Shock and Awe of Militarized Police Killings Beatings and Brutality

Shock and Awe of Militarized Police Killings Beatings and Brutality


Readers comment thread.

Daniel J Towsey says, About…Police gun tasers .. it is not the voltage that kills. It is the amperage.

I suspect that tasers are now made to be lethal and people are basically lead to believe that deaths by tasers are accidental..

The tasers are just the modern high tech lethal guns..

Laura Leonard says, yup

Lee Hollingworth says, with high dc voltage its all about the path it takes to ground if it passed your heart area it will kick it into spasm you can learn a bit more and hear a fascinating story by looking into teslas work

Daniel J Towsey says, That ground thing is not correct for this case..tasers have two electrode which completes the ground circuit..

You will notice that some tasers shoot out with electrodes that have wires attached.

So that the current runs from one wire back to the other completing the circuit..

Being grounded to the actual ground under your feet is not part of the circuit since people usually have shoes on.

Laura Leonard says, Daniel J Towsey is there anything you suggest that might help someone who is being tasered?

Daniel J Towsey says, Voltage does not kill..not even 50,000 volts..

Voltage just pushes the current..

The current being amps or amperes..

Amperage is what high amperage at very low voltage still kills.. it only take one amp to stop your heart.

Daniel J Towsey says, No..when you are being tasered, you have almost no control over your muscles..The tasers interrupts your own electro control system from your brain..

If You See Something: ‘Warning Graphic’

Posted by  on June 21, 2012

In the wake of this week-end’s huge, silent march to protest New York’s rampant stop-and-frisk policy, a compilation video of police brutality aimed at encouraging bystanders to film – even when at some peril – police abuses in the name of accountability

CHECK OUT this Community

We are a blog site to spread the word when individuals have been brutalized by police and need support.we spread the message about the crime so it cant be dismissed.

written by A Truth Soldier

Because The Truth Revolution is Now!

The shock and awe of our militarized Police doing killings, beatings and brutality on our innocent civilian population is so obvious.

The peoples independent and free media is flooding the internet with endless videos of horrificly insane behaviour of the Police that we once trusted as peace officers.

Below this article you will find a huge collection of horricfic examples of how our Police have been trained to be completely insane and desensitized to the reality of their insane actions.

Our Police have been psycologically conditioned to be on a huge ego power trip.

This training has been coming on gradually for many years.

Add to that, the social engineering of the masses by Hollywood, television and the public schools to desensitize the people into accepting that all this oppressive behaviour of the Police is perfectly acceptable and has now been normalized.

Have you seen photographs or online videos of the uniforms and equipment given to the police?

Our police now wears more armament then the real military does.

Have you ever wondered why the Police wear those offensively black uniforms?

There are two reasons.

The first is to build up the ego of the psycopaths they have hired and given this authority too.

Second, it is to intimidate the general public into submission.

The people see all this oppression and they just start going, bah hah Bah hah.

That is the sound the herd of sheeple make.

Have you ever wondered why is it that the New world Order Banksters are spending hundreds of millions of dollars each time to stage their fake shows such as the Bilderberger Meetings, the G8, The G20 in the center of huge cities?

And then Putting those huge cities under marshall law lock down?

Are you also aware that the Occupy protesters are also financed by George Soros of the New World Order Banksters?

Are you also aware that all the violence at these protests is being done by police agents of the New world Order?

Truthers, call these agent provocateurs.

The Black Bloc.

It is all staged to make the sheeple accept oppression.

It is also staged to condition the militarized Police to also accepting and enjoying all this new seemingly limitless power and oppression.

For the New World Order to achieve true control of we the people.

We have to believe that we have already lost all our significance and freedoms.

But what needs to happen soon, is for the police and our military to realize that their is an even bigger agenda at work.

Our Military and Police need to wake up to the truth and reality of the Banksters New World Order United Nations Agenda 21.

Agenda 21 is complete insanity.

I could spend days and years writing about it, and you still would not get the complete understanding of Agenda 21.

So far Agenda 21 has been operating as a huge Hollywood studio producing Shock and Awe movies.

Such as, The kennedy murders, John Lennon, Martin Luther King, Waco, Oklohoma bombing, WTC Pentagon Bombings, London Bombing, Bali Bombing. The list does not end.

You all need to wake up now and realize that all this insanity has been possible and is very real due to the creation of the first corporation.

I have spent years risking my life and writing the truths of the matrix.

But still the sheeple wont jump that fence of the OK corral because they think everything is A OKAY.

The sheeple will just do as their conditioning has taught them to do.

They will just keep doing what the insane state says.

The herd is about to be culled.

The FEMA processing plants are now going into full operation.

The New World Order has been kind enough to have already erected humanitys tombstone.

The tombstone has been engraved in eight different languages with the New World Order Commandments.

Some of those languages belong to a peoples that have already gone out of existence.

Please go on line and search for the proof.

Just search for this sentence.

They want you dead is written in stone.

So a message to all our Police and Military.

That power you think you have, will it is very temporary.

Like those TSA agents that are humiliating and degrading our society.

You one day will be also completely powerless.

But when that day comes, you will come to the realization that, all that evil power you have done to we the people has now left you all alone.

You have helped disempower and exterminate the sheeple.

Your power no longer exists, for there are no sheeple remaining.

So what will come of you, after you have spent your life disempowering people who were once just like you once were?

You might say.

Why did I not listen to the truthers?

Why did I not also become a brave truther?

Why did I not join and empower the Truth Revolution?

Why did I not become a truth soldier in Gods army of angels?

For God has always been the truth.

So help us God in this New World Order of insanity and darkness.

You all need to resist the New World Order.

Each and everyone of you who are agents of the New World Orders matrix of evil,

need to start throwing some sands of time into the gears of the machinery of the new world order.

That huge slow moving wheel of the new world order progress needs to be slowed down.

If enough of you start putting your little bits of sands of time into the gears.

You will buy humanity that much more time to start deprograming themselves and awaken to the realization that,

the world really is being run, but really,

it is being ruined by the insane new world order money masters of those secret societies plagueing this once beautifully natural planet.


Police State USA: Land of the Checkpoints

be sure to check out the photo albums too.


This Is What Democracy Looks Like

Published on Jul 10, 2012 by

I edited this small video in homage to those who fight against the tyranny worldwide. A radical, viral video. I am shocked by the violent and systematic repressions of the authorities on the protesters defending our rights, indignant by irresponsible and not democratic political decisions.
While trying to be optimistic, I cannot refrain from thinking that we arrive at a point of no return, catastrophic if the reason and the justice do not take it on this macabre system.
Let us unite against the tyranny!
All the footages and the sounds result from youtube …

J’ai monté cette petite vidéo en hommage à ceux et celles qui luttent contre la tyrannie à travers le monde. Une vidéo radicale, virale. Je suis choqué par les répressions violentes et systématiques des autorités sur les manifestants défendant nos droits, exaspérés par des décisions politiques irresponsables et non démocratiques.
Tout en essayant d’être optimiste, je ne peux m’empêcher de penser que nous arrivons à un point de non retour, catastrophique si la raison et la justice ne l’emportent pas sur ce système macabre.
Unissons-nous contre la tyrannie!
Toutes les vidéos et sons proviennent de youtube…


Alerte Rouge

June 10, 2011 Killing of Corey Peeace – Corey’s Story

by Ca Douglas in Alberta


U.S. Troops In Neighboorhood Streets Fully Armed

President was issuing executive orders that essentially would eliminate the requirement of an actual emergency to declare Martial Law and seize any goods or property it deems necissary including authorizing forced labor of the citizens.

Posted by  on April 30, 2012 in U.S

The photo shown above was taken by a subscriber in the city of Crookston, MN from the front porch of her suburban home.  No, the men pictured aren’t from the local high school’s J.R.O.T.C sqaud – they are in fact trained soldiers serving in the Minnessota National Guard, Unit 2-136 CAB / B Company. Now, I have never personally been to Crookston (although I’m sure it’s lovely), but I’m relatively confident that they are located on domestic soil, and unless I am missing something, the citizens of Crookston weren’t dealing with any natural disaster at the time this haunting snapshot into the coming police state was taken.

No, what was actually going on that morning was a “training exercise” involving a quiet neighborhood that probably isn’t that different from your own. Being the patriot that she is, Maggie decided it might be a good idea to start asking some questions. Nothing too difficult, mainly just what the hell they were doing walking fully armed down a street regularly used to facilitate the innocent pastimes of all American kids.

Glancing at her briefly one Soldier responded, “Just training Ma’am. Joining up with another patrol at the rally point.”

Not accepting this as a reasonable answer to her inquiry, Magge went on, “Oh, ok. What are you training on the streets of town for exactly?”

At that the young soldier replied, “To be honest ma’am, I don’t know.”

The reason for his domestic training exercise that morning might be unknown to him, but sadly this is not only just another indicator of the uncertain times ahead, but also a revealing indicator of how worried the Feds are of a possible outbreak of civil insurrections across the nation.

DHS Search and Rescue SWAT vehicles

A few weeks back, I wrote a short piece detailing a few disturbing government purchases, including 450 million rounds of hollow point bullets (keep in mind the total population of the U.S. is 311,591,917), reinforced vehicle check-points, and hundreds of armored ‘civil-tanks’ by the Department of Homeland Security. Around the same time, the U.S Army was stockpiling anti-radiation pills and our President was issuingexecutive orders that essentially would eliminate the requirement of an actual emergency to declare Martial Law and seize any goods or property it deems necissary including authorizing forced labor of the citizens.

With this recent development, it is becoming increasingly apparent that a violent scenario has the potential of manifesting in the country I love – the country I would give my life to preserve for my younger countrymen, and since hollow point bullets are specifically designed to kill, the state has made its’ position alarmingly clear.

Well let me make myself clear: I would gladly die on my feet rather than live on my knees.

Canadian Police Caught Trying to Start Riot at Peaceful Protest

Uploaded by  on 10 Aug 2009

Canadian police provocateurs disguised as protesters and trying to start a riot

TSA Strips a child and a 71 Yr old elderly man while American’s stand around. Jesse Ventura

Why are we still lining up for it!?!?!?!? Why is FREEDOM lost at a painful cost. This is tough to swallow and when you get this done, you also will be a victim…..

Jessie Lee Williams Beat To Death for more police brutality videos.


Agenda 21 EXPLAINED full version

Here is a detailed presentation on what is really in Agenda 21. How it will ultimately take your private property away.

Regarding Ms. Bruntdland: Some have suggested she is merely a Democrat and I am way off base. First off, Norway dos not have a Democratic Party, but rather Socialist democrats.

Hopefully there is a difference. Internet research can be a challenge, so I respect those who engage in it! However, check out the XX Congress of the Socialist International in NY. Gro was the first VP of the Socialist International whose goal is to interact with labour, social democrats and socialists worldwide to spread the socialist concept of democracy.

It is quite possible to be member of the Democratic Party and a Socialist at the same time.

It is members like Gro whose desire it is to move the Democratic party more toward the Social Democratic Party.

Thanks for viewing the video and for your observations. John

Presented 11/28/2011 Copyright 2011 John Anthony


Agenda 21- Codex- Fema Camps – 80% Depopulation = New World Order Terror Camps: The Global



Mark Matheny exposes the plan of the Elite to create a New World Order through carefully coordinated agendas of the U.N. disquised as humanitarian and ecological efforts.

These plans however, are geared to reduce the total earth population by 80% and bring all nations under an international post-industrial Feudal Military Global Regime. (Originally completed in May of 2009).


Sincerely, Mark Matheny

POLICE BRUTALITY – Cop Kicks Pregnant Woman In The Stomach For Questioning Him

Police Demand Video Camera.. Owner says NO

Dangerous, but Necessary!


This video was created as an example of the importance of filming the police. Video provides transparency, accountability, and an accurate account of incidents that occur.

It is no secret that the United States has a serious problem with police abuse, brutality, and corruption.

It is essential for civilians to document their encounters with police officers to ensure transparency, accountability, and safety to all of those involved.

Police departments have, for too long, tried to bully, intimidate, threaten, arrest, or otherwise harass law abiding citizens from recording the activities of law enforcement in public.

Enough is enough!

It is time for all of us to take a stand and expose police brutality when we witness it.

Even if the officers behavior is correct, and justifiable, we still encourage the recording of the police activities for the transparency and accountability that is desperately needed in many departments.

If you see something, film something, the freedom of press begins with you!

If you feel the need to upload this video to your Youtubes, please contact us and we will make sure you acquire a high quality version of the film with our info. And please, add our links in the description, thanks

More information about the clips in order of appearance:

ORIGINAL FOOTAGE Suspect with Crowbar Shot Outside Carls Jr Monterey Park

New Footage of Oscar Grant Shooting (with sound)

Cops on Camera (multiple segments)

Citizen attacks Baltimore Police — caught on tape

Houston Police BEATING Teen Suspect Chad Holley

Police Brutality: NYPD Beat Man’s Legs w/ Baton For Not Getting Up!


MSNBC on NYPD Police Brutality during Occupy Wall Street Lawrence O’Donnell with “The Last Word”

Police Brutality All Star Video

Raw Video: Police Beating Caught on Tape


Paris Texas Police Officer Throws Teen on Car

POLICE BRUTALITY – Total Proof Cops Are Power Tripping Thugs & Habitual Liars

Raw Video: Deputy Shown Kicking Teen Girl

#OWSwest #J20 #SFPD Attacks Innocent Protesters; Officer M. Ali #619 Breaks My Cam

Raw Video: Ala. Officers Fired After Beating Man

Justice for Brutally Beaten 15-Year-Old..

No More All-White Juries! Target: Harris County Courts

Sponsored by: S Vaughan
Chad Holley told a court deciding his guilt on a burglary charge that his arresting officers had beaten him. But until the video was released, the public couldn’t know the extent of the brutality the African-American teen had suffered.

As he lay on his stomach, hands behind his back, a group of officers repeatedly kicked, punched and stepped on the fifteen-year-old.

Certainly viewers would not imagine any jury in America acquitting those shown assaulting this child–that is, except for the all-white jury that just freed Andrew Bloomberg, the first of four to be tried.

Although the officers were fired, this is not about job performance. It’s about crime, violence and violation of civil rights.

Allowing an all-white jury to decide the verdict displays a sickening degree of prejudice in Houston’s judicial system.

Three officers have yet to be tried. Tell Houston and Harris County to ensure that a truly impartial jury decides if the remaining officers are guilty of assaulting Chad Holley.

Chicago police murder innocent man

Page brought to you by

UPDATE: Chicago police officer Alvin Weems, the shooter here, has committed suicide. He shot himself.

Civil Rights attorney brings episodes of tragic real life. Police brutality in visual realism. Excessive force and other tales of woe.…

RESULTS – 12 million finding against CPD


The ARTICLE regarding this VIDEO and its source:

Chicago Police officer seen holding gun shoots man in head point blank. The whole police force covered it up for years until now. No criminal charges were ever filed.

Disgusting news. Chicago Police force screwdriver into rectum of arrested man. Evidence tech attempt to hide it.,0,6801143.s

Latest CPD Murder Plot Federal Agents arrest Chicago Special Ops Officer at home Jerome Finnegan,1,3935728.story,1,4770600.sto

CHICAGO Police out of control mentions murder plot referenced above:

8/7/07 Two more people killed.

8/7/07 Two people killed in one week. One shot in the back by Chicago Police Department.

Chicago police kill a child and cover it up.

May 2007

Chicago Police use office to steal credit cards

CHIEF Detective hanafan – convicted of running jewel theft ring 2006

Meidenaowski – convicted of running major drug operation from miami to chicago 2004

(Most corrupt cop ever was never investigated yet they knew).

John burge – proven to have tortured defendants for over five years in area five headquarters.

Eleven police officers currently in federal court for forcing poor families to give them money or be charged with a crime, theft, robbery, burglary, home invasion. 2007 still pending

Officer steals items from small chinese convenience store. Owner jumps on car cop drags owner. 2004

Chicago police use badge to steal $31,000.00

Chicago police commit drug conspiracies

Chicago police commit more burglaries

The officers rarely get fired because their union – the fraternal order of police – gets em reinstated.

Some officers have caused the city to pay over 3 million dollars to victims on account their violent behavior. Yet their still on the job b/c their union is so powerful.

The refusal to recognize the problem only perpetuates it. Police are starting to report each other so maybe, just maybe their is hope.

The video of the bartendress being beaten is the product of years of “we are untouchable” attitude, beyond the law, beyond repraoach.

Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Lying about drugs:

Murder plot

Framing people


Chicago police are racist and dont respect police officers:

Canada is a Corrupt Police State

Canada is a Corrupt Police State [HD]

UPDATE: Finally the name of the officer implicated in the high-profile Adam Nobody case: Const. Oliver Simpson–g20-summit-cop-unmasked-as-prote…

Police Chief Bill Blair should be fired along with every cop involved in the beating of innocent people. You are not guardians or protectors, you are nothing but cowards looking to power trip and beat on people because the system has allowed you. Your authority is NOT RECOGNIZED. The people do not accept your apology.

– Police Chief LIES and states the video was tampered with and that Adam Nobody assaulted the officers during “a significant portion of the tape that is missing”
– Police Chief FABRICATES evidence against an innocent person of the public.
– Falsified reports incorrectly state Adam Nobody assaulted an officer the day after he was arrested. “DOCUMENTARY BACK-FILLING”
– Falsified reports indicate badge numbers that are “not traceable to any officer engaged in G20 policing.”

Toronto G20 2010- Police take down random peaceful protesters. This guy was standing 5 feet away from me with his back to police when he is singled out and taken down by roughly 10 police in a hard tackle. Kneed, punched and pinned for doing nothing more than showing up with a poster. Never even saw it coming. Many oth…er people were taken down the same way today. I saw people as young as 10 with their parents being knocked to the ground! This is deplorable. There is a reason to protest! This ridiculous paranoia if nothing else. Keep Canada free!!

The Toronto Star reported on November 25, 2010 the following conclusion:

“Adam Nobody, 27, was also at a demonstration at the legislature and started to run away as police ordered people to move back. As he ran Nobody was knocked to the ground by an officer in riot gear and arrested. He was treated in hospital for a fracture below his right eye.

In a video posted to YouTube the man can be seen running from six officers, then once on the ground they surround him, pin him to the ground and one of them can be seen quickly moving a closed fist in a striking motion in the area of Nobody’s head or upper body.

Two officers were designated as subject officers during the investigation, but they would not agree to be interviewed.

The SIU concluded there appeared to be an excessive use of force, but it’s impossible to tell the identity of the officer from the video. The arresting officer couldn’t be identified because the badge number on the arrest sheet didn’t correspond to an assigned badge number within the Toronto Police Service.”

Supporting Documents:

Adam Nobody Interviewed:

Chicago police use counterfeit money

Police plant drugs on homeless black woman

Police released video Thursday that Officer Chrisman arresting a woman right next the medical examiner’s office in Phoenix.

Security guards inside were watching him on surveillance video. What they saw bothered them so much, they turned the tape over to the police department.

In that 2005 incident, Chrisman and his partner arrested a homeless woman on an outstanding warrant. According to the More.. internal affairs investigation, Chrisman and his partner planted drug paraphernalia on the woman — because they wanted to play a joke on the woman, who is mentally challenged.

Chrisman puts a brilo pad and pipe in his partner’s left hand. His female partner then pretends to pull the pipe out of the woman’s dress.

Chrisman said he knew the suspect, and just wanted to get a rise out of her. He was suspended for one day and put on the Brady List — his partner was also suspended for one day and put on the Brady List.

The woman wasn’t charged with anything related to the planted evidence

Man shot on camera by the police – Police brutality

Uploaded by  on Sep 14, 2011

Cops beats and shoot a men infront of the camera. For Less depressing stuff visit:

Surveillance video: Iraq War veteran beaten

Sante Fe cop caught beating handcuffed teen; fired, rehired!

officer beating 66-year-old man suffering from dementia



Female Cop Tirelessly Beats Man with her Baton

crazed cops arrest lady for feeding the homless

Police Brutality: Dog Walker w/ Camera Beaten By Cops!

ABC Reporter Arrested in Denver Taking Pictures of Senators

Police Brutality – Officer Beats Special Ed Kid

Georgia Cops Bust Little Girls’ Lemonade Stand

police body slam 80 year old woman

Cop Breaks 84 Yr Old’s Neck For Touching Him

Police Brutality: Mother knocked out with baby on the side-walk. ** PLEASE WATCH **

San Francisco, California. Video shows a San Francisco police officer throwing a resisting suspect to the ground, apparently knocking her unconscious, while leaving the baby to cry on the side-walk.

Female arrested forcibly strip searched nude by ohio male cops

Police Shoot and Kill Unarmed Man in Custody on the Ground.

This was a deliberate and planned assassination..

You can see that cop waiting in the background while the other officers were carefully putting the victim down into the kill position.


15 Year Old Assaulted in Holding Cell, Left Handcuffed For Hours.

Cops Beat Man After He Finds His Son Dead

Video Emerges of U.S. Agent Shooting Teen

Security footage of Kelly Thomas police beating

Published on May 7, 2012 by VoiceofOCvideo

Latest news report on the case:

Security camera footage showing the police beating of Kelly Thomas, a mentally ill homeless man who later died from his injuries, at a Fullerton, California bus depot on the night of July 5, 2011. The altercation begins at 15:20.

Fullerton police officer Manuel Ramos was charged with second-degree murder in Thomas’ death, and Cpl. Jay Cicinelli faces involuntary manslaughter and excessive use of force charges.

Video provided by the Orange County District Attorney’s Office.

Footage of California cops beating homeless man to death shown in court

Published: 09 May, 2012, 02:07

Edited: 10 May, 2012, 01:39

Surveillance footage of the beating of Thomas.

(141.8Mb) embed video

One year after Fullerton, California police officers beat a 37-year-old homeless man to death, video footage of Kelly Thomas’ last few minutes of consciousness were showed in a Santa Ana, CA courtroom on Monday.

Monday marked the first day of a preliminary hearing that will go on to determine if there is enough evidence for two Fullerton cops — Officers Manuel Ramos and Jay Cicinelli — to be ordered to stand trial for the May 5, 2011 beating of Thomas. Ramos was charged last year with second-degree murder and Cicinelli with involuntary manslaughter — both have plead not guilty.

As spectators sat through 30 minutes of grainy black and white footage, Judge Walter Schwarz momentarily ordered that the film be paused so that some in the court could be excused to compose themselves.

Despite the subpar quality of the footage, Ramos is clearly seen shaking his fist in front of Thomas, a known drifter and documented schizophrenic, insisting that he was about to “fuck him up.” Cops were on the scene to investigate a call of car break-ins when they discovered a shirtless Thomas and began questioning him. When Thomas walks away from Ramos after being questioned, he is assaulted with batons, Tasers and fists by a crew of cops that eventually turns into a crowd of five.

Describing his own actions, Officer Cicinelli is recorded on tape in the aftermath to explain, “We ran out of options so I got the end of my Taser and I probably…I just started smashing his face to hell.”

Elsewhere on the tape, Thomas is heard pleading for his life. The recording captures the man crying out “OK man, I can’t breathe,” “I’m sorry, dude, I’m sorry!” and “Dad, they’re killing me, dad … daddy!” before he lost the ability to communicate.

An evidence photo of beating victim Kelly Thomas in hospital, as it was shown during a preliminary hearing on his death in court in Santa Ana (REUTERS/Joshua Sudock/Pool)

By the time the bloodied, unconscious body of Thomas was delivered to a local hospital, doctors determined that he suffered multiple broken bones in his face, several cracked ribs and a crushed thorax. Physicians also figured Thomas to have choked on his own blood during the incident. After five days on life support, Thomas passed away.

Last year, Ron Thomas, father of the deceased, told CNN that he won’t settle “for anything here except for complete justice for my son.” Despite the evidence that has Americans across the country accusing the Fullerton, CA cops of excessive force, however, reparation might not be easy to receive — attorneys for the defendants maintain that their clients were in the right.

In defense of Officer Ramos, attorney John Arnett asked a University of California, Irvine surgical trauma chief to take the stand and explain how physicians handled Thomas’ injuries. “The cause of death might be the treatment he got [at] the hospital?” Barnett asked Dr. Michael Lekawa.

The Los Angeles Times reports that Dr. Lekawa was originally concerned over a medical error on the hospital’s end, but all that changed once he saw the footage.

“They did everything right,” Lekawa testified to the court in explaining the hospital’s handling of Thomas.

According to Reuters, Fullerton fire Captain Ron Stancyk, a paramedic that was called to the scene, tended to injuries incurred by the officers themselves upon arrival. Testifying in court this week, Stancyk says that none of the officers alerted him of Thomas, near death, when he arrived.

Updated, Wednesday May 9:

Judge Schwarz announce on Wednesday that there is enough evidence to bring the officers to trial. If Officer Ramos is convicted, he faces a maximum penalty of 15 years-to-life in jail; Cicinelli could end up with as little as four years behind bars.

Music titles used

In Order of appearance:

Two Steps From Hell – Lost In Asia

‘We are the University’ – Protesters Surround Police Car

26 September 2011

Sirens Call – Epic Score

Two Steps From Hell – Never Forget

Two Steps From Hell – Lord of two lands

These songs were altered to fit the films desired emotion, intesity, and climax

The rest is random ambient music.


Planting Evidence to Sow Fear: Chicago Cops are the Terrorists

It seems pretty clear by now that the three young “domestic terrorists” arrested by Chicago police in a warrantless house invasion reminiscent of what US military forces are doing on a daily basis in Afghanistan, are the victims of planted evidence — part of the police-state-style crackdown on anti-NATO protesters in Chicago last week.

The Chicago Police clearly realized that it would be hard to convince a jury that the homemade beer-making equipment in the house was some dreaded bio-terror weapon, so for good measure they apparently dropped off some glass jars with gas in them and tried to make out that the kids were preparing molotov cocktails. That’s the word from National Lawyers Guild attorneys representing the men. They say their clients and others like them coming into Chicago from out of town to join in protests against the NATO summit were “befriended” by police informants and undercover Chicago Police, who then offered to obtain gasoline or explosive materials like toy rocket motors, and who proposed actions like firebombing police stations.

This kind of entrapment and official deceit by police should alarm every American. It’s bad enough when police plant evidence and lie about evidence in order to win convictions, since it means innocent people will be sent to prison or worse. But with the new post 9-11 terrorism laws, like the state terrorism statutes in Illinois being applied in these cases, it becomes far more difficult for a victim of such police and prosecutorial misconduct to challenge the case against her or him. In terror cases, the government can claim “national security” to hide the evidence and even the identity of the witnesses from the defendants and the courts, the jury and the public, and can avoid ever being questioned about it publicly. In a worst case, the federal government doesn’t even need to bring the case to trial. If the victim is accused of being a terrorist, under the latest National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) and various executive orders, that person can be locked away indefinitely without trial — exactly the kind of abuse that led American colonists to rise up against their British colonial overlords 237 years ago.

Residents like me from Philadelphia know all about this stuff. Planting evidence on people you want to lock away has a venerable history in this once revolutionary town.

In 1995, six Philly cops were convicted of presenting false testimony and of framing over a hundred people with planted evidence that sent the victims to jail with long prison terms. In the end, two of those cops ended up serving jail terms themselves as the result of a federal corruption probe. A bigger federal investigation of the Philadelphia Police Department’s Center City division in the 1980s led to the conviction of several dozen cops, including a captain, four lieutenants, and the deputy chief of police, on charges of extortion and evidence tampering, including the planting of false evidence. Dozens of convicted prisoners were released from jail when it became clear their convictions had been based upon faked evidence by these uniformed miscreants.

The practice of planting evidence and of police lying to win convictions has continued in Philadelphia, which has paid out over $27 million in damages to people victimized by police corruption and false evidence planting since the mid-’90s. In 2009 the Philadelphia Daily News broke a story that a narcotics division cop on the force had planted drugs (a tactic known as “flaking” among dirty cops) in order to lock up dozens of people and to rack up a seemingly stellar record of drug-busting.

And across the river in Camden, NJ, over 75 people jailed for drug offenses are having their cases reviewed and overturned now because of evidence that police in that city were planting evidence on the people they arrested.

So common was the knowledge that police in Philadelphia keep stolen unlicensed handguns and bags of drugs in their cars for the purpose of framing citizens, that after I published my book Killing Time on the case of Pennsylvania death-row prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal, the Afro-American journalist convicted in 1982 of killing a white Philadelphia police officer in a trial fraught with police and prosecutor perjury and faked evidence, that I was loath to drive through the city. And when I did, was extremely careful to follow traffic rules to the letter. With white police officers publicly pressing, through their union and lobbying arm, the Fraternal Order of Police, for Abu-Jamal’s execution, it seemed all to easy for them to stop me, run a make, ID me as the author of a book exposing the wrongness of his conviction, and to then plant a gun or a stash of illicit drugs in my vehicle, and lock me away. At least back then, though, you’d just be facing ordinary criminal charges, and hopefully a good attorney would be able to prove the charges were bogus. Terrorism charges make it much harder to do that.

The faking of terrorism crimes is abetted by a lazy corporate media, where reporters and editors just run their stories based upon the wild claims made by police and prosecutors, without bothering to consider how ludicrous those claims may be. Often, they don’t even bother to go to the victims’ defense attorneys for rebuttal.

Plus, the general scare-mongering by government and media, and the media propaganda glorifying of “tough” cops and prosecutors who cut corners, makes it likely that most juries will continue to believe the false statements and evidence presented by the prosecution at trials.

It’s ironic that the same public that is so ready to believe all manner of wild conspiracies about the president’s being a secret Kenyan Muslim or about the government deliberately trying to turn control of the US military over to the United Nations, or about a government plan to kill off old people with “death panels,” will prove completely gullible and ready to suspend any disbelief when a police officer or a prosecutor makes some outlandish claim about three kids with beer fermenting equipment in their basement.


Dave Lindorff is an investigative reporter, a columnist for CounterPunch, and a contributor to Businessweek, The Nation, Extra! He received a Project Censoredaward in 2004. Dave is also a founding member of the online newspaper ThisCantBeHappening! at


NYPD Cop Caught on Video Threatening to Ram P**** in Suspect’s Mouth

May 21, 2012 @ 4:18PM

By Carlos Miller -… Topics News

New York City Police Sgt. Lesly Charles may have a long penis but he’s short on brains, never realizing a suspect was video recording as he threatened to ram his lengthy penis in the suspect’s mouth.

Charles also threatened to ram his pistol inside the man’s anus before telling him he had a pretty face.

Charles also told the man, who was getting harassed for parking illegally, that he didn’t mind the “hustling” as long as he paid him respect.

The suspect, who was arrested for disorderly conduct, gave the video to the New York Post, which sparked an internal investigation.

Here is a sample of his tirade.

“I have the long d–k. You don’t,” the cop bragged.

“Your pretty face — I like it very much. My d–k will go in your mouth and come out your ear. Don’t f–k with me. All right?”

After the target of his tirade insisted, “I didn’t do anything,” Charles retorted, “Listen to me. When you see me, you look the other way. Tell your boys, I don’t f–k around. All right?”

“I’ll take my gun and put it up your a– and then I’ll call your mother afterwards. You understand that?”

For good measure, the sergeant added: “And I’ll put your s–t in your own mouth.”

The Post called Charles at home who said he was only doing the Lord’s work.

Please send stories, tips and videos to


I am immersed in a legal case where I not only want to clear my criminal charges stemming from my arrest in January, but I want to sue the Miami-Dade Police Department for deleting my footage, which I was able to recover.

My goal is to set some type of precedent to ensure this does not happen as often as it does today where cops simply get away with it.

So if you would like to contribute, please click on the “donate” button below and contribute whatever you can afford.


Department of Homeland Security buying up enough ammo to wage seven-year war against the American people

Warning to activists: Agents provocateur want to make you a terrorist

J.G. Vibes
Activist Post
For hundreds of years the establishment has used agents provocateur as a means of discrediting protest movements that spoke out against the injustice that was being perpetrated by the ruling class. Provocateurs are basically undercover agents, who infiltrate activist groups and try to provoke or push various members of these groups into doing something illegal that they can then immediately be arrested for.Even if the activists aren’t arrested, the incident can then be used as a propaganda piece against dissenters everywhere. This is how things have played out throughout the course of American history, and im sure it goes back much further than that.In the past you could expect one of these snakes to be at protests trying to get people to throw bricks through windows, or even just doing it themselves when all else failed. This usually supplied the pretext for violent crackdowns on protestors, and a justification for the use of excessive force.However, in recent years with the general population becoming more discontent, these provocateurs are taking more extreme measures and hatching plots that could get innocent protestors sent away for life, or worse.

I’m talking of course about the fabricated “terror” plots that the establishment has been walking people into since at least the signing of the patriot act. First these plots were surrounding Muslims on airplanes with fake bombs. This trend continued for years and resulted in the prosecution of several people.

These “underwear bomber” cases, as they later came to be known, served as the excuse for the expansion of the TSA and the rollout of the radioactive naked body scanners that have become so controversial. Since occupy wall street became a household name, the government is now turning their attention away from the phoney Muslim threat and towards the dissenters at home who have now been branded “domestic terrorists”.

This past weekend in Chicago, a group of young occupy protesters were infiltrated by a federal agent, who supplied them with all sorts of contraband and then immediately had them arrested. This set up was nearly identical to one that took place just weeks ago, prior to the mayday protests in Ohio. The police are putting forward a narrative about violent terrorist masterminds, when in reality it was the undercover agents themselves who put the plot into motion and provided all of the materials.


These incidents should serve as a warning to activists everywhere to keep their guard up and to avoid people who start talking about this kind of sketchy activity. Many of you reading this probably think that this should go without saying, but it’s become apparent that it is not very difficult for police to ensnare people in these false flag set ups.

This should be an issue that is discussed regularly at activist meetings and occupy general assembly’s worldwide. While this may seem like a topic that should be unspoken and common sense, it is still one of the most damaging tactics that has been used against dissenters thus far, both in terms of public relations and the toll taken on the lives of those who get caught up in these traps.

As we have seen many times in the past, hurting people, blowing things up and destroying property accomplishes nothing for the cause of freedom. This kind of behavior actually provides the mainstream media with propaganda opportunities that will be used to perpetuate the myth that anyone who disagrees with authority is dangerous and violent. As long as this myth endures the public will continue to fund and allow their own enslavement, as well as yours and mine.

From now on we should all be especially careful about the kinds of things that new friends are bringing into our houses. If someone approaches you acting shady, or offers to give you anything illegal especially related to weapons or explosive material, you need to get yourself out of that situation as smoothly as possible and don’t accept anything that person is going to offer you. Try to disagree with them as politely as possible if they mention anything about violence, anything that is said to an undercover cop will definitely come back up in court and be used to demonize the accused.

With two cases like this popping up in two different cities so close to each other, it is quite possible that there are undercover units in activist movements in every city, especially the occupy movement due to all of the press that it got last season.

Be careful out there, and make sure your friends and local community members are aware that there has been widespread infiltration of protest movements and that they should be highly suspicious of people who start talking openly about violent or destructive behavior.

Recent sources:

This article first appeared at Alchemy of the Modern Renaissance

J.G. Vibes is an author, and artist — with an established record label. In addition to featuring a wide variety of activist information, his company Good Vibes Promotions hosts politically charged electronic dance music events. You can keep up with him and his new book Alchemy of the Modern Renaissance, at his website w and facebook page.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Police Brutality During Chicago NATO Summit

Dees Illustration

Stephen Lendman, Contributor
Activist Post

NATO arrives everywhere violently. Chicago was no exception. Residents were terrorized for days.

Many are still recovering. For some, it’s from hospital beds. Others are behind bars. Chicago cops upheld their odious reputation. The city is notorious for being America’s police repression capital.

On May 25, the National Lawyers Guild (NLG) Chicago chapter assessed days of police brutality. More on that below.

Former NLG leader Arthur Kinoy (1920 – 2003) spoke for like-minded activists, saying:

We, as lawyers, are fighting to keep the First Amendment alive in the legal arena. The people are fighting to keep the First Amendment alive in the streets, in their homes, in the factories, in the legislative halls, in the political arena.

Given today’s climate in America and other Western societies, the struggle is sorely tested. Police brutality during Chicago’s NATO summit highlighted a repeated problem nationwide.

Activist struggles are targeted. Cops are enforcers for crime bosses. Constitutional rights no longer matter. They’re more artifact than reality.

On May 17, an NLG press release condemned a preemptive Bridgeport neighborhood raid. At least eight arrests were made. No one committed a crime.

Witnesses said cops burst into a six-unit apartment building violently with no search warrant. Doing so is illegal. They entered an apartment guns drawn.

One tenant was tackled in his kitchen. Two were handcuffed for two hours in their living room while police searched their apartment and a neighboring one.

A search warrant produced four hours later had no authorizing signature. Beer-making supplies and cell phones were seized.

Three youths were charged with possession of incendiary devices, material support for terrorism, and conspiracy to commit it.

Despite no evidence whatever proving it, allegations claimed planned use of Molotov cocktails and pipe bombs against police stations, financial institutions, Obama’s Chicago headquarter, and Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s home. Other baseless accusations were made.

On May 22, the Chicago Tribune headlined “Lawyers for 3 charged in firebomb plot say solitary confinement in jail is ‘cruel and unusual,’ ” saying:

NLG attorney Michael Deutsch said they’re held on excessive $1.5 million bonds in “hospital-white” cells, 24 hours a day, and can’t communicate with anyone.

“They are totally in isolation from everyone else in the jail and each other,” he said. “They have nothing to read. They have no writing material. It’s a kind of sensory deprivation situation.”

The Constitution’s Eighth Amendment prohibits “excessive bail,” “excessive fines,” and “cruel and unusual punishment.”

Brian Church, Jared Chase, and Brent Betterly are victimized by all three.

A follow-up May 23 Tribune article headlined “Lawyers for 3 accused of NATO plot criticize jail isolation,” stated that Cook County Sheriff Department spokesman Frank Bilecki claimed the three youths were isolated to assess if they risk “harm (to) themselves or anyone else.” NLG attorneys denounced their isolation as “cruel and unusual.” They also affirmed their innocence.

On May 25, the NLG Chicago chapter headlined “National Lawyers Guild Provides Wrap-up of Police Actions During Week-long NATO Demonstrations,” saying that cops engaged in “harassment and violence.”

“(S)erious injuries, high-level charges, and exceptionally high bonds” followed.

NLG estimated 117 arrests. Less than 100 were charged. Most were for violating city ordinances, disorderly conduct, failure to disperse, trespassing, resisting arrest, and other misdemeanors.

Sixteen face felony accusations. Five are accused of terrorism-related activities.

Virtually everyone charged is innocent. Cops violated their rights, not the reverse.

Over 70 reports of police brutality were received. Most occurred during Sunday marches. Most injuries were from baton head and body blows. Over two dozen were hospitalized for broken bones, concussions, knocked out teeth, and open wounds requiring stitches.

According to NLG spokesperson Kris Hermes:

Although police allowed some unpermitted marches to take place without incident, there were massive shows of force by police throughout the week of NATO demonstrations and indiscriminate violence perpetrated against many protesters.

Contrary to rhetoric from Mayor Emanuel and Police Superintendent McCarthy, the city was anything but tolerant to political dissent.

It waged war against peaceful protesters.

Hundreds of Occupy Chicago participants have been targeted, harassed, arrested, and, at times, beaten for demanding rights they’ve been denied.

Protesters on city streets always face harsh police responses.

During NATO’s summit, activists’ homes and organizing spaces were violated without warrants. Chicago Independent Media Center and Wellington Avenue Church were targeted.

Numerous unconstitutional stops and searches were conducted.

On May 22, the first felony case was dismissed in Cook County court. On May 15, Danny Johnson was arrested at an immigration rally. He was charged with aggravated felony assault on a police officer. He was jailed for a week on $10,000 bond. According to NLG’s Hermes:

The dismissal of charges against (him) certainly raises questions about the veracity of claims against many other NATO protesters.”

A dozen or more remain in custody. Five are for terrorism-related charges. No evidence whatever proves them. Most court dates were scheduled from mid-to-late May.

Hearings for the so-called “NATO 5” will be on June 12 and 13.

During days of NATO protests, NLG lawyers were available round-the-clock if needed. Observers were deployed to document police misconduct.

NLG “is committed to provide legal representation for anyone arrested and facing charges.”

They’ll need all the help they can get. Innocence is no defense. NATO 5 activists face kangaroo court injustice. Guilty by accusation is policy.

Precedent shows if they’re exonerated they’ll likely be retried on new charges until convicted.

Police state justice doesn’t take no for an answer. Imperial America wants no challengers abroad or at home. The nation’s gulag is filled with those who try and many others illegally entrapped.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago and can be reached at His new book is titled How Wall Street Fleeces America: Privatized Banking, Government Collusion and Class War

Also visit his blog site at and listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network Thursdays at 10AM US Central time and Saturdays and Sundays at noon. All programs are archived for easy listening.

Police Brutality Caught on Tape Philadelphia July 2009

68 Year Old Stroke Victim Tasered After Double Parking

Three weeks after the death of Robert Dziekanski, British Columbia RCMP again tasered a man twice under questionable circumstances. This time it was 68 year old John Peters, who had double-parked on a Kelowna street while waiting to pick up his wife.

Print version of story here:…

A recent Canadian Press survey of taser deployments found 80% of victims were unarmed. Taser International claims its product actually saves lives, because it’s better to be shot with a taser than with a bullet.
But stories like this one beg the question – In what percentage of taser deployments could deadly force have legitimately been used?

COPS Gone Wild

Clips of police officers that have lost their minds. Includes cops slamming into suspects, beating them, using


Cops Taser, Punch and Kick Harmless Teen 13 times

Kelowna RCMP Police Brutality

Kelowna RCMP Police Brutality – arresting a 100% legal, law abiding firearms owner, legally doing his job of firing blank shotgun shells to scare Geese off of a golf course.

Canadian Secret Special Forces ( JTF2 ) Being Encouraged To Commit War Crimes

Tennesee Law Enforcement Stealing Money from out of state innocent motorist

Video Shows How Tennessee Steal Money for innocent motorist with out of state plates in the name of the war on drugs.

Insane Cop Arrests ABC News Reporter For Filming Traffic Accident

Goon Cop Attack:Arizona Report
Its becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America – aggressive, overbearing and mentally unstable cops who think that it is an arrestable offense not to obey their every order – harassing citizens who have done absolutely nothing wrong

Pig Gone Wild

Uploaded by  on 26 Feb 2010

Orlando Critical Mass ride on February 26, 2010. A belligerent Pig tried with all his might to pick a fight but da bite has got nothing on my flight of freedom.

Police Have No “Duty Of Care” Toward The Public … It’s The Law!

Posted by  on November 16, 2010

Information found on a public forum reveals (shockingly) why, there are no successful prosecutions and convictions of police officers for the unlawful killings of members of the public who die at the hands of the police

The reason there is a dearth of successful prosecutions is that the police have no duty of care, I have sat in court and listened to Barristers for the police quoting hours of case law examples of why the police have no statutory duty of care, it is a real eye opener and nothing to do with police corruption, that is quite another can of worms.
The case that they quote a lot is Hill , see here which lays down the core principle that a duty of care would lead to defensive and thus ineffective policing. this case is supported and reaffirmed by others such as smith where the house of lords ruled that the police had no common law duty of care to protect an individual.
This is the law as it stands and makes it almost impossible to even bring a case against the police, most being struck out early on as having no chance of a successful outcome.
Any that do proceed will be dragged through appeal after appeal and the case that you mention above of a mere four years is a relatively short one.
as for accountability in the force well it is a comforting thought but unfortunately far from reality.

The IPCC recorded 92 “Deaths during or following police contact” last year. Now I’m not suggesting that they were all the result of criminal behaviour … but … 92 (nearly 2 per week)!



brenner_4 commented on your document, “Shock and Awe of Militarized Police Killings Beatings and Brutality.”

your right on the facts of how they got our own people ,the police,which are just human beings playing a role in government brainwashed into treating the public citizens as if they were their subjugated slaves,we must find a way to get them to realize how they are being manipulated and misguided into perpetrating unlaw

ful acts against us and that it must be stopped at all costs.

Demons are real

Demons are real and they wear a uniform

Police handcuff and hold at gunpoint every adult at an intersection for hours

Angel Clark's photo

Wilmington Civil Rights Examiner

A severe case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time caused unexpected delays for dozens of drivers in Aurora, Colo., on Saturday.  Police stopped dozens of cars at gunpoint and pulled out the drivers and all other adults in the vehicles.  All adults were then handcuffed and detained as their vehicles were searched.  The police were looking for a bank robber.

An armed man allegedly robbed a Wells Fargo bank and fled.  Police claimed they had a “reliable” tip that the armed robber was in a vehicle stopped at a red light.  Officers responded and barricaded the area, trapping 19 cars around the intersection in question.  Police went car by car and pulled out each adult at gunpoint and handcuffed them.

“Cops came in from every direction and just threw their car in front of my car,” said Sonya Romero, who was one of the drivers handcuffed. “We all got cuffed until they figured out who did what.”

Aurora police officer Frank Fania told ABC News that the police had no description of the bank robber and based on the “reliable” tip, a “split-second decision was made to stop all the cars at that intersection, and search for the armed robber”.  The search took between an hour and a half and two hours.  “Most of the adults were handcuffed, then were told what was going on and were asked for permission to search the car,” Fania said. “They all granted permission, and once nothing was found in their cars, they were un-handcuffed.”

Police arrested a man in a white SUV who had two loaded firearms.  There has been some criticism as to the police response in this situation.  At least 19 people were detained while the police had no description of the suspect.  Despite the concept of “innocent until proven guilty”, people were taken out of their vehicles at gunpoint, handcuffed, and detained for two hours.

The other people who had been held at the intersection for two hours, handcuffed and at gunpoint, were allowed to leave once the suspect was apprehended.  One wonders whether the police, detaining so many in such a public arena, felt obligated to detain someone, regardless of guilt.

If you wish to ensure you receive email updates to all of Angel’s articles please subscribe clicking the link above or join her Facebook Fan Page. Angel is also the Wilmington Prepper Examiner and the Delaware Elections 2010 Examiner! You can read Angel’s last article here. Feel free to comment below and follow Angel on her Twitter!  You may listen to Angel LIVE Monday through Friday from 5-7 pm EST on You may learn more about her Talk Radio Topics on The Angel Clark Show Fan Page!

Do you like Capitalism? Literally, of course.

Indiana legalizes shooting cops

Reuters/Vincent West

Published: 11 June, 2012

Hold onto your holsters, folks: shooting a cop dead is now legal in the state of Indiana.

Governor Mitch Daniels, a Republican, has authorized changes to a 2006 legislation that legalizes the use of deadly force on a public servant — including an officer of the law — in cases of “unlawful intrusion.” Proponents of both the Second and Fourth Amendments — those that allow for the ownership of firearms and the security against unlawful searches, respectively — are celebrating the update by saying it ensures that residents are protected from authorities that abuse the powers of the badge.

Others, however, fear that the alleged threat of a police state emergence will be replaced by an all-out warzone in Indiana.

Under the latest changes of the so-called Castle Doctrine, state lawmakers agree “people have a right to defend themselves and third parties from physical harm and crime.” Rather than excluding officers of the law, however, any public servant is now subject to be met with deadly force if they unlawfully enter private property without clear justification.

“In enacting this section, the general assembly finds and declares that it is the policy of this state to recognize the unique character of a citizen’s home and to ensure that a citizen feels secure in his or her own home against unlawful intrusion by another individual or a public servant,” reads the legislation.

Although critics have been quick to condemn the law for opening the door for assaults on police officers, supporters say that it is necessary to implement the ideals brought by America’s forefathers. Especially, argue some, since the Indiana Supreme Court almost eliminated the Fourth Amendment entirely last year. During the 2011 case of Barnes v. State of Indiana, the court ruled that a man who assaulted an officer dispatched to his house had broken the law before there was “no right to reasonably resist unlawful entry by police officers.” In turn, the National Rifle Association lobbied for an amendment to the Castle Doctrine to ensure that residents were protected from officers that abuse the law to grant themselves entry into private space.

“There are bad legislators,” the law’s author, State Senator R. Michael Young (R) tells Bloomberg News. “There are bad clergy, bad doctors, bad teachers, and it’s these officers that we’re concerned about that when they act outside their scope and duty that the individual ought to have a right to protect themselves.”

Governor Daniels agrees with the senator in a statement offered through his office, and notes that the law is only being established to cover rare incidents of police abuse that can escape the system without reprimand for officers or other persons that break the law to gain entry.

“In the real world, there will almost never be a situation in which these extremely narrow conditions are met,” Daniels says. “This law is not an invitation to use violence or force against law enforcement officers.”

Officers in Indiana aren’t necessarily on the same page, though. “If I pull over a car and I walk up to it and the guy shoots me, he’s going to say, ‘Well, he was trying to illegally enter my property,’” Sergeant Joseph Hubbard tells Bloomberg.“Somebody is going get away with killing a cop because of this law.”

“It’s just a recipe for disaster,” Indiana State Fraternal Order of Police President Tim Downs adds. “It just puts a bounty on our heads.”


The police: the case against

The police: the case against

There is a commonly held assumption that the police are a necessary presence in a civilised society, one that ensures the preservation of social order. And yet this assumption is deeply ideological, blurring the distinction between the act of policing with the existence of an institutional police force. Polite Ire queries the supposed necessity of the police, asking how they gain their legitimacy and whether this is deserved.

This article will also consider how such legitimacy fluctuates according to the political, social, and economic context, both by looking at historical examples of police (de)politicisation (within the UK), and upon the situation under the coalition government and austerity measures. The majority of information regarding police history and theory, and the accompanying statistics, is taken from The Politics of the Police by Robert Reiner.

While anthropologists have found policing to be a common feature of all societies, studies have shown that the founding of a police force only occurs in conjunction with the development of class and monetary systems (Reiner, 3-7). The establishment of an institutional police service is thus a manifestation of an ascending dominant class securing their interests against those inhabiting a society’s lower strata. What Adam Smith says of ‘laws and government’ is thus equally true of the police force:

“Laws and government may be considered in this and indeed in every case as a combination of the rich to oppress the poor, and preserve to themselves the inequality of the goods which would otherwise be soon destroyed by the attacks of the poor, who if not hindered by the government would soon reduce the others to an equality with themselves by open violence.”

This political role of the police was well recognised by the working classes of the UK, with their formation met with much hostility. Indeed much of what is quintessential to the ‘British bobby’ was in fact carefully constructed in an attempt to depoliticise the service – thus the British police were set up as unarmed, low key and legalistic, authorised only to use minimal force and to stand accountable under the same laws as the general public. Despite this, the deaths of the first two police officers killed on duty were ruled ‘justifiable homicide’ by juries.

The police were also to be non-partisan, and, most importantly, they were to fulfil a social function, i.e. crime prevention and detection, and it is this role that allows the obscuring of their mandate for repression.

However, the legitimacy achieved by these policies would not have been successful was it not for the circumstances of the time. The gradual incorporation of the working classes into the social, economic and political institutions meant the majority of citizens were able to share in economic growth (though unevenly and not completely); thus the societal structure that ensured opposition to the police was ameliorated just enough to facilitate their acceptance (Reiner, 77).

Let us now look in more detail at these legitimising practises of the police, and consider the extent to which they have changed over time, the level of their success, and the effect social unrest has upon the public’s acceptance of the institution.

Minimal Force
The initial opposition to the police necessitated a softly-softly approach in order to gain acceptance; unarmed was sold as non-repressive. While police were given truncheons, they were at first to carry them concealed, and were very much restricted to use as a last resort – even then their use was closely scrutinised and, if found to be unnecessary, likely to end with the police officer’s dismissal. This model of policing, with its strict regulations on force, does not however demonstrate a lack of state oppression: during this time the army were available as back up, and were regularly deployed against civilians in the late 19th and early 20th century. As the police gained acceptance, the use of the army was scaled back – and police use of force was gradually scaled up, now with apparent legitimacy (Reiner, 72-73).

Of course the fact that the police were, right from their beginnings, permitted only to use minimal force does not account for those who broke these rules. While accountability will be discussed next, it is important to note that incidents of complaints against the police havenever been accurately recorded.

From the 1960s onwards the British Police began to militarise. Special units were formed in order to deal with public order and terrorism (the state’s linking of the two already evident), developing paramilitary tactics and formations, and trained in the use of weapons. In the 1970s Police Support Units were founded; whereas these specially trained officers were used in day-to-day policing they could now be called upon to deal with crowds, specifically strikes and demonstrations, and thus purposely formed to be used against the working classes in their struggles against bosses and the state. Police dressed in riot gear became a common sight during the unrest of the 1970s and 1980s (prior to 1977, police at the Notting Hill Carnival used bin lids as makeshift shields), and police tactics proved to be far more than that of minimal force: cars, driven at speed, were used to disperse crowds, and CS gas was used for the first time on mainland Britain. Prime Minister Thatcher also gave government support for the police to use plastic bullets and water cannon, should Chief Constables deem them necessary (Reiner, 85-86) The potential for such tactics to damage the legitimacy of the police was recognised by the more liberal chief constables, with one stating: ‘There has to be a better way than blind repression’ (Reiner, 86).

While day-to-day policing in Britain remains unarmed save for the truncheon and CS spray, police access to and use of firearms (and other weaponry) has risen dramatically. Each force has an armed response unit, tasers are now used with increasingly frequency, and the presence of Police Support Units is a common sight at any public event (Reiner, 87-88).

The rise of middle class protesters in the 1990s, predominantly around single-issue causes such as animal rights, anti-roads and the free party/rave scene, increased problems of police legitimacy, as lines were drawn between the police and those from their traditional support base (Reiner, 87). This has continued to be problematic in recent years. In 2011 nationwide protests against student fees, and UK Uncut’s actions against tax avoidance, have been met with hard-line policing, and the police have faced much criticism from the liberal press and demo participants who would otherwise support the police role. The increased militarisation of the police undermines the assertion of a non-oppressive, civil force – the facade of social function falling away to many of those on the receiving end of public order policing, revealing the repressive state body beneath.

The original emphasis on police accountability helped ensure that officers were perceived to be subject to the same legal scrutiny as other citizens. The necessity for the institution to obscure its coercive role meant that initially the police were not only held accountable, but actually done so to the detriment of their ability to perform much of their mandated functions. By the mid-19th century however this had changed significantly, with police evidence heavily relied upon and accusations against them readily dismissed (Reiner, 72).

In 2008, over one hundred lawyers, employed by an advisory body to the IPCC to handle complaints, resigned, citing the IPCC’s failure to handle complaints effectively and, most notably, the IPCC’s “pattern of favouritism towards the police with some complaints being rejected in spite of apparently powerful evidence in their support”. In 2009, evenThe Economist opined that “the IPCC is at best overworked and at worst does not deserve the “I” in its name.”

Last year Smiley Culture died of a single stab wound to the heart when police raided his home. The police claimed, and the IPCC accepted, that this wound was self-inflicted. All four of the officers present at the house were treated as witnesses rather than suspects, meaning none were formally interviewed – this includes the officer who witnessed the incident and who refused to give a formal interview. It is difficult to imagine a scenario in which any other citizen, witness to a violent death, would be spared the formality of a police interview, indeed who would not be considered a suspect at least until s/he could be eliminated from enquiries. Though the coroner gave evidence stating that such a wound would result in death within a few minutes, Smiley Culture was handcuffed, the police say after sustaining the wound. Why such restraints were necessary has not been answered.

The case of Smiley Culture is far from unique. Civilians dying in controversial circumstances at the hands of, or in the presence of police, is a common occurrence. Jean Charles de Menezes; Ian Tomlinson; Mark Duggan – these are only the most prominent of cases, given extra significance within the press due to the extraordinary circumstances that surrounded their deaths.

Between 1998 and 2010 there were 333 deaths in police custody; not one police officer has been convicted. Interestingly the IPCC have raised this issue, arguing that juries are reluctant to convict policeofficers. While this may be the case it is evident that the IPCC have a habit of sweeping complaints, misconduct, and potentially police criminality, beneath the carpet, ensuring they never reach court.

At the founding of the police service accountability was not simply considered in legalistic terms, the police were also expected (hypothetically if not in practise), as ‘civilians in uniform’, to be held answerable by their communities. Towards this principle, there was much recruitment among the working classes and promotion granted on merit; indeed since the Second World War, the majority of Chief Constables have been from working class backgrounds and entered the service as PCs (Reiner, 74-75). Such recruitment assists in obscuring the repressive role of the police, aspirant members of the working class may view the police force as a route to a professional and secure career, and the presence of relations and friends within the service is likely to increase trust in the institution as a whole.

Legitimacy that has been gained by accountability through association is apparent in the idea of the police as ‘workers in uniform’, as espoused by the Socialist Party. It is also evident in the Occupy Movement of the last year where, despite many arrests, police brutality and no suggestion that the police share their aims or are on their side, individuals within the movement have repeatedly expressed that ‘the police are the 99% too’.

Such belief in the police as part of the community is perhaps now a bigger force for legitimacy than accountability before the law. With stories of police brutality and hard line tactics almost ever present during a time of austerity, a person’s link to an individual police officer may grant greater credibility to the police than is warranted by reports of their behaviour. In much the same way that citizens may ‘support the soldiers not the war’, many of the working classes, many of those suffering because of a state protected by the police, are granting credibility to a whole institution based on maybe only a minor personal relationship – the level of accountability to the community is miniscule, but it may just be enough to grant institutional legitimacy at a time when the behaviour of the institution is overtly oppressive.

It is important to note that this oppressive behaviour of the police is not related to the incumbent government, but is inherent in the very foundations of the service. At the establishment of the force the police were formed as a non-partisan institution, once again in an attempt to gain acceptance from the working class (Reiner, 74). At the time of the founding of the police this would have had more relevance than it does now, with each party notionally aligned with the interests of a particular class. Yet though the police may not be partisan to any political party, the extent that this helps their legitimacy is highly dubious. It is not the police support of the Tories or of Labour, or any other political party that is of relevance, but of their support for the state that all of these parties seek to uphold. Not being party-politically partisan is irrelevant – the police support the incumbent government, every government supports the interests of the ruling class. The police can never be politically neutral. And this becomes immediately apparent whenever class conflicts flare up.

The pro-state establishment credentials of the police hardly need describing, yet it is perhaps worth noting how the Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner of the Met are appointed by the Queen, on the recommendation of the Home Secretary, and knighted, firmly making them part of the ruling class, not simply employed to be on their side. The role of the Commissioner and his Deputy is also worth mentioning – they are the key individuals responsible for counter-terrorism and threats to public order, with the potential for the line between them to blur.

In the 1980s the police became more explicitly political, campaigning for more funding for law and order, and against the liberalisation of penal and social policy. Criticism of this political campaign was rejected by the Police Federation, justifying their stance with the question, “What is ‘political’ about crime?”(Reiner, 89). The campaign was met with Conservative party support, establishing themselves as ‘the party of law and order’. Labour, wary of appearing ‘soft on crime’ by comparison, supported Conservative policy that itself was dictated by the Police Federation’s campaign (Reiner 89-90). Such a question is then, at best, disingenuous. The police actively support political policies that strengthen the ruling class against the rest of the population; the Conservatives just happened to be the Government to implement them. In the past two decades, incarceration rates have soared; 60% of those imprisoned are functionally illiterate and/or innumerate, they are also more likely to be homeless, and more likely to be unemployed (and to be so in the long-term). Of petty offenders who have homes, one-third lose them whilst in custody. Two thirds lose their jobs. 95% of those imprisoned are male, and two fifths lose contact with their families. Any suggestion that such figures are not political, that the campaign for more stringent penal and social policy has not had a disproportionate affect on those most socially and economically vulnerable, is a deceitful distortion of reality.

Aside from the socio-economic breakdown of crime and punishment, the definitions of what constitutes a crime (or as unlawful) are also political in nature. So a protest is unlawful if the organisers do not give six days written notice, and it must adhere to restrictions on its time and route. The police may ban or restrict a protest if it poses the potential for “serious public disorder, serious criminal damage or serious disruption” (Public Order Act 1986, Sections 11-14). By increasing the associations of protest with criminality the state can act against its detractors with apparently legitimate force. Hence in the past year the Occupy camps have been frequently associated with crime and disorder, student protests have been said to have been infiltrated by “hardcore activists and street gangs”, and the Met have aligned anarchism with terrorism. Trade Unions have also been warned that should they use their right to strike, they may face more stringent laws to prevent them from doing so in future. The use of effective action quickly becomes defined as unlawful action when the state feels threatened.

Crime prevention and detection
By the mid 19th century the police were perceived by the middle and upper classes as an effective law and order service. While members of the working classes also called upon the police they did so with less regularity, the majority of their contact with them unsought and unwelcome. This did not begin to change until political, social and economic reforms gradually allowed many of the working classes to gain a stake in society. Proportionally however inequality has remained pretty much the same and, since the beginnings of neoliberal policies in the 1980s, has actually increased (Reiner, 77).

Still, the legitimacy of the police has been found to depend upon the perceived fair conduct of their work, ‘bad’ policing having a greater effect upon this perception than ‘good’. It is notable that police legitimacy is judged to be greater among those who have had no direct contact with them (not just as a suspect but also as a witness or victim); approval is therefore dependant on the citizens’ inexperience of the institution’s practises –for this reason legitimacy is generally perceived to be greater to those higher up the social ladder (Reiner, 69-70).

The effectiveness of the police in tackling crime is difficult to measure. Though statistics are available they are notoriously unreliable; they do not account for unreported crimes and are liable to be distorted in order to reflect a desired picture. However it is safe to assert that crime has risen greatly over the past 50 years, as has fear of crime, while faith in the ability of the police has declined (Reiner, 93). The clear-up rate of crimes is, as of 2010, at 28% (though again it must be noted that the figures are imprecise). For specific crimes the police’s effectiveness in dealing with them varies hugely. For example, while murder cases are solved 92% of the time, for other violent crime the figure is a much lower 47%, and for burglary only 13%. The use of the word ‘solve’ is also problematic:

“If adequate information is provided to pinpoint the culprit fairly accurately, the crime will be resolved; if not, it is almost certain not to be” (Reiner, 153)

The work of the detective as vaunted in television dramas is detached from reality; two thirds of “solved” crimes are in fact self-solvers, i.e. the culprit is either still at the scene or witnesses are able to name and/or provide a full and accurate description. In cases where the crime does not solve itself there are two main tactics of investigation, both of which rely on stigmatising vulnerable groups; the police may “round up the usual suspects” of regular offenders, or rely upon stereotypical notions of what perpetrators of particular offences may be like. A high number of arrests made by foot patrol units conform to the latter tactic, suspicion based upon stereotype (Reiner, 152). This may go some way to explain why stop and searches are disproportionately carried out against ethnic minorities, with black people seven times more likely to be stopped than white people; institutional racism continues to be endemic. It must be recognised that neither of these tactics of investigation are effective, with the majority of cases remaining unsolved. Cases that do not present with likely leads are regularly dropped (Reiner, 152-3).

The main social function of the police then seems almost administrative in form; while particular specialists may be required to gather forensics, the majority of an officer’s work appears to be processing self-evident information. The primary justification for a police force is thus effectively made obsolete; the assumption that a civilised society needs a police force is shown to be motivated by ideology, a facade created to conceal a state’s coercive power.

The depression of the 1930s saw public order become a key issue, with much criticism levied at the police for their brutal suppression of the National Unemployment Workers’ Movement marches (Reiner, 75). Then, like now, the economic situation resulted in a renewed awareness of the political nature of the police. While the state continues to feed us the line that we need the police, that the police are impartial, people are becoming aware that they are not on our side. When the police call forwater cannon to be used against protesters, when they threaten to deploy rubber bullets, they do so to defend a status quo, a status quo that protects the interests of the ruling class against the mass interest of the people. However the exposure of the police as political actors damages them; when coercion supersedes consent state legitimacy begins to fall.

In the past year coercive policing has been exacerbated by the courts, with individuals convicted following protests and riots receivingsignificantly harsher sentences than the same offences would usually warrant. The repression of dissent is thus at the heart of the justice system, the appeal for ‘social order’ used to assist in securing the interests of the state and its ruling class.

Historically the police have been successful in allaying the fears of the working classes by following the legitimating policies and practises as described above (Reiner, 70-75). However once such acceptance was achieved the necessity to continue in this vein waned, and in times of social unrest the political nature of the police becomes increasingly apparent. While the social role of crime prevention and detection continues to be the principal justification for a police force, the evidence does not bear this out. As the socio-economic circumstances continue to deteriorate in 2012, more people will gain direct experiences of the coercive role of the police, experiences that may serve to delegitimize both their existence and that of the state they seek to protect.

Robert Reiner The Politics of the Police

Monday, June 18, 2012

Minnesota Man Brutalized by SWAT Executive Officer for Talking Loud on Cell Phone (Updated)

Joe Wright
Activist Post

An epidemic of police brutality and outright crazy behavior from law enforcement was illustrated once again, as an executive officer of the Minneapolis SWAT team “Superman punched” Brian Vander Lee for talking too loud on his cell phone while standing on the patio of a restaurant.

The account given by Brian Vander Lee’s friend in the video below perfectly captures the disbelief when those who are sworn to protect the public become predators.  An interesting background note is mentioned about the assailant, Sgt. David Clifford, in the Raw Story article about the incident:

An online biography indicated that Clifford had served with the Army’s 82nd Airborne Division as team leader of Personal Security Detachments in Kosovo and Iraq.

While it would be unfair to definitively conclude  that Clifford’s training and experience might have desensitized him to acts of extreme violence, it is a footnote that should give pause as police throughout the country continue on a militarized path, with many local law enforcement agencies hiring those who have spent time in dangerous theaters of war.

Brian Vander Lee’s family can receive benefit donations at any TCF Bank location for those who can lend their support to help cover costs for this outrageous and tragic incident that caused this father of four to spend Father’s Day in intensive care.

Update: good news is being reported by Brian is responding to commands and can wiggle his fingers and toes. Meanwhile, Sgt. David Clifford has officially been charged with 3rd degree assault.  Do you believe this is a fitting charge for the crime?  Feel free to comment below.

Police Brutality
Recording The Police Is Dangerous, But Necessary!


Enough is enough! It is time for all of us to take a stand and expose police brutality when we witness it. Even if the officers behavior is correct, and justifiable, we still encourage the recording of the police activities for the transparency and accountability that is desperately needed in many departments.

Posted June 20, 2012  — This video was created as an example of the importance of filming the police. Video provides transparency, accountability, and an accurate account of incidents that occur. It is no secret that the United States has a serious problem with police abuse, brutality, and corruption. It is essential for civilians to document their encounters with police officers to ensure transparency, accountability, and safety to all of those involved.

Police departments have, for too long, tried to bully, intimidate, threaten, arrest, or otherwise harass law abiding citizens from recording the activities of law enforcement in public. Enough is enough! It is time for all of us to take a stand and expose police brutality when we witness it. Even if the officers behavior is correct, and justifiable, we still encourage the recording of the police activities for the transparency and accountability that is desperately needed in many departments.

If you see something, film something, the freedom of press begins with you!

If you feel the need to upload this video to your Youtubes, please contact us and we will make sure you acquire a high quality version of the film with our info. And please, add our links in the description, thanks

More information about the clips in order of appearance:
ORIGINAL FOOTAGE Suspect with Crowbar Shot Outside Carls Jr Monterey Park

New Footage of Oscar Grant Shooting (with sound)

Cops on Camera (multiple segments)

Citizen attacks Baltimore Police — caught on tape

Houston Police BEATING Teen Suspect Chad Holley

Police Brutality: NYPD Beat Man’s Legs w/ Baton For Not Getting Up!


MSNBC on NYPD Police Brutality during Occupy Wall Street Lawrence O’Donnell with “The Last Word”

Raw Video: Police Beating Caught on Tape

Paris Texas Police Officer Throws Teen on Car

Raw Video: Deputy Shown Kicking Teen Girl

#OWSwest #J20 #SFPD Attacks Innocent Protesters; Officer M. Ali #619 Breaks My Cam

Raw Video: Ala. Officers Fired After Beating Man

Cop Punching Handcuffed Man Video Now Has Sound

Surveillance video: Iraq War veteran beaten

Sante Fe cop caught beating handcuffed teen; fired, rehired!

Female Cop Tirelessly Beats Man with her Baton

Police Brutality: Dog Walker w/ Camera Beaten By Cops!

ABC Reporter Arrested in Denver Taking Pictures of Senators

Music titles used
In Order of appearance:
Two Steps From Hell – Lost In Asia

Sirens Call – Epic Score

Two Steps From Hell – Never Forget

Two Steps From Hell – Lord of two lands

These songs were altered to fit the films desired emotion, intesity, and climax
The rest is random ambient music.

15-Yr-Old Says Cop Ordered Her To Undress, Examined Her Privates To “Check” Whether She Had Sex

Posted by  on July 4, 2012

A teen-age girl tells police a man wearing a badge ordered her to undress so he could make sure she hadn’t had sex

One by one, the 15-year-old girl went through headshots of suspects.

Among them, she knew, was the man dressed as a police officer who she said ordered her to take off her pants and unbutton her blouse, and then spread her legs as he used a flashlight to inspect her.

 </p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>Miramar police Capt. Juan De Los Rios faces two counts of lewd or lascivious conduct on an underage girl.</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />

The man she identified: Miramar police Capt. Juan De Los Rios, 46.

On Friday, De Los Rios was charged with two counts of lewd or lascivious conduct on an underage girl, according to the arrest affidavit. He was booked into Broward County Jail and held on $30,000 bail.

If convicted, De Los Rios could face up to 15 years in prison and up to a $10,000 fine.

According to the arrest affidavit, the girl was sitting in the back of a car with a 19-year-old friend parked in the back lot of a business plaza in Miramar after school on Jan. 18, when a man approached the car and looked at them through the window.

He asked them to roll down the window.

Because he was in a dark-blue uniform and wearing a gold badge, the teens thought he was a police officer and complied.

The man then began to question them. At one point, he leaned against the window, looked at them, gave a hard long pause and asked: “Well, were you having sex? What are you doing here?”

The girl quickly responded “no, no, no, officer no,” the affidavit said. The girl told police she and her friend were just talking.

But the man told the girl he “needed to check.”

The girl asked “Check what?”

“I need to see inside,” he responded.

That’s when he ordered her to take off her pants and underwear so he could look for bruising or other evidence of sexual activity.

In fear, the affidavit said, she complied.

The girl told police she thought it “was the right thing to do” because he was an officer.

Her 19-year-friend turned away, unable to watch, according to the affidavit.

He told police he heard the man tell the girl “I need you to spread your legs wider so I can see.”

The officer then used a flashlight to “inspect” her and told her to pull down her blouse so he could check for bruising, according to the police report.

Then he returned the driver’s license to the boy and told them “Go home.”

The teens got into the front seats of the car, “cried, hugged and drove off,” the affidavit said.

The youngsters didn’t tell anybody at first because they were afraid and intimidated. But then the girl told her older sister, who insisted their mother be told.

When questioned by police, the girl said the man who’d ordered her to remove her clothing had a gold badge and his last name began with the letter “R.’’ She also said she knew she could identify the man if she saw him again.

Officials did not release the identities of the teens.

As far as evidence, investigators had the girl turn in the clothes she was wearing that day — one pair of blue jean pants, a Ralph Lauren sport sized T-shirt, a beige bra, and one pair of pink and black underwear briefs. They also asked the CVS Caremark near where the teens had parked for its surveillance video.

Although the quality of the video was not enough to identify De Los Rios, police say the body language was consistent with the victim’s and witness’ statements.

De Los Rios’ gold badge was also paper bagged.

The 18-year veteran of the department has been on administrative leave since the complaint was filed in January. Miramar police launched a criminal investigation along with the Broward State Attorney’s Office.

A warrant for De Los Rios’ arrest was issued Friday. He later turned himself in to police.

“He is now suspended without pay, pending the outcome of the investigation,” said Miramar police spokeswoman Tania Rues.


Houston police allegedly kill man with his hands in the air, take cell phone from witness

Madison Ruppert, Contributor
Activist Post

In yet another case of witnesses completely contradicting the official story, the individuals who witnessed the killing of Rufino Lara at the hands of officers of the Houston Police Department disputed just about every single purported fact put forth by the police.

This entire case isn’t all that surprising considering that police in another urban area, New York City, identified people who exercise their right to film police as “professional agitators.”

Furthermore, this is the same department which employs the officers who arrested a woman for holding a sign warning motorists of an upcoming police speed trap.

According to the Houston Police Department, Lara was walking away and refusing to stop and recognize the commands of officer J. McGowan in both English and Spanish. McGowan was investigating an assault, and according to officials from the department, Lara kept one of his hands tucked under his shirt. When Lara turned around suddenly, allegedly with his hands still under his shirt, McGowan shot and killed him.

Now two witnesses have called just about every single aspect of the official story into question.

One witness is family friend Florida Ruvio who happened to bump into Lara while returning from a nearby liquor store in southwest Houston, according to the Houston Chronicle.

According to Ruvio, Lara said that some unknown men were pursuing him with a knife and asked him to call the police.

Two officers arrived to the scene to investigate the reported assault and when police approached Lara and told him to stop and raise his hands, “They were speaking to him in English only,” according to Ruvio.

According to Ruvio, Lara does not speak English and did not stop the first time. However, he did put both hands up against the wall and faced his back to the officers.

Ruvio further contradicts the official story by saying, “He didn’t have his hands in his pocket or his shirt,” adding that she remained with Lara throughout the entire incident.

Ruvio said that when Lara turned around the face the officers, he was shot and killed by McGowan, still with his hands in the air.

When Ruvio yelled at McGowan, saying that she had killed an innocent person, McGowan responded by claiming that “he had drawn out a gun.”

McGowan then tore open Lara’s shirt and took off his shoes, according to Ruvio, and no weapon was ever recovered.

When Ruvio attempted to film what was going on with her cell phone, she said that one of the officers seized it forcibly and told her that she could not record anything.

Another witness to the event was 14-year-old Rigoberto Rubio, who was not a personal friend of Lara.

Rubio was purchasing water from a machine nearby where Lara was standing with both of his hands against the wall.

Unsurprisingly, the Houston Police Department has refused to comment on the allegations leveled against them. The department claimed that there was currently an internal affairs investigation into the shooting of Lara, thereby barring them from commenting on it.

However, Houston Police Department Chief Charles McCelland did release a statement dealing with the incident in a somewhat oblique manner.

“The Houston Police Department places the highest value on the preservation of human life. Police officers have the difficult task of making split-second decisions to keep themselves and others safe on a daily basis,” stated McCelland.

McClelland also stated that a grand jury in Harris County will also be looking over the evidence in the killing of Lara with both the Houston Police Department and the Harris County District Attorney’s Office conducting investigations as well.

“The investigation will be open and transparent, and we ask that the public withhold judgment until all the facts and evidence has been gathered and the investigation is complete,” said McClelland.

Unfortunately, based on historical precedent, I seriously doubt that this investigation will be either open or transparent. Police aren’t all that great at investigating themselves.

Ovide Duncantell, the director of the Black Heritage Society agrees.

“These officers are never ever called to justice,” Duncantell said. “We need a police review board … because somebody we paid and trusted to defend us is killing us.”

Members of the community, Lara’s family and witnesses recently gathered together at a news conference arranged by the Great Houston Coalition for Justice.

One attendee, Lara’s nephew Jose Lara, defended his uncle saying, “He wasn’t a troublemaker. This was cold-blooded murder.”

To be fair, Lara did have a criminal record. However, his record was far from damning considering he had been charged with trespassing and giving false information to a police officer, both misdemeanors.

Personally, I do not think that his record should have any bearing on the manner whatsoever. Instead, I think we should pay attention solely to the facts and the completely contradictory accounts coming from the witnesses.

While the police officers clearly have something to gain from lying about what happened before the trigger was pulled, the witnesses on the other hand, do not.

As Carlos Miller pointed out, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Texas has spoken out recently, specifically citing the problem of the police preventing the video from being taken.

“It’s a shame we can’t see the video the witness reportedly tried to make,” said ACLU of Texas Executive Director Terri Burke, according to Houston Press.

“Houston Police Chief Charles McClelland has asked for the public to withhold judgment about the shooting. The right of Texans to record police activity in a manner that does not interfere with police work is an important protection against abuses of power by the government,” Burke stated in a press release.

“The behavior of some members of the local police department might be less suspect if officers showed more respect for the Constitution, and, in this instance, the First Amendment,” Burke added.

Keese Smith, a spokesman for the Houston Police Department, commented on the filming of police in general, while refusing to comment directly on this case.

According to Smith, officers are repeatedly informed that “pretty much every action that they take, they should assume that they’re being videotaped. So this isn’t new.”

“Taking photographs of things that are plainly visible from public spaces is a constitutional right — and that includes police and other government officials carrying out their duties,” said Rebecca Robertson, legal director for the ACLU of Texas, in the press release.

Indeed, it is our right and we should exercise it as regularly as possible. Thankfully, there has been at least one victory as of late, such as the judge’s decision in Illinois. One might count the dropping of charges against a man in Florida for videotaping a traffic stop as well, if pressed.

Hopefully there will be some progress in this case and the officers will not only be held accountable for the killing but also their effort to prevent individuals from exercising their rights and potentially recording evidence.

Did I forget anything or miss any errors? Would you like to make me aware of a story or subject to cover? Or perhaps you want to bring your writing to a wider audience? Feel free to contact me with your concerns, tips, questions, original writings, insults or just about anything that may strike your fancy.

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This article first appeared at End the Lie.

Execution by Firing Squad
Police Shoot Homeless Man 46 Times

Video  Posted August 15, 2012

Six officers shot a homeless man 46 times after he failed to follow their instructions in a parking lot.

A police investigation into alleged police brutality is underway in Michigan after six officers shot a homeless man 46 times after he failed to follow their instructions in a parking lot.

Amateur video captures the fatal exchange between Saginaw police and 49-year-old Milton Hall after he called the police following an argument with a convenience store clerk.

Refusing to drop a knife after repeated requests, the video shows officers unleash a volley of bullets at the agitated Hall in a move his mother, Jewel Hall Milton, described as a ‘firing squad dressed in police uniforms.’

Milton Hall is circled standing in the parking lot of a convenience store in Saginaw, Michigan in a encounter with police

Shot on July 1st, in the parking lot of West Genessee avenue, the investigation into the use of excessive police force by the officers has taken at least six weeks and caused anger and impatience amongst residents in the town of 50,000 in central Michigan.

Police in Saginaw said that Hall had just had a confrontation with a convenience store clerk and in the video the 49-year-old homeless man can be heard to say, ‘My name is Milton Hall, I just called 911. My name is Milton, and I’m pi**ed off.’

A female officer can be heard to say ‘Put the knife down, put the knife down’ to which Hall replies, ‘I ain’t putting sh*t down.’

Eventually Hall is seen to move to the left of the frame in the video and then is shot in a barrage of bullets of which at least 30 can be heard to ring out.

Officer’s of Saginaw Police Department scream at Hall to drop the knife he is carrying but the homeless man refuses to follow their instructions

The six police officers begin to fire a volley of bullets at Hall who can be seen in the picture doubling up and falling to the ground

The shooting was witnessed by traffic and passers-by.

‘All of a sudden, pow, pow, pow, pow, pow…and he drops,’ said Anthony Baber, who was in his car in the parking lot when the shooting occurred.

Saginaw County Prosecutor Michael Thomas said to CNN that the squad of police opened fire ‘because apparently, at this point in time, he was threatening to assault police.’

The County Prosecutor and Saginaw police have been involved in an investigation into the shooting and Saginaw Police Chief Gerald Cliff said that Hall was ‘known to be an assaultive person’ with ‘a long history’ of involvement with authorities, ‘not only with police from our department but with the county.’

Hall had been jailed for vagrancy in the past said his cousin, Mike Washington, but, ‘He was not violent’.

Jewel Hall Milton, Hall’s mother said that her son was mentally ill and admitted to being furious with police in addition to her obvious distress.

Milton Hall (left and right) was 49-years old and homeless. He had spent time in prison for vagrancy and was known to police in Saginaw

‘It appeared to be a firing squad dressed in police uniforms,’ said Milton from her home in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

‘There was another way. They did not have to kill him. He had not done anything. He was not violent. He was not a murderer. He was not a criminal.’

She said that before her son became homeless he was a civil rights activist, received Social Security disability payments for mental illness and had lived in the area for 35 years.

‘Everybody knew him. The police knew him well,’ said Milton.

‘So that’s another question: they knew him, so why? Why did they kill him?

A makeshift memorial has been set up in the parking lot where Milton Hall died

Jewel Hall Milton described the shootings as a ‘firing squad dressed in police uniforms.’

‘I’m stunned that six human beings would stand in front of one human being and fire 46 shots.

‘I just don’t understand that. It’s a lot of pain in that because it only takes one shot, so the question is why?’

Distraught, Milton questioned why none of the camera’s in the police squad cars were operational.

‘So that’s the question I have and the community has it, what’s taking so long?’ said Milton.

‘Why is not being transparent?’

CNN asked Lou Palumbo, a former Long Island police officer to examine the footage and he described it as ‘a perceptive nightmare’.

‘This wasn’t a scenario where was discharging a weapon in their direction,’ said Palumbo.

‘One of the things the public has to understand, an individual wielding a knife at you at about 20 feet can be on top of you in a split second.

‘The public doesn’t know this because they don’t do this for a living.’

Saginaw Assistant Manager of Public Safety Phillip A. Ludos said he watched the CNN segment, but declined commenting on the footage.

‘It’s an ongoing investigation and there’s possible civil litigation,’ said Ludos, who oversees the police and fire departments. ‘We’ve got no statement, one way or another.’

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