Facebook is an offensive dictatorship

See. https://danieltowsey.wordpress.com/category/facebook-stinks-multiple-posts/

Be sure to check out this link and scroll down for many posts about Facebook


Facebook STINKS and Here is Why


Facebook threatens democracy


I Deleted another 400 Fake Facebook Friends











Facebook censorship again__A Truth Soldier

Illuminati Secrets of Facebook Exposed

you need to get off facebook


Facebook blocked me for two days because they claim I posted an image they did not approve of..

But I have no idea what image or content they are talking about..

Now after doing their ridiculous security check (see screen captures below) they are blocking me from sending friend requests for two weeks or sending messages.

It gets worse, scroll down and read my comments to their comments in the security check in screen captures below. Yesterday..

I failed their security check and they told me they would not let me sign in and said I will have to try again another day.

Some of the images below are my own family members and facebook would not accept my answers.

Then they said I took to long to answer their stupid questions.



Maureen Cragg Agreed, but there’s more to it: Facebook is an impersonal, stupefied, top-down offensive dictatorship BECAUSE they don’t bother to see the outcomes THEY THEMSELVES CREATE.

Brett Temple daniel they must be working with big brother now. the first pichers was me. what the f##ks going on. keep up the good work my brother to the north ay.

Daniel J Towsey They are big CIA = Crooks In Action

Delete Facebook


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