Video MEDIA BLACK OUT U.S.- Canada Border Removed

Video MEDIA BLACK OUT U.S.- Canada Border Removed

North American Union is Here

US border to be removed Under new agreements. North American Union has arrived.

With the conclusion of the 12th meeting of the perimeter security joint crime forum

between Canada and the U.S. it is official..the border will be removed and law enforcement

integrated to work together.

All of this is a result of the “Beyond the Border” initiative nobody seems to have heard about .

About the NDAA

8 thoughts on “Video MEDIA BLACK OUT U.S.- Canada Border Removed”

  1. What country is in control? Is this part of what Hillary talked about with the UN? How can this administration sell land belonging to Alaska to Russia? I want answers!!!!!!!


  2. this is spiritually driven, stay away from RFID bank cards, use cash. All this talk about “waking up” to what is going on is a side issue and at it’s core is our own ego and pride. We must humble ourselves, become like children and follow Jesus. Lucifer is highly intelligent and works with our own egos. He is a looser so don’t let him appeal to your intellect. Trust in the Lord, like a little child, go to heaven, live forever. There is a heaven, it sounds crazy, but there is! don’t let this creep steal it from you!!!


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