Occupy is The Truth Revolution

Occupy is The Truth Revolution

written by A Truth Soldier


I have been attending, reporting photographing and videographing the Occupy Nova Scotia since the very begining.

You can view these three play lists at http://www.youtube.com/folkphotographer
OccupyNS, Occupy the World and also the great Annonimous play list.

I have heard people and the corporate media saying that the Occupy movement does not have any clearly stated goals or demands.

I have had many conversations with media people and I had to make them undertand that the Occupy movemnet is young.

But that it is very clear now that it is Occupying the whole planet.

There are now over three thousand cities and towns world wide in the Occupy movement.

I explained to the reporters and others that the Occupy movement is the begining of a world wide truth revolution.

This movement does not have any leaders because it is a leaderless resistance.

The resistance is very clear.

Everyone is resisting the world wide corruption from Corporations and governments that are also Corporations.

It is a leaderless resistance because everyone one has an equal voice.

Everyones truths are now being brought to the surface.

The seeds of truth are now being sown.

For only a truely healhty humanity will grow from the seeds of truth.

Everyone in the world is now on board this Occupy the The Truth Revolution.

Being a leaderless resistance means that there are no leaders to be intimidated, corrupted or killed.

Being an unstructured movement makes it much harder to be infiltrated and corrupted by paid agent provacateurs and saboteurs.

It is a Truth Revolution for truth can not be killed.

A Truth Revolution is the only thing that will save this planet.

It is now the time for everyone to speak the truth and expose all the organized corruption in the world.

For if humanity is not guided by truth into the future then the world is truly doomed.

The beautiful young generation of today has been labelled as the doom generation.

Well I tell you now, that the young people know that the time has come for everyone to speak every truth.

This revolution is a peaceful and love filled revolution for Love can not exist in the abscence of truth.

For we Occupiers love truth.

I ask you, How can anyone not love truth?

Only the sick and corrupt money hungry people do not love the truth.

For they would have to look at themselves in that mirror and they would not love what they see.

One day they well realize the potential beauty we Occupiers see in them, for we Occupiers love our fellow Occupiers.

We all just want all of us to Occupy this planet in peace and love.

The truth revolution will give them no choice but to have to look at themselves to see if they love only money or humanity and this planet.

We are now letting the one percent know that we Occupy this planet.

We share this planet and no artificially created money can buy this planet.

This planet is priceless and we can not afford to let it be destroyed by those who only love money and power.

We love this planet and that is the truth.

The wonderful loving Micheal Jackson said it.

If you want to change the world then look in the mirror.

The beautiful Occupy people, be they the lonely, the homeless, the dissabled, the natives, the forgotten war wounded, the silent Police officers, the silenced war vets, the rock stars, the buskers, the street kids, the nurses, the falsely imprissoned, the tortured, the medical doctors, and the rest of the ninety nine percent are now undertanding that they too are Occupiers.

So it is time to be free of the insane corruption.

It is time to listen to Alex Jones and break out of the prison planet.

For only the truth revolution will set us free.

It is the Occupiers hope that everyone will come out and join the Truth Revolution movement for we Occupy this planet.

We want all you Occupiers to save this planet.

This can not be if you do not now expose and whistle blow all the corruption in this world.

Then if you do, you well see the beautiful occupant of this planet you have become when you look in that mirror.

The ninety nine pecent see the light of truth.

The Occupiers can now see the path to the future for they are enlightened and have a very powerful light of truth exposing the darkness of the evil one percent.

Lets all shine the light of truth on those that hide in the darkness doing their evil doings.

Lets all of us Occupiers of this beautiful planet now expose their evil deeds to the light of truth.

We well never stop Occupying…….and that is the truth

The Truth Revolution is the only Future


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