A Truth Soldiers Random Comments Collection

A Truth Soldiers Random Comments Collection

This collection will be made from many random different posts my readers responded to and my responses to them. So I hope you will enjoy this collection. I should of started this long ago.

Cat Scratch Fever says, The Americans, by and large, are puppet sheeple: Obese & prone to deadly shopping mall stampedes!

They are quick to do whatever they are told under the color of authority!

In view of the law of natural selection it was agreed that a nation or world of people who will not use their intelligence are no better than animals who do not have intelligence. Such people are beasts of burden and steaks on the table by choice and consent.

Consequently, in the interest of future world order, peace, and tranquility, it was decided to privately wage a quiet war against the American public with an ultimate objective of permanently shifting the natural and social energy (wealth) of the undisciplined and irresponsible many into the hands of the self-disciplined, responsible, and worthy few.

Daniel J Towsey says,  Hi Cat.. I can not agree with you..society is that way for most..and that has been delibearately engineered to be so. those in the know long ago figured out that an intelligent and free productive society would be and is to destructive on the evironment.

To much of a good thing is never good ..so it was decided to dumb down the populace.

Then it was decided to cull the heard of useless eaters..which why they are being mecifully soft killed…but soon their UFOs with the HAARP frequency weapons will start a UFO war on the masses and all that mercury in those vacines will react to the transmitted frequencies..humm..

they will call the invassion of the UFos..the UFO will be projected on the chemtrails screen and everyone will freeak out..

then those in the know will use their HAARP weapons to kill the masses with doing any structural damage to the planet..

Evey Hammond says LOVE!!! ♥

Daniel J Towsey says, Hi Evey.. yes love is the answer..the power of love..but people have to understand that Love can not exist in the absence of truth..for the two are the same..So it is also the power of truth

Evey Hammond says I suppose I could understand it this way: Love=God=Righteousness=Truth. But, without Truth you have nothing, no base for love to grow in.


Dax Sant says, and what of those who still defend the masons as a non satanic order of brothers? are they just to blind to see the truth? or to intentionally ignorant?

Daniel J Towsey says, Those at the as usual are good people who were lured in through deception and then the good simple people are used as a cover for the sheeple on the outside..masonry is a pyramid scheme, so the ones below never know what goes on above..just like how they run the corporatized governments


Ryan Koepp says, A-men.  fuck taking the “DRUGS” and start smoking the “HERB” its just common fuckin sense

Daniel J Towsey says, yes it is common sense but we no longer have common laws made by common people

Ryan Koepp says, Aint that the truth… 100% with ya on that

C Dubb Cdubb says,  if we could grow in the states, everybody legal to grow 1-3 plants, then the money wouldnt have to go to mexico and the cartels, drug war over, plus the system is already set up for a weed tax, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marihuana_Tax_Act_of_1937 Marihuana Tax Act of 1937 – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Marihuana Tax Act of 1937, Pub. 238, 75th Congress, 50 Stat. 551 (Aug. 2, 1937) was a United States Act that placed a tax on the sale of cannabis. The act was drafted by Harry Anslinger and introduced by Rep. Robert L. Doughton of North Carolina, on April 14, 1937. The Act is

now commonly referr…


Chris Cannon says, You can’t fix stupid.

Jason James says, If you intake large quantities of cannabis it actually stimulates new brain cell growth. Thus enough cannabis could cure stupid!!

Floyd Davis says, too true, let’s face it, we come out of school as total dumb bastards, then someone turns us on, then we learn to think, and that’s precisely when the non smokers learn they hate you.

Daniel J Towsey says, thats the problem..only stupid people do not like natural herbs that improves ones health


Bob Renner says, when love is used wrongly it can sometimes cause more harm than good ,love thy neighbors – GOOD ,love thy neighbors wife BAD, love money Good , love to have everybody’s money Bad. lol,

Bob Renner says, just have to say that your sites are the best Dan,enjoy viewing every one of them, thanks for taking the time to make these sites as I can see that you care in a big way,and the truths you share are history making,I’m glad to see you have used the Freeman Emblem-Crest of Canada,i plan on creating a Nova Scotia Crest remake into a Freeman of Nova Scotia Emblem – Crest.I now have FREEMAN SOCIETY OF CANADA – Identification Documents.

Daniel J Towsey says, Love and Lust are not the same thing… real love is pure, truthful , honest and sincere..the rest is just lust…


Bonita Walker says,  Give up? ummmmmm…not till my last breath 🙂

Daniel J Towsey  says That was the intention of me putting in the words give up…to

never give up


Dillinger Rockwell says, I feel instead of succumbing to
negativity and the hate that has driven them to live lives of evil and corruption, we should sympathize, understand, forgive, and love them. Show them the compassion they never once had, and maybe, just maybe that’s what the world needs.
Dillinger Rockwell says, We don’t save a burning building by throwing more fire at it…….

Mike Davis says,  There is a day for them coming just as there is for all of us…it just may be at the hands of the Eternal and Just Father.

Daniel J Towsey says, Sorry to tell you..these satanist wont respond to kindness.. that is the foolishness taught by christianity..That is why we are in this mess.. It is not up to us to forgive..we are not the judge..God is the judge and we have failed by letting evil take control..

Mike Davis says Maybe if they had told Hitler to take a time out instead of attempting to kill him at his retreat he would have closed the killing camps?

 Daniel J Towsey says, you need to do your own reserch..no official stories are ever true…go watch ‘One third of the holocaust’ for starters

Leird Lj Rowan says, I agree withDJT these psychopaths are devoid of compassion and are only fueled by greed. The only way to fix them is to off them. They have no soul.

Chopahata Down says, very very very very very…..NICE!!!!!!!-FUCKA?HATA100000000000000%


Morris says  Rest and burn in hell nwo



Elijah Jacob Shalis says,
Jones had them created just to so he
could talk about them and scare everyone

Joe Doe says, I am not human, I am a MAN.

Tina Wooten Opolka says, I live close to where they are they are very real!!! It will sends chills up your spin! You might be shocked to read them. So much is going on!!!! And so few know!!!

Nikki Syxx says,  it may provide clues to future beings who will inhabit earth millenia from now. mox fuel fukushima was to all biological life alive today what the asteroid was to the dinosaurs ie. our extinction.

Brian Duddy Joe Doe says, you are a human being, who also happens to be a man. Those are the facts which you can deny but they are still there.

Trent Nicolajsen says,  I wrote some words far more precious then whats on these stones, there on post it notes some where. I do not have a self esteem problem where I have to write it on huge stones. so it shows how weak the writtings are becuse they have to be supported by cold rock. where as the truth and real writting of love is in our hearts.

Paul Everett Roan says, True Trent but the people that put those stones there don’t give a crap about yours or anybody’s love, all they want is to see every one but them selves destroyed down to a small controllable amount.

    • Barry Tudor

      I just can’t bring myself to believe this, although there is this story, there is no credible evidence that this was the result of stepping on glass that was contaminated with mercury. The amount of mercury in the bulbs is minute, for one t…See More
    • Daniel J Towsey makes one wonder what else is in the bulbs… Think on this..HAARP is a microwave weapon that can emit any frequency..what would happen is all the bulbs blew up and vaporized their unknown contents all over your home..? Instant death is what I think.. HAARP and chemtrails metallic deflection shield will be coming into play soon..when they convince everyone that the 3D holograms of UFOs are real and they are attacking..
    • Barry Tudor

      Nothing else in the bulbs. Mercury vapor and phosphorous in a slight vacuum are all there is. Daniel, you are a well intentioned and fairly sharp minded person from the posts I see of yours (at least you have a handle on the new world ord…See More
    • Daniel J Towsey
      have you read up on Nikola Teslas inventions and 800 patents.. have you heard about the multi phasing of energy waves? The science of energy waves manipulation is far advanced from what the public is told… yes HAARP is capable of manipulating any frequencies which all things in existence have.. Nikola figured out the method to play with any and all frequencies..including one that can split the earth in half…. Nikola invented the wireless light bulb, the fluorescent bulbs, AC current, the radio and more.. Marconi only visited Nikola to get the information on how to do it.. Marconi stole the credit for the genius of it.. there are more then 7 HAARP installions in the world. Each using billions of watts….to manipulate the weather, peoples psyche and much more… The idiot who are playing the HAARP in the sky will continue doing it until they do irreversible damage..like the hole they blew through the ozone layer over Alaska… secrecy will get us all killed..those who hide behind secrecy are free to do their insanity.. If they do not answer to the peoples of this planet then they do not answer to anything..What is to keep these insane folks within boundaries to reason? Nothing for they do not have to be reasonable.. They the NWO folks are dangerously insane.. The CHEMTRAILING of the whole planet is all the proof we need..that they are completely out of control and completely insane
    • Barry Tudor
      You hzve simply misunderstood, and are arguing for no reason, angry at me for trying to correct you. Microwaves are a thin slice of the electromagnetic spectrum, which apparently you either do not know or are certain I am ignorant of your greatness in knowing. I know of the studies of Tesla, of chemtrailing. You are off on a tangent, and ignorant of the science that surrounds you. Sorry to try to educate you in the electromagnetic spectrums…sheesh…
    • Barry Tudor this was about the mercury bulb, remember?
    • Barry Tudor see photo^
    • Barry Tudor half knowledge is ignorance, and that is a method of mind control of the government, no? Mercurial vaccines, fluoride, the whole NWO agenda, dumbing down…learn, don’t get insulted
    • Barry Tudor and your like fellows could learn a thing or three as well
    • Daniel J Towsey Barry you have not proven to me that you know anything of the secret workings of HAARP..You have not proven to me that HAARP is not a micro wave weapon.. after all micro just means tiny.. HAARP is a weapon of any frequency including the one that cooks food.. any frequency can be sent through the atmosphere if the modulation or carrier wave has enough energy behind it..gezzzz
    • Daniel J Towsey So if you know about HAARP then tell one very important thing is does that I have not mentioned her…
    • Barry Tudor my god, microwave “limits” frequency…for one thing
    • Barry Tudor limited to only microwaves
    • Barry Tudor any frequency, as I mentioned in my first post, is from 1 hz to unlimited hz..did you even read it? and I don’t have to prove shit to you, you are an angry, uneducated fool wanting to argue a point you misunderstand.
    • Daniel J Towsey Barry the phasing makes it possible to carry any waves of frequency..these guys playing around with HAARP can emit just the correct frequency to blow all those mercury bulbs in peoples home.. Do you think people would survive the vaporization of all that mercury in a closed environment. You did not mention the single important thing HAARP does.. oh and I have dealt with many professional trolls before and amateur ones too…Half knowledge is not ignorance..ignorance is ignoring the truth when you here it.. Half knowledge just means that the person has not learned the other half ..but again there is not such thing as half knowledge as no one knows everything.. so how can one know half of knowing it all as in knowing 100%.. Not logical. Barry do not come to my profile to troll. I do not care for it..
      • Matt Jones Well, I can honestly say I’ve been cut by one of these bulbs that broke. Nothing of that magnitude happened. I bled, it healed, that was it. js
      • Barry Tudor Daniel, I know ALL about HAARP, please stop telling me what you know about it. I am on YOUR SIDE, for the last damn time. Really.
      • Daniel J Towsey Barry no one knows everything about HAARP.. it is an on going experiment so even those playing the harp in the sky do not know everything about it..
      • Daniel J Towsey Any way Barry… HAARP is also capable of projecting crystal clear 3d holographic images of UFO’s, buildings, cities or anything else they want..it has already been perfected..there plan is to terrorize everyone that there is a ufo invasion andthat the UFO aliens are using energy beam weapons to kill the people..HAARP will be that weapon..be very worried when the chemtrails planes no longer fly..That will mean that the shield has been completed..
      • Barry Tudor REALLY????8)
        • Barry Tudor Tell me more, oh please tell me more!
          Daniel J Towsey Barry no one can tell you anything… you know it all already and with your own words everyone only knows half of what you know..
        • Daniel J Towsey So Barry tell me please of master of wisdom..what are they chemtrailing for..please I need to know the half you know that I do not know
          Barry Tudor Sorry I went to school and had a career that gave me the insights that you lack.
          Barry Tudor I know what pitiful little you know about HAARP, its uses, its intent and development as a weapon, the multiple things it can do. I know you have no science background, and are now attempting to redirect to sarcasm (too late, I did it first).
          Daniel J Towsey barry you are so funny..you tell me and the whole world you know it all. but you can not tell us anything of what you know.. You sound like an over educated (brainwashed) idiot
          Barry Tudor my last word to you tonight. You have worn me out.
          Daniel J Towsey I wore you out..hahah wow you are really weak
          Barry Tudor I didn’t say I knew it all you fucking fool, not one time. I have a science background. I am a scientist. I know some science. That is all. And a damn sight more than you, for sure. You are a smartass motherfucker, and I would kick you in the nuts if you were within five feet of me. How;s that for civil? Fuck you daniel.
          Barry Tudor wallnut headed cocksucker…
          Daniel J Towsey Barry your an idiot..you never answered any of my questions…
          • Barry Tudor Chirp chirp chirp….chirp chirp chirp…(crickets in the silence)…

            Barry Tudor and that would be “you’re” not your…dumbass.
          Daniel J Towsey Barry I can not bring my self down to your stupid level…you are just a stupid troll.. If you had come to my profile to offer intelligent and informative food for though to share with others it would be great. But that is not what you did… you are so mentally WEAK

          facebook is blocking me from seeing my profile page content..all I get is a blank page below this line

          Jerry Aonoymous That sucks….

            • Victoria Ron-Paul Nicole Woah, wtf? I just went to your page to check and its like that on my end as well. Let’s me see the box to post on your wall but nothing else.
            • Daniel J Towsey go to the bottom of this link and check out the comments under the picture of the foot… I got two threatening comments and then my page went blank… But I copied the comments.. check it outhttps://danieltowsey.wordpress.com/2012/04/29/a-truth-soldiers-random-comments-collection/


              A Truth Soldiers Random Comments Collection This collection will be made from ma…See More
              a few seconds ago · Like ·
            • Jerry Aonoymous ‎:/ wow, nothing….You must of push the wrong buttons…It is amazing to me, the untold truths about reality. Many will still continue to sleep walk…
              • Jerry Aonoymous Wasnt he making a remark about the light bulb incident?
              • Daniel J Towsey yes an i deletted his rude and threatening comments. Another guy cam in and did the same thing and I delletted him and rblocked him..they were professinal trolls.. I do not think they liked my commenting about what HAARP was going to be used for and the mercury bulbs being blown up by HAAARp..sending mercury vapour in everyones homes in a closed environment it would kill everyone
                  • Victoria Ron-Paul Nicole Just read it. That’s really weird, is that page directly linked to facebook? I don’t know what could have happened for that to block your page and stuff. I’ve had my page reported more than once but I havnt had that happen to me. Did you try rechecking your settings perhaps?
                • Daniel J Towsey no i was copying the comments except for the threatening ones..I should of copied them too
                  Daniel J Towsey i was right. Barry was professional troll and his back up came in to support him and threatened my life..
                  • Phia Hunsaker You shouldn’t have to do this to see your timeline but if you click on the right, months, years, etc, all your stuff is there.
                    Daniel J Towsey only the stuff from earlier in April.. all the stuff from may is gone
                  • Daniel J Towsey By the way..this comment feed also does not show up on my profile page.. so how are you seeing it?
                    Phia Hunsaker I’m getting notifications.
                    Daniel J Towsey Interesting…
                    Daniel J Towsey Barry is from Minnesota..I wonder if that is where the NSA data center is where all the trolls work
                    Daniel J Towsey here is barrys profile link http://www.facebook.com/ZNOFOB
                    I just found the link to the comment thread i was on with Barry and here are the comment i can not see on my profile page as facebook is blocking my timeline..

                    And you are mentally deranged, too much weed up there in quebec, or was it lsd? what cooked your skull? Did your daddy ass rape you? Did you mama let other men come to her room?

                    I tried very hard to be civil, and to explain the science behind the things you bring forth as truth (which are not quite true) but you believe what you want. Troll, you are the troll, the fear troll, the untruth troll, the liar but get scared troll, get over yourself and your photography, which is mediocre in the first place. Try to teach you, but you wanted to argue.

                    Daniel J Towsey Barry I do not know if you can read this..But facebook has blocked all my may timeline.. I do not believe that facebook approves of your threats and comments… you might be wise to expect a knock at your door.. remember who owns facebook..the CIA and NSA

                    Facebook has blanked out my timeline and has given me no notice or reason..check it out..click on my name

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