The Homeless Occupiers

The Homeless Occupiers
written by A truth Soldier

Here is the answer for the homeless occupiers.

It is time to go mobile.
Create a wheeled village.
Put your tents on wheels, such as horse drawn wagons.
Or at bare minimum put your tents on wooden platforms
and put wheels on them then pull them down the
streets with signs on them
“We are the homeless Occupiers”.
It is time to Occupy the streets.
Do protest parades.
If you do it well, you well cause a serious traffic problem.
If you keep doing it the the government
well have to give you a place to camp at.
It is time to get active and keep fighting the
corrupt corporate governments.
Your mobile protest well be able to collect donations as it
goes through town.
Also the corrupt media well not be able to ignore you.
You well gain even more support from the people.
You can use bicycles to pull your mobile village around.
You can then stop at different locations for speeches to be done.
You need to get the people involved in this.
Do not give up.
You are not defeated.

We Occupy this planet with you.

We are the 99 per cent and we are not going away!

The Truth Revolution

Jean Leblanc Hey why not try to help the homeless protestors? Invite them into your home, maybe let them live rent free in your basement?Wouldn’t that be more supportive then telling them to put a tent on wheels? Of course all the speeches and chanting should keep them warm when the snow flies and you are back at home behind your computer typing indignant messages. Yep wheeled tents for the homeless will change the world.
Sharon McKenna Is he serious?
Daniel J Towsey Yes I am serious… As far as the people are concerned the OccupyNS is dead.. No can see them and no one will care
Occupy Nova Scotia ((El)) We’ve been front page of the newspapers for a week.. no one thinks Occupy is dead..:)
Daniel J Towsey You wont be in the news for long and your only in the news about the eviction and not about why the protest existed

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