Alien Forest, Alien Ocean, Alien Sky

Alien Forest, Alien Ocean, Alien Sky.


Vatic Note:   This is serious.


I don’t know about you, but I can’t imagine it, and don’t ever want to have it come into existance.

This explains a lot about our creatures we have that are fully responsible for pollinating not only our crops but all living plants on the planet.

We better read this one and call our congress to stop this planting of “killer” trees created by Monsanto.

We also better support that court action taking away their patents on all items harmful as the law requires.

If we don’t do something soon, we won’t have anything left that is real.

That means we have to try and get real seeds from the seed banks or someone better start collecting seeds from real trees before we are unable to do so.

Remember, its been the pesticides in the GMO seeds that have been killing off the bees.  

This is no joke folks. 

These elite are way more sick than even I imagined. 

Or inbreeding has left them mentally retarded, I don’t know which. 

Way too much money and time on their hands. 

Alien Forest, Alien Ocean, Alien Sky
By Rady Ananda — Contributing Writer, The Intel Hub,  Source:  The Activist Post
Provided to Vatic Project by the Brooks Report

Imagine our declining pollinators – bees, moths, butterflies and bats – coming upon thousands of acres of toxic trees, genetically engineered so that every cell in the tree exudes pesticide, from crown to root. Imagine a world without pollinators. Without seed dispersers. Without soil microbes.

It would be a silent forest, a killing forest, an alien forest. No wonder Vandana Shiva scoffs at the moniker, biotechnology.

“This is not a life technology. It’s a death science.”  (VN:  remember, Satanists hate “life”, they celebrate “death” in all things.

This is so bizarre, its hard to reconcile this with our concepts of reality in life.  But we MUST get out of denial and start seriously thinking about how we are going to save our planet)

Genetically engineered forests are a holocaust on nature.

An award-winning documentary, A Silent Forest: The Growing Threat,

Genetically Engineered Trees (2005, 46 mins) details the appalling effects. (You can buy the full length film at Amazon.)

(Creation of a dead planet)

Global Justice Ecology Project director, Ann Petermann defines the issue:

“Genetically engineered trees are the greatest threat to the world’s remaining forests since the invention of the chainsaw.”

Jim Hightower calls them, “wildly invasive, explosively flammable, and insatiably thirsty for ground water.”

If planting a sterile, killer forest isn’t freaky enough, some GM trees will be viable and can and will contaminate natural species.

Tree pollen can travel over 600 miles, according to a model created by Duke University, reported Petermann in 2006.

Another study found pine pollen 400 miles from the nearest pines.

This year, a scientist was surprised to find viable seeds 25 miles offshore.

“Sterile trees would also be able to spread their transgenes through vegetative propagation,” notes Petermann.

Unlike with animals, being sexually sterile does not preclude reproduction when it comes to plants.

GM contamination occurs around the globe, as documented by GM Watch and the GM Contamination Register (among others). The technology cannot be contained.

Genetically modified organisms are dominant over natural species and will forever alter Earth’s natural plants.

By the way, the latest batch of approved GM trees – 200,000 eucalyptus for seven southern states (Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida and South Carolina) – are engineered to be cold tolerant. A lawsuit has been filed to overturn their approval.

Chemically altering the atmosphere to be cooler

Not only are the powers-that-be genetically altering trees, food crops and animals, they’re also chemically altering the atmosphere. In 1976, the United Nations banned hostile environmental modification, after investigative reporter Jack Anderson uncovered its use in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. Next month, October 2010, the UN will vote on a resolution to stop all EnMod activities.

While the thought police  (VN:  Wouldn’t you know the khazar SPLC is right in the middle of this mess. 

Talk about Domestic Terrorism, this is classic if I ever saw it, and Homeland Security invites the terrorists to sit on their board to help determine policy, 

NOW HOW ORWELLEAN IS  THAT?) label chemtrails a “conspiracy theory,” it’s unlikely that the UN scientific body calling for their termination would base such a recommendation on fiction.

Those interested in scientific and legal proof can review the sources in my piece on atmospheric geoengineering.

Climate change is still being debated, especially after the University of East Anglia was caught publishing false data

(VN: Yup, the British also right in the middle of it, but then the Bank of England was turned over to Rothschild and the khazars.  They are sooo sold out) showing temperature increases.

Significant errors in a report by the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), where it also falsely asserted as fact that Himilaya glaciers would melt by 2035, also fuel the debate.

Recently, an independent investigative body told the IPCC to stop lobbying on behalf of global warming programs. Members of the IPCC were also ordered to reveal their financial connections to such programs.

The temperature of the planet is characterized as too warm, and so the wealthy and powerful want to cool down the planet. If they do, those cold-tolerant GM trees will survive.

Altering the chemistry of the hydrosphere

Governments also support altering the chemistry of the hydrosphere.

There is still much debate as to whether iron-seeding the oceans can remove enough carbon from the atmosphere to actually cool the planet. But, like the Cap and Trade scam, profit can be made so policy makers still support the idea.

Beyond deliberate attempts at geoengineering, we also have industry to blame for doing so.

For over a century, humanity has been conned into poisoning the environment with toxic chemicals that end up in our streams, lakes and oceans. “Conventional” agriculture and industrial pollution is killing us.

Corporations profit by this, of course, enabled and protected by governments.

The most recent example, allowing BP to spray at least two million gallons of toxic oil dispersants into the Gulf of Mexico, is a case in point.

This is after the Earth Day Blowout that released up to 350 million gallons interfere with oil-eating microbes. of oil into the Gulf. Those dispersants enable oil to more readily penetrate the bodies of sea life, and they

They’re destroying an ocean and the US Senate is giving BP a pass. It refuses to grant subpoena power to investigate, let alone criminally prosecute.

Forget partisanship, says Dateline Zero, “they are the same party, and they get their money from the same people, they get their orders from the same people — and that includes big oil.”

The actions of the corporations involved and the governmental agencies charged with regulating them have caused an ongoing Extinction Level Event.

This is happening all over the world. Corporations are destroying the planet under the guise of seeking profit. But their ecocidal activities are so horrendous and so ubiquitous that profits seem hardly plausible as authentic motive.

When taken together – chemically altered skies and waters and genetically altered plants and animals – reasonable minds cannot but wonder at the alien transformation of Planet Earth that we are witnessing.

Using years of editorial experience and web publishing, Rady now promotes the ideas and work of a select group of quality writers and artists at Food Freedom and COTO Report.

Her work has appeared in several online and print publications, including three books on election fraud. Most of her career was spent working for lawyers in research, investigations and as a paralegal.

She spent seven years as a professional editor, and two years as a volunteer web editor for a site with 20,000 members.

In December 2003, she graduated from The Ohio State University’s School of Agriculture with a B.S. in Natural Resources.

Pronunciation: Rady rhymes with Lady: RAY dee. Ananda: uh NON duh

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.


Geoffrey Franklin Finn said…Keep an eye on the intelhub.

Has links to Alex Jonestein and steve quayle who both of course do not mention khazars or jews.

we know jonestein is bought but quayle always mentions this true and living God but nothing about the synagogue of satan.
Good source for this other worldly type of material is
Seven here doesn’t batter the khazars like he should as he does claim some type of supernatural power. April 7, 2011 11:51:00 AM MDT

Vaticsaid…Thanks for that insight.

Steven has told the true about the khazars on occasion because I saw him get raked over the coals for doing so, but I never ever hear Alex talk about WHO is doing all this and how it matches everything that has been exposed all the way back to 1919. Its hard to know anymore.

Even trolls have to throw in some truth in order to get us to buy the lies, so I search for that in all of them including Alex.

April 7, 2011 3:57:00 PM MDT

Geoffrey Franklin of the Finn familysaid…Thank you.

That is good news about Quayle.

Gave me a rush to know Steven stood his ground against the khazars.

Any links to this info.

No doubt he is forbidden to mention the khazars on george the jew noory’s show.

April 9, 2011 8:16:00 AM MDT

Vatic Mastersaid…Oh, aha, that explains a lot. I could not figure out why I also had that “gut feeling” about Noory as well. So he is a khazar huh?

As for links, I suppose I could find some, but I just remembered reading something a while back that he wrote and a commenter raked him over the coals for it.

I will try to see what I can find. By the way, I am from the O’Shea and Lynch clans of the Cork and Clare counties.. lol Troublemakers all.

April 9, 2011 10:23:00 AM MDT

Brock said…

Quayle is I’m my humble opinion one of the best out there.

I find it hard to believe what you say about Noory.

But that doesn’t mean I am not listening closer than ever. Still undecided, but as I’ve said in the past I’m a truthseeker.

Loved yesterdays interview with Icke.

He and Rense have no problem with mentioning the khzars.

Of course Icke has been my favorite for a long time.

We had better do something quickly,or we will have nothing left!!! Brock

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