A Conversation with A Truth Soldier

 A Conversation with A Truth Soldier


Ingrid says

I finished reading the article.

I hadn’t yet come to the anti-semetic part.

You made some anti-jewish sounding comments.

I’m not into discrimination or prejudice against religious or cultural groups.

Ingrid says

I believe in love and personal truth and respect and dignity for all.

Compassion and peace, no more fighting, time to cooperate and save each other and ourselves.

It doesn’t ring true to me when one group is singled out to be blamed.

Ego and fear and hate and anger do not have the same frequency as love, respect, forgiveness, healing, compassion

in the sense of what ‘evil’ is as may by some be called ‘satan’–

that is ego, is fear-based and is an illusion and disconnect seperation from the truth of interconnected all-encompassing divinity.

This is my understanding of the truth within all spiritual paths as found in any religions i’ve looked into

ego, power, greed, materialism–all addictions that can be healed withe truth and love and acceptance and faith

Daniel says

What you believe in is fine…but I also concern myself about what everyone believes in.

I observe and understand that our world has extremely kind and beautiful people,

and I also observe that this world has also the complete opposite..

I observe both sides and then I do not deny what I observed..

Yes there are very evil financially created entities, groups, corporations, evil religious rouge organizations and the opposite is also true..

I do not ignore either side..

I am also not ignorant..that means I do not ignore anything.

I also observe how some groups are treated in a way that we are not supposed to judge their actions and behaviours

because they control the media and they put themselves above all..

I never spew out hatred at anyone or anything..

I never judge or hate.. I just understand.

Then after understanding I go out and research and question everything.

By doing that I learn truth and peoples hidden motives, lies and deceptions.

After a life time of doing that. One then becomes a wise elder…

Then the young are supposed to listen, learn, and share the wisedom.

That is how humanity is supposed to function.

But now we have been corporatized, brainwashed and socially engineered to not listen to the wise elders.

But do realize that few elders are wise..

I wise elder is a rare and precious thing..

I long ago learned that love can not be blind to truth..

I also discovered that Love can not exist in the abscence of pure truth.

Pure truth is a positive energy.

So I have become positively charged and my positive energy can overcome negative energy.

By the way anti-semitic makes no sense..

A semitic is an Arab.. All Arabs are Semitic..

A jew is one that follows judaism such as one that follows christianity is a Christian.

A jew is not a race..it is just a religious name for an individual..

Ingrid says.

thank you for the correction of the term semitic, and for taking the time to explain.

I do try to hear all sides as best I can–

Difficult when there are so many, and the most obvious loudest can be the most extreme,

and when many seem to directly contradict.

and i carry my own fears–working through my programming as best I can.

I learned early to treat others with respect.

but I also learned early about hypocrisy and the bullshit we can tell ourselves (me included, of course).

Why specify ‘jewish’ with banker if not to target a culture religion and therefore casting negative

implications towards all individuals involved with that culture religion?

Daniel says.

Discrimination is what all thinking people do..

You seem to confuse racism with discrimination.

Discrimination is to scrutinize.

All religions are scrutinized by everyone, as all religions are open to that,

as religions are supposed to be based on truthfullneess and love.

So any religion or religious oranization that does not permit it to be scrutinized

or allow one to dicriminate from one religion to another, can not be trusted.

The only time secrecy is needed, is when evil or bad is being done..

To not dicriminate bad from good of any religion is very wrong and foolish.

Religions after all are conducted by humans and that means that good and bad will occur in such organizations.

That is the purpose of discrimination.. Discrimination is thinking and deciding for oneself.

Everything that organizations of people do, be they religious, sports, co-ops, governments or whatever should always be discriminated.

If you look the word up in a dictionary you will discover that it follows the words.


To make a decission based on an individuals participation in a group is at ones discretion..

If you discover someone is a member of a violent mob gang of thugs in your neighbourhood that go out and hurt people.

Would it not be correct for you to discrimante that in your decission on wether or not you are going to like that person?

So discrimination is not a bad thing.

It is just an individuals belief.

Discrimination is just thinking.

It is not prejudice.

Prejudice is what your thinking.

But that word means to judge one before knowing about that person.

So then that means, that to judge a person to the best of your understanding is judging and not pre judging.

So to judge a person for their beliefs before knowing the true character of that individual is the wrong thing to do.

If someone tells me they do not like something.

I do not judge them for that.

Instead I will ask them why they think the way they do.

Then if that individual provides me with information for food for thought.

I will check out the information and then I will discern or discriminate for myself.

That is called thinking.

I do not spew out hatered.

I do not like when others do it.

Hatered is a sign of complete stupidity.

Anyway, the world is a very complicated place because everyone is deceived into believing that God is religious.

God exists without religion.

And always has.

God is the spirit of truth.

Truth is a positive force and I am positive about that.

And that is what I am thinking.

Ingrid says.

thank you

yes, god just is what is–whatever word we use and however we choose to see and understand what that means.

not everyone is deceived–well, i suppose we all are, just about different stuff, lol

Daniel says.

About your question.. Why specify jewish with banker..

I would recommend you ask the writer.

Or do some research and see it is possibly correct.

I know about Judaism.

I also know know that many call themselve jews but are not jews at all.

They do not participate or practice in that religion.

That is like someone calling themselve a christ race. And never having read or perticipated in christianity.

Please read my article. https://danieltowsey.wordpress.com/2010/11/16/ok-i-ask-you-what-is-a-jew/

John Kaminsky mistakenly equates Zionism with Jewish.

Many so called jews are not jews at all, they are Zionists.

Israel was created by Zionists and that is a known fact.

John Kaminsky has never read my article

Ingrid says

that was weird–facebook wouldn’t send my message–kept failing to send and then sent a bunch at once–

i see the same message got sent four times–did you get it that may times?

which article?

Daniel says.

no i did not …..look up you will see it

Facebook is blocking our conversation..facebook is run by NSA and they think

they are gods and should scrutinize all of our conversations.

The preceding discussion is based on this article;

Our leaders deserve to be jailed



You’re either with the lie or against it

‘The protests on Wall Street and around the world never mention Jews, which is a sure sign they’re fake.’

2nd December 2011

What IS your country? Is it a representation of your hopes and dreams, fostering liberty and providing a healthy way of life? Does it protect you from harm and nurture you rather than exploit you? Does it treat you fairly? Isn’t that what you voted for? Isn’t that why you love your country?

Or did you vote for endless wars all over the world that don’t actually benefit the American people? Unless you’re a moron, you know if you voted at all you voted for war, then smiled superficially at the vote counters and lied to yourself on the way home.

People all over the world are simultaneously waking up to the fact that all of their authority structures are corrupt control mechanisms of the very rich, who do not allow us to participate in their schemes. These insiders run our plantation planet and are about a hundred years ahead of us. Small wonder we can’t figure anything out. But what we can figure out is exactly what they’re doing. And stop them.

What moral American can truly believe in this sorry sequence of invasion wars meant to reduce the entire Islamic world into smoking rubble and its inhabitants into starving Palestinians? Is this savage panic due to Muslim demographics that will simply overwhelm the white industrial world in a matter of a few years? Is it the frantic last gasp of the formerly alpha ethnicity, whipped up into calls for brown-skinned genocide by totally insane pseudoreligious freaks?

All of America’s wars right now are both criminal and unjustifiable, you must know that by now, all constructed on the false flag pretense of 9/11.

Too bad all of America’s police forces work for the rich, because all major American leaders of the 21st century need to be arrested, tried and convicted for profound crimes against humanity, and most especially against their own people.

Trashing more countries than you know with remote control drones, poisoning its own citizens with demonic medical practices and airborne carcinogens, and lying about everything they do — not for the benefit of the American people — but for the benefit of their masters who suck all the money of the world into the Jewish death machine. Don’t tell me that these guys are not Jewish. You’d be showing the ignorance that is probably going to cost you your life, if it already hasn’t.

They hide the pictures of their slaughter in the same way they won’t let us see the caskets of our soldiers coming home in boxes, while the sobbing population dries their tears with caustic, synthetic flags. Most Americans all cringe in fear at the spectacle of a totally disingenuous government attacking so-called terrorists in all corners of the world that the U.S., Britain and Israel have planted there themselves. Americans don’t dare say what they feel, fearing they will lose everything they have, not knowing they’ve already lost it.

Al-Qaeda is the perfect enemy, one that keeps being reinvented every day as the vehicle for our servitude. We’re all either prisoners or guards now. You get to pick which side you’re on, and swallow hard either way. The money’s with the guards, but the truth is with the prisoners. I think it has always been that way, but never for stakes as high as this.

You’re either with the lie or against it. And it’s surprising who winds up where.

Listening to a wonderful video of retired Alaska Sen. Mike Gravel reminded me that there are decent people in the government and across America who know what’s going on and are afraid to speak the truth. They are, too late, trying to prevent their lives from being ruined. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KVQm-fY4qvQ&feature=youtu.be

The thing Americans should feel most about America at this time is shame.

I have told many people over time that using pen names and trying to remain anonymous actually sabotages your own credibility, and more importantly, damages the chances for a real, unsabotaged, honorable Jew-free coalition to take the reins from the hands of our pathological perpetrators. We all know there’s only way to do that — by removing their financial hegemony, by vaporizing their financial platform that is the source of, after four hundred years or so, ALL of the world’s social ailments.

When you don’t use your real name to sign what you write, you are telling everyone you don’t believe what you are yourself saying. You can use any kind of excuse to explain why you won’t use your name, but it’s a subliminal message to everyone that you cannot be believed. And shouldn’t be.

We must know they won’t relinquish power. No one who has it ever does. Therefore, what remnant of courageous American men remains in this defiled age must take it from them, with honor and with honesty.

The Judaic philosophy of the strong taking from the weak — and bathing people in blood — is demonstrably insane, yet it guides the world toward its ruination.

That we have been unable to identify this horrific Hidden Hand that has guided all the major political events of our lifetimes and long before is due to the same people committing these colossal crimes have control of all the media by which we orient ourselves to our lives and our society.

I remember my mother in the 1950s getting all her information from the Saturday Evening Post, CBS news and Reader’s Digest that led us all to believe that we lived in a miraculously placid world, except for a few malicious bandits in countries we never heard of. Today it’s an 18-year-old white girl toting a cashew colored baby on a skateboard rolling toward the food stamp office while checking out the world on Twitter and Facebook. Such a long ride into irrelevance that America has taken.

There are no countries anymore. Everybody knows it. There are only financial sectors, geographic markets, and everywhere, casinos masquerading as investment houses, right next to the pizza parlors selling heroin in the back room.

And an array of torpid, preprogrammed mannikins posing as presidential candidates all saying the same thing: “First, we have to pay down the deficit!” The kind of person who takes these goons seriously is the enemy of every human being on the planet.

The answer of the vast majority of Americans would be: “No we don’t,” after which they should query: “We want to know who stole our money.”

The list, starting with the Queen, the World Bank criminals, and Jewish moneylenders now and throughout history, is long. But even today, most people never ask why they never see real stories in the newspaper about real subjects, most notably who controls our lives. You see, all the newspapers are owned by the people who control our lives. And these people are all immune from laws that keep the rest of us in chains.

The protests on Wall Street and around the world never mention Jews, which is a sure sign they’re fake. We can’t fix this system without arresting and punishing the people who set it up.

The leaders of every religion on this planet have utterly failed all of us, because they are the only ones who could stop this continuous carnage, but like so many of the rest of our so-called leaders, they have succumbed — the finances of the Catholic church are controlled by the Rothschilds — to the blandishments of luxury and the poison of perversion, making them the perfectly controllable mass assassins they all turn out to be.

The failure of our religions is especially tragic because it is the element of morality that is most needed in international diplomacy to right the sinking ship of human society. But these religions are sandbagged by their own drive to commercial credibility with a product that is demonstrably unsound (evidenced by the 1700 years of bloodshed it has precipitated and approved of — converting the natives, they called it, but they left most of them to the buzzards).

It is becoming clear to all but the blindest that the morality they preach is a lie. And that’s why we have the world that we do.

There is no international terror threat, except from the Jewish bankers and Western intelligence services who, following Zbigniew Brzezinski’s entree with the Mujaheddin in Afghanistan, manufactured this ubiquitous, worldwide terror threat. How few Americans realize that the notorious Taliban are secret Jews, the notorious fifth column of Islam, offshoot of the sinister Wahhabi sect of Islam which the Saudi royal family hides behind as a smokescreen for their sadistic rule and disgusting deals with the Western oil kingpins?

How can this beautiful world, filled with so many miraculous people, be so ensnared by a colossal financial shell game that now promises to vaporize everything they’ve ever built in vast sheets of nuclear flame and poison air? Is it simply a case of humanity strangling on its own greed?

Where is the disconnect between our highest goals, which are inevitably modeled on the love of our children, and this heartburn soap opera we call our political reality, where we have stupidly traded our fear of the unknown for this continuing multi trillion dollar robbery of everyone without a single lawman ever asking a question (just like they did on 9/11)?

When law and morality collide, you have to choose. Not choosing is choosing the law. Choosing is choosing morality. Most people don’t choose. That’s why both the law, and the world, are immoral.

History is the path of least resistance. Any explanation will suffice to justify crime. I’ve said for years the world is not run by historical events, it’s run by spin — the purposefully false versions of these events. Everyone agrees that mainstream history is patently false in every instance, because it is written by the villains perpetrating the hoaxes.

By not acting to expose these lies you are helping to perpetuate them. And that, my friends, is definitely not in your long term interests.

A real government, the one we thought we had, puts families first. This government we have now, the one completely taken over by the Jews in 1913 and plundered ever since, has spent the last hundred years trying to destroy every family on Earth, and has just about succeeded.

They talk about the human family, and then run the place like a business. No wonder the world is bankrupt. We know what the problem is.

Like I always say, every person on this earth knows the difference between right and wrong. It’s just that not every person can tell the truth.

For an American to tell the truth about America today is risking a possibly endless jail sentence. The only way this threat can be neutralized is for everyone to admit the truth now, before it’s too late, the truth that the greatest threat to peace in the world and life on this planet is this Jewish American war machine, whose endless crimes and debaucheries definitely do not benefit the American people it pretends to serve.

And once you admit the truth, to put these people in jail, where they belong, for all the money they’ve deliberately stolen and the people they’ve deliberately killed.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail:

250 N. McCall Rd. #2,


FL 34223



Andrew Jackson says, What about those who are bribing the leaders?

Daniel J Towsey says, They are not bribed..they are paid participants….

Ingrid says, jail has been highly ineffective in helping people and we all need to help each other. peace and love to all.

Daniel J Towsey says, Lets try it..so far the financial criminals have been able to buy their passage to freedom.. So lets see if under the new anti terrorism laws where there is no way for the financial criminals to use their money to buy there freedom, see what happens..

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