Beware of Internet Reverse Psychology Operations

Beware of Internet Reverse Psychology Operations

written by Daniel J Towsey

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Psychology operations are also known as psyops.

Psyops are so amazingly effective that once they are unleashed on the unsuspecting public

they start having a momentum of their own.

The purpose of psyops is to dis-empower humanity.

Once you start feeling powerless you give up and accept the results of the psyops.

Very few people in the world will ever know or understand what psyops are and how they

affect all of us.

But it is imperative (very important) that you share the information you are about to learn

with everyone.

This article, maybe the only one ever written to warn the people about this.

So if you are fortunate enough to read this, then please understand that you must share this

fortune of knowledge with everyone.

A psyop can also be named a web of deceit, especially since they are found and spread on

the Internets world wide web of deceit.

The reverse psychology psyops are so effective because good intentioned people who are

usually known as truthers are actually giving the psyops its effectiveness.

Truthers will unknowing spread the internet virus known as psyops.

The truthers will learn the so called hidden truths and will spread them.

Long ago I wrote

“Beware of the internet troll” and “Beware of the fake truther sites”.

So this article is going to further enhance your undemanding of mass mind manipulation.

There are many truthers that have purely good intentions.

The real truthers usually end up very confused and bewildered as they learn and spread

the knowledge of the workings of the evils on this planet.

The real truthers know that their intentions are good and honorable and for the good of

humanities future.

But they wonder why it appears that their efforts are unproductive and fruitless.

So I am about to explain this psycology to you in very simple english.

After you have finished reading this you will look at information you get from the internet

in a very different and enlightened way.

You will for the first time in your life truly be empowered.

For truth is empowering and knowing what to do with knowledge is wisdom.

The professional operations of psyops really know what they are doing.

So you to need to know what they are doing and how they do it to you.

[The article I am writting here is empowering you, Psyops never empower you.]

I know this applies to you for you would not be reading this if you were not wise and seeking


Do not worry. I will not let you down.

Internet psyops are backed by very powerful entities that have no limits to their technology

and resources.

What I am about to tell you is going to really shock you and surprise you.

I will now give you very well known examples of psyops websites.

Remember that people on these sites are often themsleves victims of the psyops operations.

These site are just a few examples.

Have you heard of Jessy Ventura, Alex Jones and Wikileaks, or Anonymous?

These are just a few examples. After I explain to you how psyops work and what their purpose

is you will then be able to know and see when you are being psyopted.

Psyops sites give the impression that the truths they are revealing to you are important and

that you need to know these supposed truths.

They also give you the impression that what you are being told has been achieved and that

there is nothing you can do about it. So that you will just give up in desperation.

But please understand that you by yourself have little power.

But if everyone learns what I am writing here.

Then you will be empowered for the NWO only fears one thing.

They fear people power.

If all the people start being unselfish and share the wisdom I am now sharing with you then

the psyops operations will become powerless.

But in reality the more you listen to these psyops sites, the more disempowered you become

and the easier it is for the social engineers to control you and most of humanity.

If you read my other article entitled “The web of deceit” you will get a better

understanding and more knowledge on how to empower yourselves.

I will start with Wikileaks.

Wikileaks has to be one of the best examples of reverse psychology and a web of deceit combined.

The individual always falls for the mind trap.

There you hear and find an overwhelming amount of so called truths.

That is the reverse psyops trap.

You go to the site and thinking you are learning all these secrets.

Like all psyops, yes they are filled with real truths.

I will give you a simple example on how this works.

Most people when they are told a story.

If they hear a real truth in the story, they immediately begin to drop their defenses and

start to believe that if they hear truth then the source can be trusted.

But the psyops is even more devious then that.

The psyops of today are telling you about horrible events, new draconian evil laws,

overwhelming corruption of civilization it self.

So then the trap has worked.

You can tell when you are a victim of a psyop by getting the overwhelming feeling of


You then truly believe that all the horrible things you are being told are already done and

that there is nothing you can do about it.

You then retreat away from your computer and have to go try to find some peace of mind.

But you can not lose that sensation of powerlessness.

The psyop is so effective that you then may even give up on the idea of ever again going to the

internet to seek truth of all the problems you see unfolding on this planet.

When wiki-leaks or Alex Jones tells you that some people have taken over your country,

your laws, your courts, that you are being poisoned, that the new World Order

and the United Nations have the Agenda 21 of depopulating the world. etc. etc.

You really give up.

A psyop operations intentions is to have you peacefully just give up your humanity,

your freedoms, your rights, and possibly even your life as those who are fooled into joining

the NWO military destruction machine do.

Do not get me wrong about the military for I know that most people in the military are also

good people.

They just do not know that an evil psyops operation has fooled them and the general public

that the military do only good deeds for the good of humanity.

Most people today and those in the military now realize that something is very wrong with

those who give the orders to do evil.

Those giving the evil orders are the ones I am wrting this article about.

Please understand each and everyone of us are equals.

No one, be it a General, a Doctor, A Priest, A President or anyone else are any more

important then anyone else.

Today this world is under the control and manipulations of what has long ago been termed.

A pyramid scheme.

Look that up online and you will quickly understand that anyone who enters into a pyramid scheme,

does so because they think they will prosper and that someday they will get to the top.

What everyone fails to understand is that there is only one on top and the rest trying to climb to

the top just get crushed and wiped out.

Pyramid schemes only serve those on top.

If your society is based on a pyramid scheme then you have never known freedom and have

never been free. Ever!

Look at the back of the American one dollar note.

You will see the Illuminati pyramid.

Remember the Federal Reserve is owned by members of secret societies (The Illuminatti)

Wikileaks is just a huge web of deceit trap.

All you need to do is understand that truth is absolute and that the the further you go from

truth the sooner you arrive at the opposite absolute being total insanity.

Also that truth is not a fact, and idea, an opinion or anything except a way of thinking.

For truth is only alive until the second you stop seeking it and speaking it.

Truth is an action. It only exist when you act on truth.

Truth seases to exist the second you stop acting on it.

That is why I am an activist.

I have been asked why do I always speak the truth.

I always thank them for asking and then tell them that it is because I refuse to be insane.

You will one day understand that real activists are always very wonderful and beautiful people.

For all real truthers know that true happiness can only come from sharing love.

A truther also knows that love can not exist in the absence of truth.

So the truth of the matter is, and the only thing that matters and makes life worth living and

empowers us all is sharing love.

Love is why I Love truth for the two are one and the same.

So do not ever give up seeking truth.

Just remember how psyops work and how they are designed to make you feel and believe

that you are powerless and weak.

The simple solution to life is to live for love of life and not love of money and power.

My solution to the problems we face today is to put all the financial criminals in prison

and return the power of money back to we the people.

For money has no value until someone has worked for it.

The Federal Reserve being the first corruporation on earth.. is robbing all of us.

The Federal Reserve and all the other off shoot private banks are creating their money

out of think air.

So these secret society members are destroying all that is beautiful and worth loving.

The Bansksters are insane from the power of money.

The banksters will remain insane until they stop hiding behind the beautiful cover they

created with their fake money.

Everyone needs to look behind the corporate image mask of evil that all crime sydicates are.

All corporations were created as an off shoot of the first corporation.

A corporation is structured to be a crime syndicate.

Conspiracies are real. I’ll prove it.

All corporations are conspiracies against free peoples.

To be permitted into the workings of a corporation you have to sign your conspiracy agreement.

Yes that agreement is called a secrecy non disclosure agreement.

You agree to conspire against everyone, be it the peoples government.

You agree never to tell anyone of the evils and wrong doings your corporation does.

Even if that corporation is destroying everything that is natural and beautiful.

The corporations have taken over our societies and our very governments.

When they did they wrote many of their corparate laws and told us they were lawful laws

of we the people.

Such as the laws that say that corporations have all the rights of person-hood but non of the

responsibility also the other law that says that no corporation can be held liable, responsible or

even be sued.

That again is not true.

Laws in a free and open society are only created with the consent of the people.

Otherwise they are not lawful laws.

Corporations are only held to one law.

The law they created.

That law states that all corporations have to only have one interest.

That being to make profits for its share holders.

Those share holders are mostly secret society members.

Our society has become so corrupted that today it is estimated that sixty percent of

society are members of a secret society.

Please read my other article entitled Creation of first corporation’ to get more


Secret societies, secrets in governments, and any other structures of secrecy should

never be permitted in a free and open society.

Secrecy always leads to a sick society as secrecy is the same as avoiding truth.

Remember what I said before? The opposite of truth is insanity.

So today we the people have given up our cilization to insanity.

We have left the insane incharge or our lives.

Only truth will set us free of the evil in control today and that today is unfortunately

the biggest secret of all.

Do not let absolute truth be a secret.

Share the Love that comes from caring about truth.

And then one day we may meet and when we do, I will always give you a loving smile.

 Beware of Internet Reverse Psychology Operations.pdf RIGHT CLICK TO DOWNLOAD


Psywar – The real battlefield is your mind

Uploaded by Kennykpz1979 on Jan 5, 2011

The documentary “Psywar,”
featuring CMD founder John Stauber,
by Metanoia Films —

This film explores the evolution of propaganda and public relations in the United States, with an emphasis on the “elitist theory of democracy” and the relationship between war, propaganda and class.

Includes original interviews with a number of dissident scholars including Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, Michael Parenti, Peter Phillips (“Project Censored”), John Stauber (“PR Watch”), Christopher Simpson (“The Science of Coercion”) and others.

The film explores corporate and government use of propaganda and public relations to manipulate American people.

The movie explores how the U.S. government staged events to manipulate public opinion about the Iraq war, like the rescue of Private Jessica Lynch, the supposedly spontaneous mob that pulled over the larger-than-life statue of Saddam Hussein in Iraq.

It also discusses the Pentagon pundit scandal, and the hidden activities of the Rendon Group, a PR firm specializing in spinning war.

The film exposes government and corporate activities to blur the lines between real news and fake news, as well as the development over time of public relations misinformation campaigns, strategic corporate campaigns to generate goodwill and the perception of good works, the use of staged photo-ops, and other manipulative PR tools that have turned the land of the free and the home of the brave into a place where citizens are now manipulated with great efficiency, and on a massive scale.

How to Conduct Psychological Operations

une 8, 2012 in Featured

Examples of prepackaged psychological operations leaflets encouraging support for U.S. forces.

Public Intelligence

Psychological operations (PSYOP) have long been used by militaries around the world to coerce populations into acting in a manner favorable to their mission objective.  The product of these operations, which is commonly called propaganda when distributed by enemy forces, is a mixture of complex social research, art direction and psychological theory designed to manipulate its unsuspecting recipient into modifying their behavior in a way favorable to those conducting the PSYOP.  The message conveyed through a PSYOP can often stray into deeply emotional and personal territory that is intended to trigger a profound psychological response.  For example, U.S. and British troops fighting in Italy and France during World War II weresubjected to a barrage of leaflets distributed by German forces describing the futility of their mission, encouraging them to take the “POW life insurance policy” and instructing them that their girlfriends back home were being taken advantage of by Jewish businessmen.  The methodology behind these persuasive psychological tactics is described in detail in U.S. Army FM 3-05.301 Psychological Operations Process Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures, which provides fascinating insight into the methods used by PSYOP soldiers to modify the behavior of targeted populations.

FM 3-05.301 is described as the “principal reference for the PSYOP process” detailing “procedures and strategies derived from applied scientific and academic disciplines in an effort to improve the efficacy” of PSYOP.  The manual includes everything from analyzing target audiences to tactical strategies for influencing populations.  There are guides for production and dissemination of pamphlets, newspapers, magazines and video propaganda designed to influence target audiences and facilitate mission objectives.  An appendix to the manual even includes complex instructions on the aerial dissemination of PSYOP leaflets, including tables for calculating the altitude and wind’s effect on the range of dispersal.

In order to influence populations more effectively, FM 3-05.301 provides PSYOP soldiers with helpful tips to produce effective and professional PSYOP packages.  A section of the manual focuses entirely on aesthetic symmetry, formal balance and how to capitalize on sequential eye movements that “follow an established logical sequence of shapes, colors, and numbers or letters” in the layout of PSYOP publications.  Detailed descriptions of the process for assessing target audiences (TA) and their susceptibility to specific arguments or sentiments are also included.  A section titled “Psychographics” provides examples of psychological motivations to utilize in the production of PSYOP material:

  • Fears: What does the TA fear?
  • Hates: What does the TA hate?
  • Anger: What angers the TA?
  • Loves: What does the TA love?
  • Shame or embarrassment: What does the TA consider shameful or embarrassing?
  • What is the TA dissatisfied with? (What are its gripes?)
  • What are the cultural norms? (How is the TA expected to act?)
  • What does the TA value? (What is important to the TA?)
  • What are the frustrations? (What does the TA want that it cannot get?)

An example of a PSYOP leaflet distributed in Iraq describing terrorists’ indiscriminate use of force, including against children.

Once the TA of a PSYOP is determined, the manual describes methods for properly appealing to the interests of the audience by utilizing legitimacy, tradition, reverence and other emotional responses to coerce audience members.  Nostalgia can be used to “encourage or discourage a particular behavior” by referring to the “good old days” encouraging the TA to “behave in a manner that will return to those times.”  Self-interest can also be used to “play directly to the wants and desires of the individuals that make up a TA.”  Or, a PSYOP may appeal to “the TA’s need to belong or conform to group standards” through either companionship or conformity utilizing “peer pressure.”

To further the emotional appeals of the argument presented in a PSYOP product, FM 3-05.301 recommends utilizing a variety of rhetorical tools so that PSYOP soldiers can “become familiar with, and ultimately develop, tactical and technical proficiency in the use of persuasion techniques.”  For example, the use of “glittering generalities” or “intense, emotionally appealing words so closely associated with highly valued concepts and beliefs that the appeals are convincing without being supported by fact or reason. The appeals are directed toward such emotions as love of country and home, and desire for peace, freedom, glory, and honor.”  Name-calling “seeks to arouse prejudices in an audience by labeling the object of the propaganda as something the TA fears, loathes, or finds undesirable.”  Transference “projects positive or negative qualities of a person, entity, object, or value to another.”  FM 3-05.301 also includes a list of “primary influence tactics”:

  • Rewards and punishments: “If you do X, you will get Y,” or “if you do not do X, Y will happen to you.” Example: “Surrender, and you will be treated well; continue to fight, and you will be killed.”
  • Expertise: “Speaking as an authority on the subject, I can tell you that rewards/punishments will occur if you do or do not do X.” Example: “Oil Minister Gregor (key communicator/expert) states that if rebel groups continue to sabotage oil pipelines, the national economy will be seriously affected.”
  • Gifts: Giving something as a gift before requesting compliance. The idea is that the target will feel the need to reciprocate later. Example: “This well and cistern are a gift to the people of Birmingville from the coalition forces…demonstration of our good will and hope for mutual cooperation in the future.”
  • Debt: Calling in past favors. Example: “Coalition forces have done a lot for Birmingville, Elder Chang: the new school, the well in the center of town… these insurgents are endangering all we have worked for together. We need your help in stopping these groups by reporting any information you and your people may discover.”
  • Aversive stimulation: Continuous punishment, and the cessation of punishment, is contingent on compliance. Example: “We will continue to bomb your position unless you surrender immediately.”
  • Moral appeal: Entails finding moral common ground, and then using the moral commitments of a person to obtain compliance. Example: “The killing of innocent civilians is wrong; please help the security forces stop this tragic loss of innocent life by reporting any information on terrorist activities.”
  • Positive and negative self-feeling: “You will feel better/bad if you do X.” Example: “Become part of something bigger than yourself, know honor and take pride in your work…join the national security forces!”
  • Positive and negative altercasting: “Good people do X / Bad people do Y.” Example: “Red Tribe members are brave and honorable people who care about the future of their country and are not intimidated by rebel groups. Call and report insurgent activity now on the coalition hotline.”
  • Positive and negative esteem of others: “Other people will think highly/less of you if you do X.” Example: “Earn the respect of your friends and the pride of your family…join the Patriotsville National Guard now!”
  • Fear: “Bad things will happen to you if you do X.” Example: “Only death and fire await those who continue to fight…surrender now.”

Each of these tactics is designed to further the intensity of the PSYOP argument and, thus, increase its chance of influencing its TA.  Behavioral change in the TA is the ultimate goal off these activities, “challenging or emphasizing beliefs” and manipulating “existing consequences or introducing new ones” to affect the target and exploit vulnerabilities in their psychological makeup.

Related material:

  1. Restricted U.S. Army Psychological Operations Process Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures Manual
  2. “Psychological Operations” Are Now “Military Information Support Operations”
  3. Information Operations Are Now “Inform and Influence Activities”
  4. Information Operations, Electronic Warfare, and Cyberwar
  5. LAPD, Special Forces Conduct Urban Operations Exercise Over Downtown LA
  6. Restricted Army Special Operations Forces Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Operations Manual
  7. (U//FOUO) U.S. Special Operations Forces Reference Manual 2nd Edition
  8. U.S. Army Counterguerrilla Operations Manual


SchmootieKat has made a comment on Beware of Internet Reverse Psychology Operations:
The overwhelming negatives happen to be the truth of what is ACTUALLY HAPPENING !

Yes its nice to sugar coat and wear the rose colored glasses ,,but you already said yourself about helping the blind to see ,,well they are going to have to see the evil and corruption that is REALLY there !as we say”WAKE THE FLOCK UP !!

Jesus would WAKE THE FLOCK UP ! He warned them about Satan ..

so the evil minions are here planning plotting setting up Satans kingdom,,right in front of your eyes !No kidology now.

SchmootieKat has made a comment on Beware of Internet Reverse Psychology Operations:
The truth of the evil Illuminati and corruption that is behind the actions of the Gov ..the plan that the Illuminati have had for the longest time ,,is neg but you have to know about them and you have to know who you are dealing with ,,you have to know the enemy ,,what wrong with alerting when the danger is lurking? are you supposed to stay silent and and let people stay blind and tell them nothing ?Once you know the enemy you have to warn the people ,Satans minions are working behind the scene

  • Nice Work Daniel, Some nice thoughts there, I must say Alex Jones woke me up and turned me into psychological basket case, Now that my fear and paranoia has abated, I am amused by AJ these days, I watched the Jessie Ventura Conspiracy Theory Bohemian Grove episode and found myself laughing out loud, How to tell AJ is full of shit is just mention “September Clues” or “No Plane Theory” He has no logical answer except to say that its insane, he actually looks fearful and scared to talk about it 🙂


  • The truth of the evil Illuminati and corruption that is behind the actions of the Gov ..the plan that the Illuminati have had for the longest time ,,is neg but you have to know about them and you have to know who you are dealing with ,,you have to know the enemy ,,what wrong with alerting when the danger is lurking? are you supposed to stay silent and and let people stay blind and tell them nothing ?Once you know the enemy you have to warn the people ,Satans minions are working behind the scene


  • I cant listen to that robo voice for 15 minutes.
    Spooks now use voice recognition software to block content in using this voice screws up their censoring software


    • I listen to Alex Jones and feel empowered. Desperation was growing around me, so I shared INFOWARS and my circle has turned positive, togetherness. We have taken action, I secured a local public position, have saved the wealth of those who would read and listen to my research, have become MUCH MORE independent and self-sufficient. I know MANY people who like/listen to AJ and they are more empowered. This video has ‘outed’ itself by tagging some of the most credible, documented truthers. FAIL!

      lnsk  in playlist Seeds of Truth Articles by Daniel J Towsey

    • I see and know your point of view.. But Alex to often only points out the negatives and never gives real inspiration.. He has never had an inspirational guest that would teach people to improve there self worth and then go out and share it with others..

      FolkPhotographer in reply to lnsk

    • Alex basically verbally terrorizes people to the point where the people feel powerless…I know that Alec tries his best and has done much good.. but he wakes the people up and then scares them away..

      My warning in this video is to warn people not to give in to the overwhelming negatives of this world and to go out and share there positive energies..

      I first saw Dr John Coleman “The Committee of 300” on Alex Jones show. since then I have read three of his books, and there is a very old rare lecture of his on Youtube 1 hour 45 mins. “The Committee of 300” Everything I learned about the New World Order was from Dr Coleman, many, including David Icke have plagarised his works. ALL Dr Colemans research has been done on location from source material. He ranks with Proffessor Anthony C Sutton. Please check this out, would like to be proved wrong.
      I see and know your point of view.. But Alex to often only points out the negatives and never gives real inspiration.. He has never had an inspirational guest that would teach people to improve there self worth and then go out and share it with others..

      Schmootie Kat

      1 year agoin reply to FolkPhotographer

    • The overwhelming negatives happen to be the truth of what is ACTUALLY HAPPENING ! Yes its nice to sugar coat and wear the rose colored glasses ,,but you already said yourself about helping the blind to see ,,well they are going to have to see the evil and corruption that is REALLY there !as we say ”WAKE THE FLOCK UP !!Jesus would WAKE THE FLOCK UP ! He warned them about Satan the evil minions are here planning plotting setting up Satans kingdom,,right in front of your eyes !No kidology now


      1 year ago

      i would not listen to hawkings girlfriend in a boat, on a goat, down your throat

2 thoughts on “Beware of Internet Reverse Psychology Operations”

  1. Parabienes por ese apartado. Eh ha captado una origen de consulta een
    la Red que parece que puede darnos una guía sigificativa
    hacia todos aquellos y aquellas que hemos un exiuo de contrariedades en asemejar estas discutas de entrada.
    Buenas narraciones en conjunto, una muestra bastante sencilla inconveniente que mme entiende
    igualmente recóndita por ell categoría de comprensión verificado.
    Es encantadora estar al tanto referido a el America la mechita por pausa de eh y hacer cola
    que persigan proponer esta variedad de mementos atrayentes respecto el particular.


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