It is getting really bad

It is getting really bad

written by A Truth Soldier

I have so often heard people say that things are getting really bad.

I always have to tell them that they are very wrong.

It is not getting really bad. It ihas always been really bad.

I then tell them the point is that they (you) are just begining to find out that things are really bad.

Then when you keep learning the truth.

They will soon realize that things are unimaginably worse then their worse nightmares.

Then they, meaning you, have to wake up out of your dream that every thing is just fine and

that you have no reason to be involved in reality.

The reality is that you have been living in a corporate induced dream that everything if fine.

The sooner you turn off that television and stop getting your daily dose of psychological programing.

The better. Because then you will start looking for healthy brain food.

You can only get your food for thought by going out and finding some healthy brain food to consume.

In your search for it, you will one day soon discover that you are not alone.

You will discover that you are the 99.999%.

You then will hopefully find yourself a new occupation, like I did.

Mine is; A Truth Soldier Occupation in the army of love and truth.

“When the seeds of truth are sown.

The grassroots truth revolution.

will blossom from the enlightenment”


For only a Truth Revolution will set us free.


Spread those seeds of truth.

“Telling the truth in times of unniversal deceit.

Is a revolutionary act”

It is time for the 99.999% to act….

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