My First Video Testimony by A Truth Soldier

My First Video Testimony by A Truth Soldier

July 15 2011

This testimonial is mainly about my difficulties with my health and a graphic description of my injuries incurred

after the covert agents deliberately drove a car over me..

I needed to do this testimonial because justice does not exist in Nova Scotia.

So I want there to be a public record of my situation for future investigators and also in the event that they finally

succeed in killing me as they have since tried three more times in the past few months.

They even sabotaged my wheelchair when it was in for repairs by turning down my

brakes to 15% in the chairs software that controls the chair.

So that I would not be able to stop when they again tried to drive a car into my wheelchair. 

If there truly was justice, then a serious inquiry and investigation would have been done.

But Canadians are really naive and stupid in believing that they have a democracy.

That is not possible if the people do not fight for Truth, Justice and Liberty.

A democracy can not exist if the people do not continuously get involved in it.

Here in Halifax Nova Scotia most of the people who have good jobs derive their income

from the government. 80% according to the governments own statistics..

No wonder my human rights are not being protected..

They all work for the government and do what ever the covert agents tell them to do.

The covert agents do not work for we the people..

Please listen now to my testimonial.. Thank You.

Please check this out also

Reader comments

“Rae Astbury”  Friday, July 15, 2011 8:09 PM

i have been reading your articles for years.  i believe everything you say.

 the truth resonates in your writings.  all i can say to you is, do not despair.

 i’m sure there are many others who believe you.  i’m sorry that we are outnumbered

by the doubters or disbelivers, but it is very hard to admit to the pure evil hoodlums

 who are running your country and mine.  i would say the mafia was tame compared to

the present gangster governments of our world.  i’m very sorry for your pain and misery,

 there are many in like conditions in the world today and the only consolation is trust in a

loving and merciful God.  if we all pray together and send up our voices in love maybe we

can be strong enough to make a difference a long time admirer rae

One thought on “My First Video Testimony by A Truth Soldier”

  1. My dear brother in Christ:

    My soul is with you, for I do know Satan is using mankind to destroy anyone who will stand head held high, for the glory of Yahuwah our GOD!

    Also, thank you for the pictures; they are beautiful! I know Nova Scotia, having driven much of that Province, and being from Newfoundland & Labrador, I understand the beauty, for it is all around me when I am at home too. Brother, your testimony is absolutely awful; that people could do this to another human being, is absolutely beyond me! I cannot be anything but ashamed of these people, and although I pray these shall come to know Jesus Christ, that these might repent of their wrongdoing to you, and come to know the beautiful that life walking with Christ, through His Holy Spirit, can make this life on Earth become!

    You sound very gentle and Christian in your words, and I guarantee you, I will be praying for you every night, BECAUSE you have been chosen by Yahuwah to stand up as a miracle, speaking of the glory of GOD, and how a man can speak with such determination and realization of the goodness of GOD, tell of the pain and reasons for that pain, and yet I hear no feelings of hatred for whomever has done these things to you. My heart is broken because of your suffering, and I thought I was having troubled with arthritis! Continue to forgive, pray for those enemies, for if they accept Jesus as their Messiah/Saviour, they will in mind and heart, know they are forgiven by GOD and by you. You will be immensely blessed, because God is keeping you alive for something great; believe that, and you will continue to be a greater miracle as every day goes by. God’s ways are not ours, and although this life of yours must be so difficult, there is a reason for it. When you know this, you will thank Him for the way has worked in your life, even the bad things that are present. I pray I shall meet you in the Kingdom of Yahuwah. Agape, dear brother.


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