Beware of the Fake Truther Sites

Beware of the Fake Truther Sites

Written by A Truth Soldier
This is going to be a follow up to my previous article entitled”Beware of the Internet troll”Unfortunately

I can not reveal to you just how to find and discover genuine
real intellectual truth sites as the professional espionage agencies would also love to know.

I assure you they exist by the hundreds. The sheeple are waking up and are no longer willing to stay

in the corral awaiting their turn to be stripped naked of their intellectual identity.I assure you truth seekers,

that truth does exist if you seek it you will find it. Unfortunately
it will be very frightening in deed, for it will take you to where the insane lurk. Your search for truth will

show you how dark the minds of the evil doers are. Where the light of truth needs to be brought in to

expose and destroy the criminally insane evil doers.Just a reminder for your understanding.
Truth is an absolute and the opposite absolute is insanity. So the further one goes from truth the closer

one get to absolute insanity. The insane seek no truth nor speak any truth. The insane have taken control

of the money creation and now are altering and destroying all that is good and natural. Please read my

article “Creation of first Corporation” if you want proof.Then please understand that truth is not an

objective thought but is an action. Truth can only exist if you seek and speak it. So truth is an action
which is why I am an activist.The fake truther sites are very effective at luring you in.

They will present you with multitudes of truths as to their evil doings.
You will be absolutely convinced that you have found a real truther site where you will be able to learn

and then you will think that you will now have the
knowledge to be able to make decisions on how to make a change for the better.

This will never happen as the fake sites know exactly how to keep unifying
public movements from growing.The fake sites will never let any peoples unify in a plan of action.

The fake truther sites will keep you for ever wondering
round in their web of deceit. Please read my article “The Web of Deceit”

Please do not for a second believe that such sites do not exist. Remember that they
have unlimited supplies of cash that they produce out of thin air. They use this cash to make sure

that they will always keep full control over knowledge
and public opinion.So understand that Truth is always more bazaar
then any fiction you will ever see or hear.

So stop watching programming that the corporate media puts out.

The sooner you tune out Corporate media the sooner you will recover and begin to recognize truth.

Fake truther sites are manned by highly trained espionage trolls.
These trolls will regularly venture out to any other sites that they believe my pose a threat to the

matrix of control.When you read my article on Internet trolls,
you will begin to get an understanding as to the reality of all this.Why do you think they keep

putting out so many Hollywood productions that tantalize your imagination.

They are programming you to not react to the real dangers of the real matrix of control they have created.

The Hollywood productions effectively dumb down the
whole population. So that no one will fight for their freedoms.

The movies and corporate media are social engineering mechanisms of the NWO matrix.
You can never be free with out these three principles and in this order.
TRUTH = JUCTICE = LIBERTY.Today more and more people instinctively know something is very wrong

with what people are doing to the health of this planet.
But they just do not know what is wrong. More and more are turning off the corporate mind control machine.

These are the people I have written this article of truth for.Please never get discouraged in your pursuit for

truth as truth is the only thing that will set use free.
The insane money masters are running this world, this are also ruining this world.

They are so insane thast they want want to kill most of us. I AM NOT KIDDING.
You seek truth? Then do not be afraid of it. Please read my article entitled

“They want you dead is written in stone” for real proof.Please also understand
that pure truth is always the simplest denominator and that lies are deception are always complicated.

So the simplest denominator of all is the simple
truth that the pure love of God does exist. For without truth there can never be any love at all.

Please read this to fully understand how this is real.
My article entitled;”I am in love and I am so happy”Then I recommend you read

“The Last Piece of the Puzzle”I assure you that by the time you have
finished reading my recommendations, you will know how to see and understand what is true.
Robyn Guinn Thankyou for these links…
I will come
back to them tomorrow when I have more time…
I am pleased to see the guidestones defaced
and the time has come to destroy them.
The fact those stones have stood on American soil for more
than 2 decades is a sign that people are fast asleep.
Dear Daniel,
The government already knows about my site, so you can go ahead and make people aware of it.
See the icon on my site that says Arlene’s Books regarding what the government tried to do to me
in which it succeeded for all intents and purposes.
These next two sentences of yours are very confusing,
especially the second one…”…to where the insane lurk.”
I am anything but insane.
God bless,
Hi Arlene..I am surprised that you being an excellent published writer did not understand that sentence…
If you seek truth you will have to go into the depth of darkness where the insane lurk to see what they are
doing and then bright your light of truth to light your way..That light will blind the insane and they will be
forced to see the light…

Beware of the Fake Truther Sites.pdf RIGHT CLICK SAVE AS


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Beware of the internet troll

Beware of the Fake Truther Sites


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  1. You mentioned a pdf file of Beware of the Fake Truther Sites. Is this different from the article you have posted? If it isn’t, would you point me to the actual pdf file?

    Thank you


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