Harper Had NO Authority to Parogie Canadas Government

Harper Had NO Authority 

to Parogie Canadas Government

(Steven Harper Is A Criminal)

Written by A Truth Soldier


Steven Harper has complete contempt and disrespect for the people of Canada.

He twice violated our Canadian Constitution and lied to the Canadian people.

He showed complete disrespect for the people,  the people we elected to represent 

us in Ottawas Democratic Parliament.

Oh by the way..I know it is Parogued and not Parogie. 

I wrote it that way for I have no respect for the thought of peroging government.

This is going to be a very short article of truht.

I just want to inform you yuounger people and remind you 

older people who never speak up for our democracy.

That Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau

Gave us our own and independent Constitution.

I want to also remind you that the Queen herself came to Canada and sign

 the documents giving Canada 

and the Canadian people full independent sovereignty.

The Queen gave up all her powers and controls over Canada.

Canada is an independent and sovereign country.

So why did you not rebel in the streets when Harper took 

over our Parliament and Country and dictated to us that 

what all our elected representatives 

mattered not one little bit to Harper.

You should be VERY scared of Harper and the secret societies he serves.

We have dictator in Parliament.

We need to get rid of him.

But that can not be unless you read and understand my article.

“Corrupt Canadian Election” (Vote Fixing)

So ask lots of question when you go to the polling station and make sure 

what I wrote does not happen again.,








So lets bring order back to

 Ottawas parliament.

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The Harper Government – Illegal?

2 thoughts on “Harper Had NO Authority to Parogie Canadas Government”

  1. “I want to also remind you that the Queen herself came to Canada and sign the documents giving Canada and the Canadian people full independent sovereignty.

    “The Queen gave up all her powers and controls over Canada.

    “Canada is an independent and sovereign country.”

    Daniel, while the Queen of England gave up her power over Canada, it was inherited by the Queen of Canada. The latter derives her power from the British Soverign, and effectively, nothing has changed. The governments of Canada and all ten provinces continue to govern under the authority of and by, the Crown. What has changed is that no legistlation made in Canada needs to be affirmed by the British Parliament nor the “Queen of England”.

    Our soverignty rests with the Queen.

    In addition, constitutionally, we have now have an ability (power) to remove the soverign should we choose to do so.


    1. That makes no sense..and Canada has no queen…We are sovereings of our own land..the queen and the british Zionists have no say in Canada..She does not represent the people….This is our country and it also belongs to the native peoples..The hell with the puppet…


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