us as well, at least the essential communication capabilities, and so far so good on that one.

The point is, we may be in a prison for our bodies but not for our souls.


We can communicate. We can love. We can help empower each other with encouragement and kindness. We can keep the Truth alive.

The Power of Truth

“The Light is more than some abstract, unknowable energy force. Light is Truth. If Light is truth, then darkness must be lies. Each and every lie we tell to ourselves and others casts the shadow of separation upon us. Every time even the most minor deception is revealed and the truth is made known we are re-united with the Light. So, Let there be Light. Those are the words by which you can create your own magnificent world.” – Renee Bledsoe

Just one of many such wise quotations. Amazing how Truth is such a revelation to so many. That speaks for itself about the world we live in.  You’d think Truth would be the standard and not the deviant idea.

It’s incredulously strange the world we live in has become. Clearly, it has always been so, with whatever false projected paradigm has been smothering the society of the time, but we’re up against amazing contradictions in a very short time span with vastly high-powered technologies accelerating the plan.

The American experience is only 200 plus years old, yet it’s been rendered defunct over just a few short decades. Surely by design, but that’s fast work at the same time. Other empires have fallen rapidly within their own context, but what we’re being handed is a doozey.

Let’s be on target in our conscious response to all this. Be Truthful, be Peaceful, be Loving, be Fearless.

And be conscious.

We’ll follow in the footsteps of the greats. We came here for this.

Come what may.

Much love, Zen

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  • Copyright
Thu May 31 2012

readers COMMENTS

That was an interesting read Daniel, but if we do not give God the glory for what he

share’s with us, is our truth not in vain?

Jesus said in John 14:6 “I am the way, the life and the truth, no man cometh unto the

father except by me.”

Didn’t Jesus rebuke the pride of the pharisee and Sadducee?

I do enjoy reading your essays my friend, but I am reminded of an old acronym.

Love Always Speaks Truth

The last shall be first, and the first shall be last.  If I have spoken inappropriately,

please feel free to correct me,

for a wise man will hear and will increase learning, but a fool despises instruction.:

Clyde-Earl: Young

Hi Clyde
I liked your comment..
Just to let you know..
I have written in many of my articles that in my search for truth and in keeping
my promise to God..
I discovered that truth is very very simple and lies and deceptions are very
I also discovered that the spirit of God is very real and that is why I am A
Truth Soldier.

For God is the truth.          .danieltowsey   a_truth_soldier



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