Our Bazaar and unnatural skies due to chemtrails (photos)

Our Bazaar and unnatural skies due to chemtrails (photos)

Below you will see a few of my high resolution pictures showing that the chemtrailing

has changed our atmosphere so much that now the sun is no longer looking natural.

This link will take you to my full photo album and slideshow



Below you will see just a few images I posted on my facebook and s series of comments

I copied from people who viewed these images.. I would appreciate your comments.

Please see my other previously published chemtrails article that has many documentary videoss


CLICK ON Images for Full Sized ..

how about this one? Do you see that the sun is unnaturally distorted and kinda stretched?

Gary Rea No…I see that atmospheric haze and dust makes it appear that way.

Why, what sort of nonsense did you THINK was happening? LOL

Gary Rea Must be one of those “two suns in the sky” folks. LOL

Daniel J Towsey Gary do not talk to me like I am stupid…

This extremely red sky and this stretched sun is not natural..

it is caused by the chemtrails metal particulates they sprayed in the sky.

This chemtrail film is more enhanced as the sun nears the horizon.

If you do not know about chemtrails and their effect on our environment then I suggest

you go do some research or just start looking up at the pale white sky.

You will never again see a clear deep blue sky..

If you do not want to go do you own research and think you know everything then please

unfriend yourself.. I post articles of truth to enlighten those that seek to learn and share knowledge…

Gary Rea LOL. It IS natural, Daniel. In the first place, this is a photograph,

which can – and usually does – appear different from what the human eye sees.

The red-orange color is common at sunset, especially in photos, and then there is your monitor and

mine to be considered, as well.

But, I’ll give it to you that chemtrail fallout also plays a role in that atmospheric haze.

As for the sun’s elongated appearance, however, it’s exactly as I said.

The sun is seen through the thickest portion of the atmosphere when it’s this low to the horizon and the result –

whether there are nanoparticles of aluminum and heavy metals present or not – is atmospheric distortion,

which diminishes as the sun rises, in the case of a sunrise.

Gary Rea Beautiful shot, by the way.

Daniel J Towsey Gary you speak to eloquently..

so much so that you still make it sound like you know everything and that your fancy speech

assures those around you that you must really know what you are talking about… I am 55 years old.

I am a very experienced professional photographer.

I have taken at least 500,000 outdoor photos in my life.

I have studied nature and its appearance all my life .

These overly colored sunsets that are now happening everyday are not natural.

That story you just said about this atmosphere at the horizon stretching the sun is not true.

If the air was still pure and clear, like it was before the chemtrailing started in around 1984..

this would not be happening.. Another thing. I live in an area that gets NO air pollution.

So I am very accustomed to fresh clean air.

Please do some more thinking and learning about chemtrails.

After the years of spraying the layer of metal particulates is now very thick which why the skies are

now so unnaturally colorful and why the sun is stretching.

So did you like the picture of the two suns I posted on your profile page? Try explaining that one away..

Daniel J Towsey I fugured I may as will repost my responce that I copied from my profile page

Gary Rea I’ll do likewise Gary Rea It’s called atmospheric distortion, Dan, and, as a professional photographer,

I’d expect you to know that much. I have, for over 40 years, since I was trained in photography in the Air Force.

I don’t know if you’re using a digital camera or film, still, but, surely you recall what reddish sunsets one got

from Kodachrome? I do. I’m not saying the chemtrail fallout doesn’t contribute,

but this phenomenon is entirely natural, a result of optics.

Gary Rea Again, there is only one sun in our solar system,

Dan. Period. Read my comment on it.

Gary Rea As I said, the intensity of the effect is a function of the medium, Dan.

Colors are not rendered with the same hue and saturation we see with our eyes.

This is basic color theory and optics; i.e., the stuff photography courses begin with. Gary Rea Furthermore,

I’ve seen sunset photos this red for forty years.

Daniel J Towsey No it is not natural..

Not with the intensity that it has and not every single day.

Red sunsets in the past were an amazing spectacle when they occurred because they occurred so rarely.

And they never occurred with this much red…

Also they only occurred during warm summer nights when there was alot of humidity that was created

from the heat of summer..

My digital camera is a top notch camera that always captures things exactly as they appear..

Daniel J Towsey by the way..thank you for the discussion..

It is good to duel with an intelligent person with words…you are a very good word-smith

Daniel J Towsey You ignored what I said about a red sunset every night now and in winter? 

two suns picture

Mylene Grimm ·  I have no idea how to explain this,

maybe an optical illusion of some kind, but, I do see a heart in the middle.

Gary Rea What’s your point about this one, Daniel? Are you one of those folks who think that, somehow,

there are two suns in our sky…but that they only appear now and then, and somehow go hide somewhere

the rest of the time?

Mylene Grimm ·  Now, that I am looking at this again,

I am noticing lots of chemtrails.

Gary Rea Oh, hell, yes! Chemtrails galore.

Daniel J Towsey There you go again gary…

You did not explain why there is two sun..your double talk is stupid..

Instead of trying to explain it you just say it is not there, does not exist,

can not be real because you think it has never been seen again..

Oh and you are assuming it has not been seen again.

There are many more pictures and videos online of two suns.

Ken M Jr Wilbourne Looks like Satan has too much GAS again! Hahahaha, would be funny if it wasn’t such a crime farting like that on humanity and nature, huh?                     

Nate Luzier ·
They’re probably using drones

Daniel J Towsey hey that is what i have been saying for years..the whole project is run by an automated computer program

Nate Luzier ·
Thats probably why they just legalized drones, they’ll start going more “public” now

Finbarr McCarthy i have never seen a plane like this,never!

Daniel J Towsey They always fly so high that they would look like a speck..

The camera I used is very powerful and the lighting was perfect for a clear shot

Daniel J Towsey Yes they will fly at a much lower altitude… Have you read the message on ‘The georgia Guidestones”? and do you know about ‘Agenda 21″? They are going to kill alot of people very soon.. they will use the drones to spray the people…The good people have been so dumbed down that they good people do no good and the insane have been left loose to run the world.               

Finbarr McCarthy i understand this i have many many photos and video of planes spraying

turning the spray on and off but here in the UK it seems they are some which are not commercial

and some are the commercial planes seem to spray on the ascending to cruising speed or on their

decent to landing thus proving they have different ways of getting geoengineering chemicals into

the atmosphere.I spoke with a couple meteorologists about this and with careful words used on my

part they admitted to me there was an experiment going on which is known by the government and

who are participating in hiding this from the public hence you will not get a doctor on the

NHS(national health system)to test your blood for aluminum,barium etc nor will you get a lab to test

water for these same chemicals or anything to do with suspected geoengineering as i have tried to get dust

samples collected from my car which was parked up for a couple of weeks outside my home and was

covered in metallic looking dust.theres a lot of planning gone into this for those responsible to have

covered all bases the way they have done.

Daniel J Towsey yes..there is no limits to what the insane will do. especially since they create what ever

money they wnat like magic in a computer…The insane are out of control. that is why we the sane and good

people now must take control of the money and put an end to this insanity.                   

Chemtrails controlled by OLGACOM I.E. Monsanto.. [Proof in video]

Uploaded by on Feb 20, 2012

Threat email from Olgacom/Monsanto
June 19, 2011 By Alenka Wacek
Today I get this email from an @olgacomglobal.pl address. They know that I can publish this email, it shows that they do not care because nobody can get to them anyway. They are not in Poland only but on several countries, most in Asia. We need more people to sign the petition so that I can go to Polish parliament and ask them about this. You can sign here: http://www.petitionbuzz.com/petitions/stopolgacom

Here is the precise text:
Miss Wacek, I want to remind you that you signed a confidentiality agreement. We are currently monitoring your online behavior and recommend you to no longer engage in these activities. Think of your friends.

Kind Regards,
R. Vanderbilt
I checked the IP address of the sender and it is from Internet company in Denmark, same as the Olgacom website.

I did indeed sign condfidentiality agreement, but I feel that people need to know truth instead of keeping mouth shut. I keep a copy of this, I photograph so you can see it: (http://olgacomscandal.files.wordpress.com/2011/06/2011-06-18-23-41-35.jpg)

I will not stop getting you the information to make up your mind and help stop this global attack on our health. I have taken some documents when I left Olgacom, and will publish them, may be even to Wikileaks if they want.

More @Source: http://foodfreedom.wordpress.com/2011/06/23/chemtrails-olgacom-connection-exp…
Olgacom Scandal: http://olgacomscandal.wordpress.com/
http://www.youtube.com/LedaOhio7 (Working Backup)
And This Current One: http://youtube.com/LedaOhio6

Brief Overview of Congressman Paul’s Record:

He has never voted to raise taxes.
He has never voted for an unbalanced budget.
He has never voted for a federal restriction on gun ownership.
He has never voted to raise congressional pay.
He has never taken a government-paid junket.
He has never voted to increase the power of the executive branch.

He voted against the Patriot Act.
He voted against regulating the Internet.
He voted against the Iraq war.

He does not participate in the lucrative congressional pension program.
He returns a portion of his annual congressional office budget to the U.S. treasury every year.

Congressman Paul introduces numerous pieces of substantive legislation each year, probably more than any single member of Congress.

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4 thoughts on “Our Bazaar and unnatural skies due to chemtrails (photos)”

  1. I cannot believe Henry Makow linked your site to his page. You are embarrassing to read. Yes we HAVE heard of this border thing- tried Google lately? Your page is so full of misspellings, grammar errors- excuse me but “bazaar” does not mean what you think it does. Your “secret” concerning psyops? Do you actually think that the most of the population is too dumb to figure it out (maybe this is a revelation to you!)? You are actually doing a great DIS-service to “truthers” with your awful blog. Is English not your first language? If so, I apologize. You know, I was watching one of the “psyops” sit coms on TV the other day and “truthers” were portrayed as total morons. Thanks for continuing this fallacy with your horribly written “truths”. Good luck, take a class, read “Elements of Style” for more tips on how to write. Use a dictionary. The internet is not your friend.


    1. You are so rude and stupid… Yah you got it right…I am French and English was never taught to me.. I learned to read and write in English on my own…Plus you are not aware that I am disabled and I do have much difficulty seeing and typing..But I can clearly see that you are very lacking in kindness… There is no reason for you to have such a nasty attitude to me…Also you would do much better if you knew how to be kind and watched a lot less television…


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